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					                                      Invitation to Tender

Peninsula Growth Acceleration & Investment Network (GAIN)
                                              Web Portal

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1. Introduction
TSP is a leading provider of business space and value-added services supporting the growth and
development of high-value, knowledge-intensive business.
TSP is also a key component of GAIN – a “radical new model to turn the peninsula itself into an
incubator of successful businesses by remodelling and extending existing activities and assets to
create critical mass and connectivity to challenge, support and motivate a dispersed innovation
GAIN aims to provide a single point of entry into an integrated peninsula growth and innovation
support network of specialist innovation, investment and business support; trusted high-quality “go-
to people”; specialist networking groups; physical collaboration environments (science parks,
incubators, BTCs) and research and education institutions.
This Invitation to Tender (ITT) seeks proposals from individual organisations or consortia to develop
and deliver a web-based portal enabling GAIN clients and prospective clients to access the full range
of services and facilities that aggregated and marshalled through GAIN.
2. Approach to procurement
This is a single stage procurement process (no expression of interest / Pre-Qualification
Questionnaire stage) and, dependent on the quality of the tenders received, TSP may call
prospective providers for an interview. The timescales for the procurement process are set out in
section 6 below.
The process is competitive, with this ITT being issued to a number of potential providers.
3. Services Required
The detailed specification of requirements is at Appendix 1, in outline however, TSP require
tendering organisations explain how they will:
           Design, develop and implement a web-based portal (note that the branding and visual
           appearance of the portal is outside of the scope of this ITT. It is currently the subject of a
           separate ITT and the appointed GAIN Web Portal contractor will be expected to work with
           the appointed marketing & branding contractor to ensure the Web Portal adopts the
           correct branding);
           Design, develop and implement processes that will populate the portal with both legacy
           and new content (note that the drafting of content itself is outside of the scope of this ITT);
           Establish an ongoing relationship with the GAIN team (including TSP), such that they are
           able to contribute to the evolution of the portal as new services are brought within GAIN
           and / or new / better ways of delivering the Web Portal services become available.
4. Assessment Criteria
Tenders will be assessed by a panel comprising TSP and its owners (Plymouth University and
Plymouth City Council). Tenders will be assessed against the following criteria:

Criteria                                                                                               Weighting

Track record in fast track development and delivery of analogous solutions                                   10%

Proposed approach – including innovation                                                                     30%

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Criteria                                                                                                 Weighting

Value for money                                                                                                15%

Identification of key technology and process issues arising from scale and nature of service providers
GAIN will need to aggregate, and need for the portal to be sufficiently flexible to support future             25%

Demonstrate local/regional partnership, knowledge of GAIN Partners and regional economic

TOTAL                                                                                                      100%

5. Delivery Timetable
The table below sets out the delivery schedule that tendering organisations will be required to meet.

Deliverable                                                         By When

Interviews                                                   12 August 2011

Inception meeting TSP / Web Portal contractors               19 August 2011

Web Portal ‘Site Map’                                    2     September 2011

                                                             23        September
Web Portal Beta version live

Web Portal fully live                                     21 October 2011

6. Tender Administration
If you have any queries regarding the ITT, please e-mail them to:
Queries that pertain to the ITT in a general manner will be answered and copied to all tendering
organisations. To that end, ALL organisations wishing to submit a tender should e-mail stating their
intention to tender by no later than 1700, 26 July 2011.
Completed tenders are to be submitted via Sell to Plymouth website no later than 1700, 9 August
Tenders should be submitted in electronic form only. No late submissions will be accepted.
If required, tendering organisations will be called for interview week, the date for this is currently
anticipated at 12 August 2011.

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Appendix 1
GAIN Web Portal - Specification of Requirements

INTRODUCTION                                                  5
About GAIN                                                    5
Business Problem                                              5
About the GAIN Portal                                         6

REQUIREMENTS                                                  8
Content plan                                                  8
Proposed Information Architecture                             9
Front-end Features                                            9
Content Management and Workflow                              15
Platform and Infrastructure                                  21
Workflow, Automation & Interoperability                      21
Reporting                                                    23
Security                                                     23
Training and documentation                                   23
On-going maintenance                                         23
Out of Scope                                                 23

REFERENCE SITES                                              24

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The University of Plymouth (UoP), Tamar Science Park (TSP) and Plymouth City Council (PCC) are
working together to build the GAIN platform. The GAIN platform aims to support innovation and
business growth across the Western Peninsula. The key vehicle for delivering a full range of
professional and expert services to start-up companies and existing organisations in the region will
be a web portal.
This document describes the requirements for the GAIN web portal.

About GAIN
Peninsula Growth Acceleration & Investment Network
There are multiple organisations across the Western Peninsula who are committed to driving
business and investment growth and already have considerable intellectual and physical assets:
        University of Plymouth Enterprise Solutions
        Tamar Science Park
        3 Innovation Centres in Cornwall
        Plymouth City Council Enterprise Programme
GAIN will be a single, integrated service that helps new and existing firms by providing access to this
rich knowledge resource and physical services.
GAIN aims to build a thriving economy with more successful businesses by:
        Connecting investors, people and ideas
        Catalysing action by challenging and accelerating business growth

   Research           Idea                 Support        Entrepreneurs
 Innovation                                               Experts
                              Business                    Services

                       Investors            Buyers

                                   Figure 1 - GAIN operating model
Business Problem
The economy is not performing because there are not enough successful businesses across the
Peninsula. Guidance, information and services to accelerate business growth are geographically
dispersed and not easily accessible. There is also a lack of visibility to the exploitable ideas and
opportunities available in the region. The need for change becomes more and more apparent, and
as support like Business Link disappears, it is clear a new partnership and integrated approach is
required to support businesses, reach investors and drive growth.

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About the GAIN Portal
The objective is to create a single web portal, a one stop source of information that offers access to
a thriving knowledge base. In a crowded online world, the portal must:
          Be easy and quick to use
          Stand out visually as a credible and trusted destination
          Be information rich and accessible
It will be the gateway (the portal of portals) to all of the information, experts and services available
to help companies succeed.
The web portal must:
          Provide up-to-date, fresh and exciting information
          Provide quick and easy access to archived information
          Connect users to a trusted expert that can offer practical and strategic leadership
          Offer growth support services to businesses wherever they are
          Create a master online network of existing networks and communities from different sectors
          Attract investors by promoting good ideas and showcasing opportunities
          Encourage businesses to link up and create communities/hubs and expand into new markets
The primary target audience groups for the
GAIN web portal are:
    1.    People in business
    2.    Investors
    3.    Entrepreneurs
    4.    Start-up companies
    5.    Academics
    6.    Press
    7.    Wider national and international
The secondary target audience groups are:
          Students and graduates
The key business sectors to target are:                 Figure 2 - GAIN communities

          i)     Marine / maritime / energy
          ii)    High value manufacturing
          iii)   Health and medicine
          iv)    Creative and digital
         Audience                                            Project

          Keeping audiences engaged                           A geographically dispersed community
          Reaching people wherever they are                   Getting existing networks to contribute
          A highly competitive online landscape               Introducing change

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The visual design of the GAIN web portal is defined in a separate document and will be part of a
separate branding activity.
Key Audience Technologies
End users now expect higher levels of interactivity and a personalised experience from a website.
Social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in popularity. Therefore, the
GAIN web portal must utilise these existing social tools and offer different ways to engage the
audience. For example, social integration, video, webcasts, forums, chat rooms etc.
Technical Platform
The GAIN web portal requires a flexible back-end platform that enables the core partners to
administer and deliver the content. A substantial amount of content already exists in other GAIN
member websites. Rather than duplicate this content, the platform must provide a way of obtaining
and publishing this content on the GAIN portal. The GAIN web portal can be seen as a content/news
Ideally, the workflow for obtaining content from the external contributors will be automated,
straightforward and pain free as possible – making it easy for organisations to share content with the
GAIN web portal. It is envisaged that the back-end platform will integrate with these existing
websites, and their back-end platforms, in some way.
In summary, the platform must provide:
    Web content management
    Powerful search with recommended content features
    Social media integration
    User registration
    Moderated community tools like:
           o Discussion boards
           o Web chats
           o User generated content
    Video/audio streaming
    User reporting / analytics
    API support and integration with external systems
    Automated and collaborative workflows
    Payment engine
    Online booking system (facilities and events)

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                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

This section represents the functional and non-functional requirements for the GAIN web portal.
The GAIN web portal will be implemented in a phased approach.

Content plan
In Phase 1, the web portal will comprise of content:
1) New GAIN specific content
2) TSP public website
       Facilities, support services
3) TSP intranet ‘ParkPoint’
       Services, people, conference/rooms, business directory, news, events
4) UoP Enterprise Solutions microsite
       Services, ideas, people, conference/rooms, opportunities
5) Cornwall Innovation Centres
       Pool microsite
       Tremough microsite
       The Startup donut
6) PCC websites
       Business constellation
       Business directory
       Commercial property search
7) Beacon Company Network (South)
       Beacon Board Room
   Beacon Network
Future phases will bring in content from more GAIN members and external local and national
networks like the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), iNets, Business Link, SWAIN etc.
Whilst the implementation of content and contributors will be gradual, it is imperative that the back-
end system supports all of the requirements and the web portal architecture is designed to evolve
and scale.

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

Proposed Information Architecture
We envisage the following content for phase 1 (we are open to innovation to this architecture):

The GAIN web portal should provide access to the following types of content:

                              Current and archive news from GAIN members, external local and
                              national media, including successful business stories

          Events              Current and archive events held by GAIN members

        Resources             Directory of facilities, people, money, markets who can help
       and Services           businesses grow

                              Profiles of the GAIN members, community tools, member features,
                              procurement area, potential closed member area

        Networks              Profiles of external networks

                              Partner opportunities, investment opportunities, funding
                              opportunities, problems, potential closed area

Front-end Features
The functional requirements are expressed as user stories that the end user (audience) might
perform in the GAIN web portal. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and provided to give an
idea of the scope of the portal.

                             Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

       ID             HOME-01
       Story          Navigate to News, Events, Resources & Services, Members, Networks and
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-02
       Story          Immediately understand what GAIN (this web portal) is, supported with video
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-03
       Story          View news highlights / promotional content / tweets
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-04
       Story          View promoted opportunities
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-05
       Story          Navigate to more info about GAIN, contact details
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-06
       Story          Login as a Member
       Priority       1

       ID             HOME-07
       Story          Follow GAIN on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
       Priority       1

The web portal will provide a news aggregator that keeps audiences up-to-date on the business and
investment news in the Peninsular and wider community.
       ID             NEWS-01
       Story          View latest news from GAIN Partners and Members
       Priority       1

       ID             NEWS-02
       Story          View latest news from local and national media relating to GAIN and its
                      objectives, business growth, investment and deals, e.g. Western Morning
                      News, Financial Times, BBC Must comply with each organisation’s copyright
       Priority       1

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

      ID               NEWS-03
      Story            View latest news from external Networks, e.g. TSB, Nesta
      Priority         1

      ID               NEWS-04
      Story            Search news archive
      Priority         2

      ID               NEWS-05
      Story            Watch video news articles
      Priority         2

      ID               NEWS-06
      Story            Listen to news podcasts
      Priority         2

      ID               NEWS-07
      Story            Like and Recommend news article to Facebook friends
      Priority         1

      ID               NEWS-08
      Story            View tweets from GAIN Partners, e.g. UoP Enterprise Solution tweet, TSP
      Priority         1

      ID               NEWS-09
      Story            View updates from GAIN LinkedIn group
      Priority         1

This section will provide a single event calendar for all events related to GAIN, business growth and
investment in the Peninsular. It will provide an archive of all past events. It will also allow you to
view any webcasts and related assets for an event.
      ID               EVENTS-01
      Story            View calendar of upcoming GAIN Partner events
      Priority         1

      ID               EVENTS-02
      Story            View calendar of upcoming other related events
      Priority         1

      ID               EVENTS-03
      Story            Search for information from previous events
      Priority         2
                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

      ID               EVENTS-04
      Story            Watch live webcast of an event
      Priority         2

      ID               EVENTS-05
      Story            Watch archived webcast of an event, jump to chapter points, view metadata
      Priority         2

      ID               EVENTS-06
      Story            Register and pay to attend an event (run by GAIN partner)
      Priority         1

Resources & Services
This will be an online database containing:
        Resources available from all of the GAIN Partners/Members, e.g. people, conference rooms
        Services available from all of the GAIN Partners/Members, e.g. advisory, legal
Each entry in the database will have its own web page that might allow document download,
external links, related images and video/audio.
      ID               RESOURCE-01
      Story            Get information on the different types of resource available
      Priority         1

      ID               RESOURCE-02
      Story            Search online database by type, e.g. people, property, equipment,
                       documentation, market, guidelines, business competitions, external
      Priority         1

      ID               RESOURCE-03
      Story            Filter search results
      Priority         1

      ID               RESOURCE-04
      Story            View more information about resource/service, e.g. image, video, location
      Priority         2

      ID               RESOURCE-05
      Story            Download related document / asset
      Priority         1

      ID               RESOURCE-06
      Story            Open link to resource in external website in new window
      Priority         1

                              Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

      ID              RESOURCE-07
      Story           Road test new business idea and evaluate feasibility online
      Priority        2

      ID              RESOURCE-08
      Story           View room/conference space available from GAIN partners
      Priority        1

      ID              RESOURCE-08
      Story           Book meeting/conference rooms
      Priority        2
      ID              RESOURCE-09
      Story           See related/recommended content in search
      Priority        1

This area will provide detail on the current GAIN Members.
      ID              MEMBERS-01
      Story           View list of current GAIN Members
      Priority        1

      ID              MEMBERS-02
      Story           View graphical map of GAIN Members, e.g. GoogleMaps
      Priority        1

      ID              MEMBERS-03
      Story           View GAIN Member profiles with associated images, video, links, blogs,
      Priority        1

      ID              MEMBERS-04
      Story           View special offers from GAIN Members or Networks
      Priority        1

      ID              MEMBERS-05
      Story           View online discussion board (forum)
      Priority        1

      ID              MEMBERS-06
      Story           Login in as Member and submit comments to discussion board
      Priority        1

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

      ID                MEMBERS-07
      Story             View web chats
      Priority          1

      ID                MEMBERS-08
      Story             Login in as Member and submit Q&A in web chat
      Priority          1

      ID                MEMBERS-09
      Story             Login in as Member and upload user generated content
      Priority          1

      ID                MEMBERS-10
      Story             Register as a Member, complete profile, submit payment online
                        Potentially choose subscription level, e.g. bronze, silver or gold
      Priority          1

This area will provide information and links to the various external Networks that have been setup to
help businesses, e.g. Nesta, SWAIN, Business Link, iNets etc.
      ID                NETWORKS-01
      Story             View the Networks associated with GAIN

      ID                NETWORKS-02
      Story             Find a Network by sector, location, growth phase
      Priority          1

      ID                NETWORKS-03
      Story             View Network profiles with associated images, video, links, blogs, tweets
      Priority          1

This area presents all of the different opportunities available in the Peninsular, e.g. the new ideas
seeking investment, businesses looking for partners, investors looking for ideas, problems looking
for solutions.
      ID                OPPS-01
      Story             Search all the available opportunities by type
      Priority          1

      ID                OPPS-02
      Story             View an opportunity with related assets, e.g. images, video, documents, links
      Priority          2

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

Non-functional requirements

ID         Feature Name               Description

NFR01      Language                   The system shall support the English language only.

                                      The system shall be built to conformance level A of the W3C
NFR03      Accessibility
                                      Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V1.0

                                      The system shall support the following browsers:
                                      Firefox V2.0 and above
                                      Internet Explorer V7 and above
NFR04      Browser Support
                                      Safari 3.1 and above
                                      The above browsers will be tested with the latest service packs
                                      and security updates.

NFR05      Operating Systems          The portal should run on Windows, MAC and Linux

NFR06      Multi Media Support        The system shall display live and on-demand video content.

           Screen Resolution and      The system shall best support a resolution of 1024*768
           Colour Depth               High colour (16 bit) and higher

NFR08      Audio                      A sound card will be required to hear any audio

Content Management and Workflow
This section focuses on the requirements for the back-end content management system (CMS).
A GAIN Network Manager, employed by Tamar science Park, will be appointed to oversee the web
portal and maintain its content.
It is envisaged that a Super User for each GAIN Partner will be given secure access to the CMS in
order to edit content on the GAIN web portal. Where possible, the population of data will be
To support the continuous growth of the GAIN web portal, we expect the new system to:
     1. Edit and manage digital data in an easy and convenient way.
     2. Reduce the time and effort required to obtain information from external Partner/Member
     3. Provide an extendable and sustainable platform that will offer the interactive and social
        media features expected by audiences, now and in the future.
The table overleaf describes the broad characteristics used to identify the types of users who will use
back-end CMS to manage web portal content:
         User Type                 Characteristics                                          Frequency

         Network                   Management of web portal, moderation of                  Daily

                                    Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

            Manager                     content, overall responsibility

            Partner Super               Management of content                             Weekly

            Administrator               Managing users and system                         Rarely

We now present our requirements as user stories. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and
provided to give an idea of the type of functionality required.
         ID                  CMS-01
         Story               Manually add, edit or delete web pages and content
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager, Editor

         ID                  CMS-02
         Story               Use a GUI editor to maintain text
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager, Editor

         ID                  CMS-03
         Story               Use web templates and CSS stylesheets to create new pages
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager, Editor

         ID                  CMS-04
         Story               Preview web pages
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager, Editor

         ID                  CMS-05
         Story               Moderate and publish new content
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager

         ID                  CMS-06
         Story               Change the order of items in a navigation menu
         Priority            1
         User                Network Manager

    TSP, UoP, PCC and CICs
                         Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

       ID         CMS-07
       Story      Create user accounts, with different user types, roles and privileges
       Priority   1
       User       Administrator

       ID         CMS-08
       Story      Limit access to specific user account to a specific content group
       Priority   1
       User       Administrator

       ID         CMS-09
       Story      Maintain an audit trail of changes made
       Priority   1
       User       Administrator, Network Manager

       ID         CMS-10
       Story      Upload and transcode video/audio content into online format
       Priority   1
       User       Network Manager, Editor

       ID         CMS-11
       Story      Categorise and tag video/audio content so that it can appear in multiple
       Priority   1
       User       Network Manager, Editor

       ID         CMS-12
       Story      Show video/audio in a web page
       Priority   1
       User       Network Manager, Editor

       ID         CMS-13
       Story      Control the content in the rolling news ticker
       Priority   1
       User       Network Manager, Editor

       ID         CMS-14
       Story      Create, edit and delete a news article with title, text, image, video, link
       Priority   1
       User       Network Manager, Editor

                       Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

     ID         CMS-15
     Story      Automatically include news articles from GAIN Partner websites
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-16
     Story      Automatically include news articles from local and national media
                Must adhere to an organisation’s copyright policy
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-17
     Story      Embed external Twitter feeds
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-18
     Story      Include updates from GAIN LinkedIn group
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-19
     Story      Add Facebook Like / Recommend button to a news article
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-20
     Story      Create, edit and delete forthcoming events
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS-21
     Story      Automatically obtain event entries from GAIN Partners
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Partner

     ID         CMS-22
     Story      Allow GAIN Partners to update event entries
     Priority   1
     User       Partner

                      Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

    ID         CMS-23
    Story      Define room/space availability
    Priority   1
    User       Partner

    ID         CMS-24
    Story      Provide an automated event booking system that communicates with GAIN
               partner providing the resource
    Priority   1
    User       Network Manager

    ID         CMS-25
    Story      Add, edit and delete entries in the resource database, e.g. title, text, type,
               tagwords, images, links
    Priority   1
    User       Network Manager

    ID         CMS-26
    Story      Allow GAIN Partners to update entries in the resource database
    Priority   1
    User       Partner

    ID         CMS-27
    Story      Add, edit and delete Member profile, e.g. text, image, video, location,
               tagwords, category
    Priority   1
    User       Network Manager, Editor

    ID         CMS-28
    Story      Define categories/tagwords for Member, e.g. sector, role
    Priority   1
    User       Network Manager, Editor

    ID         CMS-29
    Story      Allow GAIN Partners to update Member profile
    Priority   1
    User       Partner

    ID         CMS -30
    Story      Add, edit and delete special offers from GAIN Members or Networks
    Priority   1
    User       Network Manager, Editor

                       Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

     ID         CMS -31
     Story      Manage online discussion board (forum), add new discussion thread,
                moderate content
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager

     ID         CMS -32
     Story      Control access to certain features with a Member registration
                Potentially further controlled by membership level
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager

     ID         CMS -33
     Story      Setup and run web chats
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager

     ID         CMS -34
     Story      Moderate and organise user generated content
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager

     ID         CMS -35
     Story      Add, edit and delete a Network description with related assets e.g. images,
                links, docs, blogs, tweets
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS -36
     Story      Define categories/tags for a Network e.g. sector, location, growth phase
     Priority   1
     User       Network Manager, Editor

     ID         CMS -37
     Story      Add, edit and delete an Opportunity with related assets, e.g. images, links,
     User       Network Manager, Editor

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

      ID               CMS -38
      Story            Define categories/tags for an Opportunity, e.g. type, people

Platform and Infrastructure
The web content and CMS will be hosted at TSP. Our preferred platform is Microsoft .NET and IIS.
However, we also welcome alternative hosting proposals.
Testing and release
The back-end CMS should support a workflow that allows for publishing to a UAT environment,
staging environment and the live environment.

Workflow, Automation & Interoperability
A key objective is to reduce manual workload, as far as possible, by automating the way in which
external content is obtained and the content is shared across the portal.
Each of the GAIN Partners involved in Phase 1 already has its own public website, internal CRM and
systems. Rather than manually duplicate the information held internally by Partners, the new
platform should provide an automated and controlled way of reusing (aggregating) this content on
the GAIN web portal.
Technically, there are different ways to achieve this. As you would expect, each Partner has different
processes and systems. This means that a single approach to interoperating with the GAIN portal
might not be feasible.
At this point, we have gained an idea of the potential workflows for maintaining the portal. These
are outlined below to give an idea of the integration capability the back-end CMS for the GAIN web
portal must provide.
Manually via CMS
We envisage that each Gain Partner will provide a Super User who will be responsible for ensuring
their content on the GAIN web portal is up-to-date and correct. Each Super User should be able to
login to the back-end CMS using a web browser and be able to edit certain data.
For example, a Partner Super User can manually:
1) Add, edit and delete news / events / opportunities
2) Add, edit and delete items from the resource/service directory
3) Update their profile and other relevant areas of freeform text
Automatically by RSS subscription
The preferred method, from the GAIN team’s perspective, would be to agree with contributors on
the use of a standard web protocol to exchange data, e.g. RSS over HTTP.
The GAIN web portal back-end can then subscribe to Partner sites and tools to aggregate feeds from
multiple sources into the GAIN portal. The supplier of the GAIN web portal will define the format and
syntax of the XML comprising the feed to ensure as much information as possible is obtained.

                              Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

                              Figure 3 – The GAIN portal subscribes to RSS feeds
                                            from external websites

This would work most effectively for news and events.
Direct integration with internal system
One option is to obtain data directly from an internal system. However, each system would have to
be assessed and tackled individually. This could happen in two ways:
1) The GAIN portal provider could expose the back-ends API, specify the format of data expected
   and let a contributor develop their own web services to pass data to the GAIN platform over
2) Contributors pass their data, in any format, to the GAIN team and the GAIN team write
   individual conversion processes to ingest the data into the GAIN platform.
At this stage, we have an outline understanding of the external systems that would be involved for
phase 1 of the project:
TSP currently use the ibcs software from ra systems, a CRM system specifically designed for science
parks and innovation centres to support their customers. Potentially, some of the data held in ibcs
could be directly exported into the GAIN web portal. RA Systems have indicated that their 2011
development roadmap includes the exposure of internal data through web services. This means it is
completely feasible that ibcs could talk to the Gain portal in an automated way.
However, it is probable that TSP will adopt the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Dynamics is a .NET
system that uses SOAP web services and has been developed with external systems/website
integration in mind. This means that a tight integration between the GAIN portal and Dynamics is
The Business Constellation microsite was created by Design Inspiration. Currently, the internal data
is held in an Access database and would not allow for integration. However, Design Inspiration have
indicated that they would be happy to work with the potential supplier to upgrade the system and
find the best way of automating the process.
The Business Directory and Property Search is powered by Evolutive provided by Alcium. It is CRM
tool for business search, enquiry handling and property/land recording.

                                Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

The main University of Plymouth website is built using standard technology. The news and events
content is already made available as an RSS feed, with support for filtering by category and inclusion
of images, therefore the GAIN portal could immediately subscribe to these feeds.
Going forward, UoP are moving to Microsoft SharePoint for web content management, so additional
integration could be possible. Also, UoP are adopting the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system (see

There should be a way to generate reports:
        Website stats e.g. Google Analytics
        Video stats
        By user segmentation (registered users only)
Reporting functionality must have the ability to identify, by registered user identified by both
individual and Company link the dating of usage, time of useage, Information, resource, content
accessed and aggregation of timed usage over date range. This will allow us to build business
assistance evidence for various, but particularly ERDF, outputs. This data should be capable of being
passed to the proposed CRM.

All updates to the portal’s content must be performed in a secure way.

Training and documentation
The CMS should come with:
        Technical / editorial training
        Technical manual / user guide
        Product support and maintenance

On-going maintenance
Whilst the GAIN team will maintain the portal’s content on a day-to-day basis, it is envisaged that
the supplier will continue to add new features after the initial release.
GAIN is looking for a long-term delivery partner. A partner who keeps abreast of technology and is
able to support the GAIN team to evolve the web portal so that it becomes the online destination of
choice for businesses, investors and service providers and nurtures a support ecosystem that
delivers success.

Out of Scope
The following activities are out of scope:
        Branding and visual appearance of the website
        Content creation, e.g. copywriting or video production

                               Invitation to Tender –GAIN Web Portal

Reference sites
We have included a list of the external (public) websites that could potentially contribute
information to the GAIN portal:
Tamar Science Park:

Main website              

University of Plymouth:

Enterprise Solutions      

Plymouth City Council:

Business Constellation Directory

Business Directory        

Commercial Property Search

Cornwall Innovation Centres:

Poole IC                  

Tremough IC



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