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Issue six | 2011                         Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy newsletter | www.gmhepc.org.uk

Welcome...                                 Launch of Clinical Care Pathway
                                          The Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy has worked
to C VIEW the                             with clinicians from all the centres that treat hepatitis C
                                          across Greater Manchester and with local GPs to
Greater Manchester                        standardise its Clinical Care Pathway.
Hepatitis C                               By following the new pathway,                               In Greater Manchester,
Strategy quarterly                        patients can expect to receive
                                          the same treatment wherever
                                                                                                          treatment of hepatitis
                                                                                                             C is provided in
newsletter.                               they receive it in Greater                                           four treatment
                                          Manchester. This has now                                              centres: North
If you have any comments or
                                          been uploaded on to                                                    Manchester
submissions for C VIEW, please contact
                                          Map of Medicine where                                                   General
Jeanette Livings, Communications
                                          it provides a local guide                                               Hospital (Lead
Manager for the Greater Manchester
                                          for patients, clinicians                                                Consultant,
Hepatitis C Strategy on 0161 772 3782
                                          and commissioners. The                                                 Dr Vilar),
or email jeanette.livings@gmw.nhs.uk
                                          localised map can be                                                  Manchester
                                          accessed at                                                          Royal Infirmary
New Document                               http://eng.mapofmedicine.
                                                                                                             (Lead Consultant,
                                                                                                         Dr Prince), Royal
Repository on                              com/evidence/map/index.html                               Albert Edward Infirmary
                                                                                               (Lead Consultant, Dr Banait) and
Strategy website                          In the new care pathway, PCR tests (for      Wythenshawe Hospital (Lead Consultant,
www.gmhepc.org.uk now has a               chronic HCV) are carried out in primary      Dr Newton).
document repository where users           care, and referrals are made straight
                                                                                       The Greater Manchester Hepatitis C
can access all documents and work         to treatment centre. The new pathway
                                                                                       clinical care pathway design was led by Dr
relating to the Greater Manchester        recommends the PCR test is always
                                                                                       Martin Prince (pictured), Hepatologist at
Hepatitis C Strategy with more being      done in primary care without referral to
                                                                                       Central Manchester University Hospitals
added as they become available. All       secondary care which is stressful for the
                                                                                       NHS Foundation Trust.
documents are available to download       patient. A leaflet can be printed out on
as PDFs for a wealth of information       Map of Medicine which explains the tests     The Infectious Disease Consultants from
relating to hepatitis C in the area.      for patients and GPs.                        Pennine Acute Trust and from University
                                                                                       Hospital of South Manchester NHS
                                          The pathway also recommends that
                                                                                       Foundation Trust and the Hepatologist
                                          patients with chronic hepatitis C are
                                                                                       from Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS
                                          referred directly to the nearest or
                                                                                       Foundation Trust were also involved in
                                          preferred treatment centre instead of
                                                                                       the design. Dr Prince is very enthusiastic
                                          being referred to local gastroenterologist
                                                                                       about the improvements that the
                                          first. This again is an additional loop in
                                                                                       pathway will bring to care of people with
For further information about the         the pathway for the patient, and is an
                                                                                       hepatitis C.
Greater Manchester Hepatitis C            avoidable cost for the NHS.
                                                                                       continued on page 3
Strategy please contact Siobhan
Fahey, Programme Manager:
Email: siobhan.fahey@hmr.nhs.uk
Tel: 07794 335982
                                                               Making MPs Aware
Er fr No A
  ik om te

      Du Dr
                                                        Members of the Greater
                                                        Manchester Hepatitis
                                                        C Strategy were guests
                                                        at a reception held at
                                                        The event organised by The All-Party
                                                        Parliamentary Hepatology Group and The
                                                        Hepatitis C Trust was to raise awareness
                                                        with Members of Parliament about
                                                        hepatitis C in south Asian communities.          The All-Party Parliamentary Hepatology
                                                                                                         Group Vice-Chair, Virendra Sharma MP,
  At the end of April I was sad                         Public Health Minister, Anne Milton MP,          added:
  to say farewell to some great                         joined the event alongside prominent
                                                        members of the South Asian TV, music               “Raising awareness is absolutely crucial.
  friends and colleagues from                           and sporting communities to discuss                 Anyone who has had a blood transfusion,
  Greater Manchester, some                              the importance of raising awareness of              surgery, dental work, an injection or
  of whom I have worked with                            hepatitis C with local health professionals         even a cut at a street barber in a high-
  in the area of hepatitis C for                        and media in MPs’ constituencies.                   prevalence country such as Pakistan
                                                                                                            should consider a hepatitis C test. Earlier
  many years.                                           Charles Gore, Chief Executive of the                diagnosis allows earlier treatment, and
                                                        Hepatitis C Trust, said;                            that will save lives.”
  As you may be aware, I was offered
                                                           “Awareness is fatally low in South Asian
  the opportunity to work in Stockholm                                                                   The reception was a success with a
                                                            communities. We cannot go on ignoring
  with the European Centre for Disease                                                                   host of South Asian community leaders
                                                            this issue. If we all come together –
  Prevention and Control (ECDC) for a                                                                    and healthcare workers, patients and
                                                            Government, community leaders,
  few years. My post at ECDC is working                                                                  voluntary organisations attending. The
                                                            clinicians and NGOs – and act now, we
  in the HIV, sexually transmitted                                                                       general consensus was that more needs
                                                            can prevent our hospitals filling up with
  infections and hepatitis team and                                                                      to be done and constant communication
                                                            people who are dying because they were
  within this team I am particularly                                                                     of hepatitis C remains key.
                                                            diagnosed too late. It’s so tragic because
  responsible for rolling out enhanced
                                                            these deaths are completely preventable.     Pictured left to right: Siobhan Fahey, Shabana
  hepatitis surveillance but I am also
                                                            There is treatment that can eradicate        Baig (BHA), Anne Milton MP and Esther Pears
  involved with other projects related to                                                                (Hepatology Specialist Practitioner at MRI)
                                                            the virus; the challenge is to find those
  the prevention and control of blood
                                                            affected so they can access it.”
  borne viruses.

  I moved over to Stockholm at the start                                                                       Following a successful first
  of May with my family and we are                                                                             conference last year at which
  slowly settling into life in Sweden -                                                                  Dr Erika Duffell presented the work

                                                          in Brief
  although I have yet to develop a liking                                                                taking place in Greater Manchester,
  for pickled herring! My children are at                                                                The London Joint Working Group for
  the local nursery and school and my                                                                    Substance Misuse and Hepatitis C are
  husband is currently learning Swedish,                                                                 running a second event entitled ‘Putting
  which he requires before being able to                        SMMGP, in partnership with               the Plan into Action’ to be held on 24th
  work here.                                                    RCGP are seeking experienced             November 2011 at the Institute for
                                                          practitioners to become trainers for an        Child Health, Bloomsbury, London. To
  I shall be returning to the UK frequently               exciting new RCGP Certificate in the
  and hope to keep in touch with as                                                                      register your interest, please email David
                                                          detection, diagnosis and management            Badcock at dbadcock@ljwg.org.uk
  many of you as possible. My email                       of Hepatitis B and C. If you are a
  address at ECDC is                                      GP, nurse, registered health care                   Three more documents have
  erika.duffell@ecdc.europa.eu                            professional or substance misuse worker             been agreed and added to the
  - please do email me with your news.                    with three years experience at senior          document repository on the Greater
  I would like to wish you all good luck                  practitioner Level and have experience         Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy website
  with your ongoing work tackling                         in working in primary care drug services       – Greater Manchester Commissioning
  the hepatitis C problem in Greater                      or other substance misuse service plus         Guidelines for Blood Borne Virus
  Manchester. I enjoyed working with                      experience in training practitioners,          Prevention; Greater Manchester Blood
  so many of you during my time in                        particularly in developing then RCGP           Borne Virus Strategy; The Greater
  Manchester and I have only the utmost                   would like to hear from you. Contact           Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy: the
  admiration for all your dedication and                  Rebecca Murchie at SMMGP via email             next steps 2012 – 2013.
  hard work.                                              on smmgpadmin@nta-nhs.org.uk or call           These are now available to download at
                                                          020 7972 1980 for more information.            www.gmhepc.org.uk
 Page 2 | Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy newsletter
 Greater Manchester Marks                                                                             Launch of Clinical
                                                                                                      Care Pathway
    World Hepatitis Day                                                                               continued...
To mark this years World                        Visitors to the site will be able to inform
                                                themselves, see if they are at risk of hep            Dr Prince said
Hepatitis Day Greater                           C and take part in a range of interactive
Manchester Hepatitis C                          tools and web chats.                                    “The Greater Manchester Clinical Care
                                                                                                         Pathway is an important development
Strategy once again teamed                      Jeanette Livings, Communications                         because it will assist Primary Care
up with Rock Radio.                             Manager for the Greater Manchester                       Clinicians in understanding the route
                                                  Hepatitis C Strategy, says:                            a patient with Hepatitis C will need
The day saw an action                                 “Following a good deal of insight                  to take to get into treatment, and
campaign aimed at                                       work we feel we are targeting                    will help patients understand their
encouraging people                                       those people out there who                      journey ahead. The Care Pathway has
who may have                                             have put themselves at risk of                  been agreed by all the Consultants
hepatitis C to find                                                hep C but don’t really                across Greater Manchester who treat
out more and think                                                     know too much                     hepatitis C, and has been approved
about getting tested.                                                    about it and are                by the Greater Manchester PEC Chair
                                                                          not keen on                    Group. We hope that it will be useful
Continuing with the                                                                                      to everybody involved in diagnosing
successful ‘Back in the Day’                                               visiting their
                                                                           GP. Using the                 hepatitis C and become the basis of
theme, Rock Radio have put                                                                               future commissioning plans.”
together a fantastic web microsite to                                      internet and
accompany the radio action campaign                                       tools such as
                                                                         blogs, quizzes                The Greater Manchester Hepatitis C
and two of our volunteers – Stewart                                                                    Strategy can provide a trainer to come
Moors and Sue Gwynne (pictured) - have                                and web chats
                                                                  gives this audience                  to the GP practice to provide basic
agreed to tell their stories and be the face                                                           training about hepatitis C and the new
of the campaign across Rock Radio and             a chance to find out about hep C on
                                                  their own terms and hopefully take the               care pathway. This training will last for 1
sister stations, Real Radio and Smooth                                                                 hour and is free of charge. To arrange a
Radio.                                            next step in asking to be tested.”
                                                                                                       date, please contact

  BBV Prevention Champions                                                                             The RCGP Certificate
                                                                                                       in the detection,             More
                                                                                                       diagnosis and              intensive
Drug workers to become local                     1. Pass it on – a short film                          management of
champions in Blood Borne Virus                      showing virus transmission
                                                                                                                                training now
                                                                                                       hepatitis B and
                                                                                                                                provided by
(BBV) prevention.                                   routes.                                            C in primary care
                                                                                                       is an educational          the RCGP
                                                 2. Service users’ experiences in                      package largely
The Manchester Public Health
Development Service, in collaboration               a talking heads-style film.                        aimed at generalist
with the Greater Manchester Hepatitis C          3. A practical demonstration of                       clinicians such as GPs and nurses
Strategy, will be providing four training           how to discuss BBV issues in a                     already working in primary care, and
dates this October to train 80 drug                                                                    it provides a basic grounding in issues
                                                    sensitive and clear way with a                     around hepatitis B and C. It will be
                                                    service user.                                      particularly useful for GPs with a special
These champions will represent the 10
                                                                                                       interest in substance misuse, drugs
Greater Manchester areas and enable             The aim of this concept is to provide                  workers and those involved in needle
co-ordination of BBV prevention across          Greater Manchester with a network of BBV               exchange and harm reduction services.
Greater Manchester through sharing              champions working in drug services who
innovation, enthusiasm and expertise.           can support each other and their teams to              To obtain the full Certificate you will
                                                keep BBV issues in the spotlight.                      need to complete the e-module and
The training is accredited to both DANOS
                                                                                                       then attend one of the RCGP accredited
and KSF domains and covers areas such as        This will be achieved through their                    face-to-face training days, equivalent to
using harm reduction tools and providing        motivation and by delivering in-house                  six hours CPD. The e-module is available
information and advice about prevention,        training to staff and volunteers on the                to anyone for free at
discussing testing, and transmission            principle that it underpins all of their work          www.elearning.rcgp.org.uk
routes.                                         with service users.
All participants will receive a training pack                                                          To register for the face-to-face training
                                                For more information about the training,
of information for the local BBV champion                                                              days or for more information, contact
                                                please contact colin.tyrie@mhsc.nhs.uk
and training tools including a Power Point                                                             Marianne Thompson, Programme
                                                kellie.mcguire@mhsc.nhs.uk or
training CD, interactive training tools, and                                                           Coordinator on 020 3188 7653 or email
                                                on 0161 248 1761
a film with three components:                                                                          hepbandc@rcgp.org.uk

                                                                                              Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy newsletter | Page 3
         Rochdale Hosts Big ‘C’ Party

                                                                                                   A ‘C’ Party was also held to mark World
                                                                                                   Hepatitis Day in Rochdale in association
                                                                                                   with the Rochdale Women’s Welfare
                                                                                                   Association. A number of local healthcare
                                                                                                   workers and local people came to find
                                                                                                   out more about hepatitis C and the risk
                                                                                                   it poses in their community and enjoy a
                                                                                                   liver friendly curry.
The Strategy teamed up                                  The team ran stalls at the three summer
                                                                                                   There are high rates of hepatitis C among
                                                       melas in Manchester and Oldham offering
with the BHA, support group                            mendhis and face painting and providing
                                                                                                   people who were born or who have
volunteers and The Hepatitis                                                                       lived in the South Asian sub continent -
                                                       information and advice to mela-goers.
                                                                                                   particularly Pakistan - and the Strategy
C Trust to run a series of                             The melas resulted in hundreds of face
                                                                                                   is working hard with other agencies
awareness raising events                               to face contacts and a number of people
                                                                                                   to reduce the stigma and increase
                                                       signing up to be ambassadors for the
aimed at the South Asian                               Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy
community.                                             representing the South Asian Community.

                        Update from the Prisons
                                                       The prison’s work in providing testing,     Jayne Dodd, Hepatitis Specialist Nurse for
                                                       treatment, counselling, peer support        Prisons in Greater Manchester, now has
                                                       and care for Hepatitis C and Hepatitis      the provisional go-ahead from all other
                                                       B positive prisoners was nominated in       sites to provide the same service. “The
                                                       the ‘best practice regarding healthcare     men who have used the service have
                                                       services provided to prisoners’ category.   found it really useful and describe it as a
                                                       The judging panel described HMP Forest      lifeline. We now know the importance of
                                                       Bank’s project as “excellent work and       getting this up and running in our other
                                                       dedication in promoting the health of       sites.”
                                                                                                         The Strategy once more teamed up
                                                             HMP Forest Bank hosted the now
                                                                                                         with Exchange Supplies and Roche
                                                             annual Hep C Nurse Forum which
      Jayne and the team (pictured                                                                 to offer a hepatitis C and BBV training day
                                                       saw 50 delegates including prison
      right) at HMP Forest Bank were                                                               aimed at staff who work in prison and
                                                       healthcare managers, prison GP leads
recipients of the Special Team Effort                                                              probation settings. Over 80 attendees
                                                       attend. All prison nurses dedicated to
Award at the recent Sodexo Star Awards                                                             from prisons across the north west
                                                       providing a testing service and support
which recognise employees’ efforts                                                                 attended the session at The Printworks to
                                                       presented the achievements from their
and work over the year. They won                                                                   see the Exchange Supplies films on the
                                                       sites and many learning points came from
this award for their commitment and                                                                big screen. There were also presentations
                                                       the day – especially around providing hep
dedication to supporting prisoners                                                                 from Jayne Dodd; the CARATs team at
                                                       C support groups.
with Hepatitis C. The team was recently                                                            HMP Forest Bank and Rick Plant, Health
highly commended by the World Health                        The Hepatitis C Trust helpline is      Prison Coordinator at HMP Manchester
Organisation (WHO) at the Health in                         now being provided for one hour        on the education sessions he runs for
Prisons Programme - Best Practice Awards               a month on a free pin phone for all         prisoners.
2011.                                                  prisoners in HMP Manchester undergoing
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