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									                                                                                                                                Volume: 8    Issue:14

                   Oakhill Day School

April 5, 2011

                                                                                                                                     In a Nutshell
What’s Inside
                                                                     What a weekend! I enjoyed spending time Saturday and Sunday cheering on our
In a Nutshell                                                        Oakhill Track and Field Teams at Rockhurst High School. The athletes made
From Leah’s Desk                                                     Oakhill proud. Nothing could stop them from running their best – not the
Lifeskills                                                           WIND, and not the 90 degree heat on Sunday. Spring is definitely in the air!
Talking Tech
Supporting Oakhill
Learning Strategies
What to Know (PTO)                               More Details
In the Classroom
Coming Up                                        What to Know (PTO)

                                                 PTO has so many fun things in store for this 2010-2011 school year! Go inside to read our new
The next ACORN will be                           newsletter that contains all of our upcoming events and other PTO news!
published Tuesday, April 19th. All
                                                 More Details
submissions are due
Wednesday, April 13th by 3:00 PM.

                                                 Fun with Kids’ Club!

                                                 Spring Break was a ton of fun in Kids’ Club. We enjoyed playing outside in the fresh air
                                                 for days on end! The kids had a blast creating great mural masterpieces each day as we cov-
                                                 ered the tables with paper and let their creativity flow. We played games, created fun
                                                 crafts, and spent time hanging out with our friends. Join us after the school year (the week
                                                 between school and summer school) for more full day fun and adventures.

                                                 Classes and Clubs:
                                                 Last week we began our “I Can Do It Myself” class for our Preschool-Kindergarten
                                                 children. The class filled quickly and closed only days after opening! If there is enough
     Visit Kids’ Club on the web at:
       www.oakhilldayschool.org                  interest we will look at running the class again next fall. Students will learn some great tips
                                                 including how to tie their shoes, button and snap, and zip up their coats. Mrs. Fousek is
                                                 excited about the class—and we have a wonderful Middle School helper! Caitlyn Richards
                                                 will be spending her Thursday afternoons helping our kids learn these and other important
                                                 self-help skills.

To remove your name from our mailing list, please click here.
Questions or comments? E-mail us at michelle.mcdaniel@oakhilldayschool.org
    In a Nutshell

    What a weekend! I enjoyed spending time Saturday and Sunday cheering on our Oakhill Track and Field Teams at Rockhurst High School.
    The athletes made Oakhill proud. Nothing could stop them from running their best – not the WIND, and not the 90 degree heat on
    Sunday. Spring is definitely in the air!

    Before we move on to Spring (although we are all ready to do so), I want to rewind for a moment and reflect one last time on our Annual
    Auction. This year’s “Run for the Roses” Event profited $132,000.00!!!! That is approximately $26,000.00 MORE than last year, and the
    MOST ever! Thank you to everyone in the Oakhill Community for your support and commitment to the event. Next year’s auction will be
    underway shortly!!!

    On Friday, April 1st I was the brunt of MANY April Fool’s jokes…my shoe was untied, a bug was in my hair, and my shirt had a stain on it.
    What a fun day – there is nothing like those sweet, innocent, traditional April Fool’s jokes!

    Speaking of traditions, fourth quarter brings a time of reflection, fun, and the fulfillment of traditions. Some are old and some are new, but
    each brings its own identity and anticipation. Let’s start with a brand new one – Acorn Day Celebration.

    I am thrilled to bring the very first Acorn Day Celebration to Oakhill – an annual garden/landscaping beautification project! This is a
    campus/student event I have been waiting to implement for the past four years, and I am excited it is only three weeks away!

    Coach Speer’s mom, Beverly Fox, spent a great deal of time planning and designing the garden area between the modular and main building.
    This space will be planted with trees, shrubs, perennials, and native plants. Mrs. Newhouse was able to secure a $1000.00 grant from the
    Missouri Department of Conservation to take care of all the native plants. With the support of Oakhill families, friends, grandparents, and
    alumni we hope to complete the proposed garden by Earth Day. This will be a wonderful opportunity to recognize or honor students,
    teachers, and other important people in the lives of the children.

    We will enjoy a celebratory “ground breaking/planting” featuring our Preschool and Eighth Grade classes on April 22nd at 2:45 pm. As al-
    ways, any and all are invited to attend the ceremony – the more, the merrier! You have received detailed information in the ACORN email,
    and hard copies were mailed to the entire community yesterday.

    Other traditions awaiting Oakhill include our third Kindergarten Graduation, second Eighth grade Graduation and Kindergarten / Eighth
    Grade Brunch. These are special events very near and dear to our hearts, and each event marks such a special transition in the students’ lives.

    Oakhill maintains other traditions year round: excellence in academics, strength in community, and pride in athletics. Oakhill means a lot of
    things to a lot of people, but it always focuses on the students – their growth – their opportunities – their future! Events may come and events
    may go, but the traditions of academic excellence, a strong community, and athletic pride will continue for the next 64 years!!!!

    Enjoy the 4th quarter and embrace the traditions,


April 5, 2011                                                                        2
From Leah’s Desk

                 Thank you to everyone that participated in the Snake Saturday
                 Parade. This fun and important community event reaches so many
                 people in the Northland. Oakhill won 13th place and $500 for our
                 entry into the parade! Thank you to the Painter and Pennington
                 families for all they did for Oakhill and the students.

Having a presence and word of mouth are important ways to communicate to the
community about Oakhill. Oakhill strives to evaluate the best marketing for the
school. In marketing there are tools that become ineffective or obsolete. More and
more, the trend is that a family found us by looking for schools online or heard
about Oakhill from their friends.

As the internet becomes a larger source for marketing within businesses on sites like
Facebook, Parent Connection Pages…even sites like Groupon, Oakhill hopes to
not follow in the marketing trend, but be a leader for marketing this way within the
Kansas City school realm. Over the next few months we hope that our online
presence is one that you see growing.

I have said, over and over again, that word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool a
school can have. You’re happy here and want to have your friends and family share
in your children’s education.

My job is to talk about Oakhill. I do this every chance I get and am excited to do
so. Someone you know may not be satisfied with where their children are
currently attending school or haven’t even realized the time is now to be looking for
an early childhood program for their one year old. Over the next couple of months
I would love an opportunity to come and speak to the people you work with and
provide them with lunch. This is a great way for you to spread the word about
Oakhill and maybe even get Ambassador Credit!

Spreading the word,

Leah Gipe
Director of Admissions and Marketing

                                                                3                       April 5, 2011

    Lifeskills are a set of valuable traits or characteristics that once    Congratulations To Our March Lifeskill Award Recipients!
    learned, modeled and lived give each child the
                                                                                                    Georgia Carter
    interpersonal tools they will need to adapt to or work through
                                                                                                     Pierce Wand
    anything that life throws at them.
                                                                                                   Ava Kirkpatrick
    Oakhill Day School focuses on one or more Lifeskills per                                         Mallory Potts
    month. Activities in the classroom reinforce the Lifeskill focus                                 Owen Riddle
    each month. Fun ideas for home will come to you via the                                         Dylan Montes
    ACORN each month as well!                                                                       Jackson Brown
            ODS prides itself on helping students prepare for life in a                              Jakob Kuehn
                            positive and healthy way.
                                                                                                    Jackson Smith
                                                                                                 Cameron Koeniguer
                                April Lifeskills:
                                                                                                       Alex Lee
                          Effort—To Do Your Best
                                                                                                     Maddy Yosel
                 Initiative– To Take Action When Needed
                                                                                                 Dominique Boswell

                “To finish first, you must first finish.”
                                 ~Rick Mears

        Teaching Your Child to Show Initiative

        Self-motivation is key to any child’s success in school and in life. These tips will help you teach your child the basics of
        believing in their own abilities.

        •   Give children choices rather then telling them what to do.

        •   Make children believe they have the ability to accomplish anything, even when they don’t believe they can succeed.

        •   Encourage your child to set their own goals… like writing their name or riding a bike.

        •   Have your child volunteer with you or on their own. Helping others is a great way to teach confidence.

        Read more: How to Teach a Child Initiative | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2069385_teach-child-

April                                                                                                                                  5,
                                                                                               Talking Tech

                                Teen Chat Guide for Parents

                                                Instant messaging and texting abbreviations, made up
                                                of numeral and letters, are often incomprehensible to
                                                parents. LOL (laugh out loud) and OMG (oh my
                                                gosh) are by far the most popular terms. POS (parent
                                                over shoulder) is also common. Most abbreviations
                                                are harmless, like BRB for “be right back” or CUL8R
                                                for “see you later,” but some are used to secretly dis-
                                                cuss things that might be harmful to your child. So
                                                you may want to brush us on your Chat lingo,
                                                KWIM (know what I mean)?

                                                New abbreviations are invented all the time, so it’s
                                                hard to keep up with, but you can find a fairly com-
                                                prehensive list at www.techdictionary.com. Teen
Chat Decoder (www.teenchatdecoder.com) lets you type in an abbreviation and translates for you. Here
are some terms to get you started:

                                     Common Abbreviations

AFAIK – as far as I know                      BBL – be back later
ATM – at the moment                           BTW – by the way
ASL – age sex location                        B4N- bye for now
CD9 – Code 9 (means parents around)           D8 – date
F2F – face to face                            GTG/G2G – got to go
H8 – hate (H1-H9 indicate levels of hate)     KPC – keep parents clueless
LMHO – laughing my head off                   MOS – mom over shoulder
PAW – parents are watching                    PIR – parents in room
TIA – thanks in advance                       TTYL/TTUL/T2UL/T2YL – talk to you later

                                                  5                                                       April 5, 2011
    Supporting Oakhill

                                                                                     Make A Gift Now!

                                                      Annual Giving Parent Participation as of April 4, 2011

                                   We need everyone’s commitment to reach 100% Parent Participation. Thank You!
                                                                                            ~2010-11 Annual Fund Committee

   It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

       Did you bring home so many awesome new finds from the Auction that you need to make space for it all? Eager to get
          rid of all those winter duds to make way for shorts and swimsuits? Is moving on your summer list of things to do?

                                    The Treasure Sale is Coming!
                                                    June 9-11, 2011

                            This garage sale fundraising event is a fun and easy way to support Oakhill…
                           Dates and details on donation drop-off coming soon...in the next Friday email!

                                      Want to volunteer to work the sale, set up, or clean up?
                              Please contact Michelle McDaniel or Haley Eisler for more information.

                                   We’re adding something new to the Treasure Sale this year…

                                                       Cash 4 Gold
       Bring in your old gold, sliver, platinum, and precious stones and Balano Fine Jewelry will pay you for your jewelry and
                                  donate a portion of their profit back to Oakhill… everyone wins!

April 5, 2011                                                                6
                                                                                                                   Learning Strategies

This column is designed to offer parents and teachers learning strategies to help their students reach their maximum
potential. If you have any specific areas you would like me to address, please feel free to email me at

                                       Tips for Helping Your Child Become a Better Writer

T       eaching a child to write can be challenging, but will result in enhancing a child’s creativity and imagination. Researchers
        at Walden University report that the writing process helps a child with organization, outlining, plot development, and
grammar skills. Developing patience, problem solving, accepting constructive criticism, and work completion are also involved
when producing a writing assignment. At an early age children enjoy having their own journal. Letting a child pick out a special
notebook and decorating it with stickers or illustrations will personalize their new writing journal. The notebook can be used
like a diary to record daily happenings and feelings as well as wonderfully creative stories and poems. When a child begins to
write it may be helpful to draw boxes labeled “first, then, and finally”, or “beginning, middle, and end” to teach sequencing and
the story-writing process. Daily writing activities include writing thank you notes, sending cards and letters, taking phone
messages, and requesting free samples or travel brochures. Children may enjoy a word bank to use while writing, writing
alternate endings to a story, and developing comic strips. Using technology may also encourage the young writer. Having a s
tudent email a relative or pen pal allows for writing practice as well as keyboarding experience. The National Writing Project of
2005 also suggests students email dialogue back and forth concerning a common book they have read. Parents should keep in
mind that the inexperienced writer should be first encouraged just to put creative ideas on paper. Spelling, punctuation, and
other mechanical errors can be addressed as the child becomes more proficient.

Additional information on developing writing skills can be found by referring to the National Writing Project – 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing, “How
to Teach Children to Learn to Write”, by K.B. Williams of eHow Contributor, and “Tips for Parents”, the Kentucky Department of Education.

                                                                         7                                                                April 5, 2011
      Beans from the Business Office

       It has been a crazy and exciting few months in the Business Office! I am excited to share two things with you in this issue. First, I
       wanted to officially welcome Mrs. Dodson as my new Finance Office Assistant. As many of you know, my previous partner, Mrs. Pas-
       bach moved on to work with a lifelong friend. I have missed her and have been working diligently to keep the Business Office going.

       Luckily Mrs. Dodson was up for the part-time challenge and we have started a great new partnership committed to giving you the
       same warm, happy and accurate level of customer service that hopefully have come to expect. Most of you know Mrs. Dodson from
       Kids’ Club or Oakhill Summer Days as she is also our Auxiliary Programs Coordinator. I am thrilled that she will be spending some
       time with me and that I am afforded some much needed help.

       Secondly, I want to say “Thank you” to everyone who has truly embraced SMART Tuition over the past year. In March, we com-
       pleted our first billing “year” with this company and it has gone very well. I also want to thank everyone for providing honest feedback,
       asking questions, requesting passwords, and giving suggestions on how to make it even better.

       With the most current invoice due by April 15th, we are starting on a new billing “year” which matches how we collect tuition. With
       the first tuition payment option starting in April, we jump to the 2011-2012 billing year even though we have a few months remaining
       in the current school year. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how this works.

                Charges for March through the end of the year
                Whether you have reenrolled for next year or not, all charges being billed on account will be billed under the 2011-2012 bill-
                ing year for the remainder of school. In addition to tuition payments due, items that you will see on your statement this
                month include:
                  Charges from the Childrens’ Auction                     Spirit Shop
                  Science Expo Chili Supper                               Music Lessons
                  Pre-ordered April Lunches                               Tutoring Sessions
                  February Add-on Lunches                                 Martial Arts Lessons
                  February Extended Care Charges                          Booster Club Charges

                Enrollment Contracts and Tuition Deposits
                All enrollment contracts and tuition deposits that were received and accepted before spring break were recorded in SMART
                Tuition on the invoice due by April 15th. On this invoice you will see fees for Tuition Deposit, Activity Fee, Enrollment/
                Supply Fee and anything else that may have been included with your tuition deposit. The payment made as your deposit has
                also been applied to this month as well.

                Tuition Discounts
                Through the re-enrollment process, discounts for multiple children, certain payment plans, financial aid are issued to our
                families as they qualify. These discounts are spread over all payments due to the school. For example, if your family received a
                $500 Additional Child Discount and you selected the four-payment plan, this credit would be divided by four and you would
                receive a discount of $125 on each of the payments you make.

April 5, 2011                                                                        8
                                                                                           CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!

                   Please get involved by contacting, Mary Hawkins at
                       mehawkinsnet@sbcglobal.net or 816-516-9996
           You can also contact the committee member listed. Thank you!!!

Musical Help ...
We need a couple of strong men who are willing to help Craig Johnson set up the stage on Friday, April 8th. Craig will
start at 9am and it should take about 2 hours. Please contact Craig at craig.johnson@Oakhilldayschool.org or myself
mehawkinsnet@sbcglobal.net if you can help.

Jo Hill also needs a little help "tweaking" the stage backdrop. Jo has a house painted but needs help embellishing it. If
you are artistic and can help out please contact Mrs. Hill at jo.hill@oakhilldayschool.org or myself.

Dining Hall Help Needed: Have you ever visited your children during lunch? The food is great, the
atmosphere is fun, and your children enjoy seeing you. Helping during lunch is even better because you see all the
students and teachers. Schedules vary. You could work every week, once a month, or whatever fits into your schedule.
Contact: Stephanie Kuehn at stephrk2@gmail.com.

Mary Hawkins
Parent Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                         Beans from the Business Office Continued...

         Balances left on the 2010-2011 school year
         A number of our families had a credit balance on their 2010-2011 school year as they paid ahead. Any balances, whether a
         credit or a balance due, will be transferred to the 2011-2012 billing year for the invoice due on May 15th.

Hopefully this information will give some insight into your current bill and how it works. As always, if you ever have a question
about your bill, please stop by or give me a call.

Sarah Van Duser
Director of Finance

                                                                   9                                                            April 5, 2011
                            What to Know… From PTO
           Letter from the PTO President                                                        Upcoming Events
           Spring has sprung and PTO is ready for some spring fun! First, join us for a         April 5            River Roll Skate
           evening of family fitness at River Roll Skate Center on April 5th at                                    Party

           6:30. Admission and skate rental is free for current Oakhill students. Skating
                                                                                                Save the Date
           Parents and non-ODS siblings will pay $3.75 admission and $1.00 skate
           rental. Let's see which classroom skates away with a trophy and pizza party          May 16             PTO End of
                                                                                                                   School Year
           for best attendance!                                                                                    Picnic

           Second, save the date of May 16th to celebrate the conclusion of another
           great academic year. Please note that this year's celebration will be held at
           Oak Grove Park, 76th and North Troost, Gladstone. The picnic will get
           underway at 5:30 with the potluck dinner being served at 6:00. PTO will
           supply the hotdogs, meat, and beverages.                                              PTO Executive Committee
           We look forward to good food and good company as we recognize the work                Kendra Burge-Schneider
           of all of the school's great volunteers.                                              Vice-Presidents
                                                                                                 Heather Beaird-Eisler
                                                                                                 Karen Morris
                                                                                                 Tiffany Gravis
           Kendra Burge-Schneider
           PTO President
                                                                                                 Haley Eisler

           A Personal Note from the Care and Concern Committee
           When I volunteered to help out with the Care and Concern Committee, it was to be a support to our ODS
           friends during times of difficulty. As you may know, our family recently experienced our own challenge. I am
           writing to say thank you for the great outpouring of support from the teachers and staff assisting us with
           Kathryn's studies, to parents who transported things between school and our home, to the second grade families
           for all the goodies, meal and treats, and the students for all the drawings and notes. In addition to all of this, we
           received so many emails, calls, and Facebook messages letting us know people were thinking of Kathryn. Simply
           put, the school community we didn't realize could amaze us any further...DID! We are so fortunate to be part
           of this great community!

            Thanks again,
            Heather Beaird-Eisler

April 5, 2011                                                                  10
                                                                             More Fun with Kids’ Club...

  We also began multiple garage band classes as our bands polish off their guitars, drums, keyboards and
  vocal chords to prepare for their performances in May. Mrs. Ely will be helping 1st grade on Tuesday
  after school, 7th & 8th grade Wednesdays before school, and 5th grade Fridays after school as these
  groups practice their performance numbers.

  Up Next:
  April BONUS DAY: Come join us Monday, April 25th for our “Games Galore” BONUS Day. We
  will break the kids up into groups and play some fun games like Paint Stick Hockey, Lame Hen in the
  Henhouse, Kitchen Plate Mini-Golf, Big Truck Relay, and Indoor Shuffleboard. The kids will have a
  blast putting their balance, coordination, and sense of fun to the test in these great games. A light snack
  will be served before the games begin. If you are already a Kids’ Club member then the event is free of
  charge. If you don’t normally come to Kids’ Club in the afternoons and wish to attend the cost is only
  $17 for an afternoon of fun of games.

  If you wish to sign up for any of these great events, or if you have any questions, please email Kathryn

                           Take It and Bake It Meals & Birthday Treats—Get Bistro To-Go

       & BISTRO KIDS!
                   Mini Muffins                                        Your Home!           Bistro Kids
                 Frosted Cupcakes
                      Cookies                                                       May Menu:
               Whole Cookie Cake                                    ORDER DUE                April15
                    Fresh Fruit                                     PICK UP                  May 2
   Kabobs with Brown Sugar Yogurt Dipping
                                                                    BBQ Chicken
              Sauce (pick your color)                               Coleslaw
                                                                    Spinach Strawberry Poppy
                                                                    seed Salad
                      $36 for
 2 dozen muffins, cupcakes, or cookies or 1                         Healthy Dessert
                   cookie cake.                                                              Price: $28
    Order your Birthday Treats Today!                                       Take It and Bake It link

                                                       11                                                       April 5, 2011
      In the Classroom— Lower School

                2nd Graders Trace Their Roots

                               Oakhill second graders are in the midst of a unit on family heritage in Social
                               Studies. During Grandparents & Special Friends’ Day, each student was able to
                               interview their guest to learn about their family ancestry. This information was
                               used to make ships with flags representing the different countries occupied by
                               their ancestors. This project leads into a more in depth look into the each
                               students family history. This includes learning the flag, capital, language,
                               landmarks, holidays, traditions, and foods from their ancestral countries.

                                                                         Got News?
                Be sure to email all the great extracurricular accomplishments of your Lower School student to: lisa.manley@oakhilldayschool.org

April 5, 2011                                                                            12
                                                                                    In the Classroom— Specialists

     Greater Kansas City Science Fair
      Congratulations go to three fourth-grade inventors who received ribbons at the Kansas City Science
      Fair. Lucas Dorrell and Blaine Feaster received gold ribbons for their inventions, “Goodbye Spills”
      and the “Ice Pack Pillowcase.” Will Yantis won a silver ribbon for his invention, the “Hot Umbrella.”

                                                                               2011 Geography Celebration
     Can you name the Central American country that has the city of Santa Ana? This city is a major coffee
     producer and shares its name with a nearby volcanic peak.

     On Friday March 11th we held a competition for all 4th-8th graders at Oakhill Day School. The
     competition was fast and furious as Mrs. Newhouse and Ms. Stinson asked geography questions. The
     students had 15 seconds to answer questions about America, state quarters, U. S. cities, continents and
     the finals involved World Geography. Our two finalists were Alex Lee and Noah Barth with Noah
     taking the championship golden globe award home.

     By the way, the answer to the question above is El Salvador.

     Congratulations Noah!

     2011 MCTM Math Competition
     On March 5, the following students competed in the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
     (MCTM) contest at Barstow: 4th Grade- Lucas Dorrell, Jacqueline Barth, Brit Richardson, Blaine
     Feaster, and Jack Lowery; 5th Grade- Brady McCanles, Trent Neutgens, Darcy Bond, Harrison Feaster,
     and Cameron Koeniguer; 6th Grade- Alex Lee, Max Gruschka, Amy Gruschka, Ellaina Sanders, and
     Kayla Roesner. Students were chosen in their classrooms to represent Oakhill at the Regional level
     competing against several other private schools, home school students and a few elementary schools
     from the districts in Kansas.

     Students took a 30 minute test on concepts and a 30 minute test on problem solving. The top 10
     students in each grade level were recognized at the awards ceremony. Big congratulations to all students
     who participated. Brit Richardson and Jack Lowery received an Honorable Mention award in the Con-
     cepts category. Brady McCanles placed 5th in Problem Solving and Trent Neutgens received an Honor-

                                                           Got News?
Be sure to email all the great extracurricular accomplishments of your Middle school student to: amie.robertson@oakhilldayschool.org

                                                                    13                                                                 April 5, 2011
     In the Classroom— Middle School Continued...

                2011 MCTM Math Competition Cont...
                able Mention award. Trent Neutgens placed 2nd in concepts and will be representing Oakhill at the
                state level at the Missouri State University Campus on Saturday, April 30. Max Gruschka placed 5th in
                concepts and received an Honorable Mention award in Problem Solving and Alex Lee received an Hon-
                orable Mention award in Concepts.

                Way to go kiddos!

                GOOD LUCK AT STATE TRENT!

                                                                             Science Fun at Union Station
                                                Science was on display at Union Station while Oakhill Day School was
                                                on Spring Break. The 60th Greater Kansas City Science and
                                                Engineering Fair took place March 23rd-26th in downtown Kansas City,
                                                MO. After much hard work and dedication, judges chose six
                                                middle school projects to send to Union Station to be displayed and
                                                judged a second time.

                                                Each student, or group of students, that submitted a project received
                                                either a gold, silver or bronze ribbon. Congratulations to Amy
                                                Gruschka, Alex Lee and Kayla Roesner for receiving a gold ribbon,
                Madison Ferrara, Patrick Robey and Alex Roney for receiving a silver ribbon, and Mary Gravis,
                Dominique Boswell and Brianna Ely for receiving a bronze ribbon. In addition to those ribbons, special
                and academic awards were given to those students who excelled in their category. Alex Lee and Kayla
                Roesner, both in sixth grade, received special honors for their projects. Alex Lee received a purple ro-
                sette for placing 1st in the Behavioral Sciences category among all intermediate entrants. Kayla
                received a purple rosette (placing her 3rd among all students who entered a Force and Motion project),
                recognition by the Federal Aviation Administration for an outstanding project. She was also given the
                opportunity to enter her project into a national science fair. Way to go Kayla!

                We are proud of all the students who entered projects into the fair. Congratulations!

April 5, 2011                                                                14
                                        Let’s Get Ready to Rock!

                                         It’s Summer Time!

The 2011 Oakhill Summer Days catalog is online now. Follow the
link to check out all the fun and exciting things we have in store for
you this summer! There are great camps for the younger campers and
new choices for the older campers. With fun classes like Duct Tape
& Bubble Wrap, Pop Bottle Science, Divine Desserts, Garage Band,
and Ceramics ...there’s sure to be just the right class for your camper.
So go online today to sign up for these and other summer classes.
Get your spot secured today.

You can register online or use the links to walk in or fax your

            15                                                    April 5, 2011
Coming Up at Oakhill...
Wednesday, April 6
Spring Pictures - April 6 & 7, 2011
8:30 AM, Oakhill Gymnasium
All students will have their picture taken. Pre-printed packages will be sent home for the parents to look over and purchase if they want. Parents return payment and/or any
pictures they do not want. There are NO re-takes for spring pictures. Questions, please contact Sharon in the Central Office. Picture Schedule: 4/6 - Parrack, Manley, Staley,
Ferris, Boyd, Wills, Crouse, Bock, Zdvorak, Tenner, Jones & Fulop. 4/7 - Clevenger, Driskill, Staley, Ferris, Jones, Trager, Hule, Robertson, Newhouse, Stinson & Feagles.
Contact: Sharon Phillips

Friday, April 8
Fourth Graders Visit the Coterie Theatre
9:00 AM, Coterie Theatre
Fourth Graders will enhance their social studies lessons with a visit to the Coterie Theatre to view the performance "Ben Franklin's Apprentice" on April 8, 2011. For more
information contact Jackie Fulop.

Wednesday, April 13
First Grade Field Trip to Discovery Center
8:45 AM, Discovery Center - 4750 Troost Avenue, KCMO
Oakhill First Grade students will spend the day at the Discovery Center with two great workshops - Exploring the outdoors: What Is It? and Nature's Bounty: Show Me
Mammals. They will leave Oakhill at 8:45am and return around 2:30pm. Students will eat their lunch at Discovery Center. For more information contact Lisa Manley.

Thursday, April 14
Prekindergarten - Second Grade Spring Musical
7:00 PM, Oakhill Gymnasium
Students in Prekindergarten - Second Grade will perform "Rockin' with Momma Goose & the Grimm Brothers" on Thursday, April 14, 2011. Students do not need costumes.
You don't want to miss this great musical so mark your calendars now! For more information regarding this event you can check out Mrs. Hill's Music Newsletter on our
website or email your child's teacher or Jo Hill for more information.

Friday, April 15
Third - Eighth Grade Spring Musical
7:00 PM, Oakhill Gymnasium
Mark your calendars for Oakhill's Spring Musical performance "Tom Sawyer" by Third - Eighth Grade Students under the direction of Mrs. Jo Hill . The students need to dress
in costumes representing the year 1850 in Hannibal Missouri. Contact Mrs. Jo Hill for more information.

Tuesday, April 19
Randy Nadler Assembly
1:00 PM, Oakhill Day School
Join Randy Nadler as he shares his knowledge of exciting destinations in South America -The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, The Otavalo Indians of Equador and the
magnificent wildlife paradise sanctuaries of the Galapagos Islands. We will see the beautiful, rugged scenery of Machu Picchu, the lost city and Ciadel Fortress created by the
Inca strategic genius. Mr. Nadler will share with us the best of the 4500 pictures taken on this trip. Watch for more information regarding this opportunity for our students or
contact Sharon Phillips for more information.

Friday, April 22
Earth Day / Acorn Day Celebration
2:45 PM, Oakhill Day School
Oakhill students will celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22. Preschool - Eighth Grade students will end the day with the Acorn Day Celebration beginning at 2:45pm. For
more information on Acorn Day, please contact Michelle McDaniel, Director of Development.

Practice and after school activity schedules can be found on the website. Times and events will be updated as changes occur. If you would like to add an event to the school
calendar, please contact Sharon in the central office. Thank You!

                 If you have friends interested in Oakhill,
            Invite them to one of our Upcoming Open Houses
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                                                                                                              If you are interested in submitting to future
                                                                                                              editions of the ACORN, please e-mail Mi-
                                                                                                              chelle McDaniel, Director of Communica-
                                                                                                              tions and Development at michelle.mcdaniel@
                                                                                                              oakhilldayschool.org. Thank You!

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                                                           and social development.

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