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					                           General Manager
                     Team Gazelle Position Available

                                 Key Components of the Position:

The Team Gazelle General Manager directs all aspects of the day to day management of Team Gazelle. The
position is charged with developing and implementing all strategic sales initiatives, setting budget goals,
overseeing all staffing, sustaining operational excellence and maintaining a high degree of professionalism.
This position requires a high degree of initiative, communication and organizational skills. The person in this
position should be creative, innovative and motivated to create the optimum business operating environment.

This position is the direct supervisor of all staff working under the Team Gazelle business unit. The General
Manager position plays a critical role in maintaining team member relationships key to the success of Team
Gazelle. These efforts require establishing and maintaining a positive, cooperative relationship with vendors,
buyers, administrative staff, shipping, receiving and store managers. The direct supervisor of this position is
the executive team member in charge of Team Gazelle.

Focus and Responsibilities

Team Gazelle Management
   • Oversee the daily management for all activities associated with the Team Gazelle business unit.
   • Direct daily activities of fellow Team Gazelle team members. Specifically those activities associated
      with sales, service, fulfillment and financials. This includes setting schedules as needed for sales
      development, service and support.
   • Build a positive culture within Team Gazelle based on Gazelle Sports values and mission.
   • Coordinate management, sales and staff meetings on regular basis
   • Create regular communication method for entire business unit.

   • Develop annual budget based on sales and profit goals.
   • Develop strategic direction with supervisor for team sales growth and profitability.
   • Develop sales staff goals and incentives
   • Assist in setting compensation plan for all Team Gazelle staff.
   • Set up measurements and reports for Team Gazelle

    •    Recruit new personnel talent critical to Team Gazelle’s growth.
    •    Lead interview and hiring process for all Team Gazelle staff.
    •    Complete all paperwork for new hires
    •    Develop and coordinate all new employee orientation and training including Retail Star procedures.

Sales Management and Marketing
   • Develop new team sales opportunities and relationships.
   • Manage the Team Gazelle inventory investment by reviewing appropriate product and improve sell
       through by creating and communicating sales programs to the Team Gazelle sales staff.
   •   Initiate online, web based sales catalogs with Team Gazelle administrative staff.
   •   Develop and maintain relationships with Gazelle Sports retail store managers by identifying retail

Personnel and Personnel Development
   • Provide and conduct annual performance reviews of Team Gazelle team members.
   • Access current and future needs of staffing including seasonal staff.
   • Proactively recognize staff efforts.
   • Set standards of conduct and process/procedure compliance.
   • Develop talent and skills through training using both internal and external methods.
   • Review and Recommend sales staff compensation and bonus to Executive Team

Community Outreach
  • Make connections to our Team customer base through community interaction; examples are
     tournaments and track meets.
  • Engage in areas of community outreach that support Team Gazelle’s strategic goals.

Inventory Control and Systems
    • Understand all Retail Star procedures for team sales, invoicing, and customer data.
    • Place team future orders using defined procedures while maintaining competitive and profitable
    • Develop Seasonal buying plans with sales account managers.
    • Assist with physical inventory
    • Provide complete details for purchase orders, pricing/sales, customer information and inventory
       tracking to administrative assistant.
    • Assist Merchandise Manager with maintaining positive vendor relationships.

   • Report monthly progress to Executive Team.
   • Lead and communicate annual goals and strategic initiatives established in conjunction with Executive
   • Participate in strategic plan development and implementation
   • Assist in creating system improvements to make Team Gazelle a more efficient and effective
   • Carry out assigned projects and/or tasks as needed.


    • Demonstrate sincere passion and energy for assisting customers and staff.
    • Demonstrate ability to forge relationships with a diverse customer base
    • Demonstrate enthusiastic selling and presentation techniques
    • Greatly enjoy working with people
    • Show sincere interest and enthusiasm for products
    • Display willingness to take initiative
    • Possess strong computer skills
    • Possess organizational skills and excellent written and verbal forms of communication

   • College degree preferred
   • Solid track record of sales and management success
   • Active in a fit lifestyle

Work Schedule
  • The nature of this job typically requires a work schedule of approximately 45 to 50 hours for the
      average week.
  • It should also be expected that the time commitment will increase significantly during peak seasons
      for team sales. 60% of annual team sales are realized during the months of July, August and
  • Vacations should be avoided if possible during peak selling season and all vacations must be
      approved in advance.
  • The Team Gazelle office is located in Grand Rapids. Regular office hours must be maintained in order
      to complete paperwork, monitor inventory and coordinate profitable, successful sales with the Team
      Gazelle administrative assistant.

   • Travel is expected with this position. The corporate vans are available to be reserved in advance. A
       mileage allowance will be provided for personal vehicle use.

   • A cell phone allowance will be provided.

   • A base salary is determined based on annual sales goals.
   • Additional sales bonuses are available based on Team Sales production.

                                                    Forward resume by September 28th:
                                                    Ken Sung
                                                    Team Gazelle
                                                    5311 36 Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
                                                    Or email resume to:

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