Biotech Breakout Trader - Mark Messier Q&A session that answers the toughest, most probing questions he’s received by tomaswinston


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									Biotech Breakout Trader – Questions and

I received dozens of great questions about my biotech stock-picking formula and my new
Biotech Breakout Trader. Below I’ve answered the most important and most frequently asked.

1) Your system would probably be even more effective if you did not sell ALL your position
before the catalyst date.

If I was a great trader with impeccable timing skills, you might be right. But I’ve found that it’s
much safer and more reliable to sell before the catalyst and move on to the next opportunity. I
only miss out on a small portion of the profits, without exposing myself to all that added risk.

Of course, if you don’t mind the added risk, you could bank your initial investment and gamble
by holding through the catalyst. I talk about this more in the DVD bonus that comes with my
Biotech Breakout Trader. I’ll have all the details on that for you in a few days.

2) Since you started with so little in your account, are you planning to make the
membership fee affordable to the average investor who has lost lots the last three or four

If you look at my system as a cost, then it’s unaffordable at any price, but it’s an investment that
has the potential to return many times the membership fee on just your first few trades.

Besides that, if I price the advisory too low, I’ll attract tens of thousands of investors and that
will render my system unworkable as my subscribers alone will drive the stock price up and
down. Therefore, I have to price it to limit the membership numbers.

3) The audited performances start from March 2009: the beginning of a mega bounce-back
rally… AND stop in June 2011, right before this summer disaster. It would be interesting
to see how the portfolio has fared in recent dire markets…

Like everyone else, my portfolio took a hit in August — losing around 10%. But that’s just
something that’s an unavoidable part of investing. It’s the long term returns that really count.

Besides, which I’m already up in September, so that August loss is just a blip on the radar.

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