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									                          BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET COUNCIL

                                                JOB DESCRIPTION

SERVICE:            Adult Social Services & Health

                                                                  POST NO:      62378
POST TITLE: Housekeeping Assistant
            (Cleaning & Laundry)                                  GRADE: S
            Registered Care Homes
RESPONSIBLE TO:                    Registered Care Home Manager or Senior Support Worker

DATE:               July 2008

1.       Purpose of Job

         To undertake domestic tasks which maintain a high standard of cleanliness
         and tidiness throughout the care home, taking into account the wishes of
         services users

         To undertale a laundry service for residents and a general laundry service for
         the care home which includes soft furnishings, table linens and uniforms

         Generally, employees will be allocated domestic or laundry tasks for the
         duration of a shift

         To contribute to effective team working under the direction of the Registered
         or Duty Manager which ensures delivery of a quality service to all users

2.       Principal Accountabilities

      a) Provision of a cleaning service

             To ensure that residents bedrooms, bathrooms and all communal
              areas are cleaned and tidied to high standards, ensuring that
              respect is paid to the dignity of residents at all times

             To ensure that all housekeeping practices are undertaken in
              accordance with good hygiene and infection control practice,
              ensuring that there is minimum risk for cross infection

             To ensure that all cleaning/storage cupboards are maintained in
              an orderly manner and that items are stored in accordance with
              COSHH guidelines

             To operate domestic cleaning equipment safely, and with regard to
              residents and colleagues, and in accordance with Health and
              Safety guidance and especially safe Moving and Handling

       b) Provision of a Laundry service

             To undertake the safe operation and cleaning of laundry
              equipment and to ensure that the laundry cupboards are
              maintained in an orderly fashion

             To sort laundry appropriately in preparation for laundering

             To sort, prepare and dispose of if necessary soiled laundry in accordance
              with good hygiene and infection control practice, ensuring that there is a
              minimum risk of cross infection

             To care for items, maintaining high quality standards, handwashing items
              as necessary, and in accordance with care instructions for laundering and
              to ensure that items are dried, aired and ironed as appropriate

             To label any laundry discretely (both general and personal) as required
              and in accordance with residents wishes and to provide a general mending
              service for general and personal items

             After completion of laundry to sort and store laundry (both general and
              personal) tidily and in appropriate cupboards (ensuring that residents
              personal laundry is sorted and ready for distribution to them)

             To ensure that soft furnishings in all areas of the home are well
              kept and maintained and to launder these items when necessary

       c) Health and Safety

             To promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in
              the workplace

             To take personal responsibility for reporting any situations which
              are, or potentially could be, considered hazardous to the Duty

             To ensure the safe method of working in all areas of the care
              home in which the post-holder is working, keeping the area(s) free
              from clutter and any unnecessary obstruction

             To ensure that any defects in any of the equipment used is
              reported when defect is identified to the Duty Manager

             To ensure the appropriate use and storage of all required
              chemicals/powders in accordance with COSHH regulations

      d) Other duties

             To undertake general dining-room/servery tasks, eg laying/waiting
              at/clearing tables/simple preparation of food and washing up as

             To carry out such other duties as are required and as are
              commensurate with the grade of the post

             To attend meetings and fire drills as necessary and as directed by
              the Duty Manager

             To ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times

             To contribute to the protection of indivudals from abuse through
              the adherence to the Vulnerable Adults Policy and at all times
              relating any issues or concerns to a line manager

             This job description contains the main duties relating to this post
              and does not describe in detail all the duties required to carry them

3.       Qualifications Knowledge & Experience

         1.   A basic level of literacy and numeracy

         2.   Practical skills and knowledge of safe operation of laundry and cleaning

         3.   Ability to communicate clearly and work as part of a team

         4.   In order to meet standards as set down by the Local Authority and the
              Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), all staff will be required to
              attend the induction programme at the start of their employment and attend
              all relevant training including health and safety training programmes
              throughout their employment

         5.   Staff will be expected to participate in training (both formal courses & on the
              job coaching) and NVQ when appropriate with a view to personal
              development, as identified by their line manager

4.       Physical Effort

         At certain points in the day the postholder will be expected to undertake
         bending, lifting and stretching in the course of their duties, eg mopping and
         hovering of floors, emptying bins, dusting skirting boards

         Manual handling of laundry and laundered goods forms a regular part of this

5.        Working Environment

         Due to the nature of cleaning there will be the expectation that the postholder
         will be exposed to dirt and dust which on occasions may be higher than

         To sort, prepare and dispose of (if necessary) soiled laundry

         During the laundering process there may be minor fluctuations in temperature
         within the laundry room

         The post holder will be required to carry out ironing duties using a rotary iron

Date effective .........................

Date Checked ........................

                          BATH & NORTH EAST SOMERSET COUNCIL

                                    Adult Social Services and Health

                                       EMPLOYEE SPECIFICATION

This Employee Specification is to include the essential or desirable qualities which
candidates should possess in order to satisfy the performance requirements of the
job and be part of the organisation as described in the approved job specification. It
should not include personal references which are not directly related to the duties
and responsibilities of the post and care must be taken to avoid any conflict with the
Authority’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Job Title:         Housekeeping assistant
Grade:             S

Personal Qualities

The ability to cope with the duties and responsibilities of the post and with the
associated working environment in accordance with the terms of Bath & North East
Somerset Council’s Access Policy. External candidates to be subject to a
satisfactory report from the Senior Occupational Health Physician.

                    ESSENTIAL                                                   DESIRABLE

   Practical skills and knowledge of the                            Knowledge of Health & Safety issues
    safe operation of cleaning and                                    and COSHH.
    laundry equipment                                                Life experience relevant to the post

   A commitment to and responsibility                               NVQ level 1 in cleaning
    for personal development and
    actively to take advantage of training


   A commitment and understanding to                                Demonstrate an awareness of the
    delivering person centred care                                    aging process and current changing
    practice.                                                         care practice for older people.
   To have demonstrated a willingness                               An understanding of working in a
    and ability to achieve a thorough                                 multi racial environment and the
    working knowledge of the Racial                                   needs of ethic minority groups.
    Equality Policy and other relevant                               Awareness of special dietary needs
    Equal Opportunities Policies and their                            relating to health conditions.
    related procedure and systems.


   A commitment to maintain a high
    standard of hygiene and cleanliness.
   Good communication skills both orally
    and written.
   The ability to relate to older people.
   The ability and commitment to
    comply with Health and Safety
    Regulations and COSHH.


   To be flexible and prepared to cover                             The ability to organise and prioritise
    duties for colleagues in their                                    work without direct supervision, under
    absence.                                                          the guidance of the care home
   To undertake the safe operation of                                manager or senior support worker
    cleaning and laundry equipment                                   To work as part of the wider team
                                                                      providing a service to residents


   Must be flexible, adaptable and deal                             To have an empathy with residents
    effectively with challenging situations.
   To work as part of a team
   To work under conditions of pressure
   Show enthusiasm and commitment
    for this work


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