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The Benefits of Soy Milk


									The Benefits of Soy Milk
By Ben Owen

Soy milk is the end product of the soya beans when ground and mixed together with water while
continuously heating it. It originated from China ages ago and has reached its neighboring Asian
countries like Japan, Korea and Malaysia. They have been using soy milk for centuries in
making their dishes and staple food, the tofu, and some of them have even included it to their
original recipes to enhance the taste. A lot of Americans are already using it today but others
are still in doubt. They are always asking these questions. What are the benefits of soy milk? Is
it really as beneficial as it claims to be?

Why Do People Use Soy Milk?

Debates regarding the essential benefits of soy milk are rampant these days. One of the leading
reasons why people use it is simply because it's a vegetable. We all know that vegetables help
us in our digestion and it's a very important source of fiber. Another reason why people use it is
that the nutritional content of this type of milk is higher compared to that of a regular cow's milk.
It does contain fat, but it's lower compared to the other product. People also use it because it
can be made at home and the ingredients are not that expensive. All that is needed is a little
patience and in a matter of hours, you can have your fresh glass of soy milk. What's even better
is if you have your own soy milk machine which makes the preparation faster and more
convenient than not having it. One more reason why people use it is because it is lactose free. It
does not hurt the stomach of those people with lactose intolerance so they are free to have it
and use it as a substitute for regular milk.

I think that the ancient Chinese people made a very wonderful discovery and invention of the
soy milk. Who would have thought that milk can be derived from vegetables? People ages ago
believed that milk can only be found in cows and nowhere else. With this product, the lactose
intolerance people have been given the chance to enjoy the taste as well as the benefits of a
regular cow's milk. The benefits of soy milk are even better compared to its constituent. Those
who don't have problems with their digestion will also agree that this milk is good for them and
most especially for those who are health conscious and who are vegetarians. I know some
vegetarians who still crave for dairy products. What they do is they substitute the soy milk and
make delicious dishes out of it, even ice cream. Not only that, unlike the typical kind of cow's
milk, this one can be made at home and the children can even help their mothers in the
preparation. With the use of a machine and proper instructions, even the kids can also prepare
it for themselves.

After learning the soy milk nutrition, you might consider adding soy into your daily diet. If you
want to learn more soy related topics, you can check out is soy milk good for you for your own

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