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									4 Important Safe Driving Tips
By Ricky Dean

Safe driving is often thought of to be a predictable routine and is not often critically thought
about. Although there are obvious tips for safe driving, often some are overlooked.

1. It is imperative that a driver is always cautious and aware of their surroundings. Knowing
where other cars in relation to your own as well as the proper functionality of those cars are
something to be paid close attention to.

If a vehicle next to your own has taillights that appear to not be in working order, this would be a
vital piece of information to note while driving. Also, if a fellow driver appears to be irresponsible
or reckless, it would be wise to safely distance your own vehicle from theirs.

2. Avoiding distractions is also a common safe driving tip that gets disregarded. Almost anything
can be considered a distraction on the road. A cell phone, loud stereo, random noise, or
personal activity can all be distractions that could potentially cause you to not be fully focused
on your driving.

Distractions are often easily avoidable. Adjusting a stereo setting and silencing your cell phone
prior to removing your vehicle from an idle position are just two simple ways to help avoid any
unnecessary distractions while driving.

3. In many towns and communities there are certain main roads that are known by local citizens
to be more dangerous than others. These streets may be known for higher rates of accidents or
reckless driving. It is imperative to learn which roads in your city are considered dangerous. By
intentionally avoiding these roads you are adding to your safety while commuting.

4. One often forgotten or not thought of safety precaution while driving is proper accessories.
For example, if a female is wearing high heel shoes while driving, she runs the risk of
endangering herself as well as other nearby drivers.

Another easily forgotten yet often necessary driving accessory is eye glasses. Individuals who
should wear glasses while driving often disregard their safety as well as others. This can lead to
the detriment of anyone that comes into contact with these reckless drivers.

These are just a few simple driving tips that can help, weather an individual has been driving for
six months or sixty years. Also, it is always a good idea for even the most experienced drivers to
take a defensive driving course to get refreshed in the local rules of the road.

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