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									                     St. Johns Renegades Year 2000 Roster and Schedule

This is the roster and schedule as of 2/22/2000.

Please show up to games at least 30 minutes before the game time listed below so we can warm up
and get the lineup in order.

In case of rain or other inclement weather, please call Jack Maxwell or John Munsey.

Also, check the official St. Johns Renegades Web site at
There you will find updates on the games, schedules, rainouts, game stats, and more...

       NAME             HM                WK         OTHER                  EMAIL
Black, Carey       713-783-5581      281-749-2176    
Guice, Robert      713-783-5581      713-865-8448 713-502-4388
Harubin, Joe       713-532-7225                      
Jack Maxwell       281-970-4695      713-525-4695    
Lyle, Billy        281-392-2522      713-937-8019 713-854-3718
Mann, Ryan         281-727-8106                      
McGonagle, Kevin   713-781-8277      281-274-2967    
Munsey, John       713-349-7878                      
Sudduth, Mike      713-830-1412                   713-594-0784
Tupaz, Jesse       713-532-5181      713-332-1400    

Aragon, Nadeline   281-759-6384                 
Bustamante, Rosy   281-589-0737 713-526-8971 713-298-3358
De Jesus, Vivian   281-496-1209 713-334-2121 281-639-6149
Edwards, Amy       281-870-8605 281-584-8105    
Ellis, Bridget     713-409-6739                 
Hernaez, Irene     713-355-9228                 
Hood, Melissa      281-556-8349                 
Huckaby, Jerry     281-648-0064
Mann, Amy          281-727-8106                 
Meurer, Natalie    281-829-1373                 
Sablatura, Laura   281-531-0969                 

    Date     Opponent                     Time     Location               Result
     20-Feb St Mary's The Seminarians     1pm      St. Johns              W 21-9
     27-Feb BAYA                          2pm      BAYA
     15-Mar St Cyrils Killers             4pm      St. Johns
     12-Mar YAC                           4pm      St. Johns
     19-Mar St Johns Brewers              4pm      St. Johns
     16-Mar St Johns Fun Bunch            4pm      St. Johns
       1-Apr St Johns Pros                2:30pm   St. Johns
       9-Apr St Mikes Holy Swingers       2:30pm   St. Johns
      16-Apr St Vincent de Paul Nimrods   3pm      St. Vincent de Paul
      30-Apr St Ignatius                  2pm      St. Ignatius
      7-May St Johns Too Short            4pm      St. Johns
     14-May                 BYE
     21-May St Cyril Cyclones             1pm      St. Johns
     28-May St Cyrils Saints & Sinners    4:30pm   St. Cyrils

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