State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA)
                                               Andhra Pradesh
                                             Government of India
                                    Ministry of Environment & Forests
                           A-3, Industrial Estate, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad- 500 018.

                                    REGD.POST WITH ACK.DUE

      Order No. SEIAA/AP/KRI-13 /2009-                                            Dt: 05.03.2011.

     Sub: SEIAA, A.P. – M/s. Alekhya Drugs Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.145-150, 153 & 154A, IDA
          Kondapally, Ibrahimpatnam (M), Krishna District - Environmental Clearance
          (EXP) - Issued - Reg.

I.   This has reference to your application dt. 23.10.2009, 14.11.2009, 28.04.2010, 04.05.2010,
     28.05.2010, and 14.06.2010 in this regard, seeking Environmental Clearance for the proposed
     expansion of Bulk Drugs & Intermediates Manufacturing Unit titled M/s. Alekhya Drugs
     Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.145-150, 153 & 154A, IDA Kondapally, Ibrahimpatnam (M), Krishna
     District. The proponent has obtained EC order dt. 27.10.2005 for the existing unit from
     MoE&F, GoI, New Delhi. It is proposed to manufacture seven more products. The proposal has
     been examined and processed in accordance with EIA Notification, 2006. The total area of the
     plot is 9228 Sq.m; Area of Green belt is 3128 Sq.m as reported at page no.10 of EIA report.
     The capital investment of the expansion project is Rs. 5.0 Crores. It is noted that nearest human
     habitation viz., Kattubadipalem (V), Kadim Potavaram (V) and Kondapalli (V) are at
     distances of 1.0 km, 1.2km, and 2.0 km respectively from the proposed site. It is noted that the
     production capacity of the project (after expansion), for which Environmental clearance has
     been considered is as following:

             Sl.No.                    Products                      Capacity (TPA)
                 1.   Lamotrigine                                                  12.00
                 2.   Dobutamine Hydrochloride                                      2.40
                 3.   Tramadol Hydrochloride                                     120.00
                 4.   Metformin Hydrochloride                                   2400.00
                 5.   Losartan Potassium                                           24.00
                 6.   Drotaverine Hydrochloride                                    12.00
                 7.   Aceclofenac                                                  60.00
                 8.   Atorvastatin Calcium                                         24.00
                 9.   Pregabalin                                                   12.00
                 10. Sertraline Hydrochloride                                      24.00
                 11. Fexofenadine Hydrochloride                                    60.00
                 12. Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride Monohydrate                         6.00
                 13. Venlafaxine Hydrochloride                                     24.00
                 14. Fenofibrate                                                   60.00

            Any four products to be manufactured on campaign basis.

                       Sl.No.         By Products           Capacity (TPA)
                          1     Succinimide                       6.98

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II.         The State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) examined the application submitted by
            the proponent in its meetings held on 26.11.2009, 12.05.2010 and 23.06.2010.The Committee
            considered the project without public hearing as it is located in an Industrial Estate. The Sub-
            Committee constituted by the SEAC inspected the site on 23.05.2010 and submitted a report.
            The SEAC considered the proposal, report of the Sub-Committee and recommended for issue
            of Environmental Clearance. The State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority
            (SEIAA), in its meeting held on 27.01.2011examined the proposal and the recommendations of
            SEAC. It was decided to issue prior Environmental Clearance to the project. Hence, the
            SEIAA, A.P hereby accords prior Environmental Clearance to the project to produce the
            products as mentioned at Para no. I under the provisions of the EIA Notification 2006 and its
            subsequent amendments issued under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 subject to
            implementation of the following conditions/safeguards:

         A.      Specific Conditions:

             a. Air pollution:

        i.      It is reported that the capacity of existing coal fired boiler is 1.0 TPH. The SPM
                emissions from the proposed Coal Fired Boiler of capacity 3 TPH shall be controlled by
                providing multi cyclones followed by wet scrubber to 115mg/Nm3. The stack height of
                above boiler shall be 30m. A sampling port shall be provided as per the existing norms
                so as to collect the stack emissions for analysis. Adequate stack height (3.75m each) shall
                be provided above roof level for additional D.G. Sets of capacity 2 x 325 KVA in place
                of existing D.G. Set of 62.5 KVA, as per CPCB norms.

      ii.       The process emissions containing HCl shall be routed through scrubbers. Scrubbed liquid
                shall be treated and reused or subjected to MEE. The process emissions containing CO2
                and H2 shall be dispersed into the atmosphere.

      iii.      Necessary measures shall be taken to control odour as far as possible. Chillers (brine
                solution) shall be installed to reduce solvent evaporation losses into the atmosphere. All
                the solvent storage tanks shall be connected to vent condensers. Regular monitoring of
                the VOCs shall be carried out using sensors.

      iv.       The volatile vapours generated during process shall be routed through condensers and the
                condensate shall be reused in the plant. The solvents shall be recovered as far as possible
                by installing dedicated reactors with condensers. The recovered solvents shall be reused
                in the process or sold to recyclers authorized by APPCB.

       v.       The area of the greenbelt shall not be less than 33% of the total area of the site. At least
                two rows of tall and ever green plants should be planted on all sides.

      b. Water Pollution:

        i.      The source of water supply is APIIC/public supply/tankers. Total quantity of water
                required after expansion is 79.86 KLD. Out of that, the quantity of water required for
                Process is 14.06 KLD; Floor and reactor washings is 1.50 KLD; Boiler feed and DM
                plant is 48.50 KLD; Cooling tower make up is 6.0 KLD; Scrubbing system is 0.80 KLD;
                R&D and QC section is 1.0 KLD; Gardening is 3.0 KLD and for domestic purpose is 5.0

                Total quantity of waste water generated after expansion is 24.21 KLD. Out of that, the
                waste water generated from Process is 13.01 KLD; Floor and reactor washings is 1.50
                KLD; Boiler blow down and DM plant is 2.60 KLD; Cooling tower bleed of is 0.6
                KLD; Scrubbing system is 0.8 KLD; R&D and QC section is 1.0 KLD and from
                domestic section is 4.7 KLD.

                The effluent generated from the industry shall be sent to CETP being
                constructed in the IDA, Kondapally for further treatment and disposal. The project
                proponent shall take up the expansion activity only after completion and commissioning
                of CETP plant under construction. The project proponent shall achieve zero

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                  discharge and in no case the effluent shall be discharged out side the factory.

                  The sewage generated is to be disposed into septic tank followed by soak pit.

      ii.         The proponent shall undertake the following waste minimization measures:
                          Use of automated filling to minimize spillage.
                          Use of “closed feed” system into batch reactors.
                          Use of high pressure hoses for equipment clearing to reduce wastewater

     c. Solid Waste:

          i.      Waste oils, used oils, hazardous waste generated from the industry shall be disposed as
                  per the Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling, and transboundary movement)
                  Rules, 2008 and its amendments thereof to the recyclers authorized by APPCB.

      ii.         It is reported that the process waste generated from the existing plant is about 0.271
                  TPD; ETP sludge is 0.01 TPD; Boiler Ash is 1.60 TPD. The proponent shall comply
                  with the following w.r.t. solid waste generated from the expansion project:

                  S.No             Description                   Quantity           Mode of Disposal
                    1.   Process (Organic)                      0.985 TPD        Sent to TSDF/ Cement
                    2.   Spent carbon                           0.115 TPD        Plants.
                    3.   In organic & Evaporation Salts         0.985 TPD        Sent to TSDF
                    4.   ETP sludge                              0.2 TPD         Sent to TSDF
                    5.   Boiler Ash                              6.4 TPD         Disposed to brick

B.             General Conditions:

     i. This order is valid for a period of 5 years.

     ii. “Consent for Establishment” shall be obtained from Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
         under Air and Water Act before the start of any activity / construction work at site.

     iii. No change in the process technology and scope of working should be made without prior
          approval of the SEIAA, A.P.

     iv. The proponent shall submit half-yearly compliance reports in respect of the terms and
         conditions stipulated in this order in hard and soft copies to the SEIAA on 1st June and 1st
         December of each calendar year.

     v.        Four ambient air quality-monitoring stations should be established in the core zone as well as
               in the buffer zone for RSPM, SPM, PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NOx monitoring. Location of the
               stations should be decided based on the meteorological data, topographical features and
               environmentally and ecologically sensitive targets and frequency of monitoring should be
               undertaken in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board.

     vi. Data on ambient air quality (RPM, SPM, PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NOx) should be regularly
         submitted to the Ministry including its Regional Office located at Bangalore and the State
         Pollution Control Board/ Central Pollution Control Board once in six months.

 vii. Personnel working in dusty areas should wear protective respiratory devices and they should
      also be provided with adequate training and information on safety and health aspects.

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viii. Occupational health surveillance program of the workers should be undertaken periodically
      to observe any contractions due to exposure to dust and take corrective measures, if needed.

 ix. A separate environmental management cell with suitable qualified personnel should be set-
     up under the control of a Senior Executive, who will report directly to the Head of the

 x. The funds earmarked for environmental protection measures (Capital cost Rs. 40.0 lakhs and
    Rs.80 lakhs per annum) as reported during presentation should be kept in separate account
    and should not be diverted for other purpose. Year wise expenditure should be reported to
    the Ministry and its Regional Office located at Bangalore.

 xi. The Regional Office of MOE&F located at Bangalore monitor compliance of the stipulated
     conditions. The project authorities should extend full cooperation to the officer(s) of the
     Regional Office by furnishing the requisite data/information/monitoring reports.

xii. A copy of clearance letter shall be marked to concerned Panchayat/local NGO, if any, from
     whom suggestion / representation has been received while processing the proposal.

xiii. State Pollution Control Board should display a copy of the clearance letter at the Regional
      Office, District Industry Center and Collector’s Office /Tehsildar’s Office for 30 days.

xiv. The project authorities should advertise at least in two local newspapers widely circulated,
     one of which shall be in the vernacular language of the locality concerned, within 7 days of
     the issue of the clearance letter informing that the project has been accorded environmental
     clearance and a copy of the clearance letter is available with the State Pollution Control
     Board and SEIAA, A.P.

xv. The SEIAA or any other competent authority may alter/modify the above conditions or
    stipulate any further condition in the interest of environment protection.

xvi. Environmental clearance is subject to final order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in
     the matter of Goa Foundation Vs. Union of India in Writ Petition (Civil) No.460 of 2004 as
     may be applicable to this project.

xvii. Any appeal against this Environmental Clearance shall lie with the National Environment
      Appellate Authority, if preferred, within a period of 30 days as prescribed under Section 11
      of the National Environment Appellate Act, 1997.

xviii. The company shall undertake eco-development measures including community welfare
       measures in the project area.

xix. The proponent shall obtain all other mandatory clearances from respective departments.

xx. Concealing the factual data or failure to comply with any of the conditions mentioned above
    may result in withdrawal of this clearance and attract action under the provisions of
    Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

xxi. The SEIAA may revoke or suspend the order, if implementation of any of the above
     conditions is not satisfactory. The SEIAA reserves the right to alter/modify the above
     conditions or stipulate any further condition in the interest of environment protection.

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 xxii. The above conditions will be enforced inter-alia, under the provisions of the Water
       (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution)
       Act, 1981, the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and the Public Liability Insurance Act,
       1991 along with their amendments and rules.

      Sd/-                                Sd/-                              Sd/-
MEMBER SECRETARY                        MEMBER                           CHAIRMAN,
  SEIAA, A.P.                          SEIAA, A.P.                       SEIAA, A.P.


M/s. Alekhya Drugs Pvt.Ltd.,
Plot No.145-150, 153 & 154A,
IDA Kondapally-521 228.
Ibrahimpatnam (M),
Krishna District.

Copy to:

  1.   Prof. M. Anji Reddy, Chairman, SEAC, A.P. for kind information.
  2.   The Member Secretary, APPCB for kind information.
  3.   The EE, RO: Vijayawada, APPCB for information.
  4.   The Zonal Officer, MoE&F, GOI Bangalore for kind information.
  5.   The Secretary, MoE&F, GOI New Delhi for kind information.



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