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					GE Money                                                                                                       Topic 3
                                                                                                       Train your team

                      TRIED & TRUE
 Topic 3              Increase your confidence in selling with consumer financing

                                            Through candid conversations with business owners, managers, salespeople and
                                            service associates, we’ve developed a short list of effective ways to become more
                                            comfortable and effective at offering consumer financing.
                                            Review each of these best practices. Then, take a moment to consider your
                                            answers to each of the questions and how you might use these ideas in your
                                            own sales training process.

                                            Commit as a team to improving your knowledge
“It’s not a scary thing—it’s very simple.   and skills in offering financing
All you have to do is find the words to     To get the full benefit of selling with financing (for you personally as well as for your
say. And once you do it, financing can      company and your customers), you must be open to making improvements to your
                                            selling process.
almost sell itself. It works... you just
                                                   Do you:
have to tell your customers about it.”
                                                   Q1: Know specific benefits your financing program brings to your business, to
          Jill Patrick, Associate                      your customers and to you personally?
          Ashley Home Store
                                                          Yes             No
          Dayton, OH
                                                   Q2: Currently have a routine (formal or informal) you personally follow to
                                                       integrate financing into your sales discussions?
                                                          Yes             No
                                                   Q3: Currently have (as a team) a standard approach or process to integrate
                                                       financing into your customer conversations and sales routines?
                                                          Yes             No

                                            Prepare talking points in advance
                                            Nothing makes you back out of a financing conversation more than hearing a
                                            customer objection you’re not prepared to handle or a question you can’t answer.

                                                   Do you:
                                                   Q4: Ever use “icebreakers” to ease into the financing conversation?
                                                         Yes            No
                                                   Q5: Know and understand your financing program, so you can confidently
                                                       answer customer questions?
                                                          Yes             No
                                                   Q6: Talk with your manager and other associates about how to comfortably
                                                       handle customer hesitations and concerns?
                                                          Yes             No
GE Money

                                      Engage in role-play and practice with your team
                                      The best preparation for any change in a sales process is to practice with your
 These and true
                                      fellow associates to increase your comfort and confidence before you talk to
                                      customers in a real sales situation.

  tried a ctices                            Do you:
  best prasinesses                          Q7: Reflect on customer interactions where a sales or financing situation was

  from bu rs                                    left unresolved and rehearse a better way to offer financing to address

   like you
                                                concerns like these?
                                                    Yes            No
                                            Q8: Try different talking points and techniques on your team members, and
                                                role-play ways to handle various hesitations or sales situations?
  If you answered “YES” to 10 or                    Yes            No
  more of these questions, you
  are already using consumer          Work to continuously improve your skills
  financing as an effective tool      The best salespeople are constantly honing their sales skills and learning
  to increase your sales. If you      new techniques.
  said YES to 7-9 questions,
                                            Do you:
  you’re on the right track, but
  may need to make a few                    Q9: Talk with your fellow associates to discover techniques that are
                                                working for them?
  changes to get the results
  you’re looking for. If you only                   Yes            No
  said YES to 6 or less, additional         Q10: Participate in ongoing training offered by your company or
  training in the effective use                  financing provider?
  of consumer financing is                          Yes            No
  highly recommended. Go to                 Q11: Constantly look for new and better ways to approach the financing today.                    conversation with your customers?
                                                    Yes            No


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