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               ENDING JULY26, 1956
    Members of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society
met in the Board's room a t 10:OO a. m. on Thursday, July 26, 1858. The
meeting was called to order by President General W. S. Key.
    Board members present were : Judge George L. Bowman, Judge Redmond
S. Cole, Joe Curtis, Dr. Emma Eaill Harbour, Thomas J. Harrison, Judge
Robert A. Hefner, Dr. Wayne Johnson, Gen. W. S. Key, Mrs. Anna B. Korn,
H. G. Miller, Mrs. Willis C. Reed, Niss Genevieve Seger, Col. George H.
Shirk, and Judge Edgar S Vaught.
     I t was moved by Judge Cole and seconded by Judge Hefner that all
members of the Board who had so requested be excused. The motion waa
carried, thus excusing Dr. E. E. Dale, Mr. R M. Mountcastle, Dr. B. B.
Chapman, Mrs. Jessie Moore, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mr. H. B. Bass, and Mr.
f 1. Milt Phillips.
       Dr. Harbour moved that the reading of the minutes of the previons
meeting be omitted. Upon the second of Judge Bowman, the motion was
       General Key called attention to the fact that t h e Thoburn Memorial had
heen completed and that dedication ceremonies were to take place in the Rose
Hill Cemetery that afternoon a t 2:00 p. m. He expressed the hope that the
Roard members nrould be pretwnt for the services. That Judge Vaught and
the members of the Thoburn Memorial Committee again be thanked for the
fine work they bad done was made in the form of a motion by Mr. Harrison
: ~ n dseconded by Mi= Seger, with the Board unanimously approving.
       In making his final report on the Thoburn Memorial, Judge Vaught
pointed out that $2,452.50 had been collected for the fund and that this was
somewhat short of the total cost for the memorial and the portrait. Judge
Ilefner, Mr. Curtis, Judge Cole, General Key, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Reed and
Mrs. Korn thereupon offered further contributions to the fund. The money
they contributed left the fund only $22.,50 short. Judge Vanght moved that the
Secretary be authorized to issue a check for $2,125.00 to the Oklahoma
Monument Company a s full payment for the monument, with the Society
making up the $Z.M).The motion was monded by Judge Hefner and
iinanimously accepted by the Board. In his final remarks concerning the
memorial, Judge Vaught said, "!L'his is the nicest job of its kind that I have
cver seen."
     Turning to the dedicatory program of the Thohurn Monument, Judge
Vaught said that General Key would preside a t the afternoon's program and
that Mrs. Anna B. Korn would unveil the monument. Floral tributes, he
stated, would be presented by the State of Oklahoma, represented by Mta.
Sue Ruble; the Oklahoma State Legfslature, represented by Cleeta John
Rogers: the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. Harry Stallinge;
the Oklahoma Memorial Association, Mrs. P. R. Vandament; &bod
Children of the State, Carolyn Looney; Daughters of Democracy, Mrs.
WillarU Carver: the American Legion, Dr. CharIes W. Hoshall; United
J ~ U K ~ ~of F P Confederacy, M s C. E. Cook; Oklahoma Prese hmchtion,
            ~ the I             r.
 Mr. Bay J. Dyer; Grand Army of the Bepublic, M s Joe Williamson; and
 the Oklahoma Hietorial Society, repmitented by Mrs. Edith Mitchell.
      Judge Hefner moved that the EIecretary write a letter of thanks to all
 t h w who made floral offerings a t the time of the ceremonies and this was
 seconded by Judge Bowman and carried.
      General Key then said, "When the public has forgotten a man, it le a
 great accomplishment to collect a anm of money like that now available in
 the Thoburn Memorial Fnnd. I want to thank Judge Vaught, and his
 committee from the bottom of my heart, both personally and officially, tor
 carrying thb task through to succesrdnl completion." In addition to Judge
 Vaught, the members of the Thoburn Memorial Committee were Mrs. Korn
 and Judge Baxter Taylor.
      The Administrative Secretary, Elmer Fraker, read the following telegram
 from Miss Mary E. Thoburn, daughter of Joseph B. Thobum, who now lives
 in 8anta Fe, New Mexico :
      "Nothing his friends could have done would have pleased J. B. more than
 your memoriaI. From hig firat eight of it Oklahoma, the land and the people,
 were his entire life. Appreciate your invitation, but due to physical and
 financial circumstances regret inability to attend."
      Inamuch as there was no report or action that could be taken on the
 Jack Walton monument, General Key thanked the Walton Committee for its
 fine work and announced that no further work would be required of it.
      In hie report, the Administrative Secretary stated there were now
 890 life members in the Society and 1,723 annual members, making a total of
2,613. He pointed out that the great incream in life membership had come
 about largely due to letters sent out to annual membere telling them that life
 membership costs would soon be doubled.
      Mr. Fraker observed that the grounds were being better kept than in
any previous time within his knowledge. He also complimented the janitors
working in the Historical Society Building for the more efficient work they
are doing.
      He related that the Budget Office had called for the Society's requests
for capital improvements, and that after consulting with the President of
the Board and the chairman of the House and Grounds Committee, a tentative
budget for such improvements had been filed. The total capital improvement
requeats, as thus listed, amounted to $61,000.00. He said it was also being
requested that $10,000.00 be appropriated to the State Highway Department
for nee in erecting historical markers in conjunction with the Oklahoma
Rfs?torical W e t y .
     The Administrative Secretary then submitted his li8t of remommendations
for the budget for the next biennium. Thie included the $61,000.00previonaly
mentioned for capital improvements ; $27,110.00 for operating expensea ;
$46,247.00 for personnel services; and $20,000.00 for air conditioning of the
offices, library, and museum rooms. Jndge Vaught made a motion, which
waa eeconded by M s Korn, that the Legislative Committee of the Board be
instructed to secure air conditioning for the entire Historical Society Building,
if a t all possible. The motion was adopted.
     It was then moved by Colonel Shirk and seconded by Judge Vaught that
the Secretary's general proposals be accepted. Dr. Johnaon offered an amend-
ment to the motion that tbe p e r e o ~ e litems be excepted so further raiaes
might be considered. Judge Vaught stated that the purpose of Colonel Shirk's
motlon was merely to form a backing for the Legislative Committee. Dr.
Johnam then withdrew his amendment, with the understanding that the
 FeCOmrnc?~~dations were all subject to modification by the I#giul8tire Oom-
 mittee of the Board. Colonel Shirk'a original motion was adopted by the
      Colonel Shirk then recommended that the Secretary's request for the
 purchaae of a tape recorder and camera be approved. Upon a motion by
 Dr. Harbour and a second by Judge Hefner, the Secretary's suggestion was
 placed in the form of a motion and appro~ed.
      I t was moved by Mr. Harrison and eeconded by Mrs. Reed that the
 printing of the completed cumulative index for the Chronicles be authorbed.
 The motion was unanimonaly adopted.
      Colonel Shirk moved and Miw Seger seconded that the Board go on
 record a s thanking Mr. Miller and his Tour Committee for conducting such
 an interesting and mccessful tour. This motion was unanimously adopted.
      Mr. Miller briefly outlined his ideas of the Tour for 1957. He said t h a t
 he thought this tour should be in the eastern part of the state and that the
 Sequoyah Park Lodge could be used a s a central point from which the b u r
 might be conducted. He also stated that attention should be given to re-
 tracing a portion of the old Butterfield Route. General Key expressed ap-
 proval of the ideas advanced by Mr. Miller. Judge Vaught moved and M s      r.
 Korn seconded that Mr. Miller be authorized to proceed with making arrange-
 ments and plans for the 1967 Tour. This motion was unanimously approved.
     General Key stated that Governor Gary had named him to represent
 Oklahoma a t the Historic Sites Commission meeting in Montpelier, Vermont
 on September 27 and 28, with Mr. Fraker being designated a s alternate. He
 said that inasmuch a s he would be unable to make the trip, he was recom-
 mending that the Secretary be authorized to attend this meeting with
 expenses be paid by the Society. I t was moved by Judge Bowman a n d
seconded by Judge Vaught that Mr. Fraker be granted his expenses by the
 Society to attend the meeting in Vermont.
     The announcement was also made by General Key that plans were under
way for erecting a marker a t the Commandant's quarters in Fort Sill. He
said this house was erected in 187&71 and was still used by commanding
officers a s their residence. General T. H. De Shazo, now Commandant of
 Fort S l , had agreed with General Key on plans for erecting the memorial.
The military a t Fort Sill will furnish the marker from their own quarriee
and the Historical Society will aee that the inscription is placed on t h e
marker. General Key said that a dedication ceremony is contemplated f o r
sometime during the Fall months.
     Mr. Miller mggeeted that during Oklahoma's fiftieth anniversary varioua
civic clubs be invited to devote a t least one of their meetings to viewing t h e
exhibits of the Oklahoma Historical Society.
     The Secretary presented a list of the gifts to the Society and the names of
new members. Upon proper motion, the gifts were accepted and the new
members* names ordered placed on the membership rolls.
     Before adjourning General Key requested that the entire Board r h e
and atand in silent prayer a s a tribute for M s Jessie Moore and Judge
Baxter Taylor, member8 of the Board of Directore who were ill and could
not attend the meeting.
     The meeting was adjourned a t 12:OO noon and retked to the Indian
Orill for lunch. Following the luncheon the Board member8 attended the
ceremonies for the Thoburn Memorial a t Rose Hill Cemetery in Oklahom8
ELMER L FMEER, 8ecret.w
Elmer L l b k e r
Additions to Foreman Collection in Library: Approximately 520 items,
     including many valuable books, documents, magazines, historical papers,
     map& and newspapers.
          Donor : Mrs. Grant Foreman, Muskogee
Uiecellaneous material including club programs, pamphlets, and music;
     317 books.
          Donor: Mrs. Anna B. Korn, Oklahoma City
Pictorial brochures, maps, and documents ; yost cards ; History of Colorado
     Springs; Story of Old Creek Council House a t Okmulgee. Total of 10-1
     historic items.
          Donor: Mr. John B. Fink, Oklahoma City
C!ollection of postage stamps in journal scrap book made by Mr. Blair
     Staunton Williams.
          Donor : Mrs. B. I?. Chamberlain, Charlottesville, Virginia, daughter
                      of Mr. Williams
Eight w r a p books of Oklahoma history, with complete information a s to
     dates and locations of various events.
          I h n o r : Mr. Floyd R. Hull, Oklahoma City
Polder containing 3 large maps which had been used by Junius B. Moore
     in geological surrey of 1898.
          Donor: Mrs. Cherrie Adair Moore, Tyler, Texas
Early Oklahoma Legislative documents; railroad map of Oklahoma made
     in 1917 by Corporation Commission ; newspapers and historic clippings :
     miscellaneous reference items.
          Donor: sir. Stuart A. Rice, Oklahoma City
Family history of Rev. Richard Baxter Foster entitled, "Lifelines," writtell
     by his daughter, Mrs. Grace Foster Brown, and wife, Lucy. Included
     in the manuscript is the story of his move into Oklahoma during the
     Cherokee Strip opening and his organization of the First Congregational
     Church a t Stillwater.
          Donor: Mrs. K. R. MeGeorge, Stillwater
"Kansas-Missouri Floods of June-July, 1951." U. S. Dept. of Commerce.
          Donor: Col. George H. Shirk, Oklahoma City
Pictorial History of St. Louis prepared by First National Bank of St. Louis
     on the m a s i o n of the 100th Annirersary of the founding of its pre-
     decessors, T h e Southern Bank and Mechanics Bank.
          Donor: First Sationai Bank of St. I;ouis, Missouri
Word8 of Wbdom, Volume 3, compiled by J. G. Puterbaugh.
          Donor : Mr. J. Q. Puterbaugh, McNester
Necedah, The Story of E'irst Fifty Tears (1853-1903) of the Village,
     Juneau County, Wisconsin, by Arthur Murray Kingsbury.
          Donor: Xr. Ralph Hudson, State Librarian
Large historical map showing territory served by Philadelphia Electric
    Go.. 1950.
        Donor :Philadelphia Electric Company, Philadelphia

Collection of toys consisting of 58 articles.
         Donor : Myrtle Iucille Brown, OBlahoma City
Miniature covBIced wagon, preeented when Hicrtoricel SodeQ Tour of Chirrholm
    Trail stopped a t Kinnitnher.
         Donor: Khgfbher Chamber of Commem
Knife wed to cut the 1000 pound cake given by The Daily OLlaho~~lan theto
     Oklahoma Memorial Amxiation on occasion of the 2 a birthday of the
     State of Oklahoma.
         Donor: M r a John J. Vols, Oklahoma City
collection of 21 pieces of antqiue blue glamt, formerly the propem of
     Kenneth C Kallimn.n.
         Donor: Mra Ralph Hudmn, Oklahoma City, daughter of Mre
Seven pieces of Chinese money.
         Donor: R F Remmera, Oklahoma C t
                      .                        iy
Saddle bags used by Dr. Pocock In War Between the Statee.
         Donor : Dr. C. & Palme, Oklaho~na     City
French coin, 50 francs.
         Donor : Bert Tpler, Wynnewood
Sightgown and shawl used prior t 1850.
         Donor : Miss Katherine Long, Stillwater
Piece of wood picked up at Belleau Woods after World War I; atone from
     old Dwight Mission in Arkansas; piece of salt kettle from Bean S l   at
     works; souvenir buttons, eouvenir feathers with Gen. Leonard wood's
     name on them.
         Donor: Mrs. Grant Foreman, Muskogee
 Oil portrait of Dr. Lewis 3. Moorman.
         Donor: Mrs. Lewis J. Moorman, Oklahoma Oity
Oil photographs of Coleta Lou McAllieter and John Thornton, outatanding
     4H girl and boy for 1955.
         Donor: Ira Hollar, A. & M. College, Stillwater
Large framed water *lor of original building at Northweetern State
     College, Aha; program of dedication of building.
         Donor : T. J. Mercer, Denver
Large framed photograph of Dr. Fowler Border.
         Donor : Capt. George F. Border, San Pedro, California
Picture of Oood Roads Convention in Mnekogee just after statehood.
         Donor : Cherrie & Moore, Tyler, Texas
TWOp a t cards, pictares of projectile points.
         Donor : H. L Shorter, Welch, Oklahoma
Five lithographs.
         Donor : John 0. Thompson, Oklahoma City
Photograph of Gen. George Crook; picture of oil town and oil field; A l b u m
     of picturea of early Indian Territory; album of picturee of Fort Qibeon
     and Colorado.
         Donor %re. Grant Foreman, Mwkogee
Addition of nine cartons to Grant Foreman Collection in Archives: lettetra
   to and f o Dr. Foreman; newspaper artfclea concerning activltiea ob
   Dr. and Mre. Foreman; clippings about historical events and prominent
   pereone in atate; etc.
        Donor: Mrs. Grant Foreman, Mwkogee
Reprint of wBkderalIndian Policy and the Southern Cheyennes and brapa-
   hoea, 1887-1907," by Dr. Donald Berthrong, appearing in BthmhWwy,
   vol. 8, No. 2
        Donor: Dr. Donald Berthrong, University of Oklahoma Hirtorf
                 Department, Norman
8ilk flag with fringe, The Stara and Bars of the Confederacy, which waa used
    ae the official flag of the Stonewall Jackson Chapter No. 40, McAlester,
    for over fifty yeam.
         Donor : Mrs. W. E. Gotcher, Ma4lester
Brasa Trivet, a copy of the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America.
         Donor: Mrs. Joel D. Rhodes, T l a
Small plate with painting of Confederate Battle Flag, in color.
         Donor: Mrs. Frank Milner, Oklahoma City
Picture, ambro type, of Major Jonathan E. Mann and wife, Mary Ann
    Brosioue Mann, and Mrs. T. F Gorman.
         Donor: Mrs. a. R. Lindley, Stanberry, Missouri, grandaughter of
                   Major and Mrs. Mann
Picture of group of Confederate veterans taken a t home of Capt. John
    Wheeler Dickey in Roxton, Texas on June 29, 1926. Occasion was Captain
    Dickey's annual reception and dinner for veterans of Lamar County.
         Donor: G. hi. Robinson, Oklahoma City, grandson of J. W. Dickey
Piece of cedar about twelve inches long from General Albert Pike T m .
    Additional information has been requested about this exhibit.
         Donor: Mrs. Grant Foreman, Muskogee
Printed sketch of Margaret Mitchell.
         Donor : Mrs. Grant Foreman, Muskogee
Post cards: copy of the original score of "Dixie;" chair used by Presidwt
  Jefferson Davis a t Montgomery ; east door of the old White House of the
         Donor :Foreman Collection
Collection of G . A. R. items, including a piece of stone cut from a window
    sill a t Libby Prison by a union soldier imprisoned there.
         Donor: Miss Besa G. Clapp, Kansas City, Missouri
   Dr. Sam A. McKeel                       Ada,,,Okla.
   Dr. 0 H. Miller
   Dr. Clarence P. Taylor, Jr.                  99

   Mrs. Leo D. Chamberlin                  Afton, Okla.
   Mrs. Josie E. Hickman                   Altu? Okla.
   Dr. Wayne Anthony Starkey
   Dr. Forest D. Harris                    A r e o r e , Okla.
   Dr. H. E. Williams
   Mr. David P. Farrington                 Bartleaville, Okla.
   P o . Fred Floyd
    rf                                     Bethany, Okla.
   Mr. W. A. Porter, Jr.                   Bixby, Okla.
   Dr. Leland Claire Brandt                Cherokee, Okla.
   Miss Jeffie D. Young                    Chickasha, Okla.
   Dr. Wm. 5. Anderson                     Claremore, Okla.
   Mrs. Philip H. Vilee                         99

   Mr. Mathies Wharton                     Clayton, Okla.
   Mra E. 0. Martin                        Cust!ng, Okla.
   Mr. H. L. Sparlm
   Mr. D. M Tyler                          Dewey, OMa
   Mr. 3. O. Clift                         Duncan, Okla.
   Dr. Alfred T. Baker                     Duryf Okla.
        . .
   Mr. L J Oregg
   Dr. W.K. Haynie
   Prof. Jamea D. Morrfaon                      99
Mrs. J o h n Allen Phillipe 11            n
Mr. Rector H. Swearengin                  ,
Mr. David Earl W e b b
Mr. Paul Hugha                        E k City, Okla.
Mr. Joe D. Hurt                       Edmond, Okla.
Mr. Arthur Gaillard McComas                       ka
                                      Ell; City, O l .
Mr. William Dow Gumeraon              Enid, Okla.
Mr. R s e l H. Harbaagh, St.
      usl                                 9,
Dr. Frederick A. Hudson                   9,
Mr. Henry J. Miller                       9,
Mr. K a y Peters                          99
Mr. George M. Sturdevant
Mlss Genevieve Seger                  Geary, Okla.
Mr. Marvin Eugene McKee               Goodwell, Okla.
Miss Anna Redel                       Guthrie, Okla.
Mr. Raymond H. Fields                 Cfuymon, Okla.
Mr. Columbus E. Price                 Lawton, Okla.
Dr. Finis E. Walker                   Lone Wolf, Okla.
Mrs. Leta Sexson (Mrs. W. M a r k )   McAlester, Okla.
Mrs. Mary Caroline Bodinot            Muskogee, Okla.
Mrs. Bida R. P o r k
Mr. W. 0. Wethington                  Sash, Okla.
Mrs. J. L. Garretson                  Sorman, Okla.
Mrs. Alpheus L. Spencer
Mrs. Sam T. Palmer                    Okemah, Okla.
Mr. Ralph M. Ball                     Oklahoma City, Okla.
Mr. Thomas Russell Bean                   8,
Mr. Paul Bennett                          1,
Mrs. Esther V. Borden                     ,*
Mrs. J. William Cordell
Miss Gertrude Bracht                  Oklahoma City, Okla.
Miss Nell Carl                           9,
Mr. P a u l W. Cress                     *,
Dr. C. J. Mshman                         9*
Mrs. Cranfill Fowler                     I,
Dr. John L. Glomaet                      9,
Dr. E. Neal Holden                       IS
Mr. Darwin A. Hostetter                  n
Mr. William Johnston Hefner, Jr.         ,*
Mias Edith M. Johnson                    9,
Gen. Roy W. Kenny                        W
Dr. Gale R. KLmball                      9
Mr. Bill A. L a w n                      9,
Dr. Bertha M. Levy                       99
M . John H. McCarrland
 r                                       9)
Rev. T. H. McDowell                      I)
Dr. R. C. Mills                          9P
Mr. Robb W. Moore                        n
Mies Marie Overstreet                    *f
Mrs. J. M. Owen                          It
Dr. J. N. Owens, Jr.                     w
Mra Wannah Prigmore                      **
Mr. G. R,Pulley                          **
Mra Belle Spiere                         n
Mr. R C. Steele                          n
Mr. John D. Thomaa                       H
Mra John D. Thoman                       ,*
Mrs. Gladye Ooucher Wakefield            n
Dr. Ethan A. Walker, Jr.
Mrs. Map M. Walker
 Mr. W r g e P W e s t e m l t
              .                      lm
 Dr. a. s a c Polmg                  n

 Mrr, Kate Oalt za3leio              n
  r . .
 M . B W Drieldll                 Paula Valley, Otlr.
 Mr. Jam- k McNeeae               P o n y city, OLlr
 Mr. T. W. Prentlce
 M . Weleh Harrieon
 Mise Mayme Mayes
 Mr. Creekmore Wallace
 Mr. Bay London                   Ringling, O l .
 Mr. George E. Ai. Campbell       sand Springs, om.
 Dr. John W. R a l e y            Shawnee, O l .
 M r a Kiaunichi Ainaworth        Spiro, Okla.
 Mr. P a u l L FrvrLngton                      ka
                                  Stillwater, O l .
 Mr. BI. B. Ward                      n
 Mr. Alfred Aaronson
 M r a Coeryne Bode
 Mr. Ralph A. Brant
 Dr. Hugh 0 G a a
               . rhm
 Mr. Henry V. HoImes
 M r a Pauline P. Jackson
 L . Col. Qerald B. Klein
 Miss Lonella L o w e r
 Miss Irene Reeae
 Mrs. Evelyn Lontse Shaw          Tulsa, Okla.
 Mr. Robert J. 0. Shaw                9,

  MF. J O ~ I I a. stawt              9,

  Mr. Dick Tenney
  Mr. Jamm 0 Wlielchel
  M r a EL Robert Wood
  Mr. L J. Barrett
        .                         Watonga, Okla.
  Mr. Armand Gibson               Wetnmka, O l .
  Mrs. 0. Bl. Williams            Woodward, O l .
  Mr. Harry W. Readnour           Wynnewood, O l .
  Mr. Michael Harrison            Sacramento, California
  Mrs. Evelyn E e f n e r Comba       pe , e
                                  Loe , g l sCalifornia
  Mr. Lee Hefner Combs
  Mr. J. D H a r t z l e r
              .                    Wellman, Iowa
  Miaa Cleo K. Sumter              Lawrence, K a a
  M . William M. Johnson           New Orleam, La
  Dr. Nelrron M Blake              Takoma Park Md.
  Mr. Lloyd Lacey                  Santa F , N M
                                          e . .
  Mra Maureen McKernan Rosa                       . .
                                   White Plalna, N Y
  Mr. Harry B Qilstrap I1
                   ,               Amarillo, Texaa
  Mra Lewis 8. h t e r             Fort Worth, Texas
  Mr. A. 0. "Clem" Wright          Wler, Texas
  Mr. L C. Heydrick
         .                         Wichita Falls, Texaa
  Rev. Francis T. Kramer           Merrill, Wfaconsin
  (30L Horace S e d Jr.
                    pe,            Alexandris, Va.
   Mr. Paul lp. Schanb             Wmhington, 20, D. 0.
   Miea Lyda V a c i .             Washington, D. (3.
    M . W. B Dean
      r      .                     Ada, o     m
    Mr. Thomas 4. Braddock
                3                  A l a s , 0-
    Mr. Charlea F Ooodwin
                 .                 Anadarko, 0-
   ~ r OW.     a   okn             Antlers, o m
   M . Al*
    r         C. Brace             -om         om
   M . William k McOalliard
   M . -Id       sprinlm                   n
 Mr. John M Holliman
             .                        Bartl88VWe. O W .
 Mr. Bob Stilea                       Broken Bow, Okla.
Mr. Wendell H r , Jr.
                 at                   Canton, 0-
M s J B. Skeen
  r. .                                Camegie, Okla.
Mr. William A. V a m r                              ka
                                      Chandler, O l .
Xra Ada A Hodge                                     ka
                                      Cherokee, O l .
Mrs. Jewel M. Lanier                  Chickasha, Okla.
Miss Marianne Trevathan               Choctaw, Okla.
Dr. J. Wilbur G e n                   ClaFemore, Okla.
Mr. Wallace Byrd                                    ka
                                      Coalgate, O l .
Mr. Richard J. Stead                  Cushing, Okla.
Mr. Ernest E. Brown                   D u n y n , Okla.
Mrs. Heraey Montgomery
Mr. Richard H. Mills                  Dnrant, Okla.
Mr. Foster Hammond                    Edmond, Okla.
Xr. Leland W. Jones                           ,
Mr. W. Custer Service                         ,I

Mr. I. C. Thurmond, Jr.               Elk City, Okla.
Dr. F. _W.  Hollingsworth             El Reno, Okla.
Ih-. James P. Jobe                            9,

Dr. Wm. A. Laughton                           19

Mr. Paul G. Liebmann                          99

Mrs. Lena Hartwell                    I h r t Cabb, Okla.
Xrs. Mary Augn@a Ward                 IIeavener, Okla.
Mr. Joe T. Gold                       Hobart, Okla.
Mrs. Rose Mae Ferrier                 Hugo, Okla.
Mr. G. a. McCullers                   Idabel, Okla.
Mr. Raymond C. Shurr                  Muskogee, Okla.
Mr. Wm. D. Anderson                   Sorman, Okla.
Mrs. Mabel E. Boggess                         9,

Mrs. Mary Ellen Ryan                          ,s
Air. Charles W. Mason                 Nowata, Okla.
I h . E. B. Wheeler                        99

Miss M. Stella Hinds                  Okemah, Okla.
Mr. Hugh C. Nolen                         ,*
IJr. Arthur L. Buell                  Okmulgee, Okla.
Dr. Robert H. Akin                    Oklahoma City, Okla.
Dr. Walter C Bahr                         9,

Ilr. C. N. Berry                          9,
Dr. James G. Binkley                      19

Dr. Charles M. Brake                      99

Mrs. Floy Buxton                          9,

Mr. Leo Samuel Cade                       9,

Mr. Roger L. Cole                         9,

Mr. Joseph P. Crawford                    9,

Miss Dorothy Crim                         1,

Dr. C. E. Dailey                          9,

Xr. Harvey H. Deaton                      $9

Dr. J. Hartwell Dunn                      9,

Mr. Franklin L. Hatcher                   9,

Mr. John M. Hendricke                    9,

Mm. W. a. Hobaon                         ,,
Mr. Clark Hurd                           ,*
Col. Robert G. Johnston, U. 8. Army      11

Dr. Edmond E Kalmon                      9,

Mr. Milton Keen                          99

Mr. Clyde N. Kemery                      99

Mrs. Edna Koerner                        9,

Dr. B C. Moon                            19

Mr. Boos M o r r b n                     ,*
Mr. B. E Odom                      9,

Mrs. Virginia R Sink
Dr. J. &. Stacy                    99

Mr. J. L Van Illaton               n
Mise Margaret White
Mr. Alfred Hnmm                Perry, O k l a
Mr. El. C. Kennedy             Paula Valley, Oltla.
Mr. Donald R. Corbin           Ponca City, O m .
Mr. J. G. McDonald             Seminole, Okla.
Mr. A. L. Meadows              Stroud, O m .
Mr. Walter L. Perryman         Tahlequah, Okla.
Mr. Harold C. Beal             Tol% Okla.
Mr. Acee Blue Eagle                0
Mrs. Okarche H. Page               9,
Mr. E a r l W. Shockley            11
Mr. Warren S Watkina
Mr. Archie Madding             Webbers Falls, Okla.
Mr. J. StOkley Martin          Wetumka, Okla.
Mr. James C. Perryman          Fort Smith, Ark.
Mrs. Rhoda Warne               Berkeley, California
Miss Naomi Dennis              Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Kitty M. Harvey           Manitou Springs, Colo.
Mr. William 0 Cooper
                .              Arkansas City, Kaa.
Mr. George W. Viele                99

Mr. George H. Yohe             Wichita, K a a
Miss Georgene Louecky          S e w Pork City, N. Y.
Miss Joan Mills                    9,

Mr. Robert H. Kingsbery, Jr.   Houston, Texas
M r a E H. R. Butts
       .                       Washington, D. C.

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