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					                                                                  IP PBX Configuration          1 

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IP PBX configuration guide

            This guide presents the instructions for a proper use of Blue's Professional with
            a few PBX systems that use a connection that is not the standard serial RS‐232
            Most of them would use the Ethernet network (IP protocol) and would require
            specific parameters.

Supported models
             The supported models are listed and grouped hereunder. This list was updated
             on May 2006. For latest updates, please see
                 1. Aastra
                 2. Alcatel OXE
                 3. Asterisk for Wildix
                 4. Avaya Definity (RDTT), Multivantage
                 5. Avaya IP Office
                 6. CISCO Call Manager
                 7. Elmeg
                 8. Ericsson MD110
                 9. Innovaphone
                 10. Matra Nexspan
                 11. MediaConverter
                 12. Mitel
                 13. Promelit Progetto OpenIP, 128
                 14. Samsung
                 15. Selta IO
                 16. Siemens HiPath 3000, 4000, 5000
                 17. SwyxWare
                 18. Teles Switch S50
2    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                        19. TeleVantage
                        20. Telnet Client
                        21. Tenovis
                        22. 3COM NBX

                   The "Telnet client" model does not refere to a particular PBX, but to all those
                   systems that are compatible with a Telnet connection (see further details in
                   this manual).

                   Select the PBX type using the first part of the configuration, called "PBX
                   Blue's Recorder Pro is the software that will acquire the PBX logs.

Aastra (Ascotel):
                   The Aastra PBX systems send data onto the TCP/IP network using a "Client"
                   mode. In detail, the PBX system expects a server PC listening on a port.
                   Before proceeding with the configuration of Blue's, on the PBX set the IP
                   address and port of the PC that will receive the data (the PC that installs

                   The configuration page requires the port number for data logging.
                                                                IP PBX Configuration        3 

           In order to make the installation easier during the configuration, the PC IP
           address is reported in the configuration mask and a note suggests to first
           configure the PBX.

Alcatel OXE:
           This Alcatel PBX model can be easily configured and should be enabled for call
           loggin via TCP/IP using the proprietary configuration software.

           Blue's configuration only requires the PBX IP address and the port number
           (2533 by default).

Asterisk for Wildix:
           This solution is based on a customisation of Asterisk PBXs made by Wildix.
           The PBX is configured as to produce the call data files into a shared folder.
4    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                   Wildix developed a panel for the pBX configuration that requires:
                        ‐ Host:     IP address of the PC on which the call data files are saved
                        ‐ Share:    shared directory path
                        ‐ User:     Username to access the shared directorydirectory
                        ‐ Password: Password for accessing the shared directory

                   For Blue's configuration it is necessary to create a file named
                   'FileDaAcquisire.txt' in the shared directory and the configuration window
                   requires the full path of the file. Blue's Recorder will acquire any file created in
                   this directory.
                                                                IP PBX Configuration         5 

Avaya RDTT:
          This PBX operates in "Client" mode onto the TCP/IP network, expecting a
          network PC to be listening on a determined port. For this reason, before
          configuring Blue's, please setup the IP address and port of the PC that will
          receive the data (and that installs Blue's), on the PBX propietary configuration

          In order to configure Blue's, please enter the port to listen on for data

Avaya IP Office (SMDR):
          The Avaya IP Office series is different from standard systems as it does not
          send logs to a PC but, by means of a special tool provided by Avaya, a csv file
          containing the call data of the current day is created.
          At the end of the day, this file is renamed and the main file is created
          A fine giornata il file viene rinomintato ed il file principale viene ricreato
          again, empty in order to contain the data of the day.
6    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                   For the configuration, just select one of the files that the PBX has created
                   (usually SMDR.csv) and Blue's Recorder Pro will automatically recognise the
                   other files, thus importing all call data, even of the past days.

Cisco Call Manager:
                   Cisco PBX systems are made up of several subunits that carry out different
                   jobs. The Call Manager unit takes care of the call log. Please, use the Cisco
                   Call Manager Web configuration to set these options:
                   1.   Set the CdrEnabled field to true in order to enable the call logging
                   2.   Set the CDRFormat field to FLAT to have the data be logged into a standard
                   3.   Set the CDRFlatFileInterval field to 1 (recommended) to schedule the logging

                   After configuring the Call Manager, the PBC starts writing the log file into a
                   PBX network folder. In order to configure Blue's, please select one of these files
                                                                IP PBX Configuration       7 

          Blue's Recorder Pro will search the directory for the files to be imported and
          will import the call data.

Elmeg ICT88X:
          This PBX could be connected to a TCP/IP network or directly to a PC USB port.
          WinTools supports both these modes if properly configured according to its
          user manual.

          Important: before using Blue's, please connect to the PBX using WinTools. This
          operation will save the PBX access parameters into Window's registry.
8    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                   While configuring Blue's, please enter the connection type (TCP or USB) used
                   during the last Wintools access.

Ericsson MD110:
                   This PBX operates in 'Server' mode and accepts connection to PC via TCP/IP
                   for call log purposes.
                                                              IP PBX Configuration         9 

          In the configuration, please enter the PBX IP address and port (Telnet port 23
          is used by default) and the connection information. This PBX supports Telnet
          connections and the command must be sent after the login for starting the

          These PBX systems operate in a non standard way and require detailed
          configuration. In fact, it is necessary to open the PBX Web configuration and
          enable the data log in HTTP mode, the request IP as the one of the PC that
          runs Blue's and eventually import \\cdr\\BluesRecPro.asp as the request

          During Blue's configuration, please enter the PBX IP address.
10    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

Matra NeXspan:

                    The PBX operates as a TCP/IP 'server' and accepts connections on a port for
                    call log. Enter the PBX ip address and port.

Media Converter:
                    Media Converter is a special device that operates as an interface between the
                    PC and the PBX. The access is Telnet compatible and operates as a 'server' that
                    accepts connection on port 23.
                                                               IP PBX Configuration      11 

           Please, enter IP address, port number, user name, password and log start

           The Mitel PBX operates as in the previous case as a 'server' and the
           configuration settings are exactly the same.

Promelit Progetto Open IP, Progetto 128:
           This Promelit PBX family allows both a serial and TCP/IP connection. Blue's
           Configuration offers both options. The serial connection is already set with the
           default parameters. The network connection requires instead the IP address.
           The PBX operates a a 'Server' listening on port 23.
12    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                    These PBXs operate as TCP/IP 'servers' and accept incoming connections on
                    the set port.

                    Please, enter the PBX IP address and port.
                                                                  IP PBX Configuration      13 

Selta IO:
            The Selta Instant Office series does not send data directly to a PC but writes
            one or more files that can be opened on the network as if they were saved on
            a network PC, into a shared folder.

            For this configuration, please select one of the files created by the PBX. Blue's
            Recorder Pro will automatically recognise all the other files.

Siemens Hipath 3000:
            This PBX operates as 'Client' and should be properly configured before
            proceeding to Blue's Configuration. 
            S  t he PBX in 'TCP Client' mode and set the IP address of the PC that installs
            Blue's. Please, enter a port number (ie. port number 2000).
14    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                    Proceed then to Blue's Configuration and set the port number entered in the
                    previous step.

Siemens Hipath 4000:
                                                                   IP PBX Configuration      15 

            This Siemens mode operates an 'FTP Server' and requires a number of
            configuration settings. The IP address and port (port number 21 by default).
            The user name and password for accessing the folder that contains the log
            data. Eventually, the frequency of the data importation.

Siemens Hipath 5000:
            This model creates call log files into a network folder. It is therefore sufficient
            to select one of the created files.

            This PBX creates a file into a network folder. Blue's Recorder Pro imports the
            call log and deletes the file. The PBX creates then a new file.
16    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                    Enter the path where the log file is saved.

                    This PBX operates as a TCP/IP 'Server'. Please, enter the PBX IP address and
                    port number for the connection.
                                                                IP PBX Configuration        17 

Telnet Client:
           This configuration does not refer to a particular PBX system, but to all those
           systems that support Telnet connections.

           A standard Telnet connection requires the IP address of the device, the port
           number (port 23 by default), user name and passowd in order to access the
           command console. A command for starting data trasfer is now required. If the
           PBX system does not require Login, Password or transfer start command, just
           leave the fields empty.

           This PBX system requires a serial connection with a special protocol. In order
           to acces the call data download, a standard Blue's serial connection is not
           The configuration does anyhow support all standard parameters for the RS‐232
           connection. The default values are set for the connection to the Tenovis
18    Telcen Blue’s Professional 

                    This PBX model operates as an 'FTP Server' and requires a number of
                    parameters for the configuration. The IP address and port number (port 21 by
                    default). The user name and password for accessing the folder that stores the
                    data file (3com default value). Then, a download recurrence is required.

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