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     Mary Harriet Talbut
     2:45 - 4:15 Breakout Session 3   Dempster 105
David Letterman Doesn‟t Get it
So What is it?
So What is it?
 Micro-blogging Platform
 140 character limit in each tweet

 Originally started as a “What are you doing”
  social media platform (think just Facebook‟s
  status updates), but now it‟s much more
 Over 6 million users

 Started in 2006
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
1. Together we‟re better

      Twitter directories are excellent places to
         find other Twitter users just like you.
          Good education directories to try
        include Just Tweet It and Educators on
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
2. Global or local: you choose
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
3. Self-awareness and reflective practice

                    Ask questions
   Twitter is a great place to get opinions and ideas from
    fellow teachers. Don‟t be afraid to ask questions and
                   learn as much as you can.
                 Answer questions
   If you have knowledge to share, by all means share it.
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
4. Ideas workshop and sounding board
 As a further example, I tweeted whilst writing this

 Within minutes various kind followers had

  responded with suggestions, including:
 Whilst Twitter users do not have to use it

  synchronously like instant messanging software, the
  tool does lend itself well to quick responses.
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
5. Newsroom and innovation showcase
              Create a classroom account
   There is no rule saying that you can‟t have more than one
      Twitter account. You can have your own as well as a
    classroom account specifically for students and parents.
              Use Twitter in the classroom
      There are many different ways to use Twitter in the
  classroom. You can post updates for students and parents.
   You can also encourage students to collaborate through
            Twitter while they are in the classroom.
Nine great reasons why teachers
       should use Twitter
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
6. Professional development and critical friends

“Following smart people on Twitter is like a mental
                 shot of espresso”
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
7. Quality-assured searching

        Remember, your experience on
      Twitter is only as high quality as the
        people who you follow and the
             information you share.
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
8. Communicate, communicate, communicate
    Nine great reasons why teachers
           should use Twitter
9. Getting with the times has never been so easy!

    Twitter can be connected to your cell
   phone so that you can post and receive
   updates via SMS (text messaging). Twitter
    doesn‟t charge anything to do this–however, your cell
     carrier will. You might want to make sure you have
     unlimited texting to avoid a large, unexpected bill.
              Basic Twitter Terms
   DM - direct message
   RT - retweet
   #topic - hashtag used for threads
   @username - reply to another user
 - a website that shortens the URL so
    you can fit it in your tweet
Basic Twitter Terms

For general posts            To reply to someone
Either log in and type       use the „@‟ symbol, then
   your Tweet in the             their Twitter
   message box on the            username, e.g.
   Twitter website, or use   eg: @ramskill your message,
   the message box in            whatever it may be
   your desktop app          Bear in mind that this
   (140 characters is the
   maximum length of            reply can be seen
   message).                    publically, by your
                                followers and the
                                followers of who you
                                are replying to.
Basic Twitter Terms
To „Retweet‟ repost a      To send a private direct
Tweet from someone else    message to someone
use „RT‟, a space, the     use ‘D’, a space, then
   „@‟ symbol, then           their Twitter
   their Twitter
                              username, e.g.
   username, e.g.
eg: RT @ramskill your      eg: D ramskill your
    message, whatever it       message, whatever it
    may be                     may be
How to Use Twitter Effectively
   Focus on quality, not quantity
   Promote your blog posts, ideas
   Interact (most important)
     Ask Questions
     Retweet other people‟s interesting tweets
     Share links to articles & blog posts

   Don‟t spam people or use auto DM feature
How to Use Twitter Effectively

                    Don‟t share too much
                    personal info (avoid
                      stating what you
                     had for breakfast,
Get Started
Where to look for followers?
   Teachers who use
    Twitter with their
    students here
   Twitter for professional
    development here
   Twibes Missouri
    Teacher Twibe
   Twitter4Teachers Wiki
Last Thoughts
   Sue Waters also has a fantastic wiki which gives a
    lot of information about using Twitter and is well
    worth a visit, and you can follow her on Twitter.
   Beware of tweeting from school
    Some schools have policies that bar teachers from
    using social media sites while they are at work. Be
    sure to check your employee handbook before
    using Twitter on the job.
   This is the link for or 100 great Twitter feeds to follow

   This is a blog discussing Best Practices of a Twitter enhanced High School Classroom

   Using Twitter to overcome Classroom isolation

   Twitter tips for Teachers and Educators

   30 Twitter Tips for Teachers

   The Networked Teacher

   10 Things Teachers should know to get started with Twitter

   Top 7 Twitter Videos on YouTube

   Teachers and Twitter

   9 reasons teachers should use twitter     /

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