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									                                                                                                         25 NW 23PL, Suite 6-345
GREGORY JAMES BERKHOLTZ                                                                                      Portland OR, 97210
                                                                                      (503) 488-
I am a time-proven quick learner seeking positions exploiting my professional traits as a polymathic systems administrator, with
experience on dozens of major computing platforms and hundreds of related services.

Specializing in enterprise computing level support and solutions, I've spent the past 13 years helping organizations streamline IT
systems management, and lower overall operational costs. By primarily focusing in the realm of information systems design, mergers
& migrations, system virtualization, VoIP and T1 voice-based services, performance optimizations, service stability, and security
assurance. On operating system platforms ranging from Linux, Solaris, Apple, Microsoft, Novell & SCO.

YEARS                                                  PRIMARY SKILLS & ABILITIES
  3  Direct-report capacity of supervising junior-level employees
  5  Auditing security of information systems; drafting business policies; use and administration of SUN 450's (employer) &
     UltraSPARC workstations (personal); managing linux workstations
   7 SAGE “Senior Systems Administrator” skill level; key personnel managing multiple IS/IT systems within multiple
     organizations; providing 24/7 on-call technical support to Asia, Europe & US offices (not just emergencies); use and
     administration of WiFi-based LAN & MAN technologies
   8 Managing T1, analog & VoIP/SIP/IAX2 telephony solutions (only 2 years for VoIP); domestic & international business travel
   9 Engineering & managing VMWare deployments, including GSX, ESX, Server & Workstation
  11 Systems design, construction, maintenance with workstation and network-level hardware & software; managing linux servers,
     routers & firewalls in production environments; ethernet & token-ring LAN, fiber-based MAN, T1 & DSL-based WANs
  13 Use & administration of general PC (x86) & Apple Macintosh hardware. (up to eight processor cores)

  1-3 OpenVZ, Mac OS X (10.3-10.5), Asterisk VoIP, Linux (Ubuntu), Zimbra, Apple iCal, WebCalendar, Mozilla Calendar,
      NeoOffice, wireless (WiMAX), Bugzilla, SVN, Oracle RAC
  3-6 Blade servers & SANs; Telephony (VoIP, SIP/IAX2, Asterisk), Wiki (Twiki, MoinMoin), WebLogic, MS-SQL, Sybase
 6-10 Linux (Debian, RedHat, Suse & Slackware), MAC OS 7 & 8.5, Windows 2000/XP, NetWare 3.x-5.x, Solaris 8-10 (Intel &
      Sparc), SCO OpenServer 5, djbdns, BIND, Apache, IIS, Snort IDS, logcheck, tripwire, OpenSSH,, AntiVirus
      (TrendMicro, Mcafee, Inoculan), Nessus, nmap, Backup (rsync, Veritas, NovaStor), GroupWise, Exim, Sendmail, Cyrus
      IMAP/POP3, Zimbra, OpenLDAP, Novell's NDS/eDirectory MySQL, PostgreSQL, XMPP/Jabber, Office 97 & 2000, SSL,
      S/MIME, PGP, Squid Proxy, BorderManager, Ethereal, ZENWorks, VMWare, wireless (WiFi), Nagios, Smokeping,
      MRTG/SNMP, RequestTracker, mailing lists (MailMan & home-grown); Samba/SMB; IP QoS; LAN & WAN IPX & IP
      tunneling (IPSec & IPX-tunnel) and routing (RIP, BGP, OSPF); mesh, PtP & star topology VPNs (IPSec GRE/IKE &
      BorderManager), MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress, Informix
 10+ LAN, MAN, WAN environments. DHCP (ISC, Cisco, Novell), NetWare/NCP, NAT, IP firewalling; perl, Unix shell (BASH,
      sh, ksh), awk, sed, PHP, C, C++, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, DOS 6.22/7, Windows 3.11/95/NT4, Linux (Debian & Slackware);
      wired & wireless ethernet & WaveLAN in switched & routed networks; T1, Frame Relay (PtP & PtMP), ISDN, & DSL
      hardware. ARCServe; Cisco, HP, Adtran, & 3Com equipment; data-center rack-mount environments; Tadiran Coral 1 & 3

          EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE                                           PRIMARY SUBJECT OF STUDY
City University                                        Bachelor of Science, Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications
              Vancouver, WA 2005-2006                                                                     Degree not yet completed
Mount Hood Community College                                        Associate of Arts, Computer Applications Specialist. Part time.
                Gresham, OR 1997-2005                                Transferred credits to City University before acquiring degree
Clark County Vocational Skills Center                                             Two-year Electro-Digital Technologies program
              Vancouver, WA 1995-1997                                         Hewlett Packard Total Quality Commitment training

  SAIR GNU/LINUX LCP, August 2000           Cisco CCNA, July 2001       Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA) 4.x, April 1997

                                                   PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
PANUG ( 1999 - present BizNix ( 1999 - presentSAGE ( 2004 -
    President & board member, 2000-2004    Founding member               present
    Occasional presenter                   Occasional presenter          SAGE is a USENIX special interest
                                                                           group for systems administrators.

              PERSONAL INTRESTS & HOBBIES                                 LOCATION(S)                   DATE STARTED, TO PRESENT
Group & Solo Randonneuring (long distance cycling)       Within Oregon & Washington                          November 2007
Argentine Tango Dancing (2-10 hours/week)                Within three states and seven countries               July 2003
Homeowner & landlord (one rental unit)                   Portland, OR                                          July 2002

Resume for Gregory J Berkholtz                   Most recent edition is available at:
Systems & Technology Administrator Omnimedix Institute & Rasputin Holdings LLC Portland, OR                      Oct 2006 to present
SAGE Level: Senior. Responsible for all organizational IT support needs; management of entire infrastructure (firewalls, routers,
switches, servers, desktops, & their services). Responsible for over 30 production servers (80% in colocation) under a 24/7/365 99.9%
availability plan: 23 Linux, 5 Windows, 2 Mac OS 10.5 & an Asterisk phone system. Primary accomplishments include:
         Designed two, 50-node, hot/hot datacenters to meet 99.999% service availability needs
         Significantly improved personal skills with Mac OS X, though daily management of OS X desktops and servers
         Designed, implemented, & managed a multi-tiered enterprise-level backup
         Established & implemented standardized naming schemes, system configurations, & software/hardware inventories
         Implemented 125 phone number Asterisk PBX, using both PRI and VoIP/SIP trunking (with both soft & hard VoIP phones)
         Processed over 200GB of data, through manual and automated means, to meet organization's legal/eDiscovery obligations

Senior Systems Administrator & Information Security Specialist         Yoshida Group        Portland, OR     June 1999 to Sept 2006
SAGE Level: Senior (since October of 2001). Responsible for over 70 production servers (95% were in colocation or remote offices):
4 SCO, 54 Linux, 10 NetWare, 1 Solaris, 3 Windows servers, & 2 Tadiran phone systems, across 4 international, and
9 domestic (4 metro) offices, which were supported 24/7 under a 99.9% availability plan. Primary accomplishments included:
       Developed, audited & implemented IT security policies
       Key team member during four mergers & acquisitions between January 2002 to September 2006
       Provided 24/7 infrastructure-level support for all offices, & 3rd-tier support for Windows NT4/2000/XP users
       Mentored & supervised one junior-level systems administrator (training, salary, reviews, etc.) from Nov 2003 to Sept 2006
       Managed overall systems documentation, performance, & resource allocation of all LAN & WAN infrastructure (firewalls,
        routers, switches, servers and their services), DNS & email services for 32 domains (hostmaster & postmaster roles).
       Migrated company from GroupWise to Cyrus IMAP, from private T1s to a mesh VPN, & from NetWare to Samba/SMB file
        servers. Designed & implemented anti-spam system, system-wide centralized backup, & ZENWorks environment.

June 1999 to October 2001: Team administration (the Senior System Administrator and myself) of systems in 7 domestic (2 metro)
and 2 international offices: 3 SCO, 3 Linux, 1 Solaris, 17 NetWare servers, a GroupWise system & a Tadiran phone system. As the
sole backup to the senior systems administrator, I often shadowed his duties, and was also primarily responsible for:
        Established & implemented software/hardware inventories
        DNS & email services for 12 domains, webmastering 5 websites
        Developed & implemted a standardized desktop environment using ZENWorks
        Workday helpdesk support for Windows NT4/2000/XP in a NetWare environment, 24/7 on-call 3rd -tier support

Owner                                        TOCICI                                     Portland, OR     January 1995 to present
Specializing in systems configuration, design, construction, integration and operating system migration, as well as IT training &
administration. Clients include a prior employer (1099 contract; The Yoshida Group; Sept 2006 to present), a local consulting firm
(1099 contract since July of 2000), accountants and other small businesses. Run DNS registrar services though OpenSRS,
management & hosting of customer's DNS, email and websites. Responsibilities include seven server environments in Portland area
colocation, which provides email, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, and systems monitoring services.

Lecturer/Teacher Portland & Mount Hood Community Colleges (PCC & MHCC) Portland, OR November 1999 to May 2006
Lectured, by invitation, as an industry professional in networking technologies classes (approximately eleven sessions). Primarily
spoke about WAN technologies, protocols, job hunting techniques, operating systems, and system administrator's general duties.

Presenter                                 ITEC Convention                                Portland, OR                 1999 & 2004
2004: Systems monitoring; using Nagios & Smokeping to improve services
1999: VMWare technology; getting Linux & Windows to co-exist

District Computer/PBX Technician         Parkrose School District          Portland, OR           February 1996 – June 1999
SAGE Level: Junior. Primarily responsible for development & maintenance of NetWare 4.11 network for the school district,
performed computer repair for 2000 users on 300 workstations. Repaired & upgraded software & hardware. Developed complete
NAL/ZENWorks implementation. Managed department interns from June 1997 onwards. Trained district staff on use of applications
& overall computer use. Webmaster & district database guru. Assisted in management of Tadiran phone system. Between February
1996 to August 1997 I was primarily responsible for maintaining the NetWare 4.11 network for staff & students at only the High
School, (approximately 1500 users & 200 workstations). Developed NAL/ZENWorks implementation.

Exhibit Technician        Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)                Portland, OR            June 1992 – June 1996

Resume for Gregory J Berkholtz                     Most recent edition is available at:

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