KEEWAY SWINGERS by yaoyufang


									                September                  2011                             Volume 41      Number 9


                                           KEEWAY SWINGERS
                                              Square Dance Club
                                                Fremont, CA

                             2011-2012 Keeway Officers:
       President - Darlene Culligan
     Vice President - Dolly Lundberg              Caller - George Knox (Martha)
    Secretary - Donna & Bill Stannard             October Hoedown - Arlene Ohm
     Treasurer - Howard & Marge Elz               April 2012 Hoedown - Class of 2012
       Delegate - Ann Marie Corral                Bowling - Howard & Marge Elz
Alternate Delegate - Barbara & Ron Gross          Thanksgiving needy family - JoAnn Houck/Ed Dias
       Past President - Arlene Ohm                Christmas needy family - JoAnn Houck/Ed Dias
     Caller Liaison - Darlene Culligan            McAdams
     Editor - Rich & Debra Ferguson               Annual Picnic - Neila Hallenbeck
  Webmaster - Rich & Debra Ferguson                       Cooks - Bill Kent , Don Alpers
     Food Coordinator - Jane Larrieu                      Auctioneer - Terry Hicks
     Activities - Volunteers as needed            Turkey Drawings (Holidays) - Dolly Lundberg
    Historian - Bill & Billie Heckman             Christmas Mail Box - Linda Baldassarre and Miguel   Ferrar
     Sheriff - Paul & Lynne DiGrazia              Christmas Dinner - Rita McBride and DonAlpers
         Sunshine - Rita McBride
                                        The Keeway Picnic is almost here. The start
                                      time is around 11:00, but feel free to arrive early
                                       and help with the set up. The cooking sill start
                                       around 12:00 or 12:30. The location is Castro
                                          Valley Community Park in Castro Valley.
                                      I hope to have the new Keeway Roster finished
                                      sometime in September. Make sure I have your
                                                   correct information.

                                                       FERG <><

                                                      Birthdays & Anniversaries
                                                             by Miguel
Visit us on the web at: www.                                                                       Birthdays
                                                                                            Manny Ambrosio Sep 10
       The Keenotes Newsletter
                                                September                                       Howard Elz Sep 21
        is a publication of the                                                                   Ron Gross Sep 11
  Keeway Swingers Square Dance Club                                                                  Bill Kent Sep 5
             PO Box 1032                                                                        Bill Stannard Sep 5
         Fremont, CA 94538

                                                                                                Jim Stephens Sep 8

                                                       Howard/Marge Elz Sep 7

                                                       Roger/Lisa Schrag Sep 25                   Bill Weber Sep 27

  Sept 2011 Page 2
                           A “sweaty” welcome from HOT! HUMID! Georgia. Well, my train trip was another
PRESIDENT                  big adventure. Due to problems from Emeryville to Chicago, which included a fire
                           along tracks that was still smouldering, freight trains lined up to cross the Missis-
                           sippi River on the only bridge available in the area due to flood damage etc.... the
                           train was 6 hours late, my 4 hour original layover cushion didn’t help me one bit.
                           So, I spent one night in a hotel, which included my dinner, breakfast, lunch and cab
                           fare..all compliments of Amtrak. Was able to make connections the following day
                           which allowed me a sleeper car from Chicago to Washington DC and I had to settle
                           for coach from Washington to Atlanta. Every time I end up in Coach, I know why
                           I prefer getting a sleeper car. Oh, well, now I have the trip home to look forward to
                           and I am second adventure of the trip.

                            Things are going well here and Mom is doing really well for her age. She still tries to
                            knit but does more ripping than she does knitting. Her eyesight is worse but she tries
  and for her that is most important. She loves to watch her game shows and this is really not my favorite thing
  to do but she has control of the remote until 8 PM when she heads off to bed. Then I get the remote until I
  decide to turn in about 11 PM, which is early for me but I need to be ready to face the next day by 7 AM. I do
  know that the time change is easier to adjust to when coming by train.

  I learned from messages sent to me after the last Board meeting that there is some concern about the cost of the
  Christmas Dinner this year. Due to the fact that we do not know when or if the cost of the hall will increase
  for us, we have to really be careful with the spending. I told the Board a couple months back that if we find
  the cost of our Annual Christmas Dinner too expensive and some of the club members were not going to be
  able to go, then it was time for a change in venue. This might just be the year for such a change. With the
  cost of one dinner running $40-$45, this could be cause for some concern. Think about it and we will have a
  short General Meeting when I return to make a final decision after getting a report from Rita and her findings
  at Massimos.

  I understand that things are shaping up for the picnic and the sign up sheets are out and filling up. Don’t
  forget to bring a wrapped “white elephant” for the fun filled “drawing and stealing” event of the day. This is
  where things get down right crazy and what you end with one year becomes what you wrap and get rid of the
  next. This is really a lot of fun.

  Hope to see you all on the dance floor when I return on September 8.


  El Presidente’      Rich;
                    I forgot to include a very important notice for the club, I received a note from Gretchen
                    Richardson, Jeanette’s daughter-in-law, informing me that they had to put her in a skilled
                    nursing home because her needs were more than they could help with. She was to the
                    point where it was 24/7 (around the clock) care and the family was unable to get much
                    rest at night. Her address is Jeanette Richardson.....1071 Fulton Ave. #111....Sacramento,
                    CA. 95825. Cards might be nice but I am not sure just how much she is remembering
                    these days.....prayers are a good alternative.


                                                                                                 Sept 2011 Page 3
                                                               KEEWAY ANNIVERSARY HOEDOWN

   October 1st will be here before you know it and that means it is dance time. Please bring flyers to any
dances that you are attending before that date. For new people in the club and as a reminder to the old timers
here are a few things to remember.

                                                                                            1. Club outfits please.
           October 1, 2011                                                                          October 1, 2011
  D       ance Dance Dan                                                            c
                                                                                                D  ance Dance D be
                                                                                            2. All members should a at dance by 7:15 to set up.
                                                                                                                    n                                                             c
                                                                                        e                                                                                             e
                                                                                   aD                                                                                         a   D
                                                                    ecna   D                                                                                              ecn

                                                                                            3. All members should remain at dance to clean up.
                                                        ecnaD e
                                                               cnaD                                                                                         ecnaD
                                        ecnaD   ecnaD                                                                                         ecnaD ec

                                                Keeway Swingers                                              Keeway Swingers
                                 FERG                                                                                          FERG

                                                45th Anniversary                                                                              45th Anniversary
                                                 Plus Hoedown                                                                                  Plus Hoedown
   Dance Location:                                  Saturday                                4. Be available to fill in squares and make sure that our single guests are danc-
                                                                                                 Dance Location:                                  Saturday
        Walters Jr. High                        October 1, 2011                                                                               October 1, 2011
        39600 Logan Dr.
                                                  Fremont, CA
                                                                                            ing.      Walters Jr. High
                                                                                                      39600 Logan Dr.
                                                                                                                                                Fremont, CA
        Fremont, CA 94538                                                                                 Fremont, CA 94538
                      Guest Caller:                                                                                   Guest Caller:

      Lawrence Johnstone                                                                           Lawrence Johnstone
                                                                                            5. Bring a plant or flowers for door prizes. (there will not be any other decora-
               Cuers: John Flora & Dolores Ferrero                                                   Cuers: John Flora & Dolores Ferrero
  Pre-rounds: 8:00-8:30                                                                         Pre-rounds: 8:00-8:30
  Plus Level: 8:30-11:00                                                                        Plus Level: 8:30-11:00
  A-1 Star Tip: 3rd Tip

  Double Rounds
                                                                                            6. Our guests are served first, so lets pass on the food line the first time.
                                                                                                A-1 Star Tip: 3rd Tip

                                                                                                Double Rounds
  Between Tips                                                                                  Between Tips
      Club Caller: George Knox                                                                      Club Caller: George Knox
  Donation Refreshments
  Door Prizes                                                                               7. All members need to sign up for food and work assignments.
                                                                                                Donation Refreshments
                                                                                                Door Prizes
  For Info Call:                                                                                For Info Call:
  Darlene 510-782-4834                                                                          Darlene 510-782-4834

                                                                                            8. And most of all, dance with our guests, try not to square up in an “all Kee-
                                                                                            way square” all night.................this sends the message that we are not friendly,
                                                                                            and above all, I know that is not the case.

                                                                                            Arlene                       Hoedown chairman

  Sept 2011 Page 4
-Most of two 1-pound boxes of honey Graham crack-
-4 small packages instant pudding (2 vanilla, 2 straw-
-7 cups of milk
-24 oz thawed Cool Whip

In one large bowl, mix for two minutes
till thickened:
-2 small packages of vanilla pudding
-3 1/2 cups of milk
When thickened, fold in till smooth:
-8 oz thawed Cool Whip

In a second large bowl, mix for two
minutes till thickened:
-2 small packages of strawberry pudding
-3 1/2 cups of milk
When thickened, fold in till smooth: -8 oz thawed
Cool Whip

In 9 1/2” x 15 1/2” pan (or 9” x 13” pan):
-Lightly oil bottom of pan
-Line bottom of pan with a layer of Graham crackers
(Use smaller pieces or broken pieces of crackers to fill edges)
-Spread 1/2 of vanilla pudding evenly over crackers
-Cover pudding with another layer of Graham crackers
-Spread 1/2 of strawberry pudding evenly over crackers
-Another graham cracker layer
-Another vanilla pudding layer
-Another graham cracker layer
-Another strawberry pudding layer

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Next day, spread 8 oz or so of thawed Cool Whip over top and decorate with cut strawberries. Keep
refrigerated till served. Can make a day ahead.

-Fran Miller

                                                                                    Sept 2011 Page 5
September 2-4:                                       October 1
Mid-Cal Classic, Caller Bob Baier & Jet Roberts
Sharon & Casey Parker
Merced County Spring Fairgrounds F&4th Street,                         October 1, 2011                                                                                          October 1,
Los Banos, CA                                                 D       ance Dance Dan                                                             c
                                                                                                                                                                    Dance Danc
Harlan 707-277-7536                                                       ecnaD   ecnaD   ecnaD e
                                                                                                                                ecna   D ec
                                                                                                                                              na D
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ecnaD   ecnaD

                                                                                                            Keeway Swingers                                                                                      K
                                                                                             FERG                                                                                                 FERG

                                                                                                            45th Anniversary                                                                                     4
September 7:                                                                                                 Plus Hoedown
Keeway Board Meeting. 7:30 Heckman                             Dance Location:
                                                                    Walters Jr. High                        October 1, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                    Dance Location:
                                                                                                                                                                         Walters Jr. High         O
                                                                    39600 Logan Dr.                                                                                      39600 Logan Dr.
                                                                    Fremont, CA 94538
                                                                                                              Fremont, CA                                                Fremont, CA 94538
                                                                                  Guest Caller:                                                                                        Guest Caller
September 11:                                                     Lawrence Johnstone                                                                                   Lawrence Jo
Keeway Swingers Picnic. Castro Valley Community                            Cuers: John Flora & Dolores Ferrero                                                                  Cuers: John Flora & Do

Park 11:00                                                    Pre-rounds: 8:00-8:30
                                                              Plus Level: 8:30-11:00
                                                                                                                                                                   Pre-rounds: 8:00-8:30
                                                                                                                                                                   Plus Level: 8:30-11:00
                                                              A-1 Star Tip: 3rd Tip                                                                                A-1 Star Tip: 3rd Tip

11 September                                                  Double Rounds
                                                              Between Tips
                                                                                                                                                                   Double Rounds
                                                                                                                                                                   Between Tips

SCVCA New Caller Hoedown                                          Club Caller: George Knox
                                                              Donation Refreshments
                                                                                                                                                                       Club Caller: George Knox
                                                                                                                                                                   Donation Refreshments
                                                              Door Prizes                                                                                          Door Prizes
2:30-4:30pm Murphy Park Community Center, 260                 For Info Call:
                                                              Darlene 510-782-4834
                                                                                                                                                                   For Info Call:
                                                                                                                                                                   Darlene 510-782-4834
N. Sunnyvale Avenue, Sunnyvale
Info: Diana 408-453-9450
                                                     October 12,
11 September                                         Keeway Board Meeting. 7:30
SDCANC Indian Summer Newer Dancer Hoedown
(January level)
2:00-4:30pm Rollingwood Recreation Center, 2395
Greenwood Drive, San Pablo                                 21-23 October
                                                     ASDSC Harvest Hoedown
Caller: SDCANC members
                                                     Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds, Yuba City
Info: 510-724-7712
                                                     Caller: Randy Dougherty, Dan Nordbye, Charlie
September 16-18:                                     Cuer: TJ and Bruce Chadd
55th Annual Jubilee, Gunderson High School           Info:
622 Gaundabert Lane San Jose. Caller: Randy
Dibble, Darryl Lipscomb, SCVSDA Top Ten
                                                     29 October
Cuer: Rey Garza. Info:   SCVSDA/SCVCA Halloween Whing Ding
lee.html          John Muir Middle School, 1260 Branham Lane,
                                                     San Jose
September 24:                                        Caller: Jim Osborne (MC), Diana Hilliard, Bob
Elks N Doe’s Anniversary Hoedown Ben Goldberg        Elling
calling George Gardner on rounds Plus w/A-1 star     Cuer: Barbara-Lynn Smith
tip More info: 510-276-4893. Saturday, Septem-
ber 24, 2011, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM. Alameda Elks
Lodge 2255 Santa Clara Ave Alameda, CA. For more
info visit

                                                                                                                                                         Sept 2011 Page 6
     Sunday              Monday      Tuesday    Wed             Thursday      Friday      Saturday

                                                                          1         2              3
                                                                 Regular         Mid-Cal Classic
                                                                  Dance            Los Banos
                4                5         6                7             8          9             10
     Mid-Cal                                    Board
     Classic             Labor Day             Meeting
                                                 7:30             Night
    Los Banos                                  Heckman

  Keeway       11              12         13            14            15            16             17
  Picnic                                                                          55th Jubilee
Sunnyvale Hoe                                                                       San Jose
  San Pablo Hoe                                 Deadline          Night
               18              19         20            21            22            23             24
   55th Jubilee                                                  Regular                 Elks & Doe’s
     San Jose                                                     Dance                   Anniv Hoe
                                                                  Night                   Alameda
               25              26         27            28            29            30

     Sunday              Monday      Tuesday    Wed             Thursday      Friday      Saturday
                                                                                       Keeway 1
                                                                                     Walters Jr Hi

                2                3         4                5             6          7             8

                9              10         11     Board
                                                        12            13            14             15
                                                  7:30            Night

               16              17         18            19            20            21             22
                                                                 Regular         ASDSC Harvest
                                                                  Dance            Hoedown
                                                Deadline          Night            Yuba City

          23/30             24/31         25            26            27            28             29
    Harvest                                                      Regular                 Halloween
   Hoedown                                                        Dance                   Whing
   Yuba City                                                      Night                   Ding SJ
      Sept 2011 Page 7

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