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									Item 4        Appendix B

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                 Appendix B


There is a requirement to develop a stand alone action plan in response to the report. This action plan focuses on the priorities for action that the CSSIW has distilled from the areas for improvement

identified within each section of the report. There is clear synergy between the Action Plan and the Directorate business plan and any actions outstanding at the end of the financial year will be subsumed

within the Directorate business plan for 2009/10. In addition, any areas for improvement not included in the priorities for action will also be picked up as part of the 2009/10 business planning arrangements.

The Supporting Vulnerable Children Programme and the Children and Young People‟s Plan will also be central to progressing elements of the CSSIW report.

Progress will be monitored by the Continuous Improvement Board and the Children and Young People‟s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

A „traffic light‟ approach has been adopted when reporting progress against the priorities for action contained within this plan. Green signals that progress is on target or there are no known or anticipated

problems. Amber indicates potential cause for concern and red illustrates definite cause for concern. Red and amber areas will be discussed in detail at the Authority‟s Continuous Improvement Board to

ensure that the Board is satisfied with the corrective action being taken to improve performance.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                         METHOD OF            LEAD
     PRIORITY                          ACTIONS                                      TIMESCALES       PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                 DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                         MEASUREMENT          OFFICER
1.   Any referral which gives          A copy of the new edition of the All Wales   May 2008         Complete                                                    Compliance with procedures - all        Case file audit.         LK
     cause to suspect that a child     Child Protection Procedures (AWCPP)                                                                                       audited cases evidence that
     is suffering from, or likely to   issued to every case manager.                                                                                             strategy discussion held following
     suffer from significant harm                                                                                                                                allegation of abuse.
     must be investigated without
     delay, in accordance with         Develop the Integrated Children System       March 2009       Version 1 to be launched on 2nd April 2009 at Whole         Compliance with procedures -            Performance              JC
     “Safeguarding Children:           (ICS) Practice Guide to include                               Service morning. Development on-going alongside             improved safeguarding. All audited      management data.
     Working Together Under the        reinforcement of actions to be taken when                     implementation of ICS.                                      cases evidence that the subject of
     Children Act 2004” (Welsh         significant harm reported or suspected,                                                                                   suspected/allegation of abuse is        Case file audit.
     Assembly Government               especially when alleged by a child.                                                                                       seen within 24 hours.
     September 2007). The
     authority must pay particular     Design safeguarding training to include:     August 2008      Complete                                                    Implementation of training – training   Training                 LK
     heed to allegations of abuse       recognition/referral;                                                                                                   schedule for relevant staff.            programme in
     made by children.                  child protection process.                                                                                                                                       place.

                                       Deliver mandatory safeguarding training to   September –      7 training events have been held between September          Improved identification of risk –       Case file audit.         BD
     cf Directorate business plan      all staff.                                   November 2008    2008 and February 2009. 110 staff attended. 4               recorded evidence of risk
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                          additional sessions have been scheduled to take place       assessment                              Training records.
                                                                                    Revised date:    during March, May and July 2009. Safeguarding
     Linked PIs                                                                     September 2008   Manager will be auditing sample of completed tools          All staff attended training -
     SCC/006                                                                        to July 2009     provided on risk assessment and assess for quality          Attendance records identify full
     SCC/007                                                                        Ongoing.         regarding improved analysis of risk.                        attendance
     SCC/010                           Decision-making to be audited as part of     November/        Quality Assurance Framework in place. Decision              Quality assurance evidences             Case file audit.         LH
                                       Quality Assurance.                           December 2008    making built into audit tools. 82 case file audits          improved practice– evidence of
                                                                                                     completed under the QA framework since August 2008.         management oversight on case files
                                                                                    Ongoing.         Individual case management plans are in place for           eg. supervision notes, case notes.
                                                                                                     each of these cases. A separate systematic review of
                                                                                                     caseloads is underway which is focussing on ensuring
                                                                                                     appropriate actions are being taken, activity is recorded
                                                                                                     and identification of cases that should be closed.
                                       Outcome of audit to be fed back to           November/        See above.                                                  Risks identified and appropriate        Monitoring by            LH
                                       practitioners and managers for any           December 2008                                                                planning and interventions              Team Manager via
                                       corrective action.                                                                                                        evidenced – audit action plan on        supervision.
                                                                                    Ongoing                                                                      child‟s record where required.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Appendix B

     PRIORITY                        ACTIONS                                        TIMESCALES        PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                DESIRED OUTCOME                         METHOD OF               LEAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                         MEASUREMENT            OFFICER
2.   A timely core assessment        Core assessment exemplar to be raised          October 2008      Complete                                                   Completion of core assessment –         Performance              SB
     must be completed for all       on DRAIG when Section 47 enquiries                                                                                          completed within 42 days of referral.   management data.
     children:                       have been instigated.
      in respect of whom            Develop eligibility criteria as to when core   November 2008     Complete - Eligibility criteria completed for core         Core assessments allocated              Initial and core          JC
         Section 47 enquiries have   assessments must be completed.                                   assessments has been circulated within teams in            according to a consistent standard -    assessments audit.
         been instigated;                                                                             November. This will be reinforced through supervision      quarterly monitoring of decision to
      who have become looked                                                                         process. PO and TM Assessment Team have begun to           move from initial to core
         after by the authority;                                                                      audit selection of cases re threshold criteria.            assessment
      who have complex              Raise awareness of relevant staff through      December 2008     A mentoring resource to commence in April 2009 to          Consistent standard for allocation of   Initial and core          CH
         needs.                      training on assessment.                        Revised date:     support managers in raising quality of assessment          core assessments - quarterly            assessments audit.
                                                                                    January 2009      practice and professional development of frontline         monitoring of decision to move from
     cf Directorate business plan                                                   onwards           social workers. Some long term cases of LAC and DCT        initial to core assessment
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                           teams require core assessment and practitioners
                                                                                                      working on completion of these or updating where
     Linked PIs                                                                                       circumstances have changed and plans need
     SCC/009                                                                                          amendment.
     SCC/014                         Monitor as to whether core assessments         August 2008       Weekly monitoring by Team Managers and Principal           Improved performance and quality        Management                JC
                                     have been completed within 35 days.                              Officer in place. Of the 54 core assessments due for       of care planning. – all core            Information.
                                                                                    Ongoing.          completion in January 2009, 28 (52%) were completed        assessments re S47, looked after
                                                                                                      within 35 working days. However, what is pleasing to       and complex needs completed
                                                                                                      note is that there has been a marked improvement in        according to threshold guidance.
                                                                                                      the average completion time for core assessments in
                                                                                                      more than 35 days; reducing from 95 days in November
                                                                                                      to 45 days in January 2009 (see separate PI
                                                                                                      spreadsheet for more detailed analysis).
3.   All assessments of children     Develop risk assessment guidance.              September 2008    Complete                                                   Implementation of guidance - risk       Training in place         LK
     should include an explicit                                                                                                                                  assessment team- based training
     assessment of whether or not                                                                                                                                delivered by team managers
     they are exposed to any risk    Launch guidance.                               November 2008     Complete - Launched on 19th November 2008. Go live         Implementation of guidance - risk       Training in place         LK
     of harm.                                                                                         on 1st December 2008.                                      assessment team- based training
                                                                                                                                                                 delivered by team managers
                                     Incorporate risk assessment and risk           November 2008     Complete                                                   Systematic completion of risk           Performance               LS
     cf Directorate business plan    management plans in all relevant                                                                                            assessment – risk assessment            management data.
     Section C5 objective 6          exemplars as mandatory domain on                                                                                            exemplar installed on ICS and
                                     Integrated Children System.                                                                                                 completed when risk identified.
                                     Audits to monitor content of above             January 2009      Case file audits commenced as part of implementation       Improved quality of risk                Case file audit.          LK
                                     domain.                                                          of QA framework (cf with 1 above). This action will be     management
                                                                                                      incorporated in the work that is already underway.         – audited plans address risks
                                     Deliver practice workshops on risk             November 2008     Workshops carried out with all teams except YOS (25th      Improved quality of risk                Case file audit           LK
                                     assessment, following launch of guidance.      Revised date:     March), Maesteg CH (26th March) Family Support             management – audited plans
                                                                                    March 2009        Team (1st April), CIN1 (1st April), Aftercare (date tba)   address risks identified.               Post training
4.   Training should be provided     Design training programmes to include:         November 2008 –   Complete                                                   Implementation of training              Training records.         CH
     for staff on:                    safeguarding children;                       January 2009                                                                 programmes. – training scheduled
      planning and structuring       sexual abuse;                                                                                                             for relevant staff.
          assessment, including       domestic abuse.
          risk assessment;           Deliver training programme on:                                   a. See priority 1.                                         Improved knowledge of risk factors      Case file audit.          CH
      recognising the indicators    a. safeguarding children;                      November 2008     b. 5 events Jan - March 2009 (86 staff in attendance).     and improved quality of care
          of abuse, particularly     b. sexual abuse;                               January 2009         Further 5 sessions scheduled for March-June 2009.       planning and interventions –
          sexual abuse and           c. domestic abuse;                             December 2009     c. 6 events were held in Nov 2008 -Feb 2009 (100           evidence of use of risk assessment
          domestic abuse.            d. risk assessment.                            November 2008        staff in attendance). Further 4 sessions scheduled      exemplar and ICS care plan
                                                                                                         for April - June 2009.
     cf Directorate business plan                                                                     d. cf with 3 above. Survey of staff planned re: impact
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                              of training on practice.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Appendix B

     PRIORITY                         ACTIONS                                       TIMESCALES       PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                  DESIRED OUTCOME                         METHOD OF                LEAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                          MEASUREMENT             OFFICER
5.   Strategy discussions,            Implement Child Protection module within      September 2008   Complete                                                     Improved compliance with                Performance               LS
     enquiries and investigative      ICS.                                                           Limited capacity of managers restricts comprehensive         procedures and improved                 management data.
     interviews, case conferences,                                                                   overview through monthly audit. Additional oversight         monitoring – ICS child protection
     social work visits and core                                                                     through supervision.                                         exemplars monitored electronically
     group meetings are                                                                                                                                           by team managers in monthly audit.
     conducted in accordance with     Provide ICS process training.                 September 2008   11 training events held to date. 93/154 staff attended       Information input by practitioners –    Performance                LS
     procedures, recorded in a                                                      – March 2009     CP training and 80/154 staff attended LAC training.          Relevant staff trained to enter data    management data
     clear and succinct manner                                                                       Attendance during February/March has been lower              on system.
     and overseen and endorsed                                                      Ongoing.         than anticipated which will require further events to be
     by managers.                                                                                    scheduled April – May in order to achieve full coverage.

     cf Directorate business plan     Design safeguarding training to include       August 2008      Complete                                                     Improved compliance with                Performance                LK
     Section C5 objective 6           reference to AWCPP.                                                                                                         procedures – ICS child protection       management data.
     Linked PIs                                                                                                                                                   exemplars monitored electronically
     SCC/014                                                                                                                                                      by team managers in monthly audit.      Case file audit.
     SCC/015                          Develop easy access to interactive child      September/       Complete - Interactive process guide delivered early         Clarity of processes, roles and         Performance                JC
     SCC/021                          protection processes for practitioners.       December 2008    October 2008 and now available on intranet.                  responsibilities leading to improved    management
     SCC/025                                                                                                                                                      compliance.                             reports.
     SCC/034                                                                        Ongoing.
6.   For all children on the child    Reinforce requirements for recording and      March 2009       Version 1 of Practice Guide to be launched on 2nd April      Improved quality of practice –          System monitoring.         JC
     protection register the          oversight within revised ICS Practice                          2009 at Whole Service morning. Development on-going          evidence of communication
     authority must draw up an        Guide.                                                         alongside implementation of ICS but all conferences          between manager and practitioner        Case file audit.
     initial child protection plan,                                                                  now draw up an outline child protection plan which is        eg. supervision notes, case notes.
     subsequently developed with                                                                     developed into a full ICS care plan at first core group in
     parents, children and those                                                                     conjunction with families.
     agencies which will contribute   Monitor compliance in all aspects via:        August 2008      Case file audits commenced in August 2008.                   Improved quality of practice - % of     Case file audit          LK/all
     to the plan.                        a) systematic audit;                                        Spreadsheet in place to monitor that all outline plans       children on child protection register   Child Protection        managers
                                         b) validation reports                      Ongoing.         are developed following case conference. Change from         who have an up to date child            Reviews.
     cf Directorate business plan                                                                    Business Support to practitioner input has created           protection plan.
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                          some backlog re recording of activity when core groups
                                                                                                     have been held; action being taken to support
     Linked PIs                                                                                      practitioners in this task.
     SCC/014                          Outline plans to be implemented at all        August 2008      Complete                                                     Improved working with agencies          Monitoring of              LK
     SCC/015                          child protection conferences.                                                                                               and families – evidence of agency       conference
     SCC/034                                                                                                                                                      and parent/carer/child agreement to     records.
     Local – 6 weekly CP visits                                                                                                                                   actions detailed in outline plans.
                                      All child protection plans developed and      October 2008     Complete                                                     Improved core group working -           Audits and reviews.        LK
                                      reviewed via ICS exemplars                                                                                                  evidence of agency and
                                                                                                                                                                  parent/carer/child attendance and
                                                                                                                                                                  participation in core groups
                                                                                                                                                                  recorded in ICS core group
7.   Each plan should derive from     All CP plans to be monitored for quality by   December 2008    Complete - feedback form to team manager was                 Plans that improve safeguarding –       Feedback forms to          LK
     an assessment of the child‟s     Independent Reviewing Officers                                 launched by Reviewing Service on 29th December               reduction in numbers of children        team managers.
     needs to be reviewed             (IROs)/CP Chairs and reviewed through         Ongoing.         2008. First quarterly report is due on 1st April 2009.       who have been referred and
     regularly.                       conference process.                                                                                                         subsequently re-referred in a 12
                                                                                                                                                                  month period.
     cf Directorate business plan
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                                                                                       Third quarter indicates that out of
                                                                                                                                                                  249 referrals, 39, or 16%, were re-
     Linked PIs                                                                                                                                                   referrals, from 24% in the first
     SCC/010                                                                                                                                                      quarter.
     Local – 6 weekly visit
Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                         METHOD OF           LEAD
              PRIORITY                                    ACTIONS                  TIMESCALES     PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                        DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                       MEASUREMENT          OFFICER
1.   In respect of short term         Communicate with families and Identify      December 2008   Six children/young people identified as eligible as         Compliance with regulations -           List compiled.          LD
     placements of children, the      eligible children.                                          receiving care beyond a 24 hour period. One will be 18      Eligible children designated as
     authority must comply with:                                                  Revised date:   in May 2009 and transferring to Adult Short Break           looked after children and their cases
     “The Placement of Children                                                   January 2009    Services. Of the remaining 5 children, 2 families have      independently reviewed by the
     (Wales) Regulations 2007”;                                                   onwards         decided to reduce their child‟s hours to less than 24 to    Independent Reviewing Service.
     “The Review of Children‟s                                                                    avoid the requirements of the regulations. There are
     Cases (Wales) Regulations                                                                    ongoing discussions with the remaining 3 families
     2007”; “The Foster Services                                                                  regarding their wishes and feelings in relation to their
     (Wales) Regulations 2003”; in                                                                child becoming LAC.
     particular regulation 37 –       Analyse whether additional IRO posts        December 2008   Capacity paper on demand across the service has             As above                                Performance              LK
     arrangements for visits to the   would be required to ensure compliance.     Revised date    been finalised for consideration by Head of                                                         management
     child.                                                                       February 2009   Safeguarding and Family Support.                                                                    information.
                                      Secure any resources if required.           April 2009      An additional post is required to manage increasing         As above                                Looked after             LH
                                                                                                  number of CPR registrations and enable IROs to                                                      children reviews
     cf Directorate business plan                                                                 undertake QA work. Funding not yet identified but
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                       sessional chairs providing some capacity.
                                      Design procedural guidance and training     January 2009    Draft guidance in place. Agreed training programme          As above                                Programme in             LD
                                      for operational staff and IROs.             Revised date:   should not commence until CIN review pilot has started                                              place.
     Linked PIs                                                                   February 2009   and been evaluated. CIN review pilot commenced
     SCC/021                                                                                      December 2008. Will then progress to Short Break
     SCC/025                                                                                      reviews. The process needs to be staged to allow for 6
                                                                                                  Short Breaks reviews to be planned following
                                                                                                  discussion with families/carers.
                                      Deliver training.                           January 2009    Will commence on completion of guidance. Stakeholder        All relevant staff trained              Training records.        CH
                                                                                  Revised date:   Development Day facilitated by SNAP Cymru has been
                                                                                  April 2009      agreed (date to be arranged) to assist the cultural shift
                                                                                                  towards commencement of LAC reviews.
                                      Enter eligible children on LAC system as    January 2009    See above.                                                  Compliance with regulations.            System report.           LD
                                      reviews become due.                         onwards.
                                                                                  Revised date:
                                                                                  April 2009
                                      Carry out statutory visits as they become   January 2009    DCT Team Manager has already introduced the need            Compliance with regulations -           System report.           LD
                                      due.                                        onwards.        to undertake regular visits to those children in short      Eligible children designated as
                                                                                  Revised date:   break placements even though not yet LAC. This              looked after children and their cases
                                                                                  April 2009      practice is now becoming more firmly embedded, so           independently reviewed by the
                                                                                  onwards         conversion to statutory visits will be relatively smooth.   Independent Reviewing Service.

                                      IROs to conduct reviews.                    April 2009      See above.                                                  As above.                               Case file audit.         LK

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Appendix B

     PRIORITY                       ACTIONS                                        TIMESCALES       PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                DESIRED OUTCOME                       METHOD OF               LEAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                     MEASUREMENT            OFFICER
2.   The case management of all        Continuation of LAC project                Extended June    There was a significant increase in admissions in          Reduced number of looked after        Management               LH
     looked after children should      Scrutiny of admission requests by the      2008             October and November last year and this, combined          children – target of 250/260 by       information
     be undertaken by social            Threshold of Care Panel                    Weekly           with a lower rate of discharges than the first 6 months    March 2009.
     workers.                                                                                       of the year resulted in an increase in overall numbers
                                                                                                    from 260 to 277 children. The growth has also meant
                                                                                                    that the use of IFA placements has not decreased.
     cf Directorate business plan                                                                   However, LAC numbers reduced to 265 as at 28th
     Section C5 objective 6                                                                         February 2009, mainly as a result of the positive
                                                                                                    progress on adoption orders.
     Linked PIs                     Finalise family support strategy               February 2009    Second draft endorsed by Children and Young People‟s       Prevention of admissions through      Reduced number            LD
     SCC/013                                                                       Revised date     Partnership in December 2008. The family support           early intervention. – Services        of children looked
                                                                                   April 2009       strategy will be one strand of an overarching strategy     commissioned to meet targeted         after
                                                                                                    that will recommend integrated working to meet the         need at tier two of the family
                                                                                                    needs of children and young people. A paper                support tiered model of need.
                                                                                                    requesting endorsement of an integrated model of
                                                                                                    multi-agency working will be reported to Cabinet on 28th
                                                                                                    April 2009. Further work regarding definitions of need
                                                                                                    and service provision within the tiered model is
                                                                                                    continuing through a subgroup of the Families and
                                                                                                    Nurture subgroup of the CYPP and has agreed high
                                                                                                    level definitions of universal, targeted and specialist
                                    Transfer appropriate cases from support        December 2008    Since December 2008 all new LAC cases have been            All children looked after are         Management                LH
                                    workers to social workers as social work                        allocated to a qualified social worker. However, there     allocated to a social worker–         information
                                    caseloads reduce                                                has been no significant impact as yet on the balance       performance indicator reporting
                                                                                                    between allocation to qualified and unqualified workers.   quarterly.
                                                                                                    An options paper indicates that 2.5 additional social
                                                                                                    workers would be required to absorb approximately 40
                                                                                                    cases. Not feasible in 2009 within existing resources.
                                                                                                    Another option would be to rely on student DCSWs
                                                                                                    returning to the LAC teams as qualified workers. It
                                                                                                    would take approximately two years to absorb required
                                                                                                    cases. Implementation of the new structure will impact
                                                                                                    on management of this transition from qualified to
                                                                                                    unqualified workers RE LAC cases.
                                    Develop and implement guidance in              March 2009       LAC Team Managers in the process of finalising first       All children looked after are         Management                LH
                                    relation to LAC cases allocated to                              draft. Final guidance to be agreed by CSMT and             allocated to a social worker–         information
                                    unqualified workers                                             applied to cases currently allocated to unqualified        performance indicator reporting
                                                                                                    workers.                                                   quarterly.
                                    Analyse the number of qualified social         November 2008    As at the 28th February 2009, 43 of the 265 LAC cases      Sufficient social workers to manage   Management                LH
                                    work posts required to ensure all children                      were allocated to an unqualified worker. Analysis and      a caseload of 15 to 18 children.      information.
                                    looked after have a qualified social worker.                    options paper completed. See above.
                                    Report to Executive Management Team            December 2008    As above.                                                  Sufficient social workers to manage   Management                LH
                                    regarding issues and options to ensure all                                                                                 a caseload of 15 to 18 children.      information.
                                    children looked after have an allocated
                                    social worker.
                                    Secure any relevant resources to allocate      April 2009 –     Growth bid will be submitted in the next budget round in   Sufficient social workers to manage   Management                LH
                                    all children looked after to a qualified       September 2010   2009, for 2010/11. Upgrades to be found from existing      a caseload of 15 to 18 children.      information.
                                    social worker as per Victoria Climbie                           budgets as students become qualified.

                                    Allocate new LAC cases to qualified social     December 2008    Complete – all new LAC cases allocated to qualified        Sufficient social workers to manage   Management                LH
                                    workers.                                                        workers from December 2008.                                a caseload of 15 to 18 children.      information.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                       Appendix B

3.   Sound arrangements must be        Commission Tros Gynnal to provide        September 2008   Complete.        Independent visitors available for   Number of                  LH
     made to fulfil the statutory      regional independent visitors service.                                     those looked after children who      requests for an
     duty to provide an                                                                                           require one.                         independent visitor
     independent visitors services                                                                                                                     met.
     for those looked after children
     who may require it.

     cf Directorate business plan
     Section C5 objective 6

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                              METHOD OF             LEAD
               PRIORITY                                 ACTIONS                          TIMESCALES      PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                        DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                             MEASUREMENT           OFFICER
1.   In managing referrals and        Multi-agency group to establish task and          September 2008   Complete – At its September meeting, the group              CYPP and BLSCB agree eligibility       Minutes of CYPP          LH
     assessments, the authority       finish group to review eligibility criteria for                    agreed to become a task group of the Families and           criteria.                              and BLSCB.
     should agree and promote         assessment and service provision as part                           Nurture sub-group of the Children and Young People‟s
     consistent understanding and     of implementation of the multi-agency                              Partnership. It also identified membership for the task
     application of its eligibility   Family Support Strategy and Common                                 and finish and the first meeting was held on the 10th
     criteria for assessment and      Assessment Framework (CAF).                                        November 2008. Further meeting held in December to
     service provision, both                                                                             begin process of developing common language about
     amongst its own staff and                                                                           levels of need. Agreement reached in January at
     with key referring agencies.                                                                        CYPP Families and Nurture subgroup and with the
                                                                                                         Primary Heads re high level definitions.
                                      Hold a consultation event for Children‟s          November 2008    Complete - consultation event held on 12th November         Understanding of criteria for making   Consultation event        LH
     Cf Directorate business plan     Directorate to promote understanding of                            2008. Feedback given at task and finish group meeting       referrals to Safeguarding and          held.
     Section C5 objective 4           eligibility criteria for access to                                 on the 4th December 2008 and to those attending the         Family Support Service.
     Section C6 objective 5           Safeguarding and Family Support Service                            event, in January.                                                                                 Evaluation forms.
                                      and enable contribution to their revision.                         Generic definition of need agreed by Primary Heads
                                                                                                         and CYPP sub group. Work progressing.
                                      Finalise agreement on eligibility criteria via    April 2009       Detailed work on levels of need is being undertaken by      Multi-agency agreement reached.        Minutes of CYPP           LH
                                      the multi-agency group and then the                                CYPP subgroup, prioritising threshold criteria for                                                 and BLSCB.
                                      Children and Young People‟s Partnership                            referral to Safeguarding and Family Support Service.
                                      and the Local Safeguarding Children                                To go to CYPP board on 30th March 2009 and to the
                                      Board.                                                             BLSCB on 23rd June 2009.

                                      Develop information leaflets for public and       June 2009        This work will commence once revised eligibility criteria   Appropriate referrals made. –          Multi-agency audit        JC
                                      professionals on eligibility criteria for                          is agreed.                                                  Reduction in number of contacts        of referrals.
                                      assessment and service provision.                                                                                              that do not lead to referrals.

                                      Provide information and guidance to staff.        May 2009         This work will commence once revised eligibility criteria   Consistent application of criteria –   Multi-agency audit        JC
                                                                                                         is agreed.                                                  Reduction in number of contacts        of referrals.
                                                                                                                                                                     that do not lead to referrals.

2.   In all its work with children,   Revise and update the permanency policy.          December 2008    A revised permanence policy will be presented for           Policy finalised.                      Policy approved.          LH
     the authority should promote                                                       Revised Date:    approval at the next meeting of the Corporate Parenting
     their upbringing in safe,                                                          February 2009    Cabinet Committee on 31st March 2009.
     secure and enduring
     (permanent) families.            Revise and update the permanency                  February 2009    Work underway to develop guidance around Special            Guidance finalised.                    Guidance                  LH
                                      guidance.                                         Revised Date:    Guardianship Orders (SGOs). Updated guidance will be                                               approved.
     Cf Directorate business plan                                                       March 2009       in place by the end of March 2009.
     Section C7 objective 1
                                      Design training programme to support              March 2009       Under development. Will commence on completion of           Training programme in place.           Training                  CH
     Linked PIs                       policy.                                                            policy.                                                                                            programme in
     SCC/004                                                                                                                                                                                                place.
     Local - % children who had       Deliver training programme.                       April 2009       Training scheduled for May 2009.                            Children in safe, secure and           Training records.         CH
     been looked after                                                                  Revised Date:                                                                enduring families. Number of
     continuously for at least 4                                                        May 2009                                                                     children who have plans for            IRO audits.
     years and had been in                                                                                                                                           permanency at their four month
     foster placements for at                                                                                                                                        review.
     least 2 years                                                                                                                                                   Since September 2008 compliance
                                                                                                                                                                     has been at 100%.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                             METHOD OF            LEAD
               PRIORITY                                 ACTIONS                        TIMESCALES      PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                       DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                           MEASUREMENT           OFFICER
1.   All staff should receive formal   Monitor electronic record of supervision for   Monthly.         Complete – monitoring arrangements ongoing.                All staff receive appropriate level     Electronic record.       LK
     supervision from their line       compliance across all teams month by                                                                                       and frequency of supervision.
     managers, at the intervals        month.
     prescribed in its policy                                                                                                                                     Frequency at 92% in November.
     document, to discuss their
     work performance, their           Include quality of supervision within the      June 2008.       This forms part of the implementation plan within the      Systematic approach to ensuring         Quality Assurance         LK
     training and developmental        Quality Assurance (QA) Framework.                               framework. Priority is to implement a standard proforma    that formal supervision is in place –   Framework.
     needs and any issues which                                                                        for managers to guide them through the supervision         quality audit of supervision records
     may affect performance; and                                                                       process. Supervision audit tool now in draft and will be   evidences that supervision has
     that records are maintained.                                                                      piloted 3 months after launch of standard proforma         taken place and meets the required
                                                                                                                                                                  standard according to the
     Cf Directorate business plan                                                                                                                                 supervision policy.
     Section C5 objective 6
                                       Audit frequency and content by Team            November 2008    Frequency monitored on a monthly basis. Draft audit        Improvement in frequency and            Case file audit.          LK
     Linked PIs                        Managers and Principal Officers as part of     Revised Date:    tool developed to monitor quality of supervision           quality of supervision– quality audit
     Local - % monthly                 QA arrangements.                               March 2009       sessions, not yet in use, see above.                       of supervision records evidences
     supervision sessions that                                                        Ongoing.                                                                    that supervision has taken place
     took place on time.                                                                                                                                          and meets the required standard
                                                                                                                                                                  according to the supervision policy.

2.   Systematic audits should be       Develop quality assurance framework.           June 2008        Complete – but will be kept under review. More work to     Improved practice and outcomes for      QA Framework in           LK
     introduced and information                                                                        role out different phases is required.                     children. - practitioners are           place.
     collated to improve practice                                                                                                                                 producing appropriate care plans.
     and outcomes for children.
                                       Implement quality assurance framework to       September 2008   Commenced – ongoing. c/f with 1A (Protecting               Improved practice and outcomes for      Case file audits.       LH/all
     Cf Directorate business plan      include feedback to staff and corrective       NB: 2/3 year     Vulnerable Children) above.                                children. - practitioners are                                  managers
     Section C5 objective 6            action.                                        phased                                                                      producing appropriate care plans.       Management
                                                                                      implementation                                                                                                      reports.

3.   A range of quality measures       Develop quality assurance framework and        June 2008        Complete – but will be kept under review. More work to     Improved quality of practice using      Quality Assurance         LK
     should be developed to            quality standards.                                              role out different phases is required.                     learning from audits.                   Framework audit
     complement performance                                                                                                                                                                               tools.
     indicators and improve
     performance management.
     Cf Directorate business plan
     Section C5 objective 6

                                       Collate exit questionnaires from service       December 2008    79 questionnaires returned in 12 month period January      Feedback from service users to          Questionnaire             CT
                                       users and analyse outcomes to improve          Revised Date:    2008 to December 2008. A complete analysis will be         inform practice and service             analysis
                                       performance.                                   February 2009    available later this month. 45 of the completed            provision. – evidence that outcome
                                                                                      Ongoing          questionnaires have been analysed to date with 35 of       of questionnaires and complaints is
                                                                                                       these respondents (78%) indicating that the general        incorporated into practice guidance
                                                                                                       contact with Safeguarding and Family Support was           and development of services.
                                                                                                       either mainly or fairly good. 34 (76%) felt that the
                                                                                                       overall service was either very or fairly good. This and
                                                                                                       criticisms of the service were shared with managers at
                                                                                                       the Extended Managers Team meeting on the 18th
                                                                                                       March 2008 for cascading to teams and to inform next
                                                                                                       round of business plans.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                            METHOD OF            LEAD
              PRIORITY                               ACTIONS                       TIMESCALES         PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                      DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                          MEASUREMENT           OFFICER
1.   A more comprehensive range     Develop a commissioning strategy for          July 2008           Complete                                                  Consistent approach to the               Strategy agreed by       TG
     of support services for        Children‟s Directorate.                                                                                                     commissioning of services – all          Corporate
     children and families should                                                                                                                               family support services                  Management
     be commissioned to underpin                                                                                                                                commissioned in accordance with          Board.
     its strategy to reduce the                                                                                                                                 family support and commissioning
     number of looked after                                                                                                                                     strategies.
                                                                                                                                                                Cymorth and joint funded posts re
                                                                                                                                                                commissioned on this basis.
     Cf Directorate business plan   Finalise multi-agency family support          February 2009.      Cross refer with B2. A paper requesting endorsement       Common understanding and                 CYPP BLSCB                LH
     Section C5 objective 4         strategy.                                                         of an integrated model of multi-agency working will be    agreement on model for service           minutes.
     Section C6 objective 1                                                                           reported to Cabinet on 28th April 2009.                   delivery – Tiered model of need
     Section C6 objective 5                                                                                                                                     adopted across all key agencies as
                                                                                                      Cymorth re-commissioning completed using draft            framework for meeting different
     Linked PIs                                                                                       strategy to underpin commissioning. Joint review and      levels of need.
     Local – Reduction in LAC                                                                         commissioning of Tier 2/3 family support services has
     to between 250-260 by                                                                            begun with “Home Start” in conjunction with the CYPP      Generic definition of tiers of need
     31/3/2008                                                                                        co-ordinator.                                             agreed by Primary Heads and
                                                                                                                                                                CYPP sub group.

                                    De-commission Cymorth/local authority         April 2008          Complete                                                  Review of services in relation to        Contractual               LD
                                    funded projects.                                                                                                            meeting tiers of need.                   arrangements.

                                    Re-commission in line with commissioning      April 2009          Cymorth commissioning completed. Recommissioning          Services aligned with tiered model       Performance               LD
                                    and family support strategies.                                    of jointly funded services now underway, with a start     of service delivery.                     management
                                                                                                      date of April 2009 for new contracts.                                                              reports

                                    Establish a multi-agency Parenting            July 2008           Complete                                                  Consistent allocation of resources       Reduction in              LD
                                    Resource Panel.                                                   See below also.                                           at appropriate level. Panel can          number of children
                                                                                                                                                                evidence that resources have been        becoming looked
                                                                                                                                                                effective in reducing level of need      after.
                                                                                                                                                                and contributed to children
                                                                                                                                                                remaining within their families.
                                    Monitor the outcomes for children and         November 2008       Family Support Team Manager has begun monitoring          Improved parental care.                  Reduction in              LD
                                    young people who have received services       Revised Date:       and collating outcomes for children and young people                                               number of children
                                    from the redesigned Family Support            January onwards     who access the service.                                                                            becoming looked
                                    Team.                                                             A Multi-Agency Parenting Support Panel (MAPSP) was                                                 after.
                                                                                                      established September 2008 to co-ordinate referrals to
                                                                                                      agencies supporting parenting issues across the
                                                                                                      County Borough. The initial MAPSP report indicated
                                                                                                      that from September 2008 to January 2009 the panel
                                                                                                      had dealt with 161 referrals. Of those referrals 43
                                                                                                      progressed to Intensive Support Service, 40 to Family
                                                                                                      Aide service and 3 jointly worked by ISS and Family
                                                                                                      Aides. The remaining referrals were signposted to
                                                                                                      other agencies or no further action was necessary. A
                                                                                                      more detailed report on activity will be published
                                    Develop the strategic priorities set within   April 2009 – 2011   Children and Young People‟s Plan published                Strategic intentions met – all           Review of Children        LJ
                                    the Children and Young People‟s Plan,                             September 2008 and underpins re-commissioning of          strategic priorities incorporated into   and Young
                                    based on needs assessment and gap                                 services, alongside a tiered model of needs and           appropriate partnerships for             People‟s Plan.
                                    analysis.                                                         services promoted in the draft Family Support Strategy.   implementation.
                                                                                                      Priorities to be incorporated into business planning

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Appendix B

     PRIORITY                         ACTIONS                                      TIMESCALES       PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                               DESIRED OUTCOME                           METHOD OF                 LEAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                        MEASUREMENT              OFFICER
2.   The commissioning strategy       Develop a commissioning strategy for the     July 2008        Complete                                                  Consistent approach to service            Service contracts.         TG
     for Children‟s Services          Children‟s Directorate.                                                                                                 commissioning– all family support
     should be informed by:                                                                                                                                   services commissioned in
      a family support strategy;                                                                                                                             accordance with family support and
      a permanency policy;                                                                                                                                   commissioning strategies.
      an updated placement           Finalise multi-agency family support         February 2009    Second draft endorsed at Children and Young People‟s      Commissioning of the right services       Reduction in                LD
         strategy;                    strategy.                                                     Partnership Board in September 2008. For progress         to meet identified needs – Tiered         number of children
      corporate commitment to                                                                      see B2, C1 and E1 above.                                  model of need adopted across all          becoming looked
         promoting the well-being                                                                                                                             key agencies as framework for             after.
         of children and young                                                                                                                                meeting different levels of need.
         people (particularly those   Revise permanency policy.                    December 2008    Going to Scrutiny on 31st March 2009.                     Secure permanence for looked after        Looked after                LH
         who are or who have                                                       Revised Date:                                                              children – all looked after children to   children reviews.
         been looked after by the                                                  February 2009                                                              have a plan for permanence by their
         Authority) through the                                                                                                                               4th review.
         provision of appropriate                                                                                                                             PI has stood at 100% in the third
         education,                                                                                                                                           quarter.
         accommodation, training,     Update guidance.                             February 2009    Work underway to develop guidance around Special          Secure permanence for looked after        Looked after                LH
         leisure and employment                                                    Revised Date:    Guardianship Orders (SGOs). Updated guidance will be      children. – all looked after children     children reviews.
         opportunities.                                                            March 2009       finalised by the end of March 2009.                       to have a plan for permanence by
                                                                                                                                                              their 4th review.
     Cf Directorate business plan
     Section C5 objective 2                                                                                                                                   PI has stood at 100% in the third
     Section C6 objective 1                                                                                                                                   quarter.
     Section C6 objective 2           Revise and update placement strategy.        December 2008    Strategy in final draft. It will be presented at the      Right children in right placements.       Placement stability.        LH
     Section C7 objective 1                                                        Revised Date:    Corporate Parenting Cabinet Committee in May              Changes of placement (3 or more)
     Section C7 objective 4                                                        May 2009         2009.                                                     to be below target (10.5%) in a
     Section C7 objective 5                                                                                                                                   twelve month period.
     Section C& objective 6
                                                                                                                                                              PI for third quarter stands at 8%.
                                      Members and officers to create a             January 2009     New Corporate Parenting Cabinet Committee met on          Whole local authority commitment          Number of looked            LH
                                      Corporate Parenting Board.                                    the 27th November 2008. Terms of reference and            to looked after children‟s improved       after children and
                                                                                                    membership agreed. Work programme for the                 life chances - work experience            care leavers in
                                      Develop policy statement for the Council                      committee was agreed and draft policy statement           scheme in place.                          education,
                                      and its partners.                                             considered at its meeting on the 13th January 2009.                                                 employment and
                                                                                                    Policy Statement to be amended and circulated for                                                   training.
                                                                                                    consultation in April 2009.
                                      Establish a Principal Officer Post for       November 2008    Post established in new structure. Appointment made       Focussed attention to improving life      No of LAC & care            LH
                                      Corporate Parenting and Looked After                          earlier this month and successful applicant will          chances– improvement in external          leavers in
                                      Children.                                                     commence duties on 1st May 2009.                          qualifications at 16                      education,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        employment &
                                      Finalise Disabled Children Strategy.         December 2008    Draft strategy developed for consultation which will go   Inclusion within Family Support           Access to all tiers         LD
                                                                                   Revised Date:    to Cabinet on 31st March 2009 for information.            Strategy. Provide play opportunities      of service.
                                                                                   February 2009                                                              for children with complex needs
                                      Develop a multi-agency post 16 service for   September 2010   Foundation work being undertaken to develop potential     Improved life chances for care            Number of young             LH
                                      care leavers.                                                 models.                                                   leavers – all care leavers to be          people aged 19 in
                                                                                                                                                              offered opportunities to take up          education,
                                                                                                                                                              further education, employment or          employment and
                                                                                                                                                              training.                                 training.
                                      Create additional resources in the           September 2008   Complete                                                  Wider choice of accommodation for         % of 19 year old            LH
                                      Aftercare Team to develop supported                                                                                     care leavers. No usage of bed and         care leavers in
                                      lodgings and other housing opportunities.                                                                               breakfast accommodation.                  app. accomm.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Appendix B

              PRIORITY                                 ACTIONS                      TIMESCALES      PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                        DESIRED OUTCOME                    METHOD OF              LEAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                         MEASUREMENT            OFFICER
3.   Team planning should be          Hold business planning event for whole       September 2008   Complete                                                    Clarity about purpose of team plans     Team plans.               LH
     further developed to inform      service.                                                                                                                  – all teams to produce team plans
     commissioning and planning.                                                                                                                                and review at team meetings.
                                      Develop service and team plans.              November 2008    All teams, with one exception, have a draft plan. Work      Improved performance                    Team plan reviews.       LH/all
                                                                                                    underway to look at their quality and integrate with        management. Directorate                                         Principal
                                                                                                    service plans.                                              Safeguarding and Family Support                                 Officers
                                                                                                                                                                business plan achieved.
                                      Devise method of receiving feedback from     September 2009   Team plans will be reviewed in May 2009 and unmet           “Bottom up” approach to planning        Team plan reviews.         ML
                                      teams that can inform the planning and                        needs identified for inclusion in service planning.         and commissioning – outcome of
                                      commissioning agenda.                                                                                                     team plan reviews to inform service


                                                                                                                                                                                                         METHOD OF               LEAD
              PRIORITY                                 ACTIONS                      TIMESCALES      PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                        DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                        MEASUREMENT             OFFICER
1.   Suitable and accessible          Directorate review of accommodation.         June 2009        Corporate facilities management group working on            Accommodation arrangements that                                   HA
     accommodation for staff and                                                                    accommodation needs of the Children‟s and Well-Being        reflect promotion of integrated
     service users should be                                                                        Directorates. New accommodation has provisionally           services - Range of options
     provided, particularly for the                                                                 been identified for the Adoption Team and a review of       developed for consideration by the
     Disabled Children‟s Team,                                                                      Child Disability Team‟s offices has been completed.         directorates at Sunnyside.
     Aftercare Team and
     Assessment Team duty staff.      Locate duty team with assessment team        July 2008        Complete                                                    Improved communication.                 Team feedback.             LH

                                      Identify suitable options for the Disabled   June 2009        Project manager identified to undertake feasibility study   Premises identified that enhance        Multi-agency team          LD
                                      Children‟s Team in partnership with the                       with Disabled Children‟s Team (DCT) and other               multi-disciplinary working - Range of   co-located.
                                      multi-agency Disabled Children Steering                       members of the integrated children‟s strategy steering      options developed for consideration
                                      Group.                                                        group on possible options. Meeting took place on 20th       by the steering group.
                                                                                                    January 2009 to establish accommodation needs of
                                                                                                    DCT and consider options available. Location of
                                                                                                    disabled children‟ services now part of the schools
                                                                                                    modernisation agenda.

                                      Review aftercare provision within context    June 2009        Will be reviewed in context of wider Directorate review.    Multi-agency approach to designing      Review outcome.            LH
                                      of a Post 16 Service.                                                                                                     accommodation. – post 16
                                                                                                                                                                resources across the council co-
                                                                                                                                                                ordinated within a post 16 service.

                                      Identify suitable options.                   September 2009   See above.                                                  Multi-agency approach to designing      Business case for          LH
                                                                                                                                                                accommodation. – post 16                each option.
                                                                                                                                                                resources across the council co-
                                                                                                                                                                ordinated within a post 16 service.

                                      Secure any relevant resources to effective   April 2010       Await outcome of feasibility study.                         Multi-agency funding secured.           Sources of funding.        LH
                                      location of services.

Item 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                Appendix B


                                                                                                                                                                                                     METHOD OF           LEAD
               PRIORITY                                ACTIONS                        TIMESCALES       PROGRESS TO 16th MARCH 2009                                    DESIRED OUTCOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                    MEASUREMENT         OFFICER
1.    The authority must ensure        Implementation of draft* protocol on roles,   September 2008    Complete                                                Improved performance and removal    Performance            AH
      that, under the new structural   responsibilities and working arrangements                       Draft guidance on the role of the director of social    of serious concerns protocol        management data.
      arrangements, the Director of    for children‟s social care within the                           services is now out for consultation and
      Social Services can fulfil the   Children‟s Directorate.                                         arrangements in Bridgend will be reviewed in light      Service integration that improves
      role and responsibilities in                                                                     of the guidance.                                        outcomes for children and young
      accordance with “Guidance                                                                                                                                people.
      for County and County
      Borough Councils in Wales        Monitor working arrangements.                 Ongoing           Corporate Director Wellbeing has established the        Improved performance and removal    Performance             AH
      on Executive and Alternative                                                   arrangements to   following working arrangements:                         of serious concerns protocol        management data.
      Arrangements” (Welsh                                                           be reviewed        Monthly meeting with CEO and Corporate Director
      Assembly Government 2006).                                                     quarterly with         Children to ensure integrated working across two   Service integration that improves
                                                                                     CEO.                   directorates and corporate support to the          outcomes for children and young
                                                                                                            improvement agenda                                 people.
      Cf Directorate business plan                                                                      Monthly meetings with Corporate Director Children
      Section C5 objective 1                                                                                and Head of Safeguarding & Family Support
      Section C5 objective 5                                                                                (S&FS) to review key issues – in particular
      Section C5 objective 5                                                                                performance and service quality issues
                                                                                                        Quarterly meetings with Head of Adult Social Care
                                                                                                            and Head of S&FS (with 2 heads meeting in
                                                                                                            intervening period) to discuss interface issues
                                                                                                            between children and adult services, and
                                                                                                            professional social work issues.
                                                                                                        Attendance at Scrutiny Committee for Children and
                                                                                                            Young People by Corporate Director - Wellbeing
                                                                                                            when required.
                                                                                                        Attendance at S&FS management meetings as
                                                                                                        Overseeing of complaints procedure including
                                                                                                            review of complaints.
                                                                                                        Recent participation of Director of Social Services
                                                                                                            and the Corporate Director, Children, in Group
                                                                                                            Manager recruitment and selection for the S&FS

* Protocol to be finalised following receipt of WAG guidance on role of Director of Social Services.


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