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					Morgan Stanley Real Estate

Meeting clients’ needs with a global platform, a knowledgeable
and talented team of people, and innovative solutions

That’s Morgan Stanley Real Estate. Since 1969, the longest                  Transaction Activity                                                    As of September 30, 2010
uninterrupted real estate industry presence of any Wall Street
firm, Morgan Stanley has consistently supported our expansion               Real Estate Assets
                                                                            Under Management                 (1)
from roots as a mortgage/asset brokerage business through the
introduction of new products and services, such as public debt              Acquisitions                                                                             $0.9Bn
and equity capital raising, real estate investment management
                                                                            Dispositions                                                                             $6.1Bn
and mortgage lending.
                                                                            Financing                                                                                $1.8Bn
Today, Morgan Stanley’s real estate franchise comprises three
distinct yet globally integrated businesses: real estate investment         Securities Underwriting                                                               $76.3Bn
banking, real estate investing and real estate lending. We                  Strategic Advisory                                                                  $105.8Bn
provide a complete range of products and services in the real
estate sector, including mergers and acquisition, restructuring
and recapitalization advisory, public and private debt and equity                          Real Estate Assets
underwriting, mortgage financing and investment management.                                Under Management            (1)                     Acquisitions Since Inception          (2)

Morgan Stanley has been the strategic advisor of choice for real
estate related transactions over the past five years, garnering
the #1 market share globally. We also ranked first in CMBS
underwriting and second in Global IPO for the same time period.

With $45.6Bn of real estate assets under management, our
senior real estate managers, many of whom have spent their
entire careers growing Morgan Stanley’s real estate business,
provide clients with a team of experienced and knowledgeable
advisors dedicated to superior client service and performance.
                                                                                       Americas        34%         $15.3Bn                        Americas        38%           $65.6 Bn
We leverage Morgan Stanley’s global network of economists,
strategists, researchers and capital market and product                                Europe          29%         $13.4Bn                        Europe          35%           $61.9 Bn

specialists with unique property market and industry-specific                          Asia            37%         $16.9Bn                        Asia            27%           $47.2 Bn
knowledge to deliver our clients the most informed strategic                                                       $45.6Bn                                                  $174.7 Bn
and investment advice possible.

Global Platform: Local Presence
                                                                                Real Estate Assets Under Management represents gross fair market value of the real estate assets managed
                                                                                by Morgan Stanley on behalf of the Firm and its clients, presented at direct ownership interest
                                                                                Morgan Stanley Real Estate began investing opportunistically in the United States in 1991 and
                                                                                internationally in 1997

            New York                  Madrid
            Atlanta                   Milan
            Los Angeles               Paris
            Mexico City
            San Francisco                            Tokyo
                                                     Hong Kong
                                                                                                                                                                                           NY CS 6515023 11/10


Morgan Stanley has over 370 professionals in 18 offices worldwide                                                                                  Morgan Stanley Real Estate
focused exclusively on the real estate franchise with $45.6Bn Real Estate                                                           
Assets Under Management     (1)

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