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									The VeriWise™ SC200 product is an externally powered mobile             VeriWise Features
telematics unit that has a satellite transceiver, built-in GPS          •   Best-in-class technology
receiver, local intelligence, sensors and a battery pack for reliable   •   24-hour secure access to user interface … with visual asset mapping
asset tracking, cargo monitoring and logging.                           •   Exception management of data
                                                                        •   Reporting tailor-made to fit your operations
The SC200 sends information in real time at preset intervals to the     •   Collaboration with respected industry experts and global channel
ESA satellite system which relays the information to ground                 partners
stations. The data is then available to you via the internet.           •   Installation, repair and maintenance support … comprehensive
                                                                            European workshop and mobile van network
                                                                        •   A transport-focused Helpdesk … open 24/7 and in multiple languages
Technical Specifications                                                •   GE brand and reputation … global R&D capabilities
  Communication                 Satellite based                         •   Extensive telematics and transport industry experience
  External casing               IP67 rated                              •   GE FleetAdvice™ consultancy experts using Lean Six Sigma
                                Aluminium                                   methodology and tools
                                2.50 cm x 1.50 cm x 0.90 cm
  Internal enclosure            Stainless steel
                                8.5 cm x 8.0 cm x 2.7 cm
  Weight                        ∼ 4.5 kg
  Operating temperature         -30°C to +70°C
  Humidity                      IP67 compliant

  Speed                         Max. 200 km/hr
  External supply voltage       Primary voltage range: 9-32 Volt
  External supply current       Full operational: 150mA@24V (avg)
                                Charging power internal battery

                                depending on charge level
                                External: 1,7A max@24V
  Battery life                  1 month autonomy (depending on

  Battery power supply          Rechargeable
                                6V/4,5Ah Hawker Cyclon
  Antennas & cables (x 2)       108 x 22 mm, SMA connector, cable
                                length standard 4 m
  Interfaces                    Direct I/O: 4 x digital inputs
                                1 x RS232C serial bus
                                Micro LAN bus
                                LED for diagnostics and testing
  Inputs                        External power detection (multiple)
                                Sensor cable with 2 x temperature
                                sensors and door sensor
  Installation kit              Antenna bracket, RTV kit, electrical
                                connection ABS & lights, installation
                                manual & user manual
  Programming                   Preconfigured

CE label
e label (Automotive)
Low Voltage

ISO 16750
                                                                                                             Product Datasheet:
Functional Description                                                                                                                                      SC200
Power                                                                                    Events
• The external power source on a trailer is primarily the lights                         The modem has functionality to send “events”, which are additional
  connection, and in addition, a connection to the ABS/EBS system                        messages independent of the selected active mode reporting
• Reefer battery connection (only available on request)                                  schedule. Different events are possible and specified by the
• Internal protection against over current, transients and overheating                   customer: examples include door opening, hooked/tethered
• Internal battery pack as secondary power source (activated upon                        or power change.
  discontinuation of external power source)                                              • Active/external mode event: an event in active mode will be sent as
                                                                                           soon as possible.
Communications                                                                           • Battery mode event: an event during battery mode will be sent as
• Utilises Spacechecker communications channel on ESA satellite                            soon as possible. The detected event will turn the modem
  system (Artemis)                                                                         temporarily to active mode to enable sending of the event.
• Duplex communication channel
                                                                                         Event store and forward
Mounting options                                                                         Event store and forward means that event messages can be created
• Horizontal or vertical positioning                                                     without direct sending of the message from the modem. This occurs
• Optional mounting brackets                                                             in out of coverage situations (e.g. not able to lock into the GPS
• Internal connection block for external wire connections                                satellites), where the complete event message will be stored (with
• Feed throughs in casing for antenna cables, external connection                        original date and time stamp) in modem memory and sent at the
  cables and optional sensor cable                                                       moment that normal operation of the modem can be resumed.

GPS function                                                                             Modem logging functions
• Built-in low-power 12-channel GPS receiver                                             • Distance
                                                                                         • Distance timer
Reporting content (main information)                                                     • Store & forward (buffer 128 messages)
• GPS location coordinate
• GPS time                                                                               Door sensor
• Speed                                                                                  • Aluminium GE Aritech (worldwide branded as GE Sentrol) sensor
• Direction                                                                              • Stainless steel armored cable
• GPS lock info
• Distance of movement                                                                   Temperature sensor cable
• Time of movement                                                                       • Assembled, containing door and two standard digital temperature
• Modem power state                                                                        sensors
• Battery voltage                                                                        • Operate on the 1-wire bus powered system of the modem
• Digital inputs                                                                         • Temperature range -55°C to +72°C, with a resolution of 0,5°C.
• Temperature
Operating modes                                                                          • Unique ID number
• Active/external mode: if external power applied, modem operates
  according to the active/external mode reporting schedule (multiple
  configurations possible … message every 5min, 15min or 1hr).
  During active/external mode, the internal battery will be charged
  and the modem will operate continuously on the external power
• Battery mode: is activated after removal of external power and the
  modem operates autonomously on the internal battery pack. During
  battery mode the modem will operate to preserve maximum battery
  power; this results in a default 6 hr battery mode reporting schedule.

About Asset Intelligence
GE’s Asset Intelligence business leverages 10 years of experience working with customers to develop and deliver the best proven vehicle telematics service, with over
150,000 VeriWise modems activated globally. Through innovative wireless communications and web technologies, our VeriWise satellite and GPRS/GSM based solutions
allow you to maintain control of your assets and freight, and make timely, well-informed decisions that can boost profits, improve business performance and set a new
standard in your customer service.

                                                                        For more information on our VeriWise solutions, visit
                                                                                                   All specifications are subject to change for product improvement without notice.

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