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 May 27, 2009                                                                                       Issue One

                                                      Breaking Ground at Valley Pointe
Program Links           Community Frameworks is pleased to announce we are              Community Frameworks is excited to offer homes in the
                        moving forward with our new townhome development in             Valley once again. It has been nearly three years since
                        the Valley. We anticipate breaking ground in mid-July           we completed the Dishman Commons development, and
Development             once we receive final plat approval.                            interest has been high.
                        The townhome development will consist of 6 buildings            This project has attracted a good deal of interest with
SHOP                    with either 4 or 6 units each, for a total of 30 residences.    potential homeowners and we anticipate starting a build
                        Townhomes will be two-level with a one car garage and a         group in the late fall. The development is located be-
Our Mission:            backyard patio and either two or three bedrooms.                tween Appleway and 4th off of University. The STA trans-
                                                                                        fer station is adjacent to the development for easy com-
“To support &                                                                           muting. Additional local amenities include grocery and
develop affordable                                                                      shopping centers in close proximity, including the new
housing as a foun-                                                                      Winco grocery store.
dation upon which
                                                                                        For more information please contact Community Frame-
individuals, families
                                                                                        works at 509-484-6733, ext. 117 or
and neighborhoods
can build vital com-
munities.”                                                                              Participation in the program is first-come first-served and
                                                                                        Community Frameworks recommends applying as soon
                              Preliminary rendering of the Valley Pointe Development    as possible to ensure your consideration for this site
Homebuyer                            2nd Annual Homeownership
                                                                                                        Newsletter Spotlight
Education Classes                               Resource Fair                                     Community Frameworks is now holding
                                                                                                  a monthly homeownership orientation
                          Community Frameworks held our second annual Home-                        meeting on the third Monday of each
                          ownership Resource Fair on March 28th at the North-                                month at 6pm.
                          east Community Center. The event was free to the pub-
Helpful Links:            lic and provided a gathering of local housing resources
                          for the community.
                                                                                         Community attendance included individuals who are
                                                                                         currently looking for a home and those who are just test-
                                                                                         ing the waters. Four additional participants were added
                                                                                         this year and Community Frameworks anticipates an
Our Locations:                                                                           even greater increase next year. More than likely neces-
                                                                                         sitating a change in venue to accommodate the event.

Spokane Office:                                                                          Participants included SNAP, Habitat for Humanity, ARC,
315 W Mission Ave                                                                        Banner Bank, Spokane Community Colleges, Washing-
Suite 100                                                                                ton Trust, USDA Rural Development, Greenstone Homes,
                                      A variety of homeownership resources
                                                                                         State Farm Insurance, SLIHC (, and,
509‐484‐6733                          were available for the attendees of this
                                                                                         of course, Community Frameworks as the Sponsor of the
                                                     years fair.

Bremerton Office:
                        To remove your name from our mailing list, please reply to this email “Please Remove Me From List.”.
409 Pacific Avenue
Suite 303               Questions or comments? E-mail us at or call 509-484-6733 ext. 116

    June 8, 2009                                                                               June Issue

                                                    Homebuyer Education Classes
Program Links
                        Community Frameworks has been         Melody Kinkead, Group Coordinator
HomeStarts              offering a series of three Home-      and Certified Housing Counselor
Development             buyer/Consumer Education classes      noted that “Those individuals who
Services                once a month for the last year. The   actively pursue improving their
                        classes are Understanding Credit,     credit and reducing their overall
                        Managing Your Finances, and Mort-     debt through CF’s counseling have
                        gage Basics. They are each one        become mortgage ready on aver-
Our Mission:            hour long and have been offered       age within 6 – 12 months of apply-
                        one each month.                       ing”.
“To support &
develop affordable      Community Frameworks’ Certified       Classes and counseling are free to
                                                                                                     Please pass Community Frame-
housing as a foun-      Housing Counselors teach as well      the public. Community Frameworks
                                                                                                     work’s contact information on to an
dation upon which       as provide one-on-one credit and      recently extended their services to
                                                                                                     employer or friend you feel may
individuals, families   debt management education.            local employers’ whose employees
                                                                                                     benefit from this service.
and neighborhoods                                             may be experiencing some financial
                        Beginning in June Community
                                                              setbacks due to the slow-down in
can build vital com-    Frameworks will offer all three
                                                              the economy.
munities.”              classes, once each month, as well
                        as the one-on-one credit and debt     Contact Melody or Heather today
                        education by appointment.             for more information on one-on-one
Events:                                                       education or to reserve your spot in
                                                              our upcoming classes.

                                                                Upcoming Events
Helpful Links:           Homebuyer Education Classes          Estates, a gated community on the Be sure to check out our website
                                                              Northside of Spokane off of Francis for additional event and project
                         •   Understanding Credit, June
                                                              and Havana. Takoda Park, on the information.
                             3rd, from 6 - 7 pm.
                                                              West Plains off of exit 272 in the
                         •   Managing Your Finances, June     Cheney school district, is in full
                             10th, from 6 - 7 pm.             swing. Valley Pointe is moving for-
Our Locations:
                                                              ward and ground breaking is antici-
                         •   Mortgage Basics, June 17th,
Spokane Office:                                               pated for July.
                             from 6 - 7 pm.
315 W Mission Ave                                              Community Frameworks provides
Suite 100                *All classes are held at our offices. Homebuyer, Credit and Debt Edu-

509‐484‐6733             Community Frameworks will be          cation, 100% financing, and energy
                         holding a monthly homeownership efficient new construction homes,
                         orientation meeting at their offices. with closing costs included.
Bremerton Office:                                              Homeowners learn skills to main-
                         • Homeownership Orientation           tain their homes through their par-
409 Pacific Avenue            Meeting June 15th, 6 - 7 pm.                                                 Greenfield Estates, Phase II
                                                               ticipation in some of the construc-
Suite 303
                         Community Frameworks is finishing tion.
360‐377‐7738             up construction in Greenfield

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