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Episode 138


									                                English Episode 138

1.   Scene 1 (J11.13)
2.   Location:     Interior –Guma’s Office, morning.
3.   B/G SFX:      Stillness

5.   GUMA:        (CONCERNED) Mike the situation is difficult… the wives of the
                  police brew this alcohol so how can the police enforce a law against
                  illegal brewing?

6.   MIKE:        Yes, boss, that makes it hard…especially knowing that no one in
                  Rock Point has a licence to brew alcohol.

7.   GUMA:        I really hope this committee will come up with a way of dealing with
                  this whole situation.

8.   MIKE:        I agree. There are some double standards

9.   GUMA:        And some people on the committee want things to stay as they are…

10. MIKE:         Shouldn’t there be a compromise…?

11. GUMA:         Anyway, we shall see how this alcohol problem is going to turn

12. MIKE:         Is there something else you wanted to talk to me about…

13. GUMA:         (CAUTIOUSLY) Yes… actually there is. I want to know how you
                  are doing…

14. MIKE:         Am okay… Quite busy lately with Jessica not here… and Pauline...
                  trying to make that new show of hers work…

15. GUMA:         I appreciate you sticking around… instead of taking leave at a time
                  like this… How are things going on between the two of you?

16. MIKE:         Let me just put it this way… (JOKINGLY) I feel sorry for the man
                  who marries her.

17. GUMA:         (LAUGHS)

18. MIKE:         It’s just that her way of doing things is very different from mine and
                  Jessica’s… she insists on getting what she wants… a woman like
                  that could be tough.

19. GUMA:         Aha! I see…

                         English Episode 138

20. MIKE:   To her everything is exaggerated… it’s always gossip she reports…

21. GUMA:   Not the sort of thing you would do…

22. MIKE:   Jessica would go out and bring news… Facts, not just rumours.

23. GUMA:   Give Pauline time… she will know what you like… Jessica knows
            what you like.

24. MIKE:   Yes… Jessica understands how we do things more… maybe I will
            have to teach Pauline more than I thought.

25. GUMA:   But how are things between you and Jessica.

26. MIKE:   She’s on leave so we haven’t talked.

27. GUMA:   Well Mike… I just feel a bit guilty every time I look at you because I
            had to give her leave and I didn’t give it to you when you had asked

28. MIKE:   (WITH A PINCH OF SALT) I thought about that… but it’s okay.

29. GUMA:   Mike, maybe some things we have to let go… I know you won’t
            understand why I did that.

30. MIKE:   Boss, let’s not talk about Jessica anymore… I just can’t.

31. GUMA:   (GENTLY) I think we need to, Mike.

            AND LET THINGS BE) Why?

33. GUMA:   Mike, life is always not straight. (ABRUPTLY)          I knew about
            Jessica, but it was not my place to tell you.

34. MIKE:   (CAUTIOUSLY) Your place? Boss… are you…?

35. GUMA:   Jessica told me when I planned to fire her. She had no choice, I
            guess, but to tell me the truth.

36. MIKE:   Wait, Boss. Are you saying you knew about Jessica?

37. GUMA:   Yes, Mike. Jessica told me she has AIDS.

38. MIKE:   (PAINFULLY) You knew? And… Oh No! I cannot believe this!

                         English Episode 138

39. GUMA:   I kept advising her to tell you before it was too late. Thank goodness
            she did.

40. MIKE:   Boss, why didn’t you warn me?

41. GUMA:   I wanted to, Mike, but as her employer I had to keep her secret and
            protect her, just like I would have done if you were in her shoes…

42. MIKE:   I don’t get it…

43. GUMA:   (CALLING OUT) Mike… I had no choice!

44. MIKE:   Boss, this was different…

45. GUMA:   No it’s not… just because Jessica has AIDS? Mike, with all of you
            who work for me… I can’t take sides… do you see that?

46. MIKE:   (SADLY) Yes…

47. GUMA:   The only way I could protect you was to tell her to tell you. My
            hands were tied. That doesn’t mean I didn’t worry about you.
48. END.

                                 English Episode 138

49.   Scene 2 (SC11.13)
50.   Location:    Int. Seven Days Bar. Evening
51.   B/G SFX:     Bar ambience, cool music

53. MONDAY:        Stella, bring me a drink…and one for Lawyer Remy…and Jackson

54. REMY:          Thanks, Monday…

55. MONDAY:        Any time… (PAUSE) I need your advice Remy…

56. REMY:          On what, Monday?

57. MONDAY:        On how to deal with my enemies…Solomon…the Police…

58. REMY:          (CONFUSED) The Police!

59. MONDAY:        Yes, Remy…the Police is on rampage…

60. JACKSON:       They are closing us down…we are scared!

61. REMY:          (CONFUSED) Then….what about Solomon!

62. MONDAY:        I know he is the one behind all this…he is jealous of my bar…

63. JACKSON:       He fears competition…

64. MONDAY:        He must be pushing all this-and you know he is friends with the OC.

65. JACKSON:       (WITH CONCERN) And the Police is very serious now...

66. REMY:          (RECALLS) I heard about the Police are closing down bars and
                   brewers who don’t have licenses.

67. MONDAY:        Exactly, Remy. Now we don’t know where they next will hit…

68. JACKSON:       (WORRIED) It might be us.

69. REMY:          Ooh, I get it, Jackson.

70. MONDAY:        And you know how it is, Remy…almost no one has a license.

71. REMY:          Except Solomon…

                             English Episode 138

72. JACKSON:   And now the Police is stopping almost every one!

73. REMY:      I know Jackson… it’s actually illegal…

74. JACKSON:   What!

75. REMY:      As per the Enguli Act of 1965, its illegal to brew or sell alcohol
               without a license!

76. MONDAY:    (BITTER) The Police is arresting some and ignoring the others,

77. REMY:      You know our Police in Rock Point, Monday…

78. JACKSON:   They take sides…

79. REMY:      But the Act further provides that, “A police officer may arrest
               without warrant any person suspected of committing this offence”

80. MONDAY:    Remy, our Police is simply corrupt!

81. REMY:      So then why don’t you exploit that too, Monday?

82. MONDAY:    (CONFUSED) How, Remy?

83. REMY:      Corrupt them too…bribe them.

84. MONDAY:    That’s what I have been doing all a long, Remy…

85. JACKSON:   But now, things are different!

86. REMY:      How different, Jackson?

87. JACKSON:   Ever since, the alcohol poisoning incident, the Police has been put
               under a lot of pressure…

88. REMY:      I heard that the poisonous alcohol might have come from the Police!

89. JACKSON:   It’s a fact, Remy. That’s where it came from…

90. REMY:      I see…

91. MONDAY:    So now they want to be seen to be doing something…

92. JACKSON:   They are busy closing bars down…and they can’t take any bribes.

                              English Episode 138

93. MONDAY:     So what can we do, Remy?

94. REMY:       In the law, I am afraid you might not find much refuge…but you can
                still do something, Monday…

95. MONDAY:     Really?

96. REMY:       Yes…especially now that you have Jackson who is the LC I

97. JACKSON:    (HOPELESS) Me? What can I do, Remy?

98. REMY:       You are the the LC I Chairperson, Jackson…aren’t you?

99. JACKSON:    I am…

100. REMY:      Do you understand how much power you hold, Jackson?

101. JACKSON:   Yes, Remy.

102. REMY:      You are a very powerful person in the community-you are the voice
                of the community, Jackson!

103. JACKSON:   But some people interfere with my work-people like Mama Gloria…

104. REMY:      Mama Gloria?

105. MONDAY:    The LC II Chairperson…she is now leading the campaign against
                alcohol in Rock Point…

106. REMY:      I guess you are on that committee as well, Jackson…

107. JACKSON:   They didn’t want me on that committee-I told them I have to be
                there-as LC I Chairman!

108. REMY:      (STRENLY) You did well. That is where you are going to fight the
                battle, Jackson.

109. JACKSON:   Oooh!

110. REMY:      Fight against any unfavourable restrictions-tell them it’s against the
                people and their way of life.


112. REMY:      Don’t endorse any of such-it’s simply against the poor people.

                            English Episode 138

113. PETERO:   (IN SUPPORT) Against the toiling people…

114. MONDAY:   Tell them that some people like Solomon are pushing for this
               because they are scared of competition!

115. REMY:     Yes…bring that Solomon down…

116. MONDAY:   We will be behind you, Jackson…

117. REMY:     Use your power, Jackson…you have lots of it…

118. MONDAY:   (HOPEFUL) And we will defeat them!

119. END.

                                 English Episode 138

120.   Scene 3 SB 11.12.
121.   Location:    Int. Steve’s home. Day.
122.   BG/SFX:      Baby noise

124. BLESSING: Topi, I am glad you came to see me…

125. TOPI:          Blessing, just because you don’t work for me anymore doesn’t mean
                    that I am not your friend.

126. BLESSING: I had to leave… I am sorry I didn’t tell you…

127. TOPI:          I understand. I knew the situation you were in.

128. BLESSING: Well, things are much better… Steven has admitted his mistakes…

129. TOPI:          That is very good, Blessing…

130. BLESSING: So can I come back and work at the Salon? I feel strong now.

131. TOPI:          (HESITANTLY) Blessing… I had to find a replacement… you

               Oh! I see…

133. TOPI:          (QUICKLY) I tried to wait but you know how business is…

134. BLESSING: I understand… really it’s okay…

135. TOPI:          So what are you going to do?

136. BLESSING: Right now I am not sure…

137. TOPI:          I can afford to pay you part time…

138. BLESSING: Well…

139. TOPI:          But only when there is extra work…

140. BLESSING: Thanks I could use anything… now that there is the baby…

141. TOPI:          (CURIOUSLY) If you say Steven has changed… why won’t he take
                    care of you and the baby… it’s his fault you don’t have a job.

                                 English Episode 138

142. BLESSING: No, Topi, he is trying his best… but business is not good these
               days… you know there is not as much fish now as there used to be.

143. TOPI:         Doesn’t he know that the baby doesn’t know what money is? All
                   babies want is to be fed… and dressed.

144. BLESSING: I need to help him.

145. TOPI:         Not if he is the Steven I know.

146. BLESSING: He is different these days. He’s been there for me since I gave birth.
               We talk and he listens to me.

147. TOPI:         (GLADLY) Isn’t that how I used to tell you it should be… when the
                   two of you got married?

148. BLESSING: Yes, and he is taking care of me too. But I want to help him… it’s
               not fair for him to do everything.

149. TOPI:         But should he raise a hand against you… (WITH RESOLVE) you
                   must leave.

150. BLESSING: He won’t.

151. TOPI:         After all Steven has put you through you are ready to trust him just
                   like that? Blessing, you are still young, beautiful and very clever and
                   you know how to do all sorts of things.

152. BLESSING: (LAUGHING) Oh, thank you Topi… maybe I should start my own
               Salon and give you a headache…

153. TOPI:         What I mean is that there are other men who would like to worship
                   your feet…

154. BLESSING: But Steven is the one I chose. And as my friend, Topi… I don’t want
               you to worry.

155. TOPI:         I just want to be sure you are safe…

156. BLESSING: Yes, I am… I am sure things are different. Steve is doing his best to
               understand me and that is what I want…

157. TOPI:         Good. I am glad you know what you want.

158. BLESSING: (JOKINGLY) Topi, what do you think I am? I stopped turning a
               blind eye to the things Steven used to do to me a long time ago.

                                English Episode 138

159. TOPI:         Okay… okay… you win. But if things don’t work out you can
                   always come to me.

160. BLESSING: Topi… things will work out.

161. TOPI:         So are you going to show me that baby or not?

162. BLESSING: She is asleep but I can take you to her and you have a look.

163. TOPI:         Okay… and you should bring her to the Salon for the other women
                   to see… as long as she doesn’t cry… I can’t stand crying babies.

164. BLESSING: We’ll see if it bothers you when your turn comes…

165. TOPI:         (LAUGHING) My turn! Blessing… I am not on those things. I gave
                   up on men. You are the one who knows them!

166. BLESSING: Hey! What is that supposed to mean…

167. TOPI:         Just kidding, Mama… Eh! What is the name of the child?

168. BLESSING: We still haven’t given her a name!

169. TOPI:         All this time! How can you fail to name her…?

170. BLESSING: Steven and I keep coming up with new names every day…

171. TOPI:         Isn’t Topi a good name? Why are you looking for other names?


173. TOPI:         What is so funny! You don’t want to name your baby after me?

174. END.

                                   English Episode 138

175.   Scene 4 (J11.14)
176.   Location:     Interior-Board room. Afternoon
177.   B/G SFX:      Papers ruffling

179. MIKE:          Pauline, I am sorry but I don’t see this working.

180. GUMA:          Mike actually, I kind of like her idea.

181. PAULINE:       You see Mike, you are not being open minded.

182. MIKE:          What you are doing is changing Jessica’s show!

183. PAULINE:       We are still using the same method Jessica uses for her show, we are
                    just changing the angle of the topic.

184. MIKE:          What do you mean?

185. PAULINE:       Instead of talking about these problems young people are facing
                    around Rock Point… let’s talk about love. That is what they want to

186. MIKE:          Guma, if we twist Jessica’s show like that then we will lose its
                    purpose… which is to guide young people in making wise decisions
                    like staying in school, sports, and so on.

187. GUMA:          Pauline, Mike also has a point there… many of our listeners are
                    young people and they are the ones who enjoy Jessica’s show.

188. PAULINE:       And no one likes the word love like young people… So you won’t
                    be losing anything…

189. MIKE:          Boss, you know what my stand is on this…

190. PAULINE:       Guma, I am not surprised Mike is doing this…

191. MIKE:          (DEFENSIVELY) What do you mean?

192. PAULINE:       (OFFENSIVELY) Since I came here Mike, you have not been
                    interested in anything I tell you…

193. MIKE:          (DEFENSIVELY) No, that is not true!

194. PAULINE:       Yes, it is true!

                              English Episode 138

195. GUMA:      Okay, come on you two…

196. MIKE:      Sorry, boss! Pauline, please don’t take me the wrong way. I just want
                us to be sure that the ideas you have work as well as Jessica’s were

197. GUMA:      Mike, Pauline is not here to take Jessica’s job. I am paying her to do

198. MIKE:      I understand… but it’s just that I feel we shall lose Jessica’s program
                if we simply replace it with some love stories in Rock Point.

199. PAULINE:   Look Mike, Jessica’s show is really not me… and I could ruin it for
                her when she returns… we should get something that suits me.

200. MIKE:      So we put Jessica’s show on hold?

201. PAULINE:   It happens all the time! This is not the first time I fill in for someone.
                But I am known for that – connecting loved ones!

202. GUMA:      Mike, I told you she is ambitious.

203. MIKE:      Fine, do what you wish.

204. PAULINE:   Pauline’s Love Line! I can hear it already… (CHANTING
                ROMANTICALLY) Pauline’s Love Line.

205. MIKE:      You had this planned already.

206. PAULINE:   (ALMOST SEDUCTIVELY) Are you going to blame me for trying,

207. GUMA:      Okay, say I give you the show…

208. MIKE:      You still haven’t told us exactly how you are going to do it.

209. PAULINE:   That is why I am calling it a love line!

210. GUMA:      Meaning that people are going to be calling in.

211. MIKE:      All our shows are call in shows!

212. PAULINE:   Yes, I know… that is why it works so well… we already have
                people who call Radio Rock Point. Mike dear, if you are worried that
                no one will listen to my show…

                             English Episode 138

213. GUMA:      Mike, she has a point…

214. MIKE:      (RELENTING) I can see that too…

215. PAULINE:   Do I still need to warm you up, Mike my dear?

216. MIKE:      … and what happens when someone calls in?

217. PAULINE:   I ask them if they have ever been broken hearted, or left by a loved
                one. People love to listen to sad lonely hearts.

218. MIKE:      Boss… why should we take advantage…?

219. PAULINE:   Say for example, Mike, you called me… I would ask you… what she
                did to you…

220. MIKE:      (SUSPICIOUSLY) What do you mean?

221. PAULINE:   Because you sound angry over a great idea… only someone who has
                gone through some heart break…

222. GUMA:      Okay, Pauline, that is enough… you have your show.

223. MIKE:      (HURT) I am sorry if you think I am giving you a headache. I will
                help you in everything you need. (FADING OFF) Boss, I will be in
                the studio if you need me.

224. PAULINE:   Boss what did I do?

225. GUMA:      Pauline, I don’t want you to step on Mike’s toes. Okay? He is going
                through some tough times.

226. PAULINE:   (STUNNED, CONFUSED) What did I do? I really did touch a
                nerve, didn’t I?

227. END.

                                 English Episode 138

228.   Scene 5 SB 11.13
229.   Location:    Int. Steve’s home. Day.
230.   B/G SFX:     Baby’s gibberish.

232. BLESSING: Topi was here a short while ago, you missed her!

233. VERONICA: (INDIFFERENTLY) Too bad! Now where is the string I came

234. BLESSING: Did you and Topi fight?

235. VERONICA: Why? It’s a string with yellow beads have you seen it? Oh! Here it
               is… I was sitting on it.

236. BLESSING: When I told you about Topi… you put a funny look on your face…

237. VERONICA: Because I know Topi was here feeding you with funny ideas.

238. BLESSING: What do you mean funny ideas? Veronica, what are you doing to my

239. VERONICA: Can’t you see I am tying it around the baby’s waist? Topi must have
               been convincing you to leave Steven again…

240. BLESSING: No, she was just checking on me and the baby. And what is that
               string for?

241. VERONICA: This is a girl; this will give her a good waist when she grows up…

242. BLESSING: I have never heard of that before…

243. VERONICA: How many times have you been a mother before?

244. BLESSING: But I have young sisters whom I took care of.

245. VERONICA: (SARCASTICALLY) I see! You leave your husband to go and take
               care of your sisters again in the village!

246. BLESSING:       (DISBELIEF) Vero! Excuse me!

247. VERONICA: Do you know I have not talked to Topi since you left? I am the one
               who got you that job at her salon! Now I hear she hired someone else
               in your place.

                                English Episode 138

248. BLESSING: Veronica… I knew you were going to bring this up!

249. VERONICA: As a wife you could have solved the problems you had with Steven
               instead of running to the village and even losing your job.

250. BLESSING: Vero! I did what I felt was best for me.

251. VERONICA: The problem is that you don’t listen to me anymore… you even
               almost died from there giving birth.

252. BLESSING: But I am fine now and that is what matters…

253. VERONICA: I still don’t think you should have abandoned your husband. You are
               lucky he took you back. What would you have done if he had denied
               that baby? It was a stupid thing you did.

254. BLESSING: (PUT OFF) I did the right thing. And Steven can never deny our
               daughter. How can you say such a thing?

255. VERONICA: What? Blessing, never play with a marriage! A man is hard to find
               and there are many other women waiting for you to mess up.

256. BLESSING: But it worked, Vero! When I went to the village Steven came to his
               senses! You worry too much.

257. VERONICA: Blessing, my late husband, Andrew, used to tell me so much about
               Steve. I know who he really is.

258. BLESSING: What do you mean?

259. VERONICA: Do you know that Steven likes money?

260. BLESSING: I know whenever he doesn’t have money he is not happy.

261. VERONICA: He can even go to the extent of sleeping with women who have it…
               you have to be careful.

262. BLESSING: He is not like that anymore! That ended with Stella.

263. VERONICA: (LAUGHING SARCASTICALLY) He! Blessing, your confidence is
               misplaced because of things people like Topi tell you.

264. BLESSING: Vero, I don’t like the things you are saying.

265. VERONICA: How do you know Steven doesn’t have other women right now?

                                English Episode 138

266. BLESSING: Because he is at work most of the time he is not with me. Unless
               there is something you know that I don’t…

267. VERONICA: (QUICKLY DENYING) No… no… I don’t know anything.

268. BLESSING: Then stop telling me such things, Vero!

269. VERONICA: But you don’t understand… that is not my point really…

270. BLESSING: Then what is?

271. VERONICA: If you don’t make some money, Steven will mistreat you again… he
               might not beat you but he will be stressed…

272. BLESSING: I think I know what you are saying… now that Topi no longer has a
               job for me… I will use the idea my parents gave me.

273. VERONICA: Ideas… I don’t believe in ideas. They only stay in your head.

274. BLESSING: I am going to be making ghee… with the milk from our remaining
               cow. And I will sell it.

275. VERONICA: Where did you learn to make ghee from?

276. BLESSING: My father taught me… and since I cannot plait hair anymore…

277. VERONICA: (SKEPTIC) Eh! That is very hard! You just gave birth and you want
               to do such a tough job? You will damage yourself.

278. BLESSING: I am going to talk to Steven…

279. VERONICA: He will never let you…

280. BLESSING: There is good money in it. And if I cannot convince him, then how
               will he start believing that I also know how to do things.

281. VERONICA: (LAUGHING SARCASTICALLY) Okay, let’s wait and see?

282. BLESSING: Vero, you think I cannot do it.

283. VERONICA: Well… maybe you can but where are you going to be making this
               ghee from?


285. VERONICA: I just don’t know if Steven will let you have a business in his home.

                            English Episode 138

286. BLESSING: (UNCERTAIN) I had not thought about it…

287. END.

                                  English Episode 138

288.   Scene 6 (J11. 15)
289.   Location:     Interior –Radio Studio-Evening
290.   B/G SFX:      Music, Paper Ruffling and CD’s being placed

292. PAULINE:       Mike… can I talk to you for a minute?

293. MIKE:          What is it? Let me first finish mixing this signature tune for your
                    Love Line.

294. PAULINE:       Please…

295. MIKE:          But you go on tell me what you want I am listening…

296. PAULINE:       Why are you so rude to me?

297. MIKE:          I am not rude. I have no problem with you.

298. PAULINE:       Is it because I tried to change Jessica’s show?

299. MIKE:          No, you thought you were improving it. And I accepted your idea. I
                    am sorry if I made you feel like I had something against you.

300. PAULINE:       Darling… I don’t have grudges with anyone. Especially not you.

301. MIKE:          That is nice to know…

302. PAULINE:       Is there anything you think will even make the show better?

303. MIKE:          We’ll first see how your idea works. Okay?

304. PAULINE:       Yes.

305. MIKE:          But you have to be very careful.

306. PAULINE:       Why?

307. MIKE:          Don’t use names.

308. PAULINE:       Why?

309. MIKE:          Everyone in Rock Point knows everybody.

                              English Episode 138

310. PAULINE:   But that is an interesting thing! That is what will make if fun…
                imagine, I call you and tell you there is this guy called Mike he
                broke my heart!

311. MIKE:      Then Mike will not be happy...

312. PAULINE:   Mike will become soft if I call him and tell him that Jessica wants to
                speak to him… find out why he called it off.

313. MIKE:      (ANGRY) Who told you that? Who do you think you are poking
                your nose in other people’s business?

314. PAULINE:   (STUNNED) What business? Mike I am just learning now that there
                was something between you and Jessica.

315. MIKE:      (ALMOST BARKING) It’s none of your business…

316. PAULINE:   (SCARED) I didn’t know.

317. MIKE:      Look… just leave me alone! Okay? Leave me alone!

                AGGRESSION) Okay! Let me give you your space… I am going!

319. MIKE:      Fine!

320. SFX:       SHORT PAUSE

321. PAULINE:   (CALMLY) What has gotten into you, Mike?

322. MIKE:      Look I said I don’t want to talk about it.

323. PAULINE:   Its okay!

324. SFX:       SHORT PAUSE.

325. PAULINE:    (TEASINGLY) Even if you are mean to me… I still think you are

326. MIKE:      (SHYLY SUMMONING LAUGHTER) You don’t give up do you…
                why are you so determined to be my friend?

327. PAULINE:   I don’t know…. I see something different in you… you are not the
                type of man who hurts a woman.

328. MIKE:      You never run short of words, do you?

                              English Episode 138

329. PAULINE:   I think you have a lot of passion.

330. MIKE:      (CONFUSED) Passion…?

331. PAULINE:   Yes… I can see it in your eyes!

332. MIKE:      (LAUGHING AT THE RIDICULOUSNESS) You must be kidding.
                (TEASING) How many men have you told that?

333. PAULINE:   None of them deserve it. I can tell you that. They have all been
                boring. That is why I am still a free spirit. Single and available.

334. MIKE:      (SIGHING) No doubt about that.

335. PAULINE:   You know what I want right now?

336. MIKE:      (SUPICIOUSLY) What?

337. PAULINE:   Tell me about Jessica…

338. MIKE:      Why?

339. PAULINE:   I just want to know about the person I replaced.

340. MIKE:      Let’s finish mixing the tune for your show okay?

341. PAULINE:   You are the boss! But you cannot keep avoiding for ever Mike!

342. END.


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