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									How to Check Passport Status
By William Manor

Apply for a passport and want to check the status of your passport application? Well, it can be
done in just 3 easy steps. Of course, you have to wait up to 7 days after you submit the
application form. This allows sufficient time for it to be input into the system and appear in the
status checker. Read on to get step-by-step instructions.

Visit the Online Passport Application Status Checker

You can check the status of your passport application online. There is no need to call nor email
the National Passport Information Center. The Department of State's Passport Services is the
official issuing agency of passport for American citizens. The passport application status
checker is hosted on their website.

Read Privacy Notices and Disclaimers

Before accessing the status checker, your are prompted to read the Privacy and Computer
Fraud and Abuse Acts Notices and Disclaimers. These documents together are composed of
several thousand words about copyright issues, use of the U.S. Department of State seal and
information about the website as well as "policies and procedures for ensuring and maximizing
the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information disseminated by the Department". It is
doubtful whether or not anyone actually reads this content. Decide for yourself if you will take
the time to read it or not, then check the box and click the button to proceed.

Enter Personal Data

You need to type in your last name including suffixes such as II, III, Jr., Sr., and others. Also,
you should type your name with a hyphen if that is the legal spelling which you included on your
application form. Finally, enter your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security

When There Are Problems with Your Application Status

What can you do if your application is not in the system? First of all, make sure that 7 days have
passed since you mailed your packet. If adequate time has gone by then begin your search by
verifying the delivery of your application if you used a traceable method. Once you have done
that, contact the National Passport Information Center and speak with a representative.
What can be done if the passport status shows that the application is being processed but you
do not think it will be completed in time for your trip? First, contact the NPIC and see if they can
provide you with any further information concerning the status of your process. If not, you may
have no alternative than to visit a regional passport agency. Since your application is in the
system, they can usually process it as quickly as the same day. Of course, you will have to pay
the expedited service fee in order to get your passport more quickly.

By following the 3 simple steps listed above, you can quickly check the status of your passport
application and find out if it will be delivered to you prior to your departure date. If not, you know
what you can do to get the process expedited.

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