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in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this announcement.

(A joint stock limited company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China with limited liability)
                                       (Stock code: 03399)


Reference is made to (i) the announcement of results for the year ended 31 December
2010 of Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics Company Limited (the “Company”) dated 23
March 2011; (ii) the circular of the Company dated 20 April 2011 in connection with,
among other things, the notice of annual general meeting and the proposed payment
of final dividend of 2010 (the “Circular”); and (iii) the poll results announcement of
the annual general meeting of the Company dated 8 June 2011.

Due to the changes of the tax regulations of the People’s Republic of China (the
“PRC”), the Circular on the Questions Concerning Tax on the Profits Earned by
Enterprises with Foreign Investment, Foreign Enterprises and Individual Foreigners
from the Transfer of Stocks (Stock Rights) and on Dividend Income (Guo Shui Fa
[1993] No. 45) (
                               (       [1993]45 ))      issued    by   the    State
Administration of Taxation (the “Original Circular”), where individual foreigners
who were the holders of H shares were temporarily exempted from PRC individual
income tax for the dividends (bonus) paid by domestic enterprises which issued such
H shares, was repealed under the Announcement on the List of Fully and Partially
Invalid and Repealed Tax Regulatory Documents (
                                           ) dated 4 January 2011.

In relation to the above changes of tax regulations, the Company has been in close
discussions with the relevant tax authorities on whether or not the Company is
required to withhold individual income tax for the individual shareholders who hold
the Company’s H shares in the distribution of 2010 final dividend, and on the
possible arrangement for implementation of such withholding (if required) which will
be in the best interest of the Company and the shareholders of the Company as a

                                             — 1 —
The board of directors of the Company announced that, due to the time required for
discussing with the relevant tax authorities, the date for final dividend payment
originally scheduled to be made on or around 8 September 2011 as stated in the
Circular shall be changed to on or around 31 October 2011.

                                               By order of the Board of
                                     Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics Company Limited
                                                      Liu Hong
                                                Chairman of the Board

Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China

2 September 2011

As at the date of this announcement, the Board comprises Mr. Liu Hong, Mr. Wang Weibing, Mr. Deng
Chongzheng, Mr. Lu Maohao and Mr. Zeng Gangqiang as executive directors of the Company, Mr. Cao
Xiaofeng, Mr. Lu Yaxing, Mr. Zheng Renfa, Mr. Cai Xiaoju, and Mr. Cai Conghua as non-executive
directors of the Company, and Mr. Gui Shouping, Mr. Liu Shaobuo and Mr. Peng Xiaolei as
independent non-executive directors of the Company.

*    The Company is registered as a non-Hong Kong company under Part XI of the Companies
     Ordinance (Chapter 32 of the laws of Hong Kong) under its Chinese name
     “                           and English name “Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics Company

                                           — 2 —

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