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									F u lTO N     HOG A N

PRS joins Fulton Hogan
Who is Fulton Hogan?                                                     What does this mean to you?
Over the past 76 years, Fulton Hogan has established itself as a         The acquisition of PRS by Fulton Hogan creates many benefits. You
leading resourced based civil contracting business which operates        will be able to access a broader range of products and services from
throughout Australasia. From humble beginnings the company has           over 40 locations within Australia.
become New Zealand’s largest civil contracting company and one of
                                                                         The economy of scales and our ability to manage the internal supply
Australia’s largest surfacing companies.
                                                                         chain through our unique vertically integrated business model of
Employing over 5500 people, Fulton Hogan is known for its ability        quarry, asphalting and construction capabilities will enable us to
to develop strong relationships with its customers, while leading        deliver additional value for money solutions.
technological advancement in the pavement construction sector.
                                                                         It will also enable us to lead the industry with research and
Unlike other contracting businesses, Fulton Hogan sets itself apart by
                                                                         development, particularly in pavement solutions, from our extensive
its vertically integrated business combining quarrying, asphalt and
                                                                         network of laboratories.
emulsion production, and precast manufacture with its construction
Fulton Hogan’s Australian operations are a fully owned entity of New
Zealand’s largest non-listed public civil contracting company, Fulton
                                                                         Will I receive the same products and
Hogan Limited.
                                                                         Yes, Fulton Hogan will continue to provide you with quality products
                                                                         and services. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of
What is happening with Pioneer Road                                      service and this will not change.

Fulton Hogan purchased Pioneer Road Services (PRS) in December
2009. The acquisition is Fulton Hogan’s largest in its 76 year history
and has created one of Australasia’s strongest and most capable
                                                                         Will both Fulton Hogan and PRS quote
asphalt companies.
                                                                         future works?
To maximise the benefits of this acquisition, PRS is changing its
                                                                         No, as we are operating an integrated business we will only be
name to Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd on 3 May 2010. Its existing
                                                                         providing one quotation going forward. This will enable us to
Australian Business Number (ABN) will continue to operate; only the
                                                                         provide you with a competitive quote that best meets your needs.
name is changing.

                                                                         Are there any other changes in the future?
Does Fulton Hogan own 100% of PRS?                                       Later this year we will be transferring a number of asphalt related
                                                                         businesses from Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd to Fulton Hogan Industries Pty
Yes, Fulton Hogan has acquired 100% of the shareholding in PRS.
                                                                         Ltd. This will streamline our interactions with you and enable us to
In May 2009, Fulton Hogan acquired 50% of the shares from Hanson         invoice all asphalt or surfacing services from one legal entity.
Australia and in December 2009, it purchased the remaining 50% of
                                                                         When this occurs, Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd’s name will change to Fulton
shares from Shell.
                                                                         Hogan Construction Pty Ltd. This change is most likely to occur in
                                                                         July 2010 and we will keep you informed.
Unlike other contracting businesses, Fulton Hogan sets itself apart by its vertically integrated business model, combining quarrying, asphalt and emulsion production, and
precast manufacture with its construction operations.

What happens with PRS management?                                                        Do I need to do anything?
The management structure of Fulton Hogan and PRS has been                                As PRS’ existing ABN is continuing to operate, there is very little
integrated into one new organisational structure.                                        change for you. Existing contracts will not require novation and we
                                                                                         will honour all contractual requirements.
The Managing Director, Nick Miller has overall responsibility for Fulton
Hogan’s operations in Australia and New Zealand. Lindsay Crossen,                        We do ask that you notify your accounts department of the change
Chief Executive Officer, will continue to provide leadership to the                      of name so they can update their records.
Australian operations, including the integrated PRS business. Louis                      We will also be maintaining all PRS prequalifications with road
Nucifora, PRS’ former CEO, has accepted the position as Executive                        authorities and Federal Safety Commission. This will allow us to
General Manager – Industries with Fulton Hogan.                                          provide the highest level of service across all our operations.

The management structure of Fulton Hogan and PRS has been integrated into one integrated organisational structure (above).
The purchase of Pioneer Road Services (PRS) in December 2009 has positioned Fulton Hogan as one of Australasia’s strongest and most capable asphalt companies.

Do I contact the same person in the newly                                            Where can I find out more about the
integrated business?                                                                 change?
Yes, please continue to contact your existing sales and accounts                     Please speak to your sales representative for further information.
department’s representatives.
                                                                                     Alternatively, you may contact the integration team on
As of 3 May 2010 Fulton Hogan email addresses will be provided              or visit or website at
to PRS staff. To contact any member of the team by email use the           
following format:

Any emails sent to PRS email addresses will be automatically
redirected to the new Fulton Hogan email address.

Head Office - Australia
Level 3, 369 Royal Parade
Parkville, Victoria 3052
T : +61 3 9340 6200
F : +61 3 9340 6299

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