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									                     Toys R Us Head Office Job Description

Job Title: Buyer                                      Reporting To: Merchandise Controller
Department: Merchandise                               Location:      Head Office
Job Purpose: To deliver sales and profit targets, within agreed stock levels, through developing, sourcing and
buying product, whilst working and communicating effectively with all departments involved. You will need to
stay ahead of the game, identifying new categories for development and growth.

The Company: Toys 'R' Us is the UK's most successful Family Leisure, Babycare, Multimedia and Toy
retailer. Toys R Us was founded in the UK in 1985 with the opening of 5 stores and since then we have grown
throughout the UK. Our increasing range of product introductions in Babies R Us, Teentronics, Multimedia
and Universe of Imagination add further dimensions to our unique customer proposition.

 Main Responsibilities                                          Main Activities
Sales and Stock analysis      Analyse stock and sales information at SKN/Sub Category/Category level.
                              Identify quickly, good sellers and secure stock. Bad sellers should also be
                               identified quickly and mark down action taken. Adjust projected sales/carry-over
                               where necessary.
Budget Management             In conjunction with Management set long and short term Strategy and Budgets.
                              In conjunction with Management look at overall performance of each category.
                              Identify strengths and weaknesses at sub cat level and split finance as
                              Evaluate carry-over inventory.
Range Building                Discuss areas of strength and weakness with vendors and develop new ideas based
                               on sales history and future trends.
                              Identify growth areas.
                              Build ranges that can be easily displayed by stores.
                              Review range with management.
                              Obtain and utilise marketing information.
                              Work to number of items guidelines as laid down by management.
                              Develop own label ranges.
Competition                   Monitor activities of major competitors in terms of price, quality, sourcing,
                               commitment with vendors, store displays and promotional activity.
Pricing Structure             Build a comprehensive price structure that is easily understood by the customer,
                               and offers value for money.
                              Keep prices in line with the competition.
                              Price to deliver sales and margin requirements.
Cost Price and Margin         Negotiate cost prices with vendors to maximise profitability.
                              Achieve overall category target margins based on LY achievements and TY
                              Monitor margin and adjust sales/promotional plan when required
Payment Terms                 Negotiate Terms with Vendors.
                              Monitor allowances to ensure optimum return to us.
Delivery schedule             Secure delivery dates from vendors that will allow stock to be delivered well in
                               advance of resets.
                              Monitor vendor’s performance against required delivery schedules.
Quality control               Understand legal requirements with regard to any products for which they are
                              Ensure that vendors are testing and checking production in line with acceptable
                              Liaise with QC on quality issues.
Packaging                     Product should be packaged correctly in such a way that causes minimal problems in
                               stores and maximum impact to the consumers.
                              A consistent display should be achieved using the correct packaging for our needs.
Stores                        Visit stores regularly.
                              Liaise with Store Planning with regard to displays, layouts, resets, sign, promotion,
                               POP etc.
Customer queries              Update customer services on problems with regard to quality etc.

Merchandising                 Look at store inventory levels by SKN and ensure they correspond with sales or
                               potential sales.
                              Monitor carry-over and adjust projections where appropriate.
                              Endeavour to clear terminal stock as quickly as possible by markdown (or RTV if a
                               quality problem is apparent).
                              Keep a constant flow of supply into stores throughout the year.
Sourcing                      Look out for new opportunities and sources of supply.
                              Ensure that these sources can produce our specifications and deliver to our
                              Balance overseas and domestic sources to the advantage of Toys "R" Us.
                              Ensure overseas sources are stable and delivery secure.
Advertising                   Plan and source promotions.
                              Liaising with Marketing Department in relation to:
                                       Item selection for all catalogues, publications and press advertisement.
                                       Vendor or TRU promotional activity.
                                       Catalogue production
Other Department              Complete any reasonable adhoc task as required

Skill                                                                   Essential              Desirable
Excellent communication skills both verbal and written with a
professional and confident manner.                                         
Able to demonstrate sound working knowledge of
merchandising and buying systems and practices within multiple             
Strong team player who uses initiative and diplomacy when
liaising with suppliers                                                    
Able to work well under pressure, to tight deadlines and to
manage multiple priorities.                                                
Good attention to detail.
Excellent IT literacy and PC skills including Excel.
Ability to make decisions.
Strong administrative skills and good working knowledge of MS
Office.                                                                    

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