13 CDFers Honored Medal of Valor

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					  Medal of Valor
  13 CDFers Honored
  by Josh Hubbard,staff writer,
  Public Education Office

   On September 11, a day in
which heroism will be forever
linked, Governor Gray Davis
presented the Medal of Valor to
35 state employees in a touching
ceremony held at the California
Highway Patrol (CHP) Academy
in West Sacramento. Among
those 35 state employees being        From L to R Back Row: Fire Captain Mike Brunson, San Mateo-Santa
honored for their courageous acts     Cruz Unit; Jim Mathias, Amador-El Dorado Unit; Firefighter Paul
of heroism, 13 belonged to the        Carlos, Butte Unit; Firefighter Joe Saunders, City of Folsom Fire
California Department of For-         Department; and Battalion Chief Mike Boren, Madera-Mariposa-
estry and Fire Protection (CDF).      Merced Unit.
   “The men and women we              From L to R Middle Row: Fire Captain Darryl Sanford, Butte Unit;
honor today are ‘California’s         Fire Captain Phil Gomez, Fresno-Kings Unit; Fire Captain Sean
bravest.’ No one gave them this       Norman, Butte Unit; and Fire Captain Tom Oldag, Amador-El Dorado
title, they earned it with valor      Unit.
and courageous acts,” said Gover-     From L to R Front Row: Firefighter Will Krings, City of Fremont; Fire
nor Davis. “They are first re-        Captain Jeff Hawkins, Butte Unit; Director Tuttle, Fire Captain Mike
sponders and public servants          Carr, Butte Unit; and Fire Captain Branson “Skip” Ratsep, San
who instinctively serve others        Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit.
without hesitation.”
   The Medal of Valor stands as       our CDF personnel who work          dent involving a Central Unified
the highest honor the State can       hard and take risks everyday to     School District bus and a pickup.
bestow on its employees, and is       protect California’s people and     Upon impact, the pickup burst
awarded to individuals who have       the environment. They are all       into flames. Captain Gomez
performed an extraordinary act        heroes,” said CDF Director          quickly assessed the situation
of heroism above and beyond the       Andrea Tuttle during the cer-       and realized that there was a fire
call of duty.                         emony. “These individuals hon-      station with paramedics located
   “This is not the stuff of Holly-   ored here have demonstrated         300 feet west of the accident. He
wood,” said Davis. “They are an       selfless actions to save others     immediately proceeded to the
inspiration to every Californian      from tragedy.”                      station to summon the paramed-
who are looking for heroes to            The following seven accounts     ics and quickly returned to the
emulate.”                             summarize the heroic actions of     accident scene. When he arrived
   The California Medal of Valor      the 13 CDF employees honored        the pickup was fully involved in
was created in 1959 to honor          with the Governor’s Medal of        flames which were impinging on
state employees for heroic acts of    Valor.                              the drivers’ side of the bus.
protecting life and/or property.                                          Several adults were helping the
Since their inception, the Gold         Fire Captain Felipe Gomez         children from the bus, when
Medal of Valor has been awarded                                           Captain Gomez noticed that the
299 times and the Silver Medal          On April 30, 2001, CDF Fire       bus driver was trapped in her
of Valor has been awarded 47          Captain Felipe Gomez, on his        seat. Unable to completely open
times.                                way to report to his station near
   “We are so very proud of all       Fresno, witnessed a traffic acci-               See VALOR, page 2

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                             1
VALOR: from page 1                    the distressed resident. Driving     a life that day. By the way,
                                      through almost impossible condi-     Captain Carr is no stranger to
the door, Captain Gomez crawled       tions, Chief Boren located the       heroism. This is the second
under the broken handle and           resident along with two of her       occasion in which he was
entered the bus. With heavy           neighbors. Realizing his vehicle     awarded the Medal of Valor. In
smoke and flames all around           didn’t have room for three pas-      1997 he rescued a family trapped
him, Captain Gomez managed to         sengers, Chief Boren advised the     by floodwaters.
extricate the driver from her seat    group to roll up the windows in
and pulled her through an open-       the car and follow right on his       Fire Captain Mark Brunson
ing in the passenger door. Cap-       bumper. The journey through the
tain Gomez noticed the serious        flames and smoke provided zero          On September 10, 2001, Cap-
injuries that the bus driver,         visibility, but Chief Boren was      tain Mark Brunson was part of
Lynette Zavala, had suffered and      able to lead them to safety.         an engine strike team working in
stayed with her until paramedics      Firefighters, air supervisors and    the Doud’s Landing area of the
took over. Lynette suffered many      pilots witnessing the event          Darby Incident in the Tuolumne-
broken bones and burns to over        agreed that the stranded resi-       Calaveras Unit. En-route to
65-percent of her body; injuries      dents would not have been able       their assignment, Captain
that she succumbed a few days         to reach safety without the          Brunson’s engine and the engine
after the incident. Captain           actions of Chief Boren. His          he was following stopped to
Gomez was transported to a            commanding presence, quick           attack a spot fire near the road-
nearby hospital and treated for       actions and courage earned him       side. The fire activity began to
smoke inhalation. Captain             the Medal of Valor.                  severely escalate and Captain
Gomez’s actions exemplify the                                              Brunson noticed the watch out
courage and compassion in the                                              situations that are taught to all
face of immediate danger that            Fire Captain Mike Carr            firefighters. Captain Brunson
earned him the Medal of Valor.                                             warned everybody and began to
                                         In September 2001, the Poe        move the equipment to a safe
 Battalion Chief Mike Boren           Fire in Butte County burned          location. He called for all the
                                      more than 8,000 acres and de-        crews to abandon fire control
   On August 20, 2001, Battalion      stroyed 26 homes. CDF Fire           operations and move to a safety
Chief Mike Boren responded to a       Captain Mike Carr, assigned as a     zone. After he moved the engine
vegetation fire in the eastern        Structure Group Supervisor, and      parked in front of him, Captain
portion of Madera County, near        his two strike teams of local        Brunson returned to his own
Bass Lake. The fire, fueled by        government engines were forced       engine on foot because conditions
wind, heat and 100+ degree            to evacuate the area in which        were too bad for him to be trans-
temperatures was rapidly              they were working due to a           ported. Heavy smoke, heat and
spreading through the mixed           significant push the fire was        flames provided a perilous situa-
brush and evergreen fuels lo-         making. As he was driving out of     tion, but Captain Brunson made
cated on the 5 to 20 acre residen-    the area, Chief Carr was in-         it to the engine. When he ar-
tial parcels that firefighters were   formed of a trapped resident in      rived, he found a captain and six
attempting to save. Chief Boren       the area that they had just          firefighters in the cab with fire
was escorting a reporter around       evacuated. Chief Carr quickly        shelters deployed over the win-
the incident when the fire flared     returned to the area in intense      dows. Captain Brunson entered
up. During the course of initial      fire conditions and located the      the vehicle and drove the engine
attack, an airtanker located a        inebriated man. It took several      to safety. His alert knowledge of
resident whose escape route had       attempts to convince the man to      fire conditions and his swift
been blocked by heavy smoke and       evacuate the area immediately.       actions saved his crew from a
fire. Chief Boren knew the exact      As they proceeded to safety, Chief   dangerous situation, earning him
location being discussed and          Carr encountered heavy smoke         the Medal of Valor.
quickly transferred his passenger     and large volumes of flames,
to a safe area and responded to       however, his heroic actions saved                See VALOR, page 3

2                                                                                       FEBRUARY 2004
VALOR: from page 2                     engine crew loaded the two           in the rescue of 16 people, ages
                                       residents and their dog into the     ranging from 9 months to 86
                                       engine cab and drove to safety.      years old, who were trapped in
Fire Captain Jeff Hawkins                 Shortly after the rescue effort   the top story of a two story
 Firefighter Joe Saunders              by Engine 72, Captain Darryl         apartment complex.
  Firefighter Paul Carlos              Sanford, with Butte County              In order to rescue the last five
Fire Captain Darryl Sanford            Engine 71 and firefighter Will       stranded victims from the com-
  Firefighter Will Krings              Krings, moved south on Stage-        plex, it was necessary for the
                                       coach Lane where they found a        men to bore through a wall to
   The next five men are honored       structure surrounded on three        gain access to the victims. Then
for their courageous response          sides by approaching 40-foot         the men guided the residents
and actions during the Concow          flames. Captain Sanford entered      along 200 feet of rescue line
fire, 15 miles north of Oroville, on   the home to rescue 67-year-old       through strong currents all the
September 19, 2000.                    Beverly Brooks who was over-         while avoiding floating objects,
   Fire Captain Jeff Hawkins           come with emphysema. Captain         vehicles, furniture and tanks.
along with firefighters Joe            Sanford assisted the resident        The water had formed a lake that
Saunders and Paul Carlos, as           into the back bedroom as the fire    was ½ mile wide and two to five
part of Engine 72, were checking       spread into the homes kitchen        feet deep.
out residences on Stagecoach           and front room. Numerous times          All of these CDFers put their
Lane when Captain Hawkins              Captain Sanford struggled to get     lives on the line in order to help
noticed a shift in wind direction      the overcome victim out of the       others in need and by doing so
that caused the smoke column to        house by the small, high bedroom     have earned the highest honor of
shift over their location. Not         window. He could hear the fire       Californian heroes.
long after that firebrands ignited     burning in the attic and through-       Everyday throughout the
multiple spot fires ahead and          out the house. As the fire began     United Sates the men and
behind them, and many of those         to enter and flash over the bed-     women of emergency response
fires were gaining in intensity.       room ceiling, Captain Sanford        agencies make tremendous
The main fire was burning to-          had to jump for his own life.        sacrifices protecting the public.
ward a home on Stagecoach Lane         Despite his heroic effort to save    It is a special honor for these
and Captain Hawkins radioed for        Beverly Brooks, the Concow           individuals to be recognized for
help. Engine 71’s Captain Darryl       resident died in her house. Cap-     their heroic and courageous acts
Sanford headed south toward            tain Sanford suffered first and      that extend beyond the call of
Captain Hawkins location and           second degree burns on his           duty. It is this honor and devo-
informed him that they would           hands, back, elbow and face and      tion to duty that builds the proud
attempt to protect the first home.     was off-duty for three weeks         traditions that CDF enjoys today.
   Captain Hawkins, knowing            recovering. Firefighter Krings       “CDF is filled with dedicated
they were in a severe fire area,       immediately helped Captain           professionals who often put their
moved Engine 72 to the driveway        Sanford to safety and provided       lives on the line to serve others,”
of the first home and asked his        medical assistance.                  said Director Tuttle.
firefighters if they thought they
could get the residents out of the      Fire Captain Tom Oldag
mobile home at the end of the          Fire Captain Sean Norman
road. The three members of             Fire Captain Jim Mathias
Engine 72 unanimously agreed
                                        Fire Captain Skip Ratsep
that the rescue could be com-
pleted. Upon arrival they found           On February 2, 1998 during a
the occupants, Ray and Richard         17 hour period at Pescadero
McCarty, attempting to save            Station 59, Captains Tom Oldag,
their house. Captain Hawkins           Sean Norman, Jim Mathias and
advised the two of the need for        Skip Ratsep, assisted by the Half
immediate evacuation and the           Moon Bay Fire District, took part

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                                3
    CDF Honored at the
    “Governor’s Employee Safety Awards”
   Created in 1980, the
Governor’s Employee
Safety Awards (GESA)
program recognizes
individuals and groups
of employees or depart-
ments who distinguish
themselves through
outstanding safety and
                                                        From left to right: Battalion Chief Todd Derum,
health service to the                                   Mendocino Unit; Director Andrea Tuttle; Executive
state. On August 22,                                    Secretary Barbara Glavich, Mendocino Unit; Heavy
2003, CDF was honored                                   Fire Equipment Operator Richard Noonan,
at the 23rd annual                                      Mendocino Unit; Deputy Director for Fire Protection
Governor’s Employee                                     Jim Wright; Chief Deputy Director Ray Snodgrass;
Safety Awards Cer-                                      Deputy Chief, Fire Protection Loyde Johnson,
emony with two awards.                                  Mendocino Unit; Deputy Chief, Resource
An individual Safety                                    Management Bruce Strickler, Mendocino Unit.
                                  Director Andrea
Award was received by Heavy Tuttle, HFEO Richard
Fire Equipment Operator           Noonan
(HFEO) Richard Noonan of the
Mendocino Unit, and a Depart-
mental Award was given to CDF        HFEO Noonan conducted re-              is also underpowered, top heavy,
for Reducing Costs of Work           search on the suspected unsafe         and unstable. HFEO Noonan’s
Related Injuries for the fiscal      operational capability of the          research led to the D4E dozers
year 2001/2002 in comparison to      Caterpillar D4E Bulldozers. He         being removed from service.
2000/2001 for departments with       obtained detailed information             The Department Award for
payroll over $150,000. The           from Caterpillar about the D4E         reducing the cost of work related
awards were presented by Sailaja and compared it to the D4Es                injuries was given to recognize
Cherukuri, Chief of Staff, State     CDF had in service. He discov-         the CDF’s commitment to make
and Consumer Services Agency         ered modifications had been            the workplace environment safer
and Director of the Office of the    made to meet operational and           for employees and excellence in
Insurance Advisor.                   transport needs. Although the          workers’ compensation case
   The individual award received     modifications met these needs,         management. CDF Director,
by HFEO Richard Noonan was           the unexpected result was a            Andrea Tuttle accepted the
given for his efforts in improving vehicle with a high center of            plaque on behalf of the depart-
safety for HFEOs through his         gravity and too much weight to         ment. The plaque will be dis-
research on D4E dozers. There        operate safely in fire fighting        played in the reception area at
are a large number of safety         conditions. This particular dozer      1300 “U” Street, Sacramento.
hazards associated with dozers       rolls over easily on steep slopes.
used in firefighting on uneven       HFEO Noonan interviewed
terrain, steep slopes, and in low    retired and working HFEOs who
visibility due to smoke and          had operated the D4Es and took
weather conditions. If you add to extensive pictures of the dozer in
these hazards an unsafe vehicle,     operation. His research demon-
the potential for serious acci-      strated that the D4E dozer is too
dents exponentially increases.       heavy for a short track frame. It

4                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2004
                                      protect and preserve the homes,
Fire Prevention                       businesses and citizens of Malibu
                                                                            individual’s who appeared during
                                                                            the aftermath whose expertise,
Specialist                            will not be forgotten.                loyalty and outstanding customer
Harry Martin                             Please be assured that we will     service have enabled our prop-
                                      do all within our power to emu-       erty to recover from a very dis-
   Dear Director Tuttle,
                                      late the level of dedication to       tressing time following the
   The Press Democrat recently
                                      public service that you and your      October 2003 paradise wildfires.
organized a Weather Spotter’s
                                      colleagues recently exhibited.           Your commitment and efforts
class in Santa Rosa. With the
                                         With deep appreciation             have been recognized by me
help of Fire Prevention Officer
                                         Jeffrey D. Jennings                personally and by the Valley
Harry Martin of your Santa Rosa
                                         Mayor                              View Casino Management Team
office, the class was a great
                                         City of Malibu                     as being one of the companies
   Fifty people attended the class,                                         whose commitment has allowed
and the professional dedication of    Newcastle                             my department to work effec-
public servants like Mr. Martin                                             tively, bringing the property, its
was greatly appreciated by all. It
                                      Disease                               employees and families to a
was a pleasure to work with him.         Dear Director Tuttle,              sense of normalcy as expedi-
   Sincerely,                            I would like to recognize the      tiously as possible following the
   Catherine Thorpe                   outstanding contribution of your      wildfires.
   Online Content Manager             employees towards eradicating            Thank you for your outstand-
   The Press Democrat                 Exotic Newcastle Disease from         ing commitment to great cus-
                                      the state. Although it’s certainly    tomer service and the prompt
                                      not a wildland fire, your staff has   assistance you have provided to
Malibu Fire                           brought a high level of profes-       our facility at Valley View Ca-
   Dear Director Tuttle,              sionalism and expertise to an         sino.
   On behalf of the City Council,     entirely new emergency scenario.         Sincerely,
our City Staff and the entire         The participation of CDF                 Don Haig, Director of Facilities
Malibu community, I would like        firefighters in this emergency           Valley View Casino
to take this opportunity to ex-       response will prove key to our
press our most heartfelt appre-       success in eradicating the disease    Oak Pine Ranch
ciation for the invaluable service    from the state. Please extend my
you and your outstanding person-      personal thanks to those that         extends their
nel offered us during the recent      have participated in the effort.      appreciation
fires.                                   Sincerely,                            “My name is Greg Reyes. I am
   During times of crisis, it is         William (Bill) J. Lyons, Jr.       the owner of the Oak Pine Ranch
reassuring to know that we can           Secretary                          in Gustine. I wanted to take a
always count on the expertise            California Dept. of Food &         moment to thank you and the
and courage of countless profes-         Agriculture                        CDF team for your hard work
sionals outside our city limits.                                            and dedication.
Your immediate response to offer                                               I am thrilled that your team
assistance after hearing about        Paradise Fire                         was able to save our cabins and
the emergency played an integral         Dear CDF Firefighters              sporting clay course. I have a
role in the swift and successful         On behalf of the facilities        true appreciation and respect for
conclusion to this potentially        department at Valley View Ca-         what the CDF does. The dedica-
disastrous situation.                 sino, I would like to take this       tion, hard work and professional-
   Please express our sincere         opportunity to personally thank       ism of your team was truly
gratitude and respect to your         you for your response by address-     impressive!
entire crew and commend them          ing the critical need of our prop-
for once again showing us the         erty, as we were acutely affected
true meaning of the word “hero.”      by the recent wildfires. I would
Your steadfast determination to       like to especially thank those                    See KUDOS, page 6

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                                5
  We are lucky to have the            to our cabin. There were several      to your community, and we thank
dedicated men and women of the        fire units and engines in our         you for all of your contributions
CDF.”                                 cabin parking lot. Within a           throughout the years.
  Sincerely,                          couple of hours the fire was             Sincerely,
  Greg Reyes                          there, and members of a Depart-          Barbara S. Matthews
  Oak Pine Ranch                      ment of Corrections, CYA and             Assemblymember, 17th District
                                      CDF crews stopped the fire. It
                                      did not burn the cabin stopping
Annie Fire                            15 to 20 feet from there. To          Lightning fires
   Dear Director Tuttle               prevent that, other helicopeters      in Alameda
   We are writing this letter of      dropped water and bulldozers
commendation to the California        were brought in to protect the        County
Department of Forestry for their      cabin.                                   Dear Director Tuttle,
efforts in saving our cabin.             Later in the day club members         In August, the eastern areas of
   On August 25th, lightning          Bruce Carey, Pete Mills, and I        Alameda County were besieged
strikes started the small Annie       accompanied Scott Vaughn in his       with a series of lightning strikes
fire. My brother-in-law and I         four wheel drive vehicle and          that caused many fires in remote
went up to our cabin and we saw       identified area where the fire        areas of Alameda, Santa Clara
the increasing fire. The helicopter   could be stopped and provided         and Stanislaus Counties. The
dropped some firemen who put          information as requested. We          Alameda County Fire Depart-
some of the fire out and the          also worked closely with              ment, along with the California
helicopter returned and made          firefighters by the name of Mr.       Department of Forestry (CDF),
several water drops. Slurry           Lopez out of Butte County and         initially responded to the calls.
bombers dropped liquids and           Mr. Carter. The cooperation and       The number and size of the fires
other spotting planes circled. We     the quality of the work of this       quickly overwhelmed the initial
became very alarmed. Later in         unified team in saving our cabin      responding units. As you are
the evening we went back to the       was marvelous.                        aware, the Santa Clara Complex
cabin and were met by FAE Steve          On Thursday, we again met          grew to over 30,000 acres before
Volmer (CDF Morgan Hill) and          Steve Volmer and Phill Guevara        the fires were controlled.
FC Phill Guevara (CDF Pacheco).       and they told us the information         I had an opportunity to wit-
Steve and Phill asked us many,        that we provided them was             ness firsthand the work per-
many questions on the location of     helpful. We can say in total unity,   formed by the CDF Incident
the fire roads, water, cabins,        praise for the Department of          Management Team 2 as they
occupants, etc. On their advice       Forestry in the work they did on      coordinated resources for the
we left the cabin and returned to     the Annie fire to protect the         incident at our County EOC.
our ranch home in Gustine             Husong Deer Club.                     Viewing the fire from the air I
stating that we would return the         Sincerely,                         observed the complexity and the
next morning. We contacted               James P. Jorgensen                 challenge of fighting fires in
Steve Bell of the Gustine volun-         Husong Deer Club                   remote areas. You should be
teer fire department and reiter-                                            extremely proud of the job done
ated our concern about the                                                  by CDF. Their expertise and hard
growing fire.                           Dear Firefighters:                  work contained the fires and
   In the morning we returned to        May I express my gratitude          saved many structures in rural
the Husong Deer Club cabin to         and congratulations to all who        Alameda County from destruc-
find the area around the cabin        worked so hard and faithfully in      tion.
had been totally cleaned up, trees    putting out the Annie Fire caused        On behalf of the residents of
had been pruned, the cabin was        by lightning on August 25, 2003.      Alameda County, I send my
secured and latched down to           This was one of many magnifi-
minimize access. We could see         cent achievements in the preser-
the fire had made huge progress       vation of life and property. Please
through the night and was close       know that you are an inspiration                 See KUDOS, page 7

6                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2004
personal thanks for the hard          be conducting a joint meeting to       Suzanne VanMeter, Director
work and professionalism of your      review all aspects of this inci-       Harry P. Pritchard, Director
agency.                               dent. I expect recommendations         Jerry Harmon, Director
  Sincerely,                          to come from that meeting to           Weott Community Services
  Scott Haggerty                      guide our actions in the future. I     District
  Alameda County Supervisor,          am personally committed to
  District 1                          enhancing an already good            2002 California
                                      working relationship so that we
                                      can provide even better levels of    State Employees
Canoe Creek Fire
   Dear Director Tuttle
                                      public service.                      Charitable
   On behalf of state park profes-       Ruth Coleman                      Campaign
sionals in all disciplines, I want       Director                             Dear Director Tuttle:
to extend sincere thanks to the          Department of Parks and              It is my pleasure to advise you
employees of the California              Recreation                        that preliminary reports indicate
Department of Forestry and Fire                                            the 2002 California State Em-
Protection for all the effort put                                          ployees Charitable Campaign
toward containment of the Canoe          Dear Mr. Osipowich                (CSECC) will be successful in its
Creek Fire in Humboldt Red-              The Board of Directors for        efforts in the Sacramento area.
woods State Park. Over 2,000          Weott Community Services             The Department of Forestry and
workers were engaged in the           District would like to take this     Fire Protection can take pride in
suppression effort for more that a    opportunity to extend sincerest      the fact that it has made a sig-
month. Each person deserves           gratitude for your efforts in        nificant contribution CSECC.
recognition for their hard work,      saving our water source located      Your enthusiastic support and
effective action and sensitivity to   in Humboldt Redwoods State           active participation are deeply
the priceless resources contained     Park that was threatened by the      appreciated, and have been a
within one of California’s oldest     Canoe Creek fire.                    significant factor in your
and most treasured State Parks.          The springs that were threat-     department’s success.
The Humboldt-Del Norte Unit,          ened by the fire are the sole           Please express my apprecia-
CDC personnel and Incident            source of water for the entire       tion to your staff, especially those
Command Team 5 all provided           town of Weott. The location of the   who participated as Key Cam-
outstanding leadership during         fire was within imminent prox-       paigners. As a result of their
the suppression campaign.             imity of our springs and if it was   generosity and caring, your
   Now that the fire has been         not contained around the acreage     department was able to raise
contained we look forward to a        where our source was located, it     over $30,000 for the Capital
collaborative effort with your        would have been devastating to       Region CSECC. These personal
agency to repair suppression          the residents of our town.           gifts help ensure that non-profit
damage, assess the long-term             We feel that, because of your     agencies can sustain the numer-
effects and resore the natural        dedication and leadership, the       ous programs provided for mem-
resource qualities within and         utmost attention was paid to our     bers of our community.
around the park. Within days          special circumstances and a             Much of the credit for your
after the fire was contained, your    disaster was avoided.                successful campaign must go to
personnel were already at work           Please convey our admiration      your Department Chair, Dan
on this task. We sincerely appre-     and thanks to your staff and         Lang. His leadership, enthusiasm
ciate the commitment of Unit          support that worked to contain       and personal commitment were a
Chief Tom Osipowich, Kevin            the fire, with special thanks to     large factor in the achievements
O’Neill, Jim Moranda, Ron             Ron Samuelson and Bruce              of your department’s fund raising
Samuelson, Bruce Beck, Mike           Lohman.                              campaign. He is a highly profes-
Bradley, Mark Koble, and                 Sincerely,
Heather Brent.                           Brien Smith,Chair
   Soon our two agency staffs will       Jeanne Milligan, Director                     See KUDOS, page 8

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                                7
sional representative of the          Pacific Fire                          management and the need to
Department of Forestry and Fire                                             actually thin and occasionally cut
                                         Dear Director Tuttle:
Protection. I was privileged to be                                          a tree before it dies.
                                         On behalf of the men and
able to have such a competent                                                  I would like to single out the
                                      women of Los Angeles County, I
and caring person to work with.                                             work of Kathleen Edwards of
                                      would like to extend my thanks
   Together, we will build more                                             CDF in the planning, logistics,
                                      and appreciation to you and all
caring, compassionate communi-                                              and even putting on a barbeque
                                      the members of your department
ties. On behalf of those who will                                           for early arrivals. She went way
                                      for their hard work during the
benefit from the State Employees                                            beyond that expected of a CDF
                                      Pacific Fire on January 6, 2003 in
Campaign, please accept our                                                 employee in my view. With the
                                      Malibu, California. Although I
gratitude.                                                                  assistance of Kevin Turner and
                                      was out of the country during the
   Sincerely,                                                               Doug Forrest, the meeting went
                                      fire and some time has passed, it
   Janel Hernandez,                                                         off without a hitch.
                                      does not diminish my admiration
   Loan Executive                                                              Thanks so much for your
                                      of your efforts that helped avert a
   California State Employees                                               support. If we, of the California
                                      major disaster
   Charitable Campaign                                                      Forest Pest Council, can be of
                                         Your help through this unex-
                                      pected and hazardous incident is      assistance, please feel free to call
Letter of                             appreciated by all the citizens       on us.
                                      and residents of this community.         Sincerely,
Appreciation                                                                   Scott A. Johnson, Chairman
                                      Thank you for your efforts.
  California Department of                                                     California Forest Pest Council
Forestry and Fire Protection:
                                         Zev Yaroslavsky
  My husband Rex and I know                                                 CDF dispatch
                                         Los Angeles County Board of
that we have our home today
                                      Supervisors                           clerk Diane
because of the tremendous effort
made on Thursday June 26 and                                                Grove delivers
Friday June 27, 2003 by all           California
concerned.                                                                  baby over phone
  Hour after hour of intense heat
                                      Forest Pest                           by Teri Mizuhara, fire prevention
and wind, there were planes,          Council                               specialist II, Amador-El Dorado
helicopters and ground crews                                                Unit
                                         Dear Director Tuttle,
working relentlessly, doing a                                                  CDF Dispatch Clerk Diane
                                         I would like to thank you for
fantastic job. We know that if we                                           Grove thought medics would
                                      allowing your staff to participate
had lost our home, it would not                                             arrive in time to help Mimi
                                      in the California Forest Pest
have been for lack of effort on                                             Fontanilla with her delivery but
                                      Council meetings in Idyllwild
anyone’s part. Even when it                                                 there was no stopping little
                                      and Lake Arrowhead on May 14th
seemed to dark for the fighters to                                          Lucas from his agenda for the
                                      and 15th. Attendance was close to
keep going we could see the                                                 day. In less than eight minutes
                                      50 both days, and the meetings
dedication they put forth to put                                            Mimi Fontanilla safely delivered
                                      were very successful.
out the raging fire.                                                        her son Lucas with a little help
                                         It is frightening to see the
  What a wonderful feeling it                                               from friend Araceli Arretche and
                                      extent of the conifer mortality in
was for us to drive up to our                                               much appreciated guidance from
                                      Southern California. It is how-
home early Saturday morning                                                 AEU Dispatcher Diane Grove.
                                      ever, gratifying to see the work
and find it and our neighbors                                               By the time the local fire depart-
                                      that is being carried out by CDF,
homes safe!                                                                 ment arrived on scene, Lucas was
                                      the Forest Service, and Southern
  It seems like such a little thing                                         resting comfortably bundled in a
                                      California Edison, just to men-
just to say “THANK YOU”, but                                                towel on his mother’s stomach.
                                      tion a few of the agencies in-
please know it’s from our hearts.                                              Shortly before Lucas
  Sincerely,                                                                Fontanilla’s arrival, Mrs.
                                         There is perhaps a once in a
  Norma Fisher                        lifetime opportunity here to
  Wofford Heights, CA                 educate the public about forest                   See KUDOS, page 9

8                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2004
Fontanilla told her friend that        Devil Fire                           Recycling Dump
she had begun labor and then              Dear Chief Dave Driscoll,
called her husband in San Jose                                              Fire
                                          On be half of some on the
where he works as a police                                                     Dear Director Tuttle:
                                       property owners from Eyler
officer, and said that he should                                               I just wanted to take a moment
                                       Mountain in Livermore, we have
start home because today was the                                            and say thank you for all the
                                       to thank all of the extremely
day. Mrs. Fontanilla went up-                                               hard work the California Depart-
                                       hardworking and dedicated fire
stairs to shower and pack while                                             ment of Forestry and Fire Protec-
                                       crews who fought at the Devils
Mrs. Arretche placed her son into                                           tion put forth in helping the City
                                       Fire. Without their highly dedi-
his car seat and was watching                                               of Fresno fight the fire at a
                                       cated professional teamwork and
Mrs. Fontanilla’s 15 month old                                              recycling dump site in the South-
                                       skills there are several of us who
son Richard. Suddenly Mrs.                                                  western part of our City. Your
                                       would have lost our dwellings.
Fontanilla screamed that her                                                CDF staffers did a tremendous
                                          We would like to especially
water broke and she had to push.                                            job battling something that had
                                       thank the CDF Units from:
Mrs. Arretche ran upstairs with                                             never been dealt with before in
                                       Morgan Hill, Lassen, Fortuna,
Richard tucked under her arm                                                this city.
                                       Ukiah, San Jose, Santa Clara,
and helped her friend to a sofa.                                               The members of your depart-
                                       San Luis Obispo, Sonoma,
Quickly both women realized                                                 ment constantly maintained a
                                       Mendocino, Oakland, Butte/Bute
that they would not make it to                                              dedicated work ethic from the
                                       Meadows, Sea Ranch, Nevada
the hospital.                                                               time they arrived in January
                                       City counties, also the Alameda
   Mrs. Arretche called 911.                                                until the fire was declared con-
                                       County Fire Department crews
Dispatcher Grove said that Mrs.                                             tained in February. The citizens
                                       and the East Bay Regional Park.
Arretche indicated that there                                               of Fresno and I are eternally
                                       We had the honor of meeting and
was no time to get to the hospital                                          grateful for the sacrifice they
                                       expressing our most humble
and that the contractions were                                              made to extinguish this fire in
                                       thanks to many of your
coming quickly. Grove immedi-                                               the fastest and safest way pos-
                                       crewmembers personally.
ately dispatched the engine and                                             sible.
                                          There is no way we will ever be
medic unit then turned her                                                     Sincerely,
                                       able to express our complete
attention to Mrs. Arretche and                                                 Alan Autry,Mayor
                                       thanks and gratitude to all these
Mrs. Fontanilla. All of the sudden                                             City of Fresno
                                       hardworking and dedicated
Mrs. Arretche said she saw the         people ourselves. We were espe-
baby’s head and three pushes
later, Lucas arrived crying but
                                       cially thankful that the area on     Harris Grade Fire
                                       the property was of some use to         Dear Director Tuttle:
healthy at 7 pounds 3 ounces.          your units as a camp for your
   About 30 minutes after the                                                  I am writing you to let you
                                       equipment and personnel.             know my thoughts CDF Chief
original call from his wife, Officer      Thank you again from the
Fontanilla received a second call                                           Inspector Mike Cole in connec-
                                       bottom of our hearts for all the     tion with the recovery of approxi-
not to rush home because his son       hard work done by all firefighters
had arrived.                                                                mately $1.8 million for the Har-
                                       on the Devil Fire.                   ris Grade Fire of September,
   In ten years of dispatching,           Sincerely
this is Dispatcher Groves first                                             2000.
                                          Jim and Debby Fry of Fremont         Specifically, the Harris Grade
delivery over the phone. After the        Helen, Leonard and Leslie
medics arrived, Grove turned to                                             Fire was caused by a spark from
                                          Martin of Palo Alto               a power pole on Nuevo Energy
the Dispatcher next to her and            Norm and Barbara Remoaldo
said “Man, that was so cool!”                                               Company’s Lompoc oil and gas
                                          of Fremont                        lease. Because that company
   Mrs. Arretche had nothing but          Brett and Carol Remoaldo of
praise for Grove “she walked me                                             failed to remove the weeds from
                                          Fremont                           around the power poles for a
through everything, she                   Kathy Kessell of Paradise.
was awesome!”                                                               distance of ten feet the dry weeds
                                                                            spread the fire to nearby wild
                                                                                      See KUDOS, page 10

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                               9
lands, and a 10,000 acre fire was     efforts of Mike Cole.                  sion incident, and your staff has
underway. It was only through            Very truly yours,                   contributed in a positive manner
the quick and expert actions of          Jerry N. Lulejian                   to the efficient and safe suppres-
Mike Cole that an investigation          Senior Deputy District Attorney     sion for this incident.
was put in place immediately                                                    With sincere gratitude,
after the starting of the fire to                                               John Wendt
preserve evidence that later          Friday Fire                               Incident Commander
proved that the spark starting           Dear Fred Flores:                      Jim Gaichino
this fire set was within the ten         On behalf of the Northern              Deputy Incident Commander
foot area that should have been       California Interagency Incident
cleared of weeds around the           Management Team II (NorCal             Jump Fire
power pole. Otherwise, there          TeamII) and firefighters, thank           Webmaster
would have been no fire cost of       you for your assistance and sup-          As a resident of Mines Road
recovery in this case.                port during the Friday Fire Inci-      please accept our gratitude for
   Because of Mike Cole’s quick       dent. We appreciate you providing      the valiant effort of your men. It
and expert action in this case        the team with invaluable assis-        is amazing that only one out
(termed by many in the oil and        tance as the California Depart-        building was lost. It could have
gas industry as the best ever         ment of Forestry and Fire Protec-      been so much worse. When I saw
seen by a governmental agency)        tion (CDF) Agency Representative.      the orange glow on Friday morn-
that I was presented with virtu-         You anticipate and recognize        ing (when the fire made an
ally irrefutable evidence that a      incident needs while offering          unexpected run north up the
violation of law caused this fire.    workable solutions. You were also      ridge) I was terrified. It was
After the usual legal matters         a tremendous asset to the Opera-       comforting to know those men
that attend a civil prosecution to    tions Section. You had a great         risked their lives to save ours.
convince Nuevo’s insurance            handle on all CDF resources, their     I’ve watched the procession of
company of the merit of this          availability, drive times, and         trucks and tired men and they
claim, Nuevo stipulated to a          willingness to work 12-hour shifts,    took turns on the fire line. I wish
judgment of $1.2 million for          and sleep in a fire camp. The          I could thank each and every one
CDF’s fire suppression costs. In      Operations Section is not aware of     personally. There aren’t words
addition to the unreimbursed fire     any issues with the use of these       enough to express our gratitude.
suppression costs. Thus, Mike         resources. You are very responsive        Your website provided the
Cole’s quick action and expertise     to the team’s needs, while always      updates we needed to make
led directly to the recovery of       available to answer a question.        proper decisions regarding pos-
$1.452 million for the State and      You attended all meetings and          sible evacuation.
the County of Santa Barbara.          briefings, and always had a great         Thank you for the work you do
   I was so impressed with the        attitude. Above all, you proudly       and for an excellent website.
professionalism that I saw in         represent your agency-CDF, and
Mike Cole and all those who           the vital relationship with the fire
assisted him in this investigation    service at-large.                       Rick Cooksey,
that I am taking this rather             NorCal Team II thanks you and       National Director of
unprecedented step of writing a       all the CDF resources for your
letter to his supervisor to let her   professionalism and hard work-all      the Forest Legacy
know how well he is doing and         of which helped lead to the rapid      Program
how productive he has been for        containment and control of the           Dear Director Tuttle,
fire suppression cost reimburse-      Friday Fire. All of your efforts         I recently attended the Land
ment in this County.                  were really appreciated by our         Trust Alliance annual rally in
   Thank you and Mike Cole for        team.                                  Austin, Texas. While there, I had
being there both for the County          Again, thank you for your sup-
and the State. Justice was done       port. It takes all of us working
in this case only because of the      together to manage a fire suppres-               See KUDOS, page 11

10                                                                                         FEBRUARY 2004
the great fortune of meeting and       day that built the coalition that    your effort to work closely with
visiting with Rick Cooksey,            precipitated doing the deal.         our association and we have
National Director of the Forest           I regret that PFT chose not to    subsequently experienced better
Legacy Program. During the             accept Forest Legacy money.          communications and a greater
course of my discussion with           Since meeting with Mr. Cooksey,      cooperation than we have ever
Rick, it became clear that I was       I fear that PFT’s decision may       had in the past. We believe that
remiss in showing my gratitude         have been damaging to                both Mike and Pat Sanchez
to Jeff Calvert, the California        California’s credibility in the      should be given a lot of credit for
Forest Legacy Coordinator, for         Forest Legacy Program. I would       accomplishing this. It has been
his role in the Howe Creek Ranch       have preferred to have followed      refreshing to have telephone calls
Conservation Easement.                 through with Forest Legacy, as I     responded to, questions answered
   Mr. Cooksey was not aware           told PFT back in February. Re-       and communications kept open.
that my family’s Howe Creek            gardless of how it turned out, it    Mike is also putting a lot of effort
Ranch was under easement; in           should be known that Forest          into the Advisory Committee and
fact he was under the impression       Legacy was instrumental in           the subsequent work groups. I
that the project had failed. I was     facilitating the Howe Creek          want to take this opportunity to
delighted to tell him the news         Ranch Conservation Easement.         commend Mike’s efforts to you,
that our (the Hackett family, The      Further, I believe that California   because from our perspective he
Pacific Forest Trust, and the          Forest Legacy stands as the best     is a tremendous asset to both you
State of California) Howe Creek        suited vehicle for accomplishing     and us. I always appreciate
Ranch project was in fact com-         working forestland conservation      hearing about the good things
plete and a great success!             in the State.                        that those who work under me do
   The point that I would like to         We were hoping to have an         and so I am glad to do so to you
emphasize is that our project          easement celebration picnic on       about one of your staff.
would not have happened with-          the ranch, but since the close of       Sincerely,
out Forest Legacy, and specifi-        escrow in late August, opera-           Darrell Hefley
cally, I don’t believe it would have   tional responsibilities and the         CALSAFE President
happened without Jeff Calvert. I       materialization of new conserva-
make this statement having had         tion project requests have over-     Arson and Bomb
the experience of being signifi-       whelmed my wife Jill and me. We
cantly involved in the fund            still intend to have that picnic,    Investigation
raising for the project; having        however, and hope that we can        Unit
drafted the funding proposals          schedule it when you are in             Dear Deputy Chief Bob
and hosted the various funding         Humboldt County so that you          Monsen,
agencies, and I worked directly        and Director Tuttle can attend.         Recently the California De-
with The Pacific Forest Trust to          Steve Hackett                     partment of Forestry and Fire
create legislative support. It was        Howe Creek Ranch                  Protection’s Arson and Bomb
my observation that the tables            Mike Waldron                      Investigation Unit hosted their
turned for our fundraising effort                                           Advanced Bomb and Explosives
on July 27, 2001, during a ranch       Mike Waldron                         Investigation for the Hazardous
tour with representatives from            Dear John Tennant                 Devices/HAZMAT Technicians
Forest Legacy, the Wildlife Con-          I wanted to thank you for         course at your facility. This class
servation Board, and the Coastal       allowing Mike Waldron to partici-    was attended by over 40 bomb
Conservancy. On that tour, Mr.         pate in our annual meeting. Mike     and HAZMAT Technicians course
Calvert’s enthusiasm, excitement       did an excellent job in represent-   at your facility. This class was
and specific understanding of the      ing your office and I believe he     attended by over 40 bomb and
public benefits inherent in the        has fostered a better relationship   HAZMAT technicians from
project’s type working landscape       between our membership and the       across the nation, belonging to
conservation, affected optimism        State Fire Marshal’s Office.
in those other agencies on that           We have always appreciated                  See KUDOS, page 12

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                               11
various federal, state, county,       her kitchen staff. They all worked your staff for a job well done!
military, and local fire and law      hard in making this class a great    Sincerely,
enforcement agencies.                 success. There were several          Joseph W. Konefal
   I would like to extend a heart-    outstanding comments made by         Supervising Arson and Bomb
felt thank you to your entire staff   the students about the facility,     Investigator
at the facility. I truly appreciate   the classroom, and food at the
the assistance provided by Steve      academy.
Herzog, Steve Lawshe, Nancy             On behalf of the CDF’s Arson
Koerperich, Debra Fraser and          and Bomb Unit, thank you and

Dave Sapsis
   Dear Mr. Bill Stewart:             itself against devastating fires by   The Sea Ranch often comment on
   On November 2, 2002 Dave           adopting a comprehensive fuel         his presentation and are acting
Sapsis of your staff made a           management plan.                      on the knowledge he presented so
superb presentation at The Sea           Dave’s presentation gave us        clearly and effectively.
Ranch Forum. The Sea Ranch is         the basics we need to understand         We are particularly apprecia-
located at the northwest corner of    the nature of fire, the risks we      tive that Dave made the long trip
Sonoma County, partly on coastal      incur by living in a fire-prone       to The Sea Ranch to make his
meadows separated by cypress          area, and some of the things that     presentation on a Saturday. We
hedgerows, partly in mixed            we can do as individuals to           appreciate Dave’s dedication,
redwood and fir forests. Forty        reduce the risks. Dave’s presenta-    knowledge, and teaching abili-
years ago the developer of The        tion was clear and understand-        ties.
Sea Ranch planted nearly a            able for people who have come to         Sincerely,
million pines, many of which are      our hybrid urban/wildland com-           James A. Jordan, Jr.,Chair
nearing the end of their lives. In    munity with little background on         The Sea Ranch Forum
the past year, The Sea Ranch has      the wildland risks. The mark of          Steering Committee
accelerated its efforts to protect    Dave’s success is that people on

Fire Captain Sam McMurry honored
   Each year in a cooperative                                                 his dedication to public service
effort, the Veterans of Foreign                                               and to his department. While
Wars, the American Legion                                                     FC McMurry’s contributions
and the Marine Corps League                                                   are too many to list, several
honor the fire and law en-                                                    were cited during the Awards
forcement officers and public                                                 Ceremony:
safety agencies that serve                                                    consistent performance above
Lassen County. Awards are                                                     and beyond what is expected
presented to employees of                                                     from station captains; the
each agency who have consis-                                                  respect of his subordinates,
tently demonstrated a com-                                                    peers and supervisors gained
mitment to service above and                                                  through his attitude, skills and
beyond the scope of their                                                     willingness to assist other
normal duties.                                                                agencies.
   For 2003, Fire Captain Sam         Protection, Lassen-Modoc Unit.          His skill and demonstrated
McMurry was selected as the             Captain McMurry, who is             leadership abilities as an initial
award recipient for the California    currently assigned to the Bieber
Department of Forestry and Fire       Fire Station, was recognized for                See KUDOS, page 13

12                                                                                        FEBRUARY 2004
attack emergency incident com-        cies thousands of dollars in             Captain McMurry is respected
mander; one who always cares          inspection, maintenance and            by all for his ability to work with
for and ensures the safety of his     repair costs.                          our own employees and other
firefighters; and assignment as          His long-term role as an in-        agencies. He is always willing to
manager of the Unit’s Self Con-       structor for the Unit’s recruit fire   share his expertise with others.
tained Breathing Apparatus            fighter and returnee fire fighter      He makes sound decisions and he
program. In this capacity, he not     academies. He always gives the         gives his all for the Department
only satisfies CDF’s needs, but       extra effort and time to mentor        and the public.
has also assisted local govern-       the fire fighters and help develop
ment and Federal agencies with        a high caliber emergency re-
their programs saving all agen-       sponse force.

  2003 “Dispatcher of the Year”
  by Janet Marshall, fire prevention specialist II, Butte Unit

   Fire Captain Jeff McInturf of      personal skills, good
the Butte Unit’s Emergency            humor and genuine
Command Center (ECC) was              thoughtfulness towards
honored by the “Organization of       the citizens he serves
Public Safety                         along with his consistent
Telecommunicators”, a subcom-         accuracy in his duties all
mittee of the Elk’s Lodge service     led to the unanimous
organization, as CDF Fire/Butte       decision to select Jeff for
County Fire Rescue’s “Dispatcher      this honor.
of the Year”. Captain McInturf          The family of the boy
was nominated by his peers and        whose life Jeff help saved com-
his supervisor, Battalion Chief       mended Jeff for his dedication,        and police officers when they
Russ Fowler. Certainly, Jeff’s        care, and professionalism during          are faced with something like
Emergency Medical Dispatch            their family’s crisis. Their son       this. I am forever grateful to all
instruction that ultimately saved     had suffered seizures and subse-       of you, for I could not do what
a child’s life was a contributing     quent cardiac arrest in a remote       you do. You are so special and
factor in the selection but his day   area of Butte County. The follow-      touch so many lives… thank you
to day performance in the Emer-       ing is an excerpt from a thank         for being there in our time of
gency Command Center was              you note sent by the family:           need.”
equally considered. Jeff is well        “I am aware of what emer-               Jeff’s performance is indicative
respected by not only his peers       gency personnel give to our            of the caliber of employees work-
and subordinates in the ECC, but      society and I know it takes a toll     ing for our department and is a
by all Unit employees. His inter-     on the dispatchers, firefighters,      credit to all those in CDF.

911 For Kids Hero Program Award for AEU
by Teri Mizuhara, fire prevention specialist II, Amador-El Dorado Unit
                                                                             help his mother out.
                                                                                FC McGill walked Steven
   On February 24, 2003 at 3:21       McGill of the Amador-El Dorado         through the Emergency Medical
pm, 11-year old Steven Vance,         Unit Emergency Command                 Dispatch (EMD) protocol for a
from Placerville, California called   Center (ECC). Steven was very          diabetic experiencing complica-
911 as he had learned in school,      nervous and frightened but             tions all the while comforting
because his mother, Janet Vance,      quickly calmed down after Cap-         Steven and making sure Mrs.
had collapsed from a diabetic         tain McGill assured him help           Vance’s status was not deterio-
problem. Steven ended up speak-       was on the way and that there
ing with CDF Fire Captain Dale        were a few things he could do to                 See KUDOS, page 14

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                               13
rating. Steven stayed on the line                                        added “The ECC has the ability
with Captain McGill for 12                                               to have a profound effect on all
minutes until the paramedics                                             patients. This is why dispatch is
arrived on scene and transported                                         the hub of the emergency re-
Mrs. Vance to the local hospital.                                        sponse circle. The chance to give
   In the end Mrs. Vance fully                                           CPR, deliver a baby, or use an
recovered from the episode and                                           automatic defibrillator happens
Steven was her little hero. But                                          on a case-by-case basis for field
this is not the end of the story.                                        crews but these situations may
ECC Chief Mike Kaslin submit-                                            be happening all at once in the
ted the call to the “911 For Kids                                        ECC. Thus, EMD has an impact
Hero Program” and nominated         Certificate of Recognition from      on 100 percent of emergency
Steven for an award for having      the 911 For Kids Program for his     medical calls.”
used the 911 emergency system       expert and professional manage-         The 911 For Kids Program is a
to save the life of his mother.     ment of the phone call. Captain      nationwide educational curricu-
   On May 13, on the north steps    McGill was surprised by the          lum that teaches children the
of the State Capitol California     award and said that he was just      proper use of the 911 system.
Speaker Herb Wesson, San            doing his job and was glad that      Locally in AEU, Camino ECC had
Francisco 49er Eric Wright,         he was able to help the Vance        a total of 19,245 incidents for
Oakland Raider Kenyon               family.                              2002. Of those, 12,059 (63%)
Coleman, and CHP Deputy                South Region Chief Candace        were medical related where EMD
Commissioner Joe Farrow pre-        Gregory noted “I was very proud      was used. That averages to 33
sented the young heroes with        to see a CDF employee honored        EMD calls each day.
their awards. Steven and three      for an outstanding response. It is
other children received a 911       very special for CDF to be recog-
Hero’s medal, a certificate and a   nized and thanked for doing
commendation letter. Fire Cap-      what we consider to be our job.”
tain Dale McGill also received a    AEU ECC Chief Mike Kaslin

Bench press winner
   Congratulations to Senior        152.5 KG (336lbs)
Deputy State Fire Marshal Marc      tying the record from
Yepez who in his first ever com-    2001. Congratulations
petition won the bench press        Marc!
competition at the 2002 Police         It’s always a delight-
and Fire Games held in Sacra-       ful surprise to discover
mento. Marc won the Men’s           the variety of talented
Master-B 220.20 lbs and under       folks we have in our
class with a bench press lift of    department.

Hug-A-Bears donated to Fresno-Kings Unit
  Joan Underdown, President of         The stuffed animals are given     are for the use of firefighters who
Fireman’s Friend donated 150        to children in time of stress by     are sent on out of county or long
stuffed animals to the “Hug-a-      fire personnel on scene of home      term assignments. The kits
Bear” program for The California    fires, auto accidents, and medical   contain items useful for personal
Department of Forestry and Fire     aids.                                hygiene such as toothbrush,
Protection/Fresno County and           Fireman’s Friend also pre-        toothpaste, hand soap, baby
Fig Garden Fire Protection          sented CDF/FCFPD with 24
Districts on August 19, 2003.       emergency care kits. These kits                See KUDOS, page 15

14                                                                                     FEBRUARY 2004
wipes, razor, face cloth, comb,     tinuing fire prevention efforts.       The Pine Ridge Property
deodorant, shampoo, Kleenex and     The Smokey Bear Awards are the      Owners Association represents a
chewing gum.                        highest national honor one can      rural subdivision in northeastern
   Mrs. Underdown and The           receive for outstanding work in     Fresno County, California. The
Fireman’s Friend organization       fire prevention. The award has      Pine Ridge tract contains 113
are also active in raising funds    been bestowed on deserving          property parcels with approxi-
for the purchase and donation of    groups and individuals annually     mately 103 different owners. The
thermal imaging helmets for         since 1957.                         tract covers approximately 1,400
various San Joaquin Valley Fire        Unit Chief Steve Sunderland      acres. There are 75 homes that
Departments. Their support,         was pleased to make the presen-     are accessed by a single lane
energy and contributions are        tation to the Pine Ridge            road system.
greatly appreciated.                Propoerty Owners Association           The tract is mid-slope on a
                                    (PRPOA), the only California        west facing aspect at approxi-
                                    recipient of the Bronze Smokey      mately 4,500 feet elevation, in
                                    in 2003. The ceremony took place    the transition zone from brush to
                                    October 6 at the Fresno-Kings       conifer forest. The track is
                                    Unit Fire Resistive Plant Demon-    within a Priority Area for Fresno-
                                    stration Garden located at the      Kings Unit’s Pre-fire Projects and
                                    Millerton Lake Visitor Center in    is also located within the feder-
                                    Friant, California. In attendance   ally designated “Community-at-
                                    were Assemblyman Steve              Risk for Wildfire” of Shaver Lake,
                                    Samuelian, 29th Assembly Dis-       California.
                                    trict; Representative Devin            The Pine Ridge Property
                                    Nunes, 21st District Representa-    Owners Association became
Fire Prevention Specialist II       tive; and representatives from      involved in fire prevention activi-
Karen Guillemin explains the        the offices of Senator Charles      ties in August 1998 when the
Hug-A-Bear Program to the local
                                    Poochigian,                         Highway 168 Fire Safe Council
                                       The Bronze Smokey Award is       was formed. From this time
                                    presented to organizations or       forward, the PRPOA has been
                                    individuals that have provided      very active in wildfire prevention
Bronze Smokey                       outstanding service with signifi-   activities. These activities range
                                    cant impact within the state in     from involvement and support of
Award goes to                       wild land fire prevention for a     the 168 Fire Safe Council to fuels
property owners                     period of at least two years.       reduction work within the tract
                                                                        to public education to formation
association                                                             of their own volunteer fire de-
by Karen Guillemin,                                                     partment and finally refurbish-
fire prevention specialist II                                           ment of a unique mechanical
and Craig Tolmie,unit forester,                                         talking Smokey Bear.
Fresno-Kings Unit
                                                                           The PRPOA has been the
  The National Association of                                           backbone of the Highway 168
State Foresters (NASF), the                                             Fire Safe Council since its incep-
USDA Forest Service, and The                                            tion in August of 1998. Members
Advertising Council sponsor the                                         of the Association attend every
National Smokey Bear Awards.        These members of the Pine Ridge
                                                                        monthly meeting. They have
In addition to recognizing out-     Property Owners Association         developed three separate
standing service with significant   were on hand when CDF Unit          PowerPoint presentations for the
program impact in wild land fire    Chief Steve Sunderland              Council use. For the 2002 Fresno
prevention, the program in-         presented the association with      County Fair, the PRPOA con-
creases public recognition and      with a Bronze Smokey for their
awareness of the need for con-      fire safety efforts.                          See KUDOS, page 16

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                                          15
structed a tri-fold display high-    vehicles were completely refur-      awards given each year. All three
lighting the work that they have     bished and repainted by Associa-     awards are of the highest level,
done in making their tract more      tion members. The only outside       the only difference being the
fire safe.                           funds to help the Department         geographical area of the work
   The PRPOA first significant       was a $5,500 Federal Emergency       nominated. The Golden Smokey
project was a sign project that      Management Agency grant that         Award is bestowed for National
produced tract map boards,           they received for personal protec-   service, the Silver Smokey Award
address numbers, road signs,         tive equipment. The Department       is bestowed for regional (multi-
directional signs, water source      responds to emergencies and          state) service and the Bronze
signs and escape route signs.        supports burn projects within the    Smokey Award is for impact
The Association made contacts        tract.                               within one state
through the Highway 168 Fire            The PRPOA created and                Congratulations to the PRPOA
Safe Council. These contacts         distributed their “Pine Ridge        for their outstanding accomplish-
provided them with the materials     Emergency Manual”.                   ments. It is our pleasure to work
and equipment to make the signs         This 44 page emergency            with such a terrific group of
and they provided the workers.       manual covers everything from        citizens.
The new signage allows easy          emergency contacts to how to
location of roads, homes and         prepare and survive a wildfire.                    ###
water sources within the tract.         The PRPOA designed, pro-
   The PRPOA has undertaken          duced and distributed a vehicle
road improvements within their       window decal to tract landown-
tract to make travel under emer-     ers. This decal was designed to
gency conditions safer. They         aid in proper identification of
have removed vegetation along        residents during emergency
the roads to increase visibility     incidents.
and reduce fuel loads. They have        In November of 2002, the
constructed turnouts to allow        PRPOA volunteered to refurbish
vehicle passing and ingress for      the only remaining operational
emergency vehicles during evacu-     talking mechanical Smokey Bear
ation conditions. While these        in California. This is the last of
items may seem like routine road     five mechanical Smokey’s that
maintenance issues, they were        were originally created for the
not considered or undertaken         California Department of For-
until the PRPOA understood how       estry and Fire Protection. The
they were threatened by wildland     only other remaining Smokey is
fire and what impact it could        on display in the Department’s
have on their tract and their        Mobile Smokey Bear Museum.
lives.                               The PRPOA has rebuilt Smokey’s
   The PRPOA with minimal            traveling container, reconditioned
support established a volunteer      his mechanical arm and mouth
fire department in July of 2000.     and recorded new fire prevention
The Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire        messages.
Department has now grown to             The PRPOA was made aware
include five fire engines and one    of the potential of wildland fire
patrol unit with 17 fire fighters,   impacting their tract and lives in
three phone-tree dispatchers and     1998. Since that time they have
six “Road Warriors” for directing    taken the task of wildfire safety
traffic. All six fire department     to heart and have become a
vehicles as well as most of the      model community for wildfire
Departments equipment was            prevention and mitigation.
secured through donations. The          There are three levels of

16                                                                                     FEBRUARY 2004
Director’s 2002 Annual Recognition Awards
   Lewis A. Moran Award                      Layne Norby                 TEAM
                                             Ruth O’Leary            Jim Casaurang
       Jeffrey L. Jones
                                               Dave Peak              Dan Chartier
                                            Jeffrey Phillips         Cindy Hopkins
     Leadership Award                        Kim A. Price             Joe Roberson
         Tom O’Keefe                         Darren Read           Neverley Shoemake
                                               Ernie Rohl
     Innovation Award                       Darryl Sanford               TEAM
                                             Hugh Scanlon              Lynn Borja
      Dana Peachman                      Mahlon Schanzenbach        Doris Brengettsey
                                              Dan Slebiss             Betty Brewer
      Organizational                      Dolores M. Spradlin        Nora Fuhrman
    Enhancement Award                        Dave Stonum             Kelly Mendonsa
      Dorothy Williams                      Robin L. Sykes            Barbara Rowe
                                            Joseph V. Tapia          Faith Sorenson
   Firefighter of the Year                   Patty Thomas
                                          Clem A. Towner Jr.               TEAM
                                              Fred Tulley         Christopher E. Browder
       Greg McFadden                         Steve Wallace            Nancy A. Carter
                                               John Watt             L. Wayne Connor
Superior Accomplishment                       Luke Wilson          Shane P. Cunningham
  Awards (Individuals)                     Derek J. Witmer            Terri L. Gouvea
                                           Chris M. Zimny           Antoinette L. Knight
         Terry Anderson                                              Nancy J. Magner
      Gilbert L. Anderson                                             Anna L. Stewart
                                     Superior Accomplishment
           Troy Baker                                                 Jeffrey S. Taylor
         Shirley Barber
                                         Awards (Teams)
                                                                     Victor W. Williams
       Michael Bertagna                         TEAM
                                                                     Adam H. Wyman
        Randy Bowersox                       John Bartlett
         Kerry Bradford                       Todd Derum
          Shelly Caalim                     Tony Richardson
                                                                      Benny Aguilar
          Alan Carlson                                                 Pete Bymers
            Mike Carr                           TEAM
                                                                      Mike Clemens
           Bob Ceriani                        Tim L. Main
                                                                     Nancy Deveaux
            Don Clark                        Jim J. Rasjkup
                                                                       Cheryl Goetz
            Rob Cone                                                Deanna Grimstead
            John Elliff                         TEAM
                                                                     Marlene Heisey
        Alta Glass-Schell                     James Erler
                                                                     Chelsye Jenkins
          Pete Guilbert                      Donald Morse
                                                                     Grayson Magana
           John Hager                        Robert Rutland
                                                                      Janet Marshall
         Alisha Herring                         Fay Yee
                                                                       Scott McLean
           Shana Jones                                              George Morris III
       Virginia Krippner                          TEAM
                                                                       Mark O’Neil
     Thomas A. MacPherson                  (Also 3 Partnership)
                                                                        Teri Perry
          Scott McLean                          Bill Baxter
                                                                     Garrett Quigley
           Donna Mink                          Todd Derum
                                                                      Leah Sandberg
       Patrick M. Murphy                     Lou Sciocchetti
        Garrett Needles                        Mark Tolbert          See AWARDS, page 18

KUDOS (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)                              17
      Shannon Sanders                  TEAM
        Bill Sanders                Brad Dorken
                                  Kelly Dreesmann
           TEAM                   Scott McDonald
        Mike Bowman                  Brian Noel
         Chris Bump
      Chaloa Champion                  TEAM
       Edward Clayton              Richard A. Hood
          Jeff Davis              William E. Lloyd
        Shane Minor              Cyrus E. McCormick
                                 Eben M. McElhinny
            TEAM                 Monty M. Messenger
     (Also 6 Partnership)           Dale J. Wilson
      Tess Albin-Smith
          Bill Baxter
          Ted Enberg           Partnership Awards
       Barbara Glavich              Brian Bianchi
         John Griffen              Brian L. Hinman
        Marc Jameson        Butte County Fire Safe Council
        Loyde Johnson               David Woolley
           Tom Kirk                   Don Steele
                                       Jim Pena
           TEAM                 John P. “Jack” Sweeley
       Tom Osipowich                Kim D. Zagaris
       Allen Robertson                Pat Kidder
        Chris Rowney            Redwood Sciences Lab
       Chuck Whatford           Santa Rosa Jr. College
        Luke Wilson                  Selma Harris

            TEAM                       TEAM
        Daniel Arjona                Dave Allacia
        Marc DeRosier               George Fields
          Steve Faris               Liz Keppeler
         Neil R. Black               Susan Lam
        Steven M. Diaz              Audie Nishida
        Lyle E. Drenth              Robert Ziemer
      Mark S. Hotchkiss
         John W. King                  TEAM
      Jeffery A. Nijinski            Jim Dawson
        Carl L. Thomas                Bob Kiefer
     Steven M. Valenzuela           Jennifer Potts

           TEAM                          TEAM
      Yvonne Butcher            Calif. Fire Fighter JAC
        Gloria Deroo                Mary Jennings
      Roger Desrosiers
     Dolores M. Spradlin               TEAM
                               Capt. George Kneeshaw
                                Lieutenant Bob Curry

18                                                           FEBRUARY 2004

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