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					                                                 IB Physics

Mr. Reese                                                             Office Hours: Tue-Thur 3:00-3:30
RM # E101                                                             Phone: 209 830 3360 ext 2219
Email: dreese@tusd.net

I. Course Description

IB Physics at Tracy High School is a course where you, the student, will become familiar with ideas
associated with the science of energy and motion as well as various critical thinking skills which will be
beneficial to you as you move further in your adult life. More specifically you will be shown in great detail how
to mathematically analyze physical systems. In taking this course you will also learn scientific process skills
such as observing, collecting data, measuring, and communicating with your peer scientists.

II. Course Outline

You will receive content specific instruction on the following topics: Kinematics, Mechanics, Projectile Motion,
Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Energy, Momentum, Electromagnetism, and Astronomy. For a more
detailed list of topics please see attached list of the California State Standards for high school level Physics.
To access this list from any computer please go to this link: http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/scphysics.asp In
addition to the California state standards we will also be using curriculum that has been developed via the IB
program. The syllabus details for IB will be emailed to you shortly.

III. Rules and Expectations

I have developed certain rules that I expect all students in my class to follow. It is very important that every
student remains on task and stays focused throughout the duration of the class period. Please come to class
motivated and ready to engage your mind. Everyone will be expected to treat their teacher and especially
their fellow classmates with dignity and respect. I will be trying my best to treat all of you with the utmost
respect and I expect the same behavior from you. No exceptions! Here are a few of the more basic class

        1. Before you enter the classroom please remove hats, turn off cell phones and put them away,
           throw out chewing gum, and have all vanity products (make up) as well as food and drink put
           away for the duration of the class period.

        2. While the teacher or a student is speaking it is your job to listen attentively. If you would like to
           add a comment or idea to the class discussion then please raise your hand and wait patiently to
           be called on.

        3. I will not tolerate cheating or dishonesty of any kind and doing so will result in a 0% on that
           assignment. If someone is helping you cheat, they too will receive a 0% on that assignment. In
           addition your parents and administration will be notified.

Materials needed for class: Composition notebook (you will need several throughout the year) Pen,
Calculator, Pencil, and Agenda to write all assignments in. The Agenda can be used for all other classes.
We will be using a class set of text books and your assigned text book can be kept at home in a safe place for
homework assignments and studying purposes.
IV. Behavior Steps and Consequences

Through my experience as a teacher I have found that the most enjoyable atmosphere for everybody is one in
which a class comes together as a whole and works together to make the best of their learning experience.
Disruptive behavior only wastes time and in the end takes away from the learning of other students. This is
the sole reason why it will not be tolerated in this classroom. The first offense will result in a verbal reprimand
and or seat adjustment. The second offense will result in teacher detention. The third offense will result in a
referral to the counseling office. Lastly the fourth offense will result in a direct referral to the Assistant
Principals Office. Detentions are 15 minutes long and are to be served on the day you receive the detention
or the following day either before school or after school. Failure to show up for detention will result in a
referral to the Assistant Principal’s office for further discipline action. You will still have to serve the original
teacher detention.

In addition, severe behavior results in an immediate referral to the Assistant Principal’s office.

V. Tardy and Restroom Policy

My tardy policy follows the school tardy policy. The first and second tardy offenses will result in verbal
warning. You should not be tardy for any reason unless excused with a pass by a teacher, counselor, or
principle. My restroom policy is that you should make all efforts possible to use the restroom before you get
to class. If you are having a “bathroom emergency” please see me and I will write you a pass. You will be
allowed 2 bathroom passes per quarter. Any further bathroom needs will result in you making up the missed
time with me after school.

VI. Make-up/Late Work Policy

All students must turn in their work on time in order to receive credit! If you are absent, then for every
excused absence that you have accumulated you will have that many days to make up your late work. Also if
you are absent you are responsible for remembering when major assignments are due. I suggest finding a
trustworthy contact person in the class and exchanging email or phone numbers in order to prevent missing
any major assignments. If you are away for sports and other excused absences during my class period all
assignments are due to me as if you were in class. In the case of a student being suspended the student will
not be allowed to turn in the work missed while the student was suspended.

VII. Grading Policy

Grades are updated weekly into Aeries (the district adopted grading system) and can be accessed via Parent
Connect. Here are the percent values of how much each section of the class will be worth. (These
percentages may change depending on the number of labs given in a quarter.)

Tests                                                  30%
Assignments (homework and class work)                  30%
Quizzes                                                20%
Labs                                                   20%
                                                  st                         nd
Your Semester grades are calculated like so: 1 quarter is worth 40%, 2            quarter is worth 40%, and the
semester final is worth 20% of the semester grade.

I am sure that each of you will follow the class rules and complete the assignments with pride and
integrity. I hope you each have a very exciting year and I will do my best to see that this happens. If
you have any problems or would like clarification on anything, I will be available during my office
hours to assist you. I will be glad to help.

Wishing you a successful year, Mr. Reese
IB Physics Syllabus 2010/2011 - Mr. Reese -

Please sign this portion of the syllabus and send it back to school with your child. If you have any
questions or concerns please email or come by!

I have read and understand this IB Physics Syllabus.

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