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Welcome to Elders Real Estate Toowoomba


									Welcome to
    Elders Real Estate Toowoomba

Elders Real Estate is one of the largest real estate networks in Australia today. With
over 150 years of service, 450 offices and a network of overseas officers, Elders is
well placed to service its clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Australian real estate continues to undergo rapid and significant change… in fact
Elders have been moving with the change from the time Alexander Elder founded the
company in 1839.

As an industry innovator and leader over the many years, Elders Toowoomba has
built client relationships within our local community by offering traditional and
honest customer service.

Our dedicated and professional team at Elders Toowoomba, are committed to offering
sound advice and exceptional service to all our clients, owners and tenants alike.

 “We are very          The management of property is no simple matter. Rent
                       collection is just one of the myriad of functions our
 pleased with the
                       competent property management team at Elders Real Estate
 service we receive
                       Toowoomba performs.
 from Elders.
 Everyone we have      Our dedicated team is fully conversant with all the laws
 had to deal with      pertaining to property…. especially tenancy.
 has been
 extremely             Furthermore, we are fully aware of the Residential Tenancies
 professional &        Act which governs the area of tenanting property… and
 always helpful.       remain fully abreast of precedents set by court decisions in
 We are                this area.
 pleased with the      Aside from ensuring compliance with the law, the Elders
 service we receive    Real Estate Toowoomba team perform a crucial role in
 from Belinda &        marketing the property, the selection of responsible tenants,
 Len, Well done &      appropriate and lawful handling of any bond money
 thank you”.           including the necessary documentation of the properties
 Mr & Mrs Kehoe        condition, communicating with both the landlord and the
                       tenant, and in inspecting and maintaining the property to an
                       acceptable standard.

                       Effective accounting procedures are another requirement
                       from landlords that Elders Real Estate Toowoomba provides
                       to ensure you reap the rewards of your investment quickly
“We consider           and efficiently.
them one of the
best for Property
Management in
           Your Property Management Team
                            “professional and dedicated”

                           Our property management department has three Property
                           Managers         an      Inspection      officer      and
                           administration/accounting Officer - all fully trained and
                           accredited. All staff have been fully trained and are
                           This team has the stability with 15 years of combined service
 Maree Derksen, Debbie
 Leishman, Len Eldridge,   in Property Management for Elders Real Estate Toowoomba.
                           This Stability of staffing gives you confidence in our
                           business of managing your property.
   Maree Beauchamp,
    Belinda O’Shea         This Property Management Team received the Award for
                           Excellence in Property Management and No 1 in Qld for
                           number of properties managed for Elders Queensland 2004
                           and 2005.
“we have found             As a result of our professional service, reputation and
them to be diligent        stability in the industry we now have many new clients
and professional in        referred to us every month.
their approach to
both the tenants
and ourselves”
Peter & Narelle

“In Short our Level
of Satisfaction is
Ken & Barbara
Ross Troy
      “continuing the success”
      Our Principal Ross Troy has been in real estate in the
      Toowoomba area for 17 years and has built a reputation for
      being honest and reliable within the industry.

      Ross joined the Elders network in 1996 and has built this
      business around his integrity and has a very successful office
      within the Elders network and he has taken this agency to:-

           Toowoomba Office – Award for Excellence,
           Property Management Team, Elders Real Estate
           QLD (2004 and 2005)

           Toowoomba Office – No 1 in number of properties
           managed in Queensland (2004 and 2005)

           Top selling Principals, Elders Real Estate QLD,
           seven years in succession (1998 – 2003 & 2005)

           Toowoomba Office awarded No 2 for Number of
           Sales, Elders Real Estate QLD (2002/2003/2005)

           Toowoomba Office awarded Number 3 office for
           Gross Commission Elders Real Estate QLD

           National Award received in August 2005 – No 3 in
           Australia – Non Metropolitan Office

           National Award received in August 2005 – No 2
           Principal Sales – Non Metropolitan Office

           To provide the best possible service to our client at all times.

           To establish and develop a mutually beneficial business
           relationship with our clients.

           To provide the highest standard of professionalism in the
           service we provide.

           To underline Elders position as Toowoomba’s foremost
           residential and commercial property managers.

Our guaranteed
        service to you

           To look after your property as if it was our own.

           It is our aim, that as an efficient service organization, we
           should be available as much as possible.

           Our office is open 5 ½ days a week and all our staff have
           mobile phones… this ensures that when you want us we will
           more than likely be there (or at least accessible) to serve you.
Search, selection &
     We always look for the right tenant! Our marketing covers a
     window display, internet listings on three websites, local
     media advertising and signage at the property where

     Our daily enquiry rate ranges up to 20-30 calls per day about
     rental properties.

     Tenant Selection
     At Elders Real Estate Toowoomba our job is to get the best
     possible tenant for your property by following these general

        •   Satisfaction that the tenant is capable of paying the
            required rent.
        •   Seeking a tenant with a proven satisfactory history of
        •   Stability of employment.
        •   Thorough reference check.
        •   Member of TICA – Tenancy Information Centre of
        •   Personal inspections with prospective tenants on site
            – we do not hand out keys.
        •   Recommendation of most suitable tenant for your
            consideration if requested.

     Initial Inspection
     Prior to the signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement,
     we will carry out a detailed condition report of the property.
     We also take photographs of the property to use in our

     Agreement preparation
     Once a tenant has been confirmed for your property, we will
     arrange for a holding deposit (to be held in trust), the signing
     of the Residential Tenancy Agreement, the lodgment of the
     rental bond, arrangements for payment methods, as well of
     handing over the keys.
            Our office will make contact with you prior to the expiration date
            of your tenants current General Tenancy Agreement, to seek your
            reletting instructions. Rent reviews are also discussed with you at
            this time. A copy of the fully signed Tenancy Agreement renewal
            is forwarded to you for your records.

Landlord Protection
           & Insurance
            Despite thorough & extensive screening for tenant selection, there
            is unfortunately no guarantee that a tenant will not default during
            the course of their tenancy. People’s circumstances can change,
            breakdown in relationships or employment can affect their ability
            to pay rent. This is something that we cannot control & a tax-
            deduct insurance investment can protect you & gives you a
            further feeling of security in your investment. Elders Insurance is
            available and information can be otained if required.

Rent collection
          & monitoring
           Rent collection
           Paying rent is hassle free for our tenants. The tenants rent can
           be deposited directly into our rental trust account by methods
           of The Elders E Card or a direct debit with their bank. They
           can also pay by cheque in our office.

           Arrears control system
           Our Managers print an “arrears report” every day which
           details every tenant behind in their rent by 4 days and over.
           These reports are monitored daily and the necessary letters
           and formal notices are sent. However, if this procedure fails
           to rectify the problem then our Managers will contact you.

           Rental reviews
           We ensure you are receiving full market rental for your
           property. We regularly assess the rental on your property
           taking into account such factors as the current market rents,
           the vacancy factor in the area of similar properties, the
           general condition of the property, the quality of the tenant
           and the length of their tenancy.
     your investment
      Periodic inspections
      Included in our management fee are 4 periodic inspections of
      your property per year. Each time your property is inspected
      it is then allocated a future month for the next inspection. Our
      office has employed an inspection officer responsible for the
      monitoring, inspections and reporting. This position has
      given us confidence in being able to maintain your

      Repairs and Maintenance
      We monitor repairs very closely and we act on repairs
      according to our instructions in the Management Agreement.
      Should a repair of a more urgent nature be reported, such as
      broken toilet or hot water, we need to attend to this as soon as
      possible as it is an essential service. Repairs carried out on
      your behalf are paid for from your rental monies held in trust
      unless otherwise discussed. Full details on your repairs are
      printed on your monthly rent statements with an original of
      the relevant invoices attached for your records.

     to you
      Each month we prepare and forward you a detailed monthly
      rental statement for your property. The statement details the
      rent period and rent collected, disbursements and sundries.
      Your rent monies can be automatically deposited into a
      nominated bank account or alternatively a cheque attached to
      your statement. We conduct a mid month balance and funds
      transfer as well as end of month.

      Financial Statements
      Our office produces annual financial statements during the
      month of July which gives a summary of income and
      expenditure for the financial year. This will save you time
      and money when dealing with your accountant.

      Enclosed with your end of month statement is our PM
      Newsletter designed to keep you informed with the ever
      changing Property Rental Market and Legislations.
                  asked questions
“Do you do periodic inspections every
Yes, your Property Management Department
conduct an internal/external inspection of your
investment property every quarter and report      “When do we receive our rental income?”
back to you, the condition of your property       Your rental income is paid direct to you on
and any necessary repairs of maintenance.         the closest working day to the end of the
                                                  month. Alternately you can opt for a
“Can we conduct our own inspections of the        payment at mid-month, which is directed to
property?”                                        your account on the closest working day to
Yes, all landlords can conduct an inspection of   the 15th day of the month and the balance
their property, but you will need to contact      paid at end of month. All management and
your property manager to organize a suitable      administration fees are automatically
day and time. The tenants must be given at        deducted out of your account. Should there
least seven (7) working days notice in writing.   have been any repairs or maintenance during
This inspection will be conducted in the          that period, this would have been deducted
presence of the property manager.                 from your rental income and can be viewed
                                                  on your monthly statement.
“How do you screen your tenants?”
Before any application will be considered,        “How do we know that we are achieving
each applicant must provide certain               the current market rent?”
documentation, rent receipts (if applicable),     9 times out of 10 you as the lessor already
Drivers License, Photo ID, Passport, Current      have a figure you wish to achieve in mind.
Motor Vehicle Registrations Papers, etc.          In turn, you ask our qualified Property
                                                  Manager. Rental figures are based on our
We are also members of T.I.C.A. (Tenancy          current statistics and market values, which
Information Default Centre Australasia),          we continually assess. This assures that you
which is a national database of tenants that      as the lessor receive the best market rental
have defaulted (ie. Owe rent, damaged             value for your property.
property, etc).
                                                  “What happens when tenants get in rental
We conduct a search on the database for every     arrears?”
tenancy application. If the applicant appears,    All tenants are closely monitored in relation
their application will be immediately denied      to their rental payments. Should the tenant
for this property and further applications with   fall in arrears, immediate action is taken in
our office.                                       recovering the debt owed. Formal notices
                                                  are sent and all necessary steps are taken to
Applications will also need to supply previous    rectify the arrears. The key to our success in
and current landlord, agents, employment and      arrears management is tenant selection!
credit references. Final decision making is
always you the lessor, unless instructed
      schedule of fees

        Monthly Fees               Fee     Gst    Total
        Management Fees            2.50% 0.25% 2.75%
        Rent Collection            5.00% 0.50% 5.50%
        Administration fee         $5.00 .50c $5.50 per month
                                   Accounting once per owner
                                   (not per property)
        Letting Fees
        New Tenancy                One weeks rent + GST
        Lease renewal              20% of one weeks rent + GST

        Media                      $25.00 per advert
        Elders Listing Sheet       No Cost
        Elders Website             No Cost
        Uplifted Real   No Cost

        Other Services
        Quarterly inspections      No Cost
        Insurance claims           No Cost
Our pledge
      of service to you
The pledge we make to you is very simple:
        • We will communicate with you
        • We will listen to you
        • We will always address your needs – first and foremost
        • We will provide you with professional advice and service
        • We will earn your trust and confidence
        • We will treat you with the honesty, integrity, courtesy and care that you
            deserve and should expect.

To break this pledge to you is to strike at the very heart of our business.

As evidence of our integrity, commitment and pledge to you:

We will not make unreasonable price projections to attract your custom.

As proof of our professionalism, we will:
         • Provide the full range of services available
         • Provide professional service and advise on every aspect of managing
             your property
         • Communicate with you frequently
         • Provide written up-dates on the condition and maintenance your
             property including detailed reports of inspections, etc

This is our personal commitment to you.

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