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Differentiating Between Kentucky Individual Health Insurance and Group Insurance


Know the difference between kentucky health insurance and group insurance.

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									How Kentucky Individual Health Insurance Differs from Group Insurance
                                             Individual health insurance is meant for people who are not in an
                                             employer-sponsored or government-assisted health plan. Group
                                             insurance, as the name implies, refers to the coverage that an
                                             employer sponsors for his employees and their dependents. Most
                                             people have this kind of coverage. The employer co-shares the
                                             payment towards the monthly premium with the employee. Besides
                                             this basic difference, Kentucky individual health insurance differs
                                             from group insurance in many ways.

Individual Health Insurance KY – Features

The rules for individual health insurance in Kentucky are different from that in other US states. The main features
of individual health insurance KY are:

• In Kentucky, health insurance companies may deny individual health insurance to people who are in a high
health risk category.

• All indemnity, HMO and PPO health plans are standardized in Kentucky, though customized plans are also
available. An insurer cannot cancel your health plan due to your illness, but can raise premiums or deductibles at
the time of renewal.

• Benefits offered in Kentucky individual health insurance plans are usually not as extensive as with coverage
obtained through the work place. For instance, while maternity coverage or substance-abuse treatments are
standard offerings in group policies, these would be add-on options at an extra cost when you buy health
insurance on your own.

• Individual health plans have the advantage that they can be customized to suit specific needs. So you don’t
have to pay for coverage that you do not need, which often happens when you are in a group plan.

• Individual health coverage stays with you even when you are out of a job, a great advantage in these uncertain

The Kentucky individual health insurance scenario is changing. Health care reform now incorporates the Pre-
Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) so that people with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease
will have the opportunity to obtain insurance coverage. In 2014, insurers will be prohibited from denying
coverage to people on the basis of the state of their health.

Kentucky Group Health Insurance – Coverage Through an Employer

A company qualifies for Kentucky group health insurance, if it has between 2 and 50 employees. Employers
select one or two health plans and invite their employees to enroll.

• Group health insurance in Kentucky is available to all employees meeting the necessary conditions regardless
of the current state of their health or pre-existing conditions.

• In the case of a group plan, the benefits are determined by your employer in negotiation with the provider. So
that means you have little choice.
• With group insurance, all the employees are subject to medical underwriting as a whole. So the premium level
that everyone will pay is determined by health status of the entire group. This also means that if there are one or
more persons with a serious condition, the premium would go up.

• The amount paid towards employee premium is usually tax-deductible.

The advantage of group Kentucky health insurance is that it helps employers hire and retain the best workers.
Group policies also offer coverage for family members who are uninsured.

Find the Right Kentucky Health Insurance Plans

Whether you are an employer looking for suitable coverage for your work force or an individual seeking a
comprehensive health insurance plan in Kentucky, your best option is to contact an informed, professional health
insurance agent in for assistance. A reliable agent would be able to offer you all the guidance you need, including
quotes from leading health insurance providers. Their valuable expertise can help you choose the right Kentucky
individual health insurance or group plan.

About the Author:

Tracy Mc Manamon is the CEO of One Source Benefits. He and his associates have over 22 years of experience
in providing clients with comprehensive and affordable Kentucky individual health insurance plans. For more
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