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					                     REGULATION OF

Project           : “The Complex of five-star Kimdo Royal hotel”.
Site location :     133 Nguyen Hue street – Ben Nghe ward – District 1 –
                     Hochiminh City - Vietnam.

The purpose of this competition is to find out the best architectural design for the
project “The Complex of the Royal Kimdo hotel”. The selected design must satisfy all
the client ’s requirements both in content and architecture appearance (working-line,
composition, architecture, construction technique), in order to ensure its feasibility,
functionality, durability and have aesthetic value; to develope project investment
documentation, technical design and construction.

  1. About the designing ideas :
  -       The shape of the project should express its nature: unique, novel, modern,
          aesthetic, harmonious and enhancing the surrounding landscape but should
          have high feasibility in order to economize investment expenditure.
  -       The design should have creativity, functionality, ensure the suitable design
          standards for a complex building inclusive of: office, financial center, 5-star
          hotel with high-class international conference room and high-class trade -
          service center.
  -       Must strictly comply with planning and architectural criteria which has been
          guided by Hochiminh City Department of Planning and Architecture and
          pointed out clearly in the designing task brief.
  2.      About the Project :
  -       Functionality :
             + The five-star luxury hotel (with 400 rooms).
             + The financial center : office for lease, the joint-stock market, banks,…
             + The trading center : shoppings, supermarket; multi-function ballrooms
                 (1500 seats); restaurants (1200 seats); games, swimming pool, spa,
                 health club, cafe,…
  -       Construction site area : 4,495 sqm.
  -       Density : 65 % of the site area.
  -       Construction height : the tower building 152 metres (40 floors), the lower
          building 26 metres, 03 basements levels.
  -       The project scale details will be provided to the candidates which is selected to
          participate in the interview stage.
  3.      About the functionality :
  -       Ensure to have enough compositions, items, suitable circulation according to
          design brief and other design regulations of government authority.
  -       Limit area for auxiliary project, save the power, transportation, maintenance
          and automation fee.
 -    Save constructive area for future development.
 -    Determine suitable green tree proportion for project.
 -    Can suggest the logical area of each department and room. Arrange and locate
      whole technical system of project (circulation, M&E, HAVC, communication,
      fire protection….).
 -    Layout of each room, each floor should be usable easily in exploitation.
 -    Ensure the modernity of project, enable to revise correlative technical design
      if any.
 4.   About the Competition : in two-stage method :
 -    The design ability assesment stage : base on the application form and Ability
      documents which sent by competitors, the Competition Consultant Council
      (CCC) will check and make a short-list of at most 10 competitiors which satisfy
      the design ability requirements, which is ruled by the CCC. These short-listed
      competitiors will have the right to be adopted the next interviews stage.
 -    The interview stage : these short-listed competitiors, one by one, will present
      and defend their own designing options to the Jury. It is the basis for the jury to
      make the final result as below :
         + One 1st place (the winner).
         + One 2nd place.
         + One 3rd place.

 -    All organizations, domestic and overseas design consultants with statutory
      legal person, have a lot experiences in designing similar projects in form and
      scale more than 25 floors building.
 -    Having registered business licence and professional certificate on architecture
 -    Those who won international prizes of similar projects will be considered as
      priority to enter the interview stage of competition.
 -    If there is candidate group, it is required to have list of group members (point
      out the group leader and experience of each member).
 -    Any organizations, design consultants would like to participate in the short-list,
      must submit “ Application form for architecture design competition” (refer
      sample in annex) and Ability document which meet above requirements to the
      Board of Organization before 04:30pm, October 11th , 2006.

 -    The submitted designs must not be the public announced designs or have not
      taken any other competition. Do not copy from any projects.
 1.   Drawing contents :
 -    The drawing must be presented on A0 paper size         (1184mm by 840mm), be
      numbered in order, dimension in meter, including:
        + Master plan layout                                  :   Scale 1:500
        + Layout of each floor, roof floor                    :   Scale 1:200
        + Sections, elevations                                :   Scale 1:200
        + Isometric schema.
 -    Overall perspective and main perspective.
 -    Perspective of some views.
 -    Scaled model (scale 1:500).
 2.   Regulation about drawing presentation :
 -    Can be presented in portrait or landscape but must be suitable, succinct, clear
      and easy- understanding.
 -    The measurement unit must be the metres.
 -    3D graphic animation with some views and project interior is recommended.
 -    Number of drawings: 03 sets at least.
 -    Language: English for foreigner candidates and billingual English-Vietnamese
      for Vietnamese candidates.
 3.   Explanatory document of design option:
 -    To present on A4 paper size, put together into one set.
 -    Content:
        + Explanation about point of view, design ideas and technical solutions
            which do not show completely in architectural drawing.
        + Collecting all figures about scale, density, net area, constructive area,
            necessary technical parameter for the project.
        + Explanation about the design’s suitability for the urban planning and
            arround city landscape.
        + Explanation about the design’s influence and adaptability to the
            enviroment and fire protection.
        + Preliminary estimated project cost.
        + Suggest the design fee ( if chosen the winner ).
 -    01 (one) main set of drawing on A0 paper size (see also item “Drawing
      contents” and “Regulation about drawing presentation”).
 -    15 (fifteen) sets of drawing sized A3, all put in a sealed envelope.
 -    15 (fifteen) sets of explanatory document sized A4, all put in a sealed envelope
      (see also item “Explanatory document of design option”).
 -    01 CD with all above contents inside.

      Method of Submission :
 -    Application File (above), all must be packaged and sealed off. Name of
      candidate and list of documents inside the package must be written on the
 -    Only one design option for each candidate.
 -    The Competition Organization Board will number the code each document of
      Permanent Organization board’s office:
 -    Project Management Unit – Saigon Tourist holding company.
 -    23 Le Loi Street - District 1 – Hochiminh City
 -    Tel: (08) 822 5874 – 822 5887 – 824 3051 – 823 0392.
 -    Fax: (08) 824 3239 – 829 1026.
 -    Website :
 -    E-mail :
 -    The Organization Board’s office is the unique address to receive documents as
        +   Application for architectural design competition.
        +   Documents proving design ability of candidates.
        +   The FAQs from the candidates.
        +   Design option proposal.
      Other regulations:
 -    Individuals, organizations who registered for this competition are assumed to
      agree on all regulations listed in competition documents.
 -    Valid options which are presented to the Jury are fully done and meet all
      requirements listed at item “Data for Submissions”.
 -    The candidates which have design options in the interview stage, will be
      guaranted the copyright. The awarded author (or group of authors) must take
      full responsibility for the copyright of the design according to the law.
 -    The candidate of chosen option will be invited to assume the next designing
      progress of this project if having fully ability in accordance with the law. In
      case of having not enough ability as requirements, this candidate will be able to
      form a joint-venture with some fully ability others to assume the next
      designing progress.
 -    If the candidate having the chosen option refuse to assume the next designing
      progress, the clinent will have the right to choose the other fully ability
      consultants to take the next designing progress, but the selected design option’s
      copyright is still belong to its candidate.
 -    All design options completely belong to the Board of Competition
      Organization (BO). The BO has the full right to exploit and use in the future
      if any.
 -    Design options must comply with the criteria of architectural planning,
      following the guideline of authority concerned.
 -    In the interview stage, the candidates will present to the Jury their design
      options. Timing is 20 minutes for each candidate.
 -    Order of presentation is drawed by the Jury and or the candidates can
      arrange together.
 -    Member list of the Jury included:
 1.   PhD-Arch. Nguyen Trong Hoa           - Director of HCMC Department of
                                             Planning and Architecture.
 2.   PhD-Arch. Tran Ngoc Chinh            - Deputy Minister        of     Ministry   of
 3.   Arch. Nguyen Tan Van                 - Chairman of        Vietnam     Architecture
 4.   Arch. Khuong Van Muoi                -    Chairman of      HCMC       Architecture
 5.   PhD. Nguyen Van Hiep                 - Deputy Director of HCMC Department
                                             of Construction.
 6.   MA. La Quoc Khanh                    - Deputy Director of HCMC Department
                                             of Tourism.
 7.   Prof. Volker Martin                  - Professor    of     Cottbus     University,
 8.   Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho                  - General Director of Saigontourist.
 9.   Arch. Pham Doan Thuat               - Director of Architecture Researching
                                            Centre directly under DPA Hochiminh
 -    Working regulations and marking criteria the proposed design option of the
      Jury will be drafted by the Chairman of the Jury and it will be agreed on the
      first Organization Board meeting.
 -    Based on the design ability assessment stage, the Competition Consultant
      Council will choose at most 10 candidates to take part in designing
 -    At the design option examination, the Jury will mark to choose the awarded
      winner as below :
        + 01 first prize: 10,000 USD, to be ensured the copyright and chosen to
            assume the next designing steps if meeting all the requirements in
            construction designing (according to Item 55, Vietnamese Construction
            Law 2003).
        + 01 second prize: 7,000 USD.
        + 01 third prize : 6,000 USD.
        + If the application files of the rest candidates is fully submitted according
            to required conditions of competition, each will be received USD 5,000.
 -    These cash prizes are included all taxes.

 -    The Competition Organization Board (BO) just provides related documents use
      for designing of capable candidates which are chosen by the Jury to participate
      in design option competition.
 -    Documents included:
      + Existing site / survey, location map.
      + Regional meteorology and hydrology data.
      + Topography survey data.
      + Photographs of existing site.
      + Design brief which points out scale, contents and general requirements of
      + Regulations of competition.
      + Architectural planning guideline of HCMC Department of Planning and
      Timing for study and design is: 48 days (including Saturday, Sunday and
      NewYear Day ).
 -    26 September, 2006          : Competition announcement
 -    11 October, 2006            : Deadline for registration and design ability
                                    proving document submission.
 -    16 October, 2006            : Announce 10 selected candidates to participate in
                                    architectural design competition and the Board of
                                      Organization gives the necessary documents to
      -    31 October, 2006         : Field research.
      -    01 November, 2006        : Candidates put queries (FAQs) about the project
                                      to Consultant Council.
      -    10 November, 2006        : Consultant Council answers all queries put by
      -    15 January, 2007         : Candidates present their design options. The Jury
                                      criticizes and announces the result of
      -    16 January, 2006         : Award prize.

                                                  GENERAL DIRECTOR
                                                     Nguyen Huu Tho

                                                           ( signed )


                              THE APPLICATION FORM


1    The Company Informations :
     Full name :
     Nationality :
     Official address :
     Phone number :
     Fax :
     Website :
     E-mail :
     Date of Registration :
     Does your firm have any                   (Yes / No)
     associations (directly or
     indirectly) with any members
     or employee of the joint
     venture company?
     If yes, please give more
     details :

2    Author :
     Full name :
     Nationality :
     Position in company :
     Phone number :
     E-mail address:
     Mobile phone number :

3     For Group of authors :
No                   Full names of members :        Position in group :
      ---------                                        ---------
      ---------                                        ---------
      ---------                                        ---------
      Informations of Group’s leader:
      Full name :
      Nationality :
      Position in company :
      Phone number :
      E-mail addess:
         Mobile phone number :

     The Board of Organization (BO) may randomly contact to check the references
provided without competitors’ permission.

  1      Please provide a list of built projects with pictures and details of contacts :


  2      Please list awards given :


     We agree to join in the architectural competition of The Complex of Royal Kimdo
Hotel, as the BO ’s announcement.
      We declare that the details appended to this application form and within our
company’s references profile submitted to BO are correct and we understand that the
information disclosed in this application form will be used in the evaluation process to
assess our company’s suitability and competence to conduct the service.
     We undertake to obey the competition’s regulations as well as the final result without
any complaints.

Signed :

Full name :
Company name :
Date :
Note : This form must be signed by a director or the senior representtative of the company.

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