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									                 Great Ormond Street Hospital
        Speech and Language Therapy: Cochlear Implants
                       Referral Criteria
   Great Ormond Street Speech and Language Therapy Cochlear Implant Service
    GOSH Cochlear Implant programme (CIP) aims to provide the best service to
       young congenitally deaf children and to children with a sudden or progressive
       hearing loss in order to maximise their auditory potential and oral capabilities.
    Children are seen for assessment for suitability for implant and subsequently
       for switch on of the device.
    A number of therapy sessions are offered during the first six months post
       switch on.
    Progress is reviewed on a three monthly basis up to two years.
    Children are reviewed annually until five years post switch on.
    Children are reviewed thereafter on an individual need basis.
    Children are seen at home/school when necessary

               Referrals must be made in writing
               The desired mode of communication of the child is oral
               Referrals accepted from any geographical area within commuting

Referrals accepted from:
            Referrals are accepted from Consultant Audiologists/ or ENT

Age of referral:
           There is no minimum age
           The congenitally deaf child should be under the age of 3 years at the
              time of referral.
           Referral age of between 0 and 13 years for children with
              progressive or sudden hearing loss
           Maximum age of referral is 15

Inclusion criteria:
           The deaf child must be suspected to have a severe to profound
               (greater than 90dB four frequency average) unaided hearing loss.
               Audiogram must be included
           The deaf child will have an average, low frequency, aided hearing loss
               of greater than 40dB, and an average, high frequency loss of greater
               than 50dB.

Progressive or sudden loss (e.g. meningitis or wide vestibular aqueduct

               Children should have established listening skills and rely upon
                oral communication.
               Process of hearing aid fitting must have commenced
            Children are discharged to an Adult Cochlear Implant
             Programme between the ages of 16 and 18 depending upon
             individual circumstances

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