2011 DMBC Gas Clash

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					      IMPBA District 12 and The Delmarva Model Boat Club proudly announce the
          4th Annual 2011 Chesapeake Bay Gas Clash
            3 Day Racing Event July 29, 30 and 31st.
                            200 boat limit – Entry deadline is July 25th

The Race is being held at the Delmarva Model Boaters’ club lake located at 214 Cherry Lane, Queenstown Maryland
21658, east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This is a brand new, state of the art, facility with
plenty of Parking, large, elevated drivers stand, and easy access boat launching pad.
         Professionally made trophies will be awarded for the 1st through 3rd place winner in all classes.
                                                          CLASSES INCLUDE:
                                                             LSG 27 Gas Mono
                                                              LSG 27 Gas Cat
                                                         LSG 27 Gas Sport Hydro
                                                            LSG 27 Gas Rigger
                                                            LSG 36 Gas Rigger
                                                             LSG 36 Gas Mono
                                                              LSG 36 Gas Cat
                                                         LSG 36 Gas Sport Hydro
                                            LSG Open Hydro (All Sport Hydro /Cat / Rigger )
                                                               LSG offshore
                                                              Gas Crackerbox
                                                              Gas Jersey Skiff
                                                   Classic Thunder Boat (IMPBA rules)
                                                           Stock Gas (D12 rules)

                      NOTE: If you have a 27 you can bump up to 36 and run the same boat in two classes.

           PLEASE NOTE- LSG 27 means if it's under 27cc has a spark plug for ignition & runs on gasoline enter it and
                   RACE! Crackerbox,Jersey,Skiff,and Classic Thunderboat classes as per IMPBA rules.
                              ALSO: Jersey skiff will run 2 heats oval 2 heats offshore!

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge area is rich in attractions such as Great Restaurants, Hotels, and Dock bars. The Delmarva Club
will be hosting a crab feast Saturday night, under the lights, featuring steamed Maryland Blue crabs, fresh from the
Chesapeake Bay. Also (Chuck’s Butts) smoked pulled pork and homemade sauce.

                    Book your Reservations early! July is Prime-Time Season on the Eastern Shore!
Camping option:           Tuckahoe State Park <click the link! 13070 Crouse Mill Rd, Queen Anne, MD 21657
Hillside Motel -410-758-2270, 2630 Centreville Rd, Centreville, MD (4.18 miles away)
Sleep Inn -410-827-5555, 101 VFW Ave, Grasonville, MD (4.58 miles away)
Holiday Inn Express – 410-827-4454 1020 Kent Narrows rd, Grasonville, 21638 Maryland (7 miles away)
Best Western – 410-827-6767 3101 Main Street, Grasonville, Maryland (7 miles always)

                      ENTRY DEADLINE: First 200 boat cut-off!
       Controlled Open Water from 10: am until 5: pm on Friday, July 29
Four heats per class, time permitting. Each class runs six laps. All radios MUST be narrow band per FCC regs. IMPBA
Sanctions, Rules, Regulations will apply. ID’s card will be checked.
Racers meeting: 7:30 AM each race day. First Heat starts at 8: am each day (Not 8:15, not 8:30!)
All 2.4 GHz -type radios MUST have 3/4" or wider bright yellow tape or band on the antenna per 2008
District 12 rules.
Gas Stock Class rules:
The top 3 boats will be subjected to engine inspection at the CD’s discretion!
The engine has to be a stock G23 or G26 with no internal modifications allowed.
The piston and jug must be totally stock with the exception of being able to sand the sides of the piston to keep it from
sticking. You can change the stock carb, and you can swap the stock carb block to an aluminum block. You could also run a
tuned pipe and muffler of your choice. You can run any stock 23-26 engine that meets IMPBA LS27 rules.

        NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED DURING RACES                              ON-SITE CAMPING (no facilities)
 NOTICE: The following statement must be read, signed (Full Signature) and submitted or you will not race.            I join
and participate in this boat race, knowing it is dangerous, at my own risk. The race grounds nor the sponsoring organization
“Delmarva Model Boat Club” shall not be held liable, including, but not limited to any loss, damage, or bodily harm, which
                         may result, while on the race premises or during my participation in this race.
                     Name_____________________________IMPBA or NAMBA#________________
                  Phone (Home) ______________________Phone (Work) __________________________

                      Fees: First (1st) boat $20., each additional boat is $10. Per class

                                                                     Main          Alt.        Entry
                        Boat Class                                   Freq.        Freq.         Fee
                    LSG 27 Gas Mono
                     LSG 27 Gas Cat
                    LSG 27 Gas Sport
                   LSG 27 Gas Rigger
                    LSG 36 Gas Mono
                     LSG 36 Gas Cat
                    LSG 36 Gas Sport
                   LSG 36 Gas Rigger
                  LSG Open Hydro
                  LSG Offshore
                  Gas Crackerbox
                  Gas Jersey Skiff
                  Classic Thunderboat
                         Stock Gas
                        Total(s) $:
Make checks or US Postal Money Orders payable to:
      Delmarva Model Boat Club
            Mail to: Omro Willey
               163 Miles Circle
          Hurlock, Maryland 21643
           Phone # 1-410-943-3422
     Ensure your IMPBA # is on the check!

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