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									Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

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A Block, 6th floor, No: 602
06109 Oran - Ankara /TURKEY
Tel : 90 312 463 24 71 -72
Fax : 90 312 463 24 73
Turkish Radio & Television Corporation



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Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       4 5 Minutes                           76 Without Place
                                                       6 Akka, Jaffa, Jerusalem              78 An Eight Centenarian On The
                                                       8 Discovery and Adventure                Shore Of Mediterranean: Andalusia
                                                         Introduction                        80 And Hello Universe
                                                      10 Everyone Can Draw                   82 Bear vs Man: The EndlessConflict
                                                      12 Good Luck                           84 Cave Church Saint Pierre
                                                      14 Hidden Paradises                    86 Children of the Steppe the
                                                      16 Hope in The Water                      Anatolian Wild Sheep
                                                      18 Immigration Stories                 88 Da Vinci Bridge

                                                      20 I’m Pleased With My Life            89 Danube

                                                      22 Istanbul Istanbul                   90 Easter in Turkey
                                                      24 Last Mills                          91 It is Ramadan, Welcome the
                                                                                                Sacred Month
                                                      26 Lives Without Boundaries of Time
                                                                                             92 Hotel Rooms
                                                         Making Music With
                                                      28 Three - Stringed “Baglama”          93 Giant Wings: The Black Vulture

                                                      30 My Work My Life                     94 Jerusalem, Stone and People
                                                      32 Nothing But Sound                   95 Katip Çelebi
                                                      34 Only 5 Minutes                      96 “Love” Through Miniature
                                                      36 Ottoman’s Exile                     97 Mevlana and the Whirling Rituals
                                                      38 Reflection of The Truth             98 Miniture’s Language
                                                      40 Roads in Pilgrimage                 99 Musicians of Kumkapi
                                                      42 Shadows On the Wall                100 Mysterious Children of Hidden
                                                                                                History – Romans
                                                      44 Shadows On the Water
                                                                                            101 On The Path of Sitting Bull
                                                      46 Shortly Ramadan
                                                                                            102 Ottoman Peace From
                                                      48 SoulsIn The Purgatory
                                                                                                Jerusalem To Kuzguncuk
                                                      50 Sultan Adbulhamid II
                                                                                            103 Selim III
                                                      52 The Adventurers
                                                                                            104 The Passion of the Blue
                                                      54 The Confidant of the Hidden City
                                                                                            105 The Hawk
                                                      56 The Dance of the Black Sea Lads
                                                                                            106 Songs of Macahela
                                                      58 The Fasting Season in Anatolia
                                                                                            107 The Secret of the Master
                                                      60 The Fishermen of Saros Bay
                                                                                            108 Unfinished Revolution
                                                      62 The Magic of Rose
                                                                                            109 Time in Anatolia
                                                      64 The Mystery On The Hill
                                                                                            110 The Quran Movies
                                                      66 "The Story of Turkish Coffee
                                                                                            111 Unlimited Discovery
                                                      68 The Witness of Time
                                                      70 Time For Judas Trees in Istanbul
                                                      72 Traces of Palace Porcelain
                                                      74 While Cocoons Are Spun

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       5 Minutes 20x5’
                                                       This programme aims to catch attention to the
                                                       culture, history and values of Turkish and Ottoman
                                                       colorful civilization.

                                                       The objective is to remind the values forming us and
                                                       ensure their consideration, as well as to deepen our
                                                       social common shares and introduce Turkish and
                                                       Ottoman civilization.
                                                       Produced by : Işıl Öcal
                                                       Directed by : Senem Öcal
                                                       TX Date      : 2009


                                                       Akka 1x30’
Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Jaffa 1x30’
                                                       Jerusalem 2x30’
                                                       The works produced during ottoman Turkish

                                                       hegemony for 400 years in Akka, Jaffa and
                                                       Jerusalem which were a former Ottoman sanjak and
                                                       is now located in Palestine under İsrael hegemony,
                                                       are introduced with this documentary. In the
                                                       programme; history of the cities, military and
                                                       strategical importance at Ottoman times,
                                                       information about the city walls and harbours,
                                                       sacred places, historical buildings are represented
                                                       accompanied with general views from the cities.
                                                       Produced by : Ahmet Bayazıt
                                                       Directed by : Tuncay Öztürk
                                                       TX Date     : 2007

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Discovery and
                                                       Adventure 13x26'
                                                       It is assumed that over fifty million forms of living

                                                       beings live in the world except human beings. The
                                                       human being, who is able to percept its environment
                                                       and can arrange it, can feel that there are lives to be
                                                       discovered and stories and places that will excite
                                                       discoverers when he looks from this aspect. If we
                                                       consider the planet Earth as a house, Anatolia is the
                                                       mainland of all these discoveries and adventures as
                                                       if the key to this planet. All civilizations, all species,
                                                       almost all continents have come together in
                                                       Anatolian peninsula. Anatolia is a small aquarium
                                                       hosting all species of the world for the discoverers
                                                       and adventurers...

                                                       "Discovery and Adventure" meeting the unnoticed,
                                                       forgotten, feared and exciting adventure with the
                                                       audience, presents the blend of life stories, legends,
                                                       natural beauties and adventures, which kept apart
                                                       from human perception, wiped out through time,
                                                       even silhuette of which has been started to vanish,
                                                       through the visor of the adventurer and nature
                                                       photographer Cemal Gülas.

                                                       Produced by : Cemal GÜLAS
                                                       Directed by : Cemal GÜLAS
                                                       TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Everyone Can
                                                       Draw 10x13’
                                                       Nowadays people try to find ways to have a little break

                                                       from the rush of life. They are trying anything for not to
                                                       lose themselves inthe speed of life. Best way to relax
                                                       your mind and to find oneself is to be productive.

                                                       Drawing pictures is the joyful way of producing. Most of
                                                       children have fun when they draw or paint. In time we
                                                       move away from this fun and relaxing way that we
                                                       know as we were a kid. Thinking that we can’t draw
                                                       well and we are untalented so we deprived ourselves
                                                       from this fun production. However everyone who learns
                                                       the methods and the ropes can draw and paint a

                                                       The aim of this program is to teach everyone the
                                                       methods of drawing and endear art. The audience who
                                                       fallows the program will master not only the ways of
                                                       basic of art and shading,light,perspective and
                                                       composition etc.

                                                       But learn many things about the matterials too. On the
                                                       program you’ll see work not just done by the pencil but
                                                       also by colored pencils and pastels.

                                                       The audiance will have the privilege of having this
                                                       joyfull training from an experienced artist Şafak

                                                       Don’t forget everyone can draw.

                                                       Produced by : Levent VURAL
                                                       Directed by : Aytan GÖNÜLŞEN
                                                       TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Good Luck 6x24'
                                                       Hunting, nature and intertwined like to be, animals

                                                       slaughtered in order to not a natural balance within the
                                                       structure without disturbing the proper time, proper
                                                       season, the animal population also taking into account
                                                       hunting duck can the first shot hit not competing life to
                                                       recognize the right people can make the assigned sport
                                                       is. At first glance, the hunted animals of his generation,
                                                       Peter concluded that available, but research shows that
                                                       wildlife administration that hunting was monitored, and
                                                       according to the rules is no country, no hunting of
                                                       endangered species are not. In contrast is guaranteed. "
                                                       Good Luck" program, the foreign people in our country
                                                       hunting, shooting sports and hunting grounds to inform,
                                                       so that hunting tourism, to encourage in our country and
                                                       hunting procedures, prey fields, hunting for and hunting
                                                       of animals is aimed to introduce. Furthermore, the "
                                                       Good Luck" hunting enthusiast people, conscious of the
                                                       hunt also informs about how to do.

                                                       The first goal of the program of Good Luck people to
                                                       have been among the reasons that lead to hunting.
                                                       Certainly a common denominator that unites people of
                                                       hunters in the perfection of nature .. Clean air, the smell
                                                       of trees that can take your lungs .. Here in the
                                                       denominator, the hunters met this beauty on the one
                                                       hand, while on the other hand share the joy of live sport .

                                                       Hunting beginner foreigners think that if in fact a new
                                                       terminology already learned began even ... other
                                                       hunters with their friends "Beceneler" makes water
                                                       "seal" s throw, "the night waiting for" for many hours
                                                       waiting, or the "Track cuts" .. Hunters are in fact share a
                                                       common life, yesterday, today, tomorrow will tell ... very
                                                       close to each other in the big city is no problem
                                                       uploading them now ... In this friendly council…

                                                       And a common wish of all the hunters are the only ...

                                                       "New day at Good luck"

                                                       Produced by : Hakan   EMANETOĞLU
                                                       Directed by : Hakan   EMANETOĞLU
                                                       TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Hidden Paradises 5x30’
                                                       Hidden paradises are a six chapter documentary

                                                       constitutes from Küre Mountains (two chapters),
                                                       Altındere Valley, Kaçkar Mountains, Sahara-Karagöl
                                                       and Hatila Valley National Parks. Mountains, valleys
                                                       and canyons are always drawing attention of
                                                       enthusiastic nature followers, travelers, alpinists,
                                                       photographers and, in short, all documentary film-
                                                       makers because there are plains, high plateaus,
                                                       creeks, waterfalls, flowers, mushrooms, wildlife and
                                                       forests in mountains. As a matter of fact, there are
                                                       excitement, self-confidence and freedoms as well as
                                                       breath and life.

                                                       Climb to Küre Mountains, Kaşkar Mountains,
                                                       Altındere Valley, Sahara-Karagöl, and Hatila Valley;
                                                       in company with creeks flowing with crashing
                                                       sounds. Climb to mountains in winter months
                                                       without fearing even if layer of snow reaches to your
                                                       belly. See the white cloth which covers the riot of
                                                       colors during fall season. See snow drifts on leaves
                                                       when you walk around beeches. Listen to bird

                                                       Climb to Kaçkar Mountains’ high plateaus. Drink
                                                       cold ayran to be offered you. Eat special “islama”
                                                       and “katlama” made by women who are still living in
                                                       domestic life habits in Zümrüt village on the Küre
                                                       Mountains. Eat special “kuymak” at the top of
                                                       Akçadağ in Hatila valley. Do not be curious that it
                                                       will cause to addiction. But, certain that Hidden
                                                       Paradises will cause passion in your heart.

                                                       Produced by : Habib Yanç
                                                       Directed by : Habib Yanç
                                                       TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Hope in The Water 10x30’
                                                       “Hope in the Water” is the follow up story “Halfeti

                                                       land Hope and Misfortune” which was the story of
                                                       the flooded land on upper Mesopotamia filmed
                                                       between 1998 and 2001.The Director of the
                                                       documentary Kerime SENYUCEL finds the same
                                                       people after 7 years and finds out what have
                                                       happened to them. Then she makes alink to the new
                                                       stories of the Dam which is going to be built on the
                                                       same area. Ilısu Dam on the Tigris River.

                                                       This documentary shot with gripping intimacy, is far
                                                       more than just a Dam Story. In the new life of Emine
                                                       who had the only magnolia tree in the town…

                                                       The cofee house owner Serif who became a tourism

                                                       The heroism in the life of Ahmet the Shepherd from

                                                       Their prayers, songs, fights, laughter, and love…

                                                       “Hope in the Water” is the story of Turkey’s struggle
                                                       on the pursuit of water to the remotest area of the

                                                       The documentary is sponsored by Nurol & Cengiz
                                                       Construction and Trading Co.İnc.

                                                       Produced by : Kerime SENYUCEL
                                                       Directed by : Kerime SENYUCEL
                                                       TX Date    : 2007

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Stories 13x30’
                                                       This documentary tells the story of immigrations

                                                       that began when the Otoman Empire started to lose
                                                       its territories and what ensued during the 20th
                                                       century including political developments and their
                                                       reflections in our day through the perspective of the
                                                       immigrants. In away it draws a Picture of
                                                       contemporary Turkey with its villages established by
                                                       immigrants and cities enlarged by immigration and
                                                       sheds light on a process progressing over centuries
                                                       on a vast land. It was a journey from Edirne to Kars
                                                       describing extraordinary accounts of ordinary
                                                       people extending all over the world due to unusual
                                                       incidents and crises. The aim of the documentary is
                                                       to disclose that the stories related are not only the
                                                       stories of immigrants, but of everyone.

                                                       Produced by : Sibel Değer, Bülent SARPKAYA
                                                       Directed by : Sibel Değer
                                                       TX Date     : 2007

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       I’m Pleased With
                                                       My Life 13x20’
                                                       Some part of Turkish society preferred to emigrate

                                                       from the lands where dominance was lost, whereas
                                                       some other part did not leave the lands they were
                                                       living on.

                                                       They continued to keep their culture, language,
                                                       traditions and customs alive, despite all the
                                                       difficulties faced.

                                                       They sent their roots deep down during their
                                                       dominance times and tried to survive like the herbs
                                                       holding the rocks when they became minorities.

                                                       They insisted to keep Turkish culture and Turkish
                                                       language with courage and loyalty, although it was
                                                       very difficult to hold on.

                                                       This programme is about the stories and little
                                                       happiness of these people.
                                                       Produced by : Sibel Değer
                                                       Directed by : Sibel Değer
                                                       TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Istanbul Istanbul                          10x10’
                                                       The Program aims to introduce Istanbul to Turks

                                                       and foreigners living abroad by a publicity policy
                                                       beyond historical and touristic postcard materials. It
                                                       is very important to point out different features of
                                                       Istanbul for people living abroad. Therefore, Istanbul
                                                       should be introduced not only with its historical and
                                                       touristic features, but also as a modern city. Life
                                                       flows on the streets of Istanbul: Sound of Istanbul,
                                                       street foods, Beyoğlu, cafes, entertainment
                                                       locations, gourmet tours, AVMs, Grand bazaar, Spice
                                                       bazaar, local bazaars and outlets.
                                                       Produced by : Gülgün Cündübeyoğlu
                                                       Directed by : Sedat Çolak
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Last Mills 5x30’
                                                       The Last Mills, is a story of water mills which have
                                                       been decreasing in number day by day in Anatolia.
                                                       The water mill is one of the first and most important
                                                       technological inventions of man and is also a rich
                                                       cultural heritage. In this documentary, the stories of
                                                       two different water mills in two different villages are
                                                       told. In the village Akkaya- Giresun, the mills are
                                                       operated by women whose departure to the mills
                                                       involve certain rituals. In the operation of mills
                                                       where the wheat, corn and barley are ground into
                                                       flour, the most important concept is the miller’s
                                                       right. The word right has two meanings. It means
                                                       both justice and share of fee. The water mills
                                                       constructed by benevolent people, are left to the use
                                                       of villagers from one generation to the other and the
                                                       villagers don’t make any payment for using them.

                                                       Whereas, there is a miller in Tortum- Erzurum and
                                                       he operates it under a system of trade based on
                                                       right- a kind of a barter-system. In Erzurum, a mill
                                                       in some occassions serves as a cultural center and
                                                       even as a center of entertainment. In the
                                                       documentary, the mill culture is reflected on the
                                                       screen as narrated through the original talks of
                                                       villagers and with sections taken from actual life.

                                                       Produced by : Aygün Filiz
                                                       Directed by : Aygün Filiz
                                                       TX Date     : 2008

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Lives Without
                                                       Boundaries of Time 1x30’
                                                       I am not inside of the time

                                                       Neither totally out of it.

                                                       I am in a monolithic, wide moment

                                                       Follows, as it is broken into pieces.

                                                       Four watch makers living in the world of antique

                                                       Their lives are far away from hurries; since they lead
                                                       calm lives without any boundaries of time. They
                                                       prefer solid and hermit lives. Compared to ordinary
                                                       people they perceived time differently and led it
                                                       accordingly. They have a direct contact with the
                                                       clocks they mend, not with the flowing time. Clocks
                                                       are not only instruments measuring time. When you
                                                       meet these people, time changes, it slows down. You
                                                       feel yourself out of your life, flowing down the
                                                       current of a smooth river. If you are in television
                                                       business, it is a problem. While you swagger in their
                                                       quiet worlds, you also have to accelerate for your
                                                       occupation. Furthermore, you have to challenge with
                                                       their hermit personalities. It is almost impossible to
                                                       reach them beyond their hard shells. To make them
                                                       express their feelings without ‘using words.’
                                                       Because they just live without speaking. During the
                                                       interviews, you can only get a few words from them.
                                                       Actually you are far away from their vast knowledge
                                                       of time and clocks. You can only record how they
                                                       started their careers and their love for clocks…

                                                       Produced by : İlknur Dalkıran
                                                       Directed by : İlknur Dalkıran
                                                       TX Date     : 2005

                                                       Making Music
Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       With Three - Stringed
                                                       “Baglama” 1x30’
                                                       Even if he defines himself as a ‘humble village

                                                       musician’, UNESCO has chosen him “Living Human

                                                       Hayri DEV who lives in the Gökçeyaka Village of
                                                       Çameli District in Denizli has transformed the
                                                       interesting music that the West Toros women make
                                                       in order to encourage their instrument playing men
                                                       into his three strings, being a musician named ‘big
                                                       master’ who both plays sings and dances the
                                                       Zeybek, all at the same time.

                                                       He started playing the 3 stringed instrument which
                                                       he always carries around with him and his whistle
                                                       pipe which is always in his inner pocket, when he fell
                                                       in love with the daughter of his neighbour, while he
                                                       was a shepherd in the mountains at the age of 13.

                                                       Since that day, he uses the music he learned from
                                                       his grandfather and father to bring the goats to the
                                                       plains and to chat amiably with his fellow shepherd

                                                       This is the story of the interesting life of Hayri DEV
                                                       who has been chosen “Living Human Treasure” by
                                                       UNESCO, whose music was dicovered by France
                                                       Sorbonne University Musicologist Jerome Cler in
                                                       1992 when he was swept away by his music and
                                                       brought the shepherd music ‘broken bagpipe’ from
                                                       the West Toros Village Weddings to Elite concert
                                                       Produced by : Sevilay Selçuk Tüccar
                                                       Directed by : Sevilay Selçuk Tüccar
                                                       TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       My Work My Life 26x10’
                                                       Within the programme; people from different social

                                                       groups and professions describes their daily life
                                                       and business life with their own expression.

                                                       Produced by : Sıdıka Kaptan, Yıldız Aksöz, Dinemis Kabadere
                                                       Directed by : Sıdıka Kaptan, Yıldız Aksöz, Dinemis Kabadere
                                                       TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Nothing But
                                                       Sound 13x52’
                                                       It is aimed to describe the musicians who have

                                                       different stances with their music and develop an
                                                       opposing voice to the popular one. Artists, who are
                                                       receiving traditional music in open arms while
                                                       improving it and trying to reveal its difference, are
                                                       being considered. It is thought to bring musicians to
                                                       the locations and cities, which affected them during
                                                       formation of their tracks, and let them to describe
                                                       their creation processes and affects on them. In the
                                                       Heroes of the Music, it is aimed to reflect their
                                                       music and these people, whose only target was to
                                                       describe their daily problems with their music, as
                                                       well as which kinds of music they are listening,
                                                       which books they read, and from whom and which
                                                       they are being affected.

                                                       Some of the themes of the documentary are
                                                       composed of looking to their lives devoted to music
                                                       from inside and outside during their daily lives, and
                                                       showing the unseen and remained in the shadows a
                                                       little bit, and simply journeying to the layers of the
                                                       music along with them…
                                                       Produced by : Pelin Özdemir
                                                       Directed by : Özge Akkoyunlu
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Only 5 Minutes 10x5’
                                                       This programme aims to catch attention to

                                                       Ramadan culture, our civilization, history and

                                                       The objective is to remind the values forming us and
                                                       ensure their consideration, as well as to deepen our
                                                       social common shares and introduce Turkish and
                                                       Ottoman civilization.
                                                       Produced by : Ahmet Rauf Öcal
                                                       Directed by : Sedat Öcal
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Ottoman’s Exile 1x60’
                                                       The Ottoman Empire which had collapsed was

                                                       replaced by the young Turkish Republic.

                                                       The Last articles of Lausanne Treaty signed on June
                                                       24, 1923, delineated Turkey’s present borders.

                                                       On March 3,1924, The Turkish Grand National
                                                       Assembly passed a law, putting an end to the
                                                       caliphate, thus the serving the last tie between the
                                                       Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. Under
                                                       this law the caliphate was abolished and
                                                       Abdülmecid and his family were exiled.

                                                       There were thirty-six men, forty-eight women and
                                                       sixty children, a total of one hundred and forty four
                                                       people, one hundred and forty four members of
                                                       Ottoman dynasty.

                                                       Each person was given 1000 British Sterling and a
                                                       passport which was valid for one year. There was a
                                                       notation on each passport which said that it could
                                                       only be used for exit from the country of issuance.

                                                       A train at the Sirkeci Station departed on the
                                                       evening of March 5, and at the same time a ship
                                                       pulled up anchor at a nearby wharf, the train was
                                                       headed for Switzerland while the ship was going to
                                                       sail to Beirut.

                                                       The sound of the train whistle at a quarter to nine
                                                       seemed to announce the fact that the members of
                                                       the dynasty that had hegemony over three
                                                       continents for six centuries had to leave.

                                                       They were stateless and neither was there a

                                                       From then on, others would be writing the history.

                                                       As for their history, it would be completely different
                                                       than before.
                                                       Produced by : Kerime Şenyücel
                                                       Directed by : Kerime Şenyücel
                                                       TX Date    : 2006

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Reflection of
                                                       The Truth 30x1’
                                                       Regarding the relationship between the notion and

                                                       the place, a poject that aims to convey the Turkey
                                                       reality to audience by use of frames. A spot program
                                                       which is introduced through establishing concepts
                                                       for either place and either notion which describes
                                                       that place.
                                                       Produced by : Zeynep Keçeciler
                                                       Directed by : Zeynep Keçeciler
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       in Pilgrimage 3x60’
                                                       Someone from the village of Sivas Hayırbey, the

                                                       other set off from Istanbul and return home as
                                                       planned to complete the task Hac two pilgrims
                                                       candidate. "Pilgrimage in the road", and Fatma Fatih
                                                       all of the pilgrims travel to the place .....
                                                       Produced by : Bilal Gokçınar
                                                       Directed by : Bilal Gokçınar
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       On the Wall 1x60’
                                                       In this documentary; the practices subjected by the
                                                       prisoners and convicts in Turkey starting from their
                                                       first entrance into jail and living conditions in jails
                                                       are viewed exactly, as well as social and individual
                                                       reasons initiating them into crime are revealed by
                                                       examining their lives starting from their childhood.
                                                       Furthermore social cost of the crime for the public,
                                                       psychological problems of the prisoners and
                                                       convicts in jails and rehabilitation studies applied on
                                                       them are also included.
                                                       Produced by : Sevilay Tüccar
                                                       Directed by : Sevilay Tüccar
                                                       TX Date     : 2006


Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       On the Water 9x30’
                                                       This documentary tells the 400 years old fairy tale of

                                                       the historical seaside mansion of the Bosphorus.
                                                       Once there were 2000 such mansions, but now there
                                                       are only 70. These seaside wooden mansions
                                                       present the best examples of Ottoman civil

                                                       Despite their simple exterior designs, the lavishness
                                                       of their interior decoration and oranmentation
                                                       accord these mansions a very special place in world
                                                       civil architecture. However they also attract
                                                       attention with what has transpired within these
                                                       edifices. These seaside mansions, built during the
                                                       18th and the 19th centuries, a period in which luxury
                                                       and debauchery in the Ottoman Empire has reached
                                                       a peak are also interesting because of the posh life
                                                       style of the inhabitants and moonlight parties held
                                                       on Bosphorus as well as being the venue where
                                                       treaties which changed the history of the Ottoman
                                                       Empire were signed.
                                                       Produced by : Nedret Catay
                                                       Directed by : Nedret Catay
                                                       TX Date     : 2007

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Shortly Ramadan 5x15’
                                                       It is the general name of the project for 10 short

                                                       films, which are planned to be shot for Ramadan.
                                                       The short films shall introduce religious, cultural,
                                                       sociological and nostalgic aspects of the month

                                                       Produced by : İsmail Kılıçarslan
                                                       Directed by : İsmail Kılıçarslan
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       In The Purgatory 23x30’
                                                       Purgatory is the place where sometimes a
                                                       community, a belief system, and sometimes a group
                                                       or a situation is torn between… The point where
                                                       concepts melt their meanings… This is the land

                                                       everyone knows, discovered, but which no one dares
                                                       to name.

                                                       Purgatory is hanging between East and West; it is to
                                                       find one’s own path in the cultural mosaic;
                                                       purgatory is at times the place where the majority
                                                       pitying the disabled drops, it is embroidering the life
                                                       by hand into the art in between the gears of the
                                                       modern world, it is the dead end between the virtual
                                                       and real, it is the viewing of the glittering world of
                                                       fame of the celebrities of the period from the
                                                       purgatory, it is getting stuck in somewhere in time;
                                                       purgatory is the republic where the masses gather…
                                                       Purgatory is the where almost everyone is involved,
                                                       in one way or the other, in any side of the life, in one
                                                       side of the memory, and on the outskirts of thinking.
                                                       Purgatory is sometimes Turkey, sometimes being
                                                       neither urban nor rural; a squatter resident and
                                                       most of the time it is the place where the people of
                                                       the 21st century find themselves. It is not being in
                                                       the black or white, it is wandering through the
                                                       shades of gray, and being in between desire and
                                                       pain, and reward and sin; and in short, purgatory is
                                                       a dilemma…

                                                       The documentary series SOULS IN THE
                                                       PURGATORY, since its first episode, puts on the
                                                       screen the mentioned state of living in the
                                                       purgatory, with its philosophical foundations and

                                                       Produced by : Rıhtım Agency&Production
                                                       Directed by : Umut Atakul
                                                       TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Adbulhamid II 7x26’
                                                       A time of reshaping the world…

                                                       An Empire on the edge of disintegration…

                                                       A Sultan who accedes to the throne when high
                                                       hopes break up…

                                                       A Sultan who perseveres when the state faces the
                                                       threat of demise, and who achieves to hold together
                                                       the nations under his rule through wisdom and

                                                       A determined Leader who resolves to keep the
                                                       Empire alive, without bending the knee before
                                                       foreign pressures and insurgencies inside…

                                                       A 33-year adventure with strategic policies under
                                                       harsh circumstances…

                                                       Prominent figures who have made history…

                                                       Interviews comprising stunning statements of
                                                       historians, writers and researchers in their fields of

                                                       Illustrations based on original sources and
                                                       Produced by : Abdurrahman Demire
                                                       Directed by : Salih Ozderya
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                      The Adventurers 6x40’
                                                      In this episode the Adventurers attempt three new
                                                      and exciting sports that all harness the power of the

                                                      The first sport they attempt is kite surfing, a sport so
                                                      challenging that our trained Adventurers are only
                                                      able to observe. Watch as they get beginner lessons,
                                                      from two champion kite surfers, so hopefully, next
                                                      time they can come back and do it.

                                                      The second sport is Powered Hang Gliding, where
                                                      our Adventurers get to fly in the air and view the
                                                      entire city just by hanging to a glider. This sport is
                                                      fun but is also extremely dangerous at the same
                                                      time, any little mistake can have lethal

                                                      The last sport our Adventurers dare to attempt is
                                                      the most breathtaking and most extreme of them
                                                      all, Skydiving! Our Adventurers fly 3000 meters high
                                                      in a plane, jump out and free fall, wearing nothing
                                                      but a parachute to guide them safely to the ground.
                                                      Produced by : Fiyam Yapım
                                                      Directed by :
                                                      TX Date     : 2010


Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Confidant of
                                                       the Hidden City 4x25’
                                                       Inventions of paper and pen are two of the most

                                                       significant occurrences on the road of cultural
                                                       history that man proceeded in time. Paper and pen
                                                       is undoubtedly the most important commencement
                                                       of the permanence of knowledge, it’s transmission
                                                       from hand to hand and lighting it’s fire. Times lived
                                                       when those two objects became more than means of
                                                       knowledge transmission and they became form of
                                                       an art in masterly hands. And people burned in the
                                                       fire of knowledge, gave their lives on the road to
                                                       transmit it and sometimes paper and pen turned to
                                                       ash in the hands of people who are scared of
                                                       knowledge. But Phoenix gathered up the ashes and
                                                       scattered them again to the children of knowledge
                                                       and paper and pen then again became mediators for
                                                       the dreamers of eternity. Pen became a fire for the
                                                       ones who look and see, for the ones who see and
                                                       know and for the ones who wants to verbalize what
                                                       is learned on every step of the time. And the secrets
                                                       became a sound, became a word on paper.

                                                       This documentary “The Confidant of the Hidden City”
                                                       of four episodes, tells the journey of man setting out
                                                       with paper and pen, his meetings with thousands
                                                       years old ancient and accumulated knowledge and
                                                       his passion of research for his reason of existence.

                                                       Produced by : İsmet Yazıcı
                                                       Directed by : İsmet Yazıcı
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Dance of the
                                                       Black Sea Lads 1x41’
                                                       Some say that it is the dance of the ramblers, as it is

                                                       lively and energetic,..

                                                       Some also define it as “The Rap of the Black Sea
                                                       Region”. Kolbastı madness that started in the east
                                                       of the Black Sea Region spread throughout the

                                                       Within the “THE DANCE OF THE BLACK SEA LADS”
                                                       documentary, through maintaining its essence, the
                                                       endeavor to sustain a district’s dance which is
                                                       conveyed by Konstantin Muammer, Ali Osman, Aga
                                                       Cahit, is being introduced
                                                       Produced by : Zühre Gökağaç
                                                       Directed by : Zühre Gökağaç
                                                       TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Fasting Season
                                                       in Anatolia 10x30'
                                                       How is fasting in Anatolia, what are the different

                                                       traditions of the regions, how is fasting while
                                                       working in the fields and is this fasting is as same as
                                                       fasting in cities?

                                                       “The Fasting in Anatolia” tells about small towns or
                                                       village’s fasting traditions.

                                                       “The Fasting in Anatolia”:

                                                       This program shows special colours of the breaking
                                                       of the Ramadan fast at sunset, pre-down meal
                                                       (during Ramadan), feasts, local entertainments after
                                                       pre-down meal, traditional drummers, working in
                                                       the fields while fasting, speacial meals of Ramadan,
                                                       local rituals of Ramadan, tradesman
                                                       interdependence in Anatolia.
                                                       Produced by : Atalay Tasdiken
                                                       Directed by : Atalay Tasdiken
                                                       TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Fishermen
                                                       of Saros Bay 1x30’
                                                       This documentary deals with the daily lives and

                                                       working conditions of the fishermen living in
                                                       crummy bungalows at the port of Ece bound to the
                                                       administrative district of Eceabat by Canakkale. In
                                                       contrast to fishing, it is the daily lives of the
                                                       fishermen, the story of how they started with this
                                                       craft and how they keep on working.
                                                       Produced by : Bulent Cubukcu
                                                       Directed by : Bulent Cubukcu
                                                       TX Date    : 2007

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       The Magic of Rose 1x31’
                                                       The history of rose is as old as the history of
                                                       mankind. In the course of time, Isparta and its
                                                       vicinity have become a magnificent rose garden
                                                       where the roses which yield the best oil in the world
                                                       are being growth. The local peasants, becoming
                                                       exporters have taken the first place in the world,
                                                       among the manufacturers of the oil of roses.

                                                       The process of yielding the oil, is an adventure in
                                                       itself. This process, during in which the delicate pink
                                                       rose tries to yield its oil without losing the smell of
                                                       its leaves, is really a hard and long adventure. The
                                                       rose neither has the patience to wait nor likes the


                                                       While yielding its oil, it behaves coy. Since the
                                                       grower knows how coy it is, he shows a great

                                                       Abdullah Yıldırım who lives in the village of Büyük
                                                       Hacılar in Isparta, has spent his years for growing
                                                       and selling roses and in this documentary, through
                                                       Abdullah Yıldırım and his family; the diffuculties of
                                                       this work, the growth of the rose, the picking up
                                                       process, the older and the latest ways used for
                                                       getting the oil of the roses and the exportation, are
                                                       all explained within a daily routine of the family.
                                                       Meanwhile we witness the hopes of the wife and the
                                                       children of Abdullah, on the magnificent leaves of

                                                       Produced by : Nesrin Aktolun
                                                       Directed by : Nesrin Aktolun
                                                       TX Date     : 2008

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Mystery On
                                                       The Hill 2x24’
                                                       After arriving in Urfa for her documentary,

                                                       desperately seeking for an inspiration, Şebnem finds
                                                       herself at the Göbekli Tepe excavation site, 17 km
                                                       from the city. This 11.500 years old site, known as
                                                       the first polytheistic temple, which caused some
                                                       rewriting in archaeological history after it’s
                                                       discovery, probably witnessed the settling of

                                                       For a while Şebnem observes the work of the
                                                       excavation team, led by Prof.Dr. Klaus Schmidt. Like
                                                       the professor, who shows her around the place and
                                                       gives her detailed information, other experts share
                                                       their analysing results of the findings with her.

                                                       Through her days of research for her documentary,
                                                       the city somehow tried to share an ancient secret
                                                       with Şebnem, which finally leads to an illuminating
                                                       experience in Göbekli Tepe.
                                                       Produced by : Sevgi Kartarı & Şebnem Tezel
                                                       Directed by : Sevgi Kartarı & Şebnem Tezel
                                                       In process

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       "The Story of
                                                       Turkish Coffee 1x37'
                                                       It started to its journey from Eithopia, passed over

                                                       mountains, lands and seas and reached Anatolia.
                                                       The coffee which is indispensable partner of chats
                                                       and gives pleasure to whom drinks it; with its style
                                                       of brewing, serving and the drinking ceremony,
                                                       apart from being a beverage has become a
                                                       significant part of Turkish culture. So, this is why the
                                                       story of coffee somewhat means the story of Turkish
                                                       coffee. The coffee while evoking complicated and
                                                       contradictory concepts such as mystery, love, peace,
                                                       nostalgia and respect, takes its place among the
                                                       indispensables of many people.

                                                       This documentary is about the story of Turkish
                                                       coffee of which is one of the cultural elements
                                                       acquainting Turkish culture to the world. Harboring
                                                       many traditions starting from its tiny beans to the
                                                       moment it is poured into the cups, the Turkish
                                                       coffee captivates us with its pleasant aroma well
                                                       before it is served. In this dramatic documentary,
                                                       where the Turkish coffee is examined closely and
                                                       narrated in a unique and fabulous language; the
                                                       annals of coffee since it was first discovered until
                                                       today, and how the Ottomans got acquaintance with
                                                       coffee, the arising of the phenomenon of "Turkish
                                                       coffee" and its social impacts, characteristics of the
                                                       Turkish coffee, the first acquantince of Europe with
                                                       Turkish coffee, its place and importance in our
                                                       customs and traditions and the arising of
                                                       coffeehouses are investigated with an aim to start a
                                                       journey to reveal the historical adventure of coffee,
                                                       as accompanied by photographs, graphical figures
                                                       and documents. Throughout this journey, the
                                                       fortune telling, which has become an integral part of
                                                       Turkish coffee, will be acting as an intermediary.

                                                       Produced by : Nesrin Aktolun
                                                       Directed by : Nesrin Aktolun
                                                       TX Date     : 2006

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       The Witness
                                                       of Time 13x26'
                                                       Anatolia is acknowledged as the land bridge from

                                                       one continent to the other as it is the shortest way.
                                                       Hundreds of Gods have been worshipped in this land
                                                       where one encounter four seasons at the same
                                                       time, some of these gods came by immigration and
                                                       some were already born here. This land was a
                                                       cradle for plenty of wars and dynasties, the mystic
                                                       stories of these lands can be heard even today.

                                                       "The Witness of Time" bringing the unknown, the far
                                                       places and adventure to the screen, reflects the
                                                       stories hidden in virgin areas far to the human, from
                                                       the view of Cemal Gülas, the traveller and the
                                                       nature photographer. The Witness of Time
                                                       sometimes swims in wet meadows after flowers,
                                                       sometimes blows over cloudy mountain peaks and
                                                       listens the peaceful breathe of the nature in the
                                                       green shadow of waters. And the travel continues...

                                                       Produced by : Cemal GÜLAS
                                                       Directed by : Cemal GÜLAS
                                                       TX Date    : 2005

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Time For Judas Trees
                                                       in Istanbul 28’30”
                                                       Judas tree is the tree of the Bosporus. Actually, it

                                                       grows in various parts of Anatolia, but it is most
                                                       integrated with the panorama, the culture and arts in
                                                       İstanbul. When spring comes and judas trees blossom,
                                                       the reunion of the blueness of the sea and the pinkish
                                                       purple color in the Bosporus turns into a visual festivity.

                                                       The documentary displays this natural wonder of
                                                       İstanbul. Bilsen Gürer, who has spent her childhood
                                                       under judas trees, tells the İstanbul of her memories.
                                                       Artist Yılmaz Eneş, who has been trying to apply judas
                                                       trees in marbling, describes it as “a tree that comes to
                                                       life after overcoming so many difficulties.” Dürdane
                                                       Ünver, a master of the art of paper cutting, tells how
                                                       the riot of colors in the Bosporus reflects in her work.
                                                       Historian Salim Aydın goes back in time to the history of
                                                       the relationship between İstanbul and the judas tree.
                                                       Painter Betül Aydıner Chacko shares the tradition of
                                                       “judas tree sighting in the Bosporus” and the idea of
                                                       “seeing the beauty” in her art with the audience.
                                                       Railroader and curator Ruhan Çelebi, tells about her
                                                       first encounter with the judas tree and how it became a
                                                       part of her life. Botanist Prof. Asuman Efe, emphasizes
                                                       the place of judas trees in the rich natural diversity of
                                                       Anatolia and İstanbul. Miniature artist and social
                                                       anthropologist Gülgün Anmaç, highlighted the idea of
                                                       “the ancient judas tree of the ancient city of İstanbul”
                                                       and how well the judas tree suited the classic art of
                                                       miniature. Hüseyin Emiroğlu, the Spokesperson of the
                                                       Judas Tree Association of İstanbul, invites everyone to
                                                       İstanbul during the judas tree time, accompanied by
                                                       paintings of Ahmet Yakuboğlu and Süheyl Ünver
                                                       depicting judas trees. In literature, the judas tree has
                                                       mostly been depicted in the poems of Hilmi Yavuz.
                                                       Vedat Sakman, on the other hand, has made a song for
                                                       judas trees, standing only two feet away from his heart.
                                                       Produced by : Şükran Bircan ÖZMEN
                                                       Directed by : Şükran Bircan ÖZMEN
                                                       TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       Traces of Palace
                                                       Porcelain 1x30’
                                                       A brilliant train as soft as mother of pearl…

                                                       A strong tissue, named after a small white sea snail
                                                       “porcellena”: Porcelain...

                                                       A perfect combination of culture, social structure
                                                       and visual arts.

                                                       Porcelain consists of the material of nature and
                                                       takes place in the lives of humans for centuries. It
                                                       exists from the most ordinary to the most elegant

                                                       It evidences in detail sometimes the colorful
                                                       expressions of a feeling and sometimes the corner
                                                       stones of history.

                                                       It records the aspect of increasing diplomatic
                                                       relations as well as the lines of victory and defeat.
                                                       Produced by : Nilgün Suna
                                                       Directed by : Nilgün Suna
                                                       TX Date     : 2008

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                       While Cocoons
                                                       Are Spun 1x30’
                                                       There are still families who continue on silk farming

                                                       like a tradition. For instance, the producers in
                                                       İhsaniye village in Bursa find themselves in a hurry
                                                       every spring. Daily life becomes almost upside-
                                                       down within a period of about two months.

                                                       With the coming of spring, bedrooms even the guest
                                                       rooms are evacuated and allocated for silk farming.
                                                       Special terraces in the rooms and suspending
                                                       berths are made ready. Heating stove is installed in
                                                       every room against possible cold weather of spring.
                                                       Thick clothes are stretched across the windows, as
                                                       silk seeds do not like much light.

                                                       Mulberry leaves are collected and chopped up for
                                                       feeding period… Knowing that one pack of seed will
                                                       consume 500 kg’s mulberry leave adds to the

                                                       In the documentary, hurries lasting for about two
                                                       months of the villagers sustaining this work like a
                                                       tradition even if they do not earn much money and
                                                       the production stages as well as Koza Han, which is
                                                       known as the center of cocoon purchasing in the
                                                       Produced by : Canan Silleli
                                                       Directed by : Korkmaz Göçmen
                                                       TX Date     : 2005

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                       Without Place 13x30'
                                                       Stories of people belonging to no time and nowhere.

                                                       Struggle for existence of people who gain strength
                                                       in their own conditions no matter what their living
                                                       conditions are.

                                                       Wandering Dervishs

                                                       Cotton Pickers

                                                       The Living On The Streets

                                                       Children Of Streets



                                                       Street Musicians
                                                       Produced by : Gülşen SARU
                                                       Directed by : Gülşen SARU
                                                       TX Date    : 2010
                                               104                                                                               105

The Passion of
the Blue 13x30'                                                                                                                   The Hawk 1x25’
Blue... Color of the skies                     Passion of The Blue.                        The lovers of hawks describe this love as   winged-hunter, and in Turkey generally
Blue... Color of the seas..                                                                “the art of hunting a bird with a bug,      living at the eastern Black Sea region-, the
                                               See the mysterious life of underwater
Blue, actually, color of life........                                                      hunting a bird with a bird, and again       way it hunts and the way it is engaged in
                                                                                           hunting a bird with a bird”.                hunting.
We have an invitation for you.
                                               Dive into the history with the very first                                               Produced by : Daver ATABEY
                                                                                           The story of the “Eastern Hawk” -known to
Would you like to join us in our trip to the   findings of the ancient civilizations...                                                Directed by : Daver ATABEY
                                                                                           be the most talented and most loyal
magical world of the underwater?                                                                                                       TX Date    : 2005
                                               Discover the colorful blue...
As becoming one of the most popular
                                               Dive in Turkey, Look into the History...
sports, Scuba diving will lead to this

unique world.                                  Produced by : Hakan Aslan - Ümit Kargılı
                                               Directed by : Hakan Aslan - Ümit Kargılı
 Discover the scubba diving along with the
                                               TX Date     : 2009
underwater richness of Turkey, which is
the shining pearl of world tourism with its
natural and historical beauties, in our tv
programme The Passion of The Blue.

You will find the hidden underwater
paradise in Aegean, Mediterranean, Black
Sea and Marmara Sea and also the world's
charming diving centers in our series, The
                                                106                                                                                 107

                                                                                                                                     The Secret of
Songs of Macahela 1x35'                                                                                                              the Master 1x30'
The Border drawn in norteast Anatoliain         Ethnomusicologists sat hat this polphonic,   The documentary, “THE SECRET OF THE            The esence of this secret based on
1921, divided 18 villages situated in           vocal music dates back 1500 years.           MASTER” reflects the world of the old          patience and confidence is linked with the
Macahela valley. 12 villages were left in                                                    masters of Grand Bazaar. Located in            power of the tradition enjoyed.
                                                This documentary was made to records         İstanbul, the Grand Bazaar is one of the
Turkey. In this valley, people were                                                                                                         It is a wonder how the world’s most
                                                and preserve the “last voices” of these      oldest and largest bazaars of the world
relatives and songs were shared.                                                                                                            delicate jewellery and novelties
                                                songs echo in the Macahela valley but are    and it gives shelter to 500 years old
Impenetrable mountains have preserved           gradually withering away.                    tradition of Turkish jewellery.                workmanship has been kept to go on for
                                                                                                                                            centuries by using only such simple tools
the “last voices” of a cultural asset until
                                                Produced by : Mihriban Tanık                 We experience this design tradition, in the    and technology? What is the secret of the
this day. The elderly men of the region still                                                stage of creation of the ring called           hand slikk of the master that have kept
                                                Directed by : Mihriban Tanık
sing polyphonic songs in the Georgian                                                        “Divanhane Çivisi” (Nail of the Palace         that tradition t continue? While we are
                                                TX Date     : 2004
language.                                                                                    Parlor) which is one of the traditional        trying to find out the answers to said
                                                                                             jewelleries of Ottomans. In this heart of      questions, we’ll witness in this
                                                                                             mastership where he has spent his              documentary how the masters who have
                                                                                             lifetime, each master transfers his            devoted their lifetime and their hearts to
                                                                                             accumulated mastership and design of           that art, have forebearinging transferred
                                                                                             hundred years old to the product he            their feelings, their hopes and their
                                                                                             handles. Actually, what they pruduce is not    desires to that new piece of work they
                                                                                             a merely a very precious ring. It is just a    handled.
                                                                                             new piece of work produced as the
                                                                                             outcome of a very old system of work           Following the growth of a young black
                                                                                             created by the joint efforts of experienced    vulture chick, the documentary aims to
                                                                                             master of Grand Bazaar. They should first      bring hope for the continuation of the
                                                                                             like it themselves and then they will try to   species.
                                                                                             have others like it.                           Produced by : Nesrin AKTOLUN
                                                                                                                                            Directed by : Nesrin AKTOLUN
                                                                                                                                            TX Date    : 2008
                                               108                                                                                   109

Revolution 1x30'                                                                                                                      Time in Anatolia 13x30'
In 1961, towards the end of April, National    the automobile within the warehouses of       “Time in Anatolia” is a documentary,            rush of the festival mornings, which drops
Unity Committee transmits a top secret         General Directorate of State Railways.        aiming to meet the viewers with daily life      onto the houses like a dew drop, is
letter from Prime Ministry to Ministry of      Automobile, which would be                    sections and traditions of various sections     different; rush of the wheat harvest, which
Transport. The writing was including these     manufactured, would open a new era for        of Anatolia under different seasons and         requires patience and pains, is different…
words: “… after manufacturing a unique         mechanical engineering and local heavy        geographical conditions. It is the sealing of   Time stops with a glass of tea, which is
automobile engine to our country, and          manufacturing industry in Turkey. That’s      a week, day, hour, in other words, time         drunk in a shop in Gaziantep; but it flies
materializing a local automobile sample,       why, vehicles were named as Revolution        within any section of Anatolia from arable      away like a tumbler pigeon within Afyon,
to inspect immediately the issue of            (Devrim).                                     fields to bazaars, from the festival rushes     Ürgüp and Şanlıurfa…
realization of this automobile within the                                                    within narrow yards to the colors of
                                               Documentary, named Unfinished                                                                 “Time in Anatolia” meets all these
course of time with comparison of it with                                                    Hıdırellez, which surrounds mountains
                                               Revolution, is closely looking to the                                                         “moments”; events, like daily works,
the best automobiles of other countries,                                                     and hills…
                                               automobile manufacturing in Turkey, and                                                       agricultural activities, festivals, etc., with
and determination of its faults.”
                                               enlightens the events, faced in those days.   Although clocks show the same minute,           the viewers within its unique colors,
State Railways Department started to be                                                      time always flows different in                  rhythms and harmony .
                                               Produced by : Bülent ÇUBUKÇU
interested with the project. They started to                                                 everywhere… Perception and living time as
                                               Directed by : Bülent ÇUBUKÇU                                                                  Produced by : Muzaffer Evci - Zehra ÇELENK
work continuously in order to manufacture                                                    well as secular rushes of the city and city
                                               TX Date    : 2009                                                                             Directed by : Alper Tunga ÖZDEMİR
                                                                                             folks are different; and same is different      TX Date    : 2009
                                                                                             for cityfolk and for villagers… Early riser

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                 114 Decline of Abdulhamid
                                                 116 Sorrow
                                                 118 Do Not Forget Me
                                                 119 Exiled
                                                 120 Falling Apart
                                                 121 Forced Mayor
                                                 122 Full Speed Years
                                                 123 Love Again
                                                 124 Mad Channel
                                                 125 Man of My House
                                                 126 Mr. Pertev's Three Daughters
                                                 127 Oh My Heart
                                                 128 Quince is Yellow, Pomegranate is Red
                                                 129 Ramada is Beatiful
                                                 130 Roses
                                                 131 Scattered Glass
                                                 132 Song of Life
                                                 133 Capadoccia Dreams
                                                 134 Spring is in the Air
                                                 135 Swinging Hearts
                                                 136 The Enemy in the Miror
                                                 137 Three Women

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                 of Abdulhamid 1x122’
                                                 An Emperor of 33 years rocks…An Empire of 700

                                                 years collapses…Silences end…Nations
                                                 uprise…States disintegrate…Amongst all this chaos
                                                 and disorder, all lives turn to be a novel...Nahit Sırrı
                                                 Orik’s novel “Decline of Sultan Hamid” is one of the
                                                 best examples of Turkish literature and it recounts a
                                                 very shocking section of Turkish history, the years of
                                                 1908-1909 and this novel meets with cinema by an
                                                 impressive visualization. The events develop around
                                                 the story of major Sefik who has been very
                                                 succesfull in his career, participated in the
                                                 democratization struggle of Ottoman Empire and
                                                 became on of the leaders of Committee of Union and
                                                 Progress. Major Sefik is fallen in love with the
                                                 daughter of a pasha and power. The most intense
                                                 days of this love fall in between 1908-1909 to the
                                                 period of the declaration of Second Constitution; an
                                                 era of painful transformations and which firstly
                                                 effected Otoman Empire and then the whole world.
                                                 This movie recounts the testing of Major Sefik with
                                                 love, money and glory on the way to the power and
                                                 reflects the panorama of that era within the
                                                 framework of a love story.

                                                 Decline of Abdulhamid conveys a period of time
                                                 which affected Turkish history deeply to the screen
                                                 painstakingly with it’s gripping story, impressive
                                                 script, rich visualization, famous actors and
                                                 experienced creative team.

                                                 Produced by : Mustafa Sen, Sinan Yaka
                                                 Directed by : Ziya Öztan
                                                 TX Date     : 2002

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                 Sorrow 26x55'
                                                 Hicran, who took care of an old and bedridden

                                                 woman for years in order to support her family
                                                 despite all of the problems in their poor life,
                                                 becomes wealthy when this women dies. But, she
                                                 silently dies at night when she learnt that she was
                                                 put in possession of this heritage. The fright of
                                                 losing the fortune when he was about the have it
                                                 even changes her husband who loved her very
                                                 much. Because, the only condition of the old woman
                                                 is that her fortune can solely used by Hicran.
                                                 Hicran’s husband accepts the proposition of his
                                                 useless brother, with whom he has been in dispute
                                                 for years, to replace Hicran by his sister-in-law
                                                 Vicdan who resembles her very much through a
                                                 forged ID card. The life of this poor family, who
                                                 executed the will through forgery, changes

                                                 Cast      : MİRAÇ ERONAT, MURAT DALTABAN,
                                                            GÜLSÜN KAMU, DURUL BAZAN,
                                                            TOPRAK SAĞLAM
                                                 Directed by : Taner AKVARDAR
                                                 Genre     : Drama
                                                 TX Date   : 2009
                                              118                                            119

Do Not Forget Me 13x60'                                                                      Exiled 13x60'
The story of two people whose ways                  Love story of Eylül, who looks for a player     attraction of Eylül and Efe and while these
intersect in Istanbul. One of them is               that will make a father role against money      things go on, Efe’s father thinks that Deniz
Peride.. Her husband was died a while ago           to her son Deniz, who is 5 years old and        is his real grandson without knowing his
and has a 16 years old son, she is a                from her husband Doğan that she can not         father role and also appearance of Doğan
successful nephrology associate                     believe that he had died and with Efe who       makes everything upset.
professor.. The other is Recep.. He put his         wants to be a player, spite his rich father.
                                                                                                    Cast      : Aydan ŞENER, Hakan ERATİK,
wife Havva behind him after a tragedy..             Despite his father’s all objections for being
                                                                                                               Kenan BAL, Teoman KUMBARACIBAŞI
The death of their daughter in a fire               a player, Efe agrees with Eylül for 3
                                                                                                    Directed by: Şahin GÖK
caused his wife lost her mind and he                thousand American Dollars for playing
                                                                                                    Genre     : Family - Drama
drifted apart to Istanbul…                          father and he exaggerates his role and
                                                                                                    TX Date   : 2008
                                                    engages to little Deniz. And also Deniz
Cast       : Zuhal OLCAY, Uğur POLAT,
                                                    loved Efe a lot, who plays a role as a sailor
            Tilbe SARAN
                                                    father. Everything mixes with the
Directed by : Güzide BALCI
TX Date    : 2008

                                            120                                             121

Falling Apart 13x60'                                                                        Forced Mayor 13x60'
Deniz, who failed to marry Firengiz, whom   supporter of Deniz in this struggle is his      Emin, as a well-intentioned middle-aged
he had met while being a student at the     closest friend Çeçen Abdullah whom he           man, becomes more and more reconciled
war academy, by personal reasons and as     met during his military years.                  with the mayor’s office where he acts as a
a result of his duty, shows up five years                                                   deputy of the former mayor who suddenly
                                            Cast       : Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Azra Akın,
later. The reason that he shows up is the                                                   deceased. Together with Emin, his family,
                                                        Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Zeynep Tokuş,
duty he assumed regarding the natural                                                       town people and his friends and rivals in
                                                        Atilla Saral, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu,
gas pipeline. But, while performing this                                                    political life become changing. When the
                                                        Ahmet Özhan, Murat Soydan,
duty, there is a Russian businessman,                                                       power of government is perceived as a
                                                        Özgür Özberk, Leyla Başak,
named Odolov, who prevents him and who                                                      right to be made use of for everyone,
                                                        Sinemis Candemir
wants to marry Firengiz. Deniz struggles                                                    Emin’s affairs become tangled.
                                            Produced by : Akademi Neo
for both saving his former love from this   Directed by : Metin BALEKOĞLU                   Cast       : Ahmet UĞURLU, Emel MÜFTÜOĞLU,
man and getting the natural gas pipeline    TX Date    : 2009                                           Ferdi AKARNUR, Veysel DİKER,
to pass through Turkey. The biggest
                                                                                                        Dost ELVER, Sezai ALTEKİN,
                                                                                                        Berrin ARISOY, Serhat ÖZCAN,
                                                                                                        Levent ÖZDİLEK
                                                                                            Directed by : Yunus Nihat ÖZCAN
                                                                                            Genre      : Comedy
                                                                                            TX Date    : 2009

                                                122                                           123

Full Speed Years 26x70'                                                                       Love Again 13x60'
                                                      Mine misunderstands the surprise of her        husband Aslan. Mine and Murat had to
Barış is the single child of a family that is         husband on their wedding anniversary and       hide their divorce for a while. Aslan says in
in easy circumstances. His father Cemal is            wants to break up with Murat, because she      their family there is not any divorce
a successful commercial lawyer. He acts               thinks that he cheat her with his secretary.   proudly and thereupon they find
as the attorney of two big holding                    Murat wants to explain the situation, but      themselves in more difficult condition.
companies. His mother Saliha is a                     the couple who loves each other divorces.
                                                                                                     Cast       : Türkan ŞORAY, Cihan ÜNAL,
professor of law at a university. Barış has           But they do not explain this situation to
                                                                                                                 İlkay SARAN, Ezgi ESEROĞLU,
grown up as his parents desired and is                their daughter, who continues her
                                                                                                                 Gül ONAT, Zerrin TEKİNDOR,
very observant of the life they set for him.          education abroad, not to affect her lessons
                                                                                                                 Kemal İNCİ
The only point of exit from his life guided           badly. But works do not go as expected,
                                                                                                     Directed by : Bora TEKAY
by his parents is his speed passion.                  Nehir comes suddenly from abroad,
                                                                                                     Genre      : Drama
                                                      furthermore she comes with her intended        TX Date    : 2007
Cast       : Selen SEYVEN, Arda KURAL,
            Deniz ÖZPINAR, Yılmaz CALAYIR,

            Yağız BANKOĞLU, Damla DEBRE,
            Hüseyin SOYSALAN
Directed by : Raşit ÇELİKEZER
Genre      : Drama
TX Date    : 2009
                                             124                                                                                  125

Mad Channel 13x60'                                                                                                                Man of My House 26x60'
The sweet strives of Yıldırım, a very        Cast       : Murat SEREZLİ, Buket DEREOĞLU,   Jale and Emre are married and a happy         For this reason, Jale starts to get
successful talk show performer who does                  Cihat TAMER, Yosi MİZRAHİ,        couple. They have a daughter named            interested with the works and
his work passionately, and Deniz, the                    Timur ÖLKEBAŞ, Şefik ONATOĞLU,
                                                                                           Nisan between the ages 8 – 10. Although       responsibilities change
presenter of a television program for                    Sbel YILDIRIM
                                                                                           Jale and Emre had taken the same
                                             Directed by : Erdoğan ENGİN                                                                 Cast       : Janset PAÇALI, Mustafa UĞURLU,
women as successfully as Yıldırım, that go                                                 education, Jale had interested in house
                                             Genre      : Comedy                                                                                     Açelya AKOYUN, Ali ERKAZAN,
on at home also move to the television                                                     works and with her daughter, and Emre,
                                             TX Date    : 2008                                                                                       Doğa BEKLERİZ, Fatma KARANFİL,
channel with them.                                                                         as the years passed became a successful                   Aykut ORAY, Emine Sevtap ÇAPAN
                                                                                           businessman. But because of the work          Directed by : Birkan UZ
                                                                                           stress, Emre had nervous attack and his       Genre      : Comedy
                                                                                           doctor forbids him to work for a long time.   TX Date    : 2007

                                             126                                                                                  127

Mr. Pertev's
Three Daughters 6x50'                                                                                                             Oh My Heart 13x60'
Mr. Miralay Pertev who has three             they lost all their richness. From now on     Hakkı Bey, father of Kamuran Paşaoğlu,
daughters have a happy and comfortable       living of the family is supplied by Selmin.   founder of Paşaoğlu Medical Center,
life. And also he has a happy marriage       In this story political, economical and       spends a regular life with his jobless and    Cast       : Emre KINAY, Tamer KARADAĞLI,
with his wife Azize. His elder daughter      social crisis of the native country and       hood brother Atilla, his two sons, one                    Fadik Sevin ATASOY,
Selmin and middle daughter Berrin are        perspective of a family is being shown.       daughter and their old and faithful servant               Sezin AKBAŞOĞLULLARI,
famous with their beauty and grow up with                                                  Recebiye, but this regular life becomes                   Zihni GÖKTAY, Defne YALNIZ,
foreign nursery governesses and get piano                                                  upside down when Psychiatrist Candan                      Tulu ÇİZGEN, Ecem UZUN,
                                             Cast      : Serdar GÖKHAN, Deniz EVRENOL,
lessons. But, their life changes after the                                                 moves in as a neighbor of both workplace                  Arzu BALKAN
                                                        Deniz GÖKÇER, Itır ESEN,
invasion of Ottoman. First, Halit who                                                      and home. The confusions brought about        Directed by : Ebru YALÇIN
                                                        Rasim ÖZTEKİN and
makes marriage plans with Selmin dies in                Füsun ÖZTOPRAK
                                                                                           by the office secretary Sevilay makes it      Genre      : Drama
Çanakkale, then, Mr. Pertev turns from       Directed by : Şefik Tunç BAŞARAN
                                                                                           even harder for Kamuran Paşaoğlu.             TX Date    : 2009
the front with the wounds from the heart     Genre     : Drama
and body. Because of some profiteers,        TX Date   : 2006

                                               128                                                                                   129

Quince is Yellow,                                                                                                                    Ramadan is
Pomegranate is Red 13x45'                                                                                                            Beautiful 29x30'
                                                                                                                                     * Edition for Ramadan Season
One of the Macedonian migrants, Mustafa,       has only one goal. She wants to be a
lives in Sapanca with his father Sadık and     singer. Mustafa, being in desperate straits   “Ramadan is Beautiful” tell us a story        Cast       : Ahmet İlker OKUMUŞ, Ahmet KURAL,
his daughter Safiye. He is one of the          towards her daughter’s dreams.                which is about a neighborhood life during                  Aykut KÖSELER, Berat YENİLMEZ,

watchman’s duty members which is not                                                         the Holly Ramadan. It has various and                      Burak BATTAL, Erdal TOSUN,

much popular anymore. His wife died                                                          funny characters. Each episode has a                       Erman BAĞRI, Gülay ERALP,

                                                                                             different story that is related to every                   İlker AYRIK, Sümer TİLMAÇ.
years ago, and till that time he had been
                                                                                                                                           Produced by : Levent BEYAZİT
father and mother for his kids. The most                                                     character. Its humor contains universal
                                                                                                                                           Directed by : Selçuk AYDEMİR
important thing for him is his family and                                                    Ramadan habits. “Ramadan is Beautiful”
                                                                                                                                           TX Date    : 2009
work. Mustafa, who had left his country                                                      invites the audiences to watch a big lively
that he was born, always thinks about this                                                   Ramadan Atmosphere.
motherland, hopes beautiful days for
                                               Cast       : Didem ŞENER, Mustafa ARSLAN,
himself and for his family despite all of
                                                           Aydemir AKBAŞ, Müge
pain that he had faced with. But his

                                                             ORUÇKAPTAN, Volkan SEVERCAN
daughter Safiye, is not happy in that small
                                               Directed by : Rabahat BALTACI
and modest world that his father had built     Genre       : Drama
for her. She dreams of a brilliant life. She   TX Date    : 2004
                                                     130     131

Roses 22x50'                                                 Scattered Glass 13x55'
The story of three women who want to open a new              This is a revenge story that starts when Suna, who
page for their life. Town, called Mühürlü is a chance        left the orphanage as a social service expert, moves
for forgetting the life that they had lived before. But in   to her real mother Müjgan’s house as a rich woman
the quarter, unexpected events are waiting for them.         and the existence of whom is discovered later by
                                                             Suna in order to take care of her mother’s rich
Cast      : Aydan ŞENER, Funda İLHAN,
                                                             husband, who is in need of help.
           Sevtap ÇAPAN, İlhan ŞEŞEN
Directed by: Hakan GÜRTOP                                    Cast       : Ceren ŞEKERCİ, Mehmet Can GÜRELER,
Genre     : Drama                                                        Aslı ORCAN, Mert KIRLAK, İnci ÜLTAY,
TX Date   : 2004                                                         Erol TEZEREN, İlknur SOYDAŞ,
                                                                         Melis BABADAĞ, Gülşah KAYA
                                                             Directed by : Onur TAN
                                                             Genre      : Drama
                                                             TX Date    : 2009

                                                  132   133

Song of Life 61x65'                                     Capadoccia Dreams 13x65'
“Calypso of life” is inspired from the campaign of      A new dynamism starts on this land that
“Girls, lets go to school”, and tells the education     has been inspiring and perpetuating the
struggle of the idealist teacher called Hayat, in an    dreams for thousands of years.. A school
underdeveloped village which was forgotten              in Capadoccia… Hundreds of young people
between the mountains in Van. In “Calypso of life”      come here and find their dreams on this
not only education – learning problems, also            land that shelters a history of thousands of
regional cultural differences are mentioned.            years and learn the way of making them
                                                        come true.
Cast      : Devin Çınar ÖZGÜN,
           Sermin HÜRMERİÇ, Melih GÖRGÜN,               Cast       : Gökhan ATALAY, Zeynep KIZILTAN,
           Betül ARIM, Haldun BOYSAN                                 Emel ÇÖLGEÇEN, Cem ÖZEREN,
Directed by : Hakan GÜRTOP                                           Şener SAVAŞ, Enis ARIKAN
Genre     : Drama                                       Directed by : Atilla CENGİZ
TX Date   : 2006                                        TX Date    : 2009

                                                134                                                                                      135

Spring is in the Air 26x60’                                                                                                              Swinging Hearts 14x60'
Her one and only daughter’s suspicious          trying to escape from the troubles               The story of Gönül, who is an intern doctor    running away from the brother and men of
death on the very same day when she was         haunting her in order not to go astray have      and events start with finding her childhood    the bride’s brother, a motorcycle hits to
accepted to the most prestigious music          all returned to life thanks to the donated       love Murat after 14 years. The only thing      him. The driver of the motorcycle is Gönül,
band of the Middle East has meant the end       organs of Bahar.                                 that remained in Gönül’s mind from the         and the man who she had hit is her love
of all springs in the world for her. The only                                                    quarter at the Şirinevler from which her       that she has been waiting from when she
                                                These four young people who have
branch through which a mother has held                                                           father left them is Murat. For her mother      is 10. Two youngsters do not know each
                                                returned to life thanks to organ donation
onto life has been broken now. Everything                                                        and sister Cansu, Gönül worked as a man,       other. Zehra keeps Murat in a lodge at the
                                                try to find Bahar’s mother to pay their debt
else has been lost in an eternal winter for                                                      worked in every kind of job, and besides       quarter. Murat who is satisfied from his
                                                of gratitude… And a new spring starts with
Güzide, who lives for the purpose of                                                             this achieved to finish the medical faculty.   new life, starts to feel something to Zehra.
                                                these four youngsters who come into
finding the murderer of her daughter.                                                            And Murat’s father left their house and
                                                Güzide’s life by concealing their identities.                                                   Cast      : Ayşe Şule BİLGİÇ, Kıraç,
                                                                                                 after that time Murat had started to live in
However, an utterly different spring                                                                                                                       Nalan YAVUZ, Umut TEMİZAŞ,
                                                Directed by : Hakan Gürtop                       luxury through his grandfather’s and
embraces everywhere from all quarters…                                                                                                                     İskender DOĞAN,
                                                Cast       : Sumru Yavrucuk , Altan Erkekli,     mother’s fortune. Because of the
Ece who has been doomed to an unhappy                                                                                                                      Müge ORUÇKAPTAN,
                                                            Özlem Conker, Gözde Kansu,           sassiness derives from this richness, he
marriage due to her husband’s fear of                                                                                                                      Burak SARIMOLA, Celil NALÇAKAN,
                                                            Başak Daşman, Tarık Ündüz,           decided to marry with Aylin who he had                    Serhat ÖZCAN
death; Seda who is a lonely police officer
                                                            Burak Önal, Gülden Dudarık,          met in a pub. Murat feels remorse for his
living in a universe full of violence; Özkan                                                                                                    Directed by : Şenol SÖNMEZ
                                                            Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, Nurcan Eren,   decision and leaves the bride at the
who is a lonely and kleptomaniac                                                                                                                Genre     : Family
                                                            Ümit Olcay, Selçuk Sazak,            wedding table and run away. While he was
youngster overwhelmed by his mother’s                                                                                                           TX Date   : 2007
                                                            Aslı İçözü ve Mehmet Mehmetov.
pressure; Emine who is a singer always
                                                TX Date    : 2009

                                              136                                                                                      137

The Enemy in
the Mirror 13x80'                                                                                                                       Three Women 13x55'
The activities and existence of the secret    himself involved in very mysterious events      Derya’s husband died years ago and she          sport academy, gives sport lessons to
Three-star agency, which is known by very     together with a new love.                       lives with her son Hakan and daughter           Sema who is in high society. Between Naz
few people and which is at the heart of all                                                   Naz. At this challenging period, Mr. Ziya       and the adopt child of Sema, Engin, an
                                              Cast      : Şafak SEZER, Haluk PİYES,
dark and bloody activities, are at risk.                                                      who is her lover and also boss, helps her.      emotional relation starts.
                                                         Mine TUGAY, Mahir GÜNŞİRAY,
Because, as Murat, who lost his memory,                                                       Mr. Ziya’s alcoholic and voluptuary wife
                                                         Fadik Sevin ATASOY, Mehmet ÇEVİK,                                                    Cast       : Fikret HAKAN, İpek TENOLCAY,
researches his past and his personality,                                                      and his son who works at the same work
                                                         Barış KILIÇ, Elif DURU, Münir AKÇA                                                               Nefise KARATAY
the agency becomes uncovered. After                                                           are not satisfied with this relation. At this
                                              Directed by : Hakan Eren KURŞUN                                                                 Directed by : Atıf YILMAZ
Servet Yağmur gets killed, as a person                                                        time, because the son of Derya,
                                              Genre     : Drama                                                                               Genre      : Family
knowing very much about the agency,                                                           impregnate Emel who is a poor and young
                                              TX Date   : 2009                                                                                TX Date    : 2005
Murat meets his daughter and finds                                                            girl, he had to marry her after the threats
                                                                                              that he had taken. Naz, who is a student in

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                140 Best Friends
                                                142 Cille
                                                144 Knock-Kneed
                                                146 Lost Medallion
                                                148 Postboy
                                                150 Science House of Grandpa Alim
                                                152 Cartoonland
                                                153 Hit
                                                154 I Wonder How?
                                                155 Little Hezarfen
                                                156 Mint and Lemon
                                                157 Once Upon A Time Keloglan Tales
                                                158 Pepee
                                                159 What is this?

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                Best Friends                      13x35’
                                                The series is about daily lives of a group of children

                                                of 10-15 ages with an entertaining, active and funny
                                                point of view. Cihan and Taha considers themselves
                                                as future investigative journalists and are
                                                shutterbugs. When they try to gather news from
                                                their surroundings for a news site they prepared,
                                                they bear witness to some mysterious events and
                                                have a different adventure in each part of the series.

                                                Produced by : Deniz Ceylan
                                                Directed by : Sema Aytaç
                                                TX Date     : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                Cille          13x20’
                                                On a fine day, an excavation team accidentally found

                                                the soil book but they could not read its content
                                                because languages and cultures of people had
                                                changed for centuries.

                                                They only could understand some words such as
                                                “door”, “cille”, “together” and “opens”. There were
                                                three “cille” in dark colors in the book. Researchers
                                                were excited and they started for searching the

                                                They had placed their cilles in the nests at the same
                                                time when they found the İkivak tree in the Demirci
                                                valley as a result of their long time struggles.
                                                Researchers found themselves in legendary land of
                                                Ezaki when all environs plunged into darkness.

                                                Produced by : M. Musab Gündüz, Hasan Aşık
                                                Directed by : Özgün Zümrüt, Çağrı Cem Batraklı, Gökhan Aşık
                                                TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                Knock-Kneed 80x10’
                                                A chirpy program speaks same language with

                                                children! Knock-Kneed starts to move with a
                                                suitcase of surprises and roads always take it to
                                                little children.

                                                Knock-Kneed gives unique times to little children
                                                with its fun-filled plays and shows. Not only it
                                                enriches their dream worlds but also contributes to
                                                their development of intelligence.

                                                Following each show it comes to guessing part that
                                                children wait it impatiently and then little children
                                                try to find the things described by Knock-Kneed by
                                                way of pantomime. Colorful gifts belong to children
                                                at the end! Children are surprised and Knock-Kneed
                                                having a great time!

                                                Children, who are having breaks of 10 minutes,
                                                make way for being individuals smiling to life.

                                                Produced by : Tülin Yenilmez
                                                Directed by : Ezgi Otuz
                                                TX Date     : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                Lost Medallion 26x35’
                                                Emir and Merve are two little children living an

                                                ordinary life, until they learn about the “Lost
                                                Medallion” legend and become the keeper of this
                                                great secret. Topmost underground organization of
                                                the world is in search of them and the medallion
                                                must be kept away from deviltry. The series aims to
                                                support mental and emotional development of the
                                                children and to improve their problem-solving

                                                Produced by : Cengiz Özdemir
                                                Directed by : Ahmet Hoşsöyler
                                                TX Date    : 2010

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation

                                                Postboy 12x5’
                                                This cartoon series is prepared for children of 4-8

                                                age and is about a boy named Panos, who tries to
                                                deliver the missing letters found under the ground
                                                in İstanbul to their receivers together with his dog
                                                Dost. This production introduces children with local
                                                cultures and differentiations and aims to show them
                                                the common culture and heritage belonging to
                                                whole humankind.

                                                Produced by : Haluk Bener
                                                Directed by : Haluk Bener
                                                TX Date    : 2009

Turkish Radio & Television Corporation
                                                Science House of
                                                Grandpa Alim 12x5’
                                                This production is prepared in order to increase

                                                awareness of children and to ensure their
                                                connection with the happenings around them. The
                                                production is prepared with stop-motion technique
                                                and aims to assist children for them to solve
                                                especially mathematical problems. The character
                                                Grandpa Alim settles the problems of his grandson
                                                Bilgin with clear and explanatory expressions and
                                                via simple experiments. 3-D animations also
                                                support the expressions.

                                                Produced by : M. Selim Arvas
                                                Directed by : Deniz Yamak
                                                TX Date     : 2010
                                              152                                                                                     153

Cartoonland 30x4'                                                                                                                     Hit 13x20'
You must experience the month of              icecream man never resembles to the           A brand new cartoon series is presented to      supporting their education process by
Ramadan in Cartoonland as well! The           other icecream men!                           little adventure fan viewers! Four friends      referring to the subjects that contributes
Taleteller Plane Tree will welcome you in                                                   with certain inherent physical talents          in the personal development of little
this cute place in greens, but be careful,    The Humorist Headman chats with the
                                                                                            become a team that struggles for the            viewers. References to subjects like global
the Plane may fall asleep before telling      oldies, sings the traditional songs for the
                                                                                            goodness with the guidance of their school      warming, environmental awareness,
the end of the tale! You can see the          night and he plays the drum very well in
                                              the time of sahur!                            principal, who is their mentor. Only they       benevolence, healthy diet, and
Repairer Vedat, who could not complete                                                      can stop the evil-minded Boss and his           accommodation to social life are among
his water-burning car project, in some feet   Everyone knows and likes the crabby oldie,    gang.                                           other factors that render the series, which
away.                                         who is a troublemaker and does not obey                                                       promises fun and adventure in every
                                              the line for the special Ramadan bread!       Wonderful Jobs Team (WJT) is a good
The voices coming from the laboratory of                                                                                                    episode, successful.
                                              What about the internet guy? The story of     alternative for kids to spend good time
the Professor tells us the news of a new
                                              technology house of Cartoonland is not as     thanks to its strong scenario and plot.         Produced by : Kerem Tülün, Nurullah Yenihan
invention! But this is so, if we can really
                                              regarded!                                     Besides, the cartoon series also                Directed by : Mert Kaleli
call them as inventions! His assistant
                                                                                            accomplishes the mission of closely             TX Date     : 2009
bears him for the sake of love of science,    The Brave, who will protect you from all
otherwise he would already run away.          the badness at nights, is quite chicken in

Halil’s farm is active as always! The fight   contradiction to his name! But he should
between the crows and the chickens            not hear so we say!
seems to last forever! Moreover the           You have never seen a place like
farmer Halil is an expert on the easiest      Cartoonland with the crazy dentist, the
way of doing business!                        truck driver, the children with full of joy
The children are playing on the streets       and the lake surrounded by the trees!
errantly as always! They are Ömer, Erman      Produced by : Karton Production
and Ceyhun. The team is complete. But the     Directed by : Serhat ALBAMYA
children must keep silence, otherwise the     TX Date     : 2009
Inventor Icecream Man will see them! This
                                             154                                                                                       155

I Wonder How? 20x4'                                                                                                                    Little Hezarfen 13x15'
“I Wonder How?” is an experimental           For each experiment, firstly the materials      “It happens if you imagine”… here is the        perception of today’s kids. The production,
programme. The compere carries out           to be used are listed and then the              introduction sentence of an extraordinary       which ensures a sound basis for the
informative, educative and enjoyable         experiment is performed. Upon                   story! His only dream was to fly. He needs      curious and entrepreneur child portrait,
experiments during the programme.            completion of the experiment with an            to go on a journey that is fraught with         provides the viewer with funny minutes
                                             enjoyable description, the results are          difficulties in order to make it. His closest   thanks to its ironic and humorous
The experiments and performed with
                                             commented and the reasons of the results        friends, Yakup and Melike, keep Little          narration. Little Hezarfen aims at enabling
easily-found materials at home and the
                                             are explained via supportive animation and      Hezarfen company during his flying              children to acquire common sense and
object of the programme is to increase
                                             graphics. After these, the reflections of the   adventure in pursuit of new inventions in       sincerity rather than giving them boring
interest of the target audience on science
                                             experiment in industry is told or related to    each episode.                                   advices.
and improve their practical intelligence
                                             a historical character.
and manual skills.                                                                           The cartoon series stands out with its          Produced by : M. Musab GÜNDÜZ, Hasan AŞIK
                                             Produced by : Sanal Studio                      achievement in reflecting the epic              Directed by : Özgün ZÜMRÜT, Gökhan AŞIK,
                                             Directed by : Eray YILMAZ                       atmosphere of Istanbul and with its                         Çağrı Cem BAYRAKLI
                                             TX Date     : 2009                              realistic dialogues in line with the            TX Date    : 2009

                                              156                                                                                   157

                                                                                                                                    Once Upon A Time
Mint and Lemon 26x10'                                                                                                               Keloglan Tales 39x13'
Two imp brother and sisters, Mint (girl)      conscious and balanced diet. It is essential   Good-willed, honest and a bit witty. We are   with his significant place in the Anatolian
and Lemon (boy) learn to cook interesting     and necessary to form this conscious in        talking about Keloglan! This aboveboard       culture, is jumping from adventure to
cakes, desserts in their kitchen in the       childhood. The TV programmes for               character finding practical solutions to      adventure with his joyous laughter,
world of colourful food and fruits and take   children must adopt this mission in            problems will provide entertaining            beautiful songs, his animal friends with
lessons from some of their misbehaviors       addition to the the parents for growing        moments to the viewer with this three         which he can speak and his giant friends.
and learn how to get a balanced diet. Each    healthy generations. The object of this        dimension animated series comprised of
                                                                                                                                           Produced by : Sevgi KARTARI
part starts with a different misbehavior,     programme is offering an enjoyable model       twenty six episodes.
                                                                                                                                           Directed by : Sevgi KARTARI
develops with happenings and dialogues        to children for their healthy nutrition.
                                                                                             In this “Once Upon a Time Keloglan Tales”     TX Date    : 2009
between them and kitchen apparatus and
                                              Produced by : M. Musab GÜNDÜZ, Hasan AŞIK      being the re-interpreted version, Keloglan,
fruits and ends with a new invented food
                                              Directed by : Özgün ZÜMRÜT, Gökhan AŞIK,
and a final misbehavior.
                                                          Çağrı Cem BAYRAKLI

The most important condition for a healthy    TX Date    : 2009
and racily living is to learn how to get a
                                               158                                                                                        159

Pepee 13x7'                                                                                                                               What is this? 26x2'
Pepee is a project creating cartoon            In each part the adventures of PEPEE, a         We have 5 characters in our series and all        they make individually. Also the answer of
characters and telling educative stories by    very clever and curious child for learning      have the ability of transforming into any         –this is shall be received in the meaning of
these characters with animation                Turkish tradition, custom, convenance and       other form (morphing). They are a kind of         “here it is”.
technique.                                     culture, his beloved dog KÖPÜŞ, cute            body language manikin. They do not have
                                                                                                                                                 The character who considers that he found
                                               girlfriend ŞİLA, his giraffe friend ZULU, his   the ability of speaking other than making
This is TURKEY’S FIRST 3D ANIMATION                                                                                                              the answer told by the teller shall clap his
                                               moving pencil KALİŞ and his bicycle are         little sounds or shouts. Therefore they use
FOR 0-5 YEARS OLD, which tells funny                                                                                                             hands and declare the answer by shaping
                                               told in an enjoyable and educative manner.      the ability of transformation of their hands,
stories of character Pepee and his friends                                                                                                       his body. If his answer is correct, he shall
                                                                                               arms, mimics and bodies in order to tell
and supports mental improvement of 0-5         Produced by : Ayşe Şule KIRAÇ                                                                     accept acclamations and congratulations
year-old children in an enjoyable manner.      Directed by : AŞK & Enes BÜYÜK                                                                    and if answer is wrong, he shall
The children can learn a lot things with the   TX Date     : 2009                              These charcters are involved in a PLAY-           demonstrate the right answer again by
help of pepee and his friends during                                                           PUZZLE in the series. In each part, one of        using his body.
having fun.                                                                                    them tries to tell something and the
                                                                                                                                                 Each part of the total 26 parts shall
                                                                                               others try to find what it is. The teller uses
                                                                                                                                                 include one question-puzzle play. A
                                                                                               transformation ability of his hands, arms,
                                                                                                                                                 different character shall make his unique
                                                                                               mimics and body.
                                                                                                                                                 demonstration in each part and the others
                                                                                               The main themes of the puzzle questions           shall try to find the answer.
                                                                                               are Object (thing), Animal, Profession and
                                                                                                                                                 The answer shall be shown by using the
                                                                                                                                                 body language, as well as on the screen in
                                                                                               The characters can only make two types of         writing at the end of each part.
                                                                                               sound. For instance all their responds
                                                                                                                                                 All this animation, play-puzzle has an
                                                                                               include the words “what”, “whaat”,
                                                                                                                                                 educative feature also, as it shows all
                                                                                               “whaaat” and “is this”, “is thiis”, “is thiiis”
                                                                                                                                                 relevant objects and their areas of use,
                                                                                               in different sound levels. Therefore the
                                                                                                                                                 which are related to the object in question.
                                                                                               questions of –what is this? and –this is
                                                                                                                                                 Furthermore it shall contribute to the
                                                                                               what? shall be obtained from the voices
                                                                                                                                                 ability of rapid-thinking.

                                                                                                                                                 Produced by : Niyazi ÖZYURT
                                                                                                                                                 Directed by : Niyazi ÖZYURT

                                                                                                                                                 TX Date    : 2009

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