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									        Presented by
Corey Bidmead & Don Frazier
  (Clarity Systems)                             (AOD Software)
•   FRx announcement in Spring 2009
•   Search process for replacing FRx
    •   AOD Committee
    •   Client Review Committee

                         2010 User’s Conference
•   To create and distribute financial statements
•   To provide a budgeting forecasting solution
•   A migratory path to the future

                       2010 User’s Conference
•   Introduction to Clarity Systems
•   Understanding the move away from FRx
•   Performance Management overview
•   Financial Reporting Architecture
•   FRx vs. Financial Reporting Comparison
•   Product Demonstration(s)

                     2010 User’s Conference
Founded     1995

Focus       Focus on CPM & Financial Governance

Geography   Global

Customers   Fortune 1000 – across all industries

Users       50,000+ users

Growth      35% average annual growth rate

Stability   No debt. No V.C. Privately held

              2010 User’s Conference
                                              •    Clarity offers a comprehensive,
                                                   Web-based CPM suite covering
•   Clarity Systems is Visionary:                  all aspects of CPM.
     • A market “thought leader”              •    The suite leverages Excel and
       and an innovator                            Web interfaces, and uses a
     • Has a strong vision for                     single, unified data model for all
       delivering a CPM suite                      applications.
     • Is distinguished by the                •    This makes Clarity's solution
       openness and flexibility of their           attractive, as compared with
       application architecture                    those of larger vendors currently
     • Offer depth of functionality
                                                   in the process of rationalizing
                                                   portfolios that include acquired

                                 2010 User’s Conference
•   “Clarity Systems scored the highest of all 10 vendors in the planning
    and budgeting solution category”
•   “The only significant independent vendor is Clarity Systems”
•   “Unlike most competitors that have acquired solution components,
    Clarity Systems is a seamless offering”
•   “…proven scalability to thousands of users and very large data sets”
•   “Clarity Systems has outstanding references”

                              2010 User’s Conference
         CPM                                        Financial Governance
         CLARITY 7                                  CLARITY FSR

Budgeting Forecasting Planning                            Automated External Reporting

   Financial Consolidations                                   Regulatory Reporting

    Reporting & Analytics                                            XBRL

      Financial Modeling                                   GAAP to IFRS Conversion

     Financial Allocations                                 Reconciliation Management

     Profitability Modeling                                   Continuous Controls

   Scorecards Dashboards                                  Enterprise Risk Management

        Strategy Maps                                            CSR Reporting

                                 2010 User’s Conference
unified                                            focused
solution                                           expertise

                        centralized database

                      CLARITY 7

                excel look & feel      web-based

collaboration                                      a single
across the                                         integrated
enterprise                                         application

                        2010 User’s Conference
                                • Top-Down / Bottom-up           • Any Rolling Forecast Structure
                                • Goal Seeking                   • Mid-cycle Reforecast
                                • Commentary for Submissions     • Actualize Forecast with Actuals
                                • Workflow
                                • What-if Budgeting

                                                                                               • Collaborative Planning
• Flexible Data Models
                                                                                               • Strategic Planning
• Robust Allocations
                                                                                               • Long and Mid-range Planning
• Target Analysis
• What-if Modeling & Analysis

                                                 CLARITY 6
                                                  CLARITY 7
                                                 Performance Management
                                                 Across the Enterprise

• Real-time, Web-based                                                                         • External Reporting with Controls
• Predictive Analytics                                                                         • Batch & Scheduled Reports
• Dashboarding                                                                                 • Ad-hoc
                                                                                               • Drill Through to Transactional Level

                            • Link to Corresponding Reports      • Minority Interests
                            • Performance Metrics Analysis       • Foreign Exchange Translation
                            • Traffic Lighting                   • Automated Inter-company Eliminations

                                                         2010 User’s Conference
• Single Technology                     Open Back-End
• Single Installation                   • Supports OLAP & relational data
• Single User Interface                 • Supports all leading databases
• Single Upgrade Path                   • Supports any data model
• Single Training Program               • Can plug-into existing cubes & tables
• Unified Licensing Model
                                        Open Front-End
                                        • Design in Excel, publish to the web

Low Total Cost of Ownership        High Flexibility and High User Adoption

                              2010 User’s Conference
•   FRx sunset announcement
•   FRx support is scheduled to end in December 2014
•   FRx architecture
•   Opportunity to replace it with a best in class solution
•   Clarity Systems selected as the best in class vendor
•   Clarity has worked with other “ERP” vendors to replace FRx

                                    2010 User’s Conference
Financial Reporting Highlights
• Financial Reporting specifically designed for AOD clients
• 100% Excel and Web Based Application

AOD Financial Reporting

• Out of the box Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
• Report Bursting & Distribution
• Transactional Reporting
• Collaboration & Workflow
• Multi Unit and Currency support
• Data Visualization

                                    2010 User’s Conference
•Understand the value Reporting delivers
  •   Pre‐built financial statements
  •   Fully integrated solution
  •   No double maintenance or data integrity issues
  •   Web based solution, easy to access and use
  •   Excel based report building
  •   Finance group takes control

                                 2010 User’s Conference
       Report Design
                                 Drill Down

                                                                                    Web Presentation

      Frx Designer          Drill Down Viewer                 Report Server              Webport

• Separate Install     • Separate Install              • Separate Install     • Separate Install
• Unique Interface     • Unique Interface              • Unique Interface     • Unique Interface
• App level Security   • Static Security               • Separate Admin       • Separate Admin
• Separate Admin       • Named User Licensing                                 • Named User Licensing

                                            2010 User’s Conference
     Report Design
• One install
                              Drill Down
• Common interface
• One training class                                        Generation

• Unified, dynamic security                                              Web Presentation
• Single licensing model
• Drillable reports beyond the GL
                                         AOD Financial                       Webport
• Company wide usability
     FRx Designer                         Reporting  Report Server
                           Drill Down Viewer
                                           from   Clarity

                                       2010 User’s Conference
Feature                                                 AOD         Microsoft
                                                        Financial   FRx
Real time updates from GL to Financial Reporting.             X
Archived information for fast reporting

Real Time reading of GL Data                                            X
Web Based Application                                         X
All report development in Microsoft Excel – all               X
features and functions of excel available

Built in Work Flow                                            X
Audit Trail                                                   X
Activity Tracking                                             X
Financial Consolidations – month end tools                    X

Multi Currency                                                X          X

                                   2010 User’s Conference
Feature                                                     AOD         Microsoft
                                                            Financial   FRx
Wizard driven report template (build rows &                       X          X
Standard report templates (P&L, Balance Sheet,                    X
Cash Flow statements, GL Detail, drill reports)
Report Books                                                      X          X
Drill-Through Reports To GL Detail postings                       X          X
Drill-Through Reports to subledgers (Voucher,                     X
Check, Bills, Receipts)
Drill – Images Visual Drills                                      X          X
Multi Company / Unit support                                      X          X
Manage Multiple Charts (Alternate Hierarchies)                    X          X
Office Integration (publish and refresh financials                X
in Word or Power Point)

                                   2010 User’s Conference
Feature                                             AOD           Microsoft
                                                    Financial     FRx

Exported reports to all file formats maintain                 X
all formatting from original report

Commentary – Notes, LID, Cell Notes                           X

Emails                                                        X        X

Attachments (supporting documentation)                        X

Virtualization Supported                                      X

Unicode Support                                               X

                                     2010 User’s Conference
         - Stores data from AOD in OLAP
                                                     Performance Management

          - Support Any Chart of Accounts

               - One Installed application
                                                                Central Database
                  - Access Over the Web

              - One Simple User Interface

                       - Leverages Excel
                                                   Performance Management
                 - SharePoint Integration

                                    Consolidated reports are delivered to users in multiple formats 
• High user adoption
• IT is satisfied
• Finance is delighted
• Low cost of ownership

                                             2010 User’s Conference
•   Is performed in MS Excel
•   Use Excel as palette to create and modify reports
•   Supports all Excel logic and functions
•   Includes Clarity Wizards that support special features 
•   Leverage your existing Excel knowledge and reports
•   No need to learn a new proprietary spreadsheet interface
•   Saved to the web for fast and secure reporting

                            2010 User’s Conference
                         Run the
                         from FRX

2010 User’s Conference
Sales                                      1106719    12412728
Sales Returns                                 9370      100289
Sales Discounts
Net Sales
                                                                 FRx statement
Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Margin
                                                                 in Excel
Salaries and Wages                          116395     1291043
Depreciation Expense                          5155       59160
Office Expense                                4387       48195
Supplies Expense                               702        8546
Maintenance Expense                           1247       15075
Rent Expense                                 10766      120786
Travel Expense                                9129      103209
Advertising Expense                          10082      103094
Commission Expense                           17068      206149
Total Operating Expenses                    174931     1955257

Income From Operations                      112491     1341890
Interest Income(Expense)                      -564       -9135
Income Before Income Taxes                  111927     1332755
Income Tax Expense                           31088      354095

Net Income                                   80839      978660

                             2010 User’s Conference
Updated via Excel Wizard and publish to the Web!
2010 User’s Conference
2010 User’s Conference
•Implementation Plan –               Small (5 days)
  •  Install Financial Reporting (1 day)
  • Administrator training (1 day)

  • Report building training (3 days)

  Timeline scales according to firm size

                                  2010 User’s Conference
•Financial Reporting delivers:
  •   Pre‐built financial statements
  •   A fully integrated solution
  •   No double maintenance or data integrity issues
  •   Web based solution, easy to access and use
  •   Excel based report building
  •   Finance group takes control, easy maintenance

                              2010 User’s Conference
Budgeting & Forecasting Highlights
• Financial Reporting specifically designed for AOD clients
• 100% Excel and Web Based Application

AOD Budgeting
• Revenue, Capital, HR, Expenses
• Project Based Budgeting
• Spreading and Allocations features
• Multi Currency support
• Collaboration, Workflow, Attachments
• Audit Trail

                                    2010 User’s Conference
•Budgeting & Forecasting delivers:
  •   A fully integrated solution of Reporting & Budgeting
  •   Web based solution, easy to access and use
  •   Excel based report building, leverage existing 
      investment and knowledge in Excel
  •   Finance group takes control, easy maintenance and 
      report building

                          2010 User’s Conference
•   Dramatically reduce cycle times and improve accuracy by eliminating
     • the Mechanics of spreadsheet manipulation

     • the Distribution and collection of spreadsheets

     • the Consolidation of spreadsheets 

     • the Pain accommodating changes

     • the Potential errors associated with spreadsheets

•   Improves agility to adapt as conditions change
     • Deliver more complete and frequent forecasts

     • Enable timely what‐if analyses

•   Make faster, more informed decisions
•   Enhance collaboration with, and ownership by, department managers

                                   2010 User’s Conference
                     Business Applications
Budgeting                   Consolidations        Financial Modeling
Planning                 Customer Profitability   Excel Applications
Forecasting               Product Profitability      Other Analytics
Capital Planning            Sales Analysis
HR Planning

                       Clarity 6 Platform                               Single Technology
                                                                        Single Installation
 Write-Back               On-Line Reporting            Versioning      Single User Interface
 Audit Trail              Ad-Hoc Reporting               Modeling      Single Upgrade Path
                                                                          Single Training
 Commentary                 Report Books         Security Services
 Workflow                 Data Visualization       Business Rules
 Excel Integration          Detect & Alert   Metadata Management          Low TCO
                                                                         Single Clarity 6
                                                                         license enables
                   Open Data Environment                                deployment of any
      Relational                                         OLAP          business application,
      AOD ERP                                        Ross EPM            without the need
      SQL Server                                        MSAS            to purchase more

           SSIS (Microsoft)           AOD Integration

                                          2010 User’s Conference
                                             This data entry template was designed in Excel
                                              and the published to the web using Clarity 6.
                    different the default
You can move to aThese are set of page page options for

 options with the “Select Options” tool-
                box item.
                                  this user. With Clarity 6, you can design data entry forms
                                             and reports using any Excel formatting features
                                                         and any Excel formulas.
                                              Clarity 6 is a 100% web-based application, with
                                                              As you enter data, subtotals are
                                                             an Excel look &in real-time – just like
                                                          calculated for you feel.

                                      2010 User’s Conference
•Budgeting & Planning delivers:
  •   A fully integrated solution
  •   No double maintenance or data integrity issues
  •   Web based solution, easy to access and use
  •   Excel based Template building
  •   Version & What‐if Assumptions
  •   Workflow, Audit Trail, Notes & Attachments
  •   Finance group takes control, easy maintenance

                              2010 User’s Conference
   For additional information, please feel free to
              schedule time in the Lab.

Don’t forget to stop by the Clarity Systems booth in
   the Lab Lobby for a chance to win a FREE iPad!

                      2010 User’s Conference
Thank you for attending this session. 

    We hope that you enjoy the 
   rest of your User’s Conference!

               2010 User’s Conference

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