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									                                                                   Position Description
Western Cluster / WC&YH
Network                                                              Position Title
Newborn Hearing Department                                          Hearing Screener
 Designation:                        Hearing Screener

 Classification:                     Technical Assistant Grade 2

 Award:                              Health Employees State Award

 Location:                           Blue Mountains Hospital and relief to Nepean Hospital

To provide a hearing screening service to all newborn babies.
Sydney West Area Health Service is responsible for the provision of health services to the local
government area comprised of Auburn, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Holroyd, Parramatta, Penrith
and Blue Mountains and tertiary care to the entire western region for an estimated population of 2
million people. These services are provided through a number of hospital and community-based
facilities located strategically across the Area Health Service.
Sydney West Area Health Service is committed to achieving continuous quality improvement in
client services within a Quality Management framework, with a supporting Strategic Plan aimed
at the continuous improvement of all facilities. The Area Health Service has individual facilities
located at Westmead, Cumberland, Blacktown and Mt. Druitt, Auburn Penrith, Springwood,
Lithgow/Portland and third schedule hospitals being St Josephs, Lottie Stewart and Hawkesbury
Hospitals. All hospitals provide a range of both in-patient and outpatient services to clients both
from within the boundaries of the AHS and cross border flows.
In addition to this, there are a number of facilitates strategically located across the AHS that
provide primary health care services to the community.
The primary goal of SWAHS is:
To improve the health of, and ensure comprehensive health care services for, our community.
Its principal purposes are:
To provide relief to sick and injured persons through the provision of care and treatment.
To promote, protect and maintain the health of the community.

Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10                                 -1
This position reports directly to the manager of the Statewide Infant Screening-Hearing program
in the Western Cluster (including Hawkesbury Hospital) and also has professional accountability
to this manager.
     Previous experience working with newborns or babies.
     Ability to work independently and as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.
     Basic computer skills.
     Demonstrated high level of interpersonal and communication skills.
     Demonstrated problem-solving skills.
     Demonstrated ability to work within deadlines and schedules.
     Current Driver’s Licence.
     Knowledge of newborn hearing screening program.
     Previous experience screening newborns for hearing loss.
     Demonstrated commitment to quality improvement through active participation in continuous
      quality improvement activities.
     Previous experience working in a health care facility.
     Willingness to work additional shifts at Nepean when staff on leave.


     Tasks involve frequent standing, walking, bending and kneeling and working within

Three months following appointment then annually.
1.       PROFESSIONAL: Demonstrates a professional attitude in undertaking the
         responsibilities of position.
1.1      Collaborates with other members of the health care team in the initiation of newborn
         hearing screening.
1.2      Employs a professional manner and acts as patients advocate promoting better
         hearing health.
1.3      Maintains sound knowledge of SWISH and related services in order to assist
         clients, other health professional and hospital personnel in hearing health issues.
1.4      Neat/professional in appearance.
1.5      Reliable in performing duties as measured by clinical audits, competency evaluation

Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10                                -2
        and monthly screening statistics.

2.      PATIENT CARE: The ability to provide hearing screening services.
2.1     Adheres to and follows the SWISH hearing screening policy and practice in the direct
        handling of newborns in performing hearing screens.
2.2     Demonstrates an up-to-date knowledge of current policies and procedures and knows how
        to access current resources.
2.3     Demonstrates knowledge of follow up procedures for babies who do not pass the initial
        and repeat hearing screens.
2.4     Demonstrates documentation requirements for clinical and screening information and
        completes statistical requirements.
2.5     Completes hearing screening Clinical Competency Assessment at three months and then
        annually or as required by SWISH manager.

3.      PLANNING AND ORGANISING: The ability to plan and organise own workload

3.1     Identifies work problems and resolves them
3.2     Ability to organise daily/own workload to ensure all babies are screened within the shift.
3.3     Adjusts to changing workloads and alternative arrangements.
3.4     Utilises equipment efficiently and effectively.
3.5     Demonstrates the ability to control supplies and utilises these efficiently.
4.       PROBLEM SOLVING: Ability to identify issues and take appropriate action to
         resolve these.
4.1     Anticipates problems and reports these to Manager.
4.2     Exercises consistent and sound judgement and seeks advice and assistance where
5.       COMMUNICATION/INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: The ability to communicate and
         provide a quality service to all clients of the organisation
5.1     Demonstrates courtesy, confidentiality, diplomacy, empathy and sensitivity (including
        cultural) in dealing with clients/public and staff. Speaks clearly and in an appropriate
5.2     Communicates relevant information to manager and other members of the SWISH and
        related teams. Understands and follows instructions.
5.3     Actively listens and discusses issues of concern with others.
6.      QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Provides a client focused Service and participates in
        quality management programs, to enhance the service provided by the
6.1     Participates in quality activities and improvements for the department.
6.2     Relays client concerns to manager.
6.3     Provides effective client service while performing duties.
6.4     Reviews policies and procedures relating to hearing screening in conjunction with the
        SWISH team.

7.      HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Works as a member of the team.
7.1      Demonstrates commitment to EEO Policy and practices in the day to day conduct of

Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10                                     -3
        personnel related duties. (Must adhere to the EEO policies and procedures of Sydney
        West Area Health Service)
7.2      Promotes a culture that is consistent with SWISH and the Area vision.
7.3     Adheres to the Anti-Discrimination Acts in relation to clients, visitors and staff.
7.4     Comply with the NSW Department of Health Policy for Universal Precautions.
7.5     Adheres to the policies of SWAHS and is aware how to locate them. This includes the maintenance
        of a smoke free work environment.
7.6     Undertake any other duties as requested by the Chief Executive Officer of SWAHS or delegate.

8. EDUCATION: Maintains up to date knowledge on SWISH and hearing health

8.1      Attends mandatory education and in-service training as directed.
8.2     Participates in SWISH professional development and educational programs.
8.3     Maintains own knowledge by attending group meetings, seminars, and workshops and
        conferences and reading contemporary literature relating to hearing screening.
8.4     In consultation with the manager design learning strategies to facilitate improvement in theoretical
        and clinical skills.
8.5     Provides education to parents regarding the hearing screen and speech and language
       milestones for their infant as set out in the SWISH policy and practice.

        of care to all clients of the organisation. Employees must ensure that a safe environment
        exists by performing their duties in a safe manner. Do not put yourself or others at risk and
        cooperate with the employer. Follow the employer’s reasonable instructions concerning
        health and safety in the workplace
9.1     Demonstrates commitment to OH&S through personal involvement.
9.2     Participates and attends OHS&R education sessions and training programs.
9.3     Adheres to Safe Work Practices (SWP) whilst performing duties.
9.4     Reports workplace hazards and defects to manager and follows Danger Tag procedure
        regarding faulty equipment.
9.5     Ensures the hearing equipment is set up correctly and is functioning adequately.
9.6     Comply with the Department of Health & SWAHS policies in relation to Standard
       Precautions and Infection Control.
9.7    Wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.
9.8  Understands the purpose and utilisation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
9.9  Assists in the OH&S Risk Management process, by being actively involved in the
     identification, assessment and control of hazards and associated risks in the workplace.
9.10 Assists managers in establishing and monitoring OHS Consultation in the workplace.
10       SECURITY: Ensures security of work area, equipment, self and others.
10.1    Ensures that all areas of responsibility are secured at all times.
10.2    Ensures the safety and security of hearing equipment at all times
10.3    Assists in the prevention of vandalism and reports any matters to security/manager.
Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10                                          -4
10.4    Wears ID badge at all times whilst on duty.
The State Records Act requires public officials to ‘make and keep full and accurate record of their
official activities’. This applies equally to the paper and electronic record-keeping environment.
Record keeping is the responsibility of all staff members. Staff should ensure that records are
created, captured into authorised recordkeeping systems, maintained, protected from
unauthorised use, retained and disposed of in line with SWAHS policy on corporate records
Sydney West Area Health Service is a smoke free environment.
Comply with NSW Health Services Code of Conduct.
The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIPA) and the Health Records and
Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIPA) requires all staff/contractors and other health service providers
who, in the course of their work, have access to personal information (PPIPA) or personal health
information (HRIPA), to comply with the requirements of these Acts and the NSW Health Privacy Manual
It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure privacy of personal information by following SWAHS privacy and
security procedures in relation to any personal information accessed during the course of their duties.
Definition of a Risk: “the chance of something happening that will have an impact on objectives”
These are your general risk management obligations as an employee of SWAHS.

Risk Assessment Process for Managers:

Identify, analyse, evaluate and document all risks (eg: OHS, Corporate, Clinical, Financial, Service
Delivery) relevant to your functional area. Implement treatment strategies (controls) where necessary and
action plans for all areas of concern.

Risk Assessment Process for Employees:

Report any risks identified (eg: OHS, Corporate, Clinical, Financial, Service Delivery) and request a formal
risk assessment to ensure the protection of the Area Health Service, its staff, its patients and its
The ability to relocate to other sites within Sydney West Area Health Service may at times be required.
As the incumbent of this position, I have noted this Job Description and agree with the contents therein. I
understand that other duties may be directed from time to time.
I also agree to strictly observe the Area Health Service’s policy on confidentiality of patient information or
such sensitive information that I may come across in the course of my employment.

 Incumbent:                                                        Manager:

 ……………………………………………………                                              ……………………………………………………
 Signature:                                                        Manager SWISH
                                                                   Western Cluster including Hawkesbury Hospital
 Date: _____ / _____ / _____                                       Sydney West Area Health Service

Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10                                                   -5
Sydney West Area Health Service- Hearing Screener- Revised 05/10   -6

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