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            Mother Jones and are among
            the largest thought-leader news organizations in
            America, reaching over 3 million people, over
            our various platforms.

            Our leagacy of fearless journalism has earned a
            loyal following among readers passionate about
            politics, the environment, culture, and human
            rights. We’ve broke news and shaped the national
            dialogue for over thirty years. Our credibility
            and daring have attracted one of the strongest
            audiences in the industry, consumers who are
            educated, influential, and engaged.

            Contact us today to reach this extraordinary
            readership in print, online, or via email

            Mother Jones Advertising
MEDIA KIT                                                                                        MAGAZINE

Total Paid & Verified Circulation            200,555   Mother Jones is widely considered America’s foremost
Readers Per Copy                                 3.5   investigative journalism magazine. Since 1976, our
Total Audience                               701,942
                                                       fearless reporting has taken readers from Capitol Hill
Audit Bureau of Circulation, December 2010
                                                       to the Congo, earning us a reputation as bold news
DEMOGRAPHICS                                           breakers. Regular coverage includes hard-hitting
Male                                            53%    features on politics, the environment, culture, and
Age 35–64                                       53%    human rights.
Married                                         53%
Household Income over $75,000                  40%
                                                       Mother Jones was honored with the 2010 National
HIGHLY EDUCATED                                        Magazine Award for General Excellence and has
Attended college                               90%     previously won 6 other NMAs.
Have a Bachelor’s degree or more               69%
Completed post-graduate study                   39%
                                                       Mother Jones’ subscribers can be summed up in one word:
READER PROFILE                                         engaged. They’re focused on the passions that drive them,
                                                       whether discussing environmental news, the latest health
Optimistic                                      67%
                                                       trends, or the season’s most intriguing books.
Active and on the go                            52%
Risk Taker                                     40%

   Will spend more on eco-friendly
    products                                   86%
   Purchases environmentally friendly
     products                                   78%

Voted in a federal, state or local
  election                                     94%
Signed a petition                               59%
Contributed to a candidate or political
  campaign                                     49%

News, politics, and world events                65%
Books, music, movies, and other
  entertainment                                 63%
MEDIA KIT                                                                                  MAGAZINE continued

Believe a corporation’s commitment to                     Mother Jones publishes advertising that enhances brand
  social responsibility matters             91%           recognition while also emphasizing high-quality messag-
Willing to spend more on an ethically-                    ing for our readers. We support a variety of full-color ad
 manufactured product                      86%            shapes and sizes, as well as three annual themed market-
Buy brands that reflect their style        48%            places: a Media Guide (May/June), an Education
                                                          Guide (September/October), and a Holiday Gift Guide
Do not purchase products tested on
  animals                                  48%            (November/December). Please contact an ad representa-
                                                          tive for more information.
Are more likely to respect and trust
  brands that advertise in                                                 Display Advertising Sizes                    Sp
  Mother Jones                              63%
Are more likely to interact with                                                       1/3 Pg        1/6                 1/2
  advertising in Mother Jones              46%                           1/3           Square        Pg                 Hor
                                                            2/3 Page     Pg                                1/2 Page
                                                                          V                                Vertical
SMART AND ENGAGED                                                                   1/2 Page         1/6                1/4
                                                                                   Horizontal        Pg                Page
Purchased books in the last 12 months      89%
Reads for pleasure                         86%

FOCUSED Display Advertising Sizes
        ON HEALTH & FITNESS                                    Special Section Ad Sizes             Column Inch
Uses vitamins and/or supplements           98%
Strives for physical         1/3 Pg
                       well-being        1/6 86%               1/2 Page                                         3”
           1/3               Square      Pg                   Horizontal           Full Page
2/3 Page   Pg                                  1/2 Page                             No-bleed
            V                                  Vertical                            in Special                   2”
                                                Block                               Section
                          1/2 Page       1/6                 1/4        1/4                                     1”
                         Horizontal      Pg                 Page       Page                                     1”
MEDIA KIT                                                                                                              EMAIL

Newsletters                                                      Mother Jones offers two innovative products for
      DC Decoder                                       134,000   organizations strengthening a personal connection
      Drumbeat                                         133,000
                                                                 with their audience: newsletters and dedicated
      Econundrums                                      135,000
                                                                 emails. Sponsoring one of our four original
      In the Mix                                        27,000
Dedicated Email                                        127,000   newsletters means hitting one of four targeted
                                                                 markets: Environmental, Education, Politics, or
CLICK THROUGH RATES                                              General Interest Consumer.
Newsletters                                              6.9%
Dedicated Email                                          1.9%
Source: Convio/Based on 2010 average historical data
                                                                 Dedicated emails are exclusive, single-advertiser
                                                                 vehicles sent twice per week. Effective at in-depth
Female                                                   50%
                                                                 petition or fundraising drives, dedicated emails
Age 35–64                                                 62%    showcase your brand with 100% share of voice.
Household Income over $75,000                             33%
                                                                 Both products boast an active global audience, 83%
                                                                 of who trust brands that advertise with Mother Jones.
Attended college                                          97%
Have a Bachelor’s degree or more                          75%
Completed post-graduate study                             34%

CIVICALLY ENGAGED                                                 ECO-CONSCIOUS
Signed a petition                                         76%     Consider environmental criteria when purchasing
Voted in a federal, state or local election               73%       products for their home                               82%
Contacted an elected official about a                             Willing to spend more on environmentally safe
  matter of public interest                               72%      products                                              80%
Contributed to a candidate or political
  campaign                                               66%      FINANCIAL ETHICS
                                                                  Considers social responsibility when making
OUR READERS OPINION SOUGHT                                          financial decisions                                   92%
Books, music, movies, and other
  entertainment                                           76%     FITNESS AND RECREATION
News, politics, and world events                          76%     Consider healthy eating and good nutrition
                                                                    important                                            86%
Believe a corporation’s commitment to                             NATURAL SHOPPERS
  social responsibility matters                           85%     Average spent annually on natural, organic,
Trust in a company affects buying                                   or locally sourced food                            $2,500+
  habits                                                  71%     Sources: Mother Jones Email Subscriber Survey 2010
                                                                  User Survey 2010
MEDIA KIT                                           EMAIL continued

            Mother Jones sends four original newsletters per week. Smart,
            irreverent, and often provocative, they’re a pipeline to readers
            engaged with today’s hottest issues. Each newsletter is tailored
            to a targeted national audience:
              ■ Econundrums – Separates the green from the grunge,
                highlighting environmental news, health trends, and
                eco-friendly consumer tips every Monday.
              ■ DC Decoder – Wednesday’s political scoop from
                Beltway insider David Corn and his Washington
              ■ In the Mix – MoJo’s books, music and movies
                marketplace every Thursday.
              ■ Drumbeat – Friday belongs to Kevin Drum’s lively
                musings on everything from the economy to the
                climate to housecats.

                                      DEDICATED EMAILS
                                      Mother Jones sponsors two
                                      dedicated emails per week. These
                                      single-advertiser vehicles instantly
                                      reach over 125,000 engaged
                                      subscribers and are a compelling
                                      platform for fundraising, advocacy,
                                      and social-action initiatives.
                                      Effective at in-depth petition
                                      or fundraising drives, dedicated
                                      emails showcase your brand with
                                      100% share of voice.
MEDIA KIT                                                                                                 WEBSITE

Monthly Unique Visitors                         2,000,000   News is cheap, but is a rich source
Page Views                                          5.5 M   of deep reporting on political, environmental, and
Available Ad Impressions                           16.5 M
                                                            cultural issues. Our Washington, D.C., bureau—
Time on Site                                         3:13
Source: Google Analytics, January - June 2011
                                                            spearheaded by veteran politico David Corn—
                                                            crunches the latest headlines from around the
Female                                               52%
                                                            Beltway, while our team of seasoned bloggers tackles
Age 35–64                                           64%     everything from food to human rights.
Household Income over $75,000                        50%
                                                   won the 2010 Online News
HIGHLY EDUCATED                                             Association’s Journalism Award for topical reporting,
Attended college                                     97%
                                                            and has received numerous other national honors.
Have a Bachelor’s degree or more                     77%
Completed post-graduate study                       48%
Source: User Survey 2010

CIVICALLY ENGAGED                                  is the 24/7 source for breaking news and
Voted in a federal, state or local                          commentary on politics, culture, and the environment. Site
  election                                          94%     traffic more than doubled in the past year as we continued to
Signed a petition                                    68%    court controversy, expose hubris, and backtalk congressional
                                                            spin. Our audience of over 2 million visitors per month is
Contributed to a candidate or political
  campaign                                           65%    diverse in passion but unified in its strong engagement with
                                                            both our world and our brand.

Books, music, movies, and other
  entertainment                                      77%
News, politics, and world events                     75%     FINANCIAL ETHICS
                                                             Considers social responsibility when making
CONSUMER ETHICS                                                financial decisions                                1 in 2

Believe a corporation’s commitment                           Seeks professional advice regarding financial
  to social responsibility matters                  80%        or investment decisions                            1 in 3

Trust in a company affects buying
  habits                                             71%     FITNESS AND RECREATION
                                                             Consider healthy eating and good nutrition
ECO-CONSCIOUS                                                important                                             86%

Willing to spend more on
 environmentally safe products                       78%     NATURAL SHOPPERS
Consider environmental criteria when                         Willing to pay more for a product that is healthy
  purchasing products for their home                 78%      or organic                                           77%
                                                    User Survey 2010
MEDIA KIT                                                               WEBSITE continued

                            is committed to structuring the most
                                     effective campaigns for our advertisers. By optimizing
                                     your campaign to reach one of our targeted channels,
                                     you’ll impact consumers active in your unique market.
                                     Optimizing for geographic location or frequency
                                     capping can further hone your message to an ideal

                 300x250 billboard
                                     Geo Targeting – Customize your message for markets
                                     across the country with state, county, and city targeting.
                                     Channel Targeting – Complement your advertising
                                     with our award-winning journalism, updated daily and
                                     aimed at your unique demographic. By optimizing your
                                     campaign to one of our dynamic channels, you’ll reach
                                     consumers primed to take action on your message.
                                       ■ Culture – Provocative reviews and interviews with
                                         leading artists, thinkers, and visionaries
                                       ■ Education – Youth issues inside and outside the
                728x90 leaderboard
                                       ■ Environment – The latest environmental
                                         headlines, trends, and consumer tips
                                       ■ Food – Acclaimed writer Tom Philpott covers
                                         food, agriculture, and sustainability
                                       ■ Human Rights – Veteran reporter Mac
                                         McClelland investigates human rights around the
                                       ■ Photo Essays – Award-winning photojournalism,
                                         from the poignant to the absurd
                                       ■ Politics – 24/7 headlines from David Corn,
                                         Kevin Drum, and our DC bureau

                            supports standard IAB ad units in
                                     both static and rich media formats, along with a variety
                                     of cutting-edge options that invigorate any campaign.
                                     Advertising is also available on our mobile site, so your
                    300x50 banner
                                     message can keep up with readers on the go. Please
   Mobile   contact an ad representative for more information.

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