Truckee to be Destination Sponsor of Sunset Idea House by fdh56iuoui


									          Truckee to be Destination Sponsor of Sunset Idea House
                                            Sunset Magazine, in a     gram, a link on the Sunset Magazine website at
                                            joint venture with        (click Idea Houses on the right on the green navigation bar) and
                                            Tahoe Mountain Re-        a mention in the August, September and October issues’ Idea
                                            sorts, is creating the    House ad.
                                            2007 Idea House that            “This is a great opportunity to leverage our marketing dol-
                                           celebrates Lake Ta-        lars to benefit Truckee businesses. Once people are at the Idea
                                           hoe’s historic lodges,     House, they have the opportunity to learn more about all the
                                           barns, and mountain        great sights, activities, shopping and dining available while visit-
                                           vistas.                    ing Truckee,” says Lynn Saunders, President/CEO of the
                                           Overlooking the 18th       Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce.
                                           hole on the Peter
                                           Jacobsen/Jim Hardy               2007 Lake Tahoe Idea House Team
                                           golf course in Gray’s
                                           Crossing, the home            Developer: Tahoe Mountain Resorts
                                           will offer storage solu-
                                           tions for Tahoe winter        Architect: Faulkner Architects
                                           equipment as well as a        Builder: Robert Marr Construction Inc.
   Sunset Idea House Program Ad
                                           summer sanctuary for          Interior Design: Spirit Interior Design
                                           basking in the sun.           Landscape Architect: Shades of Green
      Key features include an expansive hearth, a covered year-
round outdoor kitchen and dining area, and an outdoor tub next           Charity Partner: Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund
to a two-sided fireplace. The design will implement Sierra-based
colors and use of stone, recycled wood timbers, and contempo-
rary mountain designs.                                                                Open House Schedule
      Sunset Idea Houses typically draw up to 40,000 visitors. As
the Destination Sponsor, Truckee has a display in the informa-                  August 24th through October 28th
tion center in the Idea House where the Official Truckee Visitor
Guide, Downtown Truckee Walking Tour Brochure, and Sum-                             Friday through Sunday
mer Calendar of Events will be distributed. In addition, Truckee                     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
receives a full page, 4-color ad in the Official Idea House Pro-

   •    Truckee Visitor Center Swings Into High Gear for Summer
                                                                                                            Vol. 23-No. 7
   •    “Think Local – Buy Local – Be Local – Give Local” Program in Development                             July, 2007
   •    Gray’s Crossing/Henness Flats Affordable Apartments Available for Rent Now
                                                                      Meet New Members
                                                    These businesses have recently made an investment in their future, as well as the
 Our mission is to promote and develop              community, by joining the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce. We
    local business and tourism, while               congratulate them on their decision. Please patronize these businesses.
improving the community's quality of life.
2006-07 Board of Directors                          Fair and Green                                  tate experience. Give Lee a call at
Darren Shaw, Chair                                        Heidi and Michael Baikie owners of        (530) 836-2730 or visit her office at 950
Tahoe Donner Association
                                                    Fair and Green, Inc. have embraced a            Miners Passage, Whitehawk Ranch.
Donna Morgan, Past Chair                            new concept that is a win-win for all par-
Booth Creek Ski Holdings
                                                    ties involved. Fair and Green is a craft        Sierra Dance Center
Kappy Mann, Chair Elect                             and gift store that sells items that are of a        Sierra Dance Center teaches you
Coldwell Banker of Northern California
                                                    fair trade and/or ecologically sound na-        how to foxtrot, salsa, waltz, swing and
Brent Cutler
The Sports Exchange
                                                    ture. All gifts are unique, handmade and        more by helping you understand the
                                                    affordable and help support artisans in         natural laws that improve your dynamic
Peter Holzmeister
Truckee Donner Public Utility District
                                                    their communities enabling them to              balance, body alignment, and centering.
                                                    achieve a fair wage for quality products.       You can use these same skills to further
Jude M. Koenig
Attorney at Law                                           Fair and Green’s policy is for do-        other physical activities and sports. By
                                                    nating one percent of total purchases           learning to dance you can improve your
Laura Ryan
Best Western Truckee Tahoe Inn                      back to one of six non-profits that             golf game or skiing technique!
                                                    change quarterly, one of which will al-              Director/owner Jeffrey Lynn is a
John Witney
EventMasters                                        ways be a local non-profit. In addition,        former U.S. Ballroom Champion with
Shelly Wright
                                                    Heidi and Michael will provide informa-         more than 30 years experience and
Plumas Bank                                         tive workshops and presentations, and
                                                                                                                   See New Members, back page
                                                    they are interested in collaborating with
Community Liaisons
Mark Brown
                                                    other businesses to achieve this goal.
Town of Truckee                                     Stop by their store at 10382 Donner Pass              Corrections
Andy Chapman                                        Road, Unit 1 or call (530) 582-0908.
North Lake Tahoe Resort Association                                                                       The New Member Update insert
Jan Colyer                                          Re/Max Gold                                     in the June issue of Truckee Tracks
TNT/TMA                                                  Lee Proctor of Re/Max Gold is              contained the incorrect e-mail
Chamber Staff                                       well educated in real estate in the East-       address for William Call – Bank
Lynn Saunders                                       ern Plumas County area. She notes that          of America Mortgage. The correct
President/CEO                                       properties in Eastern Plumas county are         e-mail address should read
Ruth Geresy                                         approximately 20-30 percent less than in
Executive Assistant                                                                                       L a s t m o n th ’ s “ M e e t N e w
                                                    the Truckee or North Tahoe areas,
Linda Pendleton                                     which is great news for just driving an         Members” section misspelled Full Circle
Membership Manager                                                                                  Movement owner’s name. It should
                                                    additional 45 minutes north. Lee is avail-
Bonnie Ames-Williams                                able to assist you with any type of real        read Sarah Bailey. Sarah specializes in
Chamber Programs Coordinator                                                                        the GYROTONIC expansion system
                                                    estate sales transactions; whether for
Helyn North                                         development, residential, land or 1031          and GYROKINESIS.
Visitor Services Representative                                                                           Also please read the corrected
                                                    property exchanges.
Carol O’Brien                                            She works long and hard so that            brief for RE/MAX Gold and Lee
Visitor Services Representative                                                                     Proctor in in this issue of Truckee Tracks.
                                                    her clients are happy with their real es-
Beverly Welch
Visitor Services Representative

                  Truckee Tracks
is the monthly publication of the Truckee Donner                          Chamber Calendar
  Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves
   the right to edit submissions as necessary for
      space requirements. Send comments or           Ambassadors Committee Meeting – Tuesday, July 3, 11:30 a.m., Pizza Hut
         submissions to
                                                     Tourism Committee Meeting – Tuesday, July 10, 9:00 a.m., Hampton Inn & Suites
Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce
10065 Donner Pass Road ● Truckee, CA 96161           Board Meeting – Tuesday, July 17, 3:30 p.m., O.B.’s Pub & Restaurant
(530) 587-8808 ● (530) 587-2439 (fax) ●                   Mixer – Friday, July 27, 5:00-7:00 p.m., Sierra Mountain Mortgage

2    July 2007                                                                                           530.587.8808
                                 Wednesday, July 27
                                  5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
                          Hosted by: Sierra Mountain Mortgage
                                Where: 10098 Jibboom Street

                         Good Food, Good People, Great Raffle Gifts.
                          Bring your business cards. See you there!

                                                                 Thank You Renewals
          Thank You!                                   5+ Years                      SmallPond Studio
                                                                                     Four Seasons Fly Fishing
                                                       Real Graphic Source
                                                                                     Lost Trail Lodge
     Carole Sesko Contemporary Art                     Schöne Sachen
                                                                                     Pacific Crest Properties -
                                                       Intero Real Estate Services
                Truckee Gallery                        Law Office of John S. Mohun
                                                                                        Kimberly Bullock
                                                                                     Precision Flooring
                                                       Sierra Senior Services
           High Sierra Custom Door                                                   RWR Art-Architecture

                       and                             2+ Years                      1 Year
                Mountain Forge                         APS Merchant Services, Inc.
                                                                                     Tahoe Adventure Company,
                                                       Alpine Valley Homes
          for hosting a June Mixer!                    Old Greenwood
                                                                                     European Ski Antiques & Fine
                                                       Platinum 1st Mortgage
                                                       Sierra Shades
          Please patronize all our generous            Tahoe Maritime Museum
                 mixer/event hosts!

530.587.8808                                                                  July 2007    3
             Truckee Visitor Center Swings Into                                                 Chamber Statistics
                  High Gear for Summer
                                                                                            The Chamber is Working For You
                                               also has a selection of train T-shirts and
                                                                                            PHONE CALLS
                                               souvenirs and a wide variety of Truckee
                                               history books and photos for sale.           June 2006......................................... 1,882
                                                    Research shows that vacationers         July 2006.......................................... 1,948
                                                                                            August 2006 .................................... 2,077
                                               who use a Visitor Center spend an aver-      September 2006.............................. 1,590
                                               age of $53 more per day; stay 1.5 days       October 2006.................................. 1,690
                                               longer; are more likely to return to the     November 2006.............................. 1,564
                                               area for another vacation; and dissemi-      December 2006 .............................. 2,137
                                               nate positive word-of-mouth advertising      January 2007 ................................... 1,868
                                               about the area.                              February 2007................................. 1,399
                                                    So send your visitors and guests our    March 2007 ..................................... 1,713
                                               way – we’re more than happy to help          April 2007........................................ 1,709
      The Truckee Donner Chamber of            make their visit to Truckee a memorable      May 2007 ......................................... 1,658
Commerce operates the Visitor Center           one!
in historic downtown Truckee. The Visi-                                                     WRITTEN REQUESTS
tor Center is open Monday through Fri-                                                      June 2006............................................ 588
day 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and weekends          What Visitors Are Saying                   July 2006............................................. 460
                                                                                            August 2006 .................................... 1,088
from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Visitor Ser-            About Truckee                           September 2006................................. 879
vices representatives welcome visitors to
Truckee with a friendly face and assist
                                                 and the Visitor Center:                    October 2006..................................... 499
                                                                                            November 2006................................. 475
travelers by providing information and                                                      December 2006.................................. 351
brochures about the Truckee-Tahoe area                 The Truckee Donner Chamber
                                                                                            January 2007 ...................................... 255
including lodging, retail, attractions, din-     of Commerce maintains a Visitor            February 2007.................................... 302
ing and special events.                          Log in the Visitor Center. Entries         March 2007 ........................................ 684
      The Visitor Center is well-stocked         into this log show our visitors come       April 2007........................................... 628
with information about Truckee, Lake             from all over the world including          May 2007 ......................................... 1,630
Tahoe, Nevada County, Reno, Carson               Scotland, U.K., Brazil, Netherlands,
City, Virginia City and beyond. There is         Denmark, Germany, Canada, Swit-   VISITS
internet access available, and a television      zerland, Ireland, Australia, New Zea-      June 2006....................................... 92,560
monitor in the lobby where the Truckee-          land, France, Norway, Czech Repub-         July 2006......................................109,370
Lake Tahoe Visitor Network is broad-             lic, Japan, Central America, West          August 2006 ................................102,450
cast for visitors waiting for transporta-        Africa, and more.                          September 2006............................ 90,260
                                                                                            October 2006................................ 90,777
tion connections.                                     • “Awesome”                           November 2006............................ 81,760
      The Truckee Visitor Center is in                                                      December 2006...........................101,730
the historic downtown depot. The build-               • “Thank you for your kindness
                                                                                            January 2007 ................................. 99,980
ing is listed on the National Register of               and comfort while waiting in
                                                                                            February 2007............................... 91,370
Historic Places in commemoration of                     traffic”                            March 2007 ................................... 90,300
the Transcontinental Railroad, which                  • “Extremely helpful… nice            April 2007...................................... 83,700
reached Truckee on April 3, 1868. Fit-                  ladies in the Visitor Center”       May 2007 ....................................... 88,060
tingly, the Truckee Railroad Society has a
display that provides train buffs with lots           • “Love the shopping!”                VISITORS TO CHAMBER
of history. There are also historic dis-              • “What a hospitable town”            June 2006......................................... 3,960
plays about Truckee that are on loan                                                        July 2006.......................................... 4,920
from the Truckee Donner Historical                    • “Truckee Rocks”                     August 2006 .................................... 5,075
Society for visitors’ enjoyment.                                                            September 2006.............................. 3,901
                                                      • “A vacation I’ll never forget!      October 2006.................................. 3,558
      In addition to Truckee souvenirs                  Nice station”                       November 2006.............................. 2,939
such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece vests,                                                December 2006............................... 3,948
ballcaps and more, the Visitor Center                                                       January 2007 ................................... 3,337
                                                                                            February 2007................................. 2,894
                                                                                            March 2007 ..................................... 3,242
                                                                                            April 2007........................................ 2,842
                                                                                            May 2007 ......................................... 3,116

4    July 2007                                                                                                  530.587.8808
“Think Local - Buy Local - Be Local - Give Local”                                               Sierra Business Council
          Program in Development                                                                  “State of the Sierra”
       The Sierra Business Council recently     vigor through nurturing and promoting a          Regional Conference
invited several key leaders across the Sierra   wide diversity of locally owned businesses.             July 16th
Nevada – including Truckee – to attend a        Communities increasingly recognize that
conference and strategy meeting in Belling-     local businesses play an indispensable role
ham, Washington that was hosted by Sus-         in ensuring a unique community and a true             The Sierra Business Council (SBC)
tainable Connections. At this conference,       sense of place. Local governments, non-         and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy are
leaders heard how Bellingham, Washing-          profit organizations, local businesses and      thrilled to announce the upcoming re-
ton has launched a “Think Local” pro-           community citizens contribute financially       lease of the State of the Sierra report - a
gram.                                           and with volunteer time to make cam-            comprehensive summary of SBC’s
       As a follow-up, some of the same         paigns successful.                              Wealth Index that draws upon more than
leaders attended a national conference in             The Sierra Business Council (SBC) is      a decade of social, natural, and financial
Berkeley that was hosted by the Business        working with several communities                indicators in order to assess the wealth
Alliance for Local Living Economies             throughout the Sierra Nevada to lead the        and health of the region.
(BALLE) to get more information and             community in the development of “Think                To present the findings of the re-
details about these programs that are be-       Local First” programs.                          port, explore key data trends and invest-
coming very popular, and successful,                  As a result, there is an ad-hoc com-      ment opportunities to achieve a sustain-
across the country.                             mittee that is laying the groundwork for a      able future for the Sierra Nevada, SBC is
       BALLE “Think Local First”™ cam-          “think-be-buy-give local” program to be         holding a series of regional conferences.
paigns are receiving national attention and     developed here in Truckee. If you are in-       Locally, the “State of the Sierra” Re-
are launching in communities across the         terested in getting involved in the develop-
                                                                                                gional Conference will be held Monday
United States and Canada. These market-         ment of this program, contact Betony
                                                                                                July 16th at GarWoods in Carnelian Bay.
ing campaigns are seen as a critical piece of   Jones at or Steve
a community’s economic development              Frisch at the Sierra Business Council at              The conference will include:
strategy, helping to protect economic sta-      (530) 582-4800.                                       • Presentation of updated 3rd edi-
bility, job growth, and entrepreneurial                                                         tion of SBC’s Sierra Nevada Wealth In-
                                                                                                dex and release of State of the Sierra re-
                                                                                                port with discussion of key findings.
                                                                                                      • Presentation and participation by
     Truckee Hosts Top Golf & Sports Journalists                                                the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
                                                                                                      • Local stories from Saving the
                           Truckee recently     Fifty Brewing Company. The writers were         Sierra: Voices of Conservation in Ac-
                           hosted 25 top        then split into small groups for dinner with    tion, an independent regional media ini-
                           golf and sports      a Truckee host accompanying them, and           tiative.
                           journalists     by   experienced some of the great restaurants             • Facilitated discussion on oppor-
                           participating as a   in Truckee including Cottonwood, Drag-          tunities to invest in your area’s sustain-
                           destination          onfly, Moody’s, and OB’s. All were im-          able future.
                           sponsor for the      pressed with the unique restaurants of-
                           9th Annual Golf      fered in Truckee.                                     • Networking reception with appe-
                           the High Sierra             The groups stayed at local lodging       tizers and no-host bar.
                           Media       Tour.    properties including the cabins at Old                The conference is from 1:00 to 5:00
                           This highly suc-     Greenwood, Best Western Truckee Tahoe           p.m., with a reception to follow from
                           cessful,     well-   Inn, Cedar House Sport Hotel, Hampton           5:00 to 7:00 p.m. The costs are $30 for
                           organized media      Inn & Suites Tahoe-Truckee, Donner Lake         non SBC members, $20 for SBC mem-
                           tour showcases       Village Resort, Holiday Inn Express, and        bers, and $15 to attend the reception
to an incredible group of media the unique      the Resort at Squaw Creek.                      only. Space is limited. To register, visit
attributes of the Truckee, Lake Tahoe,                 The journalists were charmed by, or e-mail
Graeagle/Plumas, Reno, Carson City/             Truckee and the response was very posi-, or call (530) 582-
Carson Valley areas in the way of golf          tive, actually generating interest in several   4800 x10.
quality, variety, hospitality, spectacular      stories during the visit that Switchback PR
dining and natural beauty.                      + Marketing will be following up on the
      The journalists came to Truckee and       Chamber’s behalf.
played Coyote Moon and Old Greenwood                   Many thanks to all the Truckee busi-
golf courses. The evening festivities started   nesses who worked with us to provide a
with a reception at the newly opened Fifty-     first-class experience for these media.

530.587.8808                                                                                        July 2007   5
 Thrift Stores Good for
   the Environment                                                  Keep Truckee Green

      Thrift stores have been recycling                             Turning Trash Into Cash
items for years, since way before the idea
was trendy. One person’s unwanted crib               With Sierra Cost Management’s          businesses saving as much as 47% on
is anothers treasured find. And where         waste reduction expertise and successful      their annual garbage expenses. Just this
else can you buy children’s strollers         track record, the Truckee Donner Cham-        year, since January 2007, SCM’s clients
priced to sell or classic Mickey Mouse        ber of Commerce’s Mixers are going            have combined savings in excess of
videos – and benefit charity and the en-      “green”. The Chamber has partnered            $30,000 based on Walters’ customized
vironment at the same time?                   with Joanna Walters of Sierra Cost Man-       waste reduction plans including recycling
      The KidZone’s Treasure Chest,           agement (SCM) to provide unique and           services, purchasing recommendations,
Truckee’s local children’s thrift store,      effective waste management services and       and meticulous attention to materials.
attracts shoppers for many reasons, in-       cost savings to Chamber Mixer hosts on              Committed to waste reduction
cluding the thrill of hunting for a quality   event day.                                    through innovative solutions, Walters is
piece on sale. It also appeals to the com-           Chamber Mixer host companies will      a leader in saving companies money by
munity’s enthusiasm to support our local      gain insights on reducing waste through       reducing their garbage costs through
children’s museum, and to protect the         purchasing decisions, recycling options,      comprehensive recycling programs and
earth through recycling of children’s         and overall event structure. Walters, who     related services. “Waste is whatever a
clothing, books, and gear.                    founded SCM in 2003, is enthusiastic          business throws into the dumpster.
      Since its inception, the Treasure       about the new partnership and its poten-      Mostly we focus on paper, cardboard,
Chest has recycled over 100,000 goods,        tial ripple effect. She said, “Working on     glass bottle, cans, old office furniture,
saving our landfills, supporting the Sal-     every Chamber Mixer is an opportunity         old office equipment, and food waste.
vation Army, contributing to our local        to spread information about effective         When I begin working with a company,
museum, and returning quality used            recycling and waste management prac-          we calculate a baseline of their solid
goods to the community.                       tices with local businesses – large and       waste disposal monthly expenses,” Wal-
      This concept of recycling appeals to    small.”                                       ters explains. “Each month, when the
many visitors and residents, but it also is          Walters’ familiarity with waste man-   company spends less than the baseline,
one of the convictions of the founders        agement systems coupled with her deep         we split the savings. I only get paid if I
as well. For Lizbeth Doving, co-chair of      understanding of reuse and recycling          produce a direct refund, credit or sav-
the Treasure Chest, recycling is one of       options provides companies with an ex-        ings.” Walters uses a proven seven-point
the greatest aspects of our store. “This      ceptional opportunity to enhance their        business model to identify and recover
whole industry is recycling,” she says.       double bottom line - contributing posi-       errors and savings opportunities.
      Elizabeth Bell, mother of two, ac-      tively to the environment while reducing
tive Treasure Chest shopper, and mem-         expenses.                                           Joanna Walters is the owner of
ber of the Truckee Climate Action Net-               This partnership allows Chamber        Sierra Waste Management and can be
work (TCAN) states “Mass production           members first hand exposure to SCM’s          reached at (866) 299-4371 or e-mail
and distribution on any level result in       process that includes a detailed assess-
air pollution. So the more we can reuse       ment, waste reduction program design,
clothing – especially from local thrift       and ongoing evaluation. Walters believes,
shops – the less demand for new pro-                                                        Editors Note: Recognizing our uniquely pris-
                                              “It’s important to recycle. It represents a   tine location nestled in the Sierra, Truckee’s
duction. The end result is less stress on     commitment to stewardship and makes
the earth and its atmosphere.”                                                              citizens are taking numerous steps to main-
                                              good business sense. A lot of businesses      tain and promote an environmentally friendly
                                              want to recycle, but they just don't know     community. There are many initiatives busi-
                                              how or don’t have the time or expertise       nesses can implement that will help Keep
                                              to investigate. That’s where I can help.”     Truckee Green. This column will provide
                                                     In 2006, all of SCM’s clients in the   information on the various resources available
                                              Greater Truckee Area benefited from           to businesses to help Keep Truckee Green.
                                              significant economic savings with some

6    July 2007                                                                                      530.587.8808
                  Spotlight On Workforce/
                    Affordable Housing

                Attention Employers:
      Gray’s Crossing/Henness Flats Affordable
     Apartment Complex Available for Rent Now
      There is a rare opportunity right         on outside steps and landings. Each unit
here in Truckee. I am sure that you have        is washer and dryer ready although there
driven by it plenty thousands of times. It      is also a community laundry room. The                 Goodwill Tour
can help you retain employees, keep             development has a community room
them close to work, have them support           including spacious kitchen, playground                  of Brazil
other businesses in their community and         and picnic area.
                                                                                                     Rotary is looking for enthusiastic
ultimately save you and them money. If                Would it surprise you to know that
                                                                                               informed and outgoing local profession-
you and your employees take advantage           a 2-bedroom apartment with all of this
                                                                                               als for a Rotary-sponsored goodwill tour
of this opportunity, your employees will        could be available for a rent as low as
                                                                                               of Brazil in April/May 2008. Rotary’s
no longer have to commute from outside          $450 per month (depending on income
                                                                                               Group Study Exchange program allows
the area, Reno or Lake Tahoe, cutting           and household size)? It surprised me so
                                                                                               local residents to foster international
down on tardiness and absenteeism, and          that is why I wanted to share this infor-
                                                                                               understanding by building personal rela-
emissions. Local employees can finally          mation with you.
                                                                                               tionships. Established professionals age
be locals!                                            At Gray’s Crossing/Henness Flats,
                                                                                               25-40 interested in representing Truckee
      The opportunity I am referring to is      there are many apartments that are re-
                                                                                               abroad are encouraged to apply. Contact
the new Gray’s Crossing/Henness Flats           served for the lowest income ranges of
                                                                                               Bonnie York of the Rotary Club of
affordable apartment complex. These             our workforce, depending on household
                                                                                               Truckee at (530) 550-2655 for more in-
brand new, spacious and well appointed          size, accommodating annual incomes as
                                                                                               formation and to receive an application.
2 and 3 bedroom apartments are avail-           low as $15,950. This income level ad-
                                                                                               Deadline for applications is July 20th.
able for rent now – occupancy to be af-         dresses entry level and part time employ-
ter July 15th. Each unit is fully equipped      ees and seasonal income fluctuations.
with electric range, oven, microwave,           This opportunity should be especially
dishwasher, garbage disposal and refrig-        attractive to the household that plays the
erator. The central heat and water heat-        winter/summer job shift game and any
ing is done with natural gas. All appli-        employer who depends on them.
ances are top rated energy efficient. Each            These apartments are centrally lo-
unit has its own covered deck made of a         cated and close to downtown at the in-
Trex like material – for added life and         tersection of Highway 89 North and
less maintenance. All of the entrances are
covered – meaning no snow shoveling                        See Affordable Housing, back page

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           waiting to carry your message:
  Shirts, caps, pens, food gifts, mugs, calendars, bags, coasters,
       matches, candles, magnets, keychains and More...
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530.587.8808                                                                                    July 2007   7
                                      Members in the News

    Innovative Interior                                          Visitor Channel Continues
     Design Team Wins                                             North Shore Expansion
                                                  The New Tahoe Company,                   Brandt, President of New Tahoe
                                             operators of the Truckee-Tahoe Visitor        Company. “Not only does it provide
       Marcio Decker of Aspen Leaf Inte-     Channel (TTTV) and Squaw Valley               vital information to guests in the area, it
riors and Home Concepts recently re-         Visitor Channel (SVTV), announced the         is also a useful tool for local lodging
ceived an honorable mention for the          continuing expansion of its Lake Tahoe        properties and businesses.”
2006 K+BB Design Awards presented            Visitor Network into additional                     With the addition of these and
by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine.       properties on the North Shore, adding         other properties, the Lake Tahoe Visitor
The annual awards honor the very best        more guest rooms to its reach around          Network will provide its custom-
kitchen, bath and showroom designs.          North Lake Tahoe and Truckee.                 produced visitor information content to
       The only designer in the area to be        New properties and locations that        over 3,300 guest rooms, residences and
recognized, Decker received the award        will provide the dynamic information          condominiums around the region. The
for his work on a luxury Northstar-at-       channel to guests include Mourelatos          network’s content mix includes up-to-
Tahoe home master bath. With a palette       Lakeshore Resort and the Firelite Lodge       the-minute weather and forecasts, event
heavily weighted toward warm, autumnal       in Tahoe Vista, the Ferrari’s Crown           listings, resort conditions, and a variety
colors, Decker’s bath deftly blends con-     Resort in Kings Beach, and the                of visitor information on activities,
trasting styles and seemingly incongru-      Peppertree Inn in Tahoe City.                 shopping, dining, history, and things to
ous materials. In fact, the judges noted          “The Truckee-Tahoe Visitor               do around the region.
that “Decker’s bath offers an inviting       Channel is a valuable resource,” said Eric
showcase of how disparate elements can
be seamlessly fused into one cohesive
       Rustic, yet undeniably modern, the
master bath complements dark chocolate
brown knotty alder cabinetry with cast-
                                                      A Fresh New Chef at Pacific Crest Grill
bronze hardware and vintage-inspired
oil-rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures.               Pacific Crest Grill & Bar of            which turned into a five-year
Asian-themed bar and glass tile liners are   America has announced David Lambert           commitment and experience with one of
juxtaposed with recycled glass mosaics       as executive chef. No stranger to the         California’s most renowned restaurants.
and all are offset by three textures of      area, Chef Lambert is an established,              Lambert brings much enthusiasm
slate.                                       local chef whose culinary style and           to his role at Pacific Crest and relishes
       Well known for his specialty work     philosophy fit perfectly with Pacific         the opportunity to work with an
in stone and tile design with Home Con-      Crest’s commitment to fresh, seasonal         establishment whose philosophy is built
cepts in Truckee, Decker began expand-       and sustainable cuisine.                      on providing sustainable, local and
ing his repertoire in 2004 and joined              Lambert was formerly the executive      organic foods. Pacific Crest takes
with partner Betty Scott to launch Aspen     chef at Sierra Vista, a lakeside restaurant   advantage of using local purveyors and
Leaf Interiors. Specializing in bringing     that recently closed its doors. A native of   local farms for produce, beef and
out the aesthetic beauty of structures       Sacramento, Lambert has been cooking          cheeses and purchases regional or
whether they are small rustic cabins or      for more than 20 years. He has a diverse      sustainable varieties of fish, as well.
grand lakeside estates, Aspen Leaf Interi-   background including management                    “The quality of food you bring in
ors is reviving the traditional Tahoe look   experience with chain restaurants to a        the back door makes it easy to put out
with new materials, textures, colors and     five-year stint with nearby Rainbow           good food to the customer,” said
design elements. Aspen Leaf Interiors        Lodge, and even some course work at           Lambert.
offers all facets of interior design work,   the CIA (Culinary Institute of America)            On occasion, when Lambert isn’t in
from custom stone and tile designs,          in New York. Upon returning from New          the kitchen, he might be seen
color consultations, space design and        York in 1993, Lambert inquired about a        participating in open mic night,
furniture selections to wallpaper, paint,    summer job at the well-regarded               Wednesday’s in the Bar of America,
lighting and plumbing fixtures, window       Mendocino restaurant, Café Beaujolais,        playing on the drums.
coverings and accessories.

8    July 2007                                                                                   530.587.8808

        Have a Passion for Jazz?                                                          3rd Annual “Jazz Artists in
      Don’t Miss Moody’s 3rd Annual                                                    Residency” Free Kids’ Jazz Camp
       “Jazz Artists in Residency”
                                                                                          The scene is a memorable one: top-tier jazz musicians
      For one unforgettable week in July, Truckee will be trans-                    who have performed with the likes of Elvis Costello and Her-
formed into a base camp for some of the country’s most tal-                         bie Hancock showing dozens of little fingers how to wrap
ented jazz musicians, when Moody’s Bistro & Lounge hosts the                        around the guitar, tap on the piano, or coax a note out of a
3rd Annual “Jazz Artists in Residency” July 9-14. The event                         horn. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will take place again
includes free jazz shows by top-tier musicians, a week-long                         when Moody’s Bistro & Lounge hosts the 3rd annual “Jazz Art-
kid’s camp and a benefit for the Truckee Youth Music Program                        ists in Residency” free Kids’ Jazz Camp July 9-13.
featuring San Francisco’s Shotgun Wedding Hip Hop Symphony,                                   The camp will allow kids to work closely with musi-
whose legendary performances blend a symphony of strings                            cians who are widely recognized from New York to San Fran-
with the beat of an MC.                                                             cisco for their innovation and talent. The camp is open to chil-
      During the event, music fans mingle with jazz musicians                       dren ages 10 years old through high school and runs from
from New York and San Francisco. The jazz artists are inspired                      10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
as they interact with their musical peers, providing an elevated                              Kids will have the rare opportunity to participate in
level of passion and creativity that isn’t usually heard during                     workshops that will focus on improvisation in jazz and funk
traditional shows. By immersing themselves in music for the                         using drums, bass, guitar, piano and horns. Since Moody’s first
week-long event, the artists infuse a lot of color and culture                      offered the kids’ camp in 2005, the event grew in popularity,
into Truckee nightlife.                                                             allowing Moody’s to expand the camp to five days. During last
      “Jazz Artists in Residency” includes four free jazz shows                     year’s camp, 50 kids were able to enjoy one of the most memo-
at Moody’s, July 9-12.                                                              rable experiences of their lives. This year, Moody’s expects to
      These same performers also will conduct free clinics dur-                     expand the camp to 65 students.
ing the “Jazz Artists in Residency” Kids’ Jazz Camp from 10:00                            In order to get the most out of the camp, all participating
a.m. to 1:00 p.m., July 9-13, allowing children to develop an                       kids must have some form of musical background. Students
appreciation for music in general and for jazz as a whole.                          must register with Moody’s in advance, as the camp is available
      On Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14, the Shotgun Wed-                    on a first-come, first-serve basis. Morgan expects this year’s
ding Hip Hop Symphony gives a whole new meaning to Truckee                          camp to reach its capacity, so early registration is encouraged.
nightlife when they perform at Moody’s as part of a benefit for                           "It’s all about the role model, and these musicians nail that
the Truckee Youth Music Program.                                                    for the kids,” said JJ Morgan, Moody’s co-owner. “These guys
      According to JJ Morgan, Moody’s Bistro & Lounge co-                           are teaching the kids about dedication and commitment and
owner, “The musicians spend the entire week immersed in jazz                        the kids see the end result with the musicians. They get a lot
and stretch themselves musically in the evenings when they                          out of the week, plus it fires them up to pursue their love of
play with each other.”                                                              music through classes during the upcoming school year.”
                                                                                          For more information or to sign up, contact Moody’s Bis-
                                                                                    tro & Lounge at (530) 587-8688.

  Advertising in Truckee
   Tracks is affordable
      and effective.

        For more
      info, contact
   Linda Pendleton at

   Your advertising message is surrounded by timely and useful editorial of
                     interest to the business community.

530.587.8808                                                                                                   July 2007   9

Sponsors Lend Support                            14th Annual ARTour Open Studios Tour July 13-15th
 for 35th Season of the                                The blossoming art scene is on dis-      displayed at the North Tahoe Art Center
      Lake Tahoe                                 play in North Tahoe Arts’ 14th annual
                                                 ARTour open studios to be held July 13-
                                                                                                throughout the month of July. An open-
                                                                                                ing reception with art, food, and live mu-
 Shakespeare Festival                            15th. This year, forty local artists will      sic is Thursday, July 12th from 5:00 to
                                                 showcase a wide variety of works, ranging      8:00 p.m. at North Tahoe Arts Center,
       The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festi-         from painters, sculptors, illustrators,        380 North Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City,
val is more than just plays on the               weavers, photographers, fiber artists, and     just past the Tahoe City “Y.”
beach. It is a non-profit organization           printmakers. “This year’s ARTour show-                Maps to the artists’ studios are
with a mission to bring fine arts and cul-       cases the largest and most diverse group       available at many sites throughout the
ture to the residents and visitors of Reno-      of artists we have ever had on ARTour,”        area, including the Truckee Visitors Cen-
Lake Tahoe and educate future genera-            said North Tahoe Arts’ Executive Direc-        ter, the Incline Village Visitors Center,
tions on the importance of the arts, thea-       tor, Allison Becker. “With so many artists     North Tahoe Arts, and most art galleries
ter and music. The Festival, celebrating its     and such a variety of works, there is          within the region. Or, just follow the gold
35th year this summer, is able to accom-         something for everyone to enjoy.”              ARTour signs dotting the landscape. Ad-
plish this through the support of the                  ARTour artists open their studios to     mission is free. Studios will be open from
community, its patrons and its corporate         the public in this once-a-year event, dis-     10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily through the
sponsors.                                        playing complete works, works-in-              event. For more information, contact
       “We can not say thank you enough          progress as well as art methods and tech-      North Tahoe Arts at (530) 581-2787 or
to all of our sponsors whose support al-         niques.                                        visit
lows us to increase our entertainment                  Artwork from each artist will also be
offerings and educational outreach each
season,” said Catherine Atack, executive
director of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare                American Cancer Society Seeks Volunteers,
Festival. “Their support provides our or-                 Teams for Truckee Relay for Life
ganization with the financial stability to
continue to bring our summer season of                 The American Cancer Society is           ing event are making a commitment to
events to residents and visitors, ensuring       looking for volunteers and teams for the       fight back against this disease and let the
our mission is achieved and continuing to        first ever 24-hour Relay for Life of           community know that we can beat can-
provide enhanced programming both                Truckee to be held July 28-29 from 9:00        cer.”
during the Festival and in schools               a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Truckee High                Teams of eight to 24 members
throughout the academic year.”                   School track and softball fields.              gather with tents and sleeping bags to
       The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festi-               Relay for Life is a fun-filled, over-    participate in the largest fundraising walk
val season begins July 12 and continues          night event that mobilizes communities         in the nation. Relay for Life brings to-
through August 19 with three plays high-         throughout the country to celebrate sur-       gether friends, families, businesses, hospi-
lighting the playbill including Romeo &          vivors, remember loved ones and raise          tals, schools, and places of worship—
Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew and the witty,   money for the fight against cancer. All        people from all walks of life. Teams seek
contemporary play Greater Tuna, the first        survivors are invited to pre-register and      sponsorship prior to the Relay, all with
non-Shakespeare production to appear on          participate in the opening ceremony Sur-       the goal of eliminating cancer. Rules of
the Festival’s stage. Tickets start at $22       vivor Lap at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, July       engagement are that each team has at
for open seating tiers and range in op-          28. Saturday evening luminaria bags will       least one member of their team on the
tions up to the premier Reserved Seating         light the way after dusk to honor those        track for the 24 hours.
section starting at $67.                         whose lives have been touched by cancer.             If you would like to volunteer to be
       For tickets and information about         For a donation of $15, you can have the        on the Relay for Life committee, put to-
the 2007 Lake Tahoe Shakespeare                  name of someone that has battled cancer,       gether a team, join a team, participate in
Festival at Sand Harbor, including               as a survivor or in memory of, on a lumi-      the survivor lap during opening ceremo-
membership, volunteer and                        naria bag.                                     nies, become a sponsor, provide enter-
employment opportunities, call                         “Relay for Life is a 24-hour event to    tainment or food, contact Ruth Geresy at
800-74-SHOWS (800-747-4697) or visit             raise awareness about the progress against     (530) 587-8808 or                    cancer as much as it is a fundraiser,” said          For more information on cancer,
                                                 Stephanie Goodner of the American Can-         call the American Cancer Society at 1-
                                                 cer Society. “Individuals who are willing      800-ACS-2345, available 24 hours a day,
                                                 to give their time and energy to this excit-   seven days a week, or visit

10    July 2007                                                                                     530.587.8808
                                              Calendar of Events July
 1 Sierra Senior Services Pancake Breakfast, Truckee       1942 Stearman biplane for 4,000 miles. 530-587-          sored by The Real Graphic Source/Mountain Kids/
 Community Center. Benefits Seniors. Adults $5.00/         4811                                                     High Camp Home. 6:30- 8 p.m. 530-582-7720
 Kids $3.00. Sponsored by Northstar-at- Tahoe™.
 530-550-7600                                              6, 13, 20, 27 Yappy Hour, The Village at Squaw Valley    21 Lake Tahoe Music Festival- Traditional Night at
                                                           USA . Tails by the Lake hosts 5:30-6:30 pm. Free         Tahoe Donner, Tahoe Donner Golf Range, David Be-
 1, 29 Downhill Mountain Bike Races, Northstar-at-         doggie ice cream and non-alcoholic/non-carbonated        noit & Trio. 530-583-3101
 Tahoe™. Race in one or all five events. 530-550-          doggie beer. 530-583-9247
 7600                                                                                                               21 Kids' Trout Derby, Ponds behind Donner Memorial
                                                           6-8 Cannibal Cruises Vintage Car Show, Truckee           State Park, Donner Pass Road. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Event
 1-2 No Barriers Festival, Squaw Valley USA. Science       River Regional Park, Brockway Road. Truckee Opti-        free for children up to age 12. Sign up at Mountain
 and Technology Symposium. Scientists Equipment            mist Club brings you a vintage car show, games, food     Hardware, Longs Drugs. 800-654-5338
 Fair. Presentations by accomplished and renowned          and dances. 775-345-6083
 disabled persons, one-on-one meetings, Hands-on                                                                    21 Old Timer's Picnic and Truckee Reunion, Truckee
 activities and clinics. 415-381-4160                      7 Soaring Kites & Music Festival, High Camp, Squaw       River Regional Park. Come if you have ever lived in
                                                           Valley USA. Pro and amateur kite flying. Kid’s kite-     Truckee. You do not need to be an "Old Timer". 10
 2,9,16,23,30 Salsa Dancing, Piper’s Patisserie.           making sessions, demonstrations, workshops and           a.m. - 2:30 p.m., bring you own picnic lunch and
 Monday evenings from 7-10 p.m. No cover charge.           live music. 530-583-6985                                 drinks. 530-582-7720
                                                           7-8 Northstar Resort Jazz and Wine Festival, North-      21 Mountaintop Concert, Squaw Valley USA. After-
 3 4th of July Celebration & Fireworks, Village at         star-at-Tahoe™. Enjoy wine, live jazz. 530-550-7600      noon of live music featuring Tony Furtado (solo) and
 Squaw Valley USA. Tropical beach theme with fire-                                                                  Frame of Mind (acoustic) at our mountaintop amphi-
 works on the 3rd of July. 530-584-6266                    9-13 Artists In Residency Free Kid's Jazz Camp &         theatre. 1-5 p.m. Concerts FREE with a cable car
                                                           Performance, Moody's Bistro & Lounge. 10 a.m.-1          ticket. 530-583-6985
 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Truckee Farmers’ Market, Truckee        p.m. and free evening performances. 530-587-8688
 River Regional Park. 8 a.m.-1 p.m. 530-823-6183                                                                    21-22 Art Wine & Music Festival, The Village at
                                                           11 Music in the Park, Truckee River Regional Park        Squaw Valley USA. Fine artists, crafts maker, per-
 3 Fireworks on the  3rd
                      at Kings Beach, Kings Beach          Amphitheater. Two Out Rally - Original Rock & Roll.      formers and musicians. 530-584-6266
 State Park. 530-546-9000                                  Sponsored by: Dickson Realty/Sierra Sun/ Dr.
                                                           Mitchell Mays, All Natural Healthcare. 6:30-8            22 Truckee Concert Series, Truckee River Park Amphi-
 3 4th of July Festivities on the 3rd, Northstar-at-       p.m.530-582-7720                                         theater. Femi Kuti & The Positive Force. Gates open
 Tahoe™. Afternoon of live music and children’s pa-                                                                 4:30 p.m.. Show 5 p.m. $25 in advance. 530-583-
 rade. 530-550-7600                                        11-14 Special Summer Workshop for Couple -               2801
                                                           Getting the Love You Want, Water by the River pre-
 3 Music in the Park, Truckee River Regional Park          sents this couples workshop to improve communica-        24 Lake Tahoe Music Festival Opening Night, Home-
 Amphitheater. Rusty Strings - Bluegrass. Sponsored        tion, reconnect and enhance the passion in your          wood Mountain Resort. Featuring Kenny Loggins.
 by Ron Boehm Construction. 6:30- 8 p.m. 530-582-          relationship. Schedule designed with time for work       530-583-3101
 7720                                                      and play. 530-587-
                                                           2557                                                     25 Music in the Park, Truckee River Regional Park
 3-4 Reggae in the Park, Truckee River Park Amphi-                                                                  Amphitheater. Johnnie Bias - Rock & Roll. Sponsored
 theater. Ziggy Marley & Dub Conscious on the 3rd          12 Artour Opening Reception, North Tahoe Art Center,     by Robert E Sutton Company Inc. 6:30-8 p.m. 530-
 Gates open: 5:30 p.m.; Show: 6 p.m. Midnite &             Tahoe City. Art, wine and food reception. 5-8 p.m.       582-7720
 Abysinnians Gates open: 4:30 p.m.; Show: 5 p.m.           530-581-2787
 Advance tickets $25 each day. 530-583-2801                                                                         26 Lake Tahoe Music Festival- Festival Orchestra,
                                                           12-31 Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Sand Har-         Homewood. Mozart in the Mountains. 530-583-3101
 4 4th of July Parade, Donner Pass Road, Truckee.          bor State Beach, Lake Tahoe, (July 12 – Aug 19).
 Old-fashioned hometown parade. 10 a.m. Truckee            Performances of The Taming of the Shrew paired with      27-29 Truckee Antique Show and Sale, Tahoe
 High School down Donner Pass Road to downtown             the tragic Romeo & Juliet. Five special performances     Truckee High School, Donner Pass Road. 530-582-
 Truckee. Road closes 9:30 a.m. 530-587-2757               of Greater Tuna on Mondays. 800-74-SHOWS                 5221
 4 4th of July Fireworks and Celebration, West End         13 Bradbury’s Office Services & Supplies Customer        28 Lake Tahoe Music Festival- Bluegrass Festival,
 Beach, Donner Lake. Purchase tickets in advance at        Appreciation Day, Bradbury's Office Services. BBQ        Homewood. 530-583-3101
 Truckee Community Center. Access to the beach             lunch. Manufacturing representatives demonstrate
 limited to residents/homeowners only. Day long                                                                     28 Annual Tevis Cup Horse Race, Squaw Valley USA
                                                           organization techniques. 12-2 p.m. 530-587-1620          to Auburn. Amateur equestrian event stretches over
 events, music with evening fireworks. 530-582-7720
                                                           13-15 ARTour 2007 Open Studios, Various studios in       the Sierra Nevada in a 100-mile horse race. 530-
 4 Firecracker Mile, Downtown Truckee. Start Tahoe         the Truckee-Tahoe area. Driving tour of juried artists   823-7282
 Forest Hospital on Donner Pass Road. Finish Truckee       who open their homes/studios. 530-581-2787
 Depot in Downtown. Pre-registration: Tahoe Center                                                                  28 Mountaintop Concert, Squaw Valley USA. High
 for Health and Sports Performance, 10710 Donner           14 Lake Tahoe Music Festival-Free Concert, Com-          Camp el. 8,200'. Live music in our mountaintop
 Pass Road or online at Cost: $15; $5 for      mons Beach in Tahoe City. 530-583-3101                   amphitheatre. Act TBA! 530-583-6985
 12 and under. Race 9:30 a.m.                                                                                       28-29 Truckee Relay For Life – American Cancer
                                                           14 Free Flights for Kids, Truckee Tahoe Airport. EAA
 5, 12, 19, 26 Cross-Country Mountain Bike Race            will take youngsters (8-17) on FREE airplane rides       Society, Truckee High School Track. 24 Hour Relay
 Series, Northstar-at-Tahoe™. Recreational mountain        (weather-permitting). Pancake Breakfasts/Young           from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m.. Form or join a Team, sponsors
 bike race for all ages and abilities. Helmets required.   Eagle Registration begins at 8 a.m. 530-587-4811,        and volunteers needed. All survivors are invited to
 Race fee $10 per racer or $60 for seven race series.      or e-mail:                           participate in the Survivor Lap during opening cere-
 Registration is 5-5:45 p.m.; Race 6 p.m. sharp. 530-                                                               monies. 530-587-8808
 550-7600                                                  15 Donner Lake Sprint Triathlon, Donner Lake. ¼
                                                           mile swim, 6 mile bike, 2 mile run. 530-757-2012
 6 Wine Tasting-Benefit Project MANA, Moody’s Bistro       ext. 14                                                  29-31 Tahoe Rim Trail Hike-A-Thon, Tahoe Rim Trail.
 & Lounge. Wine, food, live music and auc-                                                                          Annual fundraiser. Hike along the beautiful ridge tops
 tion.Sponsored by Moody’s Bistro & Lounge and             15 Donner Lake International Triathlon, Donner Lake      surrounding Lake Tahoe. 775-298-0012
 PlumpJack’s. Tickets $50. 6 p.m. 775-298-0008             and Donner Pass Road. 1.5K swim, 40K bike and 6.5
                                                           mile run. 530-757-2012 ext. 14                           31 Lake Tahoe Music Festival- Festival Orchestra,
 6 Free Flying Flick: Flying in the Outback, EAA Hangar                                                             Homewood. Tribute to Edgar Braun, Festival Orches-
 at Truckee Tahoe Airport. Doors open 6 p.m.; Movie        18 Music in the Park, Truckee River Regional Park        tra – Best classical hits since 1982. 530-583-3101
 6:30 p.m. Flying through Australian Outback with a        Amphitheater. Jo Mama - Latin/Swing/Funk. Spon-

530.587.8808                                                                                                                     July 2007     11
New Members, continued from page 2
expertise in teaching both amateurs and           Tech, is bringing his extensive IT                 DSL, computer upgrades, virus detection,
professionals. Other recreational activities      (information technology) support back-             prevention and removal, and he special-
she enjoys are musical theater, ice skating       ground to Truckee. Mike has a wealth of            izes in multi-user environments, sharing
and skiing. Jeffrey and her staff bring           more than 25 years of experience in an IT          files, printers, and other network re-
their passion and fun into teaching peo-          support role, most recently as the IT              sources.
ple at all levels, and provide a variety of       manager of C&H Sugar Company.                            Mike welcomes your call at (530)
programs including group classes, private              Mike's expertise includes PC sup-             320-3878 for any of the above services as
lessons, weekend dance camps, ladies’             port, networking, telecommunications,              well as assisting in setting up a new net-
and senior fitness programs, and more.            and extensive experience with servers and          work, modernizing your current network,
Call (530) 582-4589 to learn more.                workstations managing Microsoft appli-             or repairing a computer or printer.
                                                  cations and operating systems. Tree Line
Tree Line Tech                                    Tech's services include IT consulting,
    Mike Piercy, owner of Tree Line               Ethernet networking, wireless, cable,

Affordable Housing, continued from page 7
Donner Pass Road. They have wonderful south facing expo-                   area, call Rachelle, Tom or Katie at WHATT at (530) 587-
sures for maximum sunlight and many even have outstanding                  7567. Join us in helping solve this problem that is affecting all
views.                                                                     areas of California – let’s make Truckee and Gray’s Crossing/
      Employers, please encourage your employees to apply for              Henness Flats a local model for a successful workforce housing
this rare and awesome opportunity – have them call Tom Ballou              development.
at WHATT at (530) 587-7567 for more information and an ap-
plication form.                                                                    Tom Ballou is the Housing Services Director of WHATT. He is a
      To find out what else you can do to be part of the work-             certified housing compliance specialist and former manager of Truckee Pines
force housing solution in Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe                 Apartments and the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments.

                                                             Board Meetings
  As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you are encouraged to attend board meetings. Get involved in the leadership of your organization, offer
your input, and let your directors know of your concerns, opinions, and ideas. Any business you wish to present to the board must be placed on the
agenda by notifying the President / CEO ten (10) days prior to the meeting. Board meetings are held as noted in the Chamber calendar in this
publication. Agendas are available one week prior to the meeting and can be sent to you upon request.

12    July 2007                                                                                                530.587.8808

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