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                                                     Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Course Prospectus

Welcome                                                                  1
Counselling: The Fastest Growing Industry Sector in the Country          4
    Counselling… an enriching career                                     5
    Learn about yourself                                                 6
    Improve how you perform your current job                             6
A Long History of Helping                                                8
    Learning that fits around your lifestyle                            10
Your Home Study Program                                                 11
Why Institute Courses Are So Well Accepted                              12
You Are Supported By The Largest Team in Australia                      13
    External doesn't mean distant                                       13
    Toll Free Study Assistance with Degree Qualified Education
       Advisers                                                         13
    Practical Experience                                                14
    Tutorials                                                           15
    Institute Web Site                                                  15
    Unique Resources to expand your learning                            16
Your Most Cost Effective Path To Become A Counsellor                    17
Your Training Pathway                                                   18
The Diploma of Counselling                                              19
    Advanced Study Majors                                               22
    Abuse Counselling                                                   23
    Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution                    24
    Career Counselling                                                  25
    Child Development and Effective Parenting                           26
    Counselling Clients with Addictions                                 27
    Family Therapy                                                      28
    Grief and Loss Counselling                                          29
    Workplace Counselling                                               30
Upon Graduation                                                         31
How Our Students And Graduates Rate Our Performance                     32
Frequently Asked Questions                                              33
How To Commence Your Studies With The Institute                         36

                                 Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                         Thank you for your interest in becoming a
                         professional counsellor.

                         Counselling is recognised as one of the most
                         personally and professionally rewarding careers. And
                         the need for counsellors in Australia has never been
                         greater. Increasing societal pressures and eroding
                         values have created a massive need in our
                         communities for qualified counsellors.

                         This need is evidenced by a recent Australian Labor
                         Force Survey indicating the Counselling profession has
                         outgrown All Other Occupations by more than 200%.
                         And the industry employing counsellors, the
                         Community Services and Health Sector, is predicted to
                         be the fastest growth industry over the next 5 years.

                         As you can see, the demand for counsellors is high,
                         and continuing to grow. It's this demand that's
                         creating a lot of career opportunities for you in this
                         rewarding field.

                         As a qualified counsellor, there are many opportunities
                         for you as an employee or in private practice. You can
                         make a real difference in areas such as grief and loss;
                         relationships; abuse; youth and adolescents; family;
                         stress; trauma recovery; addictions; mental health
                         and many more.

                         We've helped people from all sorts of backgrounds
                         become counsellors. Many of our students are
                         professionals seeking to acquire counselling skills as
                         an adjunct to their core profession, such as teachers,
                         nurses, ministers of religion, corrective services
                         officers and administrators. And many students are
                         seeking a fresh start in a rewarding profession, having
                         not studied for many years.

Course Prospectus

Whatever your background, our students all share a
strong desire to assist others. Maybe you're someone
that displays a natural empathy to others; that people
turn to for help in times of need. Maybe you've been
through personal challenges that have inspired you to
assist others facing similar circumstances.

Whatever your motivation to contact us, it's your
natural desire and ability to help others that we seek
to evolve and formalise through our training.

Over the past 19 years we've helped over 50,000
people from 27 countries pursue their goal of
becoming a professional counsellor. Training
counsellors is our sole focus. And this focus gives us
some very unique insights into the needs of the

We have a dedicated team of over 80 psychologists,
counsellors, curriculum writers, educators and
industry representatives, whose sole purpose is to
ensure our courses are of the highest educational
value.                                                           “Two years ago I never
                                                                 thought I would be a
And since its inception, AIPC has been a leader in the           counsellor, it was the
area of flexible learning.                                       furtherest career choice
                                                                 from my mind. I quickly
We understand that in today's fast paced world it can
                                                                 realised the cut and thrust of
be difficult to find the time to gain a qualification. For
                                                                 ruthless competitors and
this reason we have a strong focus on making our                 deadlines was in complete
programs as accessible and flexible to your needs as             contrast to the caring and
possible.                                                        sensitive side of my nature
                                                                 that was being battered by
Our courses are self paced, allowing you to progress
                                                                 profit and loss statements.
at a speed that suits you; either moderately according
to your lifestyle commitments, or faster if you wish to          Since I took this step I have
gain your qualification more rapidly.                            not looked back, and I know
                                                                 deep within myself to the
Our courses can be completed externally by working
                                                                 core of who I am that I have
through your course material at home. This is
                                                                 finally found what I was
particularly useful if you have other obligations in your        looking for in life.”
life that occupy your time.
                                                                 Darren Radley

                                                    Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                       So, no matter where you live or how busy you are, we
                                       make it possible for you to achieve your goal of
                                       becoming a professional counsellor.

                                       Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more
                                       about AIPC and our programs.

                                       Kind Regards,

                                       Sandra Poletto
                                       Chief Executive Officer

                                       PS As counselling is one of Australia's fastest growing
                                       industries, I'm sure you'll find a career in counselling
      “Initially I thought I wanted
      to gain the counselling skills   offers you a variety of exciting and fulfilling
      and knowledge as a general       employment opportunities.
      interest. But as the course
      progressed, I began to
      entertain the thought that I
      could pursue employment
      with these counselling skills
      where my caring,
      empathising qualities would
      be utilised. A job that would
      make a positive difference
      and contribution in other's
      lives, and at the same time
      provide personal satisfaction
      and fulfillment.

      Graduating with the Diploma
      is such an unbelievable
      feeling of accomplishment
      and also it's providing
      opportunities and changes
      in my life that were not
      possible a couple of years

      Carol Lockwood

Course Prospectus

Counselling: The Fastest Growing Industry Sector
In The Country
There has never been a better time for you to become a counsellor. The need for
counsellors in Australia has never been greater. As a qualified counsellor you'll be
doing what you love, and have the security of knowing there are many opportunities
for work and self employment.

This is evidenced by the February 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force
Survey, which highlighted that over the last few years the counselling profession has
grown at a rate of 23.1%; outgrowing All other Occupations by more than 200%.
And the industry employing counsellors, the Community Services and Health Sector,
is predicted to be the fastest growth industry over the next 5 years.

The Community Services and Health industries underpin the national economy and
workforce. They are the 4th largest employer group, the 2nd fastest growing
industry over the last 5 years, and has the fastest industry growth rate predicted in
the next 5 years (DEWR 2005).

The demand for counsellors creates significant opportunity for you in this rewarding
field. As a counsellor you can be employed in the Community Services and Health
fields, or even set up your own private practice. Either way, you can make a real
difference helping people in your community.

     % 30
        20                                  13.2                       11.8
                    10.2                                        8.5
                                   7.0               4.6
        10                                                                          4.3     3.9
               Health &      Education       Government          Property &       Personal & Other
              Community                     Administration&   Business Services       Services
               Services                        Defence

                                   Counsellors        All Occupations

Graph 1 – Main employing industries

                                                           Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                      Counselling... an enriching career
                                      It's rare these days to hear people talk about their
                                      work with true passion. You hear so many stories of
                                      people working to pay the bills; putting up with
                                      imperfect situations; and compromising on their true

                                      That's why it's always so refreshing to hear regular
                                      stories from graduates living their dream to be a
                                      counsellor. They're always so full of energy,
                                      enthusiasm and passion. There's no doubt that
                                      counselling is one of the most personally rewarding
                                      and enriching professions.

      “I started my studies with      Just imagine someone comes to you for assistance.
      AIPC in April 2001 and I        They're emotionally paralysed by events in their life.
      graduated in September          They can't even see a future for themselves. They can
      2005. I definitely consider     only focus on their pain and grief. The despair is so
      myself to have had the          acute it pervades their entire life. Their relationship is
      opportunity over and over to    breaking down and heading towards a divorce. They
      put some of the skills I was    can't focus on work and are getting in trouble with
      learning to great use in        their boss. They feel they should be able to handle
      helping others deal with the    their problems alone, but know they can't. It makes
      tragedies they were going
                                      them feel helpless, worthless. Their self esteem has
      through. The last four and a
                                      never been lower. They're caught in a cycle of
      half years have certainly
      been a time of self-            destruction and pain.
      development for myself due      Now imagine you have the knowledge and skills to
      to the subjects we covered in
                                      help this person overcome their challenges. You assist
      the Diploma. I was able,
                                      to relieve their intense emotional pain. You give them
      through my studies, to find
      my strengths and draw on        hope for the future. You assist them to build their self
      them when they were most        esteem…
      needed. AIPC has a
                                      As a counsellor you can experience these personal
      wonderful support team so
                                      victories every day. And it's truly enriching. There is
      no matter how hard the road
      is, keep going! It's worth it   nothing more fulfilling than helping another person
      in the end and the skills you   overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.
      learn are valuable tools for

      Michelle Lees

Course Prospectus

Learn about yourself
Life can be challenging at times. We're forced to
confront issues we're not prepared for. Unfortunately,
we're not born into this world with a user manual.
We're required to go through life doing the best we
can. Sure we have friends and family to help us, but
they're also just doing the best they can.

A wonderful benefit of becoming a counsellor is the
self-learning. Becoming a counsellor is an enjoyable           “When I enrolled in the
journey of self discovery. Counselling is a science of         Diploma in Counselling
personal effectiveness. An understanding of                    course with AIPC, I was
counselling principles provides you with a clear               searching for a new road to
understanding of yourself, as well as those around             take in my life and career. As
you.                                                           the course progressed, my
                                                               emotional and physical
As a counsellor you'll understand why you feel, think          healing also progressed in
and behave as you do. And you'll be able to                    parallel with the knowledge I
implement strategies in your own life so that you're           learned from my studies
happier, healthier, and more able to face life's               about human psychology
challenges.                                                    and behaviour.

                                                               Just recently I reached
Improve how you perform your current job                       another goal, to enter the
                                                               health care industry, by
Have you ever thought about how your ability to deal           securing a part-time position
with people affects how well you perform at your job?          with a peak health care
                                                               association. The Diploma's
Most occupations require us to deal with people all            Case Management unit gave
day. Whether it's colleagues, clients, bosses or the           me the edge in getting the
public, much of our day is spent with people. How              position.
well you communicate and deal with people
dramatically affects how well you perform at your job;         I have also started seeing
and how much you enjoy it.                                     clients with health crisis and
                                                               age related issues. The
Counselling skills give you an advantage at work.              Diploma in Counselling
Imagine when you need something done, instead of               enabled me to see what it is
requesting it in a manner that leads to conflict or            I want to do with my new
resentment, you could communicate in a way such                skills, and where my
that people conceded to your requests and felt good            'passion' is.”
about it!
                                                               Carmel Timmins

                                                  Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                      Or maybe you feel uncomfortable suggesting an idea,
                                      thinking you may be ignored or ridiculed. Counselling
                                      skills will assist you to be more assertive, in a way
                                      that won't be perceived as forceful.

                                      Many professionals are almost expected to know
                                      counselling as an adjunct to their job. Teachers,
                                      nurses, ministers, corrective services officers, health
                                      professionals, and so many more often play the 'role'
                                      of counsellor. Formal counselling skills will assist you
      “My main work is with the       perform your role better, and ensure you're providing
      Yolngu people who are the       truly helpful advice.
      Aboriginal people of the
                                      We have an enormous number of professionals
      Nhulunbuy area, and I am
                                      undertake our courses for these reasons. Counselling
      the alcohol and drug
      educator/counsellor. The        skills assist them become more effective in many
      course gave me so much          areas relating to their work including communication
      assistance in my job. As I      and interpersonal skills; conflict resolution;
      went on learning, I was able    assertiveness; stress management; time management
      to understand and help          and organisational skills, and group facilitation.
      people work through issues.
                                      A profound understanding of people and why they
      One of my main roles in my      behave as they do is extraordinarily useful.
      work is community
      development so people are
      occupied with something
      other that alcohol and other
      drugs. To do this you need
      to overcome a huge false
      belief that these people have
      of being useless and needing
      to depend on social security.
      Their real needs are in
      coping with anxiety,
      depression and overcoming
      low self esteem and I have
      now some tools to help. As a
      result, I have helped
      establish an Alcohol and
      Drug Education Unit in one
      of the communities.”

      Stephen Johns

Course Prospectus

A Long History Of Helping
The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
(the Institute) was Australia's first, and still is the only
exclusive, national provider of counsellor education.
Our focus is the same today as it has always been –
to provide you with the highest quality counsellor
education with a full range of student and graduate
support functions.

It's due to this focus we've become Australia's
National Home Study Counselling Specialist. Studying
with the Institute you get more value because we
don't pass on expensive campus costs; more flexibility
because you study at your own pace; and more
individual support through our local Student Support
Centres and diverse support services. You also get
high quality education from the specially designed
course material that enhances your learning

The standard of counsellor education set by the
Institute is exceptionally high. All Institute lecturers
and academic staff have their principal tertiary
qualifications in Psychology, Behavioural Science or
another appropriate discipline, and all meet national
registration requirements. Institute lecturers also have
several years practical counselling experience
combined with recognised instructional skills.

Over 50,000 students in 19 years, in over 27 countries
have been delighted in their counselling qualification.

It's been a wonderful journey over the last 19 years
(the Institute was first established in 1990). And it's
been a pleasure to assist so many people realise their
counselling aspirations in that time.

                                                     Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                      Why are so many people delighted with their studies?
                                      Our research over the years highlights three key

                                      1. Our courses and personnel have just ONE specific
                                         focus… Excellence in Counselling Education. We
                                         live and breathe counselling education. Nothing
                                         distracts that focus.

                                      2. Exceptional value for your education investment.
                                         Our courses are always much more affordable
                                         than other counsellor education providers. Our
                                         unique focus on counselling education, the large
      “After many years in the
      hairdressing and hospitality       number of students undertaking our programs,
      industry, I started to think       and the flexible way we deliver our courses
      about a change in my career        provide cost savings that we pass on to you.
      direction. Secretly I dreamt       Providing exceptional value in counselling
      of working within the social       education has been a cornerstone mission of the
      or community services              Institute from the day we began some 19 years
      sector because I loved             ago.
      working with people, but the
      thought of going to             3. The flexibility to study where, when and how you
      University was daunting to         want to. Our programs are designed to be as
      say the least.                     flexible as possible. This allows you to fit your
                                         studies around other commitments. And you can
      I was unsure where the             study at a pace that suits you... 18 to 24 months
      Diploma would lead me, but         or over 3 or 4 years. You decide, because you are
      I was determined to pursue         in charge.
      a new and meaningful
      career. When I first started    No two people have the same circumstances. You no
      studying I was apprehensive,    doubt have issues affecting your life that are unique
      it had been a long time         to you and affect the speed and manner you'd like to
      between studies for me, an      study. You may be working full or part-time,
      academic I was not. I           undertaking other studies, or may not have studied
      graduated from the Diploma      for a long time. Let's face it, life is not predictable and
      and am currently working        in today's fast paced world it's important that your
      with women and children
                                      education is flexible enough to fit in with your other
      escaping Domestic Violence.
                                      important obligations.
      I could not wish for a better
      foundation than the AIPC

      Joy Kite

Course Prospectus

Learning that fits around your lifestyle
Today there are more and more demands on your
time. Gaining a qualification can be difficult when you
have to fit it around other commitments.

Most course providers still design their courses using
traditional methods. That was fine 10 years ago when
most students studied full time. Today we don't have
that luxury. You need to fit competing career, family
and lifestyle needs into the same hours.

That's why the Institute focuses on external, flexible
training. Our learning methods have evolved with the
times. Our training methods set a precedent in
flexibility and support. This means you can fit your          “Studying with AIPC whilst at
                                                              home raising two children
learning around your lifestyle whilst maintaining
                                                              and running a household
exceptional levels of quality and support.
                                                              empowered me as a woman,
Institute courses are designed to maximise your               I craved and needed
learning from home. You can progress at your own              something to stimulate
                                                              myself during the day once
pace, and assessment is progressive.
                                                              all the housework was done
The specialised course material and extensive support         and the children were happy.
provide you with all the expert support and advice            The Diploma has taught me
you need. Because you are in total control of your            useful life skills that will
                                                              always remain with me.
study time, you can complete your course several
                                                              Studying with AIPC has
times faster than by other means.
                                                              made me understand more
                                                              about human behaviour in a
                                                              selfless and insightful way.

                                                              Looking back I'm very
                                                              grateful for the
                                                              encouragement AIPC
                                                              provided me at a time that I
                                                              needed to get me where I
                                                              am today. Thank you to all
                                                              the support at AIPC that
                                                              provide people like me with
                                                              a Diploma that is nationally

                                                              Davina Gleeson

                                                 Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                        Your Home Study Program
                                        Whilst our courses are extremely flexible, we make no
                                        compromise on quality. Our training has evolved over 17
                                        years. We've developed a uniquely successful home
                                        study program. Home study students have unique needs
                                        and study requirements. By listening to, and
                                        continuously applying feedback from our students, we've
                                        been able to implement many pioneering strategies that
                                        make courses flexible, supportive, enjoyable and high

                                        Some of these benefits include:

                                          Specifically written and easy to understand study
                                          material, including workbooks, all purposefully
      “I still remember reading           designed to make your external studies as conducive
      that very first page of the
                                          to learning as possible. Even if you haven't studied for
      textbook with great gusto
                                          a long time you'll find the workbooks and readings
      and then reading it again,
      and again, and again. What          easy to follow.
      had I done? I hadn't studied        You have unlimited use of the Toll Free 1300 Study
      in 25 years! My                     Assistance Line, which puts you in contact with an
      comprehension skills had            Education Adviser who will answer all your study and
      abandoned me and I was              assessment queries.
      filled with self-doubt. Once
      the panic subsided, I               A Virtual Campus website where you can obtain study
      decided to start reading            assistance, check seminar and tutorial dates, watch
      slowly and saying the words         video lectures, download workbooks, submit
      out loud. If I didn't               assessment and review interesting links.
      understand something, I re-
      read it until I did. Within the     Tutorials are offered regularly and provide an ideal
      week my comprehension               forum for practical interaction, role-play, case
      skills returned and the             management, supervision and discussion.
      material was making sense.          Practical components that teach you to apply your
                                          theoretical knowledge to counselling scenarios. These
      I can't recommend the AIPC          practical components can be completed through
      course highly enough nor
                                          various accessible means, including interactive
      can I thank everyone
                                          seminars. Seminars provide you with an ideal vehicle
      enough for all their help.
      Thanks for a wonderful              to handle practical counselling issues. You also meet
      experience!”                        and share ideas and experiences with fellow students.
                                          If you are unable to attend seminars due to distance,
      Candy Meredith                      disability or other reasons, you can complete the
                                          practical components via alternate means.

Course Prospectus

Why Institute Courses Are So
Well Accepted
You're much better off learning from a specialist than a

Many training providers focused on maximising sales
deliver many courses in a variety of different areas. This
may work for them commercially, but it can also
jeopardise the quality of training.

Just think about it, in most instances they have the
same people develop courses in areas as diverse as
Business, IT, Administration, Travel, and Child Care. It's
just not possible (in our opinion) for these generalists to
create courses requiring specific knowledge and
experience to the same standard as a specialist.

The Institute specialises in training counsellors. It's all
we've done for over 19 years. This gives us a very
unique insight into the industry. And it translates into
highly applicable training.

Institute courses are developed by a team of qualified
and experienced professionals. We've refined our
programs over 19 years, implementing pioneering
training techniques, and integrating enormous amounts
of feedback.

Part of our mission as Australia's Home Study
Counselling Specialist is to continue to research and
develop ways to enhance your skills as a professional.
Each year the Institute dedicates an enormous amount
of time and resources to ensure our training is the most
up to date, professional, applicable training of its kind in

We recognise that if we are to evolve as better
professionals, our education programs must also evolve
to be consistent with the environment in which we live
and work. By maintaining the currency and relevance of
our training, we guarantee the value of the services our
graduates are able to provide clients and those around

                                                    Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                         You Are Supported By The
                         Largest Team In Australia
                         The Institute sets the benchmark for service and
                         support in external counselling studies in Australia.
                         We are the only counselling educator in Australia to
                         offer a complete external study support system,
                         developed over many years of research and
                         continuous feedback from students.

                         External doesn't mean distant
                         Whilst we specialise in external education, support is
                         always close at hand through our national network of
                         Student Support Centres. No matter where you live
                         there's a Student Support Centre in close proximity to
                         assist you with your needs. Even if you move State,
                         you can access services through the local Student
                         Support Centre to enjoy the same friendly local

                         Toll Free Study Assistance with Degree
                         qualified Education Advisers
                         You have unlimited access to the Institute's Toll Free
                         1300 Study Assistance Line. Our Degree qualified
                         Education Advisers are available between 9am to 5pm
                         E.S.T. Monday to Friday to provide you with friendly
                         academic support. Their focus is to support you
                         throughout your studies so you are able to graduate
                         in the timeframe you set. This includes answering
                         questions on assignment topics, personal coaching on
                         assignment writing, and providing hints and tips on
                         specific subjects if you feel you need the extra

Course Prospectus

Practical Experience
The courses are structured to ensure you graduate
with a high level of practical skill so you can apply
your counselling knowledge with confidence. Courses
include a number of compulsory practical components
covering a range of topics including Communication,
Counselling and Interview Skills, The Counselling
Process, Practical Application of Counselling Therapies
and Family Therapy.

Because we have students who live anywhere in
Australia, and indeed the world, we have a variety of
options to enable timely and effective completion of
the practical components. Seminars give you the
opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in
contemporary counselling scenarios. It's also a great
opportunity to get together with fellow students and
participate in casework sessions under the guidance
of a qualified Lecturer. To help facilitate your learning,
our seminars use case scenarios relating to everyday,
contemporary issues and provide a wonderful forum
for group discussion and interaction. Seminars are
held regularly in most capital cities throughout

If you are not able to attend seminars for whatever
                                                                 “Never in my life have I
reason, you can complete the practical components                experienced so much help
through alternate means. You may choose to attend a              for me to obtain the goal of
one-on-one or small group session with a private                 finishing this Diploma. The
assessor. We have qualified assessors available in               way that AIPC has bent over
many regional areas of Australia to assist students              backwards to help,
complete their practical components.                             encourage and just plain
                                                                 cheer me on is
You can also complete the practical components by                commendable. Words
recording demonstration of your skills on video tape             cannot express the gratitude
or DVD and sending in to us. We have detailed                    that I feel concerning your
guidelines to assist students compile their recordings           assistance. Keep up the good
and develop effective role plays to demonstrate their            work and once again thank
skills.                                                          you.”

                                                                 Popi Rawlings

                                                   Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors


                                     Tutorials are an optional study support service
                                     available at many Student Support Centres. Tutorials
                                     provide you with support for each written subject.
                                     They are conducted as a two-hour mini-lecture and
                                     assist you understand theory, provide tips on how to
                                     structure your study timetable, help you successfully
                                     compile your assignments and give you the
                                     opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

                                     If you are unable to attend a tutorial, you are invited
                                     to call our Toll Free Study Assistance Line to have
                                     your questions answered over the phone.

                                     Institute Web Site
                                     The Institute website contains an Online Resource
                                     Centre where you can access many study support and
                                     e-learning functions. You can:
      “The lovely people at AIPC,
      the administration team and      Download your workbooks to complete your
      student support team have        activities and upload for marking,
      been amazing in their            Contact an Online Education Adviser for study
      support and guidance and I       assistance,
      have nothing but the highest
      praise and the regard for        Access a Knowledge Base of the most commonly
      them. These are the people       asked questions for particular activities and
      with whom as a student you       concepts,
      have the most contact with
                                       See when the next seminar in your area is on,
      and they are all, each and
      every one of them, truly         Watch video lectures covering the main topics of
      amazing people with an           your course to supplement your learning.
      unenviable burden of
      encouraging and stimulating
      the lethargic and tired
      student. It has to be said
      that without their tireless
      enthusiasm, many a student
      would have crumbled at the

      Brian Rhodes

Course Prospectus

Unique Resources to expand your learning

The Institute has developed a range of unique
resources to help you expand your knowledge and
practical skills throughout your studies.

As a student you receive a complementary
subscription to The Professional Counsellor magazine.
The Professional Counsellor is an industry publication
full of practical case studies and counselling scenarios
to hone your skills and broaden your knowledge.

The Institute also has a large reference list of books
and resources for students who wish to broaden their
reading. This list covers the areas of Counselling,
Psychology, Sociology and Behavioural Science.

Capitalising on the accessibility of the internet, the
Institute has developed two websites to complement
your studies. The Institute's Articles site at is an online facility where
you can browse numerous articles on a variety of
counselling topics. And Counselling Connection, the
Institute's official blog at, assists you with
accessing the latest information about counselling and
what's happening in the industry.

                                                 Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                         Your Most Cost Effective Path To
                                         Become A Counsellor
                                         Considering everything you've read about the
                                         Institute, our support systems and personnel, you
                                         may find it difficult to understand how our courses
                                         are also the most competitively priced courses

                                         It seems ironic, but so many people enquiring about
                                         our programs ask, “How can you offer all this and be
                                         the most competitively priced course of its kind?”

                                         It's a logical question. People naturally tend to
                                         associate quality with price.

                                         However, when you have volume, you can have the
                                         best of price and quality.

      “With the flexibility that         Just think about this for a moment. Other training
      external study with AIPC           providers also have premises and staff, and advertise
      allowed I was able to stay         their programs (the main costs for an education
      home and care for my young         company). But they need to fund those costs with
      son, yet still feel ‘productive’   5% to 10% of the number of students the Institute
      and ‘challenged’. Trying to        has. They must offset their costs by charging
      fit in study time and single       significantly more for their programs. And that also
      parenting was pretty               doesn't leave them with much to invest back into
      challenging itself at times        course development to maintain quality and
      but we got there in the end.       applicability.
      To have come from a time in
      my life of feeling so lost to      So, although it seems a little strange at first, you can
      ‘now’ is an amazing feeling.       see how it makes sense that we offer the highest
      Studying with AIPC has             quality programs, with the best support services and
      opened my eyes and my              graduate outcomes, for the most competitive
      heart to who I really am,          investment.
      what I want out of life and
      the foundation skills that I       In fact, other counselling training providers charge 2
      need to reach my goals.            to 5 times more for their programs because they
      Thank you to all the staff at      don't have the volume cost efficiencies. And in most
      AIPC for your invaluable           instances, cannot provide you with anywhere near
      support and guidance.”
                                         the same level of support.
      Brooke Shoesmith

Course Prospectus

Your Training Pathway
The Institute delivers training at 4 academic levels:
Diploma, Bachelor, Vocational Graduate Certificate and
Vocational Graduate Diploma. The level you decide to
study at depends on how quickly you want to be
working as a counsellor; and your previous
qualifications and experience.

If you have no prior qualification or experience, it's
recommended you begin training at Diploma level.
Diploma level training is extremely practical. It'll
provide you with excellent foundation knowledge and
skill. Most industry associations, including the
Australian Counselling Association, will immediately
recognise your qualification.

If you already have a counselling qualification or
experience, and want to advance your learning, you
can do so through the Bachelor, Vocational Graduate
Certificate or Vocational Graduate Diploma.

Regardless of your present level of experience, the
Institute caters for your training requirements. Please
                                                             “My application was the
refer to the 'Which Course Should I Study?' flyer
                                                             beginning of the fulfilling of
included with this Prospectus for explanation of the         a life goal - to become a
flexible options available to commence or continue           Professional Counsellor.
your counselling education.                                  After careful consideration,
                                                             the Diploma with AIPC
                                                             seemed the better choice. I
                                                             was attracted by the
                                                             flexibility of a self-paced,
                                                             home study course which
                                                             would fit with family and
                                                             teaching commitments. As
                                                             well, the cost was affordable
                                                             in monthly instalments. For
                                                             me, the Diploma offered the
                                                             best value in terms of
                                                             money, time and equipping
                                                             me for the counselling role.”

                                                             Rosalie Follett

                                                Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                         The Diploma of Counselling…
                         …Australia's most popular counselling
                         The Institute's Diploma of Counselling is the most
                         popular counselling qualification in the country. It's
                         the perfect qualification to get your counselling career
                         kick started.

                         The Diploma is a careful blend of theory and practical
                         application. Theory is learnt through concise, user
                         friendly learning materials that have been carefully
                         designed to make your studies as accessible and
                         conducive to learning as possible.

                         All the readings, texts and resources you require have
                         been assimilated into structured course materials and
                         are provided to you as part of your course. This
                         means you do not have to go out and research
                         readings or purchase textbooks, leaving you to focus
                         all of your attention to learning.

Course Prospectus

Throughout the Diploma there are several seminars to
attend. Seminars are a great way to put counselling
theory into practice. They are held at regular intervals
throughout the year and you can attend at your                               Diploma
convenience. Seminars are run by highly qualified
professionals in a friendly and supportive

The Diploma of Counselling is a nationally acclaimed
course that has received worldwide recognition for its
contribution to the counselling industry. It is Austudy
and Abstudy approved and a Nationally Recognised
Training program.

The Diploma has also received Course Recognition
Status from the Australian Counselling Association            “Distance education helped
(ACA), Australia's largest counselling representative         me to go about earning a
body. As part of the Recognition process the course           living whilst I learned my
had to satisfy the Association on a broad range of            craft, while I always enjoyed
issues including academic content, depth and                  feelings of inclusivity from
relevance to the counselling industry. As a student or        the astute crew at AIPC. You
graduate of an ACA recognised course you will                 were ALWAYS there when I
automatically qualify to join as a member of the ACA.         needed direction, guidance,
                                                              support and encouragement.
The Diploma is the perfect foundation upon which to           What a client champion you
start your counselling career. It's an extremely              are! All of your staff are
interesting and comprehensive course.                         stand-outs, and when this
                                                              high human resource
The course material and support services are                  standard is replicated in the
designed to make the Diploma very achievable, even            training system and
if you have been away from studies for many years or          materials you provide
are looking to supplement your higher level education.        students, I am motivated to
A recent Student Survey showed that over 50% of               highly recommend AIPC to
Institute students were studying for the first time in        any individual seeking to
17 years or more!                                             become a recognised,
                                                              accredited and qualified
                                                              counselling graduate who
                                                              can confidently hit the
                                                              boards running into the
                                                              profession. In other words,
                                                              if I can do it, so can YOU!”

                                                              Jan Burguez

                                                 Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                              Diploma of Counselling - Course Outline
                                                             NTIS Code: CHC51708
       Unit Nos. & Unit Codes                   Unit Topic                     Unit of Competency Covered in Each Workbook

      Workbook 1                    Counselling and the                 Work within a structured counselling process and Support
      CHCCSL501A & CHCCSL507A       Counselling Process                 clients to decide on a course of action
      Workbook 2                    Communication and the               Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills
      CHCCSL502A                    Counselling Interview
      Workbook 3                    The Counselling Relationship Facilitate the counselling relationship

      Workbook 4                    Personality and Development Apply personality and development theories
      CHCCSL504A                    Theories
      Workbook 5                    Learning Theories                   Apply learning theories in counselling

      Workbook 6                    Cognitive Behavioural               Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL507A       Therapy                             issues and Support clients to decide on a course of action
      Workbook 7                    Person Centred Therapy              Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL507A                                           issues and Support clients to decide on a course of action
      Workbook 8                    Gestalt Therapy                     Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL507A                                           issues and Support clients to decide on a course of action
      Workbook 9                    Solution Focused Therapy            Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL507A                                           issues and Support clients to decide on a course of action
                                Holiday Allocation to be taken between Workbooks 6 and 9 (4 weeks)
      Workbook 10                   Narrative Therapy                   Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL507A                                           issues and Support clients to decide on a course of action
      Workbook 11                   Legal and Ethical Issues            Apply legal and ethical responsibilities in counselling practice
      CHCCSL508A & HLTOHS300A                                           and Contribute to OHS processes
      Workbook 12                   Counselling and Personal            Reflect and improve upon counselling skills
      CHCCSL509A                    Reflection
      Workbook 13                   Relationship Issues                 Work effectively with relationship issues

      Workbook 14                   Family Therapy                      Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client
      CHCCSL506A & CHCCSL511A                                           issues and Provide interventions to address family issues
      Workbook 15                   Client Suitability and Clients at Determine suitability of client for counselling services and
      CHCCSL512A & CHCCS514A        Risk                              recognise and Respond to individuals at risk
      Workbook 16                   Case Management                     Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case
      CHCCM503C                                                         management
                              Holiday Allocation to be taken between Workbooks 13 and 16 (4 weeks)
      Workbook 17                   Working with Diversity              Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-
      HLTHIR403B                                                        workers
      Unit 18                       Group Counselling                   Facilitate groups for individual outcomes

     1. The information included in this Course Outline is indicative of the final curriculum but may not necessarily contain all units
     necessary for completion of the course. All assessment that you complete throughout your studies will contribute to your final award.
     The Institute periodically revises the Diploma curriculum to maintain its position at the forefront of the counselling industry. Any
     changes, upgrades or expansions to the curriculum will be instigated in such a way that your studies are affected as little as possible

Course Prospectus

Advanced Study Majors
A notable feature of the Diploma of Counselling is that it's supported by a number of
optional Advanced Study Majors. Advanced Study Majors are an excellent way for
you to gain advanced knowledge and skill in a specialised counselling area.

The Advanced Study Major Program involves the completion of one or more of the
optional Advanced Study Majors in addition to the nationally recognised training
program, Diploma of Counselling.

Advanced Study Majors give you the opportunity to specialise in any of the following
highly relevant fields of counselling:
                     Abuse Counselling                                        Grief and Loss Counselling
                     Relationship Counselling and                             Child Development and
                     Conflict Resolution                                      Effective Parenting
                     Career Counselling                                       Workplace Counselling
                     Counselling Clients with                                 Family Therapy

Whilst the Advanced Study Majors are highly relevant to specialty areas in
counselling practice, by nature they do not form a part of Austudy or the accredited

Advanced Study Majors are designed to provide you with a higher level of practical
and theoretical knowledge in a specialised field of counselling.

As a graduate of an Advanced Study Major you'll be awarded a Statement of
Achievement and an additional presentation standard Transcript of Academic Record
that highlights your achievement, and the specialised skills you have gained.

Enrolment Options
              Study Option                                                  Award
                                                                            The student graduates with a
              Diploma of Counselling
   A          (No Advanced Study Major)                                     Diploma of Counselling
              Diploma of Counselling                                        The student graduates with a
   B          (+ one Advanced Study Major)                                  Diploma of Counselling
                 (eg Career Counselling)                                      Career Counselling

                                                                            The student graduates with a
              Diploma of Counselling
   C          (+ 1st Advanced Study Major) (eg. Grief & Loss Counselling)   Diploma of Counselling
                                                                              Grief & Loss Counselling
              (+ 2nd Advanced Study Major) (eg. Abuse Counselling)
                                                                              Abuse Counselling

Shown is a graphical illustration of the enrolment options which are available to you. Person ‘A’ has enrolled in the Diploma of
Counselling. Person ‘B’ has enrolled in one Advanced Study Major and Person ‘C’ has enrolled in two Advanced Study Majors.

Students are encouraged to pursue their interests in specialised fields of counselling through the Advanced Study Major Program. You
are invited to participate in as many Advanced Study Majors as you wish, all of which can be studied in conjunction with your Diploma
of Counselling course.

                                                                             Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                                       Abuse Counselling
                                       Unfortunately, in today's society there is an increasing
                                       need for counsellor support for individuals and
                                       families who are victims of different forms of abuse.
                                       The Abuse Counselling Advanced Study Major
                                       provides a comprehensive insight into the subject of
                                       abuse and teaches the counsellor to deal with
                                       sensitive Abuse issues in a professional and practical
      “I challenge the common
      belief that great jobs such as   Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:
      those working with the
      Government are only                Defining different types of abuse and exploring the
      reserved for those with            societal myths about abuse and abuse survivors
      degrees, as I am now               Exploring partner abuse and domestic violence
      working as a Caseworker            along with common intervention methods and
      with the Department of             programs
      Community Services (DOCS)
      in the area of child               The ethical and legal challenges and stresses of the
      protection. Although               role of abuse counsellor and how to address these
      application for this role          challenges
      required responses to a
                                         How to develop a trusting relationship with clients
      lengthy selection criteria, a
      half hour phone interview,         who have been abused
      3½ hours of assessments            Therapeutic techniques and approaches are
      and an ability to shine above      explored
      300 applicants, I persevered,
      kept my hopes and spirits          Recognising when to refer clients who have
      high and was fortunate to be       suffered abuse to another professional
      one of the 15 chosen for the       Working with perpetrators of abuse
      position on offer.
                                       Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and
      Thank you AIPC for helping       the Abuse Counselling Advanced Study Major, the
      me to grow and secure a          postnominals you can use after your name are:
      fulfilling, satisfying and
      rewarding career. I              Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Abuse)
      thoroughly enjoyed the
      course and would have no
      hesitation in recommending
      the Diploma to others.”

      Aimee McManus

Course Prospectus

Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution
The Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution Advanced Study Major presents
you with a thorough exploration of the complexities of human relationships in such a
way that appropriate counselling solutions can be directly related to relationship
problems. The Major includes popular therapeutic approaches and counselling
techniques, along with application to current significant relationship trends to give
this Major a contemporary, hands-on and solution orientated approach.

Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

  The dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and recognising indications and
  contraindications for relationship counselling
  Types of problems presented at relationship counselling
  The differences between men and women's styles of communication
  Key principles for effective work with couples and methods of solving relationship
  The process of relationship counselling including understanding client needs and
  concerns, applying the CUDSAIR Seven Step Model for Solving Relationship
  Problems and effectively terminating sessions with couples
  Divorce counselling and mediation
  Exploring the dynamics of same-sex relationships and guidelines for appropriate
  counselling practice
  Professional and ethical challenges of being a Relationship Counsellor
Upon competition of the Diploma of Counselling and the Relationship Counselling
and Conflict Resolution Advanced Study Major, the postnominals you can use after
your name are:

Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Relationships)

                                                Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                         Career Counselling
                         Career Counselling is a specialised field of counselling
                         which focuses on working with clients who are
                         starting their careers or making a significant change
                         in career. The Advanced Study Major progresses
                         through the stages of career counselling:
                         understanding the career needs of the client, the
                         connection between values and attitudes and
                         preferred career choice, and facilitating a client to
                         make a successful career change. Several useful
                         practical resources that Career Counsellors can apply
                         in their work are also included.

                         Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

                           The importance of work and career in people's lives
                           and factors that influence and impact on a person's
                           choice of career
                           Identifying and clarifying a client's values and
                           attitudes and their congruence with career choice
                           Gaining knowledge of the key theoretical
                           perspectives and models of career counselling
                           Using appropriate tests in the assessment phase of
                           career counselling.
                           Career decision making and goal setting
                           Assisting clients to gain employment in their
                           chosen career including searching for a job,
                           developing a resume and application letters and
                           preparing for an employment interview
                           Appreciating the issues of minority groups in
                           relation to careers and employment
                         Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and
                         the Career Counselling Advanced Study Major, the
                         postnominals you can use after your name are:

                         Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Career)

Course Prospectus

Child Development and Effective Parenting
Parents perform one of society's most important
functions: they raise the next generation.
Unfortunately, however, we are rarely taught the skills
required for effective parenting. The Child
Development and Effective Parenting Advanced Study
Major is based upon behavioural principles which,
when applied, are highly effective in bringing about
positive and healthy behaviours for both the parent
and the child. The program includes an easy to follow,
step-by-step approach to effective parenting which
can be readily applied or taught to parents by the

Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

  Utilising appropriate language when
                                                                 “In March this year I began
  communicating with children
                                                                 working for a Government
  Identifying appropriate parent-child communication             funded agency called JPET
  styles                                                         (Job Placement Employment
                                                                 & Training) as a Youth
  Applying age-appropriate disciplinary strategies               Counsellor! Not only that but
  Assisting parents in fostering effective anger                 I also work with another
  management strategies in their children                        group within JPET called PSP
                                                                 (Personal Support Program)
  Applying appropriate intervention strategies to                so three days a week I work
  minimise childhood anxiety                                     with the Youth and two days
  Identifying strategies to foster self-esteem in                with the older participants. I
                                                                 give thanks for this
                                                                 opportunity every day and
  Teaching parents to use praise effectively                     pinch myself to see if I am
                                                                 dreaming. I wouldn't call it
  Recognising the six step process for developing
                                                                 work or a job and as we
  self-esteem in children
                                                                 operate from a house it's
Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and                like an extension of home. I
the Child Development and Effective Parenting                    don't have to travel to the
Advanced Study Major, the postnominals you can use               city every day and finish at
after your name are:                                             4.30pm and therefore have
                                                                 two extra hours in the day to
Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Child Development)                        put to good use.”

                                                                 Deborah King

                                                    Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

     Counselling Clients with Addictions
     The Counselling Clients with Addictions Advanced Study Major brings together
     theoretical analysis and a wide scope of information on drug classification. This
     combination allows you to build a solid foundation in counselling clients with
     addictions through identifying drugs (including alcohol) and their effects physically,
     psychologically and emotionally.

     The availability and cost of drugs affects which are most commonly used, and trends
     change in the types of users and the way they administer drugs. The focus of
     Government funding into prevention and rehabilitation can change depending upon
     what they see as a current problem in society. Regardless of the type of prevention
     and rehabilitation program the Government funds, this Advanced Study Major allows
     you to explore and identify drugs, including alcohol and pharmacological drugs, in a
     way that you will be able to counsel any type of use, misuse or addiction of the
     following substances:

        Depressants (Alcohol, Cannabis, Barbiturates)
        Narcotics (Heroin, Morphine, Methadone)
        Stimulants (Amphetamines, Methamphetamines)
        Hallucinogens (LSD, Magic Mushrooms)
     Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

        Synthesise knowledge of biological, psychological and social considerations in the
        formulation of a theory of addiction
        Determine the significance of contextual factors in the development and
        maintenance of addiction
        Differentiate between drug categories by analysing the defining effects and
        Classify psychoactive drugs
        Utilise knowledge of psychoactive drug classification and effects to help prepare
        clients for the potential impact of detoxification/ withdrawal
     Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and the Addictions Advanced Study
     Major, the postnominals you can use after your name are:

     Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Addictions)

Course Prospectus

Family Therapy
The Family Therapy Advanced Study Major is
specifically targeted to students who want to be able
to shift their counselling focus to dealing with families
effectively by applying family therapy concepts.

Family Therapy was brought together as a therapeutic
framework by leading theorists that have driven this
approach and its role in counselling today.
Communication patterns between family members are
identified and evaluated in terms of family structures
and roles.

One of the theoretical frameworks used in Family
Therapy is the Narrative Approach, which is focussed
on in detail. A narrative framework is based around
the 'stories' of people's lives and how these can affect
clients' perspectives. This approach can be used in
most counselling contexts, however this Advanced
Study Major applies it to its original purpose – Family

Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

  The contributions of leading family theorists
  The family structure and multigenerational patterns
  Communication transactions in families
  The fundamental tenants of Postmodernism
  The influence of dominant social and cultural
  narratives on individuals and families
  Narrative principles in the practice of family therapy
  The use of narrative interventions in family therapy
  The use of the narrative techniques in practice
Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and
the Family Therapy Advanced Study Major, the
postnominals you can use after your name are:

Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Family Therapy)

                                                  Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

                         Grief and Loss Counselling
                         The Grief and Loss Counselling Major is a very
                         popular course that provides you with the knowledge
                         and skills necessary for counselling clients who have
                         experienced a significant loss and grief.

                         All types of losses are considered along with the
                         subsequent grief that occurs. The issues that
                         accompany the loss of health, a loved one or a job
                         must be confronted by all of us at some time or

                         Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:

                           Types of loss that can result in a grief reaction
                           Exploring reactions to loss and grief within the
                           definitions of 'normal' and 'complicated' grieving
                           The similarities and differences between men and
                           women's grieving behaviour
                           Key models to explain responses to a significant
                           Principles for assessment and intervention in
                           working with people who experience loss and grief
                           Practical application of skills in working with grief
                           and loss clients, including self-evaluation
                           Identifying and arranging effective referral for
                           clients to another professional
                           Challenges and stresses in the role of Grief and
                           Loss Counsellor
                         Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and
                         the Grief and Loss Advanced Study Major, the
                         postnominals you can use after your name are:

                         Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Grief and Loss)

Course Prospectus

Workplace Counselling
The Workplace Counselling Advanced Study Major
brings the specialised skills of counselling to the
workplace. Its focus is upon workplace issues that
adversely impact an employee's motivation,
productivity and satisfaction with their job. Workplace
issues are explored from two perspectives:

1. When life interferes with work such as
   bereavement, relationship problems, depression,
   alcohol and drug dependence, and life stage crises,
   and                                                            The Advanced Study
2. When work interferes with life such as occupational            Major Program has
   stress, harassment, workplace violence, job loss,              been designed so
   and survivor syndrome.                                         you can enrol at any
                                                                  time during your
Topics covered in this Advanced Study Major include:
                                                                  studies in the
  The direct connections between job stress,                      Diploma of
  motivation, productivity and job satisfaction.                  Counselling. The
                                                                  advantage of early
  Common causes of stress for employees.                          enrolment in an
  A variety of models used by Workplace Counsellors.              Advanced Study
                                                                  Major is that your
  Intervention techniques applied by Workplace
                                                                  studies can be
  Counsellors with their clients.
  Unique ethical and legal challenges in the role of              concurrently with the
  Workplace Counsellor and ways to address these                  Diploma. The
  challenges.                                                     Institute places no
                                                                  limit on the number
Upon completion of the Diploma of Counselling and
                                                                  of Advanced Study
the Workplace Counselling Advanced Study Major, the
                                                                  Majors you may
postnominals you can use after your name are:
                                                                  undertake. Many
Your Name…Dip. Couns. (Workplace)                                 students choose to
                                                                  enrol in and enjoy
                                                                  the benefits of a
                                                                  Double or even Triple

                                                   Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

     Upon Graduation
     Upon graduation, you'll receive a presentation-standard Diploma of Counselling
     Certificate and a Transcript of Academic Record to signify your substantial
     achievement in finishing your qualification.

     You will also receive a Statement of Achievement and Transcript of Academic Record
     for each Advanced Study Major you complete in addition to your Diploma.

     Graduates of the Diploma of Counselling have the opportunity to continue further
     counselling studies with the Institute.

     Diploma Graduates automatically satisfy the educational entry requirements of the
     Institute's Bachelor of Counselling, Vocational Graduate Certificate in Counselling and
     Vocational Graduate Diploma of Counselling courses. Further information about
     these programs can be obtained by contacting your nearest Student Support Centre
     or visiting the Institute's website at Diploma Graduates
     progressing into the Bachelor of Counselling also receive automatic credit for six
     subjects of the Bachelor program.

     Graduates from Institute courses also have the opportunity to become a Graduate
     Member of the Institute. As a Member, you will receive the Institute's quarterly
     magazine, The Professional Counsellor, order personalised stationery, take advantage
     of the Institute's Client Referral Service, and receive reduced rates for professional
     indemnity insurance.

     The Diploma of Counselling is also recognised by the Australian Counselling
     Association (ACA), so graduates satisfy the training and education requirements for
     membership of the ACA.

     It's important for you at this juncture to not only ask “Is this a good quality course?”
     but also “How does completing this course assist me to reach my desired counselling

     The Institute is uniquely placed in the counselling industry to help you achieve your
     counselling aspirations. The Diploma of Counselling equips you with the requisite
     skills and knowledge to be a qualified and respected Counsellor, and provides a
     sound basis for those graduates who choose to continue their counselling education.

Course Prospectus

How our students and graduates
rate our performance
The Institute is committed to continuous
improvement. It’s part of what makes us the best at
what we do. To ensure we're providing the best
counsellor education program available, we regularly
survey our students and graduates to identify how
they rate our performance in areas such as course
content, service, administration and applicability of
the course.

We are extremely pleased to note that responses are
overwhelmingly positive. In fact, in all areas,
responses ranged from 90% to 100% of respondents
giving positive responses. This feedback is very
important to us and signifies the high level of
commitment the Institute has to making your studies
enjoyable and worthwhile.                                    “My journey into studying
The survey further indicates that:                           counselling began over three
                                                             years ago, when I felt the
  62% of students enrolling with the Institute were          need for self exploration
  aiming to establish their own private counselling          after many years of various
  practice after graduation;                                 personal traumas. Finally
                                                             receiving my Diploma was a
  52% enrolled for self development;                         very exciting and satisfying
  27% enrolled to gain counselling skills to use in          event, one which you too will
                                                             enjoy as you press on to the
  their current occupation; and
                                                             end of your course. AIPC
  53% of students enrolled to allow them to seek             have been a joy to associate
  employment in the counselling field after                  with and share this
  graduation.                                                important and beneficial
                                                             time in my life, which I can
(Note: As some students nominated more than one              now use to help so many
reason, these responses are not mutually exclusive).         others through the obstacles
                                                             on their bumpy roads in life.
The survey also revealed that 96% of students found
                                                             I am currently studying two
the Study Assistance Line to be a useful resource and
                                                             of my three majors, and
98% of students said the quality of the course either        look forward to specialising
exceeded or met their expectations.                          in these areas.”

                                                             Marilyn Tisdall

                                                Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

     Frequently asked questions
     Can I work as a counsellor?
     Yes. Upon completion of our nationally recognised training program, Diploma of
     Counselling, you'll be able to practice in all states of Australia. The Diploma is
     recognised by the Australian Counselling Association, the largest counsellor
     registration body in the country.

     What are the course entry requirements?
     Because the Diploma of Counselling is an entry-level counselling qualification, there
     are no minimum educational or experiential requirements needed to gain entry to
     the course.

     If I have studied before can I get academic credit toward the
     If you have been working in a counselling related field, or have completed related
     study, you may be eligible to gain exemption from certain parts of the course via
     Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Further details of the RPL process and an
     application package can be obtained from the “Students” section of the Institute's
     Web Page at or from the Institute's Head Office by phoning
     TOLL FREE 1800 657 667.

     Do I have to complete my course in a specified time?
     No. Institute courses are designed to allow you to work at a pace that you find
     comfortable. This is known as Self Paced Learning. There is no such thing as an
     average student and each of us has other commitments as well. What is important is
     that you set a study plan to work to. Students whose courses are funded by
     Austudy, other agencies, or employers, will need to be aware of specific guidelines
     set by their sponsor.

     What is the minimum timeframe in which I can complete the
     The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) stipulates that a Diploma-level
     counselling qualification should take a minimum of 18 months to complete. This
     ensures that students have sufficient time to fully understand and comprehend the
     content of the course and its application. Since our Diploma of Counselling is
     recognised by the ACA, AIPC's delivery of the course complies with this minimum

Course Prospectus

Do I have to keep paying for my course until I graduate?
No. One of the unique aspects of our study program is that we give you the option
of paying for your course on a monthly basis. This means that you pay a nominated
amount each month for a set number of months. If you complete paying for your
course prior to completing your studies, no further fees are due while you finish your
academic requirement for the course in which you are enrolled. You are free to
complete your studies in your own time frame.

Will I be able to receive Austudy while I study my course?
The Diploma of Counselling course is Austudy and Abstudy approved. To find out
further details about your eligibility, please contact the Austudy Student Assistance
Centre on 13 24 90.

How do I apply for Austudy?
There are three simple steps to apply for Austudy. They are:

1. Contact the Austudy Student Assistance Centre on 13 24 90 to obtain information
   about your eligibility for Austudy and an Austudy Application Form.
2. Austudy requires a course commencement date to be submitted on your
   application. You receive this date the day a completed Application Form is
   received by the Institute.
3. The Institute sends you a commencement verification letter that you should
   attach to your Austudy application. You then mail or deliver it to the Austudy
   Student Assistance Centre.

When can I enrol as a student?
Because of the unique self-paced nature of the course, and the fact seminars,
tutorials and academic support is available 12 months of the year you can begin at
any time. The earlier you start, the earlier we will be able to work together with you
to help you achieve your Counselling goals.

Do you guarantee me a job when I complete my studies?
Institutions of learning such as ours can not guarantee anyone a job. Think about
other universities and colleges and you will understand the situation. Any person is
far better off with an appropriate qualification than with no qualification at all.
Remember the saying, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

                                                 Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

     Graduates of the Institute have found work as counsellors in government, industry
     and in the private sector. Counselling is one of the fastest growing industries in
     Australia and our graduates have a wonderful opportunity to become a part of this
     growing industry.

     I don't have any qualifications and I haven't studied for a long
     time. Do you think I could study with the Institute?
     Yes. Institute courses have been written giving extensive explanation and real life
     examples, and you will relate many personal experiences to what you read. There is
     no maths to worry about and practical examples and case scenarios that are easily
     understood have been used wherever possible.

     The Workbooks provided as part of your course material identify important areas of
     study and give you a straight forward plan to follow.

     The vast range of educational support offered by our team of expert Education
     Advisers includes a Toll Free Study Assistance Line, Seminars and Tutorials offered
     from Student Support Centres throughout Australia, as well as the Student
     Handbook and Unit Workbooks which also provide study hints and guidelines on
     completing each unit. These educational support services give you the assistance
     and support you need to successfully complete your studies.

     Are there any course costs other than those you have noted in this
     There is an attendance fee for tutorials and practical assessments, and you will find
     these costs noted on the Application Form. You do not have to purchase any other
     study material such as textbooks as everything is provided. This is by far the least
     expensive course of its kind in Australia.

     Can I study over the Internet?
     Yes. The Institute has a 'Virtual Campus' on the Internet. At the Virtual Campus, you
     can enrol in a course, see when seminars and tutorials are being held, obtain study
     assistance and assignment hints and tips. You can even download workbooks and
     submit your assessment electronically. There are even video lectures covering the
     main topics included in your course which you can access to supplement your

     Students enrolling over the Internet still receive all of the books and study material
     for the course.

Course Prospectus

How to commence your studies
with the Institute
Application to become a student of the Institute is
made by completing the Application Form enclosed
and returning it along with your first fee installment to
the address on the form. You may also enrol by
calling the Free Call Easy Enrolment telephone service
(refer to Application Form). If you would like to enrol
over the Internet, please go to the Enrolment page on
the Institute's web site at

Please note there are a number of course investment
options and that substantial savings apply for up-front
and credit card payment of fees as these methods
reduce administration costs to the Institute.

As a student of the Australian Institute of Professional
Counsellors you are assured of the ongoing support of
the Institute during your studies and have the
opportunity to meet others with similar interests in an
Australia-wide educational institution.

The Institute's dedication to maintaining affordable
student fees, and a professional, contemporary and
ethical approach to counsellor education, is your
assurance that we place student wellbeing before all

                                                  Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

     Student Information

     The Institute is committed to supporting students and has documented this commitment in a number of student policies. The full version of the student policies is
     available by accessing the Institute's website at or by visiting the Student Policies menu item in the Enquiries section of the site.

     The Institute recommends that you read these policies prior to applying for enrolment.

     The student policies cover the following areas:
     Recognition of Prior Learning: If you have existing counselling skills, knowledge, or experience, or have completed other counselling studies, then you can apply to
     receive recognition for these through AIPC's Recognition of Prior Learning process.

     Further details of the Recognition of Prior Learning process and a Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Application Kit can be obtained from the 'Students'
     section of the Institute's Web Page at or from the Institute's Head Office by phoning 1800 657 667.

     Mutual Recognition (Credit Transfer) of Qualifications: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors recognises the qualification and Statements of
     Attainment issued by other Training Organisations. If students have completed any of the units of competencies listed in the Course Outline, they are able to apply to
     transfer competency of that unit/s towards the Diploma of Counselling.

     If similar units to those listed in the Course Outline have previously been completed, you are able to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for the above units.

     Further details of the Mutual Recognition process and a Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer Application Kit can be obtained from the 'Students' section of
     the Institute's Web Page at or from the Institute's Head Office by phoning 1800 657 667.

     Complaints: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors has a fair and equitable process for dealing with complaints. In the event that a complaint cannot be
     resolved internally to the student's satisfaction, the student will be advised of the appropriate external body where they can seek further assistance.

     Details of the Institute's Complaints Policy can be obtained from the Student Handbook at the 'Students' section of the Institute's website at or request
     a copy of the Handbook from the Institute's Head Office by calling 1800 657 667.

     Appeals: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors provides an avenue for students to appeal the awarding of course and unit results by an independent
     panel. Students are able to appeal against their results within 28 days from issue of the result.

     Further details of the Institute's Appeals Policy an be obtained from the Student Handbook at the 'Students' section of the Institute's website at or
     request a copy of the Handbook from the Institute's Head Office by calling 1800 657 667.

     Student Conduct: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors is a professional educational institute. AIPC staff are required to provide a high level of
     educational and administrative service to all enquirers and students. To maintain the integrity of this service, students also have obligations and are required to abide
     by the Institute's Student Conduct Policy. Details of the Student Conduct Policy may be obtained from the Student Handbook at the 'Students' section of the Institute's
     website at or request a copy of the Handbook from the Institute's Head Office by calling 1800 657 667.

     Language, Literacy and Numeracy: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors has a process in place to identify students with language, literacy or
     numeracy difficulties. Details of the Institute's Language, Literacy and Numeracy Policy can be obtained from the Student Handbook at the 'Students' section of the
     Institute's website at or request a copy of the Handbook from the Institute's Head Office by calling 1800 657 667.

     Access and Equity: The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors acknowledges the diverse nature of its student population and aims to meet the educational
     needs of all students, irrespective of their background. The Institute will endeavour to meet the individual needs of students through the integration of access and
     equity principles.

     Please refer to the Student Handbook for further details relating to the Institute's Access and Equity Policy at the 'Students' section of the Institute's website at or request a copy of the Handbook from the Institute's Head Office by calling 1800 657 667.

     Qualification to be Granted: To obtain the qualification Diploma of Counselling, you must be assessed as competent in all areas of the course. If you withdraw from
     the course, a Statement of Attainment will be granted for all the units in which you have obtained competency.

     Course Cancellation Policy: The Course Cancellation Policy is shown on the Application Form and explains how to withdraw from your course and when you are
     eligible for a refund of student fees.

     Counselling and Support Services: The wellbeing of our students is important to us. If you require personal counselling or guidance, you may seek a referral to an
     Institute-trained practicing Graduate Member Counsellor. It is likely the Counsellor will negotiate a professional service fee with you.

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        Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors


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