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Volume 50 Issue 8                             Serving Shilo, Sprucewoods & Douglas since 1947                                           April 28, 2011

    INSIDE                  2PPCLI
   This Issue               celebrates                                                                                    In the
                            with big
                            By Staff
                            Shilo Stag
 Fun and games and more.      Pomp and pageantry will be on
                            full display this weekend as 2PPCLI
 Story on page 3.           celebrates the 60th anniversary of
                              According to CO Lt Col Shane
                            Schreiber, the Kapyong 60th anniversary
                            weekend features activities designed to
                            both commemorate and celebrate the
                            historical significance of this important
                            battle fought between April 23-25, 1951.
                              “This year marks a significant
                            milestone and it is crucial that veterans
                            of this conflict, current serving soldiers
                            and the Canadian public have an
                            opportunity to               come together
                            and recognize the sacrifices made in the
                            defence of democracy            and world
 Honouring volunteers.      peace,” the CO notes.
 Coverage on pages 6 & 7.     Celebrations kick off Friday, April 29
                            at 1 p.m., as the reception centre opens at
                            the Company Conference Room and the
                            ‘Better ‘Ole’ opens LAV Barn Building
                              Then on Saturday, April 30 it’s the
                            Kap’Yong 60th Anniversary Parade
                            starting at 10 a.m. at the MPTF Building
                            C-106. This is followed at noon by a
                            reception/family day at the ‘Better ‘Ole’
                            in Building C-106.
                              At 7 p.m., show off your best dance
                            moves during an evening dance at the
                            ‘Better ‘Ole’ in Building C-106.
                              The weekend wraps up on Sunday,
                            April 30 with a breakfast at the ‘Better                                                                                Staff photo
Braving the cold for PLQ    ‘Ole’ from 9 to 11 a.m. in Building           Dad was helping son gather up the motherlode of chocolates during the Easter Egg
training. See page 12.      C-106.                                        Hunt held April 24 at the Community Centre. Dozens of kids from newborn to age 10
                              Everyone is urged to attend.                took part in the annual event sponsored by Base Fund and FS&R.
2 The Shilo Stag                                                                                                                                        April 28, 2011

G.G. Citation presented to 2PPCLI for TF 3-06 efforts
By Cpl Martin Smith
   Earlier    this    year,
members of 2PPCLI
received the Governor
General’s citation for
actions during Task Force
3-06 while deployed to
   On Feb. 24, a ceremony
and a parade was held
in CFB Petawawa to
honour the 1RCR task
force to which A Coy,
2PPCLI was attached.
The 1RCR Battle Group
received this honour
for valour in combat,
particularly for OP
Medusa which took place
in August to September
2006. This was the first
time Canadian soldiers
engaged large scale
offensive operations in
a fashion not seen since
   Thirteen       members
                                                                                                                                                         Submitted photo
of 2PPCLI left from
Shilo early morning on        Thirteen members of 2PPCLI travelled to CFB Petawawa in mid February to receive the Governor General’s Citation for their efforts as part
Feb. 23 and travelled         of Task Force 3-06.
to CFB Petawawa for
the ceremony which            seen in years.               good acknowledgement
took place in the 1RCR          Early on Feb. 25 we        that Canadian soldiers
drill hall at 3 p.m. the      were back on a plane         can continue to take the
next day. Even though         heading home.                fight to the enemy when
not everyone from A             This recognition in my     needed as they have in
Coy, 2PPCLI could             opinion truly honoured       the past.
realistically attend, it      the sacrifice of those who
was still good to see a       did not make it back from      Cpl Martin Smith is
number of familiar faces,     TF 3-06. As well, it was a   with 2PPCLI.
such as LCol Wright,
who was A Coy’s Coy
Commander in 2006.
   The ceremony began
with a parade in full
dress uniform, and
included speeches from
MGen Holmes and Col
Lavoie,      Commander
Officer of the 1RCR
Battlegroup          from
August 2006 to February
2007. The speeches
highlighted key points
of    the     deployment
such as the battle of
Panjawaii, and the many
successes and difficulties
experienced throughout
the deployment.
   A reception in the
Warrants and Sergeants
Mess followed, which
allowed for a chance to
recall fun and difficult
times       with     some
members whom some
haven’t heard from or
April 28, 2011                                                                                The Shilo Stag 3

C Coy back from Ex DESERT RAM training in Suffield
By Pte B.R. Poole                                                                    humanitarian aid.
                                                                                       The exercise was not
  On March 14 C Coy,                                                                 all work however, as on
along with the LAV                                                                   March 17 all the Patricias
Squadron of 2PPCLI,                                                                  celebrated Regimental
departed to CFB Suffield                                                              Day      consisting     of
for Ex DESERT RAM                                                                    Broomiloo       and      a
2011.                                                                                barbecue supper. C Coy
  We      were       tasked                                                          represented       2PPCLI
with proving the level                                                               well, going unbeaten
3-5 ranges in order to                                                               and      pretty     much
prepare respective range                                                             unchallenged in Inter-
safety staff for follow on                                                           Coy play. The afternoon
execution of the Mission                                                             saw the privates and
Transition Task Force                                                                corporals defeating the
                                                                                     master corporals and
                                                                                     officers defeating the
                                                                                       Overall, Ex DESERT
                                                                                     RAM 2011 was a great
                              (MTTF) and TF 2-11 live     techniques. In addition,   success for C Coy as we
                              fire.                        8 Platoon was also         accomplished all tasks
                                For many troops it        tasked with proving a      despite    the    muddy
                              was their first time         convoy escort range in     terrain and unfavourable
                              conducting mechanized       which many different       weather conditions.
                              warfare providing plenty    situations had to be
                              of opportunities to learn   dealt with such as IEDs,     Pte B.R. Poole is with C
                              and apply mechanized        mass casualty care and     Coy, 8 Pl, 2PPCLI.

     Not all
     The rumble of
     LAVs, coupled
     with broomiloo
     action, were all
     part of Ex DES-
     ERT RAM train-
     ing at CFB Suf-
     field in Alberta.
       Submitted photos

Base to host
blood donor
clinic May 27
   Give the gift of life at
a special Blood Donor
Clinic on Friday, May 27.
   Sponsored            by
Forbidden Flavours, the
clinic needs 100 donors
and will operate from
11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
inside MPTF (C-106) on
Portsmouth Road.
   Contact Cpl Brad LeBel
at Base Maintenance, ext.
3273 or email bradley.       to
make an appointment.
You can also reach
Canadian Blood Services
directly at its toll-
free number, 1-888-2
4 The Shilo Stag                                                                                                                                                         April 28, 2011

                                                 Letters & Opinions

                 Volume 50 • Issue 8

        Regular Circulation: 3,000

 Delivered by The Shilo Scouts & Girl Guides

            Printed bi-weekly by
       Struth Publishing, Killarney MB

                                                                                                                                                                               Staff photo
                                                                        Water from the turbulent Souris River spills over the Wawanesa Dam and nearby park as river levels continued
                                                                        to rise over the Easter weekend.

General Manager
Managing Editor
                                 Mike McEwan ext. 3073                        Korean War documentary now available
                                                                        Dear Editor,                                              than 1,200 were seriously wounded and another
Asst. Editor                     Sara Cumming ext. 3013                    April marks the 60th anniversary of the Battle of      516 never came home. After the Korean Armistice
Graphic Artist/                  Quinn Roberts ext. 6008                Kapyong — one of the most significant battles fought      Agreement was signed in 1953, the Canadians
 Base Photographer                                                      by Canadians in the Korean War.                           returned home amid little fanfare. There were no
Advertising Rep.                 Brandy O’Donnell                          As a member of the War Amps Operation Legacy, a        bands playing, and no parades. In fact, the Korean
                                                                        group of committed young people who are dedicated         War had very little impact on Canadians, except,
Editorial Advisor                Lori Truscott ext. 3813                to preserving Canada’s military heritage, I would like    of course, those who fought in it or who lost loved
                                                                        to highlight this anniversary.                            ones.
       Fax: 204-765-3814 Email:                               On April 24-25, 1951, the 2nd Battalion of Princess      To mark this anniversary, the War Amps has re-
                 Mailing Address:                                       Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry engaged in the         released its documentary Korea: Canada’s Forgotten
                                                                        Battle of Kapyong. From their stand on Hill 677, the      War to regular and specialty TV channels. Part of the
                Box 5000, Stn Main                                      Patricias managed to hold their positions and re-open     War Amps Military Heritage Series, it is also available
          CFB Shilo, Manitoba, R0K 2A0                                  the supply route despite tremendous odds and bitter       at a cost-recovery price of $12 by calling 1-800-250-
                                                                        fighting. The Canadian action at Kapyong stopped          3030 or by visiting
                                                                        the Chinese advance in this sector of the front for                                                    Sincerely,
                                                                        the rest of the war and earned the battalion the US                                               Olivia Auriat,
 This newspaper is issued by authority of LCol Luc Généreux,            Presidential Citation for valour.                                                  Operation Legacy Member,
 Base Commander, CFB Shilo. The views expressed herein are                 Canada sent 26,791 soldiers to battle in Korea. More                                                 Brandon
 not necessarily those of the Department of National Defence
 or of the Editorial Staff. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to

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 edit, to abridge, to reject copy or advertising to adhere to the
 policy, as outlined in CFAO 57-5, and for clarity and/or con-

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 Deadline for submissions is the Thursday prior to the
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 • Include the author’s full name, rank, unit and contact informa-
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 • Include photos with your articles whenever possible,                   Royal Cdn Legion #3                  All Messes
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 scanned - 300 dpi), digital images or in hard copy for-
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 mat.                                                                       • 3409 Victoria Ave                East Side Service
 • With photos, include a caption that names the in-                      Forbidden Flavours                   Carberry Legion
 dividuals in the photo; what is taking place; and the
 name, rank, and unit of the photographer.
                                                                            • 1060 18th Street
                                                                          ANAF - 31 14th St.                   Douglas
                                                                                                               General Store
April 28, 2011                                                                                                                                         The Shilo Stag 5

Know the facts when it comes to conflict resolution
By Brandi Ives                                                                      domestic violence, road      a better understanding       the parties retain the
                                                                                    rage). (Health Canada,       of each other’s point        option of reverting to
   Conflict    is   found                                                            Best Advice on Stress        of view, the parties can     the relevant rights-based
everywhere — home,                                                                  Risk Management in           work together to find         process. In addition to
work, recreation, etc.                                                              the Workplace, 2000, pp      mutually        agreeable    intervention services the
It is neutral; neither                                                              15-16).                      solutions.                   DRC also offers briefings
good nor bad, but it is                                                                                            The             Dispute    and training.
infectious and quickly                                                              Preferred approach           Resolution Centre (DRC)        There is a Dispute
spreads to others. It is                                                               In November 2008,         facilitatesADR processes     Resolution          Office
contentious, it disrupts                                                            the Chief of Military        that help parties design     (DRO) in Shilo located
normal activity and                                                                 Personnel introduced         their own solutions.         in Building L142, Room
escalates, getting worse                                                            the ‘ADR First’ Initiative   By      resolving    their   A202, however currently
if ignored. Conflict is                                                              which directed that ADR      conflicts constructively,     that position is vacant.
inevitable as people will                                                           “should be the automatic     the parties have the         As a result, services to
always have differences                                                             approach in situations       opportunity to rebuild       CFB Shilo are provided
and it is a natural part                                                            of conflict, dispute          trust and restore their      through our Centre in
of life. It is neither                                                              and       disagreement.”     working relationship.        Winnipeg and we are
inherently good nor bad      A Conflict Management Practitioner can help when        Alternative      Dispute     The       DRC      works     available on an on-call
… it simply is. As such      resolving conflict in the workplace.                    Resolution         (ADR)     alongside rights-based       basis. The single point
it can be both a danger                                           Submitted photo   is     recognized      for   processes,     such     as   of contact is Brandi Ives
and an opportunity.                                                                 helping create durable       harassment complaints        at 257-5644.
How we react and             the amount of damage      Policy         Research      and positive results.        and grievances. ADR            For more information
respond to conflict can       and theft of inventory    Network, 2000).              One      advantage      of   can be considered at         visit our DIN site at:
be either productive or      and equipment. And,         Conflict is a good          this approach is its         any stage in a conflict,      www.cmp-cpm.forces.
destructive.                 covert    sabotage  of    example of how harm          ability to deal with         even if another process
                             work processes and of     can be produced in           the underlying issues        has      already     been
Costs of mismanaged          management’s efforts      the workplace and of         as well as the needs         initiated. However, if         Brandi Ives is a Conflict
workplace conflict            usually occurs when       how this harm ‘spills        and interests of all the     the conflict cannot be        Management Practitioner
  •      Stress/Health       employees are angry at    over’ into families and      parties. By focusing on      resolved through ADR,        at CFB Winnipeg.
costs,                       their employer. (Dana,    communities. Such harm
  •      Loss         of     Dan, [online] The Dana    includes both inner-
productivity/Reduced         Measure of Financial      directed harm (suicidal
decision quality,            Cost of Organizational    behavior, recklessness,
  •      Absenteeism,        Conflict, 2001).           agitated     depression
  •      E m p l o y e e                               and abuse of alcohol,
turnover,                    Costs to the individual   drugs)    and     outer-
  •      Development of        Canadian      workers   directed    expressions
opposing camps,              ranked respect at 73      (threatening behaviour,
  •      Reputation,         percent as the most       emotional       and/or
  •      Degradation of      important aspect of job   verbal abuse, bullying,
Relationships/Loss of        satisfaction (Canadian    harassment,     assault,
trust, and
  •      Sabotage/
Theft/Damage (to both
work processes and

Costs to organization
  Employees           who
perceive       themselves
to be bullied waste
52 percent of their
work time defending,
avoiding and venting to
others (Safety Council of
Canada, 2002)
  Large organizations
statistically have about
10 percent of their
employees involved in
workplace conflicts each
year costing as much as
five percent of their total
payroll (Organizational
Dynamics, 2000).
  Absenteeism         due
to workplace conflict
costs Canadian firms
over $3 billion per
year (Canadian Policy
Research         Network,
  Chronic unresolved
conflict acts as a decisive
factor in at least 50
percent of departures.
Conflict accounts for
up to 90 percent of
involuntary departures.
(Dana, Dan, [online]
The      Dana    Measure
of Financial Cost of
Organizational Conflict,
  Studies      reveal    a
direct         correlation
between prevalence of
employee conflict and
6 The Shilo Stag                                        April 28, 2011

Base thanks its many volunteers at appreciation brunch
By Staff                                     says. “There are plenty of
Shilo Stag                                   opportunities if you have
                                             a special skill or trade.”
  Dozens of volunteers                         Lt Col Genéréux went
were honoured April                          on to state there is a wide
16     as    CFB     Shilo                   range of opportunities
leadership paid tribute                      for volunteers here in
to an extremely valuable                     Shilo.
resource.                                      “Volunteers          have
  Held at the Sgt and                        the freedom to find
WO Mess, the Volunteer                       something that fits their
Appreciation       Brunch                    needs. They have the
featured a meal and a                        freedom to choose.”
magic show. BComd Luc                          Among the attributes
Genéréux was one of                          someone can gain from
many there to show his                       volunteering, Lt Col
appreciation.                                Genéréux listed seven
  “Bases such as Shilo                       benefits including:
rely heavily on volunteers                     •      enhancing        or
and donations in order                       developing new skills,
to run effectively,” he                        •gaining       ‘hands-on’
                                             work experience,
                                               • finding new talents,
                                               • meeting new people,
                                               • learning new things,
                                               • discovering more
                                             about yourself, and
                                               • developing critical
                                               “When you volunteer
                                             you get the opportunity to
                                             look at your community
                                             through a new angle that
                                             allows you to critically
                                             assess some of your past
                                             ideas and views about
                                             your community and
                                             yourself,” the BComd

                                                   See THANKS page 7

   In the photo at top,
   BComd Luc Gé-
   néreux poses with
   Shilo Community
   Council members
   and others, while in
   the second picture,
   PSP Manager Mike
   McEwan stands in
   with area service
   clubs. In the bottom
   photo, BComd Gé-
   néreux and MFRC
   Executive Direc-
   tor Willemien van
   Lankvelt      accept
   a $3,000 cheque
   from SISIP’s Deb-
   bie Hoddinott.
             Staff photos
April 28, 2011                                                                              The Shilo Stag 7

Boissevain poster                                              THANKS
                                                               From page 6

designer among                                                   “Thank you again
                                                               for your support, your
                                                               time and dedication

Legionʼs national                                              toward CFB Shilo,
                                                               toward our serving
                                                               members and their

award winners
                                                               families,” he adds.
                                                                 PSP Manager Mike
                                                               McEwan notes that
                                                               without volunteers, the
By Bob Butt                   White Poster, Colleen            entire Base community
                              Hallett, Boissevain, MB,         just wouldn’t work.
  The Royal Canadian            •     Junior      Poetry,        “Shilo is a much
Legion has announced          Madeleine      Crawford,         better place because
winners in its Poster and     Cornwall, PE,                    of you. This event is
Literary Contests.              • Junior Essay, Bruce          just a small way in
  Held      each      year,   Marpole, Banff, AB,              which we can show
students of all ages            • Primary Colour               our appreciation of
from across the nation        Poster, Madison Bolyea,          you,” McEwan told
participate in the Poster     Shanty Bay, ON, and              the audience.
and Literary Contests           • Primary Black and
to foster the tradition of    White Poster, Terrence
Remembrance amongst           Hill, Clairmount, AB.
Canadians. This year            Winning           entries
there were over 100,000       in all categories will
entries.                      be displayed at the
  The posters (colour         Canadian War Museum
and black and white),         from June 2011 to May
along      with      poetry   2012. Second place and
and essay entries are         honourable        mention
initially judged at the       entries in all categories
local branches of the         will be displayed in the
Legion and then at the        Parliament      Buildings
Provincial      Command       during the Remembrance
level. These winning          period in November
entries are submitted to      2011.
Dominion        Command         The Senior Category
for final judging at the       winners will come to
national level.               Ottawa      during      the
  The Poster Contest is       Remembrance Week and
held at four levels: Senior   place a wreath at the
Grades 10, 11 and 12),        National Remembrance
Intermediate (Grades 7,       Day Ceremony as part
8 and 9), Junior (Grades      of the Vice-Regal Group
4, 5 and 6) and Primary       and on behalf of the
(Grades Kindergarten,         Youth of Canada. While
1, 2 and 3). The Literary     in Ottawa they will meet
Contest does not have a       the Governor General,            In the photo at top,
primary level. All entries    Prime      Minister,    the      MFRC volunteers
received at the national      Memorial (Silver) Cross          are      recognized
level are judged by a         Mother and the Chief             while underneath,
panel of experts in those     of the Defence Staff and         volunteers with the
fields.                        participate in a number          RCA Museum are
  National winners this       of events set up for them        thanked by museum
year are:                     during that week.                Curator    Kathleen
  • Senior Colour Poster,                                      Christensen,    left,
Atalanta Shi, Burnaby,          Bob Butt is Director of        and Director Marc
BC,                           Communications for the           George on the right.
  • Senior Black and          Royal Canadian Legion in                   Staff photos
White      Poster,     Tim    Ottawa.
MacDonald, Malagash,
  • Senior Poetry, Laura                   stin
                                    l Li
Howells, St. John’s, NL,       Ru
  • Senior Essay, Katelyn
Major, St. Brieux, SK,
  • Intermediate Colour
Poster, Mu Qing Kuang,
Surrey, BC,
  • Intermediate Black
and White Poster, Iris
Shen, Markham, ON,
  •          Intermediate
Poetry, Madison Boon,                              Bev Powell 729-3554
Maryfield, SK,                                     MLS# 1100364
  • Intermediate Essay,
Katrina Laing, Unity, SK.
  • Junior Colour Poster,
Kelaiah Guiel, Bailieboro,
  • Junior Black and

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   advertisers you
   saw their ad in
      the Stag!
8 The Shilo Stag                                                                                                    April 28, 2011

Everything that slithers and more counted near Wawanesa
By Bill Stilwell                                                           By massing a large group      and animal species are
                                                                           of volunteers the task was    added to a national data
  Volunteers          are                                                  completed quickly, thus       base that will assist NCC
the backbone of all                                                        providing a snapshot          and other organizations
successful conservation                                                    of wildlife and plants        in future conservation
agencies and the Nature                                                    present at this important     and           stewardship
Conservancy of Canada                                                      habitat location.             programming.”
(NCC) is a good example,                                                     “Conservation of our           The group consisted of
as demonstrated during                                                     natural areas cannot be       volunteers from NCC’s
a Conservation Volunteer                                                   accomplished       alone,”    Scientific        Advisory
(CV) event held at the                                                     Shaluk adds. “NCC             Committee,        Brandon
Yellow Quill Prairie                                                       has been working with         University,       Brandon
Preserve.                                                                  many partners to achieve      Naturalist Society, Nature
  “They counted and                                                        common       goals     and    Manitoba and people
identified      everything                                                  protect the most critical     living in the surrounding
that slithered, hopped,                                                    habitat.”                     community.
burrowed,      flew     or                                                    “Some        of       the      This is not the only
flowered,” says Cathy                                                       outstanding sightings at      CV Event carried by the
Shaluk, Communications                                                     the YQPP included the         NCC. The CV program
and             Outreach                                                   endangered Prairie Skink,     engages       people     in
Coordinator for the                                                        Manitoba’s only lizard,       conserving biodiversity,
Manitoba Region of the                                                     a nationally threatened       while            providing
Nature Conservancy of                                                      bird, Sprague’s Pipit and     a     meaningful       and
Canada.                                                                    a number of provincially      educational experience
  During a six-hour                                                        uncommon           species    in ecologically significant
‘blitz’ event, volunteers                                                  such as the Smooth            natural areas, according
took inventory of all the                                                  Green Snake and the           to Shaluk. Types of CV
                            Gabe Krawec gets
wildlife and plants at                                                     elusive Hognose Snake,”       events include: habitat
                            a close look at this
the Yellow Quill Prairie                                                   informs Shaluk. “All of
                            Prairie Skink.
Preserve (YQPP) located                            Photo by Cathy Shaluk   the sightings of plant             See NATURE page 9
northeast of Wawanesa.
April 28, 2011                                                                                                                                                      The Shilo Stag 9

From page 8                                                                                          This Hognose Snake
restoration,           tree
planting, seed collection,
                                                                                                       was spotted during
                                                                                                   the Yellow Quill Prairie
                                                                                                   Preserve nature count.
                                                                                                                                     You could be
fencing, trail building,
inventories            and
monitoring birds, plants,
                                                                                                                                   part of the next
insects and many other
activities. If becoming a
Conservation Volunteer
                                                                                                                                   big nature count
appeals to you, then a                                                                                                             Become a force for nature as the Nature Con-
fulfilling      opportunity                                                                                                       servancy of Canada (NCC) invites you sign
awaits. Volunteers are                                                                                                           up for one of over 50 Conservation Volunteers
needed for the upcoming                                                                                                          events and have an adventure in conservation.
field season for events                                                                                                             Across Canada, NCC’s Conservation Volun-
ranging from invasive                                                                                                            teers program is working to protect Canada’s
weed pulls to property                                                                                                           natural areas. This unique program takes Cana-
clean-ups to rare plant                                                                                                          dians outdoors to experience the beauty of na-
surveys.                                                                                                                         ture while working to protect and care for some
   NCC’s YQPP is located                                                                                                         of our most precious wildlife and natural areas.
20 kilometres southeast                                                                                                            The program gives people of all ages the op-
of Brandon and two                                                                                                               portunity to volunteer while learning new skills,
kilometres north of the                                                                                                          exploring unique places, and observing rare spe-
junction of the Souris                                                                                                           cies in the wild. With events planned right across
and Assiniboine Rivers.                                                                                                          the country, there will be something for every-
It abuts the western                                                                                                             one.
boundary of CFB Shilo                                                                                                              Whether helping to provide a safe haven for
training grounds and                                                                                                             endangered species, removing invasive species
is immediately north of                                                                                                          that choke out native plants in many regions , or
the Assiniboine Corridor                                                                                                         planting trees, shrubs and bulbs, Conservation
Wildlife     Management                                                                                                          Volunteers play a vital role in NCC’s mission to
Area.                                                                                                                            protect the pristine natural areas. Without vol-
   The              Nature                                                                                                       unteers, NCC could not achieve its conservation
Conservancy              of                                                                              Photo by Cathy Shaluk
Canada is Canada’s                                                                                                                 Register now for this year’s Conservation Vol-
leading            national   allows         landowners         of land ownership.                 NCC website at www.           unteers events during National Volunteer Week
land          conservation    to            permanently           If you would like to            and become a Force for Nature!
organization,          and    protect      habitat    for       become a Conservation              mb.                             For more information on events taking place
is dedicated to the           future generations by             Volunteer, protect your                                          in your area visit www.conservationvolunteers.
preservation of areas of      voluntarily limiting or           land with a Conservation             Bill Stilwell is with the   ca
ecological significance,       restricting the type and          Agreement or participate           Nature Conservancy of
and to the long-term          amount of development             in any of the Nature               Canada.
stewardship of the living     that may take place               Conservancy of Canada
natural       communities     on their lands. The               programs, please call
that inhabit them.            landowner continues to            the Manitoba Region’s
   “By           protecting   hold title to the land and        toll-free number: 1-866-
irreplaceable habitat and     enjoy the other benefits           683-6934 or visit the
the plants and animals
that it supports, we
can ensure that future
generations      will    be
                              Clerk/Cashier – Temporary Full Time. Under the direction of
able to enjoy its natural     the SuperMart Supervisor, the Clerk/Cashier scans customer
beauty,” informs Ursula
Goeres,          Manitoba
                              purchases, tabulates bill using cash register and accepts payment.
Regional Vice President.      He/She gives change and issues receipts and places merchandise
   Since 1962, NCC and its    in bags or boxes. He/She stocks shelves, counters and display
partners have conserved       areas. e anticipated term is June 1 - August 28, 2011. Salary:
more      than      800,000   $10.25/hr - $11.84/hr. For more information or to apply, visit
hectares      (2    million   our website at or send your con dential résumé
acres) of ecologically        by 15 May 2011, to: CFPFSS, NPF Human Resources, Box 5000
significant habitat. Their     Stn Forces, CFB Shilo, MB R0K 2A0, by fax to(204) 765-3815,
efforts are concentrated      or by e-mail to
on the most critical
habitat throughout the
   Three of these areas are
located in southwestern
Manitoba         including
the West Souris Mixed-
grass Prairie, Souris
River Valley Grassland
and Oak Lake Sandhills
and      Wetlands.     The
Nature Conservancy of
Canada has identified
conservation actions that
will take place on these
threatened habitats.
   In part, the Nature
Conservancy of Canada
achieves its goals by
accepting donations and
purchasing lands where
rare and endangered
plants and animals are
found. An example
of its land holdings
is the YQPP. Another
method they use is the
Conservation Easement
agreement. This tool
10 The Shilo Stag                                                                                                                                                                                  April 28, 2011

• Wawanesa’s 2nd Annual Antiques & Collectibles Flea Mar-               of Kapyong on April 28. The second is in honour of the Canadian         lic! All equipment needed is available at the front desk to sign
ket May 15 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Hosted by The Curling Clubs            Military Engineers birthday on April 29. Our temporary Manitoba         out. Children 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult. For
of Wawanesa. Location: Wawanesa Rink, 422 Commercial St.                Gallery exhibition runs until Sept. 5.                                  more info, call 765-3000 ext 3899.
166 tables indoors & out. Fun for everyone including 50/50 draw
and Silent Auction. Canteen will have lunch for sale: Hamburg-          • #60 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corp Swiftsure is enrolling              • PSP Online Did you know that you can now register for Com-
ers, sandwiches & lots of homemade pies & desserts. Admission:          youth ages 12 to 18 in the Sea Cadet program Learn Marksman-            munity Recreation and Fitness Programs online, right from your
$2.50 - 12 and under free. See you at the rink!                         ship, Seamanship, Sailing and more at little or no cost. Parades        own home? All you need to do is call the Recreation Office at
                                                                        are at the Brandon Armoury 1116 Victoria Ave. Brandon on Mon-           765-3000 ext 3588/3317 to receive a username and password by
• 2011 Census - Important notice to all residents of Canada.            day evenings. For more information contact the Ships Office at          email. To find out what programs are being offered, visit www.
Canada’s next census will be held in May 2011. Early in May,            728-3168 or Commanding Officer Lt (N) Evelyn Gaboury at 761-  
yellow census packages will be delivered to every dwelling in           5623.
Canada, providing residents the information they need to com-                                                                                   • Shilo Community Library hours are Mondays, 6-8:30 p.m.;
plete the census online or on paper. Completed questionnaires will      • Shotokan Karate classes Tuesday 6:30-7:30 p.m. at GSH be-             Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 1-4 p.m., and
provide valuable information that will be used to make decisions        ginning April 5. Three free classes for all beginners. Come and         6-8:30 p.m. Story Time is Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.
about your neighbourhood and community. Census information              try it out!
is important for all communities and is vital for planning services
such as schools, daycare, police services and fire protection. For      • Brandon Regional Health Centre Auxiliary is looking for
more information about the 2011 Census, visit www.census2011.           volunteers. The Brandon and area community benefits from the                                                                  efforts of the Auxiliary. If you are interested in being part of this                 May Fitness Sessions
                                                                        volunteer organization and would like more information or have
• CFB Shilo Gun Club Attention all members and those inter-             questions, please phone BRHC Volunteer Services at 578-2065.                              CSOR TRAINING CAMP
ested in becoming a member. We will be holding our Spring 2011                                                                                                  (Open to all Military Members)
meeting on Sunday, May 15 at 3 p.m. at the WO’s & Sgt’s Mess.           • Visit Daly House Museum at 122-18th Street, Brandon. The                                 Every Wednesday in April
On the agenda will be new memberships, schedules, purchases,            house was built by the first mayor or Brandon, Thomas Mayne                                 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                            Gym C
and the upcoming courses to include the Black Badge Course.             Daly. Your family can step back over 150 years to experience the
                                                                                                                                                    Registration: Contact Amy Coveney, 765-3000 ext 3652
Membership fees are $10 per year. All members should be in at-          strict rules of a Victorian time. Visit Mutters General Store, or
tendance to get the information about the courses and to vote on        discover the origins of the city of Brandon. Our hours are 10 a.m.                             PRACTICE TESTS
all other news. If you have any questions about the club, come          - noon and 1-5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.                                                 (Open to all Military Members)
down to the meeting as it is always informative, or you can con-                                                                                         Please register by 10 a.m. one day prior to test.
tact the President, Sgt M.M. McKay at local 6318 or the Vice            • Shilo Al-Anon, Family Groups (for family and friends of alco-                    Contact Amy Coveney, 765-3000 ext 3652
President WO S. Hoddinott at local 6215.                                holics) Every Thursday 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Shilo Church. For                                        CSOR
                                                                        more information call 724-9222. CONFIDENTIAL                                                     Tuesday, May 3
• Royal Canadian Legion Annual Decoration Day and Me-                                                                                                                     10 a.m. - noon
morial Service Sunday, June 5. Parade Formation: 18th Street            • Sprucewoods and Area Lions Club meets every second and                                             Gym C
South (Canadian Tire parking lot) at 2:30 p.m. Memorial Service:        fourth Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Sprucewoods Community Club                                        EXPRES
Cenotaph at 3 p.m. Please bring your lawn chairs. For inquiries         Hall. Membership Chair: Lion Gerald Rubenuik, 763-4318.                                        Wednesday, May 25
call 728-5026.                                                                                                                                                            8:30-9:30 a.m.
                                                                        • The Wii Fitness Room at the GSH is now open to the pub-                                            Gym C
• 26 Fd Regt RCA/XII Manitoba Dragoons Museum The tiny
                                                                                                                                                                    FITNESS WORKSHOP
Reservist Museum with the really long name would like to invite
you to come visit us at the Brandon Armoury 1116 Victoria Ave.,                                 BINGO                                               (Open to Military Members, DND & Civilian Employees
                                                                                                                                                                    and GSH Card Holders)
Brandon, on Tuesdays from 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. Admission                       Sprucewoods Community Hall
is free. Come check out our “on loan” Order of Canada medal as                          every Thursday evening                                                         Tuesday, May 10
                                                                                    • Share The Wealth at 6:30 p.m.                                                     Noon - 1 p.m.
well as thousands of other military artefacts. For more informa-
                                                                                         • Early Birds at 7 p.m.                                                            Gym B
tion, please call us at 728-2559 ext. 238.                                                                                                             Registration Deadline: Monday, May 9 at 10 a.m.
                                                                                              $Win Cash$                                                   Contact Janelle Boyd, 765-3000 ext 3899
• The RCA Museum is open with free admission two days in                                 $1,000 in 52 numbers
April. The first is in honour of the 60th Anniversary of the Battle                          Canteen open!

                                                                                                                                                              $10 for first 20 words,
                                                                                                                                                           10¢ for each additional word
                                                                                                                                                             Deadline for next issue:
                                                                                                                                                                 May 5, 12:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                                      Free ads (non-commercial only)
                                                                                                                                                                         restricted to members of the
                                                                                                                                                                     CF, employees of CFB Shilo and the
                    Email: • Phone 765-3000, ext 3013 • Fax 765-3814                                                                                     citizens of the surrounding area.

         Services                           Services                             For Sale                            For Sale                            For Sale                              For Sale
Greg Steele, Canadian Fire-        NEED YOUR TAXES FILED?               WAWANESA - Lakefront                WAWANESA - *1560 sqft,              WAWANESA - Charming 3               WAWANESA - The perfect
arms Safety Course Instructor/     Fast, friendly, and personal ser-    home on 1/2 acre with private       3 bdrms, single garage, 50          bedroom, 1400 sq. ft. character     place to call home. Beautiful
Examiner • Restricted and Non-     vice. REVENUE CANADA                 beach at Noble Lake, just min-      x 120 lot - $134,900. *1260         home with single attached ga-       raised bungalow with 6 bed-
Restricted • Manitoba Hunter       approved E-FILE. For all your        utes from Wawanesa. 1152 sq.        sqft, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 50 x        rage on 5 well treed lots. Orig-    rooms, 3 baths built in 2010
Safety Instructor. Courses Held    income tax and bookkeeping           ft. 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, open       120 lot - $148,900. *1363 sqft,     inal stained glass windows &        with geo-thermal heating sys-
Regularly • Examinations by        needs, contact Ingrid Wasser-        concept with wood stove in          3 + 2 bdrms, 2 baths, double        hardwood floors in dining &         tem. Spacious open concept
Appointment • 204-725-1608         berg at 763-4357. OPEN ALL           living room. Scenic view of         attached garage, 95 x 99 lot        living rooms. Open concept          kitchen & dining room with
• Email:         YEAR.                                lake from the sunroom or hot        - $259,900. *6,000 sqft Com-        with remodeled kitchen, bath-       french doors leading to deck.
May 13, 14 & 15 and June 10,                                            tub on large deck. Large over-      mercial Building, approx 3,000      rooms, utility & sitting rooms      Master bedroom has walk in
11 & 12 in Brandon - Hunter                   Found                     sized heated garage with lots       sqft heated, 150 x 180 lot, al-     with wood stove & garden            closet with 4pc ensuite. Large
Safety, CFSC, & CRFSC. Eli-        One men’s leather jacket at          of storage. For more info call      lows for residential dwelling       doors to large deck. For more       DBL garage with insulated
gible students may write one or    L-25 after Winterfest dance.         Bob Daymond (204) 571-5918          on property - $149,000. Call        info call Bob Daymond (204-         walls. Easy commute to Shilo
both exams. Call or email for      Call Mike McEwan @ 765-              Sutton-Harrison Realty.             Kathy McLean Century 21             571-5918)      Sutton-Harrison      or Brandon. Call Bob Day-
training calendar.                 3000 ext 3073.                                                  (204) 824-2651          Realty.                             mond (204) 571-5918 Sutton-
                                                                          Acreage For Sale                  to view.                                                                Harrison Realty or email bday-
Nad’s Simply Clean For all         Tree stand. Must know loca-                                                                                                             for more
of your cleaning needs weekly,     tion. Call 728-2995.                 BRANDON - 14 miles south
                                                                        east, 17 acres with 4 bedroom,                                                                              info. MLS #1105671
bi-weekly, and monthly. Also                                                                                                                                 Visit
available for offices, contract    Out of Town Home                     2 bath home. double garage,
                                                                        shop, large barn, 2 good imple-       Got a story idea?                  The RCA Museum
cleanup and single occasions.
Receipts provided. 573-1509.
                                   DUNREA - 1,540 square feet           ment sheds all in good condi-                                                                                  Advertise with us!
                                   bungalow on 1 acre - double de-
                                   tached garage, small barn - newer
                                                                        tion and priced realistically.
                                                                        Call Dave Mooney, Country-
                                                                                                                Write to us!           
                                                                                                                                                  or call 765-3000
                                   furniture and appliances optional.
                                   Owner moved. Asking $140,000.
                                                                        land Realty, 824-2094 or email
                                                                                                ext 3570
                                   Dave Mooney, 824-2094 cell
                                   724-6484 Countryland Realty.
                                                                                                                                                                                            to place an ad
April 28, 2011                                                                                                                                                 The Shilo Stag 11

Retreat is an overwhelming success
By Willemien van             weekend.                      could attend all sessions.      Throughout the week-
Lankvelt                        Several workshops, in-     Those ladies did an in-      end we could visibly see
                             cluding “discipline and       credible job. The location   the families relax and en-
  Thirty-seven       Shilo
based soldiers and their
                             stress”, “couples mas-
                             sage”, “making marriage
                                                           was ideal for childcare as
                                                           each age group had their
                                                                                        joy themselves.
                                                                                           Thanks to a generous
                                                                                                                            7th Annual Career Fair
families attended a week-    work”, “10 simple ways        own chalet complete with     donation from ARC Re-                     Thursday, May 12, 2011
end getaway at Elkhorn       to wellness”, “Soul to        bedrooms,      bathrooms     sources in Calgary and                           3 – 7 p.m.
Resort & Spa the weekend     Sole (footmassage and re-     and kitchen.                 surplus       accumulated
of March 25 – 27 organized   flexology)” and “stress is       The        motivational   over the years, the fami-                 Shilo Community Centre
by the Shilo MFRC.           optional; using humor for     speaker, Rob McIntyre,       lies didn’t have to pay for
  The weekend was in-        healing” were presented       started things off on Fri-   anything.
tended as a fun way for      throughout the weekend.       day night by focusing on        Based on this year’s                      This is an event for adults
members to reconnect            Attendance at the work-    communication and rela-      success, we would like                     who are developing education
with their families af-      shops was mandatory,          tionships using the first    to host another retreat
ter being separated due      which was easy to accom-      nine principles of “How      in the future depending
                                                                                                                                      plans, actively seeking
to training and deploy-      plish as they were all very   to Win Friends and Influ-    on available financial re-                    employment and have
ments, whether domestic      relaxed and fun and all       ence People” by Dale Car-    sources.                                questions about the Shilo and area
or overseas. It was an op-   parents knew their kids       negie.                          The Shilo MFRC would
portunity to be a regular    were in safe hands being         After that the group      like to thank ARC Re-                    labour market including Brandon.
family, have some fun and    entertained with a num-       was entertained by a lo-     sources, the Elkhorn Re-
get some tools on how        ber of activities like hay    cal band and on Satur-       sort & Spa and all Shilo                Please contact Christine
to deal with some of the     rides, snowshoeing, skat-     day night special guests     MFRC staff for making                   at 765-3000 ext 3227 or
stressors that may be re-    ing, geocacheing, crafts,     Big Daddy Taz and John       this weekend possible.     for more
lated to separation.         movies, and treasure          Ljungberg provided a few                                              information about the
  A total of approximate-    hunts. A total of 15 child-   hours of laughter with         Willie van Lankvelt is the
ly 150 people, including     care staff worked 12-hour     their stand-up comedy        Executive Director of the                     Career Fair
children, attended the       days to ensure parents        shows.                       Shilo MFRC.

Disney World a blast
By Linda                     BEST DAY EVER!” Bran-
                             don said, “It was so much
                                                            Upcoming events at the MFRC
Beauchemin                                                   Date                 Program                   Time                Cost                 Registration
                             fun and was so much bet-                                                                                                deadline
   The sky over Winnipeg
was filled with excite-
                             ter then I imagined.” He
                             was amazed how big the
                                                           Special Events
ment on April 6. This Air    park was and, “you have       May 18               Kite Festival             4-6pm               FREE Hot Dog, drink No registration
Canada flight was car-       to see it to believe it.”                                                                        and chips for $2
rying 136 children who         Lilianne asks us (par-      Adult
had the amazing oppor-       ents) every five min-
tunity of spending a day     utes, “Can we sell all our    May 10               Zero to BBQ Hero          6-8:30pm            $15 includes sam- Register by noon on Friday,
at Walt Disney World in      stuff and buy a condo in                                                                         ples              May 6
                                                           May 18               Learn to Quilt            1-4pm               FREE              Register by noon on Friday,
Orlando, Florida.            Florida?” She said she                                                                                             May 6
   Dreams Take Flight,       got wet at Splash Moun-
the national volunteer       tain. When asked if she       Deployment
charitable organization      looked like she peed her
dedicated to providing       pants she said, “Are you         May 7             Mother’s Day Activity     3-6:30pm              FREE for deployed Register by noon    on Wednes-
the trip of a lifetime to    kidding me, I looked like                                                                                            day, May 4
deserving children was       I peed my whole self, I          May 12            Deployment Wii-B-Gam- 4:30-5:45pm               FREE for deployed Register by noon    on Wednes-
behind this endeavour.       was soaked.”                                       ing                                                               day, May 11
                                                              May 14            Children’s Deployment Af- 1-4pm                 FREE for deployed Register by noon    on Wednes-
This is the second year        Adam’s favorite was                              ternoon                                                           day, May 11
that Shilo has had the       Splash Mountain which            May 14            Deployment Childcare      1-4pm                 FREE for deployed Register by noon    on Wednes-
privilege to send chil-      was at the top of the list                                                                                           day, May 11
dren. There were 10          for many of the children.        May 16            Spring into Summer        6:30-9pm              $10 for deployed Register by noon     on Wednes-
lucky military children      Other favorites were                                                                             and $25 for non- day, May 11
onboard that plane, six      Thunder          Mountain,                                                                       deployed
of whom were from            Mad Hatter Tea Party &
Shilo.                       Castle, Tea Cups, Prin-
   I could try and explain   cess Castle, and “Dis-        Looking for a parent free zone? Drop in to the Teen Centre for Video games, TV, fooseball, high speed internet, musical
what this meant to the       ney World. Oh and did I       instruments and much more! Special activities planned throughout the month
children, but instead        mention Disney World!”        Hours of Operation are:
I’ll let them tell you the     When seeing the look          Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: Tweens (12-14yrs) 6-8pm and Teens (14-17yrs) 8-10pm
story.                       on the children’s faces as      Fridays: Tweens & Teens 6-10pm
   Emily told her mom,       they came down the es-
“You should have went        calators at the Winnipeg
because it was totally       International Airport it       School Age
mind blowing.”               was very apparent that,
   “I had a dream come       although they were ex-           May 7             Mom’s Spaghetti Dinner 3-6:30pm                $10 per family       Register by noon on Wednes-
true!”, “I went to Disney    hausted, “dreams really                                                                                                day, May 4
World. I always wanted       did take flight”.                May 4 & 11        Keen Kids                  5-6pm               $1 drop in           No registration
to go and that was my          Thanks to all the Spon-
dream come true”             sors and Volunteers of           May 4 & 11        Kool Kids                  6-7pm               $1 drop in           No registration
   Madelaine loved Dis-      “Dreams Take Flight”             May 4 & 11        Kooler Kids                7:30-9pm            $1 drop in           No registration
ney so much she said,        for making these kids’
                                                              May 12 & 19       Babysitting Course         6-9pm               $20                  Register by noon on Monday,
“I asked the Orlando         dreams come true.                                                                                                      May 9
bus driver to hide me in       Linda Beauchemin is
with the wheelchairs so I
could stay there.”
                             the Deployment & Special
                             Events Coordinator at the
   Natalie just keeps on     Shilo Military Family Re-        May 3 & 10        Tumbleweeds                9:30-11:30am        $1.00 drop in        No registration
saying “That was the         source Centre.

12 The Shilo Stag                                                     April 28, 2011

Snow doesn’t slow down these troops who are part of the Primary Leadership
Qualification course held earlier this year at CFB Shilo.
                                                                       Submitted photo

Special challenges with
winter leadership training
By MCpl                       difficulties, particularly     arisen. These difficulties
                              where each of us has          have been mitigated
Jennifer Coutts               a unique personality          by our DS’ willingness
                              and an extraordinary          to fill in at a moment’s
   We arrived from diverse    amount of issued winter       notice. Though some of
units across Western          clothing to store. In         the material mandated
Canada at the end of          true military fashion,        by the training plan
January,        wondering     however, we attempt to        may be unfamiliar,
why we had agreed             make our living space as      we recognize that our
to come. The Primary          comfortable as possible       instructors consistently
Leadership Qualification       while conforming to the       strive to provide us with
(PLQ) course — essential      standards set for our         meaningful education.
to Junior Leaders in          frequent inspections by         An unofficial motto for
the CF — is held at           our directing staff (DS).     the course has become
several military bases           A good deal of the         ‘Chimo’, an Inuit origin
throughout the year. On       PLQ is common to most         greeting used by the
Jan. 31, we 28 candidates     trades, while some of it is   CF Engineering branch.
began our experience          specific to certain trades     Perhaps an even more
with PLQ Serial 0291 in a     or roles. For example we      appropriate        motto,
Shilo winter.                 must all understand the       however,     might     be
   Most of us have been on    principles of leadership      ‘Ubique’, the Latin term
at least one overseas tour,   and how to apply them         used by the Engineering
and have experienced          in our everyday duties.       branch          meaning
hardship and discomfort.      In contrast, few of us        everywhere.
Many of us have already       will be required to lead        As we head into
been      employed       in   a section attack in real      the final phase of our
leadership roles, and are     life, following the seven     training — two weeks
completing this course        prescribed battle drills to   in the field — we aspire
more as a formality than      a tee.                        to fulfill the role of
as a stepping stone to the       Sometimes — as with        future leaders of the CF;
Master Corporal rank.         taking a particularly         we will be competent,
To each candidate, this       difficult winter session       capable leaders who
course has represented        of a course like this — the   have helped each other
different challenges and      military figure of speech      achieve the standards
motivations.                  “adapt, improvise and         set for us both by others
   A central challenge        overcome” becomes a           and for ourselves. We
for all has been dealing      necessity.                    wish the best of luck
with the bitter Manitoba         We do not doubt            to each other and our
winter. Nearly every          that the course also          instructors in our future
day, we march or run          presents obstacles to our     endeavors.
to meet our timings,          instructors. Scheduling
faces stinging and feet       conflicts, both with             MCpl Jennifer Coutts is
slipping.       Instruction   instruction venues and        with 4 Wing at CFB Cold
lasts more than 12 hours      guest lecturers have          Lake.
some days, both in the
classroom and outdoors.
Staying     warm      (and
awake) is an ongoing
   An additional obstacle
is the close quarters
we share. Having been
mostly in our own
houses or PMQs for
several years, sharing a
room measuring 18 x 18
feet square for several
weeks presents some

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