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									                                CONSULTATION PLAN
                                   CARE TRUST

 A formal consultation and summary document have been produced that will be
distributed to all stakeholders and partners.
These include MPs, social care providers, local health and social care organisations
with whom we have boundaries, GPs, Opticians, Dentists and Pharmacists,
voluntary groups, national standards bodies including the Healthcare Commission
and the Commission for Social Care Inspection, Overview and Scrutiny Committees,
Patient and Public Involvement Forum, patient and care representative organisations
including patient participation groups, PCT and Social Services staff, trades unions
and professional bodies, PCT Board and Professional Executive Committee and
Solihull Council and Councillors.

Members of the public will be able to access the document and its summary at
libraries, clinics, GP Surgeries, Social Services Area Offices, Solihull Council Offices
and via the PCT website.

         Date                           Details

         8th June 2005                  Formal Public Consultation Commences
          th        th
         7 to 27 July 2005              Public Events

         4th July to 12th August 2005 Focus Groups

         2nd to 23rd August 2005        Drop in Sessions

         14th September                 Consultation Ends

         October                        Results Announced

       Public Events

       Five public events will be held at venues across the borough. The public events will
       take place early evening and be held in schools wherever possible as they are
       accessible, independent and known to local people.

       The public events will take the form of a presentation and question and answer
       session. Members of the public will also be issued a copy of the questionnaire that
       appears in the consultation document and summary to complete and return.

       Note takers will be in attendance to record views and opinions and they will feed into
       the consultation/application process.

       PALS Officers and Social Care equivalent will be on hand to answer any queries or
       deal with any issues members of the public have that are unrelated to the Care Trust

       mackanesse                      Page 19/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
The Public Events will be advertised via the media, in the consultation document and
summary and via posters and flyers in public places like clinics, GP surgeries, social
services area offices, libraries etc.

Presenters at the event will include a representative from the Primary Care Trust and
Adult Social Services.

 Venue                                         Date                           Responsibility

 Public Event 1, Park Hall School,             7th July 2005                        KM/CA
 Castle Bromwich

 Public Event 2, Alderbrook School,            13th July 2005                       CA/GP

 Public Event 3, Arden School,                 14th July 2005                       CA/BN

 Public Event 4, Mill Lodge School,            20th July 2005                       KM/CA

 Public Event 5, Coleshill Heath               27th July 2005                       KM/CA
 School, Chelmsley Wood

Drop in Sessions

Informal drop in sessions will be arranged so members of the public can have a one
to one session with a member of the Care Trust Project Team in order to ask any
questions they may feel they have not had the opportunity to do so in a public
meeting or otherwise.

All of these sessions will take place at Room 2 in Solihull Connect at Solihull Library
between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm and between 2 pm and 4 pm.

 Date                                                             Responsibility

 2nd August 2005                                                          ST

 9th August 2005                                                          ST

 16th August 2005                                                         ST

 23rd August 2005                                                         CA

Care Trust Hotline

A dedicated hotline number will be set up to allow people to call and leave a
message of their views or requests for further information. The telephone number
will be 0121 712 8554 and the message will read:

mackanesse                       Page 29/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
        “Welcome to the Care Trust Hotline. We welcome your views on whether you think
        the establishment of a Care Trust in Solihull is a good idea or not so please leave
        your comments after the tone. If you are requesting information or would like a
        member of the Care Trust Project Team to contact you please leave your name and
        number after the tone.”

        Solihull Primary Care Trust’s Communications Manager will respond to any calls that
        are queries or requests for further information.


        A Website will be developed from the consultation document that will guide people
        around the site and allow them to make their views known online. It will be hosted
        on the PCT website at and be available from Solihull
        Council’s website

        The questionnaire that appears in the consultation document will be reproduced as a
        web form that can be completed online and returned automatically via email.

        Solihull Primary Care Trust’s Communications Manager will respond to any queries
        or requests for further information.

        Citizens Panel

        Solihull Council and Solihull PCT have a Citizens Panel, a panel of 1,000
        resident all of whom have volunteered to be part of the panel. They are statistically
        representative of the borough’s population as based on the 2001 Census. They are
        contacted four times per year by telephone survey with the results used to establish
        measures on awareness, satisfaction, perception and opinion on a variety of issues
        surrounding health and the local authority.

        A research brief has been submitted and the panel will be asked their views on the
        Care Trust during June.


        The public will gain some understanding of the Care Trust Consultation via the local
        media. The local media will be briefed on the Care Trust Consultation and press
        releases issued throughout the process to publicise events and outcomes.

        The media will be issued with a copy of the consultation document and invited to a
        media briefing for further detail and explanation.

        The media will be used to publicise public events and encourage local people to
        have their say.

         Mechanism                                    Timing                         Responsibility

         Media Briefing                               7th June 2005                  EM/JC/CA/KM/B

         Press release – Care Trust Consultation 7th June 2005                             EM/JC

         Press release – Public Event 1 (Park 30th June 2005                               EM/JC
         Hall School)

        mackanesse                      Page 39/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
      Press Release – Public Event 2 and 3 7th July 2005                                   EM/JC
      (Alderbrook School and Arden School)

      Press release – Public Event 4 (Mill 13th July 2005                                  EM/JC

      Press release – Final Public Event 20th July 2005                                    EM/JC
      (Coleshill Heath)

      Press release – Advising of drop in 25th July 2005                                   EM/JC

      Press Release - Update on responses 15th August 2005                                 EM/JC
      received so far
      Press release – Reminder to return 30 August 2005                                    RF/JC

      Press release – Advising of closing date 7th September 2005                          RF/JC
      of consultation

      Press release – result of consultation          October                              EM/JC


     All stakeholders will receive a copy of the Public Consultation Document and be
     asked to respond via the questionnaire.

     Focus Groups

     Five focus groups will be arranged with invited members that will represent the views
     of a number of groups i.e. patients, older people, carers, Learning Disability service
     users and voluntary groups.

     Members of the focus groups will be invited to take part and will receive expenses for
     doing so. Liz Nelson-Cooke and Linda Lee, the PCT’s Patient and Public
     Involvement Coordinator will facilitate the focus groups. It is proposed that each
     focus group will have 8 members.

     The groups will meet on two occasions. The first focus group session will give an
     overview and an understanding of the potential impact of a Care Trust with the
     expected outcome being an answer to whether the groups think a Care Trust should
     be established.

     The second focus group will be looking at organisational development and future
     planning for health and social care integration whether that be through a Care Trust
     or otherwise.

            Mechanism            Timing                  Venue                     Responsibility
      Focus Group 1 – Patient    4 July 2005             Room 6 Union              LNC/LL
      Group                                              Road
                                 9 am to 12

     mackanesse                         Page 49/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
      Focus Group 1 – Older     19th July 2005              Room 4 Union              LNC/LL
      People                                                Road
                                2 pm to 5 pm

      Focus Group 1 – Carers    22nd July 2005              Room 6 Union              LNC/LL
                                2 pm to 5 pm

      Focus Group 1 –           1st August 2005             Room 6 Union              LNC/LL
      Learning Disability                                   Road
                                9 am to 12
      Focus Group 1 –           2 August 2005 Room 1 Mell                             LNC/LL
      Voluntary Groups                        House
                                2.30 pm to 5
      Focus Group 2 – Patient   4 August 2005               Room 1 Mell               LNC/LL
      Group                                                 House
                                9 am to 12

      Focus Group 2 – Older     5th August 2005             Room 4 Union              LNC/LL
      People                                                Road
                                2 pm to 5 pm

      Focus Group 2 – Carers    8th August 2005             Room 6 Union              LNC/LL
                                9 am to 12

      Focus Group 2 –           11th August                 Room 4 Union              LNC/LL
      Learning Disability       2005                        Road

                                2 pm to 5 pm
      Focus Group 2 –           12 August                   Room 4 Union              LNC/LL
      Voluntary Groups          2005                        Road

                                9 am to 12

     Staff within the Primary Care Trust and Social Services are being kept in regular
     touch with developments through the intranet, staff forums, briefings and
     newsletters, with opportunities to email questions or comments.

      Mechanism                                          Timing                         Responsibility

      Core Brief                                         June/July/August/                    EM/JC

      Weekly Bulletin (PCT)                              June/July/August/                      EM

     mackanesse                            Page 59/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
 Intranet                                      June                                 EM/JC

 Live Web Chat                                 June/July/August                    EM/PS/

 Contact (Social Services)                     July                                   JC

 Staff Forums                                  July/August                            KM

Core Brief

Information on the Care Trust consultation will be disseminated via Core Brief of both
organisations each month. This will include information on dates and venues for
staff forums, website addresses, where to get a copy of the document, where to get
more information and dates of the live web chats.

Solihull PCT’s Core Brief takes place on the 1st Tuesday in every month and Solihull
Council’s takes place on the 1 Wednesday of every month.

Weekly Bulletin

Weekly Bulletin is the weekly web based bulletin for staff within Solihull PCT. It will
be used as a signpost and update mechanism for PCT staff on issues relating to the
Care Trust consultation.


Both Solihull PCT and Solihull Council’s intranet sites will have links to the full
consultation website that contains all of the information within the full document and
an opportunity to feedback via the web.

Live Web Chat

Staff will have the opportunity to put questions to the Corporate Director about the
Care Trust and its potential impact via a web chat application similar to that found in
a chat room.

This is being offered to both health and social care staff but because of technical
difficulties cannot take place for both sets of staff simultaneously as PCT staff
cannot access social care intranet and social care staff cannot access the PCT

A number of web chats are being organised over the consultation period.


Contact is the monthly hard copy newsletter for Council staff. Within it will be
information on the Care Trust consultation and how staff can make their views know.

Staff Forums

Staff Forums have been arranged at venues at the PCT and the Council to enable
staff of both health and social care disciplines to come together to discuss
advantages, disadvantages, benefits and the way forward for health and social care
integration in the format of both a Care Trust and otherwise. This is an opportunity
for staff to get into the detail of issues surrounding the potential establishment of a
Care Trust and will inform their final decision on whether the establishment of a Care
Trust is a good idea or not.

8 Forums have been set up that will be run by the Corporate Director Kieron Murphy.
mackanesse                       Page 69/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc
             Mechanism             Timing              Venue                      Responsibility

       Forum 1                     11th July 2005      Room 4 Union               KM
                                   9 am to 12

       Forum 2                                                                    KM

       Forum 3                                                                    KM

       Forum 4                                                                    KM

       Forum 5                                                                    KM

       Forum 6                                                                    KM

       Forum 7                                                                    KM

       Forum 8                                                                    KM


      Evaluation will take the form of responses to the consultation, hit statistics
      from the intranet, calls received from the Care Trust Hotline, coverage
      achieved in the media and attendances at public events.

      A report will be produced at the end of the consultation process outlining the
      results of the evaluation.

Version Control

      Version             Date         Issue              Revised                 Author

      1.0          1st June 2005          1                              Emma Mackaness


      mackanesse                       Page 79/13/20111df4f4f8-9365-40d0-bf9a-5b8bd4e71514.doc

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