CRP Test Script (DOC) by yaoyufang


									                                          Test Script

Form Number              CW130
Application / Report     Payroll
Test Name                Create Contract Time Records

Test                     Adding time records to a time card batch for a regular payroll cycle
Description              Based on teacher contract setup

                            Required Inputs / Setup Requirements
            Employees must be set up in the system; assignments added to contract (CW101)

                                       Test Work Steps

     Adding a time record for EE’s who are in system and have a contract set up in
        1. Access CW130
        2. Enter Job Name
        3. Enter Company 10
        4. Enter Pay Frequency
        5. Enter employee group
        6. Click on Options Tab
        7. Enter Assignment Type = 1 (Base and Supplemental)
        8. Enter Batch number (from Batch Assignment Spreadsheet)
        9. Enter Time Record Date: this will be the last day in the pay period of the payroll you
            are processing.
        10. Enter Pay Cycle: this will correspond to the Pay Cycle Sheet
        11. Click on Add
        12. Click on Submit
        13. Click on Submit
        14. Click on Print Mgr and review messages

                                      Anticipated Output
   CW130 report should display employee, hours, rates broken down by work periods.

Failed. Time records not created in batch from TCA.

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