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                                                   Quotation                                                         Quotation #:

                    Name of Project:                                                       Orange Lake-Bldg. 5400
                     Name of Bidder                                                            Delta P Service
                 Delta P Representative:                                        Delta P Systems                 TEL:            386-299-6720

                                                 Description                                                        Qty          Net Price
Delta P Systems is pleased to quote the following equipment in accordance with our interpretation of Specs.
DFPES-LL, Duplex Fast-Pak, Completely Pre-Packaged Pumping System with End Suction Pumps,
discharge check valves, suction and discharge isolation valves and third party certification by UL
508A and including the following features.
  * Myers CT, End Suction, 145 - 184 TC 2 - 5 HP Centrifugal Boost Pump Package providing a net boost                2
      pressure of 47 PSI; 3450 RPM , 3-phase motor
  * System configuration: Duplex Delta Pak - 0 - 7.5 HP
      Pump Details are as follows:
                 Pump #1                            Pump #2
                  150M-5FA                           150M-5FA              Model
                  105 GPM                             105 GPM              Flow Rate
                     108                                108                Pump TDH
  *   Sets individual Suction & Discharge isolation valves                                                           2
  *   Internal pump discharge check valve                                                                            2
  *   Duplex, 304 S.S., structural support frame                                                                     1
  *   NEMA 1 , (UL-508), 3-Phase, touch-safe pump controller with programmable EEPROM control module,                1
      pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, control switches to include low suction protection with auto-reset,
      high system pressure cutoff with auto-reset, illuminated Pump-Auto-Manual control switch, audio-visual
      alarm indicators and three-phase incoming power block.
  *   Starter Type: VFD
                 Pump #1                            Pump #2
                    Hitachi                            Hitachi           Manufacturer
               X200-037NFU                         X200-037NFU           Model
                       5                                   5             Horsepower
                208/230 Volt                        208/230 Volt         Voltage
  *   Three-phase lightning arrestor                                                                                 1
  *   208/230 Volt to 24V Transformer with circuit breaker                                                           1
  *   Completely pre-wired 24 volt control logic circuitry                                                           1
  *   Pump motor branch circuitry protection, circuit breakers                                                       2
  *   Transformer primary fusing                                                                                     1
  *   Main disconnect with door interlock                                                                            1
  *   Duplex, All branch, 304 S.S. Suction and discharge manifolds with 3 Flanged system connection.               1 Set
  *   Provide Removal of Existing System and Installation of New                                                     1
  *   1 Year Warranty                                                                                                1
  *   On-Site start-up and commissioning service and owner training.                                                 1
                                                             Total Price, excluding Sales Tax & Shipping                      $ 19,022
                  NOTE: The system we are proposing utilizes variable speed drives with fully automatic shutdown.
                                  This system does not require an ASME Hydro Storage tank. .

  This proposal is valid for 30 Days unless prior written notice is obtained from the manufacturer. This is our best interpretation of plans and
                                      specifications available. Compliance must be verified by contractor.                                                                12/29/2009

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