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					Owners Guide To Property Management
                                                                Established in 1994, Ray White
                                                                Bunbury is a successful, locally
                                                             owned and operated business by
                                                            Bunbury family Kevin and Lyn Kelly.

                                                             The Ray White Group have grown
                                                              to become the largest real estate
                                                                             group in Australia.

                                                               Every Ray White client reaps the
                                                             benefits of our worldwide network
                                                                  and our unwavering focus on
                                                                 exceptional customer service.

24 Stirling Street, Bunbury, Western Australia 6230
P: 08 97 800 707 F: 08 97 800 708
E: W:

    4	       Reputation	and	Recognition

    5	       Our	Team	–	Managing	Your	Property

    6	       Our	Service	Guarantee

    7	       Keeping	You	Informed

    8	       Customer	Service	Standards

    9	       Safeguarding	Your	Investment

    10-13	   Frequently	Asked	Questions

    14-16	   Fee	Schedule	Explained

    17	      Marketing	Your	Property

    18-19	   Testimonials

    20	      What	Happens	Next?

    21	      Owners	Checklist

    22	      Extra	Services	and	Advice

    23	      Contact	Us	

Ray White Bunbury is well known throughout the area as a ‘best         Our	dedicated	team	have	achieved	the	following:
                                                                       2005 & 2006 Winner	‘Technology	Award’
practice’ real estate agency offering quality services in sales and
                                                                       2003 & 2004 Top	10	‘Settled	Commission’
property management.                                                   2002 Winner	‘Best	Presented	Office’
                                                                       1998, 1999 & 2000 Winner	‘Excellence	in	Marketing’
                                                                       We	are	the	leading	office	in	your	area.	We	make	no	secret	that	we’re	not	the	cheapest	in	town,	but	
Our office has built a reputation for providing outstanding service.
                                                                       we	are	proud	to	say	that	we	are	simply	the	best	with	our	quality	control	systems,	high	professional	
                                                                       standards	and	ethical	values.
Community and industry involvement is important to us, as are
                                                                       After	all,	we	have	been	getting	it	right	for	many	years.
ethics and old fashioned values.
                                                                       That’s	why	we	keep	winning	the	top	awards	for	our	Property	Management	Service.
                                                                       2007	Finalist	‘REIWA	Residential	Property	Manager	of	the	Year’	
                                                                       2007	Finalist	‘REIWA	Property	Management	Career	Achievement	Award’	
                                                                       2007	Nomination	‘’s	Agent	of	the	Year’	
                                                                       2004	Winner	‘Property	Manager	of	the	Year	Award’*	
                                                                       2003	Winner	‘Property	Manager	of	the	Year	Award’*	
                                                                       *Within	the	Ray	White	WA	Group

                                                                       Total Property Centre
                                                                       If	you	are	considering	investing	in	property,	our	office	has	been	operating	since	1994.	Our	
                                                                       experienced	and	active	team	members	are	available	to	discuss	your	needs	in	any	facet	of	real	
                                                                       Ray	White	Bunbury	provides	the	following	services	–	all	under	the	one	roof.
                                                                       •	Quality	Property	Management	of	your	investment	
                                                                       •	Sales	appraisals	
                                                                       •	Selling	your	property	
                                                                       •	Purchase	another	property	to	expand	your	investment	portfolio	
                                                                       •		 efinance	or	obtain	finance	–	our	buying	power	equals	great	finance	packages
                                                                       •	Strata	management
                                                                       Whether	it	is	sales,	finance	or	property	management	–	we	cover	it	all.

                                                                                                               Reputation	and	Recognition
Ray White Bunbury is a ‘best practice office’ in every regard   Business Development
                                                                Our	Business	Development	Managers	continually	researches	all	local	rental	prices,	so	that	we	are	
– training, technology and commitment to high standards.        able	to	obtain	the	highest	possible	price	in	today’s	market.
                                                                They	also	personally	conduct	all	rental	appraisals	and	a	personal	presentation	with	you	to	explain	
As	a	member	of	the	Real	Estate	Institute	of	Western	            in	detail	the	entire	process	involved	in	the	successful	marketing,	letting	and	management	of	your	
Australia,	Ray	White	Bunbury	is	committed	to	the	               investment	property.
highest	ethical	standards	and	practices.
                                                                Leasing Specialist
At	Ray	White	Bunbury	we	recognise	the	value	of	
personal	service.	Our	clients	can	be	assured	of	                We	understand	that	for	you	to	receive	the	maximum	return	on	your	investment,	vacancies	must	be	
close	working	relationships	with	our	qualified	and	             kept	to	a	minimum.	Vacant	and	upcoming	vacancies	are	shown	7	days	a	week,	and	we	extend	our	
experienced	Property	Management	Staff.	All	team	                viewing	hours	to	accommodate	prospective	tenants	who	are	working	full	time.
members	attend	structured	and	on-going	development	             All	tenancy	applications	are	processed	within	2	business	days,	and	all	applications	are	presented	to	
programs	to	ensure	their	knowledge	and	skills	are	              the	owner	who	has	the	final	decision	in	placing	the	tenant.
always	at	the	peak	of	the	industry.
                                                                Property Management
Ray	White	Bunbury	is	supported	by	a	friendly	team	of	
professionals	and	enthusiastic	staff	who	are	there	to	          All	of	our	property	management	staff	are	registered	and	experienced	and	receive	ongoing	training	in	
provide	a	wide	range	of	facilities	and	services	for	you,	       all	aspects	of	property	management.	Our	Property	Managers	will	attend	to	all	ingoing,	routine	and	
including	Appraisals,	Auctions,	Property	Management	            final	inspections	to	ensure	your	investment	is	being	well	maintained	and	to	check	any	maintenance	
and	Residential	Sales	and	Developments.                         required.

With	our	commitment	to	deliver	a	high	standard	of	              Property	Managers	spend	a	large	part	of	their	day	out	of	the	office,	therefore	our	administration	
quality	service,	our	dedicated	staff	will	guarantee	to	         staff	are	available	in	the	office	as	back-up	support.	They	are	there	to	attend	to	incoming	calls,	and	
provide	you	with	the	highest	possible	level	of	service	for	     also	to	be	on	hand	to	assist	our	owners	with	any	general	enquiries	they	may	have	concerning	the	
all	your	Property	Management	requirements.	To	achieve	          management	of	their	property.
this	we	sincerely	believe	that	you,	our	clients	are	the	
                                                                Maintaining the Trust Account
most	valued	asset.
                                                                Once	your	rent	has	been	collected,	it	is	administered	through	our	registered	and	annually	audited	
For	a	free,	no	obligation	rental	appraisal	of	your	home	
                                                                trust	account.	We	have	a	dedicated	employee	who	maintains	our	trust	account,	paying	selected	
or	investment	property,	please	contact	our	Senior	
                                                                accounts	on	our	client’s	behalf	and	invoicing	any	accounts	where	applicable	to	the	tenant.
Property	Manager	to	make	an	appointment.
                                                                Our	trust	account	manager	is	also	responsible	for	receipting	rents,	banking	and	reconciling	the	trust	
Our	team	comprises	of	‘experts’	in	many	different	
                                                                account	on	a	daily	basis.	Our	end	of	period	processing	is	also	completed	by	the	last	working	day	of	
specialised	areas	of	Property	Management.	We	
                                                                each	calendar	month.
guarantee	to	deliver	a	superior	level	of	customer	
service.                                                        Your	Property	Manager	will	collate	your	statement	together	with	its	supporting	documentation	to	
                                                                check	all	transactions	and	to	ensure	accounts	are	being	paid	correctly	on	your	behalf.

                                                                                    Our	Team	–	Managing	Your	Property
                                                                                                         Our Service Guarantee
                                                                                                         Our	Service	Guarantee	gives	you	100%	peace	of	mind.	
                                                                                                         If	you	are	not	completely	satisfied	within	the	first	3	months	–	we’ll	refund	the	management	fees.	
                                                                                                         We’re	different	to	other	agencies,	we	don’t	give	you	empty	promises,	most	likely	forgotten	after	the	
                                                                                                         first	3	months.	All	we	ask	is	that	you	let	us	know	immediately	and	offer	us	a	chance	to	rectify	any	
                                                                                                         We	give	our	Service	Guarantee	to	you	in	writing,	so	we	are	all	aware	of	the	level	of	expectations.	We	
                                                                                                         survey	both	our	landlord	clients	and	our	tenants	to	continually	improve	our	service.

                        Service Guarantee                                                                Our	Service	Guarantee	also	allows	you	to	terminate	your	Managing	Agent’s	Agreement	with	our	
                                                                                                         office	by	giving	28	days	notice	in	writing	prior	to	the	expiry	date	of	the	contract	whereby:
                                                                                                         •		 ou	have	advised	us	in	writing	of	a	matter	whereby	we	have	failed	to	perform	our	obligations	and
                                                                                                         •		 ithin	a	period	of	28	days	of	having	first	been	informed	in	writing	of	our	failure,	we	have	failed	to	
                                                                                                           resolve	the	issue	or	perform	that	obligation.
                                                                                                         This	means	that	if	you	sign	a	2	year	contract	with	our	company,	and	we	should	fail	to	perform	our	
                                                                                                         obligations	under	the	Managing	Agent’s	Authority,	or	fail	to	deliver	on	our	quality	service	standards,	
                                                                                                         then	you	have	the	ability	to	end	the	agreement	prior	to	the	expiry	date	of	the	contract.
                                                                                                         Our	Service	Guarantee	ensures	that	you	have	nothing	to	lose,	and	everything	to	gain	by	entrusting	
                                                                                                         the	management	of	your	property	to	Ray	White	Bunbury.
                                                                                                         Our	Customer	Service	Guarantee	does	not	apply	in	the	following	circumstances:
                                                                                                         •	Where	we	are	requested	to	carry	out	non-standard	duties
                                                                                                         •	Where	matters	are	outside	our	control	e.g.:	a	natural	disaster	or	accident.

At Ray White Bunbury, we know what is truly important to you ...
                                                                                                         Proud Members Of
profit, protection and communication at a fair price.

We’re	not	going	to	fill	your	head	with	empty	promises	...	or	your	statement	with	hidden	costs.	But	
what	we	will	do	is	open	our	files,	invite	you	to	examine	our	track	record	and	let	you	make	a	decision	
based	on	facts,	not	promises.
Ask	the	same	of	every	agent	on	your	‘shopping	list’	so	you	can	compare	‘apples	with	apples’	to	                                                p l at i n u m m e m b e r
make	an	informed	decision.
It	will	become	crystal	clear!

                                                                                                                                                              Our	Service	Guarantee
We understand that communication is the key to our relationship   Weekly Follow Up Call
                                                                  At	Ray	White	Bunbury,	we	understand	the	importance	of	regular	feedback	to	our	owners.	It	is	office	
with you and whether it is good news or bad,                      policy	to	report	back	after	each	week’s	advertising	to	all	landlords.	We	relay	the	comments	we	
                                                                  receive	from	prospective	tenants	in	order	to	help	you	rent	your	property	quicker.
we won’t keep it from you.
                                                                  Applications Promptly Processed
We	keep	you	updated	with	progress	and	activity	relating	          We	guarantee	to	process	all	applications	for	tenancy	within	two	business	days	providing	they	are	
to	your	property	and	tenants.                                     fully	completed	by	prospective	tenants.	All	references	are	fully	checked	including	the	Tenancy	
                                                                  Database	and	100	Point	Identification	checks.
Direct	email	and	telephone	access	to	your	Property	
Manager	is	a	quick	and	efficient	option	available	to	you.         Owner Approved Tenancy
After	hours	mobile	service	is	available	to	handle	any	            As	soon	as	we	have	processed	the	Tenancy	Application	we	will	contact	you	to	advise	you	of	the	full	
emergencies	promptly,	providing	your	tenants	with	a	              details	and	outcome	of	all	references	and	database	checks.	We	will	then	seek	your	final	approval	
prompt	service,	7	days	a	week.                                    therefore	ensuring	complete	peace	of	mind	for	you.

Appointments                                                      Complimentary Market Appraisal
We	guarantee	to	keep	all	appointments	and	arrive	no	              At	your	request,	we	will	provide	you	with	a	complimentary	market	appraisal,	therefore	keeping	you	
later	than	the	time	specified	in	the	appointment.	Should	         regularly	informed	of	the	current	equity	levels	of	your	investment.	We	will	help	you	to	achieve	your	
circumstances	beyond	our	control	prevent	us	from	                 real	estate	goals.
keeping	an	appointment,	we	will	always	contact	you	
                                                                  Customer Concerns
                                                                  We	will	deal	with	enquiries,	concerns	or	complaints	you	may	have	about	our	service	promptly	and	
Communication                                                     completely.
Ray	White	Bunbury	will	be	open	to	receive	calls	during	           If	you	feel	that	an	issue	is	not	properly	resolved,	you	may	make	immediate	contact	with	the	Senior	
the	hours	of	8.30am	–	5.00pm	weekdays,	and	from	                  Property	Manager	who	will	use	their	best	endeavors	to	resolve	the	issue.
8.30am	–	12.00pm	on	Saturdays.	We	guarantee	to	                   If	the	issue	is	then	not	resolved	to	your	satisfaction,	you	may	refer	the	matter	to	the	Company’s	
respond	to	all	communication	within	the	following	time	           Principal	for	review.
                                                                  Customer Service Systems & Procedures
•	Telephone	messages:	1	business	day	
•	Email:	1	business	day	                                          All	of	our	Property	Management	and	General	Administration	staff	are	fully	trained	and	versed	in	our	
•	Facsimile:	2	business	days	                                     Customer	Service	systems	and	procedures.	We	have	a	clearly	documented	procedure	for	all	of	our	
•	Mail:	4	business	days                                           staff	to	follow.
                                                                  Customer	concerns	are	properly	recorded	in	a	Customer	Service	Register,	and	all	parties	are	kept	
                                                                  fully	informed	until	the	client’s	concern	has	been	fully	resolved.
                                                                  The	Customer	Service	Register	allows	us	to	monitor	and	work	towards	continually	improving	our	
                                                                  service	standards	within	our	business.

                                                                                                                      Keeping	You	Informed
We start as we mean to end – thorough, educated, detailed,                                  Repairs and Maintenance
                                                                                            We	guarantee	to	attend	to	all	routine	repair	requests	within	48	hours	and	all	urgent	repairs	within	4	
timely, responsive and helpful.                                                             hours.
                                                                                            We	make	it	economical	for	you	to	deal	with	us	by	guaranteeing	that	we	will	take	all	reasonable	steps	
Routine Inspections                                                                         to	obtain	the	best	pricing	option	for	repairs	and	maintenance.

We	guarantee	to	inspect	your	property	on	a	regular	                                         Personal Information
basis	in	accordance	with	your	instructions	and	to	
                                                                                            We	value	the	personal	information	you	give	us	and	will	take	all	reasonable	precautions	to	prevent	
forward	you	a	detailed	report,	unless	you	instruct	us	
                                                                                            unauthorised	access	to	that	information.
                                                                                            We	will	not	provide	your	personal	information	to	any	other	organisation	for	marketing	purposes.
We	take	care	of	your	property’s	maintenance	and	
repairs	as	if	it	were	our	own.	The	purpose	of	these	                                        We	will,	with	your	help,	keep	your	personal	information	accurate,	complete	and	up	to	date.	We	
inspections,	are	two-fold:                                                                  guarantee	to	correct	any	error	that	you	bring	to	our	attention.

Firstly,	to	bring	to	your	attention	any	immediate	                                          Professional Standards
maintenance	needs	and	secondly,	to	inform	you	of	any	
                                                                                            We	guarantee	you	the	highest	standards	of	honesty,	integrity	and	professional	practice	by	
preventative	maintenance	or	refurbishment	that	may	
                                                                                            conducting	all	our	business	dealings	with	you	in	full	compliance	with	the	Code	of	Ethics	and	Rules	of	
be	beneficial.	Owners	can	then	forecast	and	budget	
                                                                                            Practice	of	the	Real	Estate	Institute	of	Western	Australia.
accordingly,	for	any	upgrading	work	suggested	in	the	
report.                                                                                     Our Own Standard Forms
Rent Arrears                                                                                Our	office	has	developed	its	own	standard	forms	for	Property	Management.	This	includes	both	
                                                                                            application	forms	and	lease	agreements.	We	ask	detailed	questions	on	the	application	form	and	
We	follow	up	rent	arrears	five	days	per	week.	We	allow	
                                                                                            add	our	own	special	conditions	to	the	lease	agreement.	As	we	encounter	obstacles	in	Property	
a	3	day	grace	period.	On	day	3,	the	tenant	receives	
                                                                                            Management	we	overcome	them	by	upgrading	our	forms.	Our	landlords	can	stipulate	special	
either	a	phone	call,	SMS	or	email	reminding	them	to	
                                                                                            conditions	required	for	their	particular	property.
pay	their	rent.	On	day	4,	a	Notice	of	Termination	is	
issued,	giving	7	days	to	pay	or	vacate	the	premises.	If	                                    Competitive Fee Schedule
they	still	do	not	pay,	it	is	at	this	point	that	we	will	request	
                                                                                            Our	office	provides	a	competitive	fee	schedule	which	offers	discounts	and	incentives	to	owners	who	
confirmation	from	you	that	you	want	us	to	proceed	with	
                                                                                            refer	more	business	to	us.	Whether	you	personally	have	more	than	one	rental	property	managed	
court	action	to	secure	vacant	possession	of	the	property.
                                                                                            through	our	office,	to	if	you	know	a	friend	who	would	like	us	to	manage	their	property	–	either	
Rent Monies                                                                                 scenario	will	qualify	for	discounted	fees.	

We	guarantee	to	bank	all	monies	received	by	us	into	your	nominated	bank	account	within	2	   Detailed Checklists
business	days	of	the	last	working	day	of	each	month.
                                                                                            Our	office’s	procedure	includes	checklists	to	ensure	the	correct	and	efficient	management	of	your	
                                                                                            property.	We	have	covered	all	areas	of	property	management	in	33	individual	checklists	to	ensure	
                                                                                            nothing	is	forgotten	or	overlooked	whilst	managing	your	property.	These	checklists	are	updated	on	a	
                                                                                            regular	basis	and	used	by	all	Property	Management	staff.

                                                                                                                                 Customer	Service	Standards
Your valuable investment property is safeguarded every step of                                   Detailed Entry and Exit Reports
                                                                                                 Before	a	tenant	moves	in,	your	Property	Manager	completes	an	Entry	Condition	Inspection	with	a	
the way by professional Property Management personnel using a                                    carefully	detailed	report.	Photos	of	the	property	are	taken	at	both	the	start	and	end	of	the	tenancy.	

tried and tested system that is under constant review.                                           At	the	end	of	the	tenancy,	these	documents	help	to	ensure	your	property	is	in	the	same	condition	as	
                                                                                                 at	the	start,	fair	wear	and	tear	considered,	and	that	the	tenant’s	bond	is	disbursed	appropriately	after	
Every	step	has	been	refined	over	our	years	of	success	                                           a	thorough	Exit	inspection.
in	property	management	starting	with	tenant	selection,	
                                                                                                 Through Documentation
inspection	timetables,	dispute	management	and	
resolution,	programmed	maintenance,	reports	to	                                                  At	the	time	of	signing	the	Residential	Tenancy	Agreement	we	educate	and	advise	the	tenants	
investors	and	finally	appropriate	disbursement	of	                                               of	important	aspects	of	the	Tenancy	Agreement	and	the	property	itself.	We	take	care	of	all	the	
tenants’	bonds.                                                                                  documentation	and	bond	lodgement	to	ensure	all	is	in	place	for	a	trouble	free	tenancy.

Careful Tenant Selection                                                                         Maximising Income
We	guarantee	to	verify	all	information	provided	to	us	                                           Neglect	of	minor	repairs	can	often	lead	to	major	expenditure	and	the	loss	of	a	good	tenant.	Our	
by	prospective	tenants	and	to	carry	out	a	search	of	the	                                         attention	to	maintenance	will	ensure	that	problems	are	resolved	quickly,	by	qualified	tradespeople	
TICA	tenancy	database.                                                                           and	at	a	reasonable	price	with	a	limit	determined	by	you.

We	will	contact	you	to	obtain	approval	prior	to	                                                 Savings And Reliability
committing	to	a	tenancy.
                                                                                                 We	have	a	large	pool	of	highly	skilled	and	fully	licensed,	reliable	tradespeople	who	can	get	the	job	
Our	job	is	to	find	the	best	possible	tenant	for	your	                                            done	and	at	the	right	price.
property	in	the	quickest	possible	time.	Our	detailed	
screening	process	aims	to	establish	that	tenants	can	                                            Trained To Handle Disputes
meet	the	responsibilities	of	the	Residential	Tenancy	                                            In	those	occasional	disputes	with	tenants	we	act	as	mediator	between	you	and	the	tenant.
                                                                                                 If	the	dispute	continues,	we	can	attend	the	Magistrates	Court,	on	your	behalf.	The	Magistrate	is	an	
Tenant	selection	is	in	accordance	with	laws	covering	                                            independent	third	party	to	hear	the	dispute	and	make	a	decision	on	the	matter.	We	are	well	trained	
Discrimination	and	Residential	Tenancies	and	Privacy.	                                           to	handle	such	situations	and	know	how	best	to	represent	you	before	the	court.
We	keep	you	informed	of	applications,	so	you	can	take	
                                                                                                 We	take	the	stress	away	from	you!
part	in	the	selection	process.

Security Is Paramount
Unlike	many	other	agents,	keys	to	your	property	are	not	handed	out	to	prospective	tenants.	We	
don’t	take	that	risk	with	your	investment.

                                                                                                                                    Safeguarding	Your	Investment
Our fees are based on the number and amount of property   What if my property is being managed by another agent?
                                                          Zero	cost	transfer.	If	you	wish	to	transfer	your	property	from	another	agent	we	will	pay	out	any	
management services you wish us to manage and provide.    termination	fees	to	enable	an	immediate	transfer.	Conditions	apply.

And, yes - our fees are tax deductible.                   How much will it cost for you to manage my property?
                                                          Every	property	is	different	and	most	owners’	requirements	are	different.	Therefore	the	management	
                                                          fees	vary	based	on	individual	requirements.
                                                          The	fees	charged	by	Ray	White	Bunbury	are	not	always	the	cheapest	in	the	area,	but	we	believe	that	
                                                          we	provide	the	best	service	and	the	best	value	for	money.

                                                          Are you the cheapest company in town?
                                                          Probably	not.	It	seems	there	is	a	new	property	management	company	starting	out	every	day,	trying	
                                                          to	beat	everyone	elses’s	prices.	Our	fees	are	very	competitive	and	we	certainly	are	not	the	most	
                                                          expensive.	On	the	other	hand,	we	charge	a	fair	fee	for	a	tremendous	service.

                                                          Will I lose control of my property if I give it to you to manage?
                                                          You	can	have	as	little	or	as	much	involvement	in	the	management	of	your	property	as	you	wish.	It’s	
                                                          your	choice.	We	will	discuss	your	requirements	with	you	and	once	agreed	we	will	focus	on	ensuring	
                                                          they	are	met.

                                                          How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?
                                                          We	commence	marketing	your	property	the	moment	you	place	it	in	our	hands.
                                                          Within	two	days	of	listing	your	property,	it	will	be	advertised	on	our	website	and	cross	matched	with	
                                                          all	prospective	tenants	on	our	database.	There	can	often	be	seasonal	factors	to	consider,	as	well	
                                                          as	fluctuations	in	supply	and	demand	caused	by	economic	forces	outside	our	control;	however	we	
                                                          devote	all	available	resources	into	getting	you	the	most	suitable	tenant,	in	the	shortest	time	possible	
                                                          for	the	highest	possible	rent.

                                                          How do you qualify prospective tenants?
                                                          We	strive	to	provide	the	highest	calibre	tenants	for	your	property.
                                                          Our	tenant	qualification	process	includes:
                                                          •		 he	completion	of	a	highly	detailed	Application	Form	&	100	Point	Identification	Check.
                                                          •		 he	verification	by	us,	of	the	information	provided	in	the	Application	including	means	of	income,	
                                                            employment	and	previous	tenancies.
                                                          •		 	search	of	the	Tenancy	Information	Centre	of	Australia	(TICA).

                                                                                                 Frequently	Asked	Questions
Can I look at my property from time to time?                                                                What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent on time?
Yes	–	it	is	a	good	idea	for	a	landlord	to	inspect	their	property	once	a	year,	this	keeps	them	up	to	date	   We	use	the	3-4-13	arrears	control	procedure.	
with	maintenance.	Keeping	in	mind	that	the	tenant	does	require	notice	if	you	wish	to	inspect	the	           3	days	in	arrears	–	the	tenant	is	sent	an	email,	sms	or	receives	a	phone	call	reminder,	this	is	usually	
premises.	If	you	wish	to	inspect	your	property,	please	contact	your	property	manager.                       sufficient	for	the	tenant	to	pay	the	rent.
How are rent collections handled?                                                                           4	days	in	arrears	–	the	tenant	is	formally	issued	a	Form	1B	Termination.	Notice	and	advised	that	if	
Tenants	are	given	many	options	on	how	to	pay	their	                                                         payment	is	not	received	within	7	days,	an	application	will	be	lodged	at	court	requesting	the	Tenancy	
rent,	what	is	convenient	for	one	tenant	may	not	be	a	                                                       Agreement	to	be	terminated.
option	for	another.	These	options	make	it	quick	&	easy	                                                     13	days	in	arrears	–	depending	upon	our	arrangements	with	you,	we	contact	you	for	instructions	to	
for	tenants	to	pay	rent,	thus	reducing	the	possibility	of	                                                  Lodge	a	Form	12	at	the	Local	Court	requesting	an	order	for	vacant	possession	of	the	property.
                                                                                                            Are any of the running costs or your fees and charges tax
Will I receive the same rental income                                                                       deductible?
each month?                                                                                                 We	strongly	recommend	for	you	to	contact	your	accountant	to	seek	professional	advice	in	relation	
No	–	it	will	vary	dependant	on	whether	your	tenant	pays	                                                    to	all	allowable	tax	deductions	for	your	investment	property.	However	we	are	aware	that	all	
weekly,	fortnightly	or	monthly.	A	good	gauge	in	knowing	                                                    mortgage	interest	payments,	rates	and	taxes,	general	maintenance	expenses,	property	and	landlord	
what	to	expect	next	month	is	to	check	your	statement	                                                       insurances,	and	all	of	our	fees	and	charges	are	tax	deductible.
and	where	the	tenant	has	paid	up	to.	It	will	also	depend	
                                                                                                            Another	tax	deduction	is	the	depreciation	of	the	building	and	its	chattels.	Chattels	include	the	paint,	
on	what	expenses	have	occured	during	the	month.
                                                                                                            floor	coverings,	light	fittings,	window	treatments	and	other	improvements	to	the	property.	In	order	for	
Can I have my money put straight                                                                            you	to	maximise	the	allowable	depreciation	tax	deductions	for	your	investment	property,	we	strongly	
into my bank account?                                                                                       recommend	that	you	employ	the	services	of	a	professional	“Quantity	Surveyor”	who	is	properly	
                                                                                                            qualified	to	prepare	a	full	list	of	all	the	depreciable	items	for	your	investment	property.	If	you	wish,	we	
Yes	–	it	is	our	preference	to	pay	directly	into	your	bank	
                                                                                                            can	arrange	this	for	you.
account.	The	money	is	transferred	into	your	nominated	
bank	account	and	the	statement	is	posted	to	you	along	                                                      What if my investment is a Strata Titled Property?
with	any	interim	inspection	reports	that	we	may	have	
                                                                                                            You	can	instruct	us	to	pay	your	strata	levies	on	your	behalf.	As	with	the	other	regular	creditors	
conducted	for	you	during	that	calendar	month.
                                                                                                            previously	referred	to,	upon	taking	instructions	to	manage	your	property,	we	will	issue	written	
When does the rent money get paid                                                                           instructions	to	all	creditors	to	forward	their	accounts	directly	to	our	office.
into my account?                                                                                            We	will	request	that	all	formal	notices,	including	notices	of	meetings	and	correspondence	be	
At	the	end	of	every	calendar	month	we	print	out	reports	for	each	owner	which	itemise	how	much	              forwarded	directly	to	your	postal	address.	
rent	they	have	received	less	any	deductions.	At	no	extra	cost	you	can	instruct	us	to	pay	water	rates,	
council	rates,	strata	levies,	landlord	protection	insurance,	or	any	other	general	expenses	on	your	
To	allow	for	transfer	between	banks	you	will	receive	your	rental	monies	usually	by	the	3rd	working	
day	of	each	following	month.

                                                                                                                                                    Frequently	Asked	Questions
Do I have to insure the property or does the tenant do that?                                             As	an	owner	of	a	residential	investment	property,	this	insurance	can	offer	you,	the	protection	against	
                                                                                                         loss	of	rent	up	to	a	specified	amount	and	tenant	damage.	This	insurance	can	be	very	cost	effective	
Yes.	You	must	maintain	your	own	insurance	cover	on	the	building,	contents	and	public	liability.
                                                                                                         and	is	also	an	allowable	tax	deduction	as	an	expense	against	the	property.
If	the	property	is	a	Strata	unit,	the	Strata	Company	normally	insures	the	building,	this	can	be	
                                                                                                         We	strongly	recommend	that	you	take	out	landlord	protection	insurance	prior	to	placing	a	tenant	into	
confirmed	with	your	strata	manager.	You	should	have	contents	insurance	for	the	carpets,	blinds,	
                                                                                                         the	property.	
curtains,	light	fittings	and	any	appliances	inside	the	unit.
The	tenant	is	responsible	for	their	own	personal	effects	                                                If my tenant stops paying rent and I need to make a landlord claim
but	not	for	the	owner’s	belongings.	We	can	assist	                                                       how long will this take and who does it?
you	with	obtaining	a	quote	for	all	of	your	insurance	                                                    If	you	are	insured	with	EBM	or	AON	Insurance,	we	will	complete	the	landlord	claim	on	your	behalf.	
requirements.                                                                                            We	will	work	out	the	best	way	to	structure	the	claim	to	ensure	the	best	possible	return.	The	process	
                                                                                                         of	a	landlord	claim	is	generally	as	follows:
Can you guarantee that the tenant
will pay the rent on time and won’t                                                                        O
                                                                                                         •		 nce	you	have	received	vacant	possession	of	the	property	you,	or	we,	organise	any	maintenance,	
damage my property?                                                                                        cleaning	or	lock	changing	to	be	done.

Unfortunately,	no	agent	can	guarantee	that	because	                                                        O
                                                                                                         •		 nce	all	of	the	invoices	have	been	received	we	calculate	the	total	amount	plus	the	total	of	any	
sometimes	something	totally	unforeseen	can	go	                                                             outstanding	rent	and	any	court	costs.	Once	we	have	a	final	amount,	we	deduct	the	tenant’s	
wrong	for	the	tenant,	such	as	a	change	in	employment	                                                      bond	and	the	balance	is	the	amount	we	claim	on	your	behalf	through	your	Landlord	Protection	
circumstances.                                                                                             Insurance	company.

Keys	to	reducing	the	possibility	of	these	incidents	                                                       W
                                                                                                         •		 e	do	not	disperse	the	tenant’s	bond	until	we	receive	the	outcome	of	your	Landlord	Protection	
occurring	are:	                                                                                            Insurance	Claim.	Once	the	claim	has	been	submitted,	it	normally	takes	approximately	two	to	four	
•	Careful	tenant	selection	                                                                                weeks	to	receive	advice	of	the	result	of	the	claim.
•	Strict	arrears	control                                                                                   A
                                                                                                         •		 s	soon	as	we	receive	a	payment	for	the	landlord	claim,	we	will	apply	the	tenant’s	bond	and	the	
Ray	White	Bunbury	use	both	of	these	tools	to	minimise	                                                     total	amount	received	from	the	insurance	to	the	total	amount	owing	by	the	vacated	tenant.
the	chance	of	loss	to	the	landlord.	You	can,	as	a	                                                         I
                                                                                                         •		f	requested,	we	will	then	make	a	special	mid	month	payment	to	your	bank	account	for	the	
landlord,	insure	yourself	against	these	occurrences	with	                                                  balance	of	any	funds	held.
a	special	landlord	insurance	policy.	Ray	White	Bunbury	
can	assist	with	information	regarding	this.                                                              Who pays for the Water Consumption?
                                                                                                         We	recommend	the	tenant	pays	100%	of	the	Water	Consumption	account,	it	is	the	owners	choice	if	
What is Landlord Protection
                                                                                                         they	wish	to	contribute	towards	the	water	consumption.
                                                                                                         If	you	advise	that	you	wish	to	attend	to	paying	your	Water	Consumption	yourself,	please	ensure	that	
Landlord	Protection	Insurance	is	a	type	of	insurance	cover	that	covers	you	for	some	of	your	financial	
                                                                                                         you	forward	any	Water	Consumption	accounts	to	our	office.	If	you	have	not	yet	paid	this	account,	
losses	caused	by	defaulting	tenants.	There	are	a	number	of	insurance	companies	that	provide	this	
                                                                                                         we	will	pay	the	outstanding	account	from	your	account	and	invoice	the		tenant	according	to	your	
service	providing	a	range	of	different	levels	of	cover,	a	number	of	which	we	can	refer	to	you	for	you	
                                                                                                         instructions.	If	the	tenant	has	not	paid	the	account	within	14	days,	we	will	allocate	funds	for	this	
to	make	further	enquiries	on	their	available	policies.
                                                                                                         account	from	their	next	rental	payment,	placing	them	in	arrears	with	their	rent	and	therefore	resulting	
                                                                                                         in	them	being	issued	with	the	necessary	arrears	notices.

                                                                                                                                                Frequently	Asked	Questions
	Is   it my responsibility to pay annual property expenses?                                                   If	we	are	attending	to	a	repair	on	your	behalf,	we	will	only	use	registered,	licensed	and	fully	insured	
                                                                                                              tradespeople.	Once	the	account	has	arrived,	we	will	confirm	with	the	tenant	that	the	repair	has	been	
You	can	instruct	us	to	pay	your	Council	Rates	and	Water	Rates	on	your	behalf.	If	you	want	us	to	
                                                                                                              carried	out,	prior	to	paying	the	contractor’s	account.
provide	this	service	for	you,	there	is	no	extra	charge	for	this	service,	however	to	administrate	this	
effectively	and	to	ensure	regular	cash	flow	for	you,	we	make	these	payments	over	four	installments.	          Urgent	repairs	are	defined	under	the	Residential	Tenancies	Act	1987	as	being	a	repair	that	if	not	
If	you	prefer	that	these	accounts	are	made	in	only	one	or	two	installments,	then	we	recommend	                attended	to	immediately,	will	cause	further	damage	to	the	property,	or	potentially	may	harm	the	
you	make	arrangements	to	make	these	payments	yourself	as	we	cannot	always	guarantee	that	                     tenant.	The	consequence	of	our	agency	not	attending	immediately	to	urgent	repairs	is	that	the	
we	will	have	sufficient	funds	available	to	make	a	single	                                                     Residential	Tenancies	Act	1987	allows	the	tenant	to	attend	to	urgent	repairs	themselves	at	the	
payment	on	your	behalf.	Bear	in	mind	also	that	these	                                                         owner’s	expense.	We	will	still	try	to	contact	you	for	urgent	repairs.	If	we	are	unable	to	contact	you,	or	
annual	accounts	are	usually	issued	at	the	same	time	of	                                                       if	we	are	contacted	by	the	tenant	after	hours	or	on	the	weekend,	it	is	our	responsibility	to	attend	to	
the	year.                                                                                                     an	urgent	repair	immediately.

If	at	the	end	of	the	calendar	month	we	do	not	have	                                                           What about quotes and major repairs?
sufficient	funds	to	pay	your	accounts,	we	will	advise	you	
                                                                                                              If	you	require	quotes,	we	can	arrange	up	to	two	(2)	quotes	on	your	behalf.	If	you	require	additional	
of	any	unpaid	accounts	and	request	for	you	to	send	in	
                                                                                                              quotes,	a	service	fee	will	apply.	Any	type	of	renovation	work	carried	out	at	a	property	is	considered	
extra	funds	to	clear	all	creditors.
                                                                                                              to	be	a	major	repair.	A	service	fee	will	also	apply	for	attending	to	the	organisation	and	supervision	of	
What about Land Tax?                                                                                          major	works	to	the	property.

Please	note	that	if	your	property	is	subject	to	Land	Tax,	                                                    A	service	fee	will	be	negotiated	between	the	owner	and	the	Property	Management	Team	Leader	
we	strongly	recommend	that	you	arrange	to	pay	your	                                                           depending	on	the	amount	and	the	scope	of	the	major	works	required.	
land	tax	direct.	If	you	own	multiple	properties,	often	we	
                                                                                                              Can I specify our own tradesmen?
will	not	be	holding	sufficient	funds	to	make	this	payment	
on	your	behalf.	Land	Tax	if	not	paid	on	time	attracts	                                                        Yes	–	we	can	arrange	your	preferred	tradesmen,	provided	they	have	current	Public	Liability	and	
hefty	penalties.	We	can	write	to	the	Commission	                                                              Workers	Compensation	Insurance.
of	State	Revenue	on	your	behalf	to	ensure	that	this	
                                                                                                              Can we have regular white ant inspections?
account	is	forwarded	to	your	new	postal	address.
                                                                                                              Yes	–	we	can	organise	this	–	you	simply	need	to	tell	us	which	Pest	Control	company	and	how	often.	
Who organises for repairs to be                                                                               We	will	diarise	on	the	computer	and	arrange	accordingly.
carried out at my property?
                                                                                                              Can I have a Power of Attorney or a Legal Guardian who signs my
There	are	two	types	of	repairs	that	may	be	required.	
                                                                                                              Managing Agent’s Authority?
Non	urgent	repairs,	and	urgent	repairs.	We	will	not	
attend	to	any	“non	urgent”	type	repairs	without	your	prior	permission.	This	means	that	we	will	               A	Power	of	Attorney	may	sign	a	Managing	Agent’s	contract	on	your	behalf,	however	the	Power	of	
contact	you	first,	advise	you	details	of	the	repair	required,	the	type	of	trades	person	required	and	         Attorney	must	be	registered	at	DOLA	and	the	registration	number	properly	recorded	on	the	contract.	
sometimes	we	may	be	able	to	provide	you	with	a	rough	estimate	of	the	cost	of	the	repair.	You	can	             The	same	applies	with	Guardianship	orders	if	you	are	appointed	a	legal	guardian	by	the	courts	or	if	
then	advise	us	that	you	will	attend	to	the	repair	yourself,	or	instruct	us	to	attend	to	the	repair	on	your	   you	become	incapacitated	at	some	stage	throughout	the	duration	of	your	contract	with	our	agency.	
behalf.                                                                                                       Guardianship	orders	must	also	be	registered	at	DOLA	and	the	registration	number	recorded.	We	will	
                                                                                                              also	require	a	copy	of	order/agreement	for	our	file.

                                                                                                                                                      Frequently	Asked	Questions
                                                                In	addition	to	these	activities,	your	Property	Manager	also	has	to	attend	to	arranging	keys,	charging	
                                                                and	recouping	of	advertising	expenses	and	letting	fees,	recording	advertising,	obtaining	written	proof	
                                                                of	ownership	for	the	property,	arranging	initial	cleaning,	cleaning	of	the	carpets,	gardening	or	any	
                                                                other	general	repairs	and	maintenance	required	at	the	start	of	a	tenancy,	requesting	a	water	reading,	
                                                                taking	photos,	preparing	window	display	cards	and	internet	advertisements	on	multiple	websites,	
                                                                ordering	a	For	Lease	sign,	and	most	importantly,	ensuring	that	the	owner	has	sufficient	building	and	
                                                                landlord	insurance	policies	in	place	to	safe	guard	their	investment.	
                                                                When	taking	over	existing	tenancies,	they	need	to	ensure	that	the	correct	amount	of	bond	is	held	
                                                                and	that	all	sourced	documentation	is	in	place.	All	of	the	extra	work	we	do,	means	you	can	have	
                                                                peace	of	mind	and	more	time	to	do	the	things	you	love.
                                                                In	Western	Australia,	fees	and	charges	for	Property	Management	services	for	residential	properties	
                                                                are	deregulated.
                                                                This	means	that	the	agency	can	negotiate	a	scale	of	fees	with	the	owner	of	the	property.
                                                                Ray	White	Bunbury	realises	and	understands	that	not	all	properties	are	the	same,	and	that	every	
                                                                owner’s	total	investment	portfolio	may	vary,	therefore	we	have	established	a	scale	of	fees	that	allow	
                                                                our	fees	and	charges	to	be	negotiated	under	different	circumstances.
                                                                Please	note	that	if	you	entrust	our	company	to	manage	a	single	property	to	begin	with,	and	should	
                                                                you	purchase	additional	properties	within	the	initial	property’s	contract	period,	a	new	reduced	fee	
                                                                schedule	will	then	apply	to	all	of	your	properties	under	our	management.	This	policy	creates	a	WIN	
                                                                for	both	parties!

A “time and motion” study has shown us that inducting a new
client into our property management portfolio takes around 18
hours of human resources to attend to all of the service and
legislative requirements.

                                                                                                                Fee	Schedule	Explained
Management Fees                                                                                  Letting Fee
Management	fees	are	charged	on	a	percentage	basis	of	monies	are	collected.	The	amount	charged	   The	letting	fee	amount	is	based	on	the	term	of	the	lease	and	is	only	charged	on	negotiating	
per	calendar	month	will	depend	upon	the	actual	amount	of	gross	collections	by	the	agency.        tenancies.	The	letting	fees	are	for	our	services	in	connection	with:
Management	fees	are	for	our	services	in	connection	with:                                         •	Arranging,	placement,	recording	and	administering	advertising	
•	Attending	to	correspondence                                                                    •	Arranging,	taking	and	uplifting	photographs	of	your	property	
•	Writing,	placing	and	recovering	costs	for	advertising                                          •	Arranging	and	conducting	personal	viewing	appointments	with	prospective	tenants	
                                                                                                 •	Administrating	and	processing	applications	for	tenancy	
•		 dministrating	your	rental	monies	through	our	trust	
  account                                                                                        •	100	point	checks	
                                                                                                 •	Processing	the	application	for	tenancy	including	checking	of	all	references	
•		 rganising	keys	for	viewings,	inspections	and	trades	
  people                                                                                         •	Negotiating	the	terms	of	the	lease	with	both	owner	and	tenant	
                                                                                                 •	Attending	to	the	preparation,	execution	and	processing	of	lease	documentation	including	the	bond	
•		 ttending	to	the	payment	of	general	property	
  expenses                                                                                       lodgement	form,	general	information	for	tenants,	photocopying	keys	and	the	emergency	plan	for	
•	Copying/scanning	of	invoices
                                                                                                 •	Registering	and	activating	the	tenant’s	rental	payment	system	
•	Organising	maintenance	repairs	and	quotes
•	Attending	to	daily	telephone,	email	and	fax	enquiries                                          Sundries/Postage & Petties
•	Rent	collection	and	managing	rental	arrears                                                    This	is	a	flat	fee	paid	on	a	calendar	monthly	basis	and	is	for	business	expenses	incurred	for	postage,	
•	Attending	to	court	lodgements                                                                  stationery	and	phone	calls.
•		 reparing	calendar	monthly	statements	for	the	owner	
  and	collating	supporting	information	for	the	owner’s	                                          Ingoing Inspection Fee
  statement                                                                                      This	is	a	“once	off”	fee.	A	highly	detailed	Property	Inspection	Report	is	prepared	prior	to	the	
•	Liaising	with	the	strata	company	if	applicable                                                 commencement	of	the	first	tenant’s	tenancy.	A	fully	detailed	description	of	every	item	in	every	room	
•	Organising	special	water	readings	when	required                                                for	both	the	interior	and	the	exterior	of	the	property	is	recorded.	This	report	also	includes	ample	
•		 aying	and	recovery	of	water	consumption	from	
  P                                                                                              photographs	of	both	the	interior	and	exterior	of	the	property.	The	length	of	the	report	will	depend	
  tenants                                                                                        upon	both	the	size	of,	and	existing	wear	and	tear	on	the	property.
•		 iaison	and	regular	follow	up	with	maintenance	
  contractors                                                                                    Interim Inspections
•	Conducting	regular	rent	reviews                                                                The	first	interim	inspection	is	conducted	between	6	–	8	weeks	after	the	commencement	of	each	
•		 iaising	with	sales	department	to	arrange	annual	sales	appraisal
  L                                                                                              new	tenancy.	The	property	is	then	inspected	every	3	months	after	the	first	interim	inspection.
•		 reparation	of	lease	and	managing	agents	authority	renewals
                                                                                                 Bond Inspections
•	Processing	notices	to	vacate
                                                                                                 The	bond	inspection	is	conducted	within	2	business	days	of	the	tenant	vacating	the	property.	All	
•	Liaising	with	owners	and	tenants
                                                                                                 items	of	tenant	neglect	or	damage	are	noted	in	writing	on	the	original	Ingoing	Inspection	report,	
•	Liaising	with	insurance	companies
                                                                                                 together	with	allowable	wear	and	tear	on	the	property.	After	all	maintenance	items	have	been	
•	Lodgement	of	new	tenants’	bonds                                                                attended	to,	a	new	report	is	prepared	for	the	incoming	tenant.	The		Bond	Inspection	fee	is	for	the	
•	Disbursement	of	the	vacated	tenant’s	bond                                                      preparation	for	both	of	these	reports.

                                                                                                                                                 Fee	Schedule	Explained
Tenant Enquiry Fees                                                                                     Court Filing Fee
Every	applicant		on	the	tenancy	application	is	checked	through	a	national	and	international	database	   Is	charged	when	we	are	required	to	prepare	and	file	court	application	forms	on	your	behalf	at	the	
for	defaulting	tenants;	TICA.                                                                           Local	Court.	We	will	always	seek	your	permission	before	requesting	court	action	on	your	behalf.
A	tenant	enquiry	fee	is	charged	for	each	enquiry	per	applicant.                                         This	fee	may	be	recovered	as	part	of	a	landlord	claim	if	the	court	filing	is	required	due	to	the	tenant	
                                                                                                        defaulting	in	the	payment	of	their	rent.
Annual Summary
You	may	instruct	our	agency	to	prepare	a	summary	of	
                                                                                                        Court Preparation & Attendance Fee
categories	of	income	and	expenses	in	relation	to	your	                                                  Is	charged	when	we	are	required	to	prepare	for	and	appear	before	the	court	magistrate	on	your	
investment	property	in	any	given	fiscal	year.                                                           behalf	at	the	Local	Court.	We	will	always	seek	your	permission	before	appearing	before	a	magistrate	
                                                                                                        on	your	behalf.
Window Display/Internet
                                                                                                        Increasingly,	Local	Courts	require	the	owner	to	be	present	for	the	court	hearing	unless	the	magistrate	
A	window	display	will	be	prepared	for	your	property	
                                                                                                        is	given	a	genuine	explanation	why	the	owner	is	unable	to	attend.
within	2	business	days	of	your	property	becoming	
available	for	rent.                                                                                     This	fee	may	be	recovered	as	part	of	a	landlord	claim	if	the	court	attendance	is

Your	property	will	be	uploaded	onto	many	internet	sites	                                                required	due	to	the	tenant	defaulting	in	the	payment	of	their	rent.
together	with	at	least	3	photographs	within	2	business	                                                 Insurance Claim Preparation & Follow Up
days	of	your	property	becoming	available	for	rent.
                                                                                                        Is	charged	when	our	agency	is	required	to	prepare,	lodge	and	follow	up	an	insurance	claim	on	your	
Key Cutting                                                                                             behalf.
We	ask	you	to	please	provide	3	sets	of	keys	for	your	                                                   The	inceptions	of	the	changes	to	both	the	Privacy	Act	and	the	Financial	Service	Reform	Act	have	
property.	Should	you	be	unable	to	supply	our	office	with	                                               made	it	extremely	difficult	for	Property	Managers	to	liaise	with	or	to	be	provided	with	any	information	
3	sets	of	keys,	a	fee	will	be	charged	for	each	key	cut	on	                                              in	relation	to	an	owner’s	insurance	policy.	
your	behalf.
                                                                                                        We	recommend	that	the	owner	attend	to	their	own	insurance	claims.
Special Water Reading Fee
The	Water	Corporation	will	charge		a	fee	to	properly	
record	the	water	meter	reading	at	the	commencement	
of	our	management	of	your	property.
This	fee	is	also	charged	at	the	end	of	a	tenancy	when	a	tenant	vacates	the	property;	however	the	
tenant	agrees	to	reimburse	you	for	this	cost	as	part	of	the	disbursement	of	their	bond.

                                                                                                                                                         Fee	Schedule	Explained
Marketing success means more to you than just knowing you are                                               Press Advertising
                                                                                                            Our	Property	Management	Team	advertises	in	the	major	newspapers.	We	can	offer	a	full	colour	
dealing with an industry leader.                                                                            picture	and	details	of	the	property	plus	the	internet	ID	and	office	phone	number	for	further	enquiries.	

It	means	that	you	are	represented	by	a	dynamic	team	that	finds	tenants	for	your	investment	                 Your Investment Working For You
property	..	and	finds	them	fast!	As	well	as	reaching	out	to	find	the	best	tenants,	we	find	they	actively	
                                                                                                            Our	goal	is	to	increase	your	income	and	ensure	your	investment	is	working	for	you!	We	ensure	you	
seek	us	out	because	they	know	we	have	what	they	
                                                                                                            enjoy	the	highest	possible	rent	by	regular	assessments	that	take	into	account	current	market	rents	
want.	We	manage	a	full	range	of	properties	including	
                                                                                                            of	similar	properties,	the	areas’	vacancy	rate,	condition	of	the	property,	quality	of	tenant	and	length	of	
houses,	executive	homes,	studios,	flats,	apartments,	
townhouses	and	villas.
                                                                                                            Your Rent In Your Account
Marketing Your Property
                                                                                                            Our	fully	electronic	banking	facilities	provide	tenants	with	easy	rent	payment	options.	We	encourage	
Finding	the	best	tenants	for	your	valuable	investment	
                                                                                                            and	educate	tenants	to	pay	the	full	rent	amount	due	in	advance,	not	part	payments.	
property	is	supervised	directly	by	your	Property	
Manager.                                                                                                    However,	should	tenants	fall	into	arrears,	we	know	about	it	the	same	day	as	part	of	our	daily	arrears	
                                                                                                            management	routine.
Finding The Right Tenants
                                                                                                            Prompt	action	follows	in	accordance	with	the	Residential	Tenancy	Act,	keeping	you	informed	
Our	high	profile	office,	right	in	the	heart	of	Bunbury,	
                                                                                                            throughout	the	process.
enjoys	a	high	volume	of	tenant	enquiry	due	to	the	size,	
location,	reputation	and	internet	presence.                                                                 Accounting To You
Ray	White	Bunbury	exposes	your	property	to	the	widest	                                                      Each	month	we	forward	you	an	itemised	statement	showing	all	rental	income	and	payments	made	
possible	number	of	prospective	tenants	through	every	                                                       on	your	behalf.	We	electronically	deposit	your	money	as	cleared	funds,	into	your	nominated	account	
available	resource.                                                                                         within	48	business	hours.	No	waiting	for	cheques	to	clear!	

For Lease Signs                                                                                             We	can	also	provide	a	fully	itemised	Income	and	Expenditure	Summary.

On	request,	a	Ray	White	Bunbury	For	Lease	Sign	will	
be	professionally	erected	on	your	property	when	vacant.	
Still	one	of	the	cheapest	and	most	effective	of	all	our	
marketing	tools	is	the	Ray	White	Bunbury	sign	board.	
Working	for	you	as	a	24	hour	advertisement,	the	large	
distinctive	sign	is	impossible	to	miss	by	anyone	walking	or	driving	past	your	property.	

Internet Advertising
Another	marketing	tool	that	is	working	around	the	clock!	Within	2	days	of	your	property	becoming	
available	it	will	appear	on	the	Ray	White	Bunbury	website	and	people	all	over	the	world	will	have	the	
chance	to	search	particular	suburbs	and	see	that	your	property	is	available.	We	also	include	photos	
of	all	available	properties	on	this	site.

                                                                                                                                                             Marketing	Your	Property
“    Prompt	&	
     friendly,	good	
     under	pressure.
                       “           “         I	found	the	
                                             service	through	
                                             you	guys	
                                                                “         “       Shone	above	
                                                                                  the	rest	of	
                                                                                  the	agents	in	
                                                                                                      “        “       I	would	also	like	to	say	that	your	
                                                                                                                       response	is	the	nicest	I	have	had	
                                                                                                                       so	far	in	dealing	with	real	estate	
                                                                                                                                                             “          “       I	felt	very	welcomed	&	thought	

                                                                                                                                                                                beyond	what	was	necessary.
                                                                                                                                                                                the	level	of	service	went	above	&	

“     Thank	you	for	your	support	
      &	being	such	a	wonderful	
      understanding	Agent,	you	have	
      really	helped	us
                                       “                “       confident	to	recommend	you	to	
                                                                anyone	needing	management.
                                                                Thanks	for	your	help,	I	will	be	very	

                                                                                                              “        I	would	like	to	thank	you	for	your	
                                                                                                                       excellent	help	and	efficiently	
                                                                                                                       resolving	problems	&	queries.
                                                                                                                                                             “          “       Everyone	in	the	office	was	very	 “
                                                                                                                                                                                nice,	helpful	and	doing	their	job	
                                                                                                                                                                                with	professionalism	&	experience.

“                                      “
      Ray	White	are	by	far	the	best	real	
      estate	I	have	ever	rented	through.	
      Thanks!                                           “       In	15	years	of	leasing	properties	I	have	met	many	property	managers	–	you	stand	out	
                                                                as	the	best	I	have	ever	dealt	with.	Your	professionalism	is	outstanding	and	I	am	glad	
                                                                we	have	met	–	it	has	been	a	pleasure	dealing	with	you.
                                                                Very	happy	with	service.
                                                                                                                                                                        “       Customer	Service	is	great	       “
                                                                                                                                                                                –	Friendly	Staff	&	They	can	answer	
                                                                                                                                                                                queries	with	no	hesitation.	Nice	

“                                                       “                                                     “                                                         “
                                                                                                                       I	have	always	found	Ray	

      is	a	fantastic	idea	and	cheers	for	
      the	coffee!
      Service	was	excellent,	the	tool	box	                      I	appreciate	your	lovely	phone	
                                                                manner	&	help,	I	will	eagerly	look	
                                                                for	Ray	White	rentals	for	that	
                                                                                                   “                   White	staff	to	be	very	pleasant	
                                                                                                                       knowledgeable	and	100%	
                                                                                                                                                             “                  We	found	your	staff	to	be	an	asset	
                                                                                                                                                                                to	your	business	&	great	to	deal	
                                                                                                                       ethical	–	this	is	rare	and	to	be	

“     I	never	experienced	better	service	
      in	the	past	and	I	am	very	happy	
      of	doing	business	with	Ray	White	
                                       “                “       Most	professional	agent	we	had	    “
                                                                for	rent	appraisal	–	answered	calls	
                                                                quickly	&	followed	up	quickly!                “      Impressed	
                                                                                                                     with	the	quick	
                                                                                                                     response	&	
                                                                                                                                       “             “       Am	extremely	
                                                                                                                                                             happy	with	the	
                                                                                                                                                             service	we	have	
                                                                                                                                                                                “        “       Provided	quality	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and	consistency	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 of	service.
“   Welcoming	&	
    personal	from	
    reception	to	
                     “             “       Excellent		
                                           service,	very	
                                           friendly	staff.
                                                             “          “      Friendly,	helpful	
                                                                               and	pleasant.
                                                                                                    “        “       The	professionalism	that	Robyn	
                                                                                                                     shows	is	exceptional.	She	is	an	
                                                                                                                     absolute	asset	to	your	company.	
                                                                                                                     I	couldn’t	ask	for	anything	more.
                                                                                                                                                       “              “     By	far	the	best	&	highest	level	of	
                                                                                                                                                                            service	we	have	ever	recieved!

“                                                       “                                                   “                                                         “
     Robyn	did	an	excellent	job	in	
     explaining	how	she	would	manage	
     my	property.	If	I	had	10	more	
     houses	I	would	still	call	Robyn	
                                           “                 Ray	White	takes	property	
                                                             management	to	a	whole	new	level.	
                                                             Once	expereienced,	you’ll	never	
                                                                                                  “                  Service	was	fantastic,		
                                                                                                                     couldn’t	have	asked		
                                                                                                                     for	better.
                                                                                                                                                       “                    Has	been	fantastic,	quick	easy	to	
                                                                                                                                                                            get	started.	Thanks	for	the	survival	
                                                                                                                                                                            kit	-	it	saved	us	more	than	once!
                                                             look	anywhere	else.
     and	have	her	manage	them.

“                                                       “                                                                                              “
                                                              I	would	also	like	to	say	that	the	service	I	have	had	from	your	Property	Management	
     I	am	confident	that	you	will	
     manage	my	property	in	the	
     professional	manner	you	have	
                                           “                  Team	has	been	outstanding.	Other	expereiences	I	have	had	with	PM	Teams	have	not	
                                                              been	so	positive,	in	fact	I	was	required	to	follow	up	constantly	to	make	sure	repairs	
                                                                                                                                                                            Excellent	service,	friendly,	efficient	
                                                                                                                                                                            and	informative.
                                                              etc	were	made	and	that	rent	increases	were	addressed.	So	your	team	has	been	a	
     displayed	so	far.
                                                              pleasure	to	deal	with	because	it	frees	me	from	having	to	worry	constantly.

“                                                       “                                                   “                                                         “
     I	have	never	received	such	great	
     service,	it	was	a	lot	better	than		
     our	previous	agent.		
                                           “                  Thankyou	for	extremely	
                                                              professional,	prompt	&	friendly	
                                                              service	by	the	Ray	White	team
                                                                                                    “                Christina	provided	regular	updates	
                                                                                                                     as	to	the	progress	of	finding	a	
                                                                                                                     tenant.	Always	looked	for	options	
                                                                                                                                                       “                    Robyn	was	very	personable	and	
                                                                                                                                                                            professional.	All	options	were	well	
     Easier	to	talk	with	and	very	                                                                                                                                          discussed.
                                                                                                                     and	different	ideas.
     friendly	and	approachable.

“    Great	service	with	professional	
     manner,	will	always	recommend	
     Ray	White	Bunbury.
                                           “            “    At	all	times	were	professional	
                                                             and	gave	good	advice	regarding	
                                                             price	and	presentation	–	we	were	
                                                             pleased	with	the	results	achieved.
                                                                                                    “       “                        “
                                                                                                                   Customer	Service	-	
                                                                                                                   Person	to	Person	
                                                                                                                   was	great!                    “         Great	Service	
                                                                                                                                                           -	No	problems
                                                                                                                                                                            “         “        Thankyou	again	
                                                                                                                                                                                               Robyn,	you	are	
                                                                                                                                                                                               very	good	at	
                                                                                                                                                                                               what	you	do.
                            If you choose to use Ray White Bunbury for your Property Management,
                                 here’s an outline of what will happen – there are two scenarios.
               You	need	to	get	a	tenant	into	your	property                There	is	an	existing	tenant	and	you	need	us	to	take	over	for	you.
     O           Sign	management	agents	authority                         O            Sign	management	agents	authority

                 Confirm	current	insurance	policies                   O               Organise	‘take	over’	date	with	owner		
                                                                                          or	existing	managing	agent                   O
     O              Attend	to	marketing	activities
                                                                          O            Confirm	current	insurance	policies
                        Write	advertising	copy                        O      Advise	local	authority,	water	corporation	&	state	taxation
     O                     Place	advertising                                                                                           O
                          Attend	to	enquiries                         O   O                  Advise	strata	company
     O             Conduct	viewing	appointments                                      Advise	tenant	of	impending	inspection		
                                                                                              and	how	to	pay	rent                      O
                Provide	owner	with	weekly	feedback                    O   O                    Conduct	rent	review
     O                    Process	application
                                                                                               Conduct	inspection                      O
                    Present	to	owner	for	approval                     O   O           Check	status	of	current	PCR	report
     O          Conduct	Property	Condition	Report
                                                                                          Present	to	owner	for	approval                O
                 Prepare	new	lease	documentation                      O   O           Conduct	Property	Condition	Report
     O                       Sign	up	tenant
                                                                                        Inform	the	owner	of	outcomes	of	
                Confirm	tenant’s	sign	up	with	owner                   O                     inspection	and	rent	review
     O   Advise	local	authority,	water	corporation	&	state	taxation       O                  Negotiate	lease	renewal
                        Advise	strata	company                         O           Ensure	tenants	‘handover	pack’	is	complete           O
         Ensure	new	management	checklist	is	fully	completed                    Ensure	new	management	checklist	is	fully	completed

                                                                                                            What	Happens	Next?
Maximising Your Rental Income – how you can help to attract the   Exterior
                                                                  n		Lawns	should	be	neatly	mowed	and	healthy	and	garden	beds	weeded
BEST tenant and the MOST rent for your property                   n		Low	maintenance	plants	and	well	mulched	garden	beds
                                                                  n		Any	large	trees	or	shrubs	pruned	back	from	driveway/windows
                                                                  n		Garage	or	shed	cleaned	out	and	free	of	rubbish
Presenting your property to the highest possible standard will    n		Windows	cleaned	(this	will	let	more	natural	light	into	the	house)
                                                                  n		Swimming	pools	cleaned,	all	pool	equipment	to	be	in	good	working	order
ensure that quality tenants are secured as quickly as possible.
                                                                  n		All	rubbish	and	household	items	to	be	removed
Some handy hints to assist in achieving the best results are:     n		Clean	gutters
                                                                  n		Repair	dripping	taps
                                                                  n		Service	reticulation	(if	installed)	and	ensure	working	correctly
                                                                  n		All	carpets	professionally	cleaned
                                                                  n		Install	airconditioning/heating
                                                                  n		Walls	cleaned	and	any	large	chips/scuffs	repaired
                                                                  n		If	repainting	walls	a	neutral	colour	should	be	used
                                                                  n			 ay	special	attention	to	the	kitchen	and	bathrooms	–	these	areas	often	affect	a	tenant’s	decision	
                                                                     to	rent	your	property.	Tiles	and	grout	should	be	clean	and	sealed,	surfaces	free	of	mould	and	
                                                                  n			 ine	the	interior	of	kitchen	cupboards	if	they	are	aged.	Replace	dated	and	damaged	bench	tops
                                                                  n		Install	energy	efficient	light	globes	where	possible
                                                                  n			 urtains	and	blinds	cleaned	and	in	good	condition

                                                                  The Tenants’ Safety, Comfort and Convenience
                                                                  n			 ecurity/window	deadlocks	(tenants	may	be	unable	to	obtain	contents	insurance	without	these)
                                                                  n		Airconditioning	and	heating
                                                                  n		RCD	switch
                                                                  n		Ensure	all	sliding	doors	and	shower	screens	have	safety	glass
                                                                  n		Fully	automatic	reticulation
                                                                  n		Smoke	detectors	(preferably	hardwired)
                                                                  n		Secure	parking
                                                                  n		Telephone	connection	point,	internet	access
                                                                  n		TV	aerial,	FOXTEL	connection	
                                                                  n		3x	sets	of	keys	for	ALL	locks

                                                                                                                                Owners	Checklist
                                                                                                               Landlord’s Checklist for selecting a Property Manager
                                                                                                               In	order	that	you	make	an	informed	decision,	ask	the	following	questions	of	the	agency	you	are	
                                                                                                               considering	for	the	job	of	managing	your	property.

                                                                                                                 Property Leasing
                                                                                                                 1.			On	average,	how	many	properties	does	the	agency	lease	each	month?
                                                                                                                 2.			What	human	resources	has	the	agency	allocated	to	leasing	properties?
                                                                                                                 3.				 o	the	agency	staff	members	personally	show	prospective	tenants	through	
                                                                                                                 4.			How	does	the	agency	market	available	properties	for	lease?
                                                                                                                 5.				 ow	much	information	is	obtained	from	applicants	for	properties	and	what	
As a valued Ray White Bunbury client, the following services are                                                      information	is	verified?
available to help you maximise your investment.                                                                  Property Management
                                                                                                                 1.			What	documented	systems	are	in	place	for	property	management?
Real Estate Sales Representatives
                                                                                                                 2.			What	is	your	process	for	dealing	with	rent	arrears?
All	of	our	sales	staff	are	graduates	of	the	Ray	White	Sales	Course.	They	regularly	attend	seminars	to	
ensure	that	you	are	properly	advised,	to	ensure	your	property	received	maximum	exposure	to	the	                  3.			What	is	your	process	for	dealing	with	repairs	and	maintenance?
market	and,	most	importantly,	to	ensure	that	you	obtain	the	highest	price	in	the	shortest	possible	time.              W
                                                                                                                 4.				 hat	steps	do	you	take	to	ensure	that	all	contractors	working	on	my	property	
                                                                                                                      are	properly	licensed	and	insured?
The	total	focus	of	our	sales	team	will	be	to	achieve	a	premium	sale	price	for	your	property,	while	at	all	
times	taking	into	consideration	the	time	frame	that	you	wish	to	work	to	and	also	the	method	of	sale	you	              W
                                                                                                                 5.				 hat	steps	do	you	take	to	ensure	that	all	maintenance	work	on	my	property	
                                                                                                                      is	competitively	priced?
wish	to	use.	A	complimentary	market	appraisal	is	available	on	request.	
                                                                                                                 6.			How	frequently	will	you	inspect	my	property?
South West Strata Services
                                                                                                                 7.				 hat	is	the	experience	level	of	the	staff	members	who	will	be	leasing	and	
South	West	Strata	Services	offers	strata	property	owners	full	time	qualified	staff,	expert	service	and	               managing	my	property?
professional	strata	management	of	your	investment.	We	are	also	REIWA	Accredited	Practising	Strata	                    H
                                                                                                                 8.				 ow	frequently	will	you	account	to	me	for	rent	monies	collected	on	my	
Management	Specialists	with	up	to	date	training	and	industry	knowledge.                                               behalf?
The	Strata	Management	services	provided	will	be	under	the	direct	control	of	Kevin	Kelly,	the	Director	                C
                                                                                                                 9.				 an	you	send	me	rent	statements	by	email	and	deposit	my	money	in	my	            Yes/No
of	South	West	Strata	Services,	who	utilises	the	personnel	and	resources	within	the	office,	to	provide	                bank	account	electronically?
optimum	and	appropriate	service	at	all	times.                                                                    Customer Service
Loan Market                                                                                                      1.			What	references	do	you	have	from	satisfied	clients?

A	number	of	years	ago,	Ray	White	took	the	step	to	introduce	a	value	added	service	to	the	network	                2.			Do	you	provide	a	Service	Guarantee?                                              Yes/No
and	offer	to	our	clients,	our	own	professional	advice	on	sourcing	the	best	finance	available	in	this	highly	          W
                                                                                                                 3.				 hat	back	up	staff	are	there	in	the	event	my	property	manager	is	sick	or	on	
competitive	field.	A	free	service	that	can	assist	you	with	purchasing	new	investments,	building	your	                 holidays?
portfolio	or	refinancing	existing	loans.                                                                         4.			How	frequently	will	you	communicate	with	me	and	what	form	will	it	take?

                                                                                                                                                          Extra	Services	and	Advice
                                                             There is one reason why people invest in

                                                            property – to protect and grow their hard

                                                                                       earned wealth.

                                                               After all, that is what you expect, what

                                                            your investment needs and what we offer.

                                                                    To take the next step, contact us

                                                                                   on 08 97 800 707.

24 Stirling Street, Bunbury, Western Australia 6230
P: 08 97 800 707 F: 08 97 800 708
E: W:

                                                                                      Contact Us

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