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									The GEF Small Grants
Programme (SGP)

Partnerships in Financing
Community Renewable Energy
       The GEF Small
       Grants Programme

• Local solutions to global environmental
   problems exist

• Community-based initiatives and action

• SGP grants: direct to (CBOs) and (NGOs)
           SGP Focal Areas

•   Biodiversity conservation
•   International waters
•   Land degradation
•   Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
•   Climate Change – where renewable
    energy project grants are made
Renewable energy projects
represents 54% of all climate
change projects

               Thematic areas

                                OP5 (Energy
          7%                    efficiency)
                                OP6 (Renewable
•In terms of total GEF grants
of US$ 24 million, renewable
energy projects have
received US$ 13 Million
compared to US $ 9 and 2 for
energy efficiency and
sustainable transport.
                                     Grants (US$ millions)

                                                             OP5 (Energy
                                8%                           efficiency)
                                                             OP6 (Renewable
                         54%                                 OP11(transport)
               Project examples
• Hybrid solar –wind
  energy for lighting in the
  Palestine Authority
• Micro hydro power for
  community electricity
  production in the
  Dominican republic,
  Kenya, Philippines,
  Bolivia etc.
• Wind and solar energy for
  water pumping in Mali
  Project examples

Solar driers for
vegetables and
fruits in the
   Project examples

Wind energy for irrigation
in Tanzania,
        Project examples

Wind energy for
water pumping
and irrigation in
             Project examples

• Solar water heaters
  in Egypt

• Project has
  developed a
  revolving fund for
  maintenance and
         Project examples

• Solar cookers
  in Chile
Project examples

Solar lighting in rural Cuba
              Project examples

• In small islands in
  Lake Victoria

• Solar power
  cellphone recharging

• Solar powered
  telephone system
              Project examples

• Renewable energy
  farm in Lithuania

• Provides winter
  heating for a drug
  rehabilitation facility
  as well as material for
  handicrafts (baskets)
        SGP Future Plans
• Upscaling and replication of successful
  renewable energy projects
  SGP to make use of:
  - its almost global coverage of 115
  countries by end of 2006
  - presence of a country-driven National
  Steering Committees
  - experienced National Coordinators
        SGP Future Plans
• Upscaling and replication to involve
  more partnerships

 - mainstreaming with local government
 sustainable development programs
 - while only NGOs, CBOs and
 communities can be grantees of SGP,
 local governments can double resources
 available by cofinancing with SGP
        SGP Future Plans
• Upscaling and mainstreaming through:

 - innovative partnership with CRPM and
 nrg4SD (also with the UNDP Hub for
 Innovative Partnership in Geneva)

 - South-South and North-South sharing of
 resources and technology can occur
        SGP Grantmaking
• Regular grants: maximum of $50,000 to
  CBOs. NGOs, communities; approval
  by National Steering Committee

• Strategic projects: maximum of
  $150,000 to capable NGOs to cover
  larger projects; encourages
  partnerships for cofinancing and
Partnership with Local Government

                 • SGP National
                   Coordinator of Chile
                   with Village Head and

                 • SGP group in Chile
                   with Governor and
                   private sector
Financing energy activities through
• Partnerships with Governments,
  private sector, civil society and
  communities have leveraged US$ 16
  million in cash and US$ 12 million
  in-kind co-financing (total US$ 28
  million in co-financing) of GEF’s
  grants of US$ 24 million

• For example, of the US$ 16 million in
  cash co-financing, local Governments
  have directly contributed over US$ 2
  million and the European partners
  over US$ 3 million, (about 1/3 of
  total cash for CC projects

• The rest of the funds are from the civil
  society and communities who are
  also supported through charities and
  governments’ grants.
•RE have leveraged 56% of
cash co-financing from
partners equivalent to
US$ 9 million compared to
US$ 4 and 3 for energy
efficiency and sustainable
transport projects.
•The partners include               Cash co-financing US$ Million
Governments, local and
regional authorities from
developing countries and     19%
                                                              OP5 (Energy
                                               25%            efficiency)
partners in Europe (US$ 5                                     OP6 (Renewable
million for all climate                                       energy)

                                   56%                        OP11(transport)
change projects).

The promotion of renewable energy
requires steps beyond ‘business as
usual’ and thus itself requires a
renewal of links or partnerships that
allow resources to flow from those that
have to those that are in need.

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