; Fruits and Vegetables The Flavor of Life
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Fruits and Vegetables The Flavor of Life


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									                        Fruit, Vegetable &
                         Physical Activity
                           Toolbox for

Presented by:
Network for a Healthy California—Los Angeles Region
Questions for today:
• What is the Network for a Healthy
• Why should your program incorporate
  nutrition and physical activity lessons?
• What is the Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical
  Activity Toolbox for Community
• How do you become a Toolbox Partner?
• How will my staff get trained to use the
About Us
The Network for a Healthy California is
administered in part by the Public Health
Institute, funded principally by the United
States Department of Agriculture Food
Stamp Program, and is one of nearly 200
projects within the Network for a Healthy
California (Network).
         California’s Transition

  California Nutrition Network
  for Healthy, Active Families

                                 Network for a Healthy California

California 5 a Day Campaign
The Network’s Mission
Network Audience

          Mothers and children
             eligible for food
The Social-Ecological Model
      Reaching the Audience

• Food Stamp Offices
• Public Housing
• Food Banks & Food Pantries

•   Community Activities and Events
•   Schools & After School Programs
•   Worksites
•   Retail & Grocery Stores
•   Qualifying Census Tracts
      Local Incentive Awardees

• School Districts & County
  Offices of Education
• County Health Departments
• City Governments &
• Colleges & Indian Tribal
• Food Banks
• Prevention Services at
  Community Clinics
   Network for a Healthy
 California-- Campaigns and

Targeted campaigns and programs
 extend healthy eating and physical
 activity messages
  – Children’s Power Play! Campaign
  – Worksite Program
  – Retail Program
  – Latino Campaign
  – African-American Campaign
                                 Eat 5 a Day
Don’t Litter     Social Marketing?
         Use of marketing principles to influence
         human behavior in order to improve health
         or benefit society.

   Get a Mammogram                     Stop Smoking
Why should your organization
  implement the Network
Obesity and Health
• Obesity increases risk for chronic diseases,
  including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some

• Physical, mental and financial toll from these
  diseases can be devastating for families.

• Poor health also effects
      Health care & workers compensation costs
      Worker absenteeism & productivity rates
      Ability to grow, learn, and earn
      Quality of life
Our Audience is At-Risk
• Low-income individuals are at higher risk for
  nutrition and physical activity related chronic

• Food Stamps can help, but California has one of the
  lowest food stamp participation rates in the country.

• Environmental factors in low-income communities
  make it challenging to eat healthy and be active.
Toolbox to the rescue!
• Healthy eating habits and regular physical activity
  have been found to prevent obesity.

• Therefore, educating low-income individuals and
  families to make healthier choices is ESSENTIAL

• Budgets are tight - staff and/or resources are being

• FREE Toolbox and Technical Assistance will allow
  you to add Nutrition and Physical Activity to your
  existing programs.
What is the Fruit, Vegetable and
 Physical Activity Toolbox for
   Community Educators?
 The Toolbox
• Provides a curriculum to teach low-income
  adults about eating the recommended
  amount of fruits and vegetables and
  enjoying physical activity every day.

 Tested with the target community to make
  sure it is culturally appropriate.
 Available in English or Spanish.
The Toolbox
• Lessons
• Supporting handouts
• Evaluation tools
• Educational videos
• Fruit, vegetable, and physical activity
  playing cards
• Music CD
• Poster
• Produce guide.
• The Toolbox Web site contains lessons with
  supporting handouts, resources, and evaluation
Toolbox Components
Lessons : 16 in ALL!
  2 adult recommendations,
  7 easy-to-implement nutrition lessons,
  6 fun physical activity lessons, and
  1 community empowerment lesson.

Handouts: Support the lessons and remind participants
  what they have learned during their educational
  experience. They provide practical information, recipes,
  and physical activity suggestions that will encourage
  behavior change.

Evaluation: Measures your participants' knowledge of fruit
  and vegetable and physical activity recommendations
  and their related health benefits.
Adult Recommendation Lessons:

How Many Cups Do I Need?

How Many Minutes Should I Get?
Nutrition Lessons
•   Fruit and Veggie Ice Breaker
•   Healthy Options Away From Home /
•   Power Up At Work
•   Healthy Recipe Demonstration and
•   Grow Your Own Salsa
•   Green Grocer
•   Sharing the Gift of Fruits and Vegetables
•   Try Your Hand at Fund Fruit and
    Vegetable Games
Physical Activity Lessons
•   Be Active Your Way
•   Walking on the Path to Better Health
•   Dance for Fun and Fitness
•   All aboard the Physical Activity Train
•   Physical Activity Relay
•   Jump for More Physical Activity
Community Empowerment:

Advocating for Community Change
Dr. Richter’s
Produce Guide
- Nutrition Facts

- Health benefits of produce

- Portion Sizes

- Categorized by fruits, vegetables, herbs and

- Twenty healthy recipes

- Description and history on 300 produce items,
selection, storage, preparation, handling tips and
Educational Videos
Additional Resources

                 Fruit, Vegetable, and Physical
                    Activity Playing Cards
Technical Assistance
• Staff Training
• Implementation Advice
• Nutrition Education Reinforcement Items
• Community Connections
Putting the Toolbox into
• The Toolbox can be used with small or
  large classes.
• You can choose to use the lessons and
  handouts to teach a series of classes on
  nutrition and physical activity or
• Select one or two of the lessons and
  handouts for a one-time class, such as a
  parenting meeting.
Putting the Toolbox into
• Start your class by playing the
  appropriate educational video. If you are
  working with English-speaking adults,
  choose A Day in the Life. If you are
  working with Spanish-speaking adults,
  choose Love is Conquered by Food.
• Following the video, conduct a nutrition
  or physical activity lesson from the
  Toolbox. Try to conduct at least one
  lesson per week with the same group of
  participants during a two-month period.
Putting the Toolbox into
• Be sure to conduct the Advocate for Fruits,
  Vegetables, and Physical Activity in Your
  Community lesson to empower your participants
  to make changes in their communities that
  support fruit and vegetable consumption and
  physical activity.

• Use the Quick Nutrition and Physical Activity
  Quiz or an evaluation tool of your choice to
  measure how your participants progress
  through their learning experience.
Becoming a Toolbox Partner
•   Qualification
•   Agreement
•   Evaluation
•   Tracking Forms
•   Share experiences with other Partners
Next Steps
• Upcoming Toolbox Trainings

• Questions?
• Latino Campaign Coordinator:
  Alejandrina Orozco (323) 260-3829

• African American Campaign Coordinator:
  Meka Webb (213) 351-7331

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