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					Vestal Central
                                    Writing Across the
                                    Curriculum (WAC)
                                    with Mrs. Delmage                                                     Course Syllabus

                                                                                                            Fall 2011

             Hi, my name is Mrs.
                                    Course Introduction
             Victoria Delmage       Hello and welcome to WAC! This course is designed to help you prepare for 21st cen-
             (DEL-midge) and I      tury communication tasks. In this class, you will focus on how writing is used within
             am your teacher.       content areas, learning specific strategies and skills needed in academic courses
             As you get to know     across the curriculum. It is essential that students learn about how writing is used
me, you’ll learn that I am pas-     within a content area.
sionate about English and truly     Writing Across the Curriculum is designed to give you practice
love what I do. I work hard to      with the language conventions of a content area as well as with
make your experience meaning-       specific formats typical of a given content area. For example,
                                    the chemistry lab report includes much different information in a
ful and pertinent to your every-
                                    quite different format from the literary response essay or histori-
day life. Please take time to       cal document-based question. This course will focus on practic-
read this syllabus carefully and    ing specific strategies and skills that will improve student
contact me right away if you        achievement on a variety of written tasks.
have questions or concerns. I
will respond to e-mails (usually)
within 24 hours. Remember …
I am here for you! If at any               This class is a writing intensive course, not a
time you need extra help with                      study hall to work on writing.
an assignment, you may come to
see me during the day or after
school. All voices and ideas will   Supplies
be important in this class. I am
looking forward to a very re-
                                    You will be expected to maintain a 3-ring binder throughout the semester.
warding and successful year!
                                    The binder will be used to store guides and handouts, and because you will
CONTACT INFORMATION:                need to keep copious notes, be sure to have loose-leaf paper and dividers.
                                    You must use pen on all written class work, and highlighters will be helpful for
Classrooms: 283/191                 class notes. Be sure to have your agenda with you at all times. Student bind-
                                    ers/writing portfolios will be stored in the classroom at all times.
English Office: 273
Student Assistance Periods:
 4, 5, 7 (odd days), & 8
Office Phone: 757-2287
Classroom Website:
                                          Make each day your masterpiece.
                                                  TIP! Add our classroom website to your desktop favorites.
                                                    Homework and announcements will be posted daily.
                                                                    To access the site, go to


                                                        Course Requirements
                                                         Students will work on understanding specific writing formats
                                                         and stylistic techniques in addition to working on their specific
              Important Writing Lessons:                 writing assignments from their courses. An emphasis on mod-
                                                         eling and ongoing revision will guide the course instruction.
                                                         While specific lessons and exercises will be provided, students
            We don’t think in “essay” form.             should bring outside writing assignments to class to work on
             The actual act of writing causes            independently. Students will be required to maintain a writing
                                                         portfolio to document their progress.
             further discovery and development
                                                            Students will bring all writing assignments (with specific
             of ideas.                                       instructions) form their scheduled courses.
            Revision is important because the              Students will list all writing assignments and correspond-
                                                             ing due dates in class notebook.
             thinking process itself is messy.
                                                            Students will come to class prepared to write on a specific
            Writing is never done, only due; a              writing assignment each day.
             “C” essay is an “A” essay turned               Students will schedule individual teacher conferences for
             in too soon.                                    each extended writing assignment.

                                                            A copy of each extended writing assignment must be filed
            Good writing is clear thinking                  in the writing portfolio.
             made visible.                               This class is a writing intensive course, not a study hall to work
                                                         on writing. Since this class meets every other day (in most
                                                         cases), students should plan their conference time for assign-
                                                         ments well in advance. Attendance and a willingness to learn
                                                         are paramount to success in this class.

                                                         Students will receive an E for Excellent, S for Satisfactory,
                                                         or U for Unsatisfactory.

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Behavioral Management Plan

         Class Expectations/Rules:


             Raise your hand when you have something to say.

             Keep noise level appropriate to activity.

             No cell phones or other electronic devices.

             No antagonizing other students or teacher.


             If you are absent, you are responsible for make-up work. If you don’t ask me for it, I may not give it to
             Turn your homework and assignments in on time.


             Bring all necessary supplies to class (binder, paper, pen, books).

             Enter the classroom quietly and begin working on the day’s entrance task.

             Come to class every day – on time! I will follow the school’s tardy/truancy policy.


Choosing to follow the rules will result in:
  Verbal Acknowledgement

  A stress-free learning environment

  A pleasant and secure atmosphere

Not choosing to follow the rules will result in:
       Verbal warning and documentation
       Seat moved
       Parents contacted
       Detention or referral- Severe offenses will automatically move to
         this step.

     *Please choose to make this a great year!
MLA Heading
You will keep track of your work by including the following required information on all assignments:
   name (first and last)
   instructor’s name (Mrs. Delmage)
   course (Writing Across the Curriculum)                                                Ima Sample
   date
                                                                                          Mrs. Delmage
Formal writing assignments will be submitted to Turnitin.com.
Writing assignments should be word-processed,                                             Writing Across the Curriculum
double-spaced and in Times New Roman
                                                                                          September 7, 2011
or Calibri, font size 12, in black ink, and   Turnitin.com
with one-inch margins.

Academic Honesty
Plagiarism is broadly defined as giving or receiving unauthorized assistance, neglecting to cite material, or pre-
senting another person’s ideas or work as your own. This is a serious offense that will have serious conse-
quences. At a minimum, a plagiarized assignment will result in a zero with notification to the parent. It may also
warrant a referral to your grade administrator. Neither plagiarism nor cheating will be tolerated in this
class. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating, PLEASE ASK ME! You are
also forbidden to re-produce papers that have already been submitted to fulfill requirements for other classes.
Recycling papers constitutes academic dishonesty in this class.

Additional Behavioral Guidelines
   LEAVING THE CLASSROOM: If it is necessary to leave the class for any reason, you must have your own agenda book.
    Come to me with a completed pass as discreetly as possible so as to make as little disruption to the class as possible. You
    will not be allowed to leave without an agenda book, and this policy will be in effect all year. You will also need to complete
    the form in the sign-in/sign-out binder by the classroom door.
   ARRIVING LATE TO CLASS: If you arrive late to class, you must complete the form in the tardy binder by the classroom
    door. You will place your pass in the binder, or show me your agenda book as discreetly as possible so as to make as little
    disruption to the class as possible. You will then go to your seat quietly and get to work right away.
   PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT: You will be asked to complete a personal responsibility report if you do not have
    your materials in class, do not have the assigned homework, or do not return assigned material.
   OFFICE HOURS APPOINTMENT SLIP: If I need to meet with you, I will give you an appointment slip to complete and return.
    You will specify the period and meet with me accordingly.
   ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Cell phones interfere with classroom learning and atmosphere. As per VHS policy, cell phones
    must be turned off and remain out of sight. You may not text or read text messages while in class. If your cell phone or
    other electronic device goes off in class, it will impact your participation grade as noted in the rubric.

                                                                      “Write to be understood,
                                                                              speak to be heard,
                                                                                   read to grow.”
                                                                           -Lawrence Clark Powell
               Student-Parent/Guardian Participation & Information Form
                                            (Please return this page, completed, by Monday, 9/12/11.)

Education is a joint effort. Optimum results require participation by student, teacher, and parents. Contact information is on the first page of the
   syllabus and the Blackboard classroom website; please feel free to contact me at any time about course content or about your student’s pro-
   gress. I am here to help your student maximize his / her thinking, reading, and communication skills. This goal will be easier to achieve if
   we share in the educational process.
                                    Vicki Delmage

  We have read the course syllabus, and we agree to discuss the progress of the class, check the homework assignments on the Blackboard website, and call or e-mail the
     teacher if we have any questions or concerns.

  Student’s printed name ___________________________________

  Student’s signature     ___________________________________

  Parent/guardian(s) signature(s)     ___________________________________


Parent/guardians’ preferred means of contact during the day:
Name                    email                    cell                home phone                      work phone

Please check which of the following is available for your home use:
_____ Internet / e-mail                     _____ Microsoft Word
If you do NOT have the technology, please note WHERE you WILL access the above (Library media center, a friend’s house, public library, par-
ent’s work, etc.)

Notes to Mrs. Delmage:

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