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Diocese   Alive in Christ
   The Magazine of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania, Orthodox Church in America   Volume XXI, No. 1   Spring, 2005

                      Christ is Risen!

                  Indeed He Is Risen!
                   1ooth Anniversary of St. Tikhon’s Monastery
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PASCHA        Christ is Risen!                               Indeed He is Risen!
         To the Very Reverend and Reverend Clergy, Monastics, and Faithful of the Orthodox Church
         in America:

         Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

                   nce again, we greet one another with these joyous words, words that not only embody
                   the essence of our Paschal celebration, but embody the very essence of our faith and
                   hope in the love of Our Lord.
             Central to our faith are the words of Saint Paul: “If Christ is not risen, our preaching is
         in vain and your faith is also in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14). Having desired to reconcile all
         creation to its Creator, the only-begotten Son of God took on our human flesh. He entered
         human history, time, and space, as one of us. He came not to be served but, rather, to serve.
         And in so doing, He revealed that God “is not the God of the dead, but of the living” (Matthew
         22:32), the God Who desired the renewal and transformation of His people and all creation with
         such intensity that He was willing to die, that life might reign. By His death and resurrection,
         He led us into a new promised land, one in which there is no sickness, sorrow, nor sighing, but
         life everlasting. It is this reality that we proclaim in that simple, yet profound, expression of
         faith, “Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!”
             As Orthodox Christians, however, we may never be content with sharing these words only
         with “our own.” Before His Ascension, the risen Lord commanded that the good news of His
         Resurrection be proclaimed to all nations, to those who continued to sit in darkness, to those
         who still had no hope. Who among us can doubt that the world in which we live, and the
         society in which we minister, is in desperate need of that new life which shines forth from the
         empty tomb of Christ? There are many who see modern culture as a “culture of death,” one
         which values life but only to the extent that it has some “productive meaning” or “youthful
         energy.” Recent events confirm that life is, in many instances, seen as expendable, if not
         disposable, when it appears to have no meaning, no value in relationship to others. Rather than
         falling into the hopelessness that attempts to find consolation in “death with dignity” and other
         similar hollow sentiments, are we not being challenged to share boldly the dignity accorded
         to all creation by the resurrection? Is not true dignity found precisely in the fact that God so
         loved the world that He reclaims it in the name of eternal life as “the God of the living?” And
         is not the dignity He accords “every man who came into the world” found and perfected in
         “the life of the world to come,” in which true dignity is found neither in sickness, nor sorrow,
         nor sighing, but life eternal?
             By His death, Christ endured the supreme indignity; by His Resurrection, He dignifies us,
         and all creation, by sharing with us His ultimate victory and divine glory, bringing us from the
         brink of hopelessness to the joy of eternal life. May we, during this most sacred time of the
         year and beyond, not only proclaim this, the essence of our faith, among ourselves, but may
         we seize every opportunity to proclaim, as did the apostles, the Risen Lord and the eternal life
         which He offers to one and all to those who have yet to embrace Him.

                         With love in the Risen Lord,

                         Archbishop of Washington and New York,
                         Metropolitan of All America and Canada,
                         Locum Tenens of the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania

            Your Diocese

                  Alive in Christ
                         Volume XX1 Number 1 Spring 2005
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                             Orthodox Church in America                                             Monastery Centennial: A Century of
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Editor’s note: The late spring and summer
                                                               Centennial of
of 2005 mark the completion of the first
century of existence of the holy Monas-                  St. Tikhon’s Monaster y
tery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk. The centen-
nial celebration is to be celebrated at the
annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage, May
                                                        Recalls Humble Beginning
27-30, 2005. The monastery falls within
the territorial boundaries the Diocese of
                                                           Presided by Saints
Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania,
and in view of the deep historical con-
nection between the holy habitation and
the parishes of our diocese, we dedicate
this issue to the centennial with the hope
that the faithful of our diocese, and all
our readers, will be inspired to join in the
commemoration and celebration of the
blessed and historic events marking St.
Tikhon’s founding a century ago.

         n Thursday, December 21, 1905,
         Archbishop Tikhon and Fr. Alex-
         ander Hotovitsky came from New
York City to lay the cornerstone for the
future St. Tikhon of Zadonsk Monastery.
They were met in the middle of the night
by the Priest-monks (Hieromonks) Arse-
ny Chagovtsev and Tikhon Rostovsky, the
latter of whom had just arrived from his
missionary labors in Hartshorne, Indian
Territory (now Oklahoma), having agreed
to become the spiritual guide of the new
community. Fr. Tikhon, a monk from the
Glinsk Hermitage in Russia, was appoint-
ed to be Acting Superior in the absences
of Fr. Arseny. Also greeting the arch-
bishop on that cold December night were
several novices and the orphans, holding
candles. The archbishop celebrated the
midnight office and matins with the breth-
ren. At noon, after the arrival of several
pilgrims from Mayfield and Fr. A. Bogo-
slavsky from Simpson, the cornerstone-                               St. Patriarch Tikhon and St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
laying ceremonies were celebrated. By
this time work on the building had already
progressed far.
    The first two novices were Andrew              By May, 1906, the main building had    ceremonies were scheduled for May 30,
Repella (later Archimandrite Anthony)          been constructed, and the monks had       which would be the first Memorial Day
and Constantine Chupek (later Igumen           made several improvements, including      pilgrimage to St. Tikhon’s. On May 28
Kiprian). Previously, lacking a priest, they   beehives, a well made in the shape of a   Saints Tikhon, Alexander, and Raphael,
had only been able to say morning and          cross, gardens, fruit trees, and a dam    and Bp. Innocent from Alaska were at the
evening prayers in the orphanage chapel.       placed across a stream in order to make   monastery. The visitors and Fr. Arseny
With Fr. Tikhon now in residence, regular      a small pond.                             toured the grounds in advance of the pil-
monastic services commenced.                      The consecration and formal opening                 Continued on the next page
Monastery Centennial                                                                           Raphael, St. Alexander Hotovitsky and
Continued from page 3                                                                          the monks.
grimage. That night was cold and rainy,                                                            Father (St.) Alexander described the
but May 29, wrote Fr. Arseny, “a wonder-                                                       moment of arrival of the procession thus:
ful, sunny morning showed all the mag-                                                         “Even though I had seen in Russia fes-
nificence of springtime . . . The souls of                                                      tive multitudes headed by Hierarchs, with
all of us were uplifted and with joy we                                                        thousands of church banners shining all
began preparing the arrangements . . .”                                                        about and thousands of vestments, the
Bishop Innocent and Fr. Arseny traveled                                                        procession here was more impressive.
to St. John’s Church in Mayfield, where                                                         This moment cannot be repeated! This
Fr. Arseny was pastor. They came to bring                                                      feeling cannot be expressed! I could not
back two holy icons, gifts for the new                                                         expect anything more from this proces-
monastery sent from Mount Athos. On                                                            sion! At this moment my whole being
their arrival at St. John’s at 3 p.m., church                                                  was filled with overflowing. Up till now
bells were ringing and the church was                                                          everything else that took place here in this
filled with people. While multitudes sang                                                       event is nothing in comparison to that mo-
hymns and an orchestra played outside, a                                                       ment when we were meeting that proces-
cross-procession moved to the train sta-                                                       sion.”
tion with the icons and banners and the                                                            Upon their arrival at the monastery,
American flag at the head.                              Hieromonk Arseny, ca. 1906              about 7:30-8:00 p.m, Saints Tikhon and
    Four reserved cars of a Delaware            the train crossed the mountain and made        Raphael served a litany before the new
& Hudson train brought several dozen            a special stop in the forest, at which point   icons. Fr. Alexander reported that Arse-
clergy and pilgrims, including choir sing-      the pilgrims resumed their procession, ar-     ny’s eyes filled with tears as he saw the
ers and children on their journey from          riving at the monastery after an 80-minute     new icons placed on the stands prepared
Mayfield to the monastery. The two icons         walk.                                          for them. Soon, the all-night vigil was
were placed on a couch in the middle of             Fr. Arseny described the occasion          served, ending at midnight. Most of the
one of the cars. Treasured to this day at       thus: “In Carbondale . . . a few American      pilgrims sleep in the open air.
St. Tikhon’s, one of the icons is of the        reporters came in an orderly way into the          The next morning, Memorial Day,
Theotokos, called “She Who is Quick to          coach and inquired as to what sort of fes-     was the Wednesday before Pentecost.
Hear,” and the other is of the Great Martyr     tival was taking place and who were its        (The holiday was at that time always on
and Healer Panteleimon.                         participants. Shortly the fast American        May 30, regardless of the day.) Trains
    As the train proceeded up the valley,       train took us quickly up a steep grade and     left Wilkes-Barre at 6:00 a.m. and each
the voices of the small children and all        through a thick woods . . . At last the de-    threaded the Wyoming and Lackawanna
those present filled the coach as they sang      sired destination! Right in the forest, in     Valleys, stopping at every station to pick
the hymns and the akathist before the           the place closest to the Monastery, a spe-     up pilgrims. The two valleys were home
icons. At Carbondale, the train stopped to      cial stop was made. In an orderly manner       to large numbers of Orthodox Russians,
pick up St. Alexis of Wilkes-Barre. Then        we got off the train and began to walk in      many of whom who worked mines and
                                                strict order . . . New and wonderful scenes    associated industries. St. Alexander wrote
                                                of nature were seen before us. Again the       that “the numbers of pilgrims who had ar-
                                                singing of the church hymns were heard         rived exceeded all expectation. One spe-
                                                over the forests and lands of the Ameri-       cial train had not been enough, and an-
                                                can farmers. Now and then people came          other special train had to be chartered to
                                                out of their houses and, with unconcealed      bring those who were willing to come to
                                                curiosity, met and saw off the procession.     the Monastery from the nearby parishes.
                                                The road was good and there was no dust        Twenty coaches were filled to capacity.”
                                                following the abundant rain which had          Each coach held 60 passengers; thus the
                                                fallen the day before . . .”                   pilgrims who arrived on these two trains
                                                    Fr. Arseny continued, “Children who        must have reached 1,200.
                                                were raised up in America and not ac-              The May 31, 1906 issue of the Scran-
                                                customed to make such a journey by foot        ton Tribune reported that the pilgrims
                                                became very tired and the people began to      disembarked “at the new station on the
                                                ask the question, ‘How soon is the Holy        Honesdale branch of the Delaware and
                                                Monastery?’ As an answer to that ques-         Hudson road, at Swackhammer’s switch.”
                                                tion, soon all saw in the middle of the        On June 5, 1906 the Carbondale Leader
                                                deep forest a blue cupola with a three-        printed this notice: “The Delaware and
                                                barred Cross.” At the monastery gate, the      Hudson company has granted the request
       “She Who is Quick to Hear”               procession was greeted by St. Tikhon, St.      of the members of the Russian colony
near the new monastery in South Canaan,
by providing a flag station at Swackham-
mer’s [farm], at the foot of the mountain
east of Farview. The name of the station
is ‘Canaan.’” Thus the pilgrims disem-
barked at the site of a new station which
would serve the settlers and the monastery
in the coming years; the site was then, ac-
cording to Fr. Arseny’s description, just a
place in the forest.
    After leaving the train on May 30, the
throngs of pilgrims walked the 2.7 miles
to the monastery, forming, as newspaper
reported, a half-mile long procession as
they went. The large numbers of pilgrims
were greeted at the monastery gates by
Bp. Innocent and Fr. Arseny.
    Services lasted from 9 a.m. and till                                      Building Dormition Church
4 p.m. The newly built monastery was
consecrated by St. Tikhon. St. Tikhon
was vested and the first two novices of
the monastery were tonsured to Riasa-
phor; Fr. Arseny was elevated to Igumen.
Bp. Innocent led a procession to the old,
temporary church, in the orphanage. In
the new monastery building, the clergy
washed the altar table as the first part of
the consecration of the holy temple. Bp.
Innocent took up and carried on his head
the discos holding the holy relics, which
had been used in the temporary altar in
the orphanage. Fr. Tikhon took the tempo-
rary altar and brought it in procession im-
mediately behind Bp. Innocent, to be used
by St. Raphael in celebrating the outdoor
liturgy. Bp. Innocent carried the relics
around the new church and placed them
before the doors. Archbishop (St.) Tikhon
then took them up on his head and car-                            Father Arseny welcomes pilgrims, May 30, 1906
ried them into the church and placed them
in the new holy table there. The Mayfield      continued till now.) St. Alexis preached        untiring way, always hoping in the bless-
choir sang the service in the church and      following the gospel. Following the lit-        ing of God, of the respected Mayfield
St. Tikhon served the Divine Liturgy.         urgy, a greeting was delivered by St. Ra-       Rector, Fr. Igumen Arseny, for the real-
    Meanwhile, after the consecration,        phael in which he commented on the new          ization of this glorious act — the found-
His Grace Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn         monastery: “Remember, brethren, re-             ing of this Holy Monastery. I distinctly re-
stepped outside and served the Divine         member the time, the time otherwise dis-        member his usual answer to the question
Liturgy with St. Alexis, the singing be-      tant, only about a year ago, when the act       of each of us, ‘How is the construction of
ing provided by the Wilkes-Barre choir        of founding this Monastery presented it-        the Monastery to be effected when it is
and other singers who came, numbering         self as being almost impossible — impos-        in want for sufficient things for her con-
300 in all. According to the newspaper        sible, that is, in such a short time. Once it   struction and subsistence?’ And always
account, the total number of assembled        was founded, however, it was founded in         he answered, ‘It is nothing. God blesses
pilgrims was estimated at 2,000. The out-     a very short time. And how was this so? It      and it will be constructed!’ And, in reality,
door liturgy was served to accommodate        was God Who blessed this, and when God          by the blessing of God, his word became
the great crowd. (The tradition of two lit-   blesses, nothing is able to hinder it. It is    action, his labors were crowned with
urgies, one in the monastery church, and      impossible, however, to pass by in silence      complete success — the Holy Monas-
one served in more spacious surroundings      those exemplary labors, struggles, works        tery has been constructed! And so, honor
to accommodate the many pilgrims, has         and endeavors, which were applied in an                        Continued on the next page
Monastery Centennial
Continued from page 5
and praise to this pious Priestmonk who,
through his strong hope in the blessing of
God, attained the realization of his plan-
ning and the approval and blessing of our
most noble and zealous Archpastor, His
Holiness Archbishop Tikhon, and by the
merciful Right Hand of the Master sup-
porting gloriously the founding of this
Holy Monastery. What can I say now to
you the brethren of this Holy Monastery?
I say to you: Ceaselessly bless God — in
word and deed — and be assured, that
the blessing of God will be with you, and
if the blessing of God will be with you,
then by all means it will be so ordered and
your own deeds will be the deeds of your
salvation. And so all of us will be hear-
ers of pious things, blessing God, say-
ing constantly, ‘Blessed is our God’ and
‘Blessed be the Name of the Lord,’ so that
the blessing of God, which was with us,
will always be with all of you, now and
ever and unto ages of ages.”
    St. Patriarch Tikhon gave an address
at the end of the liturgy celebrated inside
the Monastery Church, in which he spoke
about the importance of the monastic life,
of Orthodoxy in America, and in general
exhorted the brothers of the new monas-
tery. “Is it not a vain dream and a waste of
effort and funds to organize a monastery,
with its contemplative and eastern way of
life, in a land whose inhabitants are known
throughout the world for their practical
                                                                           Archway to Bishop’s Residence
needs, external efficiency and a lifestyle
of worldly comforts? Is this fertile soil      If people enter them from amongst those       and hid in three measures of meal, till it
for the sowing of monasticism? Will the        usually considered to be ‘practical,’ then    was all leavened’ (Matt. 13:33).
seed not fall into the thorns among those      we have reason to hope that our monas-            “The future is hidden from man’s lim-
for whom the cares of this world and the       tery will not remain without inhabitants      ited vision, and we do not know at present
seductions of wealth drown out the word,       from among the Russian people who have        what will be brought into the life of this
and it bears no fruit? (Matt. 13:7).           long been noted for their love and attach-    land by the constantly increasing wave
    “Yet, surely these people cannot be        ment to monasteries, their longing for the    of Slavic immigration and the gradually
wholly without bursts of idealism, long-       heavenly, and their detachment from the       growing Orthodox Church. We would like
ings for heaven, concerns for ‘the one         worldly things of this life. Let us hope      to believe, however, that they will not re-
thing needful’ (Luke 10:42), and a nos-        that our monastery, presently small by the    main here without a trace, that they will
talgia for the inner man, overcome by          number of its brotherhood, will become        not vanish in a foreign sea, and that they
worldly vanity? Let us not hasten to con-      like the mustard seed, ‘which is the small-   will deposit into the spiritual treasury of
demn. ‘For what person knows a man’s           est of all seeds, but when it has grown it    the American people the qualities that
thoughts except the spirit of the man          is the greatest of all shrubs and becomes a   are peculiar to the Slavic nature and the
which is in him?’ (I Cor. 2:1 1). ‘Do not      tree, so that the birds of the air come and   Russian Orthodox people: a hunger for
judge by appearances’ (John 7:24). Even        make nests in its branches’ (Matt. 13:32).    the spiritual, a passion for the heavenly,
here there are living souls that thirst for    The hopes and desires of my heart go          a longing for universal brotherhood, con-
the Lord and long for true, unworldly life.    further: I would like our monastery to be-    cern for others, humility, feelings of re-
We know that here, among the non-Ortho-        come, according to the words of the Sav-      pentance, and patience. The most beauti-
dox, entire monastic communities exist.        ior, ‘like a leaven which a woman took        ful nursery for the raising of such feelings,
                                                                                                 but in a wilderness, amidst a dense forest,
                                                                                                 where only recently the three-barred cross
                                                                                                 shone. The thick forest of church banners,
                                                                                                 hymns in various parts of the grounds, the
                                                                                                 celebration of services, reminded one of
                                                                                                 the ancient monasteries of Holy Russia...
                                                                                                 O Mother! O Holy Orthodox Church!
                                                                                                 Come and see! Behold your children who
                                                                                                 have come to glorify the Lord whom you

                                                                                                                    * * *
                                                                                                      This Memorial Day, 2005, will mark
                                                                                                 the centennial of the July, 1905 open-
                                                                                                 ing of the monastery and orphanage, the
                                                                                                 blessing of the grounds, and first Divine
                                                                                                 Liturgy celebrated on the site, by St. Ra-
                                                                                                 phael. It will be the 100th Memorial Day
                    Fr. Repella giving sermon, Memorial Day, 1920                                pilgrimage. Scores of hierarchs, monas-
                                                                                                 tics and hundreds of priests and thousands
                                                                                                 of faithful will assemble to solemnize the
                                                                                                 hundredth anniversary of the founding
                                                                                                 of the first Orthodox monastery in North
                                                                                                 America. Please make plans to be with us
                                                                                                 to celebrate the centennial of our beloved
                                                                                                 St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church and pray
                                                                                                 over the graves of the visionary spiritual
                                                                                                 leaders of the Orthodox Church in Amer-
                                                                                                      By making this pilgrimage, you be-
                                                                                                 come a part of the sacred history of our
                                                                                                 monastery. This holy monastery belongs
                                                                                                 to you, she is a beacon of light for the
                                                                                                 darken world we live in. The Holy Mon-
                                                                                                 astery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk has held
                                                                                                 uninterrupted services for 100 years,
                                                                                                 praying and interceding before the Holy
                                                                                                 Icon of the Mother of God, “She is Who
                                                                                                 is Quick to Hear” for us and for the salva-
for the preservation and increase of this     celebrated. The clergy returned to their           tion of the world.
spiritual leaven, is precisely an Orthodox    parishes that evening and the next day. St.             By participating in the holy services,
monastery. Therefore, look down from          Tikhon stayed at the monastery during the          and walking the hollowed grounds, we
Heaven, O God, upon the Monastery now         summer of 1906.                                    make a pilgrimage deep into the desert of
founded, and behold and visit this vine             This was the first Memorial Day Pil-          our souls and find peace and tranquillity
which you have planted with your right        grimage at St. Tikhon’s Monastery. Fr.             and the joy of the Risen Christ. The great-
hand, and establish it.”                      Arseny wrote this general description of           est journey we will make in our life, has
    Afterwards, a meal was served in the      the day: “It is fitting and right for every         the shortest distance: “from our mind to
dining hall for the bishops, clergy and       participant in this great and glorious festi-      our hearts.”
brethren, with a reading, according to the    val of the consecration of our holy monas-              If you make that short journey, you
monastic rule. The pilgrims, far too numer-   tery to cry out with joy. Three Hierarchs,         will listen to your heart and be with us
ous to be accommodated indoors, dined         a gathering of clergy, and thousands of            and the thousands of pilgrims, as we of-
on the large quantities of food brought in    pilgrims were gathered from the west and           fer thanks to Almighty God for the salva-
that morning on wagons for this purpose.      the north, from the sea and from the east,         tion we find in Christ, and for the gift of
They departed quickly to catch the train,     in order to feast with joy this glad event in      St. Tikhon’s Monastery and the mercy of
so as not to be late for work the next day.   the life of the American Orthodox Church           God imparted to this holy place over for
The icons were carried to the monastery       . . . [T]his first festival in America . . . this   the past hundred years.
spring where the blessing of waters was       took place, not in a noisy populated city,                      --Archpriest John Kowalczyk
                  The Founding of
              St. Tikhon’s Monaster y
    In South Canaan, Pennsylvania, 1905-1906
                                                                               Part IV

The previous installment of the present
series in commemoration of the centen-
nial ended with the conclusion of the July
31, 1905 blessing of the orphan’s home,
chapel, and monastery grounds and cel-
ebration of the first Divine Liturgy on the
site of the future monastery church. We
now temporarily return in our narrative
to the spring and summer of 1905 in order
focus particularly on the events that took
place exactly a century ago.

              rthodox monastic life is rooted
              in the life of the Church, being
              a natural and organic develop-
              ment in Church life. However,
as related in the opening installment of
this series, in more concrete terms the
genesis of St. Tikhon’s Monastery can be
traced to an idea promoted by Hieromonk
Arseny, and a decision taken on May
15, 1905, at the Sixth Convention of the
Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual-Aid                                                      Monastery Church with monks
Society (ROCMAS) in Cleveland, Ohio.
    Eleven days after the convention,
Archbishop Tikhon (St. Tikhon of                              a chapel on their property — had offered      the horses were readied, and the Most
Moscow) and Fr. Arseny visited prospec-                       to allocate part of their land and, to some   Reverend Vladiko, accompanied by Fr.
tive sites for the new monastery and or-                      extent, help with expenses in order that a    Arseny, set out on his way in an open car-
phanage. Fr. Arseny wrote about their                         male monastic community could be insti-       riage. The road lay through the populous
mission in the church newspaper, the                          tuted near their chapel. In addition, there   and busy town of Carbondale, where the
Russian Orthodox America Messenger:1                          is this consideration. At the sixth conven-   attention of curious passersby was often
    “The days of May 26 and 27 were                           tion of the Orthodox Mutual Aid Society,      drawn to the tall traveler distinguished by
devoted to a special, extraordinary under-                    a question had been raised regarding the      unusual clothes. Vladiko, having gotten
taking of the Archbishop, which involved                      establishment of an orphanage for the         used to all those curious stares and inquir-
trips to distant farms in a carriage. The rec-                orphaned children of society members.         ing glances, calmly proceeded on his way.
tor of the Mayfield parish, Fr. Hieromonk                      And, following Fr. Arseny’s suggestion,       ...
Arseny, reported to His Eminence that                         the question was asked, Could the estab-          “During the ride we had the chance,
some farmers — Rusyns,2 who had erected                       lishment of the orphanage be tied to that     though from a distance, to admire the new
                                                              of the monastic community?                    Orthodox church in Simpson, which the
1. The periodical also bore the Russian title Amerikanskii
   Pravoslavnii Vestnik.
                                                                  “The Archbishop, who held these           Archbishop was seeing for the first time,
2. The Rusyns (also called Carpatho-Rusyns, Carpatho-         good intentions close to his heart, under-    and where he planned to serve the follow-
   Russians, Russians, and Ruthenians) were a Slavic people
   whose European homeland was centered in an area of the
                                                              took a journey to gain familiarity with the   ing Sunday. With joy Vladiko made the
   Austro-Hungarian Empire known as Sub-Carpathian Rus’,      conditions and prospects for achieving        sign of the cross, directing his eyes toward
   and whose ancestors had migrated westward from present
   day Ukraine.
                                                              both tasks. Friday morning at 7 o’clock       the splendid temple — a new flower blos-
soming3 in the wilderness. And he gave                                                                         ing the chapel and giving his approval of
thanks to God, who is bestowing so much                                                                        its erection, Vladiko expressed his desire
help on our mission which daily grows                                                                          to walk and survey the surrounding land
from strength to strength.                                                                                     to determine its suitability for the future
    “And then the last cottages of the in-                                                                     cloister. It turned out that the barren-
habitants of the town and adjacent vil-                                                                        ness of the terrain (it was not particularly
lages flew past, and the travelers found                                                                        abundant in natural wealth) and the small
themselves in the lap of breathtaking na-                                                                      size of the donated parcel meant that only
ture amidst the mountains and forests of                                                                       a skete community could be considered,
Pennsylvania. At this point, the sound of                                                                      while establishing an orphanage was out
human voices could no longer be heard,                                                                         of the question, as a doctor’s call, for in-
while at the same time the feathery cho-                                                                       stance, costs $3.50.
risters began singing their marvelous                                                                              “After accepting a light meal at
praise to the creator, giving rise to heart-                                                                   the humble dwelling of a Rusyn, His
felt feelings of sweetness in the hearts                                                                       Eminence set out on his way back. Having
of the riders. Electric trolleys no longer                                                                     weighed all arguments, both pro and con,
fly past our field of vision, incessantly                                                                        he decided to accept the invitation of
crossing the road, but streams of life-                                                                        other Rusyn farmers who lived closer to
giving springs appear, crossing our path                                                                       Mayfield . . .
and evoking quiet feelings. Here, by the                                                                           “Early in the morning on Saturday,
roadside, lies an oak tree, decaying — a                                                                       a trip was again undertaken to survey a
century-old witness of these virgin lands.                                                                     new place for the monastic community
And there, one might see a giant boulder                                                                       and orphanage. Here the land was more
which a wandering wild beast must have                                                                         picturesque; the commute was more con-
used to rest upon in the deep cold of win-                                                                     venient, and most importantly, the farm-
ter, where now, in summertime, only a                                                                          ers, from their generosity, agreed to do-
wild hen makes her stand while looking                            Archimandrite Anthony Repella, first          nate fifty acres of land or, if we should
round on a morning heavy with dew.                                monk at St. Tikhons                          agree to this, to match the cost of this land
    “A little farther on, right above the                                                                      by giving us the right to buy one of the
road, a real waterfall appears in its splen-                      a chapel which was the fruit of the zeal-    neighboring farms available for sale.
dor. From the steep rocky mountain, crys-                         ous love of a four-member flock of the            “After surveying the offered land quite
tal clear water cascades down noisily.                            Orthodox mission. Even from a distance       thoroughly, questioning extensively about
And even here, the people did not hesitate                        you could make out the bustle of those       everything and having the benefactors re-
to take advantage of this, by attaching, at                       gathered around the chapel and prepar-       peat their pledge, the Archbishop turned
the point where the water hits the ground,                        ing to meet the distinguished unexpected     to the east, said a brief prayer asking for
a wooden conduit leading to a small,                              guest. When the carriage came to the cha-    God’s blessing for this undertaking, and
natural rock basin, whence they draw the                          pel, Vladiko was literally lifted from the   authorized Fr. Arseny to sign a written
water and water tired horses.                                     carriage and his hands were covered with     agreement with the farmers . . . The return
    “Vladiko Archbishop expressed his                             kisses. In the chapel Vladiko put on his     journey was spent in conversation about
admiration by getting out of the carriage                         epitrachilion and miter and began to serve   organizing the future cloister, the dif-
and drawing some of the quiet waters                              a moleben to the Holy Theotokos, since       ficulty of finding worthy people and the
with his hand. He drank it, not because of                        the church was devoted to the birth of the   fact that God’s mercy does not abandon
thirst, but to pay tribute to this wonderful                      Most Holy Theotokos.                         our Orthodox mission, revealing its hand
spring and leave his Archbishop’s bless-                              “Fr. Arseny was singing on the cleros;   in such a generous gift under such favor-
ing on it. Amidst this wonderful nature                           the ten candles did not flood the chapel      able conditions. We had to stop the horses
even a long road seemed to be short.                              with light, and magnificent chandeliers,      a few times, so that from the height of the
    “We soon reached the mountain. Upon                           lampstands, banners and crosses were         Pennsylvania mountains we could feast
crossing the summit, we could see gray                            nowhere to be seen. There were no rugs       our eyes on the breathtaking nature that
houses of our Rusyn farmers, and there                            covering the floor of the chapel, which is    adorns the valleys with beautiful lakes
soon appeared the three-barred cross on                           done even in the poorest parishes when       and meadows.”4
                                                                  greeting bishops. But the soul of everyone       Both of the horse-and-carriage jour-
3. The author uses the word krin which in the Old Russian (like
   the Greek krinos) means lily. The three-petal design of this   was overflowing with the light of unutter-    neys just described by Fr. Arseny in-
   flower was considered as a symbol of the threefold virginity    able joy and a special solemnity was felt    volved crossing the Moosic Mountains,
   of the Theotokos -- virgin before, during and after Christ’s
   birth. In addition, the three cupolas on many churches, such   amidst the most humble setting. At the       4. “Visit of His Eminence, The Most Reverend Tikhon,
                                                                                                                 Archbishop of The Aleutians and Alaska to the Eastern
   as St. Basil’s Church in Simpson, was also considered as       end of moleben the Archbishop offered a        States,” RAOM 9:13, July 1/14, 1905 p. 248-251. Texts in this
   symbolic of the same threefold virginity of holy Virgin, and
   therefore the church and its cupolas are likened to a flower,   brief but expressive word that moved us        installment have been translated by Alexander Maximov.
   a lily.                                                        to tears of tender emotion. After examin-                         Continued on the next page
Monastery Centennial
Continued from page 9
a ridge marking the southern edge of the
Lackawanna Valley, home to the Mayfield
parish and other Orthodox parishes. The
first journey took them over a well trav-
eled road from Carbondale to where the
farmers had their chapel; the second
journey, undertaken from Mayfield to
South Canaan was, as Fr. Arseny noted,
a shorter, “more convenient commute”
route, but it was a back road or path over
the mountain, not shown on maps in its
entirety either then or now. This was the
route utilized by many early pilgrims to
the monastery, including those coming
for the July 31 dedication of the grounds;
it also would be used by Fr. Arseny to
commute from his rectory in Mayfield to                                          Metropolitan Theophilus with priests
the monastery and orphan home.
    Immediately after the two journeys       the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania.              Cleveland toward the Orphan’s Home)
by St. Tikhon and Fr. Arseny, Fr. Arseny     St. Tikhon inserted his official resolution            and appointed Fr. Arseny as project orga-
penned his formal report to the Archbishop   near the top of the report, dated May 31,             nizer. The combined document5 appeared
concerning their mission. The land they      1905. He also donated $100 of his own                 in the Messenger (see box below).
had decided to purchase was the farm         funds to the project (this was in addition                Shortly thereafter St. Tikhon gave a
of E. Wagner, located in South Canaan        to $50 he had given at the convention in              further $1000 — $500 for the monastery
Township in western Wayne County, in         5. ROAM June 1/14, 1905, 9:11, p. 225-226.            and $500 for the home. Fr. Arseny also

     To His Eminence, the Most Reverend Tikhon, Archbishop of the Aleutians and North America, from the rector of
     the Mayfield Church, Hieromonk Arseny

     To this report is affixed the following resolution:

     “May 31, 1905. The blessing of God is called upon the worthy undertaking to establish a monastic community in
     North America. Send $100 of my own funds to the care of Fr. Hieromonk Arseny, whom I appoint to be organizer
     of the future community. The deed of the donated land must be in the name of the diocesan authority.”

                                                    ARCHBISHOP TIKHON
     Your Eminence,
     The Most Reverend Vladiko!
         You witnessed and took part in the joy which was begotten for the entire American Orthodox mission by the
     Orthodox Rusyns who are in the care of my Mayfield parish.
         On May 28, 1905, the Orthodox Rusyns Kirill Stavitsky, Kirill Kelichava, Klement Buranich who live on their
     own farms amidst the breathtaking wilderness of the Pennsylvania mountains, offered 59 acres of arable land
     as a gift to the Orthodox mission in America, to erect a church and establish a men’s monastic community. It
     is also suggested that an orphanage and an almshouse be established for the children and elderly who are in
     the care of the Orthodox flock. This possibility was raised during the Sixth Convention of the Orthodox Mutual
     Aid Society in Cleveland, and was referred to a specially elected Committee for further investigation. Filled with
     unutterable joy on this occasion and being one of the laborers in the American mission field, I believe it is timely
     to address your Eminence with the most humble request to: 1) grant me the authority to accept the offered land
     and record the deed; 2) give instructions regarding in whose name the deed should be recorded; 3) select and
     appoint, through your archpastoral resolution, a person who would accept the responsibility of arranging for the
     construction of the first buildings and of selecting worthy men for the community.
         The most humble servant of Your Eminence
                                                                 Hieromonk Arseny

                                                                                 Bishop Appolinary with orphans

                                          and Hieromonk Arseny. Shortly after-                         love is eager to share one possible path
                                          wards, in his joy at this milestone and re-                  that leads in the path of Christ’s com-
                                          alizing its significance, Fr. Arseny wrote                    mandments.”6
                                          to Archpriest Alexander Hotovitsky, the                          At the same time, Fr. Arseny an-
                                          editor of the Messenger and future mar-                      nounced the founding of the monastery
                                          tyr:                                                         and orphanage in the pages of Svet:7
                                               “REJOICE! Today, to my great joy,                           “I consider it my sacred duty to in-
Hierodeacon Nikodim and Monk Barsanu-     I have accomplished an important and                         form the entire American Rus about the
phii, St. Tikhon’s Monastery, 1921        holy endeavor of purchasing the desig-                       great joy which is a giant step forward in
                                          nated farm for the holy cloister and an                      the process of organizing of the moral-
                                          orphanage. My vision, which used to be                       religious life of the Russian people in
                                          like a dream, is coming true and being                       America.
                                          transformed into reality. So let this reality                    “On 13/26 June of this year, with the
                                          bring joy to the field of our action, and                     permission and blessing of His Eminence,
                                          prove to our successors in this labor, that                  our Archbishop Tikhon, I purchased a
                                          the days of our lives were not deprived of                   large farm not far from Mayfield (half
                                          the evident action of God’s Providence in                    an hour ride by train) — 82 acres of land
                                          the field of our service to God and earnest                   with all amenities (8 room house, a stable,
                                          carrying out of the high commandment                         sauna) a good orchard (180 apple trees)
                                          to love one’s neighbor! Let any restless                     and a beautiful stream. It is proposed that
                                          soul find peace for itself amidst the sturdy                  on this farm a church would be erected
                                          cliffs of our cloister, and let the hard and                 and a monastic community founded, the
                                          immovable heart soften up in the lap of                      brothers of which, with their labors of
                                          wonderful nature, amidst the birds sing-                     prayer and earnest physical work, would
                                          ing praise, in a wonderful choir, to the                     spread the light of the Eastern Orthodox
                                          Creator, and fluttering pheasants (just to-                   monastic life throughout the whole of
                                          day I have learned that these birds are not                  America, attracting all who labor and are
                                          uncommon on our property)!                                   heavy laden with the yoke of a sorrowful
                                               “Let all the tears of the orphans pour                  life, to prayer and peace of mind.
                                          into the hollow of our valley of Christ,                         “An orphanage for the children of
                                          and we, with the fire and warmth of all                       American Orthodox and non-Orthodox
                                          the love we can give, will transform them                    Rusyns and also an almshouse for the el-
    Archpriest Alexander Hotovitsky       into an incense rising to the throne of the                  derly and disabled members of the Society
                                          Most High form the depths of the loved                       could be opened here with the monastic
donated $300, and four of his parishio-
                                          and warmed hearts of the orphans.
ners from Mayfield donated $700.                                                                        7. This announcement appeared as part 2 of the article, “From
                                               “It is not a spirit of pride and conceit                   Dream to Reality,” just cited. The source was given as “Svet
    The formal purchase, concluded June                                                                   #23.” The periodical Svet bore the parallel titles in Roman
                                          that speaks these words, but the spirit of
26, 1905 for the sum of $2580, was exe-   6. “From Dream to Reality,” ROAM 9:13, July 1/14, 1905, p.
                                                                                                          letters, “Svit - The Light.”

cuted in the names of Archbishop Tikhon      258-260.                                                                       Continued on the next page
Monastery Centennial
Continued from page 11
community on the basis of statutes which
will be worked out by a special committee
which was elected during the 6th conven-
tion of the Orthodox Mutual Aid Society.
    “While the monastic community is
being organized, while the committee is
working out the statutes for the orphanage
and the almshouse, and until those are ad-
opted by the Mutual Aid Society, I, with
the blessing of the His Eminence Tikhon,
announce the opening of the orphanage,
beginning 15/28 July of this year, and I
take personal financial responsibility to
support the orphans with help from other
kind people.
    “The orphanage is opening with the
following temporary conditions: 1. The
children of Orthodox Rusyns and Uniates
1 to 6 years old are accepted. In case of
dire need children older or younger can
be accepted. 2. Children who are sent to
the orphanage must be: a) either complete
orphans without father or mother, b) or
orphans without a mother, c) or orphans
without a father, d) or orphans without a
mother whose father is ill. 3. The orphans’
upkeep at the orphanage is free, but the
clothes in which the orphans arrive will
be kept. 4. Orphans must be brought to
the orphanage by someone from among
their relatives or caretakers, with a writ-
ten certificate from the local Brotherhood
or priest regarding their orphanhood
and neediness. 4. All inquiries should
be directed to this address: Rev. Arseny
Chahovzov, P.O. Box 4 Mayfield, Pa.
    “I also report that the above-men-
tioned farm was purchased for $2600,
a thousand dollars of which has already
been paid . . . The rest of the $1600 re-
mains as debt which must be paid as soon
as possible.                                              St. Alexander Hotovitsky
    “I humbly thank all those kind people
who have helped me begin this worthy
and holy undertaking with their generous
sacrifices. I address all American Rusyns       St. Tikhonʼs Summer Camp
regardless of their affiliations or faith and
call upon them: Kind people, respond and
                                                      July 3-9, 2005
help this worthy undertaking come to fru-      St. Tikhonʼs Seminary, South Canaan, PA
ition! Help us wipe away the tears of the              For Reservations Contact:
crying orphans and give them a place to                 Martin Paluch, Box 130
reside and food to eat, while substituting              South Canaan PA 18459
for their parents whom they lost through
the will of God.”                                  570-937-4686 /
                           To be continued.
                                   Memories of St. Tikhon’s
         s we all know, memories are            rative book -- only $2.00.” Back then it       store. It was a tiny wooden building that
         things you remember over and           was soft-covered and spiral-bound and in       was hardly wide enough for two people
         over throughout the years -- hap-      black and white -- a far cry from the Tik-     to pass each other while browsing. Books,
py and sad ones. Today, I would like to         honaire printed today. I remember at one       crosses, icons, music, candles, I remem-
take you through happy memories of my           of the pilgrimages, we received a little       ber most. There were icons of all types
years of growing up and our family visits       white ribbon with an inscription on it for     and sizes on the wall, and in the small
to St. Tikhon’s.                                the pilgrimage, asking St. Tikhon to pray      display case; there wasn’t an empty spot
    The annual pilgrimage to St. Tikhon’s       for us, along with a tiny gold plated cross.   in this little shop. Quite a contrast to the
held Memorial Day Weekend was a spe-            Mine still hangs in my car today. Having       bookstore we are fortunate to have today.
cial time every year. In fact, every visit to   this ribbon travel with me every day gives     So many people were lined up to enter
St. Tikhon’s was special to me. In the ear-     me the chance to reflect on the special pil-    the tiny bookstore, and once you finally
ly ‘60s when I first remember coming up          grimage to St. Tikhon’s that year.             got into it, it was hard to see everything.
here, driving to Pennsylvania from Long             The Tikhonaire had stories and pho-        Ever since I was a child, I loved to collect
Island, driving over bridges and long tun-      tos of the current and future graduates, a     icons (something I must have picked up
nels, through the streets of Manhattan,         schedule of events for the weekend, pho-       from my parents) -- icons of all sorts and
the long tunnels through the mountains,         tos from other churches, patron ads listed     types. Unfortunately, being a small girl of
and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, kept us          by parish, photos of the staff at St. Tik-     twelve made it hard to see what the book-
amused as we watched all the surround-          hon’s, along with photos of special events     store had to offer. But small as it was,
ings pass by. Then after driving for hours,     throughout the year and from the previ-        this little building had such character, and
suddenly we were on single lane roads           ous pilgrimage. It was great as a book of      people just patiently waited their turn to
winding our way through the towns of the        memories and even as a reference book          get inside and purchase items.
Pocono Mountains -- up one hill and down        through the year. I must have about fifteen         I remember, over the years, walking
the next, farmland, small towns with just       different issues of the Tikhonaire in my       down the road to a little creek past the
a store and gas station -- so different from    home library, which I still enjoy reading.     metropolitan’s residence, and stopping to
the suburban neighborhoods I was accus-             Once the car was parked in the field,       lean over the guardrail and listen to the
tomed to. I remember towns like Scranton        my parents let me go off on my own to          brook beneath me. I also remember when
and Wilkes-Barre where we would try to          wander around the grounds and look for         there was just a small cemetery with just
find the cupolas gleaming in the sky on          my friends. Many people would come for         a few headstones -- and look at how many
top of the churches as we passed through        the entire weekend, and others just for the    have now chosen St. Tikhon’s as their
these towns. Then there were towns like         Monday celebration. Since we came just         resting place. I remember the small cha-
Lake Ariel and then Waymart. I remem-           for the day, I was determined to cram in as    pels dotting the grounds everywhere and
ber on one of our first visits to St. Tik-       much as possible whether it was with my        the long row of tall trees on both sides
hon’s, when we arrived in the center of         friends or on my own.                          of a dirt walkway near the cemetery that
Waymart, there was a little sign that read          There were hierarchical services go-       provided shade from the Memorial Day
“St. Tikhon’s Monastery” with an arrow          ing on in a small outdoor pavilion, with       heat. There were tables and benches all
showing the direction to turn -- believe        the deep voices of the deacons and priests     around and people sitting, talking, walk-
me the sign was easy to miss it was so          reciting litanies, bishops standing on their   ing around and, of course, enjoying the
small! But once we arrived in Waymart           orletsi and then coming out to bless the       ethnic Russian foods that were available.
we knew it wasn’t much longer to our            thousands of people with the trikiri and       Who could resist all those delicious foods
destination. Of course, there were cars         dikiri, and the voices of the beautiful a      -- haluptsi, peirogis, and kolbasi, to name
in front of us and they were all going to       cappella choirs responding to the dea-         a few.
the same place, so as we got closer to the      cons, priests, and bishops. I remember             We can’t forget the small processions
monastery, the traffic slowed down until         some years when, at the end of the spe-        of people following the bishops, priests,
it was just stop-and-go, with cars in front     cial hierarchical service, small paper         and deacons to the chapels for prayer
and behind us as far as you could see. But      icons were handed out with the pilgrim-        services throughout the day. Holy, pious,
people were patient, and finally, slowly,        age date on the back of these icons as a       devoted people they all were -- truly en-
you were driving up another hill, reached       remembrance of the day. Receiving this         grossed in the spirituality of the day and
the top and there in front of you was the       icons year in and year out, you definitely      happy to be here. It was very easy to get
most breathtaking sight of the monastery        accumulate an assortment, which I use as       wrapped up in the religious aspect of the
grounds.                                        a way to mark special pages in my Bible,       weekend. The Spirit just lifted you up
    Cars, buses and people everywhere,          prayer-book or a specific religious book I      and you felt so fortunate and happy to be
with seminarians directing people to park       am reading. Just another remember of the       here.
in the fields around the grounds, and col-       weekend or the day!                                I remember the white wooden build-
lecting donations for the Tikhonaire year-          Thinking about reading reminds me          ing that housed the original seminary --
book. “Get your Tikhonaire commemo-             of my first visit to the St. Tikhon’s Book-                   Continued on the next page
Memories of St. Tikhonʼs                       prayers at special gravesites; to enjoy the   amazed me that they never turned any-
Continued from page 13                         service in the church; to browse and even     one away who came up to them, they had
what a change from today. I can remem-         purchase items from the new and enlarged      time for everyone. I remember my mother
ber when Metropolitan Leonty would cel-        bookstore; to stop and chat with the semi-    showing me the correct way to place my
ebrate the hierarchical services in the out-   narians, monks, and priests, and then to      hands to receive the blessing. To receive
door pavilion where the bell tower was,        light candles in church to thank God for      this made me feel so special. Yes, I was
and then there were Metropolitans Ireney       granting me to be born of two devoted,        nervous the first few times, but slowly the
and Theodosius and now Metropolitan            loving parents who raised me to have          nervousness just melted away. I remem-
Herman whom I remember when he was,            the Church as part of my family and my        ber my first blessing was from Bishop
for many years, a teacher in the seminary
in addition to being the secretary to Arch-
bishop Kiprian who was the leader of the
Monastery/Seminary. His lectures were
most inspiring and well worth the long
trip up there and they always seem to be
held in the cold of winter. Do you remem-
ber the wonderful festivities in May 1988
commemorating the Millennium of the
Baptism of Rus’, at which time Metro-
politan Gedeon and Archbishop Makary
co-celebrated with Metropolitan Theodo-
sius and Bishop Herman and many dea-
cons and priests at St. Tikhon’s; and again
in November 1991 when Patriarch Aleksy
visited America and was hosted at St.
Tikhon’s by our Metropolitan Theodosius
and Bishop Herman? What an experience              Memorial service at St. Tikhon’s cemetary, ca. 1920s, at grave of Michael Kuril
to witness these events! As the years went
on, St. Tikhon’s grew from just a couple       life. While growing up, there never was       Kiprian. I was very nervous, but he must
of buildings to what we have at the present    any question in our home: if there were       have sensed that because even though
time, and you can’t help but wonder what       church services, we were there, and on        their were so many people around him,
the future holds for this special place.       vacation we always made sure we were          he waited for me to come closer to him,
    I remember how, over the years, while      near a Russian Orthodox Church. I guess       smiled down at me and motioned me to
walking the grounds you couldn’t help          having a Mom who was choir director for       come closer. When I did, I automatically
but feel good inside and so proud to share     many years before she got married and         put my hands out as I was taught and also
the heritage of Russian Orthodoxy. This is     started to raise a family certainly helped    received a pat on the head.
our own little world away from the confu-      to mold us.                                       I remember one year seeing Metro-
sion, stress and noise of our daily lives.         After we got older she became the         politan Ireney serving the hierarchical
This was the time to thank the Lord for all    substitute choir director for weekends        Divine Liturgy with Archbishop Kiprian
the blessings he bestowed upon us and to       and director for the weekday services.        and so many priests and deacons. Metro-
give us the opportunity to experience this     If there was no school one day, but there     politan Ireney always reminded me of an
weekend.                                       was church, we were there. Church mem-        icon of St. Nicholas in my home parish
    Walking past the priests serving pan-      bers back home used to say that she knew      (whom my church is named after). Metro-
ikhidas, their voices floating through the      all the services as well as the priests and   politan Ireney had the purest white beard
air with the sweet scent of incense com-       bishops, and I truly believe that this type   and always spoke softly, which I believed
ing from the censer, and walking past the      of upbringing molded me to be the type        was the way St. Nicholas spoke. I loved
headstones of people buried here so long       of person I am today. Over the years, no      following the Metropolitan and Bishop
ago, you couldn’t help thinking what a         matter where I have lived religion and        Kiprian as they walked these holy grounds
wonderful place to be for eternity. I guess    church have always been a major part of       just as so many other Bishops and Metro-
that is why my parents bought their final       my life, and will always be.                  politans did in the past.
resting plots here -- to rest eternally on         Getting back to St. Tikhon’s, let’s           I remember going down to the lake
holy ground walked on by St. Tikhon and        not forget all the bishops and the Met-       and lying on the dock to soak up the sun
others also many years ago and to be sur-      ropolitan -- they all enjoyed walking the     and forget about the outside world, and
rounded by such holy people.                   grounds and talking to everyone, wear-        the water gently lifting the dock up and
    Even now, living in Virginia, I still      ing their black cassock and riassa which      down, enough to lull you to sleep. I can
drive the seven hours (approximately) to       would be swaying in the wind, and people      remember the really cold winters when I
come and walk the peaceful grounds of          would be coming up to the Metropolitan        would take a bus from N.Y. Port Author-
the enlarged cemetery, stopping to say         to receive a blessing from him. It always     ity to Scranton and then get a ride to St.
Tikhon’s for a 2- or 3-day weekend for a         which he did. He passed away at the age         lack of chickens for eggs, he focused on
conference, whether choir, Sunday School         of 89 and is buried in the cemetery at St.      his carpentry skills.
or other conference. The temperature in-         Tikhon’s. He made arrangements for his               The new chapel for Father Naum is in
side the buildings was so cold, the rooms        own headstone at the cemetery and I am          the same area of his original one -- just a
where we slept had thin bedding, the             sure the Lord was waiting for this humble       little updated inside and out. When I do
air so crisp as you walked to the church         servant to join him in “His” paradise.          visit St. Tikhon’s and walk the grounds,
through the snow, the stars so bright up             He did like to talk about his life at St.   I can see him inside reading or praying;
in the sky that you could almost imagine         Tikhon’s, and to relate stories, such as        in fact, I always feel his presence when I
being in Russia as you listened to the bells     how he loved building things, including         am up there.
calling everyone to church service. Fall-        his original chapel on the grounds. It was           My icon corner at home has, along
ing snow does provide you peaceful se-           here that he spent his days after he was        with icons to the Lord, Virgin Mary, and
renity, something we all need at times in        not able to farm anymore.                       saints, a photograph of Father Naum next
our lives. The conferences/lectures were                                                         to an always-burning 7-day vigil candle.
really inspirational and informative be-                                                         When I go up to St. Tikhon’s, I always
cause most times they were given by the                                                          stop at the cemetery and pray at different
instructors and priests who were teach-                                                          graves including Father Naum’s and plant
ing at St. Tikhon’s. In addition you were                                                        flowers and light a 7-day candle and ask
able to meet Russian Orthodox people                                                             him to guide me to do what is right each
from other parishes and of course, it was                                                        day. I truly believe the Lord hears our
a good way to meet the seminarians who                                                           prayers and these humble servants who
would in a few years have a parish of their                                                      are with him intercede on our behalf and
own to lead, as Jesus and his disciples led                                                      protect us daily.
the people. The seminarians would really                                                              There are times when I wish I could
give you insight into the real life at St.                                                       talk to him in person and ask for his guid-
Tikhon’s. It was something they would                                                            ance, especially in the crazy, fast-paced
treasure for the rest of their lives.                                                            world we live in today. However, since
     It was while I was attending one of                                                         this is not possible, I just look at his pho-
those that a special monk came into my                                                           tograph on his headstone and the pictures
life -- Father Nicholas Sipcuik, who took                                                        in my icon center and talk to him from my
the name of Father Naum when he became                                                           heart. After my little talks with him I know
a monk. Father Naum was the sweetest,                                                            that he is always with me, watching over
gentlest person. He was not a tall man,                                                          me -- the same feelings I had as a child
in fact rather small in stature -- probably                                                      growing up. A very special person in my
around 5’ -- and he wore a black cassock             Fr. Naum with the chapel he built           life that will always have a special place
and riassa. His face reminded me, again,                                                         in my heart. Photos of him sitting outside
of the icon of St. Nicholas in my home par-          Farming was another love of his and at      his chapel or the one of him holding onto
ish -- a calm, peaceful face that seemed to      one time he had wanted to have chickens         a goat at the lake (don’t know where the
melt all your problems away. I remember          grazing on the grounds of St. Tikhon’s.         goat came from), with a peaceful look on
seeing him walking the grounds some-             He mentioned this to some of the other          his face and with his prayer-book in his
times with a fellow monk, other times            monks, and his plan was to go to the lo-        hands -- that is the way I remember this
alone, just watching everything around           cal farmers in the area and ask them if         special man.
him and enjoying the beauty of the life he       they would be willing to give him some               “Thank you Father Naum for your
was now leading. At other times he would         of their birds. Father Naum’s plan was to       love, support, and prayers throughout my
sit in his little chapel, praying or reading     have fresh eggs for the monastery until         life.”
his Bible, but always finding time to chat        the birds stopped laying at which time he
with anyone that stopped by. I remember          would see that they became dinner for the       Father Naum,
him talking about Jesus and the little chil-     monks. Fortunately, or unfortunately, de-       Please protect me from misfortune and
dren -- never about his life before com-         pending on how you looked at it, the other        harm
ing to St. Tikhon’s. When you asked him          monks got to the farmers before Father          May your blessing rest on me.
about his prior life, he really tried to avoid   Naum did, so his plan never materialized.       Lead me on the path I should follow
talking about it. It wasn’t until much later     The Monastery didn’t think chickens graz-       With your love, mercy and kindness.
than I found out from him during one of          ing on the grounds would be appropriate.        Protect me till I am safely home
our chats that he wanted to focus on the         Can you imagine the chickens grazing on         To meet with you again
present and the life he was living as a          the grounds today? I do remember him            Help to safely lead me to the heavenly
monk which he truly enjoyed.                     saying “The Lord always has a reason              home
     He did tell me one time that he was         why things happen a certain way.” Father        Where love, joy and happiness flow.
glad to have found St. Tikhon’s where            Naum’s motto was, if this isn’t going to
he did want to spend the rest of his days,       work then try something else. So after the                               --Carol Shutovich
                     Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers
                   Sermon Delivered by His Beatitude, Metropolitan HERMAN at
                  Christ the Savior Church, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 20, 2005

Joining His Beatitude for the Sunday of
Orthodoxy observance were His Emi-
nence, Metropolitan Joseph of the Bul-
garian Exarchate and His Grace Bishop
Tikhon of South Canaan. The service was
sponsored by the Orthodox Clergy Broth-
erhood of Harrisburg.

        hroughout the world, Orthodox
        Christians have gathered today to
        celebrate the Sunday of the Tri-
umph of Orthodoxy. As we know, this
observance is rooted in the 8th century
victory of the Orthodox Faith, a victory
expressed by the restoration of the holy
icons to the life of the Church and the
veneration of the faithful. It is a celebra-
tion of a victory and of the Church’s life
as being essentially a life of victory and
triumph over the powers of sin and dark-
ness. And this victorious manner of living
is what we, as Orthodox Christians, offer
to the society in which we live, saying
to the world as Philip said to Nathaniel,
“Come and see.”
     Obviously, it is all too easy for us to
be drawn into this dimension of victory
in the Church and to use this present cel-
ebration as an occasion of pride and tri-
umphalism. It is easy for us to use this as
an occasion to announce or even to revel
in the fact that we are Orthodox, members
of the True Church of Christ, the Church
whose Tradition is unbroken and the
Church filled with the complete fullness
of truth and grace.
     All this is true, of course. And we cer-
tainly uphold the Orthodox Faith as the
criterion of all Truth. But how essential is
it for us to remember -- and not to forget
-- that, although there have been various
“victories of Orthodoxy” down through
the centuries, all these reflect but one, cen-
tral, and essential victory -- and that is the
victory won for us by Christ on the Cross.
Ultimately, there is but one “triumph of
Orthodoxy,” and that is the triumph, the
victory that was won for us when Christ
rose victoriously from the tomb on that
first Pascha morning.
     Christ is our victor. If the Church is
victorious, if Orthodoxy is the reflection
of any victory at all, it is only because the
Lord is risen and has filled the Church
with His immeasurable love and ineffable
joy and peace and life.
     Let us also remember how Christ’s
victory was won. It was won through
the utter defeat of the Cross. It was won
through humiliation. It was won because
He -- and He alone -- gave Himself over
to His Father through His death on the
Cross. And receiving His sacrifice of per-
fect love, God the Father poured out His
Spirit into Him, transforming the very
death of His Son into an eternal victory.
Let us not forget that the victory of the
Resurrection and the victory through
which God’s Kingdom is established in
the world are inseparable from the Cross.
     What does this mean for us? Very sim-
ply, it means that if we gather to proclaim
any type of victory, that victory will be
little more than “clanging brass” if we
are not unceasingly striving to “fulfill”
the death of Christ in ourselves. “Do you
not know,” write Saint Paul, “that all of
us who are baptized into Christ were bap-
tized into His death? You have died, and
your lives are hidden with Christ in God.”
In other words, the more we fulfill and
bring to perfection our own baptism, the
more the new life of Christ’s resurrection
is revealed and incarnated in our very be-
ings and in our very bodies. We venerate
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 Orthodoxy Vespers
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the saints because in them the pure light
of God’s Kingdom and the victory of the
Cross and Resurrection already shine in
the world.
    The victory of Orthodoxy which we
celebrate today is the victory of Christ
Himself over the powers of sin and dark-
ness, a victory in which the Church al-
ready shares.
    But in order for us to effectively pro-
claim the victory we celebrate today --
the victory that has been won by Christ
through His Cross and Resurrection -- it is
necessary for us, as Orthodox Christians
living in North America, to be aware of
our shared responsibility to proclaim the
victory of Christ with one voice and one
heart. It is necessary for us to be united
in our acceptance and in our fulfillment
of the mission with which we have been
    We must never forget that, although it
is a blessing for us to gather together on
occasions such as this, the jurisdictional
plurality which we live day in and day out
only serves to diminish and undermine the
unity of the local Church. Therefore, we
cannot accept the status quo of a plurality
of Orthodox “jurisdictions” in America as
the norm. For, when we accept this, we
weaken our common efforts and we dilute
the power of our common message.
    We have gathered here today as mem-
bers of the One, Holy, Catholic, and
Apostolic Church. And, as brothers and
sisters united through baptism and in our
profession of the True Faith, we pray that
we will regain an awareness of what we
have been called to accomplish together
in this land -- a task that is nothing less
than the fulfillment of the Lord’s com-
mand to “preach the Gospel to all na-
tions.” When we are able to proclaim our
unity -- not only in words, but also in the
manner in which we live our Faith -- then
yet another triumph of Orthodoxy will
be realized, a triumph through which the
ultimate triumph of Christ is seen and ac-
    The Church is and shall be victorious
and triumphant because Christ is victori-
ous and triumphant. It is His victory, won
through His Cross, that He gives to the
Church as her own victory. But, if the vic-   Metropolitan Herman delivers Sunday of Orthodox homily
tory of the Church is already fulfilled, it is,    let us also acknowledge the task that still
at the same time, a task still to be accom-       needs to be accomplished -- our own com-
plished. It is a task to be accomplished in       plete conversion. Let us turn from sin and
each one of us as we strive and struggle          those things which draw us away from the
against sin. It is a task to be fulfilled in all   Kingdom of God so that one day each one
of us, together, as the Church, as a com-         of us will share, together, in the victory of
munity united in Christ and citizens of the       Christ -- that victory that is fully experi-
same heavenly kingdom.                            enced in His presence in the Kingdom of
    And so, as we celebrate the victory           Heaven.
of Christ and the triumph of His Church,

         Awards                                                   Parish Council Confirmations
         Nabedrenik                                               St. Vladimir’s Church -- Lopez
         Priest Barnabas Fravel                                   St. Michael’s Church -- Mt. Carmel
         Priest Timothy Hasenecz                                  Holy Cross Church -- Williamsport
                                                                  Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary Church -- St. Clair
                                                                  St. Michael’s Church -- Wilmington
         Priest Andrew Anderson
                                                                  St. Mary’s Church -- Coaldale
         Kamilavka                                                Assumption of the Holy Virgin Church -- Secane
         Protodeacon Sergei Kapral                                St. Nicholas Church -- Olyphant
                                                                  Holy Annunciation Church -- Berwick
         Gold Cross
                                                                  Ss. Peter and Paul Church -- Minersville
         Priest Andrew Diehl
                                                                  Holy Trinity Church -- McAdoo
         Palitza                                                  Christ the Savior Church -- Harrisburg
         Archpriest John Onofrey                                  St. John the Baptist Church -- Edwardsville
                                                                  St. Stephen’s Cathedral -- Philadelphia
         Jeweled Cross
                                                                  St. Herman Church -- Gradyville
         Archpriest John Perich
                                                                  St. Michael’s Church -- Old Forge
         Synodal Gramota                                          Holy Trinity Church -- Pottstown
         Archpriest John Kowalcyzk                                Holy Ascension Church -- Frackville
                                                                  St. Mark’s Church -- Wrightstown
                                                                  Holy Ascension Church -- Lykens
         Deacon Gregory Moser
                                                                  St. Michael’s Church -- Jermyn
         Deacon Peter Skoog
             ow beautifully our people in
             the Balkans decorate eggs,
                                                     A Sermon by
             in order to more beautifully       St. Nicholai of Zicha
             decorate Easter; so that they
may increase the joy of Pascha, and make
their guests more happy. Sometimes the
colored eggs are truly art.
    If the colored eggs are al-
lowed to stand too long,
they become rotten in-
side, and give off un-
bearable odor, or at
the end completely
dry up.
    That is when the
colored shell holds
within itself death.
    More dreadful is
Jesus’ picture of the
hypocrites, who are like
“whitewashed tombs, which in-
deed appear beautiful outwardly, but in-     hiding the beam in your own
side are full of dead men’s bones and all    eye; doing unto your fellow man
uncleanness” (Matthew 23:27).                everything you would wish him to                                                          The Pharisees,
    “Take heed that you do not do your       do unto you; not being afraid of the nar-                                       scribes, and hypocrites do
charitable deeds before men, to be seen by   row, but pure and holy path which leads                         everything that is opposite to these words
them. Otherwise you have no reward from      to life, but taking flight from the smooth                       and wisdom of God. When they give alms
your Father who is in Heaven” (Matthew       and wide path which leads to death; giv-                        they do it in meeting places and on the
6:1). The righteousness which is loved by    ing good fruits to God your Host,1 who                          streets, and they don’t do it for the glory
God, as Jesus revealed on the Mount, is as   planted you like a good tree; not becom-                        of God, nor to help the poor, but only to
follows: mercy, prayer, trust and faith in   ing proud of your great deeds, but doing                        be seen by men. When they pray to God,
God as the only Lord, not worrying about     everything “According to the will of My                         they pray on the streets, again only to be
tomorrow, seeking -- before anything else    Father Who is in Heaven”; fulfilling, in                         seen by men. When they fast, they make
-- the Kingdom of God, having faith that     deed, all of Christ’s words, and in that                        their faces look sad, and unkempt, and
you will receive from God whatever you       way, building the house of your eternity,                       pale, again so they can be seen by men.
ask Him for, that you will find that which    as a wise man who builds his house not                          Alas, they do everything only to be seen
you seek, that you will open a closed        on sand, but on rock, so that neither flood                      by others, as allegedly being merciful,
door; and also: not to judge with a sharp    waters, nor winds, nor storms can harm it                       prayerful, and great fasters.
judgment, and not to measure with a false    (Matthew 7:26-27).                                                  They did all this, and do it today, for
measurement, so that it is not returned to                                                                   two reasons: that they may receive from
you likewise; not searching for the speck    1. Host: a reference to God as the Host of the earth, as the    men glory -- and money. They do not even
                                                 owner of everything, and us as being his guests, while he
in your brother’s eye while hypocritically       is hosting us in everything he created for us.--Trans.      reckon with God, as if He doesn’t even
exist. In truth, hypocrites are the most ul-       God will reveal to you great secrets        hindered, grows rampant.
timately godless men. Deceived people          at a time when you do not expect it. The            Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of
give them what they want, and that is their    prophets and righteous knew this, but the       God, announced at the beginning two
pay in full. From God, they have nothing       scribes and Pharisees did not, and still do     wars: against Satan, and against hypocrisy.
to expect, because they have not indebted      not. The prophets and righteous feared          The people loved Him, and honored Him
Him with any of their deeds, but have          God, and loved their own people, while          with tremendous God-fearing respect, as
only incurred His wrath.                       the Pharisees and scribes, the hypocrites,      their Savior. “For He taught them as One
    They have “drawn near to Me with           do not fear God, and hate their own peo-        having authority, and not as the scribes”
their mouths, and with their lips honor        ple.                                            (Matthew 7:29).
Me, but their heart is far from Me” (Isaiah        Jesus feels compassion for His people,
29:13).                                        with tears He feels compassion for them,            --From his Complete Works, Book 12,
    If they are not abiding by the will of     whom the chief priests and rulers deceive,         p. 825. Translated from the Serbian by
God the Father, then they are abiding by       abuse, and take advantage of mercilessly                                Marija Miljkovic.
the will of “the father of all lies.” The      (Matthew 15:32). In the above sermon,
father of all lies, the devil, taught them     Christ openly makes war against their hy-
that it is normal, natural, and reasonable     pocrisy.
to do so, and that others before them also         As the Son of God dwelled amongst
did likewise, and lived nicely, having re-     men, and time passed, He increases this
ceived from men glory and riches. That         war against hypocrisy, abasing it, and the
is the well-beaten path of the world, and      hypocrisy of the religious rulers of that
they should not go down that path, in spite    time, abasing them before their very fac-
of the world. Wretched as they are, they       es, and in front of all His people.
do not feel how much Satan has deceived            He never abased any sinners as much
them with such lies, and how much he has       as He abased the hypocrites. Finally,
polluted and dried up their hearts, so that    Jesus’ abasement of hypocrisy, near the
even angels of God turn their faces from       end of His earthly stay, turned into dread-
the stench of their souls. All their out-      ful thundering, which literally startled. It
ward, fixed-up appearance is only a col-        shouldn’t surprise those who know, that
ored shell of death, a whitewashed tomb.       Jesus did not speak to only one genera-
When that which we call death comes to         tion, the one during His time, but to all
them, alas, all that really comes to them is   generations to the end of time. While He
the confirmation and seal of their already      abased the Jewish hypocrites face to face,
long past, dead soul.                          He abased all hypocrites of all times, and
    But you, do not be like the hypocrites,    all generations.
Christ taught the people. Do not be like           Why did Jesus strike so sharply and              St. Mary Magdalene
the hypocrites when you give charity --        mercilessly specifically at hypocrisy? It is
“But when you do a charitable deed, do         because hypocrisy is a Satanic lie, Satanic            and the Red Egg
not let your left hand know what your          hypocrisy is from the beginning; that it, it
right hand is doing” (Matthew 6:3).            is the weed that Satan has sown in all of          Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Mary
    Do not be hypocrites when you pray         God’s fields on the earth: in man’s heart,          Magdalene      visited     Emperor
to God. “But you, when you pray, go into       in his home, in his marriage, in his com-          Tiberias and told him of Christ’s
your room, and when you have shut your         pany of friends, in his people and nation,         Resurrection, saying “Christ is
door, pray to your Father who is in the se-    in politics and trade, in sadness and in joy,      Risen!” and displaying a red egg
cret place; and your Father who sees in        everywhere, in all ages and civilizations.         as a symbol of the Resurrection
secret will reward you openly” (Matthew        Not one civilization succeeded in rooting          and of new life. One tradition
6:5-13).                                       out the weed of hypocrisy, but that weed           holds that when she picked up an
    Do not be like the hypocrites when         rooted many of them out. If one civiliza-          egg from the table to illustrate her
you fast. “But you, when you fast, anoint      tion shone with glory outwardly, like the          point, Caesar replied that no one
your head and wash your face, so that you      European and Japanese, that does not               could rise from the dead any more
do not appear to men to be fasting, but        mean that they destroyed hypocrisy, but            than the egg in her hand could
to your Father who is in the secret place;     only that they hid it more skillfully un-          turn red. The egg at once turned
and your Father will reward you openly”        derneath their shell on which the name             red, and this is why red eggs are
(Matthew 6:16-18).                             of Jesus Christ was not written as it is           exchanged at Pascha.
    “For there is nothing hidden which         written on Paschal eggs in the Balkans.
will not be revealed, nor has anything         Theirs read like this: courtesy, manners,
been kept secret but that it should come to    sophistication, words the demons are not
light” (Mark 4:22).                            afraid of; and the weed of hypocrisy, un-
     Metropolitan Herman
      Leads Orthodox
                          March for Life
                                            the annual public demonstration in sup-

            n Monday, January 24, 2005,
            His Beatitude, Metropolitan     port of the sanctity of life.
            Herman, primate of the              At the pre-march rally, the Metropolitan
            Orthodox Church in America,     Herman addressed an estimated 100,000
once again led Orthodox Christians in the   pro-lifers who filled the Ellipse. He of-
annual March for Life in Washington,        fered words of encouragement and spoke         President of the March for Life, Nellie Gray,
                                            of the sanctity of human life and the need     welcomes Metropolitan Herman
    Despite the crippling snowstorm         to protect the rights of unborn, created in
that covered the east coast on the eve of   the image and likeness of God. He also         ing comments, he publicly thanked U.S.
the march, Metropolitan Herman, His         called for a victory march in the years        President George W. Bush for his leader-
Eminence Archbishop Job of Chicago and      ahead, predicting the day when the infa-       ship and pro-life position.
the Midwest, and nearly 500 Orthodox        mous 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade                The Orthodox marchers, who came
Christians braved the elements to join in   decision will be overturned. In his clos-      from as far away as Chicago, proudly dis-
                                                                                           played a new banner bearing an icon of
                                                                                           Christ blessing the children. Designed by
                                                                                           Archdeacon Alexei Klimitchev and con-
                                                                                           structed by Mr. Martin Paluch, the banner
                                                                                           was a gift from Metropolitan Herman.
                                                                                               After the rally, Metropolitan Herman,
                                                                                           Archbishop Job, and the Orthodox march-
                                                                                           ers joined the procession which made its
                                                                                           way along Constitution Avenue to the U.S.
                                                                                           Supreme Court. On the steps of the court,
                                                                                           a Service of Intercession and a Memorial
                                                                                           were celebrated by Metropolitan Herman
                                                                                           and the Orthodox marchers.
                                                                                               “As Metropolitan Herman intoned
                                                                                           ‘Memory Eternal,’ it began to snow again,”
                                                                                           said the Very Rev. John Kowalczyk, who
                                                                                           has accompanied Metropolitan Herman to
                                                                                           the March for some two decades. “Each
                                                                                           snowflake, unique and different, was
                                                                                           symbolic of one of the millions of chil-
                                                                                           dren who had been aborted -- each one
               Metropolitan Herman addresses thousands of pro-lifers                       unique, different, and loved by God.”
Our primate leads memorial service

                                     St. Tikhon’s Seminary community at March
                                                                                     Commentary of St. Cyril
This part opens with the concluding sec-
tion of St. Cyril’s commentary on John                                                    of Alexandria
5:23, the first part of which was in the
previous section. Then follows the com-
mentary on John 5:24-38. The text of 5:23
                                                                                      On the Gospel of John
is: That all should honor the Son just as
they honor the Father. He who does not
                                                                                                                  Part XIX
honor the Son does not honor the Father
who sent him. The symbols { } are used                                                                           John 5:23-38
to set off alternative translations, while [
] indicate words added in translation to
complete the meaning.

      ndeed (says the opponent), let the
      accusation of dishonoring the Son
      go to whatsoever you please, or
      rather let it extend even to the God
and Father himself. For he will be an-
noyed, and this with good reason, yet
not wholly so, as though his very nature
were insulted in the Son, according to our
just now carefully finished argument, but
since he is his image and impress, formed
most excellently after his divine and inef-
fable essence, he is with reason angry, and
will wholly transfer the wrong to him-
self.1 For it would indeed be most absurd
that he who insulted the divine impresses,
should not surely pay the penalty of his
sin against the archetype -- just as he who
has insulted the images of earthly kings,
is punished as having indeed transgressed
against the ruler himself. And in like man-
ner shall we find it decreed by God in re-
spect of ourselves also: for whoever (he
says) sheds man’s blood, for this shall his
blood be poured forth; for I made man in
the image of God.2 Therefore (he says),
Do you see very clearly by this that if
the image is wronged, and not the divine
nature at all, God the Father considers it
right to be angry? So let what is said by
Christ, he who does not honor the Son
does not honor the Father be thought of
and publicized in this manner.”3
                                                                        So, shall the Only-Begotten be                  of the Holy Trinity into one reckoning of
1. The opponent says the Father would be angry if someone
   does not honor the Son -- not as though the Son were of          classed with us, as external to the Father’s        deity. We ought, henceforth we ought to
   equal honor with the Father, not as though the Father and        essence? Then how will he still be God
   the Son share the same nature, but since the Son is an
                                                                                                                        worship the Father as God, but to impart
   image and impress of the Father, as a coin is an image of        by nature, if he entirely slips out of the          some glory of their own to the Son and
   the person whose likeness it bears -- yet not a natural image,   boundaries of divinity, being situated in
   sharing the same essence as the archetype, in this case the
                                                                                                                        the Spirit, severing them into different
   Father and God.                                                  some nature of his own and of a sort other          natures, so to speak, and to each defin-
2. Gen. 9:6.                                                        than that in which the Father is? And4 it           ing severally the mode of his existence.
3. In this manner: i.e. not as though the Son is equal to the
   Father, but as an image of the Father, not sharing his nature.   seems we do wrong in bringing the order             Yet the divine Scriptures do advocate to
   This is the opponent’s view.                                     4. I.e. following the opponent’s argument.          us one God, classifying the Son and the
Spirit with the Father, so that through                    not so, like Cain (for to be equally good             likeness of the Father by identity of will.
their essential and exact sameness the                     or bad, brings about likeness with either,            And Paul too was an imitator of Christ, of
Holy Trinity is brought to one count of                    and with reason confers it). Another form             the image of the Father in (as the babblers
Godhead. The Only-Begotten is not, then,                   of image is that of dignity and honor and             say) will only.
alien from the nature of the one who be-                   glory and excellence, as when one for in-                 But they will shift their ground from
got him, but neither will he be at all con-                stance succeeds another in a command,                 these miserable conceptions, and as
ceived of as Son, truly, if he did not shine               and does all things with the authority                though thinking something greater and
out from the essence of the Father (for                    which belongs to and becomes him. In                  better, will surely say this: “The Only-
this and nothing else is in all cases the                  another sense, an image is with regard to             Begotten is the image of the God and
definition and character of true sonship);                  any other quality or quantity of a thing,             Father in respect of identity of will, in re-
but if there is no Son, God’s being Father                 and its outline and proportion; for we                spect of dignity and glory and power that
will be completely taken away too. Then,                   must speak briefly.                                    befit God, in respect of activity {energy,
how would Paul be truthful in saying of                        So let the most critical investigators            operation} in creating and in working
him, from whom every family in heaven                      of the divine image teach us whether they             miracles, in respect of reigning and rul-
and earth is named?5 For if he had not                     think one ought to attribute to the Only-             ing over all, in respect of judging and be-
begotten from himself, divinely, the Son,                  Begotten the essential and natural like-              ing worshipped by angels and men and in
how would the beginning of Fatherhood                      ness, and thus say that the Only-Begotten             short by all creation. By all these, show-
be in him, extending, in a manner of emu-                  Word procceding from the Father is an                 ing us the Father in himself, he says that
lation, to those in heaven and earth? But                  image of him in the same sense as Abel                he is not ‘from the hypostasis,’9 but is the
in truth, God as Father; the Only-begotten                 is of Adam, who retained in himself the               impress of his hypostasis.”10 Therefore
therefore is by nature Son, and is certainly               whole nature of his parent, and carried,              as we said just now, the Son is none of
within the boundaries of the divinity. For                 in wholeness and entirety, the degree of              these by nature, but -- at least according
God will be begotten from God even as                      human nature? Or will they be vexed at                to your most foolish reasoning -- is alto-
man (for example) from man, and the na-                    this, being compelled to confess the Son              gether separate from all of them, and is
ture of the God and Father, which tran-                    truly God of God by nature, and, turning              neither true God, nor Son, nor king, nor
scends all things, will not deceive by giv-                aside according to their custom to fight               Lord, nor creator, nor mighty, nor is he by
ing birth to an offspring not befitting It.                 against the truth, advance to the second              nature good with regard to his own will,
    But since some blasphemously and                       kind of image, which is conceived to ex-              but appears merely and only in vainglo-
foolishly say that it is not the God and                   ist in mere form, impress and outline?                rious boasts of that which is divine. And
Father’s nature that is insulted in the Son                But I think they will back off from saying            as tints are applied to paintings on tab-
when he6 does not receive due honour                       this. For no one, even if he is extremely             lets, beautifying them by mere variety to
from some, but that he is reasonably and                   silly, would suppose that the Deity can               the eye, but having nothing true, so too,
rightly angry at his own image being dis-                  be estimated with respect to size, or cir-            in the Son, is the beauty of the God and
honoured in him,7 we must ask them in                      cumscribed by outline, or measured by                 Father’s excellencies, adorning him round
what sense they would have the Son be,                     impress, or in short, that the unembodied             about with mere names only, but being as
and be called, the image of the Father.                    will undergo what belongs to bodies. So,              it were applied from outside, like some
Indeed, rather let us, forestalling their ac-              do they say that he is conformed to him               tints; and indeed, in him the divine nature
count, determine beforehand the nature of                  with respect to manners and habits and                is faintly outlined and appears in a mere
the image, according to legitimate reason-                 will, and are they not ashamed to dress               impression.
ing; for in this way the result of our enqui-              him in this image? For how can he still be                And then, how will you not appear
ries will be clear and more distinct.                      conceived of as God by nature, who has                to be in outright battle with all the holy
    Therefore one, and the primary, mode                   likeness to him only in will, but has his             Scriptures, with the result that you may
of image is that of sameness of nature in                  own other existence of himself? For they              justly hear, You stiff-necked and uncir-
properties exactly alike, as Abel of Adam,                 will surely acknowledge that he subsists.             cumcised in heart and ears! You are al-
or Isaac of Abraham; the second again is                   So what is there in him more than in the              ways resisting the Holy Spirit; as your
that consisting in likeness of impress, and                creature? For shall we not believe that the           fathers did, so do you too,11 for when do
accurate impression of form, as the king’s                 angels themselves hasten to perform the               they not call the Son true God, or when do
depiction in wood or made in any other                     divine will, who are by nature other than             they bring him outside the essence of his
way, most excellently and skillfully as re-                God? But what, when this is conceived of              Father? Which of them has dared to say
spects him. Another image again is taken                   as belonging to us too? For doesn’t the               that he is by nature neither Creator nor
in respect of habits and manners, and con-                 Only-Begotten teach us, beyond expecta-               King nor Almighty nor to be worshipped?
versation, and inclination to either good                  tion, to leap at things above our nature,             For the divine psalmist says as to the
or bad, as for instance it may be said that                and to aim at impossibilities, saying, Be             Only-Begotten himself, Your Throne,
the well-doer is like Paul, and he who is                  merciful, just as your heavenly Father
                                                                                                                 9. I.e. not from the hypostasis of the Father.
5. Eph. 3:15.                                              also is merciful?8 For this says, unambig-            10. Heb 1:3.
6. he: the Son.
7. I.e., that the Father is angry at his own image being
                                                           uously, that we must by all means gain the            11. Acts 7:51.
                                                                                                                 12. Psa. 44(45):6.
   dishonored in the Son.                                  8. Cf. Luke 6:36; St. Cyril’s text adds “heavenly.”                         Continued on the next page
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                      likeness of his Father, and being unalter-      the case of the paralytic is truly marvel-
Continued from page 25                          ably, by nature, that which he who begot        lous, the Son will be revealed as a worker
O God, is for ever and ever;12 Thomas           him is conceived to be, that is, genuine        of even more glorious things, expelling
again the most wise disciple in like wise       God, in truth from God, sovereign of all,       from human bodies not only sickness and
calls him alike both God and Lord;13 he         creator, glorified, good, to be worshipped,      the infirmities of diseases, but also over-
is called Almighty and Creator by every         and whatever may be added to the things         throwing death and the corruption that
voice of saint, and not as having the digni-    enumerated as suited to God. For then,          weighs heavily (for this was what was said
ty from without (in agreement with you),        showing him to be in all things like the        a little before, The Father loves the Son,
but as being by nature what he is said to       God and Father, we will also show him           and shows him all things that he himself
be; and it is for this reason that he is wor-   truthful when he says that if any will not      does; and he will show him greater works
shipped both by the holy angels and by          honor the Son, neither does he honor the        than these, that you may marvel;14 for the
us, while even the divine Scripture says        Father who sent him; for it was as to this      greater wonder is shown in the raising of
that we ought to worship no other except        that our inquiry and the test of the things     the dead); partly also preparing the way
the Lord God alone.                             just now investigated, was prompted.            for that which would probably frighten
    Accordingly, if they hold that the di-                                                      the hearers in no small measure. For he
vine dignity in him is acquired and giv-        Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears      plainly declares that he will raise the dead
en, and think that they ought to worship        my word and believes in him who sent me         and will bring the creature to judgment, in
such a one, let them know that they are         has everlasting life, and shall not come        order that through the expectation of be-
worshipping the creature rather than the        into judgment, but has passed from death        ing brought before him one day and giving
Creator, and making for themselves a new        into life. (John 5:24)                          account of everything, they might on the
and fresh God, rather than acknowledg-              Having now proved sufficiently, by           one hand be found more hesitant in their
ing him who is really so by nature. But         what has gone before, that the miserable        boldness to persecute him, and might on
if while saying that the Son is external to     Jews do not sin only against the Son, by        the other receive the word of teaching and
the essence of the God and Father, they         daring to find fault with the things which he    guidance more zealously.
also acknowledge him to be Son and true         says or does among them in his teaching,            To these things, then, the chapter’s
God and King and Lord and Creator, and          but also ignorantly transgress against the      purpose looks and tends; but we must now
to have essentially in himself the Father’s     Father himself, he also -- having cloaked       explain the words. The common account
properties and excellencies, let them con-      their temerity with fear, as far as relates     then is (as it seems) that the time will
sider where those who think thus run the        to the meaning of what has been said, and       come when the dead will hear the voice
risk of ending up. For nothing at all in the    persuaded them to live more religiously         of him who raises them; and they suppose
divine nature will be found of worthy of        in hope of things to come -- henceforward       that it is also no less present now, either as
respect, since the nature of things originate   snares them to ready obedience. And             when Lazarus, for instance, is to hear the
{having a beginning} is now also capable        again, not unskillfully has he framed his       voice of the Saviour, or as saying that the
of being whatever it is conceived to be.        speech to this end. For since he knew that      dead are those not yet called through faith
For it has been proved, according to the        the Jews were still diseased, and yet were      unto eternal life, who will surely attain to
most feeble reasoning of our opponents,         scandalized concerning him, he again            it by receiving the Saviour’s teaching. And
that the Only-Begotten, not being of the        brings their faith back to the Person of the    this method of considering it does indeed
divine nature, has yet truly in himself Its     God and Father, not as excluding himself,       preserve a plausible appearance, but one
Excellencies. Who will not shudder at the       but as honored in the Father too by reason      not at all accurate. So, ruminating again
mere hearing of the blasphemous doc-            of identity of essence. And he affirms that      the force of what is being said, we will fit
trines? For all things are now overturned,      those who believe will not only be partak-      to it a more appropriate meaning, and so
when the nature that is above all things        ers of eternal life, but will also escape the   determine the significance precisely.
descends so as to be classed with things        danger of the judgment, being justified,             Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour
originate, and the creation itself, contrary    that is. Holding out as a suggestion fear       is coming, and now is, when the dead will
to reason, springs up to the measure above      mingled with hope, in this way he makes         hear the voice of the Son of God; the hour,
it and not appointed for it.                    his discourse more effective and more de-       namely, again, when those who hear will
    Therefore, swimming away from the           monstrative to the hearers.                     live. So by the words at the beginning,
absurdity of such doctrines as from a ship                                                      he means the time of the resurrection, in
sinking in the sea, let us hasten to the        Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is       which he teaches that those who sleep
truth as to a secure and unruffled haven,        coming, and now is, when the dead will          shall, through the voice of him who is
and let us confess the Son to be the im-        hear the voice of the Son of God; and           teaching, rise again to give a defense of
age of the God and Father, not plastered        those who hear will live. (John 5:25)           their life in the world; in order that, as I
over as with some perishable honours, nor           Having said that believers shall pass       said before, devising the fear arising from
merely adorned with titles befitting God,        from death to life, he introduces himself       this as a kind of bridle for them from
but essentially {according to essence},         as performer of the promise, and accom-         henceforth, he may persuade them to
with exact preciseness, according to the        plisher of the whole thing, partly hinting      conduct their lives wisely and in all excel-
13. John 20:28.                                 to the Jews that while the power shown in       14. John 5:20

lence. By the closing words he shows that       Son of man.16                                                      noteworthy, and with regard to the lesser
the due time of believing has now come,             For I think it is superfluous to say                            miracle he reasonably and of necessity
but also says that everlasting life will be     now that the Only-Begotten is also life                            says, Do not marvel at this. And let us
the reward of obedience -- all but declar-      by nature, and not a partaker of life from                         not at all suppose that by these words he
ing, “You will all come to judgement at         another, and that so he gives life just as                         means to find fault with the glory of his
the time of the Resurrection, it is clear;      the Father does, since no small discussion                         own works, or to command the listeners
but if it seems bitter to you to be punished,   was spent on that in the beginning of the                          that they ought not to hold as worthy of
and to undergo endless penalties at the         book, on the words In him was life.                                wonder, those things at which one may
hand of the offended Judge, do not permit                                                                          reasonably wonder, but he wishes those
the time of obedience to pass by, but seiz-     Do not marvel at this; for the hour is                             who were astonished at that to know and
ing hold of it while it is yet present, make    coming in which all who are in the graves                          believe that the subject of wonder was, as
haste to ascend to everlasting life.            will hear his voice and come forth; those                          yet, small. For by a word and an activity
                                                who have done good, to the resurrection                            appropriate to God, he raises not only the
For as the Father has life in himself, so       of life, and those who have done evil, to                          sick from little diseases, but those also
he has granted the Son to have life in          the resurrection of condemnation. (John                            who have been already submerged by
himself, and has given him authority to         5:28-29)                                                           death and overcome by invincible corrup-
execute judgment also, because he is the            He signifies by these words the time                            tion. And so, introducing what is greater,
Son of Man. (John 5:26-27)                      of the resurrection of all, as the divine                          he says, The hour is coming in which all
     Next observe the consideration in          Paul wrote to us, The Lord himself will                            who are in the graves will hear his voice.
these words, that you may marvel at the                                                                            For how will he who with a word brought
form of expression and not, by falling into                                                                        into being things that did not exist, not
offence over it through uninstructedness,                                                                          be able to go back and coax to birth that
bring perdition upon yourself. For the                                                                             which was already created? Because each,
Only-Begotten, being human in respect                                                                              in this way, will be the effect of the same
of the nature of his body, and being seen                                                                          activity, and both will be the glorious
with flesh while still on earth, instructing                                                                        accomplishment of one power {author-
in many different ways the Jews in things                                                                          ity}.19 And profitably he further adds that
having to do with salvation, invested                                                                              they will come forth from their graves,
himself with the glory of two things that                                                                          those who were conquered by base deeds
are appropriate to God. For he clearly af-                                                                         and lived in wickedness to undergo end-
firmed that he would both raise the dead,                                                                           less punishment, the illustrious in virtue
and set them at his judgment-seat to be                                                                            to receive the reward of their virtuousness
judged. But it was extremely likely that                                                                           {forbearance}:20 eternal life; present-
the hearers would be displeased at this,                                                                           ing himself at the same time (as we said
accusing him reasonably, since he said                                                                             above) as the dispenser of what belongs to
that God was his Father, making himself                                                                            each, in these words of his; and persuad-
equal with God.15 So, having combined                                                                              ing them, either from fear of suffering ter-
authority and splendour appropriate for         descend from heaven with a shout, with                             rible things, to repudiate what is worthless
God with language befitting the human            the voice of an archangel, and with the                            and come to desire to live more soberly,
nature, he beguiles the weight of their         trumpet of God, to judge the world in                              or pricked with a certain desire with re-
wrath, saying more modestly and lowlily         righteousness,17 and render to every man                           gard to eternal life, to hurry after the good
than was necessary, For as the Father has       according to his works.18 So by repetition                         things more willingly and eagerly.
life in himself, so he has granted the Son      of the same things, he leads by the hand
to have life in himself. Do not be amazed,      the most unlearned understanding of the                                   That the Son is Inferior to the
he says, if I, who am now like you and          Jews, to be able clearly to understand that                                God and Father in Nothing,
seen as a human being, promise to raise         he will be a worker of greater wonders                                     But as God from God, is of
the dead and threaten to bring them to          than those involving the paralytic, and                                    Equal Might in Operation
judgment: the Father has given me power         that he will be revealed as judge of the                                     Respecting All Things
to give life, he has given me to judge with     inhabited earth; and by usefully contrast-
authority. But having by this healed the un-    ing the healing of one sick person with the                        I can of myself do nothing. As I hear, I
stable hearing of the Jews, he also shows       resurrection of the dead, he shows that the                        judge; and my judgment is just, because I
intense concern as well for the profit of        operation that undoes death and destroys                           do not seek my own will but the will of the
what follows, and, immediately explain-         the corruption of all, is greater and more                         Father who sent me. (John 5:30)
ing the reason for saying he has received                                                                              Listen again more precisely to the
                                                16. The title “Son of man” refers to Christ’s humanity. Jesus
it, he puts forward that human nature has         explains that it is as a human being that he receives life. As
                                                  God, he is the giver of life (see the words that follow).        19. exousias.
nothing of itself, saying, Because he is the                                                                       20. epieikeias.
                                                17. 1 Thess. 4:16, Acts 17:31.
15. John 5:18.                                  18. cf. Matt. 16:27, Rev. 20:13.                                                     Continued on the next page
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                    and instructed in the sacred writings, they   for analogously with respect to the im-
Continued from page 27                        would not be entirely ignorant that God       age and with respect to the archetype, and
                                              will be judge of the world, since they also   thus in short our argument will disappear
things said, and receive the force of its     often sang, Arise, O God, judge the earth27   into endless controversy, and will run
thought with intelligence. For the Jews,      and again, For God is the Judge.28            out into the deep sea of blasphemy. But
not knowing the deep mystery of the econ-         So, as he knew that the ignorant peo-     since the Son, being of the essence of the
omy with flesh, neither acknowledging          ple of the Jews were irked at these things,   Father, takes to himself by nature all the
God the Word indwelling in the temple of      he rids them of their accustomed anger by     properties of the one who begot him, and
the Virgin, were often excited to savage-     saying in more human language, I can of       in terms of essence rises to one divinity
ness of manners and fierce anger by a zeal     Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge. As     with him by reason of identity of nature
mistaken and not according to knowledge       far as one can say, then, taking the words    (he is in the Father, but on the other hand,
as Paul says;21 and indeed were attempt-      superficially, he derides the understanding    again has the Father in himself), for this
ing to stone him,22 because he, being a       of the Jews. For the form of expression       reason he frequently, without blame and
man, was making himself God,23 and            gives the idea of a sort of weakness, and     truly, attributes to the Father the power
again because he said that God was his        of authority not altogether free; but it is   of his own works, not excluding himself
Father, making himself equal with God.24      not so in truth, since the Son being equal    from the power of doing them but attrib-
But since they were thus hard of under-       to the Father in all things, has by nature    uting all things to the operation {activity,
standing and utterly unable to endure         the same activity {energy, operation} and     energy}31 of the one deity {divinity, god-
God-befitting words, but both thought          power {authority} in respect to all things.   head}: for one is the deity in Father, and
and spoke belittling him, the Saviour by      But he says that he can do nothing of him-    Son, and Holy Spirit.
way of divine condescension {in accor-        self, but as he hears, so he judges; in an-       And that the Son is not inferior to the
dance with the economy / plan of salva-       other way again showing himself equal in      Father either in power or activity {energy,
tion; economically}25 acts the child with
them, and made his explanation a mixed
one, neither completely foregoing words
suited to God, nor altogether rejecting hu-
                                                 Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears my
man language; but having said something          word and believes in him who sent me has ever-
worthy of his divine authority, he at once       lasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but
reproves the uninstructed temper of the
hearers, by bringing in something human
                                                 has passed from death into life —John 5:24
also; and again having said something hu-
man by reason of the economy, he does
                                              mind and power to the God and Father.         operation} with regard to anything, but is
not permit what belongs to him to be seen
                                                  For neither will the Father be con-       in all things like and of equal might, has
in mean estate only, showing often by his
                                              ceived of as doing anything without the       been demonstrated by us elsewhere, when
superhuman might and words that he is
                                              Son, alone and by himself, seeing he has      we considered the words, The Son can do
by nature God. Some such technique will
                                              him as his might and power (therefore All     nothing of himself, but what he sees the
you find also in the passage now before
                                              things were made through him, and without     Father do; for whatever he does, the Son
us. For what did he say before? For as the
                                              him nothing was made that was made.29)        also does in like manner.32
Father raises the dead and gives life to
                                              nor again will the Son do anything of             But since it is, I think, just and becom-
them, even so the Son gives life to whom
                                              himself, the Father not being joined with     ing to display the most devoted zeal for
he will;26 next again, For the hour is com-
                                              him. Therefore he says also, I can of my-     the divine doctrines, come, let us, in the
ing in which all who are in the graves will
                                              self do nothing; but the Father who dwells    custom of sailors on the sea rewind (as a
hear his voice; and in addition, that they
                                              in me does the works.30 And we shall not      cable) the whole argument of the chapter.
will also come forth to be judged and to
                                              suppose that the Son is strengthened by       For in this way one may see that the Son
receive their reward according to their
                                              the Father, as though weak, and again that    does not accuse his own nature by say-
works. But he who says he can give life
                                              authority over all things is given him; for   ing that he can do nothing of himself, but
to whom he will, and in a manner as the
                                              then would he be no longer God by nature,     rather exposes the folly of the Jews, and
Father, how will he not be conceived of
                                              as having the beauty of deity bestowed;       plainly shows that they trample on the law
as clothed with the might befitting God?
                                              but neither would the Father himself exist    of Moses. For to the words, I can of my-
How will he who openly says that he will
                                              anymore in an unimpaired excellency of        self do nothing, is immediately added, As
be judge of all, not rightly disquiet those
                                              good things, if he had the Word, the im-      I hear, I judge. This frees the Son from all
who deem that he is yet a mere human be-
                                              press of his nature, one requiring power      reproach of not being able to act from his
ing? For in all likelihood, being Hebrews
                                              and authority from another. For a giver       own power; rather it shows clearly that in
21. Rom. 10:2.
22. him: Jesus.
                                              of the things mentioned would be sought       all things he loves the Father and is like-
23. John 10:33.                               27. Psa. 81(82):8.                            minded with him who begot him. For if he
24. John 5:18.                                28. Psa. 49(50):6, 74(75):7.
25. oikonomikos.                              29. John 1:3.                                 31. energeia.
26. John 5:21.                                30. John 5:30a, 14:10b.                       32. John 5:19.

were borrowing the power of the Father as                               Accordingly, he testified plainly that       he exposes the unbelief of the Jews and
though powerless, as not having sufficient                           all who are in the graves will hear his         lays bare their headstrong tendencies. For
from himself, how should he not rather                              voice, and that they will come forth to be      the words I can of myself do nothing hint
say, I can of myself do nothing, I receive                          judged. When he has once begun on the           well at this too, as contrasting with, You
the power from the Father? But now as he                            subject of his judging the world, he not        recklessly transgress the commandments
does not say this, but rather adds to the                           only promises to be a righteous judge at        given you, you were bold to do all things
inability to do anything of himself, that                           that time, in which he says the return to       of yourselves, fearlessly,38 and in every
he judges as he hears, it is evident that it                        life {renewal of life, resurrection}36 of the   matter you are zealous to give judgments
is not with respect to weakness of activ-                           dead will take place, but also declares that    not consistent with the divine decrees.
ity {operation, energy}33 in anything that                          even now he judges rightly and justly of        For you teach for doctrines the command-
he frames the inability, but because of                             matters in this life. As for what was being     ments of men,39 and make your own will
the impossibility of transgressing in any-                          judged, and what the object of his speech       a law.
thing the Father’s will. For since one de-                          was, hear. For our sakes was he born of a           What then is the aim of this way of
ity {godhead, divinity} is conceived of in                          woman; for as Paul says, Not angels does        speaking, or how he introduces himself
Father and Son, the will also, I suppose,                           he lay hold of, but the seed of Abraham.        as judging justly, but them as not, will be
will be surely the same; and neither in                             Therefore, in all things he had to be made      told next. He had healed the paralytic on
the Father, nor yet in the Son or the Holy                          like his brethren,37 But since he was made      the Sabbath day, he had had compassion
Spirit will the divine nature be conceived                          human and in the form of a servant, the         on a man who had spent long time in sick-
of as at variance with Itself; but whatever                                                                         ness, showing forth right and good judg-
seems good to the Father (for example),                                                                             ment upon him. For it was right to pity
this is the will of the whole deity {divin-                                                                         the sick man even on the Sabbath, and by
ity, godhead}.                                                                                                      no means to shut up his compassion out
     Therefore, the Son necessarily intro-                                                                          of reverence for the Sabbath, practicing
duces himself as co-approving and con-                                                                              a most vain piety. But as the Father too
senting to the Father in whatever seems                                                                             works even on the Sabbath day concern-
good to him, explaining that he cannot do                                                                           ing the operation of his creations, and that
anything which is not altogether accord-                                                                            surely through the Son, so does he himself
ing to the mind of the Father, for this is                                                                          also. For neither did he think that a man
the meaning of of myself.34 Just as if he                                                                           who needed compassion on the Sabbath
should say that he cannot commit sin, he                                                                            day should be deprived of it on account
would not rightly seem to any to incur the                                                                          of the Sabbath, since he knew that the
charge of weakness, but rather to set forth                                                                         Son of Man was Lord of the Sabbath.
a wondrous and God-befitting property of                                                                             For man was not made for the Sabbath,
his own nature (for, that he is immove-                                                                             but the Sabbath for man.40 So in this the
able and unchangeable he makes clear);                                                                              judgment of the Saviour is righteous and
so when he acknowledges that he can do                                                                              good, not hindering his love for mankind
nothing of himself, we will be awestruck                                                                            to the prostrate because of the Sabbath;
as seeing unchangingness the fruit of the                                                                           but that which he as God knows how to
unchangeable nature, rather than unsea-                             law-giver as God and Lord comes to be           perform (for the divine nature is the foun-
sonably count the inability as a mark of                            under the law also. Now he speaks some-         tain of goodness), this he did even on the
weakness.                                                           times as under the law, sometimes again         Sabbath; but how is the judgment of the
     While these things must be said by                             as above the law, and has undisputed            Jews upon him -- in that they were vexed
us in conformity with our own ability, let                          authority for both. But he is discoursing       on account of the Sabbath, and therefore
the lover of learning search out for better;                        now with the Jews as a law-keeper and a         desired to kill him who had done them no
but we will not shrink from interpreting                            human being, as not able to transgress the      wrong -- not extremely dissonant to the
the saying in another way too, lowering                             commands ordered from above, nor ven-           divine laws (for it is written, The innocent
our rhetoric a little from the frontiers of                         turing to do anything of his own choice         and the righteous you shall not slay, 41)
divinity and the excellence of the Only-                            which does not agree with the divine law.       and rather an invention of their cruelty,
Begotten, and, since the Son truly was                              For this reason he says, I can of myself do     and not of the holy Scriptures?
and was called human, realigning35 the                              nothing; as I hear, I judge. By testifying          Accept, then, that Jesus says with a
thrust of the passage to the economy with                           with respect to himself that he can of him-     kind of emphasis to those who were angry
flesh, [i.e. the incarnation] and showing                            self do nothing which is not wholly in ac-      at his deeds of good and found fault with
that what follows is akin and connected                             cordance with the law, and that he judges       his holy judgments, following only their
with what preceded.                                                 and gives sentence in matters according         38. os ex akindinou.
33. energeia.                                                       as he hears, namely, as the law declares,       39. Matt. 15:9.
34. I.e., I can of myself do nothing means: I can do nothing that                                                   40. Mark 2:28,27.
  is not in accord with the Father’s will.                          36. anabiosis.                                  41. Exod. 22:7.
35. metarrythmizontes.                                              37. Heb. 2:16,17a.                                                     Continued on page 49
 Herman Attends
 Inauguration of
 President Bush

         is   Beatitude,     Metropolitan
         Herman,       Archbishop        of
         Washington and Primate of
the Orthodox Church in America, was
among a number of national religious
and civic leaders present on the steps of
the U.S. Capitol here for the inaugura-
tion of President George Bush and Vice-
President Richard Cheney on Thursday,                          President George W. Bush gives inaugural address
January 20, 2005.
    Also attending the inauguration cer-
emonies was His Eminence, Archbishop
Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox
Archdiocese of America.
    Despite extreme cold, thousands were
on hand for the event, the 55th in the his-
tory of the United States of America.
    While in the nation’s capital,
Metropolitan Herman participated in a
number of other activities associated with
the inauguration.
    On Friday, January 21, the morn-
ing after the inauguration, Metropolitan
Herman and Archbishop Demetrios were
among representatives of the nation’s
various faith traditions who attended an
inaugural prayer service in the National
Cathedral Church of Saints Peter and
    The Rev. Billy Graham opened the
service with a prayer in which he called
upon God to grant President Bush and
Vice-President Cheney “a clear mind and
a warm heart” as they begin their second
terms of office.                                           Rev. Billy Graham, Cardinal Keeler, and Metropolitan Herman
    Two New Testament readings fol-
lowed. Metropolitan Herman read 1             Cardinal Keeler then read from the Gospel   United Methodist Church, Dallas, Tex.,
Timothy 2:1-3, which calls for “supplica-     of Saint Matthew, in which Christ exhorts   Archbishop Demetrios was one of sev-
tions, prayers, and thanksgiving” for all     all to love their enemies.                  eral clergy who offered a petition during
men, including those in authority, as is           Following the homily, delivered by     the litany that led to the recitation of the
“acceptable to God.” Baltimore’s William      the Rev. Mark Craig of the Highland Park    Lord’s Prayer and a closing prayer.
                                                          Metropolitan Herman greets Barbara Bush

                                                               At the conclusion of the service,
                                                          Metropolitan Herman congratulated
                                                          President Bush and Vice-President Cheney
                                                          and their wives on behalf of the faithful of
                                                          the Orthodox Church in America. He also
                                                          greeted former President George Bush
                                                          and his wife, Barbara, and other dignitar-
Metropolitan Herman with Vice-President and Mrs. Cheney   ies.
                                                               On Wednesday, January 19, the eve
                                                          of the inauguration, Protopresbyter
                                                          Robert Kondratick, O.C.A. chancellor;
                                                          the Very Rev. Constantine White, dean
                                                          of the O.C.A.’s Saint Nicholas Cathedral,
                                                          Washington, D.C.; and members of
                                                          the chancery staff joined Archbishop
                                                          Demetrios at a private dinner hosted by
                                                          Mr. Andrew Athens, President of the
                                                          World Council of Hellenes, and Mr.
                                                          Andrew Manitos. Unfortunately, sudden
                                                          inclement weather and traffic conditions
                                                          prevented Metropolitan Herman from at-
                                                          tending the gathering.
                                                               As Primate of the Orthodox Church
                                                          in America, Metropolitan Herman serves
                                                          as Archbishop of Washington, DC. The
                                                          O.C.A.’s Saint Nicholas Cathedral is
                                                          located within blocks of the National

                               The Glory of the Priesthood
                           Address by His Grace BASIL, Bishop of Wichita and Mid-America,
                             Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

                   Given February 24, 2005 at St. Tikhon’s Seminary for the Clergy Retreat of the
                       O.C.A. Eastern Pennsylvania and New York-New Jersey Dioceses and the Seminarians

      thank you for inviting me to speak,                                                      creation is to be his priest.
      not only to be with you, but to speak                                                        When I was elected bishop, in 1992,
      with you on a subject that I love to                                                     and I was sent away from my parish in
      speak on and that’s about the priest-                                                    Wichita, Kansas, where I had been a
hood. I love the priesthood. I thank God                                                       priest for those five years; I was sent to
that he’s accounted me, of all people, wor-                                                    Los Angeles, to live in the Chancery and
thy to share a little bit in the glory of his                                                  to help as an auxiliary bishop, then to
priesthood. But it’s something that I take                                                     Metropolitan Philip. I went into a period
great delight in speaking about. I might                                                       of mourning. Outwardly, I don’t think I
not wax very eloquent about it, because                                                        appeared to be mourning. I didn’t do it to
really it wells up in my heart, just the                                                       get anyone’s pity, because no one would
thought of what it means to be a priest of                                                     have understood, except another priest.
God. I shared with the men this morning                                                        No, that’s not even true. Perhaps another
in the pastoral theology class, and I think                                                    bishop would have understood; even a
it would be wise perhaps if I shared with                                                      priest I don’t think would’ve understood
you, when it was that I thought I lost my                                                      at that time, because I couldn’t have put
priesthood. Or a least an important facet       toddlers and young men, but she recorded       words to it. I was mourning for three
of my priesthood. And that was when I           that I used to play a priest with her paja-    years, and it wasn’t just physical sepa-
became a bishop. My mother, God bless           mas and put them around me and that I          ration from my parishioners in Wichita.
her, has for me a baby book. And, those         stated at that time, which was about two       They have wonderful priests, whom I love
of you who were born in the late ‘40s and       and half, three years old that I wanted to     very much, in the Diocese of the West, but
early ‘50s, that was a very popular thing,      be a priest.                                   I had lost a flock. And I knew it very exis-
for a mother to keep baby books. It says            I was taken into the altar at the age      tentially that I no longer had a flock.
when you got your first tooth and when           of four by my paternal grandfather, who            And you can say, You did. You had
you took your first step and when you            was a chanter. I remember the day he           more children, you had more children,
got your first haircut. First everything.        took me into the altar and gave me over        you had more children, because you’re a
I’m one of three children in the family         to the priest to be an altar boy. I’m from     bishop. You’re not just the priest of one
-- only son, and the eldest of the three        Monessen, Pa., as most of you know. It         parish, you’re the priest of many parishes.
children, so my baby book is complete.          never was a large parish, so we would re-      Don’t believe it! It’s not true. It’s not true.
It’s filled. My middle sister, the one after     cruit boys as soon as they could be away       I had lost a flock, and it wasn’t just the
me, her book is about half filled, because       from their moms to be in the altar, and        names and faces of those individuals, the
my mother by that time was busy with not        when my grandfather gave me over to the        ones that I had confessed and baptized
only with myself, and her, but then anoth-      priest, I thought I would never leave the      and married and visited when they were
er child came along, the third child, my        altar. I thought he was like giving me to      sick, and shared their joys and sorrows.
youngest sister, who doesn’t even have a        the priest. But I was very happy about it. I   It was just of a flock in general. I felt like
baby book. But my book is complete and          really was thrilled. I thank God that He’s     I was a shepherd without a flock, which
my mother records in there that I used to       called me to this great honor. The highest     meant a man without a purpose. You can
play priest. I don’t think that’s very un-      honor that can be paid, not only to a hu-      wear all the crowns and the rhinestones
usual for Orthodox boys to play priest, the     man being, but to any individual in God’s      you want, and they can call you Master
all day and kiss your hands from morn-          mean it’s always done in the best way.          we who are already ordained are endowed.
ing till night, but when you go home you        Like you gentlemen, sometimes you drop          And for those of you who are preparing
have no flock. Until God, and it was God,        the ball in ministering to your parishio-       for the priesthood, that’s the glory which
saw really that I was at the brink. Not of      ners, as I do with my clergy. I repent of       you will be called to share in. While it is
quitting, I certainly would never quit, and     that. But I love that the priests and dea-      the highest calling of mankind, after be-
not of despair, it wasn’t of despair. It was    cons and their families, are my family.         ing called the Son of God, it’s one which
sort of resignation. I was near the point       They’re my children and . . . they all share    we all need to accept with humility and
of resignation that this is what God has        with me in this glory of the priesthood.        maintain with humility. Knowing always
called me to.                                        To begin the formal part of this           that while the people pronounce us wor-
      Those of you who know me, or espe-        morning’s presentation, I’d like to share       thy, and shout Axios! Axios! Axios!, we at
cially knew me for a long time, knew that       a word with you from St. Symeon the             the same time are whispering within our
the bishopric was the last thing that I had     New Theologian, who speaks specifically          heart, Anaxios! Anaxios! Unworthy. If we
ever had aspired to. I had worked long          about the glory of the priesthood in this       don’t, we face the danger then of floating
enough at the Chancery with Metropolitan        passage. He begins by asking a question:        off into perdition.
Philip to know what the episcopacy really       “Who then, favored with glory from on                I have gathered from the clergy of my
is. It’s not just miters and rhinestones and    high, the original glory, would believe         diocese over the years a number of coun-
Eis Polla Eti Despota. It’s a heavy cross.      that there is a thing still more glorious       sels and words of admonition and teach-
But when I had gotten to that, the brink        than to celebrate the Liturgy and to con-       ing, from saints as well as from contem-
of resignation, saying, well, certainly this    template the Most High Nature energiz-          porary fathers, concerning the priesthood.
is what God has called me to. “The Lord         ing everything, inexpressible and inac-         And I’d like to share several with you; af-
gives, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be         cessible to all? Had you seen Christ and        ter having read that one about the glory of
the Name of the Lord.” Right when I was         received the Holy Spirit, had you been led      the priesthood from St. Simeon, I’d like to
ready to do that, the Lord revealed to me       to the Father through them, you would           share several others with you. The Elder
that I indeed had a flock. And continue to       understand that to celebrate the Liturgy is     Epiphanios of Athens says that the priest-
have a flock. And it’s the best flock. And        great and awesome; and that it surpasses        hood is a very great gift of God towards
. . . do we have lay parishioners here? We      all glory, when it is done with the con-        mankind, for it is the conduit of the Grace
must, because there’s at least a couple of      sciousness of a pure heart in honor of the      of God. To a woman whose son was just
women and Dr. David. So forgive me, I           One, Holy, and Undefiled Trinity.”               ordained a priest, Elder Amphilochios of
don’t mean this as anything to denigrate             There’s a story that’s probably familiar   Patmos wrote, “Woman, your greatest joy
lay parishioners. But the best flock is the      to most of us, from the life of St. Cosma       is to have a son who sanctifies the Precious
one that I have. And it’s priests and dea-      the Evangelizer of southern Albania and         Gifts, whose honor it is to forgive sins.
cons and their families. That’s who my          northwestern Greece -- who as he jour-          Who intercedes constantly for your fam-
flock is as a bishop and God revealed that       neyed through those areas during the dark       ily. Had he become a king, he would not
to me.                                          era of the Turkokratia, tried to elevate not    have attained the glory that is a priest’s.
      Why say it’s the best flock? I don’t be-   only the knowledge of Christians of God,        During the Divine Liturgy the priest is
lieve we have priests who are lukewarm in       but their love for their mother the Church.     higher even than the angels, because
their love of God. They can be lukewarm         He told this story, a parable, about the        even the angels at that great hour tremble
about a lot of things, but not in their love    priesthood. For those of you who know           as they serve him at the Mystery of the
of God. We can have plenty of lukewarm          it, forgive me for bringing it again to your    Holy Eucharist.” Hieromonk Athanasios
parishioners. We can have many people           attention, but it’s an important one for all    of the monastery of Iviron on the holy
who come to our churches, even are active       of us to remember. St. Cosma taught the         mountain defines the priesthood as this:
in churches, even participating in the sac-     people that if you are walking down the         “The priesthood is given as a clear mani-
raments, whose motivations sometimes            street and you see the king coming toward       festation of God’s love for mankind.” It’s
we’re not quite sure about. But that’s not      you on one side of the street and a priest      a beautiful thing, cause it’s ranked with
true of priests and deacons. I don’t believe    on the other side of the street, you ought      the Incarnation. Okay? His only begot-
it’s true. There would be nothing to rec-       first go and greet and make a metania be-        ten Son because of his love for mankind,
ommend ordination to a man, self-sacri-         fore the priest, kiss his hand, and then you    right? “God so loved the world that he
fice to a man -- and wife, should he be          can go and greet the king. St. Cosma goes       gave his only begotten Son.” And now
married -- other than love of God. A love       on to say that if you’re walking down a         Elder Amphilochios is saying, also after
of God and the hearing of a call that can-      street and you see an archangel coming          that great gift, the gift of the Incarnation,
not be turned down. That’s my flock. And         toward you and a pious ignorant village         God gave the priesthood to mankind as a
I had such joy from that moment on, three       priest on the other side of the street, you     manifestation of his love. God loves us,
years ago, so it’s ten years that I’ve been a   should leave the archangel and first go          Elder Amphilochios said, and he made us
very joyful bishop.                             and greet the priest, make a metania, kiss      priests -- he made us his priests.
      I love my flock, my priests, my dea-       his hand, ask his blessing, and then go and          A priestly celebrant loans his voice
cons, their families. I treat them as if        greet the archangel.                            and hands to God to perform his Holy
they’re my flock. And it doesn’t always               That’s the glory, brothers, with which                    Continued on the next page
Glory of the Priesthood                           the epistle was read, Blessed Paul ap-             We’ve had brothers, like us, brothers in
Continued from page 33                            peared and guided the reader, and during      the sacred priesthood, who have heard the
Mysteries. A priest is cleansed by God’s          the Gospel each one of the words came         angels, and they bear testimony so that I
Grace when clothed in his vestments,              out of the mouth of the priest like a flame.   too who have not heard those things might
unless there is a moral shortcoming, vin-         Then the mystical Alleluia started. All the   believe. I don’t think I’ve heard them sing;
dictiveness or greed for money. So those          voices intertwined in a rope of fire which     I’ll tell you a story in a moment. This is
who labor for God’s Word should first be           reached up to heaven. A little before the     not the glory of the priesthood, but it’s a
aesthetically prepared.                           Great Entrance, before the Holy Gifts         testimony to the glory of the priesthood,
     The glory of the priesthood is not just      were to come out, suddenly he saw the         that even angels bow and serve you at the
something that is abstract. In the teach-         heavens open and an ineffable fragrance       Holy Table. You do what they can’t even
ing of our Holy Mother the Church, and            pour out. Angels were descending, chant-      imagine, not only holding in your hands
of God-mantled fathers, it is something           ing hymns and doxologies to the Lamb          the Body of Christ, but breaking the Body
that is existential, and just as something        and Christ and Son of God. Immediately,       of Christ. That which many of us now just
happens, something changes for a child            an infant with the purest and sweetest face   take for granted. God forbid we should
as he or she is put into the font, so too         appeared. The Cherubim brought him in         for our entire life, and God grant that we
something changes in a man the moment             their palms and placed him on the Holy        repent for those few moments when we
that Grace Divine is called down upon
him. Likewise, as in baptism that’s really
just the planting of the seed, and that one
needs actualize his or her Christian faith
following his or her baptism, so to, a priest
really needs to work out his priesthood,
to grow in his priesthood, to actualize his
priesthood following his ordination.
     What is it that happens to the priest?
Is his soul is changed, he looks the same.
He sounds the same. If he had a bad voice
before the hands were laid on him, he still
has a bad voice. He sounds the same, his
personality is generally is the same, how is      paten where the Holy Gifts were. Around       do, but we take for granted those actions
it then that we can say that he is changed?       this Child gathered a large number of         of the Liturgy which make angels and
We can say he changed in the same ways            white-dressed men, reflecting his own          archangels stand in awe. That’s the glory
that child coming out of the font was a           bright beauty. And the priest reverently      to which you’ve been called, brothers.
child destined for death, looks the same,         approached to take the Holy Gifts for the     Again, it’s not because of our worthiness.
cries the same, sounds the same, is called        Great Entrance. The priest raised them        God chooses us like he chose Balaam’s
by the same name -- but then is by God’s          and placed above his head. Two cherubim       ass for his purpose. So the thanksgiving
Grace a child of God destined for salva-          and two seraphim preceded him and an          and the glory belong to Christ, who has
tion and eternal life in his Kingdom. A           infinite number of other angels followed       deigned to honor us by permitting dirt,
priest has changed and appears to be the          chanting ineffable melodies. As soon as       earth, soil to share the ineffable gifts of
same in the same way that bread becomes           the celebrant placed the Holy Gifts upon      his one and only priesthood.
Body, and wine becomes Blood. They                the table, they covered Them with their            I told you I wanted to tell you, per-
taste the same, they look the same, but           wings. The two cherubim on the right of       haps I heard angels sing one time. I was
they’re not the same.                             the priest and the two seraphim on his        still a priest in Wichita, I had just come
     Listen what happens when a priest            left.                                         home from a visit to Pennsylvania and
stands at that altar no longer as an altar boy,       Brothers, who was it who the saint in     had heard for the first time Bishop Job’s
not even as a deacon, but now as a priest.        this story? It wasn’t the priest, we don’t    arrangement of the New Commandment.
This is from a Romanian document; I’m             know that it was the priest. It was St.       I love it, and I knew that people out in
sure it exists in other languages, but it was     Niphon, who was vouchsafed to see that,       Kansas would love it. It sounds sort of
translated for me from the Romanian. It is        but it was a man like you, perhaps like       down-home. I had mentioned it to our
called The Vision of St. Niphon. What was         me, certainly like you, like you a priest,    choir director. I didn’t have the music,
this vision that this man was seeing when         who was vouchsafed to be a concelebrant       but while one of the Readers was reading
Liturgy began? He saw fire coming down             with the holy angels. There are some of       thanksgiving prayers after the Liturgy, I
from heaven and covering the altar and            our brothers throughout history who have      went from behind the iconostasis to the
covering the priest without the latter even       had the eyes to see those. Few, but they’ve   choir director before she left and said, I’m
recognizing it. Later, when the Trisagion         seen them. And they bear witness for us,      going to hum you a melody during the
hymn was chanted, four angels descended           forgive me for judging, they bear witness     coffee hour and maybe we can figure out
and chanted along with the clergy. When           for me who haven’t seen them.                 the harmony. And she said fine and she
left. The thanksgiving prayers went on           each side holding up the dikirion. Their       a little bit. Forgive me if I sound a little
and when I thought everyone had left and         arms, their hands were holding up your         bit confused. Let me read some things
I started to sing the New Commandment,           elbows.” Which more than awed me. He           for you here. Page one. Elder George of
Alleluia was the melody. I sang it and           saw what we know is there. I think I heard     Dalama, speaking to priests, says, “We
pretty soon an alto joined in and a bass         what we know is there.                         should strive to intensify our faith and,
joined in, and a tenor. It was a full choir.         Those are affirmations, again brothers,     during the Divine Liturgy, to be undis-
I said, “Wow. Chris, could you figure . .         of the glory of the priesthood. Those are      tracted and to be attached to the celebra-
. it’s simple melodies, right? It’s simple       not the glory of the priesthood. But those     tion of the service, so that you might be
harmonies. It’s not a very difficult thing to     are certainly affirmations of the glory of      granted to behold the Majesties of God,
figure out,” I said, “They did it very quick-     the priesthood. Thank you.                     to see the angels who serve with you, and
ly.” It was great, it really sounded great, so       Let me share a couple other readings       to hear their voices.
during the coffee hour, rather than grab-        with you from St. Symeon. When I was               St. John Chrysostom says, compar-
bing Chris and saying, you know, “Listen         with you two and half years ago for the        ing the priesthood of the Old Testament
to me hum this,” I said, “Chris, come with       commencement address, I spoke with the         to the priesthood of the New Testament,
me to the choir room, we still have all of       graduates about the priest being called the    “The priests of the Jews had the authority
that harmony in our heads. We’ll go to the       brother-loving poor man. If you remem-         to cure leprosy of the body, or rather not
                                                                                                to cure it, but only to certify the cure. And
                                                                                                you know what rivalry there used to be
                                                                                                even for that priesthood. But our priests,
                                                                                                the priests of Christ, have received au-
                                                                                                thority not over leprosy of the body, but
                                                                                                over uncleanness of soul, and not just to
                                                                                                certify its cure, but actually to cure it.”
                                                                                                That’s what and who you men are.
                                                                                                    St. John of Kronstadt wrote, “By
                                                                                                means of the priesthood, God accom-
                                                                                                plishes great and redeeming works among
                                                                                                mankind. Through the priesthood, he pu-
                                                                                                rifies and sanctifies people and animals
                                                                                                and all the elements. He delivers people
piano and we will write it out.” And she         ber, it’s a central idea in St. Symeon’s       from the villainous works of the devil.
said, “What harmony?” I said, “Well, the         understanding of the priesthood. It’s that     He renews and he strengthens through
harmony that you and the choir just sang         which compels us, even though we know          the priesthood. He converts bread and
along with me in the church.” There was          our own unworthiness, to actuate, activate     wine into the purest Body and Blood of
no Chris and there was no choir. For some        the priesthood and actuate the priesthood      the Theanthropos1 himself. Though the
reason, I don’t know why, maybe just the         within us. He says a priest is a brother-      priesthood, he joins people in matrimony
blessing a little bit, I know I heard it.        loving poor man. He’s a poor man who           and makes marriage honorable and the
    I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it.        went to someone who loved Christ and           nuptial bed pure. Through the priests, he
I’m sure some of you have seen it. As I          he begged alms and the lover of Christ         absolves sins, he heals illness, he converts
shared with some people in this room, a          placed a large amount of money in the          earth into heaven. He unites heaven with
gentlemen at my cathedral remembered             palms of this poor man. And the poor man       earth, and he unites the human being with
the choir, has seen. He came to me, one,         went and told other poor people, that you      Himself. He joins angels and men in one
again I was now a bishop at the cathedral.       go and ask this one. He won’t be stingy, If    gathering at the beckoning of the priest.
He came to me during the coffee social.          you go to this one, he will give and he will   What do they not lack, those people who
And he’s a normal man. He’s married,             give to you abundantly. St. Symeon used        have no priesthood?” St. John says a very
with kids, and just a normal. He’s a very        that parable to speak of the grace which       bold statement now. He says, “They are
sober kind of guy. He has a normal job.          the priest has received, and about which       deprived of salvation. It is not in vain, for
He’s not some strange person who hears           he cannot be quiet. The great riches of the    the Lord, the accomplisher of our salva-
voices and sees things. So it’s very unusu-      grace of God bestowed upon those who           tion, is called the Great and Chief Priest.”
al that he would even admit something,           are ordained to be his priests. And that the       Through your hands, brothers, no-
but it awed him and he came to me during         joys of those blessings and the richness       body else’s in your parish, you, through
the coffee hour and he said, “Sayedna, did       of that Grace are so intense, that he can-     your hands, which are no different from
you see that?” I said, “Who is it that you       not help but share it and encourage others,    the hands of anyone else in your parish
saw, you think I might have seen?” He            and to go and get that same grace, to go       except by ordination, these wonders are
said, “The archangels! When you came             and get the same riches from the lover of      wrought. A child of Adam is made a child
out with the trikirion and the dikirion to       Christ.                                        1. God-man.--Ed.

say ‘Oh Lord, Oh Lord.’ There was one on             I’m going to go on, don’t mind me                             Continued on the next page
Glory of the Priesthood                         ning with St. Simeon, but it’s very com-        tual children. How is it possible not to
Continued from page 35                          mon in the Fathers also, that the glory         strive upon earth with all our might after
of God by the use of your hands. A great        of the priesthood, of course, carries with      such bliss? Yet it is only a faint beginning.
sinner, bound for hell, is absolved and en-     it great responsibility. The greatest re-       Only a faint likeness of the heavenly bliss
ters into the kingdom of heaven by the act      sponsibility for the souls of the lambs of      of love.”
of your hand. That wonder of two flesh           Christ entrusted to our care is that we pray         The prayers of a spiritual father for
becoming one, God accomplishes through          for them. Often, we clergy of the holy          his spiritual children cannot only be life-
your hand. The feeding of a humanity,           Orthodox Church in these latter times can       transforming for that person, but can be
whose thirst can never be quenched and          be tempted to mimic the clergy in other         soul-transforming. In the life of Saints
whose hunger can never by assuaged, is          denominations and outside the Church,           Barsanuphios and John and in their coun-
given drink and given food that quenches        and we try to come up with techniques to        sels we read of the miraculous conver-
and assuages, through the bread become          be better pastors. It can be very helpful.      sions made, of sinners saved. I wouldn’t
Body and the wine become Blood, which           Better communicators, better counselors.        go so far as to say against their own will, I
is accomplished through your hands. The         Those things are fine, but first and fore-        don’t know if that would be possible, but
body, which toiled so long on this earth, is    most and that which we often forget and         certainly without much contribution from
laid to rest to await that great and last day   sometimes even neglect, is that calling is      the sinner. All the prayers of their spiri-
when it will arise in glory, by your hand.      to pray for our people, to make interces-       tual father. While that certainly is a glory,
    These are great and marvelous things,       sion for our people.                            it is also a weight which is placed upon
brothers, for all of the universe, not just          It goes without saying that people who     us, a responsibility given to us, brothers,
for all of humanity, for all of creation.       call us father are known to us by name.         when that lamb is placed in our hands.
These things change the universe. It is         It’s strange for someone to come and call       We not only change bread into Body and
done through the hands of his priests.          me father who I don’t know. It would be         wine into Blood by our cooperation with
The day upon which you are ordained.            like what our Lord said when they come,         God, and by his Divine Grace, but we
I shared this again this morning, and           “Lord! Lord!” and he says, “I don’t know        have been vouchsafed by God the power
I share it all the time, and you’ve prob-       who you are.” So it’s incumbent upon us to      as fathers to save our children, to save our
ably heard it from your holy bishop, but        know them as our children, to know them         spiritual children by praying for them. By
be patient with me. I love it. The day we       by their names, but also to know their          praying for them by name. If you have
were ordained and had that Lamb placed          needs. St. John of Kronstadt authored this      a large parish, well divide it, into thirty
within our hands, was the day that will be      prayer to Christ, the prayer of the priest.     days. Thirty little groups if you have to,
called to our very minds on that great and      He says, “My sweetest Savior, having            but know your children by name, a shep-
last day, when we go to stand before our        come down from heaven for the service           herd knows his sheep by name. And his
great God and Savior Jesus Christ. The          of mankind, thou didst not only preach          sheep know him.
Fathers of our Church tell us that we’ll        the word of heavenly truth in the temple.            There’s an image I’ve shared in a hom-
stand speechless, and the Tradition of our      But thou wentest to the towns and vil-          ily, and I don’t know if I shared it when I
Church tells us that we’ll stand speechless     lages. Thou didst not shun anyone. Thou         was here for the commencement address
and that our guardian angel who stands to       didst visit the houses of all, especially       or not. I’ll do it again anyway, because it
our right will make our defense for us.         of those whose fervent repentance thou          is a beautiful image. And it is the image of
Some Fathers even tell us that it can be        didst foresee with Thy divine gaze. Thus        the shepherd with his sheep.
done merely by reading the six Psalms,          thou didst not remain sitting at home, but           I heard this all my life, but living in
rather than by him having to come up            worked in loving intercourse with all.          Monessen, Pennsylvania, you didn’t see
with a very good legal brief, but the an-       Grant to us thy priests to be also in such      any sheep unless it was in the A&P, but
gel will make our defense for us when we        loving intercourse with thy people, so that     I don’t think they exist anymore. Do
are asked to give account for that Lamb,        we pastors should not shut ourselves up         A&Ps exist anymore? Oh well. And you
the Body of Christ entrusted to our hands.      in our houses away from thy sheep, as if        never a saw a shepherd, even, except in
Certainly for the particles of that Lamb        in castles or prisons, only coming out of       a Christmas pageant perhaps. But when
that we impart as the Body of Christ into       them for services in the Church or to of-       I lived in north Lebanon at the seminary
the mouths of faithful believers, but also      ficiate in the houses of others. Only out of     monastery there, I saw sheep and goats
for the other understanding of the Body         duty, only with prayers learned by heart,       and shepherds from the village, who
of Christ, the men and women trusted to         may our lips be freely to open to discourse     would come through the main street of
your pastoral care.                             with our parishioners in the spirit of faith    the village each morning, and the owners
    St. Simeon reminds us that while            and love. May our Christian love for our        would open the gates of their front yards,
individuals have to give a defense for          spiritual children be opened and strength-      and their sheep or goat, whatever it hap-
themselves before the throne of God,            ened, and animated, free and fatherly. Oh       pened to be, would follow the shepherd
that priests will be asked to give an ac-       what sweetness! What bliss thou has con-        out into the pasture for the day. I thought
count not only for themselves, but for all      cealed, O Lord! Our boundless love and          it was a very beautiful image, and then I
of their spiritual children. This is some-      the spiritual converse warmed by love of        had like an anxiety attack, as if I were the
thing heard over and over again, begin-         the spiritual father, for and with his spiri-   shepherd. How is he going to know what
sheep goes where? When he comes home,          dancing, and I was six years old when my        You might not be the world’s greatest
they’re all in this big flock, there are all    paternal grandfather died, so I don’t really    counselor. A married couple comes to
these sheep and all these goats and a cou-     have much recollection of him, outside of       you with problems, and you send them
ple little boys. They didn’t have brands       him taking me into the altar and standing       off to the marriage counselor rather than
on them; they didn’t spray paint them          with him in the chanting stand, really I        dealing with them, that’s what I do, did.
like they do in this country. There was        don’t. Catching worms in his garden to          You can still help that couple in a way the
nothing to identify them. I asked one of       go fishing, I remember that, I didn’t de-        counselor can’t. (I’m not saying not to
my friends who lived there, and he said,       light in that too much. My point is I don’t     send them to the counselor. Send them.)
“We’ll go back out at sunset when they         have much recollection of him and cer-          But that doesn’t end your responsibility
bring them home and you’ll see.” As the        tainly not what he looked like when he          and the help that you can offer to them,
sun was setting, the little shepherd boys      did Arabic dance, I have no recollection        by your prayers and your love and by re-
came back with this flock of sheep and          at all. But older people would come up to       maining priest, for both parties.
goats, and they were all very satisfied.        me and say, “You know, you dance just                The power given to the priest in his
And as they went past the gate of each         like your grandfather did. You look just        prayers, which one of the saints, and if
home, the owner of the gate was standing       like your grandfather, same movements.”         I can find it a little bit later I’ll share it
there and had the gate open, and would         It was because I was his grandson, right,       with you, says that “God always hears. He
say something. And as soon as the sheep        there’s nothing unique. We all do that,         might close his ears to other people, but
or the goat heard the voice of the owner,      we resemble our parents and our grand-          God never closes his ears to priests.” That
they automatically -- nobody had to stop,      parents, as I said, even adoptive children      by our prayers for our people, we can do
the shepherds didn’t have to say, “You live    resemble adoptive parents in their way of       all which the professionals can’t accom-
here” or “You’re getting off here” -- they     speech, their way of acting, if not in their    plish.
automatically just turned and went into        appearance.                                          I delight in ordaining a new priest and
the proper gate. It was a beautiful sight!         Well, so too, if we claim to be a child     placing that Lamb in his hand, which still
Really, the sheep know the voice of the        of God, we ought to resemble God -- so          gets me. I don’t choke up when I lay my
shepherd, and the shepherd knows their         that he doesn’t say that you’re a nice little   hands on his head, but I do when I place
sheep. If I could be as good a shepherd,       child, but you belong to somebody else.         the Lamb in his hand. And I remember
especially to my clergy, as those owners,      It would be as weird for someone who            very distinctly each time, I think that’s
those shepherds are for their sheep and        doesn’t resemble God in any way to claim        why. It’s not an emotional kind of a thing,
goat, I might have a hope of being saved.      him as Father, as for someone’s child to        it’s a very deep trembling that grabs me,
    You know there’s no anonymous              come up to a neighbor and claim him as          because I remember when it was placed
priesthood, no matter how large our par-       father. “He’s somebody’s son, but not           in my hand. And after vesting the priest,
ish. There’s no anonymous priesthood --        mine” -- I don’t want to hear that from         I delight in kissing his hand. You know,
we can never just be the man who stands        God.                                            there’s an old tradition that a newly or-
there and does the holy stuff. It’s first and       We can’t resemble him in his appear-        dained (I don’t know if it’s among Slavs,
foremost what the priesthood is about,         ance. God doesn’t have blond hair, so I         so if you’ve not heard it, forgive me) an
to do the holy stuff, we’re ordained for       don’t have to be blond. He doesn’t have         old tradition, that a newly tonsured monk
the cult, if you allow me that kind of a       blue eyes, so I don’t have to be blue eyed.     has direct and unimpeded access to God
word. To serve the holy table, to do the       He’s not skinny, so I don’t have to be          for seven days, until the eighth day after
things, the holy stuff, and that’s what sets   skinny (thank God). He’s not short, so I        his tonsure. And likewise there’s a tra-
us apart from others, that we can do that      don’t have to be short. The ways by which       dition that a newly ordained priest has
holy stuff. But we also need be a model.       he will recognize me, and see me as his         that same privilege with God. That that
A model in belief, a model in holiness, a      Son, is if I have his compassion. God’s         which he asks, which is certainly unto
model in compassion. A model, in other         heart. He’ll recognize me as his son, if he     someone’s salvation will be granted, from
words, of being a son of God. That which       sees me having his patience, his long-suf-      the time of that first Liturgy when he was
all of those other people out there who re-    fering, his love. That’s, brothers, some-       ordained until the next Sunday when he
spond to our “Peace be to all” with “And       thing that belongs to all of us by virtue of    celebrates the eighth day Liturgy after his
to thy spirit,” that same status to which      our baptism. And while we have a unique         ordination. Who then wouldn’t seek the
they are all called, to be a child of God.     glory as priests, a unique grace given to       prayers a priest, including a bishop? Who
God forbid that on that day that we should     us, a unique privilege given to us as men       would not seek the prayers of a newly
go before him that he doesn’t recognize        of the holy table, all of that is based on      ordained priest? Who would not rush to
us as his child. You know, children reflect     our commonality as Christian believers,         get his blessing and to kiss his hand? Let
and have certain attributes that they get      striving for salvation and presuming, in        alone the prayers of the blessings of our
from their parents, not just their genes,      our positions, to lead others to salvation.     brothers who is departing this life after a
but their looks, the way they walk, the        If you’re not the world’s greatest preach-      long priesthood, not newly ordained but
way they talk. Even adopted children pick      er, you don’t have to convert hearts by         ordained many years.
that up from adoptive parents. When I was      words, necessarily; convert them by liv-
a young man, I used to love to do Arabic       ing the Gospel, and by praying for them.
                     The 14th All-American Council
                      Our Church and the Future
                                         Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                                                   July 17-22, 2005

           he 14th All-American Council                                                      English “council.”
           of the Orthodox Church in                                                             According to Alexis Liberovsky, OCA
           America will be held this                                                         Archivist and Director of the Department
           coming July at The Sheraton                                                       of History and Archives, when Saint
Toronto Centre Hotel, and will bring to-                                                     Tikhon (Belavin), Enlightener of North
gether nearly 2000 participants represent-                                                   America, became ruling bishop of the
ing over 675 parishes from across North                                                      North American Diocese of the Russian
America. Delegates and observers from                                                        Church in 1898, diocesan administra-
throughout the OCA will be given the op-                                                     tive authority in the
portunity to participate in the AAC’s four                                                   Russian Church was
key components -- worship, fellowship,        achieve the potential with which God cre-      largely vested in the
learning, and decision making -- focus-       ated them as they reflect on their role in      person of the ruling
ing on the theme, “Our Church and the         the council’s theme “Our Church and the        diocesan      hierarch.
Future.” His Grace, Bishop Seraphim of        Future.” Participants can look forward         However, in his arch-
Ottawa and Canada shared the excitement       to a full array of activities at the largest   pastoral      ministry
and anticipation felt by the Canadian cler-   gathering of OCA youth and young adults        in American, Saint
gy and faithful who will host the council,    ever assembled.                                Tikhon increasingly
and local committee members are making             Registration packets that include         sought the participa-
the necessary preparations to ensure that     council information, registration forms        tion and input of all       Mary Sernak
all participants will have a pleasant stay    for delegates and observers, hotel and         clergy and laity in the
in Toronto.                                   travel information, and youth activities       governance of the diocese. This remark-
    The Council’s first session will open      fliers have been distributed to all parishes    able style of diocesan administration en-
at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel          and institutions of the Orthodox Church        gendered various regional ecclesiastical
on Monday, July 18, however, delegates        in America. In addition, a special section     gatherings over several years to discuss
and observers are encouraged to arrive in     linking from is dedicated to       and develop church life. Eventually, this
Toronto earlier to participate in various     the 14th All-American Council, and coun-       led to the idea of a gathering unprecedent-
pre-AAC workshops on Saturday, July           cil information and registration forms will    ed in North America -- a council -- com-
16, and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday,         be available online to print, complete, and    prised of clergy and laity to deliberate the
July 17, at which members of the Holy         submit to the Chancery along with pay-         most crucial topic: “How to Expand the
Synod of Bishops will concelebrate.           ment for clergy, lay delegates, and ob-        Mission.”
    During recent All-American Councils,      servers.                                           Hence, this became the theme of the
youth and young adult observers have tak-          The Orthodox Church in American           First All-American Sobor convened in
en on an increasingly important role. All-    has convened 25 All-American Councils          Mayfield, Pa. on March 5-7, 1907. Along
American Councils have become a place         since the first in 1907. In order to differ-    with Saint Tikhon, the key participants in
for youth and young adults of the OCA to      entiate between the councils before auto-      this council included three priests who
discuss their ministry and involvement in     cephaly and after it, when the church be-      are now also canonized saints: Alexander
our church. Over 500 children, teens, and     gan a new existence, it was decided that       Hotovitzky, John Kochurov and Alexis
young adults from across North America        the councils from 1907 to 1970 would be        Toth. While this council laid out guide-
are expected to participate in council pro-   called by the term “sobor” and that these      lines and direction for various aspects of
grams planned for the youth and young         gatherings since autocephaly in 1970           missionary work and decided to draft a
adults, challenging them to explore and       would be called by the equivalent term in                          Continued on page 41
                                                     We Believe
                                   The Symbol of the Faith -- The Creed
                                                                Part V
                                                               Article IV

And He was crucified for us under Pontius                                                      all men without exception. But this sac-
Pilate, and suffered and was buried.                                                          rifice is of benefit only to those who par-
                                                                                              ticipate in Jesus’ suffering. Each man has

     esus Christ was crucified on a cross                                                      his share of grief and pain. Each man has
     suffering terrible agony. He died on                                                     to bear his cross. But each man must do
     the cross. He was buried. “The Son of                                                    it with patience, and love, and faith in
man came not to be served, but to serve,                                                      our Lord. With a firm, deep, and abiding
and to give his life as a ransom for many”                                                    faith, each believing Christian becomes
(Matthew 20:28). Jesus was crucified and                                                       one with Christ, and Christ lives in him,
suffered for us. Through His suffering                                                        St. Paul said, “I have been crucified with
and through His death, He redeemed us                                                         Christ; it is no longer I who live but Christ
and reconciled us to our Heavenly Father.                                                     who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).
By voluntarily taking upon Himself all
our sins, Jesus also took upon Himself all                                                            Questions for Article 4
the consequences of sin and, above all,
the punishment for these sins. Sin could         fested His divine love by praying for the
                                                                                                1. Why did Christ accept suffering
be destroyed only after it was redeemed          forgiveness of His enemies. He begged
                                                                                                and death for all men?
through expiation. Christ’s sacrifice has         God the Father to forgive the greatest sin
                                                                                                2. How could sin be destroyed?
also given man the power to fight evil.           of His people.
                                                                                                3. How was sin destroyed?
This act must be understood as more than             At the foot of the Cross stood our
                                                                                                4. When did Christ die?
an act of justice. It is also an expression of   Savior’s Mother, grieving with Jesus’
                                                                                                5. Why is it important or necessary
God’s eternal love for man; a love that is       favorite disciple, John. In His own great
                                                                                                to mention the time of Christ’s suf-
True and Eternal.                                suffering, Jesus wanted to comfort her.
                                                                                                fering and death?
    Jesus Christ was crucified, suffered,         He looked at them and said to His Mother,
                                                                                                6. On what day does the Church
and died at a specific time in history under      “Woman, behold thy son,” and to His dis-
                                                                                                remember the time of Christ’s be-
Pontius Pilate. This man was the appoint-        ciple, “Behold thy mother” (John 19: 26
                                                                                                trayal? Christ’s death?
ed representative of the Roman Emperor           - 27). With these words He asked John to
                                                                                                7. What did Christ pray for as He
in Judea and had the power of life and           love and care for her as his own mother.
                                                                                                was dying on the Cross?
death over the citizens of that country. We          Jesus was crucified between two
                                                                                                8. Why is it important to be remind-
know many of the details of the suffering        thieves. One of them, having seen all that
                                                                                                ed that Christ’s suffering and death
and death of Jesus from the Gospels. The         happened, turned to Jesus and said, “Lord,
                                                                                                were real?
Church remembers these sufferings es-            remember me when you come in your
                                                                                                9. For whom did Christ suffer and
pecially during Passion Week, the week           Kingdom.” And Jesus answered, “Truly I
before Easter. Also every Wednesday we           say to you, today you will be with me in
                                                                                                10. Will all men benefit from
remember the time of Judas’ betrayal, and        Paradise” (Luke 23:42-43). Thus, a man
                                                                                                Christ’s sacrifice and death?
every Friday the day of Christ’s death.          who had lived the worst kind of life was
                                                                                                11. How can we participate in
When on the cross, Jesus Christ said,            saved just before his death because he had
                                                                                                Christ’s victory over sin? Over
“Father: Forgive them; for they know             truly repented for his sins and truly be-
not what they do” (Luke 23:34). In these         lieved in our Lord Jesus Christ.
words Jesus Christ affirmed once again                Our Savior’s sufferings were real and
                                                                                                  --Archpriest Vladimir Borichevsky
that He was the Son of God and mani-             His death was real. His sacrifice was for
                Winter Celebration Offers
             Fellowship, Friendship, Festivity

          he Century Association of St.                                                        awarded. Our thanks go out to the fol-
          Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological                                                        lowing for their generous contributions
          Seminary once again hosted a                                                         to this year’s raffle: Mr. Walter Palchik
          truly wonderful Winter Festival.                                                     who donated our first prize -- a 14-karat
This year’s event was again held at the St.                                                    gold cocktail ring of precious stones; St.
Mary’s Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania,                                                       Tikhon’s Bookstore for a magnificent
on Sunday, February 20, 2005. Fellowship,                                                      shrine handcrafted in Russia; Mr. Peter
friendship, and festivity were all part of                                                     Holoviak for a generous gift certificate.
the day’s ambiance.                                                                            Congratulations to the winners who went
    Century Association President Father                                                       away with these beautiful treasures! And
Leo Poore, along with a committee of                                                           we pray that God, in His Benevolence,
local members, did an outstanding job                                                          grants to all our benefactors many blessed
organizing and planning the affair. Mary        folk dances; the dance floor surely took a      years.
Sernak, Maria Proch and Kyra Nightingale        beating during this special segment of the         Father Leo, on behalf of the Century
handled the monumental task of taking           band’s repertoire.                             Association, presented to His Grace
reservations and assigning tables for the           Once again the Theme Basket auc-
grand banquet. Matushka Gloria Martin           tion was a great attraction to the festival.
along with her team collected and orga-         Guests had the opportunity to purchase
nized the Theme Baskets auction. Other          tickets and place them into containers
members of the committee were V. Rev.           of the theme basket that they hoped to
Joseph Martin, the association’s spiritual      win. Twenty baskets were donated with
advisor, Matushka Dorothy Sulich, its fi-        such themes as pasta, coffee, bath and
nancial secretary, and Elise Herman.            body, breakfast, Easter, and others. Father
    His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman,         Joseph Martin, who with his special tal-
and His Grace, Bishop Tikhon, were able         ent, once again help us raise over $1,000
to attend this year’s festival. It was as al-   on this auction. It was great fun while all
ways again an honor and pleasure to have        waited (impatiently) for their names to be
them with us.                                   selected.
    The gala event began at 3:00 p.m. with          Next, the Grand Raffle prizes were
a cocktail hour featuring hot and cold hors
d’oeuvres served in the beautiful recep-
tion area. Following the reception, a grand
banquet was held in the dining room; the
main entree was a choice of Chicken Kiev
or baked flounder Florentine. From salad
to dessert, the entire meal was superb and
enjoyed by all.
    The ever-popular Joe Stanky and the
Cadets provided entertainment for the
evening. Many of the guests stomped the
dance floor to the polka rhythms, while
others listened at their tables, tapping
their feet to the beat of the band. Venture
to report that all of them thoroughly en-
joyed Stanky’s special style. One great
feature was the playing of the Russian
Bishop Tikhon, rector of St. Tikhon’s
Seminary a check of $20,000. We hope
this will be one of many that the associa-
tion can offer for the operation of our be-
loved St. Tikhon’s Seminary.
    All good things must come to an end,
as did our Winter Festival. As this writer
perceived it, many of the guests found it
difficult to say good-bye to old friends
and new friendships that were forged that
evening. All in all, it was a grand time,
and we would be remiss if we did not
thank all who supported and helped make
this affair a dynamic success. We invite
all of our friends to watch for upcoming
events hosted by the Century Association
in the months ahead, and to join us at the
next fund-raiser for our much beloved and
cherished St. Tikhon’s Seminary.

All-American Council
Continued from page 38
statute outlining the administrative struc-   first time that Saint Herman was venerated      to the Orthodox Church in America, the
ture of the diocese, its primary signifi-      at a council representing the entire North     35th anniversary of the glorification of
cance was the precedent it set by its very    American Church. Saint Tikhon had, in          St. Herman of Alaska, and the 100th an-
convocation for the future councils of the    fact, been the first to articulate a vision     niversary of the founding of St. Tikhon’s
American Church.                              of eventual autocephaly for the Church in      Monastery, may the same spirit and enthu-
    In 1970, the 14th All-American Sobor      North America. His memory along with           siasm that filled the hierarch, the clergy,
became the 1st All-American Council           all those who had carried forth his vision     and the faithful of our Church 100 years
following the Russian Church’s granting       in later years was gratefully revered at the   ago be with us as we gather for the 14th
of autocephaly to the former Metropolia       council of 1970. With this council, many       All-American Council in Toronto. “It is
on April 10, 1970. The council con-           dreams had been fulfilled and a new era         my sincere prayer that the Holy Spirit
vened at St. Tikhon’s Monastery in South      had begun.                                     will continue to inspire and guide us as
Canaan, Pa. on October 20-22, 1970, and            In July of 2002, the 13th All-American    we prepare ourselves, corporately and
was simultaneously the last sobor of the      Council convened in Orlando, Florida.          personally, for this significant moment in
Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church        This was, indeed, a unique and historic        the life of Christ’s Holy Church in North
of America and the first council of the        council, as participants witnessed the re-     America,” Metropolitan Herman stated.
new autocephalous Orthodox Church in          tirement of His Beatitude Metropolitan                                     --Mary Sernak
America. As council delegates assembled,      Theodosius, and the election of a new pri-
they prayed together for inspiration to       mate for the Orthodox Church in America        Mary is a member of St. Michael’s Orthodox
Saint Herman of Alaska, North America’s       in His Beatitude Metropolitan Herman.          Church in Jermyn, Pa., and Chairperson of
first Orthodox saint, who had been canon-           This year, as we celebrate the 35th an-   the Banquet, Entertainment & Reception
ized just two months before. This was the     niversary of the granting of autocephaly       Committee for the 14th All-American Council.

A Short Story for the Sunday of Orthodoxy

        oday we march through the streets       hates the truth as much for proximity as      my body, one of the most embarrassing
        of the imperial city carrying our       for disagreement. I came to see the point     experiences I can remember. When my
        icons hidden so long. Today we          of the icon haters when, as a child, I was    father appealed to my grandfather to get
chant our Orthodox triumph over the             taken to visit my grandparents. My father     her to stop, the old man only shrugged
forces of evil which have harassed the          was not born in this city, but came from      his shoulders and crossed himself. My
Church for these last hundred years             another place, a small village two days’      grandfather had learned long ago that
in their servants the iconoclasts. We           journey from anything. My grandfather         his wife would never forsake her love of
shout today that the Church cannot exist        was a saint, I mean, to me he was. As         iconolatry, and he knew that only death
without icons. We assert that we cannot         soon as I met him, I knew that I would        would resolve their disagreement. He,
pray without them, we cannot taste the          seek ordination to the priesthood, as he      of course, would never think of killing
sweetness of salvation except that Christ       had. What a wonderful man he was. He          her in an argument, but I’m not sure my
our Lord became a man, a body, an               exuded a peace and joy that I would give      grandmother would have the same level of
image of the fullness of the Godhead. His       anything to possess.                          restraint. Martyr for the icons or soldier,
material body, an icon of God.                                                                either would have suited her just fine. My
    Even while my own sinful body rotted                                                      grandfather wisely chose to say nothing.
in the prisons of the emperor, I scratched        My brother mockingly                            He came to Constantinople when the
onto the ground before me a simple icon           asked once why the                          patriarch ordained me, a trip he refused to
of the most saving cross, and prayed                                                          forgo even though it killed him, literally.
before it to the one who suffered there
                                                  icon didn’t eat any                         My grandmother had died fifteen years
for me. For ten years I, a bishop of the          of its food, and my                         before, and when he arrived at our home,
Christian church, sat in the dungeons of          grandmother took his                        he looked like the oldest person I had ever
the imperial palace. The emperor’s own                                                        seen in my life. We talked for hours and
guards broke into my home one night and           food and threw it out                       hours that Saturday night, and he told me
demanded that I kiss an icon before them,         the door and would not                      to love the icons as the Church had always
which I refused to do. Nor would I answer                                                     loved icons, and to forget the excesses of
their questions, and so in frustration they       let him sit with us any                     my grandmother. He wept as he spoke of
took me to the prison and there forced me         longer                                      her and told me to pray for her every day
to sign a document that, I suppose, stated                                                    and then prayed himself that her name
my allegiance to Orthodox faith. I’m sure                                                     might ever be remembered in the prayers
that in it, I admitted practicing idolatry.         My grandmother was quite different.       of her children’s children.
It doesn’t matter -- I give all my time         To her I owe my decision to remain                He never got to meet the patriarch.
and life to my Lord. I place myself in his      celibate. If there would be any chance        My grandfather stood to the side of the
hands. The rage of iconoclasm has lurched       that my wife would be anything like her, I    altar, watching quietly this most proud
through the empire these past decades like      wanted nothing at all to do with marriage.    moment of his life. I think he died before
a rabid dog in the street, lunging side to      She also taught me all I needed to know       the liturgy ended.
side, snapping at some and passing stupid       about the misuse of icons. My grandmother         All around us that day, ugly holes in
by others. Its teeth tore into my body but      embodied all that the iconoclasts hate, all   the walls spoke of the cursing and violent
thanks to God others were spared.               that the great emperor Leo the Isaurian       soldiers who came into the church to
    The pain of prison did not come as          railed against in his writings describing     break apart those splendid and haunting
much from what happened there as from           icon worship. My grandmother carried          mosaics. They even put a ladder on the
what did not happen. No one visited me          on long conversations with her icon and       altar table so as to reach to the top of the
at all. Everyone either feared for their        thereby claimed to know the future. Some      Platytera,1 and put chisel and hammer to
lives or didn’t care. I hold no anger for       women from the village paid her to tell       the face of the Mother of God. Puritans.
them. In the empire over these past years,      them what the icon said. On certain feast     Puritans, so destructive of the church,
they would arrest you for having icons,         days, her icon would sit at table with us,    puritans. They want the faith so pure,
looking at icons, even thinking about           with a bowl of food in front of it.           purer than our Lord himself. They want us
icons -- truthfully I say this. Anyone who          My brother mockingly asked once why       to destroy the icons so that earthly images
came to me would have risked much.              the icon didn’t eat any of its food, and my   pollute not their lofty thoughts. Puritans.
    It’s ironic that my heart has always        grandmother took his food and threw it out    They demand so much of the detail, like
understood the icon haters, and yet they        the door and would not let him sit with us    1. Platytera: the large icon of the Theotokos that often appears
                                                                                                 on the ceiling of Orthodox temples. The name, which means
tormented me so. I suppose heresy always        any longer. Another time, she blessed me         “wider,” is a reference to the hymn which says she is “more
claims a place rather close to the truth, and   by pressing her icon on various parts of         spacious (or wider) than the heavens.”--Ed.

                                                                                                   EDUCATION BULLETIN
the Pharisees of our Lord’s day, and then
rejoice when a soldier’s filthy boots jump
                                                                        Altar Boy Retreat
up on a church’s altar to spit in the face of

                                                         he annual diocesan altar boy retreat    geared in its lectures, presentations, etc.
our Lord’s mother.                                       was held at St. Tikhon’s Seminary       towards younger boys, in order to inspire
     We need the icons to remind us of                   on March 25 and 26, 2005. The           them with a love for Christ and his Holy
the earthly in our faith. We need them           keynote speaker was the Rev. Dr. Michael        Church, and possibly to nourish future
to remind us that we cannot ever grasp           G. Dahulich, dean of the seminary. The          priestly vocations.
purity, but that we can allow it to wash         altar boys had time for lectures, recreation,
over us like the waves of grace that burst       and fellowship.
from the altar in the Divine Liturgy. We             Although not all altar servers are
need them also to remind us of nothing at        young boys, and many parishes have
all, we need them to simply shine in the         adult men serving in the altar, the annual
church and surround us with the images           diocesan altar boy retreat is currently
of those who have struggled and now rest
in the heavenly kingdom.
     When the soldiers branded my head
with the second commandment, ou
poieseis seavto eidolon, “you shall make
no idol,” I thought I would spend my life
embarrassed about the scars. Leo the
Armenian ruled the empire, and he had
revived the puritan ban on icons, and no
Orthodox believer could guess when the
dark night would end. Why did God so
bless these icon destroyers, these haters
of monks and old women? Why were they
successful? Their hammers even shattered
the crosses over the graves of our parents
and grandparents. How could it be that
they were not struck down on the spot by
fire from heaven?
     But now I walk through the city
behind the new truth-loving empress and
her son with my head bare. I won’t cover
the scars I have received. I could only
have more pride if these wounds seeped
as they did for months after the stylus
burned and cut my skin. I want everyone
who comes out of their houses this day to
know how good it is to suffer for the sake
of the Kingdom, and that finally in the
end the truth prevails. Read these marks
on my face if you can! Reverence your
icons, Christians, venerating the wood
and worshipping the Lord!
     I want you to know, you who eat too
much and sleep too much and pray not
enough at all, I want you to look at the
icons before you right now and cry out:
This is the faith of the apostles, this is
the faith of the fathers, this is the faith of
the Orthodox, this is the faith which has
established the universe!
                      --Priest David Smith


     Winter Teen Retreat

     T    he annual diocesan teen winter encounter was
          held at St. Tikhon’s Seminary on February 4
     and 5, 2005. Marie Proch, DRE chairperson for
     the diocese was the organizer and coordinator
     of the encounter. Fr. Michael Dahulich was the
     retreat speaker. The theme of this year’s retreat
     was “Relationships: Where do I belong?” Topics
     explored included a teenager’s relationships with
     parents and peers, and a young Orthodox Christian’s
     relationship with God and the Church.

              Climate of Fear or Climate of Grace?
                                                    Part IV - conclusion

     Radiant heat-reflecting foil insulation

                             Motion sensor for lighting control

                                                                                                Solar panel
        For tips on cutting parish or home energy costs, see:

         his is the world that God has given    world’s resources as the average person in    60% less energy to make new paper from
         so much to save; this is the world     the world’s poorest countries.                recycled paper than it does to manufac-
         of which Christ is the life, and the       2. Reuse things. Every five years, the     ture paper from a newly cut tree. But if we
         light. Our modern consumerist          average American produces a mound of          don’t buy recycled products, manufactur-
lifestyle, which has brought on the threat      waste equal to the mass of the Statue of      ers will have no incentive to make them.
of global climate change, is so luxurious,      Liberty! Wear things out before discard-          5. Walk, skate, or bike wherever you
so comfortable, so familiar. But it also        ing them, and if you have an item you         can. Avoid using your car for short trips.
promises to bring death to countless in-        don’t need anymore, don’t throw it away       When you do drive, don’t circle the park-
nocents, now and even more so in future         -- give it to someone who does need it.       ing lot looking for a closer space. Park
years. “Choose life, that you and your de-          3. Recycle what can’t be reused. Even     in the first available space and walk. It’s
scendants may live, loving the Lord your        if it’s too much trouble to recycle your      healthier for you as well as the environ-
God, obeying his voice, and cleaving to         batteries and food scraps, it’s easy to re-   ment!
him” Moses said to the children of Israel       cycle newspaper, glass, and aluminum              6. Plant things. Grow trees, plants and
(Deut. 30:19-20). God’s will in this case       cans. Recycling some of your waste is         flowers in your yard if you have one or
seems quite clear. What, then, will we          much better than recycling none. More         in pots in your home if you don’t. Plants
choose?                                         than a ton of waste per person living in      fight the greenhouse effect by removing
    Here are some ideas about what you          the U.S. is generated every year!             carbon dioxide from the air.
and I can do, to reduce global climate              4. Buy recycled products. It is far           7. Car pool or take public transpor-
change (adapted from “Fifty-Two Ways            more efficient to make new items out of        tation. The burning of gasoline by auto-
to Tread More Lightly on God’s Earth,”          recycled material than new material. For      mobiles is one of the largest producers of
by Jane Easterly):                              example, it takes only 5% as much en-         carbon dioxide, as well as carbon mon-
    1. Use less. Use less electricity, gaso-    ergy to create a new aluminum can out of      oxide, in the atmosphere. If 1% of U.S.
line, food, & water. The average U.S. citi-     recycled aluminum as it does to produce       car owners didn’t use their cars one day
zen consumes 100 times as much of the           one from newly extracted ore, and it takes                  Continued on the next page
Climate of Fear                                crease of only a few degrees could make         wildlife and habitat protection. Oppose
Continued from page 45                         farming virtually impossible.                   bills for energy programs that would ig-
a week, 42 million gallons less gas would          13. Drive a light-colored car. A light-     nore and thus exacerbate the problem.
be burnt!                                      colored car will stay cooler in the summer           20. Use ceiling fans instead of air
    8. Support groups that seek envi-          and will need less air conditioning.            conditioning to cool your home whenever
ronmental justice. Give them your time,            14. Don’t support companies that pol-       possible.
money, and moral support.                      lute or engage in environmentally damag-             21. Grow a garden and support local
    19. Drive slower. As your speed in-        ing practices. About 99% of environmen-         food-growers. Transporting food takes
creases, so does wind resistance, causing      tal spending in the U.S. goes toward pol-       energy, and locally grown food is likely
you to use more gas.                           lution cleanup and only 1% to pollution         to be fresher. Be willing to pay more
    10. Lower your standard of living.         prevention.                                     money for food grown in an environmen-
Do you really need another TV, VCR, or             15. Stop energy leaks in your home.         tally friendly way. U.S. crop land loses an
whatever? It takes energy and resources to     Install storm windows, hang heavy cur-          estimated 4.8 tons of topsoil per acre per
make all of those things. Per capita con-      tains to keep the heat out or in, and stop      year. Although there are ways to decrease
sumption of energy resources is higher in      leaks around windows and doors with             soil loss, they do cost the farmers money.
the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.      draft stoppers, caulking, and weather-               22. Turn off the lights and use timers.
Fewer than 5% of the Earth’s people live       stripping.                                      Rather than leave a light on while you are
in the U.S., and yet we consume 25% of             16. Put on or take off more clothes.        at work or on vacation, use timers so they
the oil produced each year in the world,       In the winter, wear more clothing and use       come on only when it is dark.
30% of the aluminum, 30% of the silver,        less energy to heat, and in the summer               23. Go solar. Buy products that run
40% of the lead, 40% of the platinum, and      wear less clothing (within reason!) and         on solar energy such as solar watches and
on and on.                                     use less energy to cool.                        calculators. The sun’s energy is inexhaust-
    11. Don’t use hot water when cold              17. Wash full loads of clothing and         ible (at least for as long as there is life on
water will do. And keep a pitcher of water     dishes. The same goes with drying clothes,      Earth) and pollution-free, and the amount
in the refrigerator so you don’t have to run   but air dry whenever possible. Also clean       reaching the Earth far exceeds the world’s
the tap to get the water cold.                 out the lint -- line in the dryer filter makes   energy needs. Research into harness-
    12. Buy a fuel-efficient car and appli-     the dryer consume more energy.                  ing solar energy needs to be encouraged
ances. Less energy used means less car-            18. Travel light. Extra weight in your      through purchase of solar-run articles.
bon dioxide going into the atmosphere.         car makes it less fuel efficient.                     24. Put gasoline containing ethanol
In the past century, the amount of carbon          19. Let your elected officials know that     in your car. “Gasahol” is cleaner burn-
dioxide in the air has increased by an es-     the environment matters to you. Tell them       ing than gasoline, and car manufacturers
timated 25%. Carbon dioxide traps the          that you want more effective programs in        need to be encouraged to find new energy
sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, pos-     support of reducing America’s contribu-         sources for cars. Worldwide, an estimated
sibly raising the Earth’s temperature. In      tion to global climate change, as well as       400 billion barrels of oil have been con-
some parts of the world, a temperature in-     clean air, clean water, national parks, and     sumed throughout history, and an estimat-
                                                                                               ed 900 billion barrels remain. However,
    Ann                  WELCOME - PUBLIC INVITED                                              more than half of the consumption has
7th                                                                                            occurred in the last two decades!
       SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2005                     11:00 a.m. -- 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    25. Resist advertising. An average of
                                                                                               $48 is spent per year per person in the
                                                                                               world on advertising but the amount is
                          DONATION $7.00                                                       $448 per American! Don’t give in to the
        ST. TIKHONʼS SEMINARY / MONASTERY                   South Canaan, PA                   lure of “new and improved” if what you
                                                                                               have is perfectly adequate.
                                                                                                    26. Enjoy God’s creation! To know
          INDOOR             FLEA MARKET -- BAKE SALE                                          it is to love it, and the more we love our
 FEATURING: FRESH PRODUCE -- ETHNIC FOODS -- COLLECTIBLES                                      home planet the better stewards we will
        If you would like to be a friend and donate any baked goods, garden                    be.
     vegetables, collectibles and flea market items, please contact John Paluch                                    --Fr. Christopher Bender
           at 570-937-4806 or the Seminary Office at 570-937-4411
                                                                                               Fr. Christopher, parish priest of Assumption
                                                                                               Greek Orthodox Church, Morgantown, W.Va.
          FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT:                                              is the Chair of the Steering Committee of the
                   John Paluch -- 570-937-4411                                                 Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration,
          Sponsored by: SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF ST. TIKHONʼS                                     an organization endorsed by the hierarchs of
                TO BENEFIT ST. TIKHONʼS MONASTERY                                              SCOBA.

Preparations for
Monastery Centennial

             meeting was held February 17 at St. Tikhon’s Monastery
             to plan and prepare for the monastery’s upcoming cen-
             tennial celebration. In attendance were staff from the
    OCA Chancery, from the monastery, and from the Diocese of
    Eastern Pennsylvania and various dioceses who came in support
    of this endeavor.

                            Valaam Icon Coming to
                          Monastic Conference in July

                                                        Valamo Mother of God

             n July 29-31, 2005, St. Tik-      background and frame, the icon shows           Valaam Monastery.
             hon’s Monastery anticipates       the strong influence of the Mount Athos             In 1989, the Valaam Monastery
             the visit of the wonderworking    School. In the Valamo Icon of the Mother       once again passed into the hands of
             Valamo Icon of the Theotokos.     of God, the Holy Virgin stands erect,          the Church after it had been used for a
The visit is planned to occur during the       gazing into the eyes of the viewer, holding    variety of secular purposes during the
monastic conference which is scheduled         her divine Child in front of her breast. He    communist era. Monastic life was quickly
for that time in honor of the monastery’s      too gazes into the eyes of the viewer, regal   reestablished at Valaam. The precious
centennial this year. The plan for the         in his divine Infancy.                         items at Valaam Monastery that had
icon’s visit emerged during the visit to the       In the early 1940s, the icon, together     been taken to New Valamo, including the
autonomous Orthodox Church of Finland          with countless other artifacts from the        Valamo Icon, have remained in Finland
by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman,         Valaam Monastery, were taken to Finland        under the protection of the Finnish
who was the guest of His Eminence,             by monks who abandoned the monastery           Orthodox Church, an autonomous Church
Archbishop Leo of Finland.                     due to World War II and the passing of         within the Ecumenical Patriarchate of
    The original icon was painted during       the Valaam Islands from Finland into           Constantinople. The visit will mark the
the last quarter of the 19th century by        Soviet territory and communist hands.          first time that the Valamo Icon will be
Hieromonk Alipy, a monk at Valaam              The monks established New Valamo               available for veneration on the North
Monastery. With its naturalistic style         Monastery in Finnish Karelia, where they       American continent.
and beautiful gilded incised geometric         continued the traditions of the original
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                                                                                       bear with your blasphemies, I am by no
                                                                                                                 means infuriated with you belching forth
Continued from page 29
                                                                                                                 your words from the ignorance that you
own imaginations, and so to speak defin-                           ers that some do not like being praised        love so much, I grant you for argument’s
ing as law that which seemed to them to                           by the voice of others, but unrestrainedly     sake that even this has been well said by
be right even though it was contrary to the                       attest their own most noble and excellent      you. Be it that you reject my voice, there
law, I can of myself do nothing; instead I                        deeds. But with reason such language is        is another who bears witness of me. Here
do all things according to the law set forth                      distrusted; for we are customarily invited     he indicates the God and Father who is in
by Moses, I endure not to do anything of                          by certain, so-to-speak, natural and nec-      heaven, who now, in diverse ways, has at-
myself, as I hear, I judge. For what does                         essary tuggings of self-love, to readily as-   tested the genuiness of his own offspring’s
the law will? You shall not have respect to                       cribe to ourselves nothing that is bad, but    divinity;49 and he says that he knows that
persons in judgment,42 for the judgment is                        to always bestow upon ourselves, and not       his witness is true, showing that his own
God’s. Why then (he says) are you angry                           entirely truthfully, the things by which       judgement too is in fact most trustwor-
with Me because I made a man completely                           anyone might be thought well-behaved           thy and true. For in order that he not give
well on the sabbath43 and do not condemn                          and good.                                      room for malice, and a loophole against
Moses who decreed that children should                                So when our Lord Jesus Christ con-         himself to those who are accustomed to
be circumcised even on the sabbath? Do                                                                           think otherwise by entertaining the notion
not judge according to appearance, but                                                                           that he said things untrue of himself, he
judge with righteous judgment.44 If a man                                                                        — having necessarily made a concession
receives circumcision on the Sabbath, so                                                                         to what is becoming and customary, that
that the law of Moses should not be bro-                                                                         one ought not to completely credit as true
ken,45 you are without due cause grieved                                                                         a person who praises and approves him-
at seeing a man completely healed on the                                                                         self — returns again as God to his due
Sabbath. I therefore judged justly, but                                                                          position and says that he knows that the
you, not at all, for you do all things of                                                                        witness {testimony} of the Father is true,
yourselves. But I can of myself do noth-                                                                         all but teaching this: I, being true God,
ing. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment                                                                         know myself (he says), and the Father
is just, because I do not seek my own will                                                                       would say no flattery about me. For I am
but the will of the Father who sent Me.                                                                          by nature such as he, being truthful, will
    Now what manner of sending this is,                                                                          declare me. In the former part50 then there
and the reason for his being sent, we have                                                                       was kind of agreement by way of conde-
already spoken of at length, and will re-                                                                        scension, and the words hypothetical51
frain from saying any more about it. But                                                                         rather than true; but when he says that
let observe, usefully, that he says that the                                                                     he knows that the witness of the Father is
law is the will of God the Father.                                                                               true, this is the demonstration of credibil-
                                                                                                                 ity appropriate to God.
If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is                                                                           But with respect to his own person it
not true. There is another who bears wit-                                                                        must be observed that the Father is other
ness of Me, and I know that the witness                           firmed with respect to himself that he          than the Son, and is not, as some unin-
which he witnesses of Me is true. (John                           judges righteous judgments, plainly stat-      structed heretics have imagined, intro-
5:31-32)                                                          ing that he could of myself do nothing47       duced as the Son-Father.
     The most wise Solomon, who brings                            but that he makes the Father’s will his
together the things in which a man may                            rule in all his actions, and in saying this,   You have sent to John, and he has borne
very reasonably glory and show his man-                           introduced himself as witness to himself,      witness to the truth. (John 5:33)
ner of life to be enviable, and who places                        although it was true; yet considering, nec-        As we have just affirmed that it is
them before those who are apt to learn,                           essarily, the Pharisees’ word-games and        shameful, and not without a share of the
says, The righteous man accuses himself                           what they would say in their folly (for        utmost folly, that any one should be seen
at the beginning of his speech, and again,                        they did not know that he was God by           as an admirer of his own excellencies,
Let your neighbor, and not your own                               nature), he anticipates them beforehand        even though he should by reason of ex-
mouth, praise you, a stranger and not                             and says, You, following the practice of       ceeding virtue escape untruth; so it is an
your own lips.46 For it is a thing truly bur-                     the common people, and not advancing           absurdity sibling (so to speak) and akin to
densome and most intolerable to the hear-                         beyond a supposition that befits the Jews,      this, that any who are not called upon to
                                                                  will surely say, you bear witness of your-
42. Cf. Deut. 1:17; the sense is, You shall not show partiality                                                  49. divinity: ousias (sometimes used with this sense).
  in judgment ...
                                                                  self; your witness is not true;48 but you      50. i.e. the first part of the passage under study: John 5:31, If I
43. John 7:23b.                                                   will hear this in reply (he says): I still       bear witness of Myself, My witness is not true.
44. John 7:24.                                                                                                   51. hypothetical: i.e. on the hypothesis of his being a mere
45. John 7:23a.                                                   47. John 5:19.                                   human.
46. Prov. 18:17, 27:2 LXX.                                        48. John 8:13.                                                       Continued on the next page
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                                         these, certain of the people who were                             argument’s sake, that by every means you
Continued from page 49                                             from Jerusalem or from the land of Judah,                         may be saved.
bear witness to any thing, should of their                         who had escaped into Egypt (for instance                             And here our second book will end.
own accord appear before the judges or                             Azariah the son of Osee [Hosea], and
those who wish to inquire. For such an                             John the son of Karee and all the arro-                                                 BOOK III.
one would seem (and that justly) not en-                           gant men,56 as it is written) openly disbe-
tirely to be anxious to tell the truth, but                        lieving the prophecies of Jeremiah, said,                                   A critical inquiry why the
rather to be over-eager to give his testi-                         You speak falsely, the Lord did not send                                     blessed Baptist is called
mony, to make known not what the nature                            you to say to us, Do not go into Egypt.57                                  by Christ not only the lamp,
of the fact is, but rather his own account                         But demonstation through miracles, what                                     but burning and shining.
of it. Most skillfully then, and indeed be-                        kind of gainsaying will it admit of? And
ing God, does our Lord Jesus Christ say,                           being borne witness to by the excellencies                             HAVING just now with difficulty
overturning in advance the charge of the                           of the God and Father, what mode of stub-                         lifted pen to the second book, and swum
Pharisees in regard to this, You have sent                         bornness will it yet grant to the faultfind-                       through the deep and wide sea of divine
to John; not of his own accord, he is say-                         ers? And in truth Nicodemus (he was one                           contemplations, thinking thus to reach
ing, does the Baptist come to give his tes-                        of their rulers, and ranked among those in                        the end as a harbor, and mooring our skiff
timony to me, he is clear of any charge                            authority) gave incontrovertible testimo-                         on the mainland, so to speak, we see the
of this, he gave free testimony; you sent                          ny from his miracles, saying, Rabbi, we                           commencement of another ocean, that is
to ask John, and he has borne witness of                           know that you are a teacher come from                             to say, our course on the sequel. That we
the truth. For when he was asked by those                          God; for no one can do these signs that                           should accomplish this with all diligence,
who were sent to him, whether he were                              you do unless God is with him.58                                  both the object of this matter shames us
the Christ, he confessed, and did not deny,                            Since, therefore, to disbelieve even                          into, and what was said by someone per-
but confessed, “I am not the Christ,” but                          the holy Baptist himself who brought                              suades us no less to it: For glorious is the
have been sent before him.52 He has then                           testimony as far as words go, was not                             fruit of good labors.61 So come, climbing
borne witness to the Truth, for Christ is                          too much for the malice of the Jews, he59                         up to a courageous purpose of mind, let us
the Truth.

Yet I do not receive testimony from man,                               Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming,
but I say these things that you may be                                 and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of
saved. (John 5:34)
     He does not reject the word of John
                                                                       the Son of God; and those who hear will live
as useless nor declare the witness of the                                                                   —John 5:25
truth to be of no effect, for he would with
justice have seemed to have wrought ab-                            says again in a kind of irony, The blessed                        commit our affairs to the guidance of the
surdity against himself, by unreasonably                           Baptist has borne witness to the truth,                           good and loving God; spreading forth the
dismissing from credence him whom he                               even though questioned by you, but since                          expanse of our understanding like a sail,
sent to cry, Prepare the way of the Lord,                          nothing has been left untried by you, and,                        and embracing the grace of the Spirit as
make straight the paths of our God;53 but                          heedless of risk, you have accustomed                             the sound of a fair wind from the stern,
as fighting with the unbounded disobedi-                            yourselves to launch off into every kind                          let us run out into deep searching. For it is
ence of the Jews he proceeds to what is                            of abuse, it is likely you have rejected his                      Christ who makes a way in the sea and a
better and of more weight, saying that it                          voice. And since this too seems right to                          path in the water.62 Accordingly, our sec-
is not out of necessity that testimony to                          you, be it so: it may be that I am persuad-                       ond book ended with, Yet I do not receive
himself from voice of man is admitted,                             ed, I agree with you, I will for your sakes                       testimony from man, but I say these things
but rather as giving a more glorious proof                         put aside John’s voice too, and with you                          that you may be saved.63 Let us begin the
from an authority befitting him who is                              discount his testimony; I have the Father                         third, joining in order what follows con-
by nature God,54 and from the excellence                           from above bearing testimony. But teach-                          cerning the holy Baptist, of whom Christ
of the divine miracles. For a person will                          ing again that his comment implies agree-                         says:
sometimes reject the voice of a human be-                          ment for argument’s sake,60 he profitably
ing as not true, even though he may per-                           adds, But I say these things that you may                         He was the burning and shining lamp,
haps be enrolled among the saints. Some,                           be saved, that is, I used this way of speak-                      and you were willing for a time to rejoice
not scrupling to do that, used to oppose                           ing to you not that the truth is thus, but for                    in his light. (John 5:35)
the words of the prophets, crying out,                                                                                                   He likens the holy Baptist to a lamp, in
Speak to us other things, and declare to                           55. Isa. 30:10.                                                   that as far as appertains to the measure of
                                                                   56. Jer. 50:2 LXX (43:2 in the Heb.); textual differences exist
us another deceit;55 and further, besides                            among Cyril, LXX, and Heb.                                      man, he shined in advance of his coming,
52. John 1:20, 3:28.                                               57. Ibid.
53. Isa. 40:3.                                                     58. John 3:2.                                                     61. Wisd. 3:15.
54. authority . . . God: John, chosen as the Christ’s messenger,   59. he: Jesus.                                                    62. cf. Isa. 43:15.
  forerunner, and baptizer, was such an authority.                 60. Cf. the last part of the discussion on John 5:31-32.          63. John 5:34.

yet not with his own light; for the light in                    away from them the will to believe, but         the prophecy regarding him, which runs
the lamp is not its own, but bestowed and                       also that he convict them of being fickle,       thus, I prepared a lamp for my Christ.
added from outside; thus will you see in                        and not at all accustomed to cling to the       But since, to lamp, he adds burning and
the saints also the illumination that is from                   desire for good things, but after having        shining, it is manifest from this that he is
Christ in the Spirit. Therefore, both think-                    barely tasted and approved in words only,       carrying the hearer back not merely to the
ing and acting most wisely, they them-                          those whom they thought to be holy, they        prophet’s voice, but also to some prefig-
selves confess out of their own mouth,                          were not ashamed to quickly go over to          uring in the law, portraying beforehand,
And of his fullness we have all received.64                     the contrary habit. For this I think is the     as in figure and shadow, John’s torch-
For the Only-Begotten is by nature light,                       meaning of their being willing for a time       bearing, which he performed well by his
in that he beamed forth from light too, I                       to rejoice in his light. For at first they ad-   testimony to Christ the Lord. Again he
mean, from the Father’s essence; but the                        mired the holy Baptist as an ascetic, as a      convicts the Pharisees, who were wise in
creation partakes of it, and whatever is                        lover of God, as an example of all piety,       their own conceits, who were conversant
endowed with power of reasoning and                             but, honoring the miracle, they next insult     in the law of Moses and that constantly,
thinking, is as a vessel most excellently                       it, not enduring to hear, Prepare the way       of being ignorant, and of seeming to be
fashioned by God the most excellent arti-                       of the Lord, make straight the paths of our     wise rather than really having understand-
ficer of all things, with capacity for being                     God.68 For they are clearly found doing         ing of the law. This then is the whole aim
filled with divine light.                                        this through unbelief.                          of the address; but I think that, bringing
    The blessed Baptist then is a lamp ac-                                                                      forward the divine oracle itself, we ought
cording to the explanation given above.                                                                         to demonstrate incontrovertibly that the
The Saviour says this with reference                                                                            blessed Baptist is not simply a lamp, but
to the incarnation, calling the foolish                                                                         one burning and shining.
Pharisees to remembrance of the voice of                                                                             Therefore, when God was ordaining
God the Father, who said of him, I pre-                                                                         the arrangements of the holy tabernacle,
pared a lamp for my Christ.65 Very prof-                                                                        after the completion of the ten curtains,
itably and out of necessity, Christ now                                                                         He says to the Moses, the teacher of sa-
adds these things to those already said                                                                         cred truths, And command the children
before.66 For since, cutting off all occa-                                                                      of Israel and let them bring you olive oil
sion of unbelief from the Jews, and, com-                                                                       refined pure, beaten to burn for a light,
pelling them from every angle to the duty                                                                       that the lamp burn always in the taber-
of believing on him, he thought it good                                                                         nacle of the congregation outside the
to agree with them in not receiving his67                                                                       veil, which is upon the testament, Aaron
testimony, saying, I do not receive testi-                                                                      and his sons shall burn it from evening to
mony from man -- in order that they might                                                                       morning before the Lord: a statute forever
not suppose that the Lord was really and                                                                        unto your generations on the behalf of the
truly so minded in regard to his forerun-                                                                       children of Israel; and take to you Aaron
ner, as the form of the words gives -- he                                                                       your brother and his sons with him from
introduces him, profitably to his present                                                                        among the children of Israel to minister to
purpose, not as himself saying anything                             And now, as I perceive it, having           me.69 There is the divine oracle; now we
of him, but as proclaimed by the voice of                       kept the well-trodden and commonly-             must proceed with interpreting it as far as
the Father. For he thought that surely out                      used method of interpretation of the pas-       it is possible.
of reverence to God the Father, the denier                      sage, we have expressed the meaning of               The oil without lees and pure, seems
must either be ashamed, or show himself                         it according to our power; but since the        to signify the Holy Spirit’s most pure
now more nakedly fighting against God,                           Savior’s discourse extends to deep mean-        and undefiled nature, which, penetrating
as unrestrainedly going against the very                        ings, and, it is clear, almost requires that    us incomprehensibly like oil, nourishes
words of the God and Father.                                    we take hold of more subtle conceptions         and preserves and increases the illumina-
    Accordingly he says, He was the                             -- not merely signifying that John was a        tion in the soul, as in a lamp. And in this
lamp, and you were willing for a time to                        lamp, but also burning and shining -- we        way we believe that the divine Baptist
rejoice in his light. For it was fitting not                     think it necessary to apply ourselves to        also shined the light of his testimony
only that he show that the Pharisees easily                     the meaning of the words with sharper           about our Saviour, having received the
went astray from what is right, and had,                        gaze, and in this way track out the beauty      power of being able to illuminate, from
by the great impiety of their ways, thrown                      of the truth.                                   no other source than through the spiritual
                                                                    The sentence itself shall again be pre-     oil, which is able powerfully and effec-
64. John 1:16.
65. Psa. 131(132):17.                                           sented. He was the Lamp, it says. It would      tively to kindle within us the divine light,
66. When Jesus calls John a burning and shining lamp, he is                                                     which the Saviour himself also hinted at
  reminding the Pharisees that the Father had also called the
                                                                have been sufficient to have pointed out
  Forerunner a lamp when he said, I prepared a lamp for my      the holy Baptist by this alone, so that the     enigmatically when he said, I came to
  Christ. Thus he notes that the Father witnesses to John’s
                                                                hearers would go back to the thought of         69. Exod. 27:20-28:1.
67. his: the Baptist’s.                                         68. Isa. 40:3.                                                      Continued on the next page
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                    disposition of the lamp is introduced, and       selves, but also forbidding him from bap-
Continued from page 51                        immediately after, the appointment and           tizing others. For you sent to him, saying,
send fire on the earth and how I wish it       function of the priests. For at the comple-      Why do you baptize, then,76 that is, why
were already kindled.70 Again, the blessed    tion of the law and the prophets, there          do you enlighten for the purpose of repen-
Baptist was, truly, as in a figure, the lamp   shone the voice of the forerunner crying         tance and the knowledge of Christ? Thus,
that was ever burning and shining in the      in the wilderness (as it is written) Prepare     the Savior brought against the senseless
tabernacle of testimony; and its shining      the way of the Lord, make straight the           Scribes and Pharisees the charge both of
in the tabernacle of testimony shows full     paths of our God;74 immediately after            folly and of transgressing the law, again
well that his illumination was received       whom is the ordination and manifestation         contending with them with regard to
in the churches, and will not be kindled      of the holy Apostles by Christ. For the          John’s teachings. I think that the blessed
outside the holy and divine tabernacle of     Lord from them he chose twelve, whom he          Luke, also understanding this precisely,
the Savior. But the lamp’s being seen out-    also named Apostles.75                           cries out best against their folly, saying,
side the veil seems to show that he will          Our consideration of the lamp being,         And when all the people heard, that is, the
bring in a simpler introductory illumina-     with this, completed, let us turn our atten-     Savior’s words, they justified God, being
tion, saying, Repent, for the kingdom of      tion to Savior’s voice. He was (he says) the     baptized with the baptism of John; but the
heaven is at hand;71 but of the things hid-   burning and shining lamp, and you were           Pharisees and lawyers rejected the coun-
den within the vail, namely, the mysteries    willing for a time to rejoice in his light. He   sel of God against themselves, not being
of our Saviour, he reveals nothing at all.    reproves, in the Pharisees, their habitual       baptized by him.77
For he did not baptize into participation     state of being unlearned and difficult to
of the Holy Spirit, nor did his illumina-     bring to obedience, and again he convicts        But I have a greater witness than John’s;
tion introduce within the veil; for it was    them of being sick with an incomparable          for the works which the Father has given
in the outer tabernacle, while yet stand-     uninstructedness and inability to under-         me to finish, the very works that I do, bear
ing, according to the mouth of Paul.72 But    stand even what they professed to know,          witness of me, that the Father has sent
when it says that Aaron and his sons shall
burn it from evening to morning before
the Lord: a statute forever unto your gen-        For as the Father has life in himself, so he has
erations,73 I think we ought to understand        granted the Son to have life in himself, and has
it in this manner. Aaron and his sons sig-
nify those who, in their time, execute the
                                                  given him authority to execute judgment also,
priest’s office in the Churches, that is to        because he is the Son of Man —John 5:26-27
say, the teachers in them, and ministers of
the divine altars. These are commanded        and being on the one hand very far indeed        me; and the Father himself, who sent me,
to keep the spiritual lamp, that is, John,    from an accurate knowledge of the law,           has testified of me. (John 5:36-37a)
always bright, for this is the meaning of     and on the other, wholly ignorant of what            Even though he was the lamp, he
They shall burn it from evening to morn-      the lawgiver was portraying in advance in        says,78 both depicted by the books of the
ing. For the whole period during which        outline through Moses. For by saying that        law, and proclaimed in advance by the
the light of the lamp was to appear, is the   he was the burning and shining lamp, he          voice of the holy prophets, that he would
space of night, by which is signified the      is, in all likelihood, shaming those who         one day appear, beaming before the true
form of the present life. For by light we     still did not understand that which long         light, and declaring among you that you
understand the life to come. But the lamp     ago had also been sketched out in figures         ought to put in good order the way of your
burns, or is kept bright, by always mak-      of the law; by saying, and you were willing      Lord and God; yet since on account of
ing its illumination perceptible to those     for a time to rejoice in his light, he again     your innate unruly and most absurd folly,
who believe in Christ, and by testifying      introduces them as always preferring their       he seemed to you not trustworthy, despite
through the mouth of the priests, in due      own will to the divine decree, and as cus-       being so great in virtue, I proceed now to
season, that it is truthful in saying such    tomarily following only those whom they          what is greater, against which you will
things of Christ.                             wished. For, he says, whereas the lawgiv-        probably say nothing, being ashamed be-
     Now, that God may teach you that by      er commanded the lamp to shine and be            fore the very beauty of truth even against
this he was portraying the Savior’s fore-     burning always, you were willing for it to       your own will. For I am no longer receiv-
messenger, he immediately adds after this     shine not always, but only for a time, that      ing glory by the words and judgments of
the election of the priests. You will again   is for the very briefest period. For at first,    men, nor shall I consider it necessary to
arrive at the whole explanation of the pas-   while being astonished, you extinguished         collect testimonies to myself from mere
sage by ruminating on an idea such as         (as far as you are concerned) the light of       words, but will commit to more credible
this, and not awkwardly, it seems to me.      the lamp, most unreasonably imposing             and far greater [words of testimony] than
On the completion of the tabernacle the       upon him who had been sent from God,             these, the things concerning me; and from
70. Luke 12:49.                               and not only refusing to be baptized your-       the very magnificence of my deeds I make
71. Matt. 4:17.
72. Heb. 9:8.                                 74. Isa. 40:3.                                   76. John 1:25.
73. Exod. 27:21.                              75. Luke 6:13.                                   77. Luke 7:29-30.

manifest that I am God by nature, and                               Father, co-enthroned and co-seated as God        not keep the sequence of his own words
from God the Father, and I do my own                                with God who begot him, says that he has         entirely predictable,88 but keenly replies
laws no wrong when I change the fashion                             been ordained King and Lord, saying that         to what they are counselling and imagin-
of them however I will and when I trans-                            what he had as God, he received when he          ing in themselves, and by this shows that
form from the grossness of the letter to                            was made human, to whom reigning is              he is by nature God, as knowing what lies
spiritual contemplation, things which, in                           not inherent by nature, but both the title       in the depth and searching the hearts and
more ancient times, were said in figures.                            and reality of lordship are wholly from          reins.89 If any one will, let him receive
    But let the lover of learning consider                          outside.                                         the most clear demonstration of this from
again that the Saviour, by saying that he                                                                            the other evangelists, I mean Luke and
is well witnessed to by his works as to                                 That the Son is the Image of God             his companions. Thus it is written in the
his being by nature God, teaches clearly                                  the Father. In which also is               Gospels that there were once gathered
that it was not possible that the activity                                a reproof of the Jews as not               together from all the region round about
and power appropriate to God, would be                                   discerning the words uttered                Judea, Pharisees and teachers of the law.
in someone in the identical manner unless                                  in dark sayings by Moses                  Then, behold (he says) men brought on a
he too were by nature God. For he is tes-                                                                            bed a man who was paralyzed, whom they
tified of by his works in no other way, I                            You have neither heard his voice at any          sought to bring in and to lay before him.
think, than this one.79 For if he is seen as a                      time, nor seen his form. But you do not          And when they could not find how they
finisher80 of the works of the begetter, and                         have his word abiding in you, because            might bring him in, because of the crowd,
also by his own proper might accomplish-                            whom he sent, him you do not believe.            they went up on the housetop and let him
es whatever things are more suited to him                           (John 5:37b-38)                                  down with his bed through the tiling into
alone,81 how can it not be clear to every-                              Anyone can see that the array of ideas       the midst before Jesus. When he saw their
one that his lot is to have the same nature                         poured forth on the passage under con-           faith, he said to him, “Man, your sins are
with him, and that, shining with the prop-                          sideration is not simple, but that it is a       forgiven you.” And the scribes and the
erties of the Father as being from him, he                          swarm of hidden contemplations which             Pharisees began to reason saying, “Who
has equal power and operation {activity,                            very easily escape the mind of uncritical        is this who speaks blasphemies? Who can
energy}82 with him?                                                 hearers, and may perhaps admit of being          forgive sins but God alone?” But when
    Yet he says he has received the works                           seen by those only who investigate more          Jesus perceived (it says) their thoughts, he
from him, either speaking more lowlily                              keenly. For, someone will perhaps say,           answered and said to them, “Why are you
that was necessary, and this economical-                            what was it that induced Jesus, when he          reasoning in your hearts? Which is easier,
ly83 on account of the attitude of human                            was saying that he was borne witness to          to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to
nature and the form of a servant, or, extol-                        by his activities appropriate to God,87 to       say, ‘Rise and walk?.’”90 Do you see how,
ling by the title of gift84 the Father’s good                       come to something very far removed, as           not waiting for their answer in utterance
measure and approval in regard to all his                           though it belonged to the subject? I mean,       of words, or muttering, he answers as God
wondrous miracles. For in this way85 he                             the Pharisees had neither heard the voice        their inward thoughts? You will find again
also affirms that he was sent, in that he                            of God the Father at any time, nor seen          another example too, formed after this
emptied himself, as it is written, of his un-                       his form, nor yet had his Word abiding in        same pattern. For the blessed Luke speaks
alloyed God-befitting dignity on account                             them. And I will agree, and so I suppose         in this way: Now it happened on another
of his love for us. For he humbled himself,                         will every one else, that this -- not entirely   Sabbath, also, that he entered the syna-
and we will find the lowliness of this, his                          without reason -- is their difficulty aris-       gogue and taught And a man was there
humbling himself, in no other ways than                             ing from certain things. Therefore, what         whose right hand was withered. And the
in those by which he sometimes speaks as                            meaning we shall fit to the passage before        scribes and Pharisees watched him close-
man. That which is said by the Psalmist                             us, and also, how we shall equip ourselves       ly, whether he would heal on the Sabbath,
as from him in a manner appropriate to                              as we conduct our search, I will endeavor,       that they might find an accusation against
a human for our sakes, I was set as King                            by the Spirit’s energy and grace, to ex-         him. But he knew (it says) their thoughts,
by him upon Sion, his Holy mountain de-                             plain.                                           and said to the man who had the with-
claring the Law of the Lord86 agrees wth                                It was the practice of the Savior Christ,    ered hand, ‘Arise and stand here.’ And he
this. For he who is King forever with the                           when often holding useful discourses with        arose and stood. Then Jesus said to them,
                                                                    the extremely dense Pharisees, to gaze           “I will ask you one thing: Is it lawful on
78. I.e. even though John was the lamp, Jesus says.
79. I.e. the works bear witness that he is divine.                  into the depths of their heart, and to con-      the Sabbath to do good or to do evil?”91
80. finisher: teleiotes, referring to the words, the works which     sider, in a divine manner, the reasonings        Again, do you see, evident in this, that he
  the Father has given me to finish.
81. This refers to actions specific to the Son, for example, being   that were being turned over and stirred          framed his words as looking into the very
  begotten of the Father from eternity, and becoming incarnate      up again in their mind voicelessly, and to       heart of those who were foolishly trying
  in the economy of salvation. For while the three divine
  hypostases act with one common activity (energeia), each          direct both his answers and words and re-        to accuse him? Also in the passage before
  also does this in a manner unique and particular to himself.      proofs to these in particular; and he does       88. without an outlet; inevitable. anexiteton.
82. energeian.
83. I.e. in accordance with the dispensation of the Incarnation                                                      89. cf. Rev. 2:23 and many O.T. passages.
  and by way of accommodation to it. Gk. oikonomikos.               85. in this way: i.e. speaking humbly.           90. Luke 5:18-23.
84. gift: i.e. referring to the words the works which the Father    86. Psa. 2:6-7 LXX.                              91. Luke 6:6-9.
  has given me.                                                     87. John 5:36-37.                                                      Continued on the next page
St. Cyril on Johnʼs Gospel                     But who is this?                              far then the oracle of the all-wise Moses;
Continued from page 53                              Inasmuch as he perceived that they       but I think we ought now too to convict
us, we will again surmise something like       again were meditating these things, he        the Jews of stumbling into a most absurd
this to have been observed by the Savior       exposes them as keenly ignorant, saying,      idea of God, imagining that they had both
in the thoughts of the Pharisees. But if you   You have neither heard his voice at any       seen his form, and heard the voice actu-
do not shrink from going over again each       time, nor seen his form. But you do not       ally inherent in the divine nature.
of those things which have been already        have his word abiding in you, because             Come then, taking courage in the
said, you will see that our discourse does     whom he sent, him you do not believe.94       Savior’s bounty and grace, let us refine
not spurn the honest handling or ordering      For the things took place in a type at that   the grossness of the letter of the law into
of the subject.                                time, and through them God’s descent          spiritual contemplation: for in that way
    This great long discourse with them        upon Mount Sinai was described to them.       what was said to the Pharisees of God
took its beginning about the man that          Knowing nothing of these things, they did     will be shown to be true: You have neither
was healed on the Sabbath day, and by          not receive them as images of spiritual re-   heard his voice at any time, nor seen his
many different devices and arguments           alities, but they were imagining that the     form.96
Christ was endeavouring to persuade            divine nature could actually be seen with         The people then being brought forth
those who were stubbornly vexed by the         the eyes of the body, and they believed       by Moses to meet God, as it is written,
deliverance on the Sabbath, that it is law-                                                  will be a clear sign, and a teaching as in
ful even to show mercy on the Sabbath,                                                       figure, that none can come to God untu-
and to do good to all, and besides, that the                                                 tored and uninstructed, but rather they
law made the Sabbath rest a shadow of a                                                      are, by the law, led to the knowledge of
most noteworthy reality; moreover having                                                     the things which they seek to learn. For
in their judgement broken the honor of                                                       Moses will be understood by us to repre-
the Sabbath, and by that specially trans-                                                    sent the law, according to what is said by
gressed the law, he was affirming, and                                                        a certain one,97 They have Moses and the
that very strongly, that he had been sent                                                    Prophets. But the standing by at the foot
from the God and Father, and further was                                                     of the mount,98 when God had now de-
clearly telling them that he was borne wit-                                                  scended and was on it, signifies the readi-
ness to by him and was well-pleasing to                                                      ness of disposition and resolve of those
him in everything that he did. In response                                                   who are called to serve him, not refusing
to this, at least as far as the evidence of                                                  in any way to apply themselves even to
the arguments goes, the Pharisees -- as                                                      things above their power and superior to
being devoted to the writings of the law,                                                    their nature, God being with them. Such
and ever holding out as a pretext the com-                                                   in all respects are those who are partak-
mands through Moses, and saying they                                                         ers of the Saviour. For this reason, prac-
had read -- again are reasoning with them-                                                   ticing more than human manliness, they
selves, What is this man saying? How can                                                     say, Who shall separate us from the Law
the God and Father be well-pleased with        that he used a bodily voice. But that what    of Christ? Shall tribulation or distress
a transgressor of the law? And when has        the Savior said to them was true, and that    or persecution or famine or nakedness
he testified, or what judgement did he          they neither heard the Voice of the God       or peril or sword?99 For to the godly, all
give concerning him? For we know from          and Father at any time, nor had any one       dreadful things are tolerable for love of
the Mosaic writings that God descended         seen, with bodily vision, his form, that      Christ, and though tribulation should rise
upon Mount Sinai, and his face was seen        is, the Word like him in all respects, I      up as a mountain, they will rise superior
by the fathers, and his voice was heard        think that we ought again to show clearly,    against all danger, and will not withdraw
(they say);92 he spoke to the whole as-        bringing to spiritual investigation and in-   their mind from love to God. But God
sembly and commanded them to keep the          quiry the things written in Exodus. Now       is said to come down, not upon any low
Sabbath day, clearly commanding thus:          it reads thus: And Moses brought forth the    ground, but somewhere on high, and he is
Remember the sabbath day to keep it            people out of the camp to meet God; and       seen on a mountain, that you may think to
holy. Six days shall you labor and shall       they stood by at the foot of Mount Sinai.     yourself something such as this, that al-
perform all your work, but on the seventh      Now Mount Sinai was wholly wrapped            though the divine nature, condescending
day is the holy sabbath of the Lord your       in smoke, because the Lord descended          to our understandings, brings Itself to our
God; on it you shall do no work.93 And,        upon it in fire, and the smoke was going       conception, yet still It is exceedingly far
they say, we heard no other person saying      up as the smoke of a furnace, and the         above us, both in words and thoughts. For
these things; the multitude of the fathers     whole people were greatly amazed. And
was ear-witness to the voice from God,         the voices of the trumpet sounded, going      95. Exod. 19:17-19.
                                                                                             96. John 5:37.
and after them the Word of God was in us.      forth exceedingly strong; Moses spoke,        97. a certain one: Abraham, in the parable of Lazarus and the
                                               and God answered him by a voice.95 Thus         rich man (Luke 16:29).
92. Exod. 19:18-20, 24:9-18, 34:29-34.                                                       98. hypo to oros (as also in Exod. 19:17, quoted above).
93. Exod. 20:8-10.                             94. John 5:37b-38.                            99. Rom. 8:35.

the loftiness and intensity of the doctrines    For Moses speaks, and God answers him                            unintelligently, that they had advanced to
concerning It are signified by the moun-         by a voice, not surely by his own voice,                         marvellous wisdom, even the very Spirit
tain, which he tells us was entirely dark-      for this it does not say, but simply and                         of Christ will testify, saying through the
ened with smoke. For stinging indeed, and       absolutely by a voice, marvelously ren-                          Prophet Jeremiah, How do you say, We
not very clear to us, are words concerning      dered in a more human way by the sound                           are wise, and the word of the Lord is with
the deity {godhead, divinity}, wounding -       of words. For by what works would God                            us? In vain have the scribes used a lying
- like smoke -- the eyes of the understand-     be exhausted? And what that God wishes                           pen; the wise men were ashamed, were
ing. On account of this, the most wise Paul     shall he not accomplish, and that with                           dismayed and taken; what wisdom is in
testified that we see through a mirror and       supreme agility? Assuredly then, Moses                           them? Because they rejected the word of
dimly;100 the Melodist [i.e. Psalmist] again    spoke, and God answered him by a voice.                          the Lord.109 For how are they not caught
says that he, that is, God, made darkness       Now in these things is the type, but let                         rejecting the living and hypostatic Word
his secret place,101 indicating, under the      us perceive the reality. Indeed, therefore,                      of God, not receiving the faith toward
name of darkness, the incomprehensi-            you have in the holy Gospels the Lord                            him, but dishonoring the Impress of the
bility around him, of which the smoke           saying, Father, glorify your Son106 and the                      God and Father, and refusing to behold
around the fire on the mountain, may             Father answering by a voice, I have both                         his most true Form (so to speak) through
well be taken as a type. But the Divine         glorified it and will glorify it again. The                       his authority and power suited to God?110
one himself descended in the form of fire,       Savior showed that this is not truly the                         For the divine and ineffable nature is ap-
at that particular time, appropriately and      voice of the God and Father, by saying to                        prehended by us (so far as this may be)
necessarily with respect to the nature of       those who were then present, This voice                          in no other way than through the things
the matter. For it was fitting, it was fitting    was made not because of me, but for your                         It accomplishes and performs. For Paul,
that he who called Israel to bondage and        sakes. You see how he clearly affirmed                            on account of this directs us to go from
understanding through the law that was to       that the voice had been created, inasmuch                        the greatness and beauty of the creatures
be set forth, should appear as an enlight-      as it would be inappropriate to suppose                          conformably to the contemplation of the
ener and an avenger. And both these ends        that the divine nature uses a voice with a                       Creator; again, the Saviour leads us to the
are accomplished by fire. But the voices         sound, though It might conform Itself to                         apprehension of Himself, saying, If I do
of the trumpet (he says) were sounding          our needs and speak like us, by way of di-                       not do the works of My Father, do not be-
very much louder,102 in order there may be      vine accommodation {economically; by                             lieve Me; but if I do, though you do not
woven for us such a meaning of the ideas        way of divine dispensation}.107                                  believe Me, believe the works.111 And very
{thoughts, mental representations}; for             Once again, these contemplations                             reasonably did he blame his own disciple
the law too was proclaimed by God, yet          have necessarily been brought into our                           (this was Philip) who thoughtlessly sup-
because of the infirmity of the pupils, not      present discussion; we considered it en-                         posed that he could attain to the spiritual
continuously at first, but stammeringly,         tirely necessary that Jesus should be                            vision of the God and Father in some
so to speak, and not with the trumpeter’s       shown to the readers speaking truth,                             other way, albeit it was within his power
whole might. Therefore Moses too called         when he is found saying of his Father, You                       to contemplate his identical image, which
himself slow of speech.103 But as time ad-      have neither heard his voice at any time,                        shows accurately in himself his begetter.
vances and carries the believers in Christ      nor seen his form. But you do not have                           This is why he said, Have I been with you
forward from the shadow in the letter, to       his word abiding in you, because whom                            so long, and yet you have not known Me,
the spiritual worship, the voices of the        he sent, him you do not believe.108 That                         Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the
divine trumpet were sounding very much          the Pharisees -- puffed up to the point of                       Father.112
louder, the saving and Gospel preaching         strange boastings -- were accustomed to
resounding in a way through the whole           pretend that the divine Word was with
earth. For not like the law, feeble-voiced      them and in them, and therefore affirmed,                         109. Jer. 8:8-9. Some LXX mss. differ from St. Cyril’s text,
                                                                                                                   reading “law” instead of “word” in both places.
and not widely preached, was this heard         106. Cf. John 12:28. Both among the Gospel manuscripts and
                                                                                                                 110. I.e., dishonoring the Father’s Impress (the Son) and
                                                  among those of St. Cyril’s work, this reading is found along
in the country of the Jews only, or pro-          with the alternative one: . . . glorify your Name. See below
                                                                                                                   refusing to behold his (the Father’s) Form through his (the
                                                                                                                   Son’s) authority and power suited to God.
claimed from Don to Beersheba, but rath-          among Cyril’s fragments on John 12:28.
                                                                                                                 111. John 10:37-38a.
                                                107. Gk. oikonomikos.
er, Their voice has gone out into all the       108. John 5:37b-38.
                                                                                                                 112. John 14:9.
earth,104 is it is written. And what besides?
Moses spoke (he says) and God answered
him by a voice.105                                                                                     8th Annual
     Again, let the mind of the more stu-                                  St. Tikhonʼs Golf Tournament
dious be sharp, let us observe accurately
the stability inherent in the divine oracles.
                                                                            Saturday, August 20, 2005
                                                                                       Mountain Laurel Golf Course,
100. 1 Cor. 13:12.                                                                      White Haven, Pennsylvania
101. Psa. 17(18):11.
102. Exod. 19:19.                                                                          For Information call:
103. Exod. 4:10.
104. Psa. 18(19):4.
                                                                             Berny Golubiewski 570.825.4780
105. Exod. 19:19.

                                              Christ is Risen!
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                  Millie Sokol                               Mr. Zekerias Dermas                         Dr. Paul G. Miller
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                  Joan Godun                                 Mr. Joshua DiFlorio                           Mr. Eli Mioff
          Eugenia & Leroy Hughes                             Mrs. Anna K Doray                            Mr. James Mitlik
              Anastasia Jabkowski                          Mr. & Mrs. John Dotsey                        Mrs. Jo-Ann Nesko
                 Doris Koveal                                   Mr. Paul Dotsey                          Dr. John D. Nester
                Ane Rindfleisch                                 Ms Susan Dotsey                        Miss Christine Neumann
     Readery Gregory & Sharon Hubiak                           Mrs. Paul Drebot                    Mr. & Mrs. David Newhouse
                 Katya Hubiak                              Mr. & Mrs. Paul Drebot                    Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Norato
               Alexander Hubiak                                Mr. Terry Drebot                       Mr. Anthony Onufer, Jr.
          Geroge & Anastasia Plisko                           Mr. Thomas Drebot                         Mrs. Evelyn Onufer
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                 Mrs. Katherine Pankiw
                                                       Christ is Risen!
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                 Mr. Nicholas Ressetar                                Kaye Fedirko                    Warren & Irene Giordano
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                    Mr. Mark Rodak                                Annabelle Franchak                 Susan & William Pinkerton
                  Mr. Joseph Russian                           Peter & Delores Frenchko                   Kateryna Phillips
                Dr. & Mrs. Petru Sandu                                Joseph Getzie             Dr. Alexander & Katherine Pianovich
                Mr. & Mrs. Russell Sass                              Nicholas Getzie                 Dr. & Mrs. Paul Pianovich
             Mr. & Mrs. John Schilling Sr.                             Peter Getzie                        Alex Pianovich
                 Mr. Michael Schubert                           Chris & Rebecca Goetter                  Stephen Pianovich
                  Miss Larissa Shuga                             Tom & Helen Grancey                          Nadia Sass
                 Miss Basima Shunnara                          Dorothy & Andy Hanchak                         Mary Sites
                Miss Salwa M. Shunnara                                Julia Hanchak                          Ann Sovich
               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Skirpan                        Mary Kay & John Hockin                    Nicholas Sovich, Jr.
                  Mr. Lawrence Smith                            Wenona & John Hockin                     John S. Sultzbaugh
                 Mr. Nicholas Somple                         Jon, Debby & Jonathan Jaye                 Andrew J. Sultzbaugh
                   Mrs. Effie Spaseff                                    Olga Jaye                       Elizabeth Sultzbaugh
                  Mrs. Marie Spaseff                                Rose Kelechawa                        John R. Sweikert
                 Mrs. Margaret Spaseff                     Mike & Gloria Klapatch & Sons                   Judith Sweikert
                Mr. & Mrs. Basil Sumple                       Henry & Simone Korpusik                   Ann & George Timko
            Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sutovich Jr.                   Jeremi & Nicole Korpusik                      Helen Timko
                Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sysak                          Mary & Henry Korpusik                      George Tiazkun
                    Miss Ruth Sysak                                   Eva Krenitsky                       Patti & Joe Welsh
             Mr. & Mrs. Maksym Szewcyk                       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krenitsky                     Kathi Welsh
                    Mr. Jamie Taleff                                 Irene Kupinski
                    Mrs. June Taleff                            Maria & Nicholas Landi                 Holy Trinity Church
              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Taleff, Jr.                            Daria Lehman                          McAdoo, Pa.
                  Mrs. Helen Tatusko                                 Stephen Malec              Fr. Walter & Matushka Nancy Smith
                Mr. Grigori Ter-Arakelov                    Dr. Cindy & Michael Mancini                      Flora Smith
              Mr. & Mrs. John Todorovic                      David & Domanica Mancini                       Helen Cortez
                   Mr. Jacob Toroney                             Sam & JoAnn Mattise                          Pearl Elko
                  Mrs. Natalie Treece                           Mark & Nicole Melesky                        Anna Fanelli
                  Mrs. Anne D. Trunk                             Scott & Paula Melesky                    Rosella Gardecki
                  Mrs. Jane A. Voiscko                                Tom Meredith                       Mary Ann Graino
                  Miss Jaimie Walker                       Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Michalczyk                      Joseph Jevit
             Mrs. Holly Webb-Komoroski                            Ann & Ed Narcoonis                 Michael & Michelle Klesh
                    Ms. Noelle Webb                            John & Barbara Nayduch                     Anna Mae Kuklis
                Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Webb                               Justine Orlando                         Daniel Kurtz
                 Mrs. Joanne Wevodau                               John & Patsy Pash                         Anna Kurtz
                  Mrs. Mary A. White                      Stephanie & Rob Pliska & Family               Douglas & Jen Kurtz
                  Mrs. Mildred Wolfe                             Martha Pollock & Fred        Greg, Cathy, Carrie, Alyssa & Greg Kurtz
                    Ms. Susan Wolfe                                   Willard Puzza                Mike & Jan, Michael, Jr. Kurtz
                 Miss Marianne Wood                             Susan Schlasta & Family                      Anna Lazur
               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wood                        Adam & Mary Ann Serafini                    Daniel Oneschuck
                   Mr. Stephen Wood                                  Delores Sernak                        Tague Osadche
                  Mrs. Helen Yannone                                   John Sernak                          Helen Osuch
                    Mrs. Mary Young                                    Mary Sernak            Jack, Mariah, Sarah, Anna & Eva Oliveri
                   Mrs. Michael Zart                         Ron, Lorraine & Ann Sernak                      Cindy Polli
            Mr. & Mrs. Aghesom T. Zerezgi                            Delores Serniak                         Lonnie Polli
                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zuro                         Steven & Kathy Serniak                Sophie & Clark Shuman
                                                                  Gloria & Tom Shaw                 Annette & Paul Smerkanich
                     St. Michael’s Church                            Anastasia Sloat                        Mary Stronko
                          Jermyn, Pa.                     Jerry & Marilyn Soroka & Family                  Irene Yaworsky
     Fr. John & Mat. Kathy Kowalczyk, Sophia & Nicky              Bob & Julie Speicher            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zabitchuck
             Father Gabriel & Matushka Petorak                         John Susko
                  Debby Bernosky & Family                           Irene Swirdovich
            Wendy & Serge Bochnovich & Family             Col. (R) Peter & Martha Telencio          Sts. Peter & Paul Church
                   Eileen & Ed Brzuchalski                   Damian & Stephen Telencio                   Minersville, Pa.
                  Dennis & Sonia Buberniak                         Bob & Millie Telep         Fr. Michael & Matushka Valeria Hatrak
                       Dave & Ann Butler                              Mary Wyziak                     James & Anna Antonio
              David J., David Jr. & Josh Butler                      Joanne Yurchak                  John & Gloria Barnetsky
             Patricia, Tom & Tommy Cadwalader                         Julia Zaccone                       JoAnn Brinich
              Sandy & Kevin Carney & Family                         Peter D. Zaccone              Ralph & Kathy Brinich & Adam

                                       Indeed, He is Risen!
             Susie Frew                            Jay & Marge Sokol                           Johanna, Joan, & Janet Gima
            Elsie Herman                          Elizabeth Sarochinsky                                Irene Glowatz
Rick, Lynda, Lauren & Ricky Hutton                    Olga Sulewski                                   Justine Horhutz
          Olga Kirkauskas                        The Truszkowski Family                         Harry & Elizabeth Hunyak
   John & Lydia Malusky & John                         Mary Zupko                          Robert & Cynthia Jones & children
  Harry & Peggy Oakill & family                   Pearle & Mike Zupko                            Justin, Sean, & Heather
       Luke & Theresa Oakill                                                                Ken & Stacey Kashuba & children
             Anna Olexa                             St. Michael’s Church                               Anna Klemko
      Michael & Lisa Pascuzzo                           Old Forge, Pa.                              Eleanor Krushinski
    Christian & Sophia Pascuzzo             Father David & Mat. Karen Mahaffey               Michael & Amelia Kuzmiak Jr.
  Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Skrincosky                    V. Rev. Theodore Orzolek                      Joseph & Anastasia Mazur
          Susanne Stablum                          V. Rev. Elias Krenitsky                            Frances Meholic
    David & Georgene Studlack                      St. Michael’s Altar Boys                          Dr. Greg Meholic
  John & Cindy Studlack & Colin                  St. Michael’s Church Choir                          Claudia Mikulak
          Anna Wyslutsky                        St. Michael’s Church School                      Ann & Karen Naughton
         Sandra Wyslutsky                             The Parish Council                                 Maria Oles
                                                       Nikolas Mahaffey                           Vera & Olga Paulishak
                                                       Michael Mahaffey                      George & Elizabeth Perechinsky
       St. Michael’s Church
                                                        Seth Mahaffey                        Sonia & Michael Prestys & sons
        Mount Carmel, Pa.
                                                        Kyra Mahaffey                      Barbara Puhalla Ashley Puthorosky
 V. Rev. & Matushka Sonya Evans
                                           Kate, David, Alexa & Adam Barsigian                    Marguerite Puthorosky
V. Rev. Claude & Matushka Vinyard
                                                 Margaret & Jacob Barsigian                      John & Peg Puthorosky
     Bernie & Tanya Malkoski
                                                  Sandra & John Barsigian                     Pete & Joni Rezanka & family
        George Panikarcheck
                                                        Helen Bezuhly                     Joe & Helen Semon Anna & Christina
            Julia Bushick
                                                         Paul Bezuhly                       Ann & Joseph Schlasta & family
         Sandra Sebasovich
                                                        Helen Chesniak                                Skorupka family
           Margaret Olaf
                                                Mr. & Mrs. William Condon                         James & Donna Specht
        Catherine Shaffchick
                                             David, Lana & David Paul Cushner                  Kyra, Chelsea, & Ian Specht
          B. & M. Trefsgar
                                                  John & Margaret Cushner         Dan, Susan, Samantha, Stephanie, & Zachary Stafursky
       Jean & Chris Mathias
                                               Bernie, Bev, Nick & Steph Elko                          Ken Stafursky
         Joe & Sandy Tosca
                                                     Maria Emily & Jake                               Mary Stafursky
              Olga Leon
                                                     Neal & Ann Freeman                            Steve & Pat Stafursky
           Daniel A. Leon
                                                          Peter Gyza                                   Linda Stuchlak
            Anna Gondal
                                                     Peter, Jr. & Jan Gyza                         Michael Stuchlak Sr.
        Mrs. Helen Timpko
                                                  Jennifer & Michelle Gyza
        Catherine Hardnock
                                                    Mrs. Nicholas Halchak                         St. Nicholas Church
          Dorothy Beckus
                                                         Aleck Jadick                                Olyphant, PA.
           Peter Yastishak
                                                         David Jadick                              Fr Vladimir Fetcho
           Olga Berkoski
                                                 Michael & Margaret Jadick                    Matushka Marianne Fetcho
        Christine Buchkarik
                                                        John Jadik, Sr.                            Alexandra Butchko
           Pat Chidovich
                                                        Nancy Jurnack                            Richard & Julie Cesari
            Paul Wislock
                                                    Al & Mary Krenitsky                        James & Jonathan Cesari
         Adam Leschinskey
                                                    Harry & Mary Krevko                            John Chichilla Sr.
           Evann Shamus
                                                       Gregory Krevko                                 Josie Chichilla
             Ann Tanney
                                                         Tina Ludwig                             Henry & Joan Derbin
           Mary Zeluskey
                                                        Rose Macheska                            Jerry & Carol Dreater
       Stanley & Vera Zbicki
                                                       Nadia Macheska                            Paul & Sylvia Dreater
          Leon Markovich
                                              Joseph & Ann Marie Macijowsky                Capt. Paul & Lori Anne Dreater Jr.
             Marie Cuff
                                                    Scott & Anne Peatross                        Kayla & Liam Evanina
         Charles Chidovich
                                                   Michael & Sara Peatross                          Dorothy Fetchina
           T. P. Alekseyko
                                                Margaret & Walter Pregmon                            Joseph Fetchina
            Mary Homicz
                                                     Al & Mary Pritchyk                              Marie Grabania
           Stephanie Peek
                                                    Irene & John Pritchyk                          Michael Grabania
           Charlie Timpko
                                                 George & Marilyn Serniak                      Tatiana & David Hughes
         Florence Bubernak
                                                 Sebastian & Adrian Serniak                       George Kopestonsky
          Olga Paduhovich
                                                 Stephen & Amanda Serniak                             Olga Kuzmick
                                                  Stephen & Ingrid Serniak                    Shawn & Nicole McDonald
     St. John the Baptist Church
                                           Martha, Paul & Paul Andrew Tumavitch                     John Nightingale
             Nanticoke, Pa.
                                               Stephen & Jennifer Yokimishyn                        Kyra Nightingale
Fr. John & Catherine Russin & Family
                                                         Anna Zupko                                Vera & Tom Price
           The Brezna Family
                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rebar
            Christina Cherkis
                                                    All Saints Church                        Dr. & Mrs. Larry R. Sherman
            Christine Cieslak
                                                      Olyphant, Pa.                                  Eugene Strosky
          John & Theresa Klos
                                              Rev. & Mrs. Timothy Hojnicki                  James & Helen Thomashefsky
             Mary Kuprionas
                                            Very Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Pianovich                      John & Ann Turko
       James & Mary Ann Oram
                                                       Helen Bryer                                   Mary Youshock
 John Pihanich, Lori, David, Deborah
                                                David & Mary Brzuchalski
            Joseph P. Paprota
                                                    Stephana Butchko
            Jillian F. Paprota
                                                   Elizabeth Generotti
         Dr. Joseph R. Paprota
                                                Mary Jane & Tanya Gilbert
              Mary Paprota

                                                             Christ is Risen!
                  St. Stephen’s Cathedral                             Sonia, Larissa & Michael Jr. Mariani                      Nicephorus Wilfred Frisby
                       Philadelphia, Pa.                                           Marge Maurer                                         Julia Gavula
            Fr. Daniel & Matushka Mary Geeza                                 Mr. & Mrs. Merdiuszew                             Edward & Patrica Gerasimoff
                 Matushka Mary Fedoronko                                            Anna Miller                                      Emily Gerasimoff
                     J. Wellington Adams                                            Janice Nass                                   Simon & Mary Herbert
                        Atanas Atanasov                                            Christine Nass                                    Daniel S. Herbert
                           Julia Belau                                    Phil & Irene O’Brien & Dasha                   Sandra, Neil, Alex & Samantha Hourahan
                  Barbara & Karen Belsito                                 Joseph O’Brick & Kerri Irene                                   Julia Jugan
                  Mr. & Mrs. Igor Bergners                                        Olga Oprouseck                             Albert & Catherine Kavalkovich
                     Mary D. Birkenbach                                         Catherine Paulasack                     Ken, Debra, Alex, & Anastasia Kavalkovich
                     Ron & Kathy Bisaga                                            Helen Plunkett                               Rick, Daria & Jason Leroy
                     Irene & Ron Bisaga                                      Heinz & Tamara Poessl                                   Anna Mackiewicz
         Sonia, Dan, Stephen & Christine Bondira                   Paul, Rebecca, Nicholas & Gabriel Poessl             Richard, Linda, Stacey, Alexis Mackiewicz
                Nicholas & Zoya Bubernak                                      Stephan & Marge Pron                                 John & Mary Makara
                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burch                                           Larissa Pron                                        Julia Makara
                        Anna Burdziak                                              Stephan Pron                                        Mary Makara
                         Anna Cebular                                          Joe & Rena Quinton                                    Anne McCartney
                         Paul Cholakis                                       Kathie & Sergio Rabaca                                 Michael McCartney
                 Elaine Kasmer & Joe Clark                                          Mary Radick                                     Ruthann Mohnach
                Judy, Jack & Jennifer Clyde                     Tom, Nina, Nicholas, Deanna & Victoria Rapak                     Nina & Natalie Patterson
                   Charles & Halina Colter                            Antonina RenPeter & Heather Ren                                  David Pellack
                       John & Kate Cox                                         Katie & Holley Ren                                    Margaret Pellack
             Nicholas, Alexander & Andre Cox                              Valentina & Jonathan Rhodes                          John, Mary & Emily Pellack
                        Nicholas Cronin                                      Sarah & Alexa Rhodes                                   Catherine Petrascu
                        Dorothy Crossan                                          Stephanie Ristvey                                     Joseph Rabik
            Helen Davis, Mark, Steve & Family                        Ralph, Irina, Daniel & Nikolai Rogers                 Joseph, Kathy & Anastasia Renzetti
         Ray, Michele, Matthew & Natalie Decker                      John, Denise, Sonia & Michael Rowe                                  Helen Riley
                    Wllis & Lubie Dietrich                                       Anna D. Simpson                                     Mary Robovitsky
              Dr. George & Pauline Englesson                                    Joseph C. Simpson                                    Florence Savchak
                      Margret Englesson                        Martha, Jack, Megan, Adam, Jacob & Amelia Sisko                            Olga Vail
           Paul, Diane, Laura & John Fedoronko                                Larry & Connie Skvir                                      Ann Varhula
            Irena, Anthony & Alexandra Ferraro                                   Jon & Chris Skvir                             Helen & Timothy Wanenchak
 Dr. Jack, Irene, Alexander, Halina, Kyra & Sophia Forest                           Anna Smith                                     Michael J Wanenchak
                      Nina & Bill Gavula                           Basil, Eva, Anthony, Anna & Helena Smith                  Michael Jr & Treasa Wanenchak
                        Michael Gavula                                     Joseph & Catherine Stearne                                Kathy Wanenchak
                        Matthew Gavula                              Walter & Carotyn Stephan-Stephanowich                           Robert Wanenchak
                          Olga Gazak                              Tatiana Stephanowich & Kristin LaMacchia                          Sharon Wanenchak
                       Elisabeth Gentieu                                          Mary Suchniak                                          Lisa Welle
                  Ekaterina Gorbatchevski                                      John & Helen Szulak                              Peter & Annamae Witiak Jr
                        Jelena Grabania                                       Robert Gregory Tallick                      Daniel, Eleanor, Peter & Adam Witiak
               Lester, Nancy & Paul Grabania                   Dr. Michael, Amelia, Michael & Natalie Taptykoff     Andrew ZuzulockMr. & Mrs. Walter Green & Family
                Anna M. Fedryck-Hargrave                                           Lydia P. Tichy                                Leanne & Anya Harrison
                  William & Nina Hartzell                                        Eva & Bill Wasser                             Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Hrebien
                         Agnes Herbut                                     Maura Ann & Andrew Wagner                                  Rebecca Hutnyan
                  Helene & Mike Hopkins                                   Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Yencha                      Mr. & Mrs. James Hutnyan & Family
                  Nicholas & Nina Horsky                      Andrew, Megan, Stephen, Matthew, Timothy & Brielle                        Janine Legg
               Galina, Michael & Lena Imms                                             Yencha                           Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Marchesini & Family
        Andrei, Kathryn, Stefan, & Peter Jablokow                            Diane & Vincent Zanghi                                  Marsteller Family
                Katherine & Natalie Jadwin                           Nicholas, Kristina & Anthony Zanghi                               Mary Monarek
         Arnold, Katherine, Anna & Alexa Jensky                                     Irene Zaroff                                   Montgomery Family
                 Catherine & Leonard Jones                        Margarite & George Zlatkowski & Family                         Mr. & Mrs. Eric Mosser
          Christopher, Michael & Nicholas Jones                                John & Anna Zwick                                      Martha Mossner
                   Jeff & Mary Ellen Jones                                      John Daniel Zwick                                    Helen Pershinsky
                        Peter Kalandiak                                                                                           Debbie Ponis & Family
                  Lorraine & Harold Kane                      Assumption of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church                          Mary Rapchinski
                        Nadia Kolesnik                                        Philadelphia, Pa.                            Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sekellick & Family
            Mr. & Mrs. John Kolesnik & Family                                 V. Rev John Udics                                        Charles Staso
         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kolesnik & Family                                Father Sergius Willis                                     Darren Taylor
          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kolesnik & Family                             Matuska Mildred Soroka                               Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wurster
                     Annette Kopistansky                                  David & Emelie Albrecht                                      Thekla Kutcha
                 Mike & Alice Kopistansky                                    Dr. David E. Albrecht
                        John Kozlowski                                         Melanie Albrecht                         Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church
                    Sonia & Bill Kraftician                                John & Helen Alexander                                       St. Clair
                 Alex & Valentina Kuzman                    Norman, Barbara, Matthew, Christopher & David Andrews        Fr. Michael & Matushka Valeria Hatrak
  Greg, Lydia, Kira, Nicholas & Gregory Kuzmanchuk                              William Brasko                                        Julia Bucklar
                     Carol & Faiad Labad                                       Emma Burychka                                          Leah Chrush
                        Helen Lackatos                                          Julianne Carrol                                      Vera Connors
                        Steven Lackatos                                     Elizabeth R. Chadwick                                      Anna Cook
             Mikeal, Alyssa & Sarah Lampriech                               Robert & Grace Corba                                     Olga DeMarkis
                       Nicole Lampriech                                          Helen Dzugan                                       Tusha Dernbach
                    Peter & Martha Linski                                         Anna Fedor

           Peggy Dimoff
                                        Indeed, He is Risen!                                       Matushka Dorothy Sulich
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Karl Osterburg
           Leo Draovitch                           George & Danielle Pahomov                             Marge Barna
          Wasyl Draovitch                               Larissa Pahomov                                   Alice Boga
          Tatiana Heffner                              Ms. Camille Palese                               Betty A. Figura
            John Hoptak                        Mrs. Alexandra Prawlocki & Family             Drs. David & Mary Ford, & Emmelia
   Michael & Elizabeth Horoschak                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reba & Family              Mr. & Mrs. William Huniak & Family
        Andrew Horoschak                           Matushka Margaret Ressetar                      John & Mildred Naholnik
       Nancy & Shelby Jones                             Mrs. Ruth M. Ruth                               Nicholas Orser
          Joseph Kadingo                               Paul & Amy Savage                          Mr. & Mrs. John W. Paluch
           Mary Katchur                        Mr. & Mrs. David Scheese & Taylor                       Martin S. Paluch
             Jim Kerick                            Mr. &. Mrs Walter Sebastian                          Jerusalem Pugh
            Mary Kritak                               John & Lydia Seman                                Robert H. Roth
            Susan Kritak                              Ms. Alexandra Semion                                Ann Sernak
          Mary Melkonich                      Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sichak & Family            George, Gretchen & Yelina Sosnowksi
           Russell Paiko                                Mrs. Tina Snyder                               Edward Wawrush
         George Papinchak                           Ms. Gloria Spitko & Kyra                             Paul Wozniak
          Verna Papinchak                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Talley & Jonathan
       Steve & Justyna Pelak                          The Terenchin Family                           Holy Trinity Church
        Marge Rosenberger                       Kyle, Daria & Zoe Elizabeth Teter                      Stroudsburg, Pa.
       Ted & Jeanette Sagan                            Mrs. Sharon Vlasak                           Brian & Rebecca Boyle
           Jeanette Ward                         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vlasak & Sons               Mr. & Mrs. Denis Hatch & Family
           Sam Wisnosky                      Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Wanenchak & Family           Mr. & Mrs. David D. Donlick & Family
              Jean Zane                         Mr. & Mrs. Chip Weaver & Family                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kondratick
                                              Ryan & Traci Weinstein & Daughters                 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zablotsky
    St. Herman of Alaska Church              Mrs. Deborah Wissler & Michael Lucas                      Michael C. Pinto
             Shillington, Pa.                Mr. & Mrs. Edward Yurick & Daughters                    Paul & Eva Bonisese
      V. Rev. & Mrs. John Onofrey                      Hank & Anne Zerbe                             Tom & Helen Kessler
            The Parish Council                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. John Gower Jr.
The Sunday School Teachers & Students                    St. Basil’s Church                              Kathryn Pinto
  The Our Lady of Kazan Sisterhood                          Simpson, Pa.                          Dennis Michael Bonisese
             The Parish Choir                            V. Rev. Leo Poore
 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anderson & Family                James & Mary Anne Braun                       Saints Peter & Paul Church
  Mr. & Mrs. Keith Bergan & Cailey                Maria K. & Jefferson H. Braun                          Uniondale, Pa.
         Vera (Ressetar) Bortniak                     Olga & John Buberniak                  Fr. Paul & Matushka Michelle Fetsko
           Wasil & Anne Boyko                              Mary Chupeck                          Reader David & Mary Balmer
 Mr. & Mrs. Bret Challenger & Family                        Helen Dorval                                 Joseph Bendyk
           Ms. Louise Coleman                                Olga Gallick                             Donald & Ann Bock
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Dougherty & Family                       Helen Hrichuk                     Paul Demianovich, Valerie & Thomas
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Drenchko                    Stephen & Ester Kowalsky                    Vladimir & Betty Demianovich
          John & Marie Drosdak                     Thomas & Elaine Kravetsky                           John Demianovich
  Stephanie, Mark & Joshua Drosdak              Laurie, Lynn & Kimberly Kravetsky                     Michael Demianovich
            Pat & Bill Dudash                     Michael & Theresa Luczkovich                           Martha Dorosh
           William M. Dudash                                 Julia Mazza                           Ioannis Paulie Glykokokalis
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Duriez & Daughters                   John & Mary Okorn                        Carol Kelleher, Ryan & Emily
        Mrs. Gloria Duty & Adam                              Marie Proch                                Rose M. Kennedy
    Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Ermolovich                           Maria Proch                             Lubov & Ronald Kilmer
         Emily Anne Ermolovich                      Walter & Mary Anne Proch                               Lovey Klyn
   Mr. & Mrs. David Grim & Family                     John & Kimberly Proch                 Mark & Suzanne Lichtenstein & Family
         Bill & Rosalie Hardman                  Christina M & Elizabeth A. Proch                     Melanie McLaughlin
       Terry & Debbie Hojnowski                       Dr. David & Daria Roat              Martha, Megan, Adam, Jacob & Amelia Sisko
          Mr. Walter Hojnowski                     Alexandra & Benjamin Roat                            Antoinette Terry
               Daniel Hretz                                Jo Ann Somple                       Walter & Lorraine Terry & Family
               Xenia Hretz                                                                     Catherine, Dennis & Andy Yarosh
       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hyland
  Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kauffman & Alex                                                                   Holy Resurrection Cathedral
             Mrs. Helen Karel                     St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church                            Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
           The Kawood Family                             South Canaan, Pa.                      Fr Joseph & Mat. Gloria Martin
     Dr. & Mrs. Vadim Kurjanowicz                      Metropolitan HERMAN                           Marina & Elena Martin
       Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kusior                          Bishop TIKHON                            Debbie, Judd & Sara Good
  Reader & Mrs. Fred Leer & Family                 Very Rev. Michael G. Dahulich               Juliana, Jeff, Kyra & Steven Good
          Daniel & Marina Long               V. Rev. Daniel K. & Mat. Dolores Donlick          Dr John & Cathy Haber & Family
        Mr. & Mrs. John Lorchak            V. Rev. Alexander, Mat. Elena & Alex Golubov     Protodeacon Sergei & Mat. Vicki Kapral
           Michael & Vera Losk                 V. Rev. & Mrs. T. Stephen Kopestonsky                 Matushka Olga Kapral
             Mrs. Irene Lupco                           V. Rev. Michael Lepa                       Protodeacon Keith Russin
   John, Dana & Raymond MacKoul                     Protodeacon Keith S. Russin                          Andrew Buleza
        Michael & Janice Mallick                    Rev. Deacon David Mezynski                  Reader David & Kathryn Kessler
        Mr. & Mrs. Steve Matsick                       Reader Thomas Donlick                   David, Tatiana & Hannah Kessler
          Paul & Marie McCarty                         Reader Gregory Hatrak                      Sandy King & Mike Cooper
       John & Gertrude Melniczek                       Reader Gregory Sulich                         Charles & Irene Urban
     Reader George Nakonetschny                       Matushka Elizabeth Geeza                           Charlene Faust
           Dr. & Mrs. Tony Ngo                         Matushka Nina Stroyen                        Michael & Nancy Pieck

                                                  Christ is Risen!
               John & Doris Zoranski                            Marie Talpash                       John WankoBetsy Werner
                  Kyra E. Zoranski                          Michael & Lisa Talpash                   Ken & Dorothy Martiak
                Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hutz                       Rachael & Christa Talpash
                  David Hutz MD                                Olga Shewczyk                           St. Michael’s Church
                Nettie Kozey & Son                                                                        Wilmington, Del.
                 Margaret Anthony                            Holy Cross Church                    Rev. & Mat. Andrew Anderson
                   Myra Tarantini                             Williamsport, Pa.                           Marie Karawulan
                    Mary Onufer                            Fr Dan & Myra Kovalak                       James & Olga S. Riley
               Walter & Zora Narkoff                            Natalia Kovalak                   James & Anne Riley & family
                   Sandy Kapelan                                Tatiana Bohush                          Dolores Karawulan
                John & Irene Zimich                         Lillian & Zoe Calkins                    William & Alice Dryden
                     Mary Krill                           Matthew & Evelyn Chabal                     George & Helen Kruse
                    Olga Layton                                   Ann Chabal                               Mary Guretsky
                                                           Henry & Cally Herman                     Dorothy & Onufry Zabinko
                Holy Trinity Church                         Dr & Mrs Minas Hiras                       Pearl & Ned Minnich
                 Wilkes Barre, Pa.                           John & Cathy Hoch                            Ellen Gundersen
      Fr. David & Matushka Sharon Shewczyk                       Eileen Juran                        Michael & Vera Sinovich
           Timothy & Nicholas Shewczyk                           Michael Juran                       Grace & Vassily Schulgin
               William & Mary Gurka                               Phil Kundis                            Jim & Paula Flynn
                Helen & Peter Welgo                         The Lamprinos Family                   Edward & Karen Hojnicki Jr.
               Eleanor & Ted Sovyrda                          Elsie Skvir Nierle                     Peter & Elizabeth Melnik
                Jeri & Mike Basarab                         Barbara & Lew Shatto               David & Christine Roberts & family
                   Andrew Dennis                         Chris, Randy & Katya Shatto                  Basil & Emmelia Peck
                      Pearl Tutko                            The Shiposki Family                           Hope LaClance
                      Joan Lello                              The Sinatra Family                Alice & Nihmat Morjana & family
                  Evelyn Kozmiski                                                                       Rashid & Mona Elia
               Michael & Leona Stchur                          St. Mark’s Church                      Nabih & Georgia Harb
              Mary B. & Stephen Krill                          Wrightstown, Pa.                            Edward Torvik
             Marianne & Jeremy Haugh                   Archpriest Theodore Heckman                     Harry & Evelyn Kutch
                   Jeremiah Haugh                    Deacon Gregory & Mat. Martha Moser               Thomas & Lynn Sulpizi
                    Anna Goobic                     Doug, Sharon, Anna, John & Lydia Yates         Nicholas & Marie Holowatch
                Niike & Rita Goobic                            Patrick G, Colucci                       Stephanie Hojnicki
                     Mary Piznar                                    Lucy Znak                         The John Fedak Family
                  John & Liz Gurka                       Reader George Nakonetschny                          Fran Wilson
              Vladimir & Marie Dutko                          Alexandra Prawlocki                          Cristina Kraiter
      Stephen, Joann & Jordyn Elisabeth Dutko      Nicholas, Marina, Larissa, Katerina Moser            Anna & Luke Wales
               Deborah & David Mills                             Jeanette Ruano                           James Carpenter
     Gregory, Laura, Michael & Christopher Polk                    Sam Mervis                         Debbie Hines & family
          Anastasia & Bernard Golubiewski                   Sonja (Stavisky) Lengel                     Barbara A. Schmitt
                Michael & Vera Lisko               Kevin, Mary Anne, Ryan, & Gregory Swan            Larry Conover & family
                 Mildred L. Mayher                       Sergei & Connie Borichevsky              OCF of University of Delaware
            In Mem William Talpash, Sr.                     Irene & Sergei Arhipov                     Paul & Vera Chalfant
                 William Talpash, Jr.                              Maria Redko                             Olga Rybachak
                    Valerie Czahor                 Reader Peter, Sandy & Stephanie Bohlender                 Mary Lewis
               Mrs. Robert T. Rhodes                      Anatole & Cynthia Bredikin                    Susan Skomorucha
                John & Denise Meck                            James & Monia Pitra                           Pene Scarloss
              Paul, Corie & Abby Meck                       Jack & Barbara Malriat                         Sophia M. Puit
               Peter & Theresa Pawlak                              Sean Chappe                        Caton & Lisa Tompkins
              Mary Yankovich & Family                              Pam Freudig                             Gilbert Scheers
                     John Pawlak                          Boris & Joanne Borichevsky            Greg & Laura Kaznowsky & family
                    Margaret Mesh                                Patti Connelly                Ana, Will, William & Mary Wennberg
               Mistie & Joseph Czahor                             Janet Kalenish                            Mary Trader
             Peter M. & Mary Jo Pawlak                             Julia Petrov                            Helen McNally
                Thomas & Sonja Kay                         Ruslan & Larissa Smirnov
                   Vera B. Fairchok                   Christian, Dana, Peter & Paul Toma

  All in the Diocesan Family
Holy Annunciation Church
    HALO sponsored several events over
the winter months to benefit the parish.
There was a cookie sale in December,
a jewelry show in January, the annual
Winter Fiesta held at Maria Assunta
on Feb. 13, and the Cheesefare Sunday
brunch held on March 13. The church
school presented a nativity play, “Live
From Bethlehem,” utilizing modern tech-
nology and spirited commentaries.
    His Beatitude Metropolitan Herman
made an archpastoral visit on the second
Sunday of Lent. Ann DeMelfi, our choir
director, has decided to retire after many
years of dedicated service to the Berwick
faithful. The parish council is looking for
someone interested in assuming the du-
ties of parish choir director.
Baptism: William Gabriel, son of Gabriel
and Erika Anderson, Dec. 24, 2004.
                                                     Fr. James and Anderson family

  Berwick’s youth present Nativity play
Holy Trinity Church
Baptism: Matthew Dubov, Jan. 8, 2005.

                                                 HALO Winter Fiesta party participants

Fr. Christopher with newly-illumined Matt-
hew                                           Church school children present Nativity story
Holy Ascension Church
    The St. Tikhon’s Seminary Choir sang
at the Divine Liturgy on the First Sunday
in Great Lent. The parish collected over
$800 for the seminary.

Christ the Savior Church
    On Sunday, Dec. 5, the A Cappella
choir presented a Nativity concert for the
parish and community. Many enjoyed
the “Kolyady” and sang along with the
Christmas songs. Also on that date, lo-
cal squadron 302 of the Civil Air Patrol,
stationed at the Harrisburg City Airport,                         Fr. Barnabas and St. Tikhon’s Seminary choir
joined Fr. Ressetar at vespers on the occa-
sion of their 63rd anniversary. Fr. Dan, who
has been their chaplain for over 36 years,
read a letter from Gov. Ed Rendell. A re-
treat sponsored jointly by the parish and
Holy Apostles Mission of Mechanicsburg,
was held in Harrisburg. The retreat was led
by three sisters of Holy Transfiguration
Monastery in Ellwood City. Two of the
sisters led over 30 children in their ses-
sion while the third sister led 90 adults in
    At a pre-lenten dinner on March 13,
the mortgage for the rectory was ceremo-
niously burned by Fr. Daniel and the par-                                   Nativity choral members
ish council. Present was Dr. John Bleba
who was instrumental in starting the           millennium fund drive which made this milestone possible.

                                                                                     Harrisburg mortgage burning
     Church school children with icons on Sunday of Orthodoxy

                  Harrisburg retreat participants                                    302 Squadron, Civil Air Patrol
St. Michael’s Church
    The annual cookie exchange was
held on the Sunday before the Nativity of
Christ. Laura Piwowarski was the chair-
person. The church ceiling was recently
remodeled by the Ritterback Co. On
Lazarus Saturday, the church school chil-
dren were presented with Easter baskets
following a communion breakfast.
Baptism: Alexandra Carney, Oct. 9.

                                                  Cookie exchange participants

     Laura Piwowarski with cookies

                                                 Remodeling of the church ceiling

Alexandra Carney with parents and Fr.

     Deadline for the next issue of

     Your Diocese
  Alive in Christ
    is July 31, 2004
                                            Church school children with Easter baskets
 Submit names, and photos of gradu-
 ates, and other articles by that date

St. Vladimir’s Church
    To the joy of the faithful of St.
Vladimir’s, the steeple of our church now
has a new look. A new cupola and cross
have been added to enhance the beauty of
the building. A large crane was needed to
mount them after they were blessed by Fr.

 St. Vladimir’s Church with new cupola

                                                                    Fr. Michael blesses new cross

                                            Lykens                                  McAdoo
                                            Holy Ascension Church                   Holy Trinity Church
                                                                                    Chrismation: Joseph Jevitt, Dec. 19,

                                            Fr. Michael Evans with Ann Mahoney on
                                            her 88th birthday

                                                                                    Fr. Walter anoints Joseph with holy
         Worker installing cross                                                    chrism
Old Forge
St. Michael’s Church
    This winter, the youth of St. Michael’s
escaped the cold by thinking warm. Every
year, as a winter break, the church school
classes go to the Hampton Inn in Montage
to take advantage of their indoor pool. In
January, they went to the Augustine’s
Club 17 and the Cinemark Theatre for
pizza and a movie.
Baptism: Andrew Thomas, son of Thomas
and Alexanne Conklin, Feb. 19, 2005.

St. Herman of Alaska Church
    New covers for the altar and service
tables were blessed by Fr. John prior to
the beginning Great Lent. On the first
Sunday of Lent, His Grace Bishop Tikhon         St. Michael’s youth enjoy the pool
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                                                   Movie-goers from Old Forge
Children present Bishop Tikhon with flow-
ers at St. Herman’s

Bishop Tikhon      congratulates    Louise
Coleman                                       Fr. John blesses the new lenten covers
of South Canaan made a pastoral visit to
Shillington. He celebrated a hierarchi-
cal Divine Liturgy and presented sev-
eral awards. On behalf of Metropolitan
Herman and the Holy Synod of the
O.C.A., a gramota was presented to
Louise Coleman for her service to the
parish as choir director. Bishop Tikhon
also presented the Order of St. Innocent,
Bronze Class, to Fr. John and Matushka
Stephanie Onofrey for their more than 25
years of service to the Church.

                                                                Greg Polk works with church school children

                                            Holy Trinity Church
                                               The cupola of Holy Trinity Church
                                            was replated. The church school children
                                            prepared for the annual Christmas Yolka
                                            under the direction of Greg Polk.

                                            Holy Cross Church
                                                The youth of Holy Cross Church pre-
                                            sented an advent program on Dec. 19 that
     Fr. John receives St. Innocent Award   included the singing of “Silent Night” in
                                            sign language. On March 27, they pre-
                                            sented a paschal program for local nurs-
                                            ing home residents, and on April 24 for
                                            the parish. They also participated in the
                                            IOCC’s “Souper Bowl of Caring” project
                                            as well as the OCMC Mission Coin Box                Cupola being replated
                                            project during lent. They are currently

Matushka Stephanie receives St. Innocent

     Christ is Risen!                                     Matushka Myra (lower rt.) honored as Teacher of the Year
getting ready for the American Cancer
Society’s Relay for Life this June.
    A monthly prison ministry is conduct-
ed at Allenwood Low Security Correction
Institution. During lent, weekly inquirer’s
sessions were held on Wednesdays. In ad-
dition, weekly meetings were conducted
at Bucknell University in Lewisburg for
the campus OCF chapter.
    A lenten retreat with the theme “The
Joy of Holiness” was held on Saturday,
April 9. Fr. John Oliver, assistant pastor of
St. Philip’s Orthodox Church in Souderton
and instructor of scripture at St. Tikhon’s
Seminary, was the guest speaker.                        Holy Cross church school
    The Williamsport Area Chamber
of Commerce cited Matushka Myra
Kovalak, a long-time teacher at St. Ann’s
School in Williamsport, this year as one of
the “Outstanding Educators of Lycoming
County” at a March 3 dinner. In addition
to her classroom work Matushka Myra
also serves in many educational capaci-
ties within the Orthodox Church. She is
the head of the OCEC Teacher Training
Department, planning and offering work-
shops for Orthodox educators throughout
the country. She is an active member of
the O.C.A.’s Dept. of Christian Education
and a curriculum writer for FOCUS edu-
cation website. Within the diocese, she
serves the DRE with involvement in the          Fr. Daniel with newly-illumined Yastremskis
Annual Teen Retreat, Annual Women’s
retreat, and St. Tikhon’s Summer Camp
and is planning youth activities for the
St. Tikhon’s Monastery Centennial. She
also finds time to coordinate the church
school program, youth activities and an-
nual vacation Bible school at Holy Cross
Baptism: Slava & Irina Yastremski,
March 5

St. Michael’s Church
Baptisms: Dana Elizabeth Pierce, Mary

     Women’s Retreat
       August 13, 2005
       St. Tikhon’s Seminary
                                                  Infant Mary with family and Fr. Andrew
Dana Elizabeth after her baptism and

   Christ is Risen!                    Descendents of the first pilgrims from Mayfield joined the procession marking the 100th
 Indeed, He is Risen!                  Pilgrimage to St. Tikhon’s on May 31,2004. Mary and Delores Sernak are members of
                                       St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Jermyn; Fran Meholic is a parishioner of All-Saints
                                       Orthodox Church in Olyphant, P A.

       For her 100th birthday,
       Matusha Margaret Ressetar
       was honored at Verrazano
       Nursing Home on Feb. 17,
       2005. Margaret is the wife of
       the late Fr. Dmitri Ressetar
       and mother of Fr. Daniel
       Ressetar, Anna Boyko, and
       Vera Bortniak.

                                                        Wishing Matushka Margaret Happy Birthday

                                                Fr. Daniel reads the Synodal gramota


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