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WARM WAY by wuyunqing



                                   WARM WAY                                                  Summer • 2006

 A Publication for the Families and Friends of The WARM Place.         • A Place for Grieving Children and Their Families.


                  Dear Friends,
                     The WARM
                  Place volunteers
                  that walk the
                  journey of death
                  loss with our
                  children are very
Peggy Bohme
                  special people.
When training is completed, they
meet with Donna Uselding to
determine with which group of
children they will spend their com-
mitted year of volunteer time.
   Occasionally someone will
ponder these thoughts: Am I do-
ing what I should be doing to help
these children? Is this the volun-
teer place for me? These were the
questions that came to mind for
Stan a few weeks ago. He received
his answer very quickly.
   On a Tuesday afternoon, Stan
attended the funeral of a very
close friend. The lady had died        Young boy displays his artwork for a comfort quilt.
rather suddenly, leaving a husband
and two young children. As the
funeral ended that rainy afternoon,
the family handed each person a
packet of Forget-Me-Not flower
                                                         Take Comfort.
seeds. Stan slipped the packet of        “On my quilt square I drew a happy              tures on 9” cloth muslin squares that
seeds into his pocket as he left the   day at the park,” said one 7-year old             would depict something they thought
church.                                boy on one of our sibling loss group              would comfort another child suffering
   That evening he came to The         nights. Last month The WARM Place                 from the death loss of a loved one.
WARM Place to facilitate a             children’s groups ages 5 – 8 years old,              This activity was inspired by the
children’s group. The activity that    began a new art project. The assign-              Project Linus group that we featured
              (continued on page 2)    ment for the children was to draw pic-                             (continued on page 2)
                                               Take Comfort (cont’d. from page 1)
     At A Glance                                                                                 WARM Place children’s squares into
                                                                                                 special quilts. These handmade quilts
                                                                                                 will soon be returned to The WARM
Young Adult Group                                                                                Place to be presented to newly griev-
for 19-25 year olds.
Summer session meets each Tuesday for six                                                        ing children that come here seeking
weeks beginning July 11 through August 15,                                                       comfort. WARM Place counselor
from 7:00-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                 Kathy Telger said, “This project has
Fall session will meet each Tuesday for six                                                      really helped each child in our group
weeks beginning Sept. 19 through Nov. 7,                                                         sessions realize the benefit of reaching
from 7:00-8:30 p.m.                                                                              out to help another child who is sad
                                               Young girl draws pictures for her quilt square.   and hurting. One little girl told me
Facilitator Training                           in our fall newsletter. In case you
                                                                                                 she hoped her picture would make
Training begins Tuesday, Sept. 5 from                                                            another child’s broken heart feel bet-
7:00-9:00 p.m.                                 missed the story, Project Linus is a
                                                                                                 ter. I knew then that a great lesson
                                               national volunteer non-profit organi-
                                                                                                 was learned.”
Little People Group                            zation that works to provide love, a
                                                                                                    The WARM Place would like to
For 3-1/2 - 5 year-olds.                       sense of security, warmth and comfort
Fall Session will meet each Friday for eight                                                     thank Karen Redwine for the gener-
                                               to children who are seriously ill, trau-
weeks beginning Friday, Sept. 8 from                                                             ous donation of over 100 pre-cut
12:00 -12:45 p.m.                              matized or otherwise in need through
                                                                                                 muslin cloth squares for this unique
                                               the gifts of new, handmade blankets
                                               and afghans, lovingly created by
                                               volunteer “Blanketeers.” The group
                                               also seeks to provide a rewarding and
        Wish List                              fun service opportunity for interested
Dinner Napkins
                                               individuals and groups in local com-
Liquid Hand Soap
                                               munities, for the benefit of children.
Country Time Powdered Lemonade
                                                  Once all of the children on each
600 series Polaroid Film
                                               group night completed their color-
39-cent Stamps
                                               ful, original works of art on the quilt
Photo Inkjet Paper — 8-1/2 x 11
                                               squares, Lorrie Crawford, a member
Kid-Friendly Postcards
                                               of the Tarrant and Parker Counties
Used or New Die-Cut Machine
                                               Chapter of Project Linus, took the
Spiral Binding Machine (Available at
                                               decorated squares to her local “Blan-
   Staples or any office supply store)
                                               keteer” group. This dedicated group               A drawing of a sunny day outside brings a
Paper Towels
                                               of volunteers is currently stitching the          smile.
Bathroom Tissue

                                               Directions (cont’d. from page 1)                  tion whether or not this was the place
 Playstation Donation                          night was for the children to receive             for him to volunteer. He had received
                                               flower seeds so they could plant a                 all the validation he needed.
                                               flower garden in memory of their                      Stan explained to me that this
                                               parent that had died. Stan slowly                 evening had been a humbling experi-
                                               reached into his pocket and took out              ence. He also felt honored to be a
                                               the Forget-Me-Not seeds. Tears filled              part of the healing process for these
                                               his eyes as he relayed the story of the           children. As he said, “The WARM
                                               flower seeds to the children. With                 Place is indeed a ray of hope during
                                               tears falling, six-year old Melissa said,         the darkest of times.”
                                               “I understand why you are so sad
                                               tonight. Thank you for sharing these
Caroline Malanga, age 9, donated a Sony        special seeds with us.”
Playstation 2 to our Friday Night at the          At the conclusion of the evening,
Zoo Silent Auction. Thank you Caroline!        Stan said he would never again ques-

                    Another Shared Journey ...
    Donna Hudson and her daughter Shelley Holden and grandson Stephen, share their WARM Place experience.
   October 4, 2004 was a defining moment     now have a new “normal” and life begins
for me. At 7:15am on that Monday morn-      anew. We keep our family values, carry             When I was three years old my
ing, my husband Jack Hudson did what he     Jack with us in our hearts, and go forward      mom and I moved in with my Nana
had done all of our 41 years of marriage.   day by day, with courage and a reason
                                                                                            and Papa. We lived with each other
He awoke early, had a cup of coffee,        to live. Jack was my soulmate and my
                                            best friend forever, and I miss him terribly.   for 8 years. My Papa loved me so
prepared for his day, kissed me, told me he
loved me, and went out the door to work.    Every Monday morning, we start over             much, every Saturday we would go
He was in Industrial sales, drove in a car  again. Thank you, Kathy and WARM Place          bowling or golfing, one time we even
most every day and made calls on custom-    Volunteers for all those precious moments       went to Austin just to see Texas Tech
ers here in Fort Worth. That morning, Jack  in time that made a huge impact on our          play against the Longhorns. He loved
said, “I love you. I’ll see you at lunch.”  family. May God bless all of you! We love       doing things with me.
That would be our last moments on earth     you.                                               On October 4th 2004 I gave papa
together — and certainly, life as we had                                — Donna Hudson
                                                                                            a hug and said I love you. He walked
known it, all these wonderful years, would
never be the same. Our daughter Shelley        In 1997, my son Stephen and I came to        with a smile and was totally normal.
and grandson Stephen (age 11, 6th grade     live with my parents when Stephen was 3         I was in school when I heard I had a
at Larson Elementary in Arlington) have     1/2 years old. Stephen thought the world        call from the office. It was mom she
lived with Jack and I since March 1997      of his Papa (my dad — Jack Hudson). On          said papa had just had a massive
when Stephen was 3 ½ years old. We          Saturdays, Papa would take Stephen bowl-        heart attack while driving to work she
enjoyed making a home together. Shelley     ing, to the driving range, to an Air Show, or   said our friends the Wilbanks will pick
left to go to work and                                              to a museum. They       you up and take you to the hospital.
I took Stephen to                                                   loved to go to Texas
school. When I came
                           “I came to The WARM                      Tech basketball and
                                                                                            I was crying from the bottom of my
home, my daugh-            Place thinking this place football games. Ste-                   heart for the whole day. I was unable
                                                                                            to stop, when I heard the news that
ter-in-law Angela          wouldn’t help me. I was phen always looked                       papa had passed away. He was my
Hudson had left mes-                                                up to his Papa and
sages on my home           totally wrong. After                     loved spending time     dad and I loved him so much.
phone. Also, Harris        awhile I was able to talk with him.                                 I didn’t know what I was going to
Methodist Hospital                                                     Our lives changed
had left messages.
                           about my Papa without                    on October 4, 2004
                                                                                            do without him. He provided and
                                                                                            sheltered us. I was angry at God for
Jack was in critical       crying my eyes out.”                     when we received a
                                                                    telephone call about    taking him, but then I realized it was
condition with a mas-
sive heart attack. Angie said, “Stay calm,  my dad’s heart attack. We didn’t get to         his time. I was depressed everyday
but go quickly to the hospital. Jack is in  say goodbye. It was devastating to all of       my friends didn’t understand the
trouble.” Jack never regained conscious-    us. It felt like no one in the world could      relationship we had. I came to The
ness and died the next day. A few weeks     understand the loss and pain that we felt.      WARM Place thinking that this place
later, Shelley, Stephen and I found our way    Then we started coming to The WARM           wouldn’t help me. I was totally wrong
to The WARM Place. The name describes       Place, where everyone had experienced           after a while I was able to talk about
this beautiful home well. The staff is full the same type of loss. From the first time
                                                                                            him without crying my eyes out.
of compassion and love. Healing begins      I walked into The WARM Place, I felt
from the first day here. There is no other   comforted and loved. It helped to be able       When my mom, nana, and I came to
place like The WARM Place to find what       to share our thoughts and feelings. Thank       The WARM Place the first night there
the broken heart needs ... Love, Compas-    you for everything.                             was such a peaceful and loving group
sion, Comfort and Understanding. We                                    — Shelley Holden     of people. We had good homemade
                                                                                            food and expressed our grief by talk-
                                                 At left: Back row,                         ing and making arts and crafts about
                                                 Angela Hudson,                             my papa. Each time I became better
                                                 Jeff Hudson; Front                         and better. At The WARM Place I
                                                 row, Jack Hudson,                          made new friends, became a leader,
                                                 Katelyn, Donna,                            and improved in arts and crafts. With-
                                                 Stephen, Shelley
                                                                                            out The WARM Place I don’t know
                                                 At right: Jack                             where I would be, thank you so much.
                                                 Hudson with
                                                 Stephen, age 3-1/2                                         Love, Stephen Holden

          Friday Night at the Zoo 2006
    Wow, what a great turn-out on a poten-         Texas Weather Barn were all popular hits
tially rainy, spring night for our Fourth Annual   again. Heather Casey, Mandy Caulkins, Chris
Friday Night at the Zoo fundraiser. Thanks to      Ferguson, Escri Lwanga, Sofia Rios and Adam
an incredibly dedicated group of volunteers,       Weiser were our enthusiastic face and hair
sponsors and participants this year’s event set    painters. They painted up hundreds of happy
new records in total tickets sold and overall      children throughout the night and never
money raised. More than 500 children,              ran out of creative energy. Kids and adults
parents, grandparents and friends came to          enjoyed the Wild Wonder Animal Show which
the Fort Worth Zoo and helped raise over           featured many exotic animals and reptiles.
$116,000 for The WARM Place children and               There was the usual excitement at the
their families. That’s a 30% increase over last    Silent Auction and Big Bid Board on all of the
year!                                              fantastic packages that our silent auction
    Our 2006 co-chairs, Lisa and Randy Grubbs      committee gathered from local merchants.
and Marcee and Jon Henderson, played a                 Congratulations to our three lucky raffle
key part in making this event so successful.       winners and a big, big thank you to everyone
They have been busy since last fall helping        who purchased raffle tickets this year. We          Raynor family enjoys Friday Night at the Zoo.
to secure underwriters and volunteers. We          would also like to thank all of our dedicated
appreciate all of your hard work.                  sponsors who helped make Friday Night at
    The evening began with a train ride to the     the Zoo 2006 such a tremendous success. Our
Texas Wild section of the zoo for all attendees.   zoo event underwriters are listed on the back
Steve Harmon from 95.9 FM The Ranch lead           page of this newsletter.
off the evening as our master of ceremonies.            A warm thanks to all of these generous do-
There was acoustic guitar music by Darren          nors and to our energetic volunteers for all of
Kobetich and the great banjo playing of            your time and hard work. We would especially
Richard Don Simms and Derwood Rowell.              like to recognize the efforts of our commit-
The featured artists of the night were the         tee chairs: Jenni Auvenshine, Jan Clinkscale,
Grammy award winning musicians of Brave            Heather Collinge, Stephanie Dike, Kelly Han-
Combo. Their lively music had everyone             ley, Kimberly Laird, Carter Martin and Connie     Carl Finch and Brave Combo rock.
dancing, especially when they played the           Smith. Friday Night at the Zoo could not have
“Hokey Pokey” and “The Chicken Dance”.             been a success without all of you.
    New this year was volunteer caricature
artist, Leeanita Strickland. Her quick portrait
sketches of the children were amazing and
everyone loved them. The children also had
a great time getting their palms read by the
famed Lezlie Davis and seeing their futures
in the tarot card readings of Terry Shaw.
The airbrush tattoos, carousel rides and the                                                         Steve Harmon of 99.5 The Ranch was an
                                                                                                     enthusiastic Master of Ceremonies.
                                                   Zoo event co-chairs l. to r. Randy and Lisa
                                                   Grubbs and Jon and Marcee Henderson

                                                   Richard Don Simms and Derwood Rowell              Young girl get her portrait drawn by
The Barnes family and friends.                     entertain the crowd.                              caricaturist, Leeanita Strickland.

l. to r. Joan Richardson, Sheila Johnson and Dr. John Richardson              l. to r. Dr. John Richardson and Kleinheinz family dine under the stars.

                                                 There were over two hundred items donated from local merchants and individuals for our Silent Auction
                                                 and Big Board. The following are those that gave gifts valued at $100 or more:
                                                                      95.9 The Ranch                                Kleinheinz Capital Partners
                                                                   Accurate Landscape                      Kubes Jewelers in Memory of Joseph Kubes Sr.
                                                                       Adair Eyewear                                    Lanny’s Alta Cacina
                                                                         AK Designs                                LaQuinta Inn, New Braunsfel
                                                                            Alcon                                            Lawrence’s
                                                                        Denis Alphin                                     M.L. Leddy’s Boots
                                                                 Amon Carter Museum                                          Leigh-Boyd
                                                                Arbonne by Moira Taylor                                 The Lonesome Dove
                                                               Kim Brimer State Senator                                     Lux Machine
                                                        Judie Byrd Culinary School of Ft. Worth                        Malouf Dermatology
                                                              Café Beignet - New Orleans                                 Caroline Malanga
                                                                      Central Market                                           Marriott
                                                              Chiffoniers and Gatherings                                  Milburn’s Portrait
                                                                          Chit Chat                                    Moda Salon and Spa
                                                                 Jan and Bill Clinkscale                                    Moritz BMW
                                                                     Copper Pumpkin                                       Neiman Marcus
                                                                     Dallas Polo Club                                 Norma Baker Antiques
                                                                      Dance Concept                                   Old Neighborhood Grill
                                                                       John DeGrand                               The Original Mexican Eats Café
                                                                          Del Frisco                                       P.S. The Letter
Face painting was a big hit!
                                                                  Designs for Children                                        Paper Doll
                                                                  Dianna Rose Interiors                                    Pier I Imports
                                                                         Dvine Wine                                Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant
                                                                          Escargot                                    Ray Partner- Breck Ray
                                                               The Flower Mat, Arlington                           Reading Friends, Fort Worth
                                                            Fowlkes Norman & Associates                                         Reata
                                                                          Galderma                         Renaissance Worthington Hotel — Fort Worth
                                                                Kay Granger U.S. Senator                         Robin Scott — Bull Moon Cutlery
                                                                        The Grist Mill                                     Simple Things
                                                                  Lisa & Randy Grubbs                                  Connie & Brian Smith
                                                                     Malinda Hamby                                    Sommer Photography
                                                                   Marcee Henderson                                  Grady & Jennifer Spears
                                                            Hotel Provencial, New Orleans                             Spring Creek Barbeque
                                                                    House of Tuscany                                           Staples
Jan and Ben Johnson dance with Brave                                  Hughes & Luce                                         Sweet Shop
Combo.                                                                     I.A.M.                                     Texas Motor Speedway
                                                                    Incredible Edibles                                   Tray Chic Catering
                                                                      Jim Irwin Floral                                   Van Grow Studios
                                                             James Avery Craftsman, Inc.                                  Venus and Mars
                                                                        Jerrel James                                         Avice Ward
                                                                  Ben and Jan Johnson                                    Williamson-Dickie
                                                                 Bill and Becky Johnson                                    Xouba Lounge
                                                                        Justin Boots

              Volunteers Bring
              Hope and Healing.
   The volunteers at The WARM             “The WARM Place has brought me joy, peace and content-
Place are an incredible group of          ment for over five years. I come here to give, but what I get
people. Every other week, year            is so much more.”
after year, these dedicated men and
women come here to bring comfort          “I brought my daughters to The WARM Place in 1995 after
                                          their mother died. I credit The WARM Place with helping
to others. There are a total of 240
                                          them through their grieving process. Today they are
volunteers that work with our groups.     beautiful ladies that are very happy in life. I volunteer as a
That number includes 130 facilita-        facilitator to help other children mend their hearts and be
tors that help run the sessions each      happy.”
night, Monday through Thursday.
Facilitators are co-leaders in discus-    “Volunteering at The WARM Place reminds me of how
sions with the children’s, pre-teen,      precious and fragile children can be. It reminds me of my
teens and adult sessions. There are       own boys and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help
also 70 house parents that greet our      WARM Place kids through their grief journey.”
families and make sure the pot-luck
suppers run smoothly each evening.        “Volunteering at The WARM Place is my chance to be a tiny
Other volunteers at The WARM              part of the lives of these kids.”
Place include our board of directors
                                          “Caring and giving back. Coming within touching distance
and the 200 plus volunteers that help     of my life’s purpose. Watching these precious children cope
at our special events like Santa Calls    with unbelievable loss with courage, is awesome and it
and Friday Night at the Zoo. The          makes me appreciate life so much more.”
combined volunteer time served here
in a single year totals close to 12,000   “The WARM Place gives hope to children and their families.
hours.                                    It makes an incredible difference to be a part of such an
   On Sunday, May 7th The WARM            amazing and giving place.”
Place staff and Board of Directors
honored all of these wonderful people     “Volunteering at The WARM Place can easily be thought of
with a barbeque picnic lunch. After       as giving back to the community, but I prefer to consider it
the event Donna Uselding, Director        giving forward, because I’m investing in the future of these
                                          children’s lives.”
of Volunteers, asked the volunteers
to think about what volunteering
here has meant to them. Many of our
volunteers have been here since The
WARM Place was founded 17 years
ago. The following are a few of their

                                                               ing the front steps and large wrap-around porch, cleaning
                                                               fans and vents in all of the rooms, dusting and cleaning
                                                               door frames, cleaning out the fireplace in the living room,
                                                               cleaning the kitchen shelves, drawers, refrigerator and
                                                               oven. They even gave the children’s playhouse a thorough
                                                               cleaning both inside and out.
                                                                  This group is just one of many at Lockheed-Martin
                                                               that are out in the communities where they work doing
                                                               good deeds. All employees at Lockheed-Martin are part
                                                               of Performance Management Teams (PMT). These teams
                                                               coordinate at weekly meetings to devise cost saving ideas
                                                               for the company, promote employee morale and implement
                                                               ways to be involved in the community through different
                                                               areas of community service. Gina Dunegan, a member of
                                                               the Facilities PMT, had heard Peggy Bohme, our executive
                                                               director speak at a kick-off meeting at Lockheed earlier
                                                               in the year as part of their Combined Federal Campaign.
Spring Cleaning by                                             When the group met to talk about what organizations
                                                               they would like to donate their time and energy to, Gina
Lockheed-Martin Crew.                                          remembered Peggy’s speech about The WARM Place. “I
                                                               have a soft spot in my heart for children and her speech
                                                               was very moving,” said Gina.
   On a sunny day in April a group of men and women
                                                                   The spring cleaning crew included Dave Bloxom, Gina
from Lockheed-Martin in Dallas came to The WARM
                                                               Dunegan, Ian Elieson, Doug Ford, Brian Leddy, Peter
Place ready to work. They were here to volunteer their
                                                               Luu, Devan Miller, John Miller, Dee Mitchell, John David
time for a large spring cleaning effort to both the inside
                                                               Smith, Rod Tommey and Chuck Toth. Thanks to all of
and the outside of our building and grounds. The group of
                                                               you The WARM Place home is sparkling inside and out.
12 worked all day washing windows inside and out, wash-
                                                               Thank you so much for all of your great work.

                                                               members have been active volunteers at The WARM Place
Another On-Time                                                for many years. They have helped with our two major

Donation Delivery.                                             fundraisers — A Phone Call From Santa and Friday Night
                                                               at the Zoo.
Thanks FedEx!
   In May we received another welcome visit from three
FedEx Corporation employees. They were Robert Fennell,
Managing Director Regional Sales, Dallas Region, Doug
Okruch, District Sales Manager for FedEx Freight; and
Amber Kent, Account Manager. After touring our facility
they presented a check to Peggy Bohme and Vicki John-
son as a gift from the FedEx Corporation in support of our
children’s grief support program.
   FedEx supports the communities where their employees
and customers live and work. The company promotes
giving back to the community through corporate financial
support, donations of delivery services and by encouraging     l. to r. Doug Okruch, Amber Kent, Tina Casey, Peggy Bohme, Vicki
employee volunteerism. FedEx employees and their family        Johnson and Robert Fennell

            Visit our website at
                                          Campco Copiers
                                          Keeps Us
                                          Copying, and
                                          Copying, and
                                          Copying …
                                                                                    Mike Campoli and staff deliver new copier
                                             For sixteen years, Mike Campoli,       to The WARM Place.
                                          president and owner of Campco Copi-
                                          ers in Fort Worth, has been donating      know much is expected of those to
                                          his time and money to The WARM            whom much is given.”
Golfer swings for the green.              Place. His donations have come in            Mike’s wife, Roni Campoli volun-
                                          the form of new photocopiers over         teered here in the early 1990’s. She
                                          the years, along with free technical      had lost her mother when she was a
                                          support, copy toner and supplies.         young child and recognized the value
                                          His combined donations total in the       of the work The WARM Place does
                                          thousands. When asked about his           with grieving children. Mike also vol-
                                          faithful commitment to our program        unteered here last year as one of our
                                          Mike said, “My wife introduced me to      “Santas” during our holiday fundrais-
                                          The WARM Place originally, but I re-      er, A Phone Call from Santa. Thank
                                          ally believe in the work you do there.    you Mike, Roni and Campco Copiers
                                          It is such a great group of dedicated     for all you have done and continue to
                                          people and I like giving back. You        do for The WARM Place.
Spectators watch the action.

Golfers Raise                                                                       “We are so honored and pleased that
                                                                                    global businesses like Citigroup and
Record $1,100                                                                       Smith Barney have recognized our
                                                                                    commitment to helping children who
   Petroleum Club members and their                                                 have suffered a death loss. The funds
guests participated in a Petroleum                                                  will be used to enhance our Sibling
Club sponsored tournament at Ridg-                                                  Loss program.”
lea Country Club this past April. At                                                   “We are pleased to strengthen our
                                          l. to r. Rolf Larson, Vicki Johnson and   commitment to help make commu-
the fourth hole, golfers had the oppor-
                                          Mark Elledge                              nities where we do business better
tunity to donate $5 to The WARM
Place for a chance to win $100 and/or
a sleeve of golf balls. The competi-
                                          Smith Barney                              places through our support of The
                                                                                    WARM Place and know that this
tion was fierce; not only were they
trying to stay on the green, but also
                                          and Citigroup                             grant will have a meaningful im-
                                                                                    pact here in Fort Worth,” said Mark
win closest to the hole. The new golf
balls were generously donated by Greg
                                          give back.                                Elledge, Vice President-Branch
                                                                                    Manager. Rolf Larson, Vice President-
Barnes and Steve Carlisle.                   The WARM Place received a grant        Investments headed the initiative and
   Attendance at this year’s tourna-      from the Fort Worth branch office of       selection process on behalf of Smith
ment set a new record and so did          Smith Barney. These grant dollars         Barney.
the donations from the golfers. Our       were made possible by the Citigroup          Smith Barney’s Local Contribu-
thanks to Greg Barnes of Encore           Foundation as a part of its local         tions Program was designed to enable
Acquisitions, event chair and WARM        contributions program, which Smith        the firm’s branches to forge partner-
Place volunteer, and many thanks          Barney branches across the country        ships with the communities they serve
to everyone who honored us with a         participate in.                           through a combination of financial
donation.                                    Peggy Bohme, Executive Director        contributions and hands-on employee
                                          of The WARM Place commented,              involvement.

                                        New Record
   Firemen’s 5KwasSetsSaturday, May 27 in honor of fallen
    The 8th annual Firemen’s 5K held on
   Fort Worth Firefighters, Phillip Dean and Brian Collins. The race began at 8:00
   a.m. with a record number of more than 500 runners and walkers raising ap-
   proximately $15,000. This year participants had the opportunity to run or walk
   in memory or honor of a loved one and could raise pledges as well. WARM Place
   child, Christopher Montoya, age 6, really took this project to heart. He raised over
   $800 in memory of his father by contacting his family and friends and asking for
   their support. We are so proud of you Christopher and thank you for all of your
                                                                                                     Target and Albertson’s provided snacks
   hard work. The event benefited both The WARM Place and The Compassionate                           and drinks for runners and walkers.
   Friends. Thanks to all of the participants and volunteers who got this event up and

                                                                                                     l. to r. Christopher, Courtney and Betsy
  Walkers and Runners line up for the official start of the 5K.                                       Montoya get ready for race.

                         DONATIONS — January through April 2006
                                                 Dana Bradford                                       FedEx Corporation
Nan Abelson
                                                 Mrs. Gerald Breaux                                  Karen & Robert Florance
                                                 Amelia Brooks                                       Kelly Flynn
Tori Adams & Jim DuBose                          Brownie Troop 3010                                  Elsa Fortson
Aetna Giving Campaign                            Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation             Frost National Bank
Aetna Foundation, Inc.                           Stephanie Butler                                    Sanae Fulkerson
Anne & Edward Agura                              Ann Carraway                                        Mrs. Joseph H. Gaines III
Ann Ahearne                                      Sue & John Allen Chalk, Sr.                         Galderma Laboratories, LP
Albertsons                                       Charity Motors                                      Darla E. Galindo
The Alcon Foundation                             Dr. & Mrs. Tilden Childs III                        Elise Gallaway
Laura & Jeff Alexander                           Barbara Christenson                                 Emmanuel Gaschignard
Margie Alexander                                 Citigroup Foundation, Smith Barney                  Wendy, Scott & Anna Gerrish
Sandy Allred                                     Club Fidelite, Fort Worth Womens Club               Ann Greenhill
Allstate Giving Campaign                         Colonial Savings, F.A.                              Rebecca Hanlon
AmeriCredit                                      Margaret Connolly                                   The Hanley Family
Amon G. Carter Foundation                        Cook Children’s Medical Center                      Lisa Harper
Frank Anderson                                   Jenise & Koby Cox                                   William W. Harrell
Anonymous                                        Toni Craven                                         Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hart
Arborlawn United Methodist Church                Betty & Bob Crow                                    Luci Harter
Artsnet                                          Carolyn Davidson                                    John Hearon
John Bailey                                      Katrine Menzing Deakins Charitable Trust, Bank of   Gerald Henderson
Bank of America United Way Campaign                 America Private Bank, Trustee                    Higginbotham & Associates
Sanae Barnes                                     Michael Deen                                        Kathy Hindman
Becky & Brian Barnett                            Phyllis Degarmo                                     Janet Hogan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bass                        Shadd Degram                                        Janice & Charles Horn
Deborah Bell                                     Nancy Dent                                          John Huck
BHTI Employees’ Humanity Fund Inc.               David Derber                                        Hughes & Luce LLP
Jacqueline Birch                                 Dillard’s, Inc.                                     Deloris Hummel
Laura & Greg Bird                                James E. Dubose                                     Linda Hunstable
Luan & Van Blake                                 EFW Inc.                                            IBM Employee Services Center
Nelia & Charles Blanton                          Encore Acquisition Company                          Linn & Ron Jencopale
Lee Bohme                                        Clayton Eoff, Jr.                                   Debra Jensen
Kathleen Boothe                                  Brandon Fancher & Suzanne Creighton                 Jewish Women International
Sharron & Bill Boruff

Jan & Ben Johnson                                    Anna Belle Thomas
Kathy Johnson                                        Kathleen & Guy Thompson                     MEMORIALS
                                                                                                 CRAIG ANDREWS
Tonya & Perry Johnston                               Nancy & Andy Thompson
Chris Jordan                                         Hope Toole                                     John Andrews, Jr.
Rose Kirk                                            John Trodden                                   Judy & Don Andrews
The Klabzula Family Foundation                       United Way of Central New Mexico               Roy Kreusel
Wini & Ted Klein                                     United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County      Rheta & Chuck Voss, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Kleinheinz                           Mark Upton                                     Marcia & Bill Wells
Mary Ann & Tom Kleuser                               Julie Ure                                   MARGARET ARMSTRONG
Katherine Klingaman                                  Susan & Robert Ursprung                        Michelle & Carl Scherrieb
La Maison, The Womens Club of Fort Worth, Inc.       V.F.W. CL Bridge Memorial Post # 2544       HAZEL AUSMUS
Janeen & Bill Lamkin                                 Lauren Vargas                                  Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
Dr. Mary E. Landers                                  Village Homes                               JOHN BARRIBALL
Dr. & Mrs. Bob Lanier                                Kita & Allen Vyce                              Patricia & Daniel Kunko
Kris Lewis                                           Mary Helen Walters                          LEON BECKER
Linbeck Group, LP                                    Candace Watkins                                Patricia Eubank
Marvilyn & Warner Linehan                            Julie & Rob Watson                          FAYE SCHIFF BERKOWITZ
Loyalty Class First United Methodist Church          Terri & Phil Weinman                           Royette & Sam Hance
Theresa & Dan Luby                                   Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign         JACK BILLINGSLEY
David Magerstadt                                     Shirley & Ron Wells                            Jim, Amy, James Richardson
Dr. & Mrs. Roy Martin                                Shirley Wells                                  Mrs. Robert Richardson
Edith Mazurek                                        Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign      EUGENE BORCHANDT
Mr. & Mrs. Howard McPherson                          Western Research & Management, LLC             Corrine & Earl Collins
Robbie Metzger                                       Joseph White & Dr. Barbara Tomek-White      DAVID BOWLING, SR.
Kaethe Miller                                        Susan Whittenberger                            Jolyn & Marc Greer
Dana & Charles Milliken                              Kathy Wilfong                               CYNTHIA BRANTS
Allan Moffatt                                        J. Don Williamson                              Ruth Carter Stevenson
Ausencio Muniz                                       Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company     LOCILE BRATTON
Frank W. Neal & Associates, Inc.                     Deborah Willman                                Dr. John Richardson & Staff
Jill & Brian Nennmann                                John T. Winburn                             KATHERINE BRISTOW
Josephine Newby                                      Tena Winkle                                    Saryilyn & Mitch Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. James Niedermayer                         Women of Rotary of Ft. Worth                MARGARET BRYAN
Linda & Michael Nolan                                Robert Wordinger                               Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
Omaha Community Foundation                           Wortham Insurance & Risk Management         STEVE BULLARD
The Omega Financial Group                                                                           Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
Once Upon a Time …                                                                               CHARLES CAMPBELL
Opti-Mrs. Club of Fort Worth
Cynthia A. Parker
                                                     David Amend
                                                                                                    Ruth Carter Stevenson
                                                                                                 CHRISTY JO CASTLEBERRY
Judith Parnell                                         Bennie Kniffen                               Kay & James Carson
Partners in Prayer, Inc.                               Cindy & Dan Thomas                        CARRIE CHANCELLOR
Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas Neonatology, Fort   PEGGY BOHME                                    Lori Chancellor
    Worth-Arlington-Mid-Cities                         The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth, Inc.      LLOYD CLARK
Teresa Perkins                                       SAMANTHA BURKE                                 Judith & Julia Clark
The Petroleum Club of Fort Worth                       Kirsten & Don Bescher                     COMER CLAY
Phillips Ray Capital Management, Inc.                  Amy & Rory Conner                            Carol & Larry Small
Pier 1 Imports                                         Tina & Peter DeRoberts                    WILLIAM WOLCOTT COLLINS
Stephanie Pond                                         Frances & Richard Peeples                    Ruby & Earle Shields
Angela Poster                                        KAYLE COMPTON                               ISABELLE COOK
Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Pritchard                              David Compton                                Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
Quicksilver Resources Inc.                           KRISTYN COMPTON                             SUZANNE DERBER
William Raecke                                         David Compton                                        .
                                                                                                    David P Derber
Elizabeth & Paul Ray, Jr.                            LISA & RANDY GRUBBS & SONS                  MATTHEW DOGGETT
B.A. Remington                                         Lana & James Downs                           Kimberly & Lance Neill
Philip Rigdon                                        CECILIA HAMILTON                            NONA DOYLE
Carmelo Romano                                         Tracie Stokka                                Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
Linda Rusche                                         SHEILA BRODERICK JOHNSON                    NELSON EARL
Laurie & Robert Ruxer, Jr.                             Tarrant County Medical Society               Leah Earl
Jim Ryffel                                           JOSIE MARGARET LA MERE                      CASS EDWARDS
Safeway Inc.                                           Phyllis & Robert Fenton                      Sheila Broderick Johnson
Samsill Corporation                                  MICHAEL LANE                                MARIE ERICKSON
Mary Jo & Blaine Scheideman                            Southeast Fort Worth Lions Club              Annette & Jerry Blaschke
Lora Schmid-Dolan                                    DEBBIE LUENSER                              VICKI FARRIS
Maria Schmidt                                          Patrice Coker                                Dr. & Mrs. David Turbeville
Elizabeth Schulte                                      Janette & Ray Coker                       SHIRLEY FASEL
Sear Family Foundation                                 Jim Duarte                                   Allison & Rich Bender
SEI Incentives, LTD                                    Carileta Ross                             JANINE FAULKNER
Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth                           JANE MOSSBARGER                                Francie & Bryan Allen
Judith & Darryn Shearmire                              Tracie Stokka                             MARGARET CALDWELL FIGERT
Douglas Shriner                                      CAMILLE PARRISH                                Peggy & Lee Bohme
Mrs. Martin Siegel                                     Leo Parrish III                           BOB FLOWERS
Cristina & Jerry Smiley                              SANDRA SALLING                                 Cheryl & Dick Curry
Cynthia Smith                                          Vicki & Ed Bass                           CHARLIE FLOYD
Southwest Sports Group                               JOANNE & BILL SARSGARD                         Patricia Eubank
Carolyn St. Clair                                      Mary Ann Gracey                           ROBERT FRY
Lynne Stanley                                        DR. DENNIS SCHUSTER                            Martha Fry
Claudia Stepp                                          Nanette & Dale Gibson                     BETH GAFFNEY
Amy & Robert Stien                                   SHIRLEY WELLS                                  Michael Gaffney & Amy, Sarah, Matt & James
Anne Stoddard                                          Clint Wells                               JIMMY GILES
Teresa Teague                                          Ron Wells                                    Amy, Curtis, Riley & Lee Sadler
Kathy & Terry Telger

                                                                         - 10 -
  Elizabeth & Geoffrey Gmeiner, Sr.             Sherry Rhoads                         Sheila Broderick Johnson
JOAN GRAHAM                                  EMETY & JUANITA NIX                    JACOB LEVI “JAKE” THOMPSON
  Alexander Graham                              Corrine & Earl Collins                Promoter Line, Inc.
JANICE GRIER                                 TOBY PETERSON                            Jerry Thompson
  Linda & James Hood                            Judy House & Family                 SHANNON THOMPSON
JEFFREY SCOTT GRUBBS                         DON POLAND                               Ryan Thompson
  Lisa & Randy Grubbs                           Ann & Bill Greenhill                WILLIE TICHENOR
  Nancy & James Grubbs                       CLAUDE POLLARD                           Annette & Jerry Blaschke
BETTY HAYES                                     Susan Unsworth                        Mrs. Robert Richardson
  Nancy Jackson, Pilot Club of Tyler         MELISSA KAE POSTNIKOFF                 HERBERT VINES
KARI HEIL                                       Joe & Maggie Postnikoff               Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas
  Shirley & Bill Anderson                    JASON PRICE                            MILDRED VUKOVICH
  Mansfield Church of Christ, Care Group #1      Sheila Broderick Johnson              Martha & John Vukovich
RYAN HENRICKS                                TREVELYN RAY                           FRED WALLIS
  Tracie Stokka                                 Linda & Harold Hood                   Leah Earl
HARMON HIGHTOWER                             JIM REGAN                              MAXINE WITHERS
  Leta & Carl Arthur                            Asta & Dennis McCarthy                Freda & Bill Knight
  Benbrook Lakeshore Neighbors Assoc.        JOHN H. RICHARDS, M.D.                 VIRGINIA YOUNG
  Mr. & Mrs. John Butler                        Joan & John Richardson                Marjorie Curry
  Margery & David Ivory                         Barry Smith                           Carol & Larry Small
  Mr. & Mrs. Dale Jackson                    NICOLE RIEBER-SOLIS                    BOBBY YOUNGBLOOD
  Mary Palko                                    Susan & Ed Al-Saigh                   Christina, Elaina & Caysa Youngblood
  Frances & Ted Tomlinson                    MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ SR.
MADELYN HUTCHENS                                Lana & James Downs
  Carol Heim Franke
                                                Nancy & James Grubbs
                                             EVITA ROESSLER
                                                                                    IN-KIND DONORS
  Annette & Jerry Blaschke                      Sheila Broderick Johnson            All Saints Episcopal School
TRACEY JENKINS                               JERRYE SEARS                           Greg Barnes
  Susan & Ed Al-Saigh                           Linda & Harold Hood                 Sharon Basden
ROMAN JIMENEZ                                KATHRYN SEBENOLER                      Mischa Brantley
  Laura & Larry Spalding                        Anderson International Corp.        Campco Copiers & Fax
CHRIS JOHNSON                                   Peggy & Lee Bohme                   Mike Campoli
  Ernestine Bridges                             Barbara & Jim Digs                  Steve Carlisle
ROSIE JONES                                     Dr. & Mrs. Richard Edwards          Club Fidelite of The Women’s Club of Fort Worth
  W.M Lee Jr.                                   Connie & Mike Folvog                Lorrie Crawford
MIKE JONES                                      Carol & Bob Franke                  Creative Arts
  Bunny Ridgeway                                Deanna & Francis Hauck              Dallas Polo Club
EDNA JONES                                      Kathleen & Ronald O’Hearn           David Dean
  Roxanne & Bob Wood                            Betty & Dan Holmes                  Ann Ellis
SCOTT KELLEY                                    Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas               Jo Ann English
  Doreen Kelley                                 Virginia Mathiot                    Nelsy Fleps
ARTHUR KLINE                                    Grace & Jack Miller                 Miss Anna Gerrish
  Sheila Broderick Johnson                      Dr. & Mrs. John M. Richardson       Staff Members & Teachers of Greenbriar Elementary
  Wini & Ted Klein                              Julie Sebenoler                     Barbara & Denis Greer
MARGUERITE KLUTTS                               The Pace Fund                       Kelli and Stephen Hammack
  John A. Miller & Associates, Inc.             The Warm Place Staff                William Harrell
JUDY KNOTT                                      Kathy Twardzik                      Coni & Gary Hennersdorf
  Carol & Larry Small                           Linda & Harol Wyatt                 Sherri Jolliffe
LARRY LEE                                    MELISSA SHIPMAN                        Alpha Delta Kappa
  Barbara & Joe Ansley                          Sandy Hansen                        Marjorie Kohler
JOHN MANSFIELD                               ROBERT SICARD                          Sharon Kolba
  Pat & Mike Clark                              Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas               Rolf Larson
  Jeanne & Dave Craig                        NED SOLLIS                             Master Gardeners
  Carol & Larry Small                           Ernestine Bridges                   Robbie Metzger
DENNIS MARTIN                                MARY SOSEBEE                           Ken Norman
  Sue, Paul, & Tess Belauskas                   Barbara Greer                       Robert Ogren
PAT & JARRETT MATLOCK                        DARLENE SOUTH                          Karen Redwine
  Anne & Carter Ferguson                        Brad Carter Family                  Rolling Hills Garden Club
KENNY MAY                                    HENRY N. STEWART                       Jane Romine
  Merlene & Jim Niedermayer                     Elaine Lacker                       Rodney Sikes
KIM MCCOY                                    AGGIE STRAUSS                          Kita Vyce
  Leah Earl                                     Peggy & Lee Bohme                   Shirley & Ron Wells
BILLY MCDADE, SR.                               Jeneanne Carson                     Jim White
  Linda Mathis & Billy McDade, Jr.              Cullen Weston Pines & Bach L.L.P.   Miss Alesha White
KENNETT ALDEN MCLELAND                          Diane Duea                          Winscott Road Funeral Home
  Annette & Jerry Blaschke                      Ann & Bill Greenhill                Women of Rotary of Fort Worth
JANIE MCWHORTER                                 Vicki & George Johnson              Joan Yannon
  Annette & Jerry Blaschke                      Maureen McCausland
MICHAEL MICHALSKI                               Marie & Robert Prom
  Christine Turner
                                                SEIU District 1199W/UP
                                                Marian & David Stokes
  Wini & Ted Klein
                                                Kathy Telger
                                                Alice & Jim Thomes
  Platinum Communications Staff
                                             JEWEL FIELD SWOFFORD
                                                Sarilyn & Mitch Lucas               DONATIONS
                                                                                    Bank of America Matching Gifts
  Linda, Kate & David Terry                  THOMAS TAYLOR
CALVIN NEDDENRIEP                               Annette & Jerry Blaschke            John Huck
  Sheila Broderick Johnson                      Wini & Ted Klein                    United Way of Central New Mexico
                                                                                    Clint Wells

                                                                  - 11 -
                    2006 Friday Night at the ZOO Sponsors
         —— Lions ——                                          —— Gorillas ——                       —— Giraffes ——
95.9 The Ranch                                          AmeriCredit                          Ms. Tori Adams & Mr. Jim DuBose
Once Upon a Time …                                      Anonymous                            Sue and John Allen Chalk, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kleinheinz                            Cook Children’s Medical Center       Colonial Savings, F.A.
Star-Telegram                                           Encore Acquisition Company           Frost Bank
                                                        Frank W. Neal & Assoc., Inc.         Galderma Laboratories
         —— Tigers ——                                   In memory of Robert D. Fry                   .
                                                                                             James P and Nancy Grubbs, In memory of
Amon G. Carter Foundation                               Scott, Wendy & Anna Gerrish            Jeffrey Scott Grubbs
Dillards                                                Higginbotham & Associates            The Hanley Family
Lisa and Randy Grubbs, In memory of                     Hughes & Luce LLP                    Ben and Jan Johnson
  Jeffrey Scott Grubbs                                  LINBECK                              Michael and Linda Nolan
Katrine Menzing Deakins Charitable                      Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas     Elizabeth & Paul Ray Jr.
  Trust, Bank of America Private Bank,                    Neonatology, Fort Worth —          Samsill Corporation
  Trustee                                                 Arlington — Mid-Cities             Phillips Ray Capital Management, Inc.
The Omega Financial Group                               Pier 1 Imports                       Village Homes
Quicksilver Resources, Inc.                             Western Research & Management, LLC   Wortham Insurance & Risk Management
Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth                              Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing

                                                        —— Special Thanks To ——
                                           Jenni Auvenshine Design — Invitation and T-Shirt Design
                                      Richard Don Simms and Derwood Rowell — Banjo and Guitar Music
                                                   Steve Harmon — Master of Ceremonies
                                                          Grady and Jennifer Spears

                           The WARM Place
                           809 Lipscomb Street                                                                    NON-PROFIT
                           Fort Worth, Texas 76104-3121                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                           Phone: (817) 870-2272                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                                FORT WORTH, TX
                           Fax: (817) 870-2570                                                                    PERMIT #872
                           Address Service Requested
Gordon Appleman              Deloris Hummel
Charlotte Bogard             Elizabeth Jones, Ph.D.
Linda Christie               Marsha Kleinheinz
Denis Cranford               Paul Ray III
Dick Curry                   John Richardson, M.D.
Matthew Denny                Tom Roberts
Mike Douglass                William Starz
Barbara Greer                Cindy Thompson
Coni Hennersdorf             Shirley Wells

             Peggy Bohme, Executive Director
                Tina Casey, Office Manager
       Donna DeGrand, Licensed Professional Counselor
         Vicki Johnson, Associate Executive Director
          Kathy Telger, LPC-S, Program Director
           Donna Uselding, Director of Volunteers
        Emily Vick, Director of Community Relations
            Nancy Weiser, Operations Assistant

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