Savannah by yaoyufang


Designing a Location-Based Game
Simulating Lion Behavior
   Abstract:
   Introduction
   The objectives of savannah
   Design Approach
   The overall structure of savannah
       Out on the savannah
       Back in the Den
       The two initial mission
   The implemention of savanna
   Reflection following initial trials
       Supporting immersive play and reflection
       Designing for collaboration
       Rapid prototyping tools
   Future work
   Conclusion
 Abstract
 Introduction
 The objectives of savannah
 Our design approach has five features
     Iterative process
     Multi-disciplinary
     Draws extensively
     Collaborative gameplay
     Improvising gameplay
The overall structure of Savannah
   Objective:
       To encourage players to understand the
        behaviour of lions though personal experience
   Savannah game involves moving back and
    forth between:
     Active missions outdoor (mobile technologies)
     Reflection indoors (shared projected interface)
The overall structure of Savannah
out on the Savannah
   Technology
       PDA, Headphone
       GPS receiver (physical position)
       WiFi network (communicate with game server)

   Content
       Different kinds of environment
       Different kinds of resources
       Specific dangers
       Sound, sight and smell

   Mission
sight   smell
The overall structure of Savannah
two initial missions

   1th Mission:
    marking territory
     hunting (collaborative)

 This is achieved by pressing a button on
  the PDA (attack, mark)
 Goal:high energy (kill, eating prey)
The overall structure of Savannah
Back in the Den (indoor)
   Lets the players explore the content of the virtual
    savannah outside the game time.
   Lets them review their progress on a past
   Achieved by replaying all of the game events as
    the were seen (recorded) by the game server

   2nd Mission:
       Reenter the virtual savannah and Hunt for food
       Different prey are present
       Approximated the rules for bringing down prey
                              Trail            Energy Bar

                                                  Message Box

Four major functions of the Den interface p6
The implemention of Savannah
The implemention of Savannah
     Player            Game Server          Den GUI
      GPS               Storing all
                       game events
      PDA                             送analysis data
                       For analysis
                         (indoor)     message box data
 images, sound..

送GPS位置,attact, mark
colour map查到的region   Color map
Reflection following initial trials
   Participate:Age 11,12 students
     A group of 5 boys (day1)
     A group of 5 girls (day2)

 The main educational outcomes of the
 Supporting immersive play and reflection
     immersive play (inside the game)
     reflection (on the game from the outside)

   Designing for collaboration
Reflection following initial trials (cont.)

    Rapid prototyping tools:
      rule improvisation
      skill repurpose
      orchestration
      configuration
   Future work
     Gateway
     Refinements to Den interface
     Enable 3D
     Extend rules

   Conclusion

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