The Call of Abraham Abraham's Struggles for Faith GENESIS

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					                              The Call of Abraham: Abraham’s Struggles for Faith
                                     GENESIS: Chapters 12-21 Selections
July 20, 2011                                                                            Week 5

   1. Explain the Five-Fold Promises and responsibilities in the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen. 12:1-3), Abram’s
      encounter with the Lord in Shechem and his “Bethel” tribute to God. (Gen 12:1-9)

   2. Discuss Abram and Sarai’s sojourn to Egypt, their deception, wealth, God’s response to Pharaoh, Pharaoh’s
      questions to Abram, and Pharaoh’s commands to his men. (Gen. 12:10-20)

   3. What were Abram and Lot’s family relation, their problem and resolution, settlement locations, and God’s
      blessings to Abram for his righteousness and unselfishness towards Lot? (Gen. 13:1-18)

   4. Explain how Abram’s victory over Lot’s captors rendered a blessing to Abraham by Melchizedek and a tithe
      given to Melchizedek by Abram. How do these acts impact our “Ministry of Giving” in the 21st Century?
      (Gen. 14:14-20, Malachi 3:7-10, 2nd Cor. 9:7)

   5. Discuss how God reassured Abram concerning the promises He made to him in Genesis 12:1-3 in the following

            Gen. 13:14-18) (Renewal); Gen. 15:4-16 (Confirmed); Genesis 17:1-27 (Re-affirmed)
                Did Abram “BELIEVE GOD?”

   6. Relate how Hagar and Ishmael come into Abraham’s family, how God treated Hagar and how God’s blessing
      upon Ishmael still impacts Israel and the Arabs (Ishmaelites) today. (Gen. 16:1-16)
7. Discuss the elements of God’s Everlasting Covenant made to Abram, at age 99, and share what takes place in
   health facilities today that shadows the sealing of this Covenant. (Gen. 17:1-27)

8. Discuss Abraham’s three visitors, Abraham’s treatment of them, their divine announcement, Sarah’s reaction,
   God’s response to Sarah, and the effects this message ultimately had on Hagar and Ishmael’s future in Chapter 21.
   (Gen. 18:1-15; 21:8-21)

9. Discuss God’s reaction to Sodom and Gomorrah’s sinfulness, Abraham’s response to God’s threat and the
   dialogue that takes place between God and Abraham. (Gen. 18:16-33)

10. Discuss Lot’s hospitality to the two angels (visitors), the men (swingers) of Sodom’s carnal intent towards Lot’s
    guests, Lot’ bargain with the swingers and God’s intervention. (Gen. 19:1-11)

11. What was the angels’ message to Lot about God’s instructions for them to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and their
    warning to Lot and family to, “Escape lest ye be destroyed”? (Gen. 19:12-29)

12. Discuss Lot’s daughters’ scheme to preserve the descendents of Lot, the results their actions had on Israel, and the
    fulfillment of the ultimate Promise that God made to Abraham.(Gen. 19:1-38;21:1-3, 6)

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